Prized Livestock

by Michael Davar Long

Only a cold-blooded
savage animal
could so easily
spill life from flesh &
beat trees into
the backs of souls


Prized Livestock

by Michael Davar Long


Only an unnatural
cold thirst is quenched

with a calloused
conceit of power &

then corrupted into
a cruel control

that has caste
the children of the sun

into confederate chains
of chattel captivity.

Only an inhumane
institution could
legalize exploitation &
dehumanize the image
of the Creator
into that 

of a insane beast of burden
manufactured to build
fortunes for brutish
but civilized barbarians.

Only a cold-blooded
savage animal
could so easily
spill life from flesh &
beat trees into
the backs of souls
with whips that cracked
countless wills
into fragments &
involuntary submission.

Only a devil in disguise
would dare to drown
heaven's denizens with
disdain and degrade
them into a downtrodden
object condition defined
by destitution diabolically
delivered by demons of despotic
desire who demanded
so much for oh so little.

The Negro is America's most prized livestock,
the very commodity that created Wall Street's
first bull market which caused the United States
to arrive at its present super sized spot. And
though most American's today despise this thought,
no one can deny the profits amassed from all the
souls sold and the lives bought to exchange manual
labor for inhumanity. The justification? The Vatican's
sanction of enslavement under Pope Nicholas V's
authorization of Dum DiversasThere are some
rivers crossed that have my ancestors footprints
embedded in their floors seeking to return to their
culture which was shredded as Moors by whores
for material wealth and temporal power. And now
the children of the Antebellum South are building on the remains
of their forefathers aims at this very hour, as the only matter
that has changed is the transferal of property ownership
because now the banks have the reigns that plantation
masters once held along with the private prisons whose
board of trustees profit from every Black body
that is housed in one of their cells. The text books
failed to inform you of this most innocuous fact,
that the 13th and 14th amendments merely gave
second class citizenship and privileges to Blacks,
and not the sovereign status of the Constitution's
framers or the land owners whose jurisdiction
was supreme to the system that was known to hang us
from trees like strange fruit. But today we're drafted from auction
blocks to change routes when audibles are called
or bang hoops for a trey or deuce with a round ball
not to mention the words sang by groups or solo performers
for company's who sell soul to the masses from the lives they've signed
it's all modern day enslavement but to the adapted designs
of the system, unfortunately, many of the enslaved descendants
are deaf, dumb and blind. Never mind the millions that
these new superstars have amassed, the dependency
to the system and complexion of their skin still
keeps them socially in the untouchable caste. Disconnected
to the mission and out of touch with the past, allowed to
slip through the cracks to experience a taste of American pizazz,
lost living the dream with inflated egos from starring in events
that cause people to scream in support of their physical prowess,
without focus since the martyrdom of King and X it seems like
it's been all struggle and no progress, still subjects to the laws
of Congress who oppress the citizens of the United States
with fictitious Amendments and silent Black Codes
that straps holds on the Negro, so that in America
no matter how far he may go his emancipation
will always be quiritarian & never bonitary.


(c) 2013 by Michael Davar Long

all rights reserved


you can reach Michael Davar Long at [email protected]