Down with the Duopoly: The Republicans Have Split; Now It’s the Democrat’s Turn

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The split in the Democratic Party will become an unbridgeable chasm “when Sanders supporters are forced to recognize that the 40-plus percent of the Democratic base they represent cannot coexist with Hillary’s ‘truer and more fully explicit ruling class party,’ and needs its own electoral political formation.” The Republican side of the corporate duopoly has already been destabilized. Clinton’s hard right turn will fracture the Democrats.

Dixiecrat Ballot Access Law Temporarily Overtuned: This is What a Voting Rights Breakthrough Looks Like

A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Georgia is one of several southern states whose Dixiecrat legislature erected high obstacles to new parties on the ballot in the 1940s to keep returning WW2 veterans from cranking up socialist or communist parties. Those laws protected Democrats and Republicans from competition for 70 years. That might end soon, first in Georgia then in the rest of the south. If we cannot vote our hopes instead of our fears, our vote doesn't mean much.


If White People Love Drugs So Much, Why are the Prisons Full of Blacks?

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

A new study cites huge disparities, by race, in drug use among former detainees at Chicago’s juvenile detention center. Whites were 30 times as likely to use cocaine as Blacks, and 50 times more likely to abuse opiates. The numbers are misleading. What the study really showed was that only exceptionally troubled white kids wound up in juvenile detention, while Blacks are thrown into the system in droves. Drug and crime stats are skewed by race.


Freedom Rider: Transgender Rights but No Rights for Black People

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

If you are Black in America, “driving, walking, riding a bicycle, being in a public space at the wrong moment, or even calling the police for assistance” can get you killed. President Obama doesn’t care about that, yet he puts the full force of the federal government behind transgender bathroom rights. “Obama loves to wade in on the side of a small segment of white liberal concern instead of helping the people who love them the most.”

A Glimpse of Justice for South Africa’s Gold Miners: High Court Allows Largest Class Action Suit in History

by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

Under colonialism and apartheid, South African miners have died by the tens of thousands from silicosis, an incurable lung disease. The rates of affliction “haven't got any better since apartheid ended more than twenty years ago.” However, a High Court is allowing miners to sue for relief as a class. “Up to a half-a million miners may be eligible to seek damages, a decision that could cost the mining industry millions.”

The Crisis This Time: US Capitalism Continues to Decline with No End in Sight

by Danny Haiphong

Periodic crisis is endemic to capitalism, built into the system. However, late stage capitalism has entered a phase in which crises are the norm. “Unemployment has remained high for months, if not years, after each successive crisis since the 1990s.” Expect no lasting recovery. “No amount of austerity, war, or repression can halt this trend” because “this is all capitalism can offer.”

The Result of the Akai Gurley Case Reminds Us that New York State Needs a Permanent Special Prosecutor

by Lurie Daniel Favors, Esq.

A Chinese American cop was found guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death, without provocation, of Akai Gurley. Yet, the Brooklyn, New York, district attorney recommended, and got, probation for the officer. “We give preferential treatment to non-Black defendants while exacting the harshest of punishments for Black defendants.” That’s why permanent special prosecutors are needed to investigate official misconduct.

Louisiana Number One in Incarceration

by Bill Quigley

With over 38,000 people in prison, Louisiana is first in the planet in per capita incarceration. Plus, “there are an additional 69,000 people in Louisiana on probation and parole.” Race is the primary factor that makes the Bayou State the global champion of imprisonment. “Louisiana has been much more severe in sending black people to prison than whites, at least after black people were no longer slaves.”

US Foreign Policy in Africa and the 2016 Elections

by Abayomi Azikiwe

The pace of U.S. meddling in Africa has increased tremendously under the Bush and Obama administrations, yet U.S. policies in Africa are non-issues in the current presidential campaign. “Pentagon, State Department and CIA interventions in Africa have done more to destabilize the continent rather than create the condition for full independence and sovereignty.” Black leaders have proven useless to the defense of African lives, rights and resources.

25 Years of Struggle Building Socialism in Eritrea; Fighting the Cancer of Corruption

by Thomas C. Mountain

Eritrea, the socialist nation of 6 million people on the Red Sea that has been called “the Cuba of Africa,” is replacing all of its old currency with new bills and moving away from a cash economy. “If you are a black market agent using cash to do your business and have literally millions of Nakfa, the Eritrean currency, stuffed under your bed, you got some explaining to do.” That’s bad news for currency manipulators – both foreign and domestic.

Black Agenda Radio for Week of May 16, 2016

Black Brazil Will Resist “Soft Coup” Against Workers Party

Dilma Rousseff, of the Brazilian Workers Party, was removed from her office as president, last week, and put on trial by the nation’s Senate on charges of manipulating the budget. Dr. Gerald Horne, the prolific author and professor of history and African American Studies at the University of Houston, predicts the Workers Party will mount waves of protests, sit-ins and occupations against what they call a “soft coup” encouraged and abetted by the United States. “I think that during the Olympics, when the global spotlight will be on Brazil, there will be an exhibition by poor, working class folk to express their disapproval of what’s going on in their country,” said Dr. Horne.

Jill Stein: “I’m Not Holding My Breath” Waiting on Bernie

Kshama Sawant, of the Socialist Alternative Party, is circulating a petition asking Bernie Sanders to either run for president on the Green Party ticket, or pave the way for a “new party of the 99%.” The Green Party is already a party of the 99%, and will be on the ballot in most states, said presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein. She said the Greens have been “reaching out to Bernie Sanders since 2011, looking for ways that we might collaborate, and Bernie has always declined our invitation for dialogue by not responding. I’m not holding my breath,” said Stein. “He regards third parties as renegades and threats to political order.”

Alabama Prison Work Stoppages Wind Down

Inmates at prisons across the state of Alabama trickled back to work after officials filled their jobs with people on work-release and starved the protestors of needed calories. “They were getting bird-fed, meaning they were getting real low portions of food because of the peaceful strike,” said Pastor Kenneth Glascow, who negotiated with state officials on behalf of the inmates. Glascow is the half-brother of Rev. Al Sharpton, and a former inmate, himself, who heads the prison reform group TOPS, The Ordinary People Society. Prisoners earn as little as 17 cents an hour at for-profit prison enterprises, and are not paid at all for kitchen and laundry work.

The strike was called by inmates of the Free Alabama Movement. “We already have a Free Mississippi Movement, there’s a Free California Movement, there’s a Free Pennsylvania Movement,” said inmate activist Bennu Hannibal, of the St. Clair prison. Brothers and sisters behind bars have to organize “because the system is organized, and the only way we’re going to have an impact against them is if we organize in a likewise manner.”



Obama Chugs Flint Water, Dodges Federal Responsibility, Delivers Another Cynical Lecture to Black Folks

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

President Obama's self-described “stunt”, chugging a glass of Flint water, assuring residents of its safety, and claiming he might have ingested lead himself as a child were a deeply cynical deployment of his blackness to divert attention from federal responsibility for the mass poisonings and coverups.

Obama Chugs Flint Water, Dodges Federal Responsibility, Delivers Another Cynical Lecture to Black Folks

Hillary May Win in November, but the Duopoly Electoral System is Doomed

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

After the general election, corporate pundits will try to dismiss the this season’s rebellions in the Republican and Democratic parties. But newly emergent social forces on the Left and the Right, and among Black youth, are rejecting the duopoly electoral system. The Republican Party has been wrecked, and “the contradictions in the Democratic Party are at least as deep, if not so immediately acute, as those that are ripping apart the GOP.”

Freedom Rider: Sanders Supporters Can Bring Down the Democrats

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Bernie Sanders supporters could truly be on a revolutionary mission – if they choose to accept it. “They must not support or vote for Hillary Clinton in November and they must say so loudly and clearly.” Should their idol endorse Clinton, then Sanders’ people must reject him, too. And, if Sanders’ folks are blamed for Clinton’s defeat, these attacks “should be considered as a badge of honor” for sending the Democrats into the dustbin of history.

Saturday May 21 at the Left Forum in NYC

BAR at the Left Forum 2016For the dozen decades since Booker T Washington much of what passed for black politics was brokerage politics -- ostensibly class-blind black unity behind an elite black leadership class who purportedly represented our interests before the powers that be. But all politics is class politics, especially that which downplays or ignores class. Since 2006 Black Agenda Report has been rediscovering, reclaiming and reinventing the radical black perspective that must undergird the principled black movement of the 21st century. Join Glen Ford, Bruce Dixon, Margaret Kimberley, Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, Nellie Bailey, Ajamu Baraka, Jemima Pierre and our poet-in-residence Raymond Nat Turner for a penetrating exploration of the emergent radical and principled black movement of the new century and its challenges.

“Soft Coup” Finds Soft Target in Brazil

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, of the Workers Party, although free of personal corruption, is being hounded out of executive power by yelping packs of thoroughly corrupt political hyenas.” This “soft coup” is led by former partners in the national legislature, where the Workers Party holds less than one-sixth of the seats. But the debacle is a lesson for those leftists that think they can finesse and bargain their way to a social revolution.


40% of Detroit Will be Deprived of Life Sustaining Water: the UN Investigates Human Rights Violations

by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

The United States has no moral authority to speak of “human rights” as an American “value” when it systematically deprives Detroit’s Black poor population of water. “The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department has begun shutting off water to 3,000 people a week, and could soon cut off access to drinkable water for 150,000 Detroit residents.” Meanwhile, the city has decided not to disconnect businesses – or even a corporate-owned graveyard.

There’s Nothing Fair About Detroit’s Massive Water Shut Offs

by Shea Howell

The corporate rulers are relentless in their drive to push the poor out of Detroit. With tens of thousands more households facing water shut offs, the authorities held – of all things – a water fair. The author was there: “Almost everyone I talked to said the same thing, ‘The city doesn't care about us. They want us out of here.’”

There’s Nothing Fair About Detroit’s Massive Water Shut Offs


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