Freedom Rider: Endless Terror

take it backby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
Once citizenship can be stripped away by the state, the Constitution becomes a dead letter. Yet that is the self-mutilation prescribed by American politicians who would jettison every U.S. citizen’s rights just to spite the alleged Times Square bomber, a naturalized U.S. citizen. Most Americans seem incapable of understanding why Pakistanis, Yemenis and others that are being killed by the U.S. might also feel the need for vengeance.

The Boondocks as Black Public Sphere

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR columnist Jared A. Ball Ph.D.
Some folks are too dense even for cartoons – when they’re produced by Aaron McGruder. The Boondocks author’s political take on President Obama is too heavy for at least a portion of the audience, who tend to see the world as divided between those who are “hatin’” on Obama and those who are not. McGruder’s attempt to create Black political “space” for meaningful discussion confronts the empty spaces inside people’s heads.

Secret NYPD Tapes Document Routine, Massive Police Racism

A Black Agenda radio commentary by Glen Ford
We were right when we said it in the Sixties. The police are an occupation army in the Black community. Secret NYPD tapes reveal the cops’ quota system for stopping and frisking hundreds of thousands of innocent minority residents every year. But when New Yorkers of color are victimized by crime, they “are often threatened with arrest, themselves, by belligerent detectives trying to fudge the figures.”

The Tea Party's Mass White Appeal

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
Weasel corporate media operatives strain to erase the stain of racism from the Tea Party “movement” – largely a media creation – while white nationalist leaders hide the hoods and nooses in the darker recesses of their bunkers. Yet the data seem to show that racism is what gives the Tea Party mass appeal (45 percent approval) among whites.

The Elite Re-Capture New Orleans City Hall: End Of An Era, Beginning Of An Era. A Definitive Analysis

by Dr. Mtangulizi Sanyika
New Orleans has its first white mayor in 32 years, but that doesn’t mean the city has entered a “post-racial” era. Mitch Landrieu won a landslide with a majority of the Black vote, but whites remain highly reluctant to vote for Black candidates that African American majorities can support. “Race was a factor in 2010 and it will remain a factor in future elections, unless power and wealth are more democratically distributed to eliminate racial disparities and class inequalities.”

Pardon You: Racism, Reparations and the Politics of Blame (as Explained by Henry Louis Gates Jr.)

by Tim Wise
Harvard Prof. Henry “Skip” Gates' attempt to blame the trans-Atlantic slave trade largely on Africans and to absolve Europe and America of their historical crimes is a “moral and intellectual absurdity.” The U.S. owes a debt to African Americans, and to lots of other people. “The nation reaped enormous wealth on the backs of unpaid or underpaid black and brown labor, from imperial adventurism and conquest abroad.”

Update on Romaine "Chip" Fitzgerald in California's Corcoran State Prison

 CorcoranTwo weeks ago we ran a story on Romaine "Chip" Fitzgerald, a political prisoner and former Black Panther imprisoned forty years in California.  Fitzgerald was refusing food and demanding transfer out of solitary confinement and full access to medical care.  We asked BAR readers and supporters to join those calling the prison and California elected officials, and inquire about Fitzgerald's condition.  As a result of their, and your calls Romaine "Chip" Fitzgerald has been transferred out of solitary confinement and expects to be accorded necessary medical care.  We convey to all of you the thanks of his family and friends.  More information is available at

Revisiting the Immigration Reform Debate: An African American Perspective

Dr. Ron Danielsby Dr. Ron Daniels
While supporting legalization of millions of immigrants and other genuine reforms, the author urges that legitimate Black concerns over immigration be addressed. “To suggest that somehow millions of undocumented people have no impact on the social-economic and political standing of African Americans runs counter to what millions of our people see and experience in their daily lives.”

Take Back the Land: May 2010 Month of Action

taking it backby Max Rameau
There is no scarcity of housing in the United States, yet millions are deprived of adequate shelter through a system designed solely for private profit. “Federal and local governments are actively vacating, boarding up and demolishing public housing and underfunding rent subsidy programs in order to free up monies for bank bailouts and sports facilities.”

Assassination of U.S. Muslim Cleric is Illegal, Immoral and Unwise

assassinated US citizenby Bill Quigley
With each year in the endless war on terror, the American state claims another exceptional right – most recently, the right to murder whoever it wants, wherever it wants. “Under this argument, the US government is allowed to decide who represents a possible threat to our nation anywhere anytime and then exterminate them before they can damage the US.” American citizens are also eligible for the hit list.

Four Dead in Ohio; Two in Mississippi

remember Kent State, Jackson Stateby Howard Lisnoff
Forty years ago, government atrocities on two college campuses provoked hundreds of thousands to action in cities across the nation. Today, an even more lawless government terrorizes the world and robs its own citizens of rights that were once believed sacrosanct. “What is left of the peace movement is less than a toothless tiger.”

Mystery of Salt Spring Island: Who Killed Canada’s Black Landowners?

by Janet Singleton
Before the Emancipation Proclamation, before the defeat of the slave states, Blacks from the United States were seeking better lives in the far west of Canada. On one verdant isle, they found the promise of prosperity – and later, violent death.

Putting Nukes In A Poor Black GA Town: If A Black President Does It, Is It Still Environmental Racism?

ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

In the weeks since President Obama announced $8.3 billion in loan guarantees to build new nuclear reactors next to an existing pair of nukes in mostly black Burke County, GA, the inconvenient questions, unanswered and mostly unasked, continue to pile up.

The first and most obvious questions are why nukes, and why Burke County? 

Freedom Rider: Obama’s Oil Slick

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
President Obama cannot avoid political responsibility for the latest disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, or the future catastrophes that will inevitable flow from his acquiescence to Big Oil. “Liberals who ordinarily sneer at Sarah Palin and others who cry ‘Drill baby, drill,’ zipped their lips when Obama supported the same dangerous policy.” And, don’t believe it when Obama vows that BP will pay the full cost of cleanup. “Anyone who sends an invoice to British Petroleum will need divine intervention if they ever expect to collect.”

The Jobs Scam: Selling Blacks on Nuclear Power

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
Corporations – and President Obama – are betting that hunger for jobs will trump all else to make Blacks allies of nuclear power. Nuclear energy promoters worked on the same assumption 30 years ago – but that was before the blossoming of the environmental justice movement.

There are No Such People as Illegals” and No Such Things as “Illegal Aliens”

A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

 Language is the tool we use to frame our thoughts and thought processes. Every time we use, or tolerate the use around us of the terms “illegal” and “illegal alien” we are allowing white American nationalists, white racists, to speak from our mouths. That can't lead to anyplace good.  

May Day and Hip-Hop Nationalism

by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Jared A. Ball
If hip hop is more than a movement, but a “nation,” as some have suggested, then some militant hip hop nationalism is in order. Logically, such a militant hip hop nationalism would seek to seize control of the means of cultural production – which would earn a niche for hip hop in future May Day celebrations.

The Usual Suspects: Arizona and the Black/Latino Divide

Ms. Hutchinsonby Sikivu Hutchinson
Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jr. says Arizona’s anti-immigrant legislation is the new “Selma,” but there is also “the perception that Latino organizations don’t support African American activism around such issues as racial profiling and police brutality.” Black America must face the fact that those who rant about “taking the country back” are at least as resentful of African Americans as they are of brown immigrants.

Repudiating an Apologist: Skip Gates’ "End the Slavery Blame-Game" Nonsense

dr danielsby Dr. Ron Daniels
Black people have paid the price for every step in Henry Louis Gates' ascent into the halls of power and prestige. The Harvard professor “has allowed himself to become an apologist for peoples and nations who do not want to accept responsibility for the greatest transgression against human rights in history, the holocaust of enslavement.”


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