Why We Sued to Represent Muslim Cleric Aulaqi

muslim cleric

by Bill Quigley

The Obama Administration wants to kill him, constitutional rights lawyers want to “stop the government from killing him,” but first, the attorneys must win the right to represent Anwar Aulaqi in court. As the young cleric’s father says, “If the government can find him to assassinate him, they can find him to bring him to justice.”

You Can't Stop the Violence in Ghetto Streets Without Stopping the Violence in Iraq, Afghanistan and Elsewhere

ghetto prayer vigil

By managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

When did black political leaders forget the connection between the three legs of Dr. King's political philosophy --- racial justice, economic justice and opposition to militarism, empire and war? What function are black preacher-politicians fulfilling when they tell us the biggest problem in our communities is a supposed “epidemic if violence” for which our broken lives, spirits and families are themselves to blame. Who is refusing to look the devil and his details in the eye, and why?

An Anti-War Movement That Won’t Cave to Obama or Israel


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

For at least two years, there has been no anti-war “movement” worthy of the term – one that calls the aggressor by his name (starts with “O”) and gives no pass to apartheid Israel. There’s good reason to believe a corner has been turned, with last weekend’s anti-war conference in Albany, New York.


Breaking the Obama Spell, at the United National Peace Conference

Despite what their elected officials say and do, and despite the unceasing pro-war propaganda of corporate media, most Americans still favor a winding down and withdrawal from Iraq, Afghanistan and lots of other places.  Addressing that disconnect between the will of the American people and the deeds of our public officials is the task of a revitalized movement for peace and justice.  Among the organizers, thinkers and do-ers that came together last weekend in Albany NY was our own Glen Ford...

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From Peace Conference: Attorney General Must Open Investigation into Case of Mumia Abu Jamal

US political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal is not far from the last stop on the death bus... that is, from execution.  Recently some US participants in an international death penalty conferences have tried to carve out an exception that would allow death penalty opponents to let them fry just this political prisoner, just this once.  Naomi Jaffe explains that abolition of the death penalty means just what it says, and it's more important for political prisoners than for anybody else, and introduces a movement demand Attorney General Eric Holder open a civil rights investigation into the case against Mumia Abu Jamal.

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Freedom Rider: Shirley Sherrod’s Righteous Anger

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Like ACORN, Sherrod was victimized by a Democratic administration which revels in its willingness to assist the right in throwing its own people under the proverbial bus.” Yet, even when the media narrative shifts to sympathy for Sherrod, it trivializes her heroism, just as it diminished Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to a “dreaming preacher whose fondest wish was to see black and white children join hands and sing ‘Kumbayah.’”


Shirley Sherrod's Bizarre Week in the Sacrifice Zone


by Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

In the wake of the Sherrod Affair, “one is obliged to ask: Does this administration have a moral center?” The Obama administration has a hair-trigger instinct to fire – to relegate to the “Sacrifice Zone” – anyone targeted by the Right. But the truly bad actors are part of his team. “If the president was really interested in ferreting out the bad actors in the federal government, with proven, jury verdict-certified records of discrimination, retaliation, and maintenance of a hostile work environment, he would have to look no further than his own hand-picked energy czar, Carol Browner.”


Whirlpool vs. Black Benton Harbor; Haiti’s Government “Irrelevant”; New Orleans Under White Rule – Black Agenda Radio on PRN, the Progressive Radio Network


prn montage #200Bring Your Gold Clubs to the Protest

Benton Harbor, Michigan, activist Rev. Edward Pinkney plans to embarrass the locally headquartered Whirlpool Corporation at the Jack Nicklaus Signature Gulf Course, August 10. Pinkney, the only person in modern times known to have been sent to prison for quoting the Bible, charges Whirlpool with trying to drive African Americans out of mostly Black Benton Harbor to create a playground for the rich. Pinkney urges demonstrators to “bring your golf clubs.”

Haiti’s “Cry from the Heart”

President Rene Preval’s regime “is almost like a government-in-absentia,” says Herb Boyd, reporter for Free Press TV’s film “Haiti: Cri De Coeur.” Boyd and director Eddie Harris describe Haiti as “the Republic of NGOs,” where foreigners provide traditional government services and U.S. and European corporations dictate policy.

What Difference Does a White Mayor Make?

Not much, says Sanyika Ntangilizi, of the African American Leadership Project, in New Orleans. Since Mitch Landrieu ended 35 years of nominal Black rule, in February, “nothing is different except the color of City Hall,” said Ntangilizi. Landrieu garnered two-thirds of the Black vote, “and thus he has an obligation to deliver to the Black community.”

Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio Network is hosted by Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey. A new edition of the program airs every Monday at 4:00pm ET on PRN. Length: One hour.


WikiLeaks Documents Expose Obama's Brutal Afghan War, White House Threatens and Blames the Messengers

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The White House has reached new lows in evading responsibility for Obama's wars. In the wake of the recent WikiLeaks, administration minions now distance the president from the conduct of the Afghan war prior to December, 2009 - eleven months into office. "It is as if White House minions think that all President Obama need do to absolve himself from the crimes of his wars, is to announce a 'new strategy.'"


Black Power, Barack Obama and Peniel E. Joseph’s Defense of American Democracy

by Anthony Monteiro

Corporate media (and corporate academia) appear to have anointed Peniel E. Joseph as the emerging Black scholar on Black Power and its aftermath – which is cause for dismay. Joseph “‘liberates’ Malcolm and Kwame from the events and ideas that shaped them and their own philosophical reflections upon them. At the same time he frees himself to do what he wishes with their legacies.”

Do Not Exaggerate Victory in New York Stop and Frisk Law

Frisky Business NYPDA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Newly enacted law forbids New York City police from keeping records on the hundreds of thousands of people they stop and frisk on the street - unless the stops result in summons or arrest. Not only is there  "no enforcement mechanism to make sure the cops obey the law," but the "reform" may result in more arrests, while failing to diminish the massive stops.


Fourteen Examples of Systemic Racism in the U.S. Criminal Justice System


by Bill Quigley

The author enumerates the ways American “justice” is used as a weapon to beat down Black people. “The criminal justice system,’ he writes, ”from start to finish, is seriously racist.“ Mere reform won’t do. “We are not called to only trim the leaves or prune the branches, but rip up this unjust system by its roots.”


Tea Partyers, Fox News, "Negativity" Against the President? Are These Really Black America's Most Pressing Problems?

montage 199From the established civil rights organizations like the NAACP to legions of elected Democrats and preachers and even people like our good friends at Color of Change, the main activity these days is an endless circling of wagons around the president, defending him against the flood of racist bile that spews daily from the likes of Fox News, the Tea Partyers and naysaying Republicans.  But is that really where so much of our energy and creativity should be going?  Aren't there other urgent matters more deserving of the attention of black America's political leadership, our pastors and spokespeople and self-described activists?   Matters like black mass incarceration, record unemployment, and the sinking of vast resources into multiple wars abroad?  

NAACP Confronts Tea Party, But Will It Challenge Obama?

naacp vs tea party

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The nation's oldest civil rights group claims it is ready to confront militarism and demand that Obama supporters get the “change they voted for.” So do Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who is virtually an administration operative. So does Big Labor. We'll believe it when we see it. But, the Tea Party is another story.


A Roller Coaster Week in the Anti-Amusement Park of Radical Politics

thought crime

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR editor and columnist Jared A. Ball, Ph.D.

The bad news has come hot and heavy, lately: leniency for a killer cop, a draconian sentence for a people’s lawyer, no parole for political prisoners, and death. “But this is the life to which we have been consigned by the dysfunction and disarray of the movements these women and men represent.”


James Edward “Billy” McKinney Laid to Rest

Billiy McKinneyby Cynthia McKinney

Former Georgia Congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney spoke at the funeral of her father and co-struggler, July 19. Thousands attended the ceremonies at Atlanta’s Jackson Memorial Baptist Church. “Billy” McKinney, born February 23, 1927, was one of Atlanta’s first Black policemen (1947) and a 30-year veteran of the state legislature.


U.S.-backed War in Somalia Comes to Uganda, Threatens to Set Whole Region Aflame

horn of africa

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The U.S. war against Somalia expands outwards and “has now blown back to Uganda,” the U.S. ally that, “along with the minority Tutsi dictatorship in Rwanda, is America's most reliable mercenary force in Black Africa.” Ethiopia and Kenya prepare to join Uganda in an offensive against the Somali resistance, to save America’s puppet mini-state in Mogadishu.


Reparations…for Present Injustice

by Paul Street

The author’s problem with African American reparations is that some of the demands seem to stop with the demise of Jim Crow. “Why stop with the 20th century?” Racist crimes that cry out for repair are constantly committed in the United States. “The very distinction between past and present racism ought to be considered part of the ideological superstructure of contemporary white supremacy.”



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