Neo-Con Nightmares in Triplicate

by Raymond Nat Turner


Military action, guaranteed satisfaction;

Unilateral military force, stock market

Must stay the course…


Neo-Con Nightmares in Triplicate

by Raymond Nat Turner


Neo-con Nightmare #1



Broken, blackened rag dolls,

Plumes of crimson streaming

From their small sculls—

Instant Emmett Tills, Antiqs,

Trayvons, by the thousands…


Another open-eyed night,

Scarlet-drenched, razor-thin sleep,

My last count of the sheep—

I had a nightmare, threadbare

‘Bout warfare where the black

Bourgeoisie was hawking

“Humanitarian interventions” of

Alarming dimensions, where

Even their Democratic Party

Green Czar had hopped in his

Sidecar to hawk the arms bazaar!


I had a nightmare, that for its

Share the black bourgeoisie

Helped war profiteers prepare,

Hitch up their plowshare to

Welfare, a la multibillionaire…


I had a nightmare, that sans fanfare

Watching them declare, this sordid

Affair is about keeping their eyes

On the enterprise—even Amos &

Andy operations know: war crime



I had a nightmare—black devils there

Baggin’ their bloody share, selling

Wolfowitz Tickets for the New

Amerikkkan Century, land of the

Penitentiary and steroidal spending for

War, now and forever more; preemptive

Military action, guaranteed satisfaction;

Unilateral military force, stock market

Must stay the course…


I had a nightmare— Black people

Beware, of death merchants shouting:

Trade Show Over Syria

Shot Across the Bow,

On to Iran

Red Line, Blow Out

Everything Must Go

Clearance Sale!”


Trade Show Over Syria,

All Options On The Table Sale

Top Name Brands Like

Haliburton, Boeing, Monsanto,

Lockheed-Martin, Northrup-

Grummond, General Dynamics,

General Electric—huge selections—

Boatloads arriving daily, everything

From Aircraft carriers to Zoom-lenses,

To Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, F-15,

F-16 Strike aircraft!


Huge selections of drones and we’re

Bulging with bunker buster bombs—


Returns, all sales are FINAL!


Colorful chemical agents abound:

Fallujah White Phosphorus, Vietnam

Agent Orange, already at austerity

Prices, we will not be undersold!”


I had a nightmare, American People

Beware, of senate salesmen and women

Standing by, taking orders, accessing

R2P codes, offering 50% off sticker

Prices, giving G-20 discounts, working

Out layaways and terms for new Africom

Partners, tossin’ in free Pretext Packs:

“Stop Ethnic Cleansing,” Remove A

Tyrant,” “WMD,” “Chemical Weapons”

For those acting now;

Nightmare of congressmen throwing in

Talking Points and coupons for free FOX-

Box foot soldier and Pentagon Press Corp

Consultations and cutting-edge ideas from

The sidecar of the Green Czar for Fair Trade

White phosphorus, organic Agent Orange and

Depleted Uranium and recycled rubber boots

On the ground—creating thousands of

Good Green Jobs fo’ po’ Black folks!



Neo-con nightmare #2



Redacted 1st and 4th amendments,

Cameras metastasizing like Monsanto

Seed sprouting up everywhere, from

Poles and buildings, the walls grow

Elephant ears and memories, in this

Land of make believe, colony of

Comatose platitudes touting democracy—

Spending a trillion a year on wars and

900 bases protecting pipelines, shipping

Lanes, cheap labor and markets we’ve

Been smart-bombed, surgically-struck—

Softened-up enough not to question…

I had a nightmare, of class warfare &

Living unaware of resistance bubbling

Beneath Goliath’s sandals…


Neo-con nightmare #3



“Curveball’s” baaack dishing the

Dirt—a covert alert—China and

Russia, reacting retroactively to

Red Lines crossed, are launching

Limited strikes on NYC and U.C.

Davis to degrade Bull Kelly, Mayor

Bilbo, Governor Moonbeam and

The Commander-in-Chief and

Their criminal capacity for chemical

Attacks on the 99%


China saw “Chemical Tony”

In white shirt, rouge state

Of mind, use chemicals

On peaceful protestors;

Russia saw Sergeant

Pepperspray attack passive protestors

Seated on the ground— their contorted

Faces, their bodies convulsing and writhing

In agony!


When I awoke, red-faced Russia and China

Were silent, busy working over our class

Brothers and sisters who, too, dare to struggle,

Dare to win …


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Raymond Nat Turner © 2013 All Rights Reserved