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Remembering Malcolm X 49 Years On

by Ama Biney

How would Malcolm X respond to U.S. foreign policy, today? “The arrogance of imperial power has not changed since the death of Malcolm nor has its commitment to the military and prison complex of America that has grown exponentially.” Domestically, Malcolm could be counted on to remain “uncompromising in his verbal attacks on African American leaders who compromised the interests of the people.”

Venezuela, Ukraine, and North Korea: Targets of flailing American Imperialism

by Danny Haiphong

The United States is engaged in all-out regime change offensive around the world. “With the global capitalist economy in permanent crisis, the US and its allies are sponsoring so called ‘protest movements’ and ‘opposition’ groups to wage wars most Americans no longer support.”

Obama’s Arrogant Interference in Venezuela and Resistance by a Participatory Democracy

by Arnold August

President Obama has intervened directly and personally to foment violence against the democratically elected government of Venezuela. “Obama encouraged Washington’s allies in Venezuela to restart their violent activities in Venezuela and create a climate of chaos.”

From Negro History Week to African Liberation Month

by Norman Richmond, aka Jalali

“Personally, I’m tired of hearing uninformed people remark: ‘They give us the coldest and shortest month of the year to celebrate Black History Month.’ They didn’t give us anything.”

Amiri made me think…

by Raymond Nat Turner

What muthafracker would

Bomb the Motherland and

Call it humanitarian? Mc Cain?

Listen to Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio Network, with Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey – Week of 2/24/14

Michael Dunn Case More Clear Cut Than Zimmerman

Opio Sokoni, head of the Jacksonville, Florida, NAACP, said Michael Dunn’s guilt in the killing of Jordan Davis was even more obvious than that of George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin’s death. “Only the most rabid racists were actually standing behind Dunn, saying that this guy was innocent,” said Sokoni. “Then we realized there were some of those people on the jury.” Dunn was convicted of attempted murder, but the jury deadlocked on first degree murder charges.

Russell “Maroon” Shoatz Wins 22-Year Battle

“We were ecstatic that the efforts of so many bore great fruit,” said Ayanna Rauf, fiancé of former Black Panther Russell “Maroon” Shoatz, who was released into the general Pennsylvania prison population after 22 years of solitary confinement. Seventy year-old Shoatz, who is now blind in one eye, told Ms. Rauf: “I have to practice walking again without shackles and chains.” Rauf said she and Shoatz are “looking forward to our marriage, in June,” and hope to win commutation of his sentence by the governor.

Molefi Asante Complicit in Anthony Monteiro Firing

Dr. Wilmer Leon III, host of Sirius XM Radio’s “Inside the Issue” program and an academic ally of Temple University’s embattled African American Studies professor Anthony Monteiro, is “incredibly impressed with the level of support” Monteiro is receiving from the community. Dr. Monteiro was effectively fired by Dean of Liberal Arts Teresa Soufas with the complicity of African American Studies department chair Molefi Asante. “It appears as though, after Dr. Asante became somewhat secure in his position, he became an instrument of Dean Soufas,” said Dr. Leon.

Ras Baraka in Lead for Newark Mayor

Amina Baraka, widow of poet-activist Amiri Baraka and mother of Newark, New Jersey mayoral candidate Ras Baraka, said her son “is on the side of those who are oppressed and cannot find a way out of the system.” A city councilman and high school principal, Ras Baraka is generally considered the frontrunner. Former mayor Cory Booker, now a U.S. senator, “was not interested in the neighborhoods,” said Amina Baraka, while her son wants to make the Port of Newark and the international airport “pay their fair share of taxes.”

Wanted: A Populist Trade Policy

With most Democrats opposed to giving President Obama “fast-track” powers to ram through his Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade treaty, it’s time to come up with a “populist trade program that puts people and the planet first, and that can be openly discussed in a transparent way,” said Kevin Zeese, co-director of It’s Our Economy. The Obama administration has shrouded TPP talks in secrecy.

CARICOM Discriminates Against Haitians

Ezili Danto, director of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, said the Caribbean economic community, CARICOM, “treats Haitians pretty much the same way that Europeans do.” Haiti is the only CARICOM member whose citizens are required to hold a visa to visit other CARICOM countries. Ms. Danto was interviewed by Dedon Sankara on Uhuru Radio.

Venezuelan Protesters are Frustrated Minority

The opposition is disrupting life in Venezuela because it keeps losing elections and continues to receive millions of dollars in funding from the United States, said Samuel Moncada, the country’s ambassador to the United Nations. “We have had 18 elections in 15 years, but we are still a dictatorship” according to the U.S. government and corporate media, said Moncada, at a New York event honoring the late President Hugo Chavez.

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Detroit’s Agony Shows Why Black America Needs A People’s Plan for the Cities

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Detroit, the Black Metropolis, is being disassembled. Having stolen local democracy, corporate planners now trip over themselves to create the grid for a new city, in which current residents will live in the shadows. Corporate disinvestment created urban Black majorities. Now, “the methodical return of corporate capital has capped and rolled back the growth of ‘Chocolate Cities’ in the U.S.”

Federal Prosecutors Declare Mass Incarceration is Fine Will Continue; Obama & Holder Pretend Not to Notice

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

While the Attorney General grants interviews promising significant action on mass incarceration, federal prosecutors openly declare that there's nothing wrong with mass incarceration or the prison state. The Obama administration does nothing, and why should it? Who needs to roll back the prison state when you've got black faces in all those high places?

Freedom Rider: White Men and Guns

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

American white men seem afflicted with a peculiar disorder – a lethal irritability that causes them to kill young Black people at the slightest, imagined provocation. It is an historically-based syndrome that claims victims with a regularity that is all but predictable – a pathology that is rooted in “the Founding Fathers, who wanted to enshrine the right to kill without impediment.”

A Tale of Three Cities: Newark, Jackson, Seattle

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

The electoral scenery must be quite depressing to those who think change must come through the ballot. The system disgorges “a multiracial cast of scoundrels from both major parties coiled up incestuously under the same corporate tent.” However, something different may be afoot in at least three points on the map.

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Jordan Davis, another Victim of a Murderous Historical Continuum

by Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, III

The latest failure to fully convict the perpetrator of a racial killing is yet further evidence that white American civilization is not yet compatible with the rule of law. “In both the Trayvon Martin murder and the murder of Jordan Davis, both victims were in public space, engaged in legal activity, and at the time they were confronted were not a threat to anyone.”

Justice in New Orleans?: The Real Crimes of Former Mayor Ray Nagin and the Entire Ruling Class

by Jay Arena

Ray Nagin, who first ran for mayor as the candidate of business, cops and whites, was only convicted of “the least of his crimes.” The corporate-run, bipartisan gang that pillaged New Orleans ranged from President Obama to Governor Jindal to Melissa Harris Perry, and every high-living lowlife in between.

The Field Negroes’ Agenda: Reclamation, Reparations and Repatriation

by Mark P. Fancher

The author believes African liberation and the fall of U.S. imperialism can be achieved by triumph of the “Three R’s”: Reclamation, Reparations and Repatriation. In terms of day to day struggle, that translates as “pressuring the U.S. military out of Africa, assisting on the return of Africa’s land and mineral wealth to Africans, and supporting the unity of a truly independent African continent.”

People's Benchmarks, People's Sovereignty: New Jersey’s Occupied School Districts

by Michelle Renee Matisons and Seth Sandronsky

New Jersey pioneered the practice of abolishing democracy in education through state takeovers of mostly minority school districts. “Not only was New Jersey the first U.S. state to implement school district takeover, it has some of the longest occupied districts in the nation.”  

Thinking for Ourselves About Venezuela

by Netfa Freeman

The U.S. thinks it has found a formula for regime change, beginning with destabilization from within. Venezuela’s democratically elected government has long been a target. “Over the last decade or so we have seen this strategy attempted in Zimbabwe, Libya, Iran, and Syria.”

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