“Sanctuary Cities” and Black Community Control of the Police

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

“Donald Trump’s war against immigrants is a fascist-inspired offensive that is inseparable from his plans to forcefully pacify Black America.” We must oppose Trump sending in the feds to lock up immigrants or to police the Black community. “Sanctuary is only possible when the cops are directly answerable to the people.”

Freedom Rider: Is Trump the DNC Hacker?

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

If the Democrats are intent on living at the Vast Conspiracy Hotel, they ought to widen their list of suspects in the leaking of embarrassing Democratic documents. Roger Stone and Nigel Farage -- men much closer to Donald Trump’s brand of politics than Vladimir Putin -- have had curious contacts with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Stone is “the champion Republican Party dirty trickster,” while Farange, the British rightwinger, is a friend of Trump.

Israel’s African Darling: Paul Kagame: An Interview with Robin Philpot

by Ann Garrison

Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame, who recently addressed AIPAC, in Washington DC, is Israel’s favorite African, a man the Zionists permit to use the term “genocide.” Both nations claim their wounds give them a special status in the world. “Rwanda and Uganda could be called mad dog states -- they’re highly militarized, and they serve as sheriffs for the U.S. at the same time as they pursue their own interests.”

No Tokens with Trump, No time for Fear: These are Revolutionary Times

by Danny Haiphong

The corporate media would have you believe that stark differences divide the duopoly parties. The opposite is true. Democrats and establishment Republicans “have united on questions of war, austerity, and state-sponsored surveillance.” If anything, the major parties have solidified their “bipartisan consensus on privatization of education, healthcare, and the public sector” – as demanded by their corporate masters in this time of systemic crisis.

US Has Interfered in More Elections Than Any Other Nation

BAR executive editor Glen Ford on The Real News Network

There is no proof that Russia had anything to do with the Wikileaks revelations about the Democratic National Committee's sabotage of Bernie Sanders' campaign. However, even if the Kremlin did interfere in the 2016 U.S. elections, the actions don't match the scale of America's interference in elections across the world, according to Glen Ford.

Brother Harvey Matthews: “I’m Fighting for My Ancestors.” The Bethesda African Cemetery: Part I

by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Adebayo

More than half a century ago, developers paved over a Black cemetery in Bethesda, Maryland. Now the county claims the ancestral bones may no longer be there. Some accounts from the Fifties “describe construction crews carving a ditch in the hillside and pushing countless remains into it.” Said a Black protest leader: “When the people in the Planning Office tell us that the cemetery doesn’t exist I know they are lying. I played in that cemetery.”

I’m just a patsy; Don’t let me be patsy…

by BAR poet in residence Raymond Nat Turner

Some are called for the job, while others are chosen. Some folks practice and study and audition, while others stumble into it blindly. Some are coerced and some more are prepped and primed and meticulously prepared for their few minutes of infamy...

Top Israelis Have Warned of Apartheid, So Why the Outrage at a UN Report?

by Medhi Hasan

In the United States, it is all but forbidden – a “slander,” a “smear,” a “despicable” and “blatant lie,” and a “new form of anti-Semitism” -- to call Israel an apartheid state. Yet, numerous Israeli leaders have used the A-word to describe what the Zionist project has become. “Are they Israel bashers, too?” In the Occupied Territories and Israel “proper,” there is only one state – and it fits the definition of apartheid.

The AFRICOM Snake Slithers into the Lake Chad Basin

by Mark P. Fancher

Ever since NATO’s 2011 regime change in Libya, the U.S. military command, AFRICOM, has had free rein in most of the continent. Boko Haram “terrorism” provides an excuse to intervene, but AFRICOM’s real aim is to secure U.S. control of African economic resources. “It took only the suggestion of potential oil reserves to inspire a U.S. military plan for the success of the oil exploration efforts of the Nigerian government” in the Lake Chad region.

Don't Give the Black Misleaders Your Vote (They'll Just Cash It In)

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The Democratic Party acts like it owns Black America. It certainly owns most of the Black political (Misleaderhip) class, who “have used their local, state and national offices to facilitate the mass Black incarceration regime at every stage of its deployment.” These servants of the police state and war need to be challenged by candidates that reflect the left-leaning politics of Black America. The Black Is Back Coalition is seeking candidates.

Freedom Rider: Hillary Returns

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

How long should one stay in rehab after losing to Donald Trump? In Hillary Clinton’s case, forever. Clinton’s recent “coming back out” party in Scranton, Pennsylvania, shows that “there will be no deviation from the failed strategies which put Trump in the White House.” With nothing else to offer (except war and more war) she’s still running against Trump. “If Trump didn’t exist the Democratic Party would have had to invent him.”

Why Syria Still Matters in the Age of Trump

by Danny Haiphong

Much of the U.S. “left” is confused or on the wrong side of Washington’s war against national sovereignty and self-determination in Syria. Publications like The Intercept attempt to conflate Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and Donald Trump, “thus delegitimizing Assad in the eyes of the majority of the U.S. population.” The tactic is closely related to anti-Russian McCarthyism -- designed to distract from the bankruptcy of Democratic policies.

The Bethesda African Cemetery: Protests Trigger Government Response

by BAR Editor and Columnist Dr. Marsha Coleman Adebayo

African descendants have forced a delay in further eradication of ancestral burial grounds in Bethesda, Maryland, near Washington, DC. “The African graves were totally eradicated and the memory of the African River Road community erased.” The demand is straightforward: “The land holding the remains of African ancestors must be preserved as a sacred space and a museum built to educate, honor and commemorate the ‘lost’ River Road African Community.”

The Crimes of Israeli Apartheid

by Vijay Prashad

A new UN report argues that Israel is a ‘racial regime’ because its institutions are premised on maintaining a Jewish nation by techniques of suppression and expulsion.” That’s apartheid by definition, a crime against humanity. What exists is one state, “with Israel having exercised its dominion in the entire land west of the Jordan River, but a one-state with an apartheid system, with Israeli Jews in a dominant position over the Palestinians.”

The Extraordinary Lynne Stewart

by Jeff Mackler

The author, a comrade of Lynne Stewart for well over half a century, celebrates her passion as “a movement fighter, a champion of all that is beautiful in the human soul.” Stewart put her life in service to the people. “Would it be that we all had that courage and expressed it collectively in the kind of mass struggles that are capable of bringing this damn racist, sexist, imperialist system down forever.”

Rwanda: The Absolutist Truth of Human Rights Watch

by Ann Garrison

Human Rights Watch acts as an arm of U.S. foreign policy. This phony “rights” organization backs the deportation and prosecution of Rwandan dissidents like Joseph Nkusi, who dared to maintain that Hutus were also massacred in the Rwanda bloodbath. Under a minority Tutsi dictatorship, “even using the description ‘Rwandan Genocide’ is a crime; authorities enforce a law passed in 2008 making ‘genocide against the Tutsi’ the only legal description.”

The Empire’s Fifth Column in Africa: Morocco

by Aidan O’Brien

Morocco’s newfound interest in Africa is linked to NATO’s attack on Africa and the murder of Muammar Gaddafi. NATO’s destruction of Libya completely humiliated the African Union. It tore the heart out of an alternative African future, and left Africa seriously exposed once again to the Western imperial virus: a virus contemporary Morocco carries. “Morocco’s body may be in Africa but its mind is in the North Atlantic and the Persian Gulf.”


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