WTO is a War Machine

by Yash Tandon

The World Trade Organization, controlled by a new empire that still disfavors the Global South, broadens the gap between influential and developing nations. With a neocolonial system implicitly in place, if small and middle-sized countries do not 'follow the rules' as dictated by the Big and Powerful nations, then they are subjected to sanctions. Sanctions are acts of war.

In Defense of the Panthers: Why the Film "The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution" Should be Put Down, and the Book "Black Against Empire" Picked Up

by Danny Haiphong

The author endorses former Panther leader Elaine Brown’s critique of the movie, However, Blacks Against Empire, the acclaimed book on the Party, meets his approval as “actual historical analysis that is useful for those seeking lessons from the lived struggle of the Panthers.”

Black Agenda Radio for Week of September 21, 2015

What Price Reparations?

Based on calculations by University of Connecticut researcher Thomas Craemer, reparations to African Americans for slavery would cost between $5.9  trillionand $14.2 trillion. Prof. Craemer’s formula multiplies the number of hours worked by every enslaved man, woman and child above the age of five, at prevailing unskilled labor wages, with interest compounded at three percent per year. It is widely recognized that the surplus produced by slave labor allowed the United States to rapidly develop into a world economic power. “You could look at this as a start-up loan that the United States took out with African Americans – and never repaid,” said Craemer.

The Afro-Americanization of “Momma Emanuel”

In 2011, a suburban Washington DC police officer shot to death Nigerian-American college senior Emanuel Okutuga. The cop was never charged with a crime. The youth’s mother, whom activists call “Momma Emanuel,” became a mainstay of demonstrations against police violence. “She’s a tower of strength,” said Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, the renowned whistleblower and activist with the Hands Up Coalition-DC, who is also an editor and columnist for Black Agenda Report. Momma Emanuel “now feels very African American,” said Coleman-Adebayo. “When she talks about white supremacy, she now understands what she’s talking about.”

New “WikiLeaks” Book shows U.S. Runs Amuck in Latin America

Diplomatic cables from the Bush and early Obama administrations document years of U.S. subversion and attempts at regime change in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras and El Salvador, according to The WikiLeaks Files, a new book by three analysts for the Center for Economic and Policy Studies. The U.S. funded right-wing NGOs that tried to topple the Venezuelan government, said co-author Dan Beeton. For example, a U.S. diplomat in Caracas cabled his superiors to report: “The streets are hot, and all the people organizing these demonstrations are our grantees.” Beeton cannot imagine that the U.S. would tolerate “Chinese or Iranian funding of NGOs that put up street blockades in Washington, DC.”

Post-Katrina Documentary: “Fear No Gumbo”

Kimberly Rivers-Roberts, the New Orleans filmmaker and hip hop artist also known as Queen Kold Madina, is raising funds to complete Fear No Gumbo, her new documentary on the city’s incomplete recovery from Hurricane Katrina. Her first film, Trouble the Water, depicting events during the first five days after the storm, was nominated for an Oscar and won several awards at the Sundance Film Festival. The new project aims to show “that the recovery isn’t over, even ten years later.” Rivers-Roberts considers her film “an educational piece to get people back to the table, get some positive change, and get the Lower Ninth Ward rebuilt.”


Yale's Lucrative Wet Kiss Anoints #BlackLivesMatter's Deray McKesson Their Kind of “Transformational” Leader

A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon


Police “Training” is the Problem: They are Trained to Oppress Blacks

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Black people don’t need more “training” of the cops that patrol their communities. What’s needed is a new mission for the police – one that is radically different than the current armed occupation – and Black community control over both the project and the personnel. U.S. police are already well trained – in containing, controlling, terrorizing and incarcerating Black people. “For decades, the essential U.S. police mission has been military in nature.”

Freedom Rider: Anti-Russian Propaganda

by BAR editor and senior Margaret Kimberley

Everywhere the U.S. “pivots” to in the world, it spreads dehumanizing propaganda. President Obama has methodically demonized Russia, stoked fears of the “peril” from China, and fanned the flames of Islamophobia. The corporate media are eager accomplices in the imperial politics of mass death. “If a nation and its people are disparaged and dehumanized enough its enemies can attack in any number of ways without fear of debate or popular opposition.”

The Yemen Tragedy and the Ongoing Crisis of the Left in the United States

by BAR editor and columnist Ajamu Baraka

With their support for Bernie Sanders, much of the Left has decided that “lives in the White West matter more than others.” The Democratic presidential candidate encourages Saudi Arabia to “get its hands dirty,” when the Wahabbist monarchs are already killing thousands in Yemen, oppressing the people of Bahrain, and funding jihadists in Syria – all with U.S. support. The Sanders campaign “is an ideological prop of the logic and interests of the capitalist-imperialist settler state.”

Whole Fools—White Foods?

by BAR poet-in-residence Raymond Nat Turner

With my appetite growing, while foraging for a reasonably-priced nosh—my black uniformed shadow, mirroring my movements, applied the kibosh! Whole Fools—White Foods?

The Refugee Crisis and the Truth Behind Imperialism's "Humanitarian" Response

by Danny Haiphong

The same imperialist powers whose proxy war created the Syrian refugee crisis claim a “humanitarian” responsibility to wage more war against the country – “a reworking of the centuries-old imperialist logic that US and European domination brings ‘civilization’ and ‘democracy’ to the native.” Europe will now reap the whirlwind of blow-back, “this time in the form of uncontrollable migration.”

Scholar Says Rwandan Massacres Were Class War; Faces Deportation

Ann Garrison's picture

by Ann Garrison

Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame sends hit squads around the globe to eliminate critics of his minority-based government. The regime is seeking to silence dissident Léopold Munyakazi through deportation back to Rwanda from the United States. The author interviewed Munyakazi's lawyer, Ofelia Calderón.

South Africa’s Deal with the Devil, Revisited: Mandela’s ‘Faustian Pact’ with World Capital

by Patrick Bond

An intelligence document has surfaced claiming that the white establishment through the private sector has a huge influence in the running of the South African National Treasury and that the history of this influence dates back to the early 1990s when the ANC and the white, apartheid-founding National Party were in negotiations. The white establishment felt it was too risky to leave the running of the government solely in the hands of the ANC.

Black Agenda Radio for Week of September 14, 2015

Justice Department Blowing Smoke on Prosecuting Corporate Execs

“There’s nothing new” in a U.S. Justice Department memo that claims it will bring more criminal prosecutions against corporate executives, rather than merely fining their companies, said Russell Mohkiber, editor of the Corporate Crime Reporter. “The Department was under so much heat for not criminally prosecuting even one major financial institution or one executive from those financial institutions that led to the 2008 financial collapse, that it decide it had to ‘do something,’” said Mohkiber. “What it did was release a memo basically codifying” previous policy, while changing nothing. “Don’t believe the hype!”

Baltimore Mayor is “Rattled,” Won’t Run for Re-Election

Jill Carter, the most radical member of the Maryland House of Delegates, believes Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake decided not run for re-election, last week, “due to the stress of the last months and the lack of confidence that has been expressed across the board in the mayor.” Rawlings-Blake’s announcement came on the heels of the city’s $6.4 million settlement with the family of Freddie Gray, and a judge’s refusal to change the venue of the trial of the six police officers charged in Gray’s death. The mayor “appeared to be very rattled and off balance,” said Delegate Carter, a lawyer from a family steeped in the Black rights movement, who has herself run for mayor – and may run again. Carter said a “shadow government” of rich donors actually runs the city.

Movement in Need of an “Ideological Lens”

“What has been missing” from the current U.S. Black political awakening “is an ideological lens and guide that movements require to expose the contradictions of the system,” said Danny Haiphong, a contributing writer for Black Agenda Report and activist with FIST – Fight Imperialism, Stand Together, in Boston. Haiphong is author of an article in the current issue of BAR, titled “Why George Jackson Matters,” which explores the legacy of the former Black Panther leader who was killed by guards in San Quentin Prison, in 1971. In today’s activist circles, said Haiphong, “I think there is a fear and a relative hostility to the idea of socialism, to the ideas of the Black Liberation Movement, and I also think there’s an aversion to history.”

Uhuru Movement Gets Low-Power FM Radio Station

The African People’s Socialist Party, commonly known as the Uhuru Movement, won permission to operate a low-power FM radio station in St. Petersburg, Florida, where the Party is headquartered. “It’s going to be the only Black-owned station in the city” and will provide “a sharply defined format that deals with Black issues, and every aspect of Black culture,” said chairman Omali Yeshitela. “We’re talking about even teaching people how to do gardening.” Fundraising for the station’s broadcasting equipment begins on Sunday, September 20, at Uhuru House, with the goal of raising $50,000 so that the station can begin operations early next year.


The Trumpocalypse: Democrats Rule Blacks by Fear

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Donald Trump is a very useful man, to both the Democratic and Republican factions of the ruling corporate party. The “White Man’s Party” (Republican) faction can blame excesses of hate on him, and the other faction (Democrats) can make their case as the lesser evil. Black people will once again feel they have no choice in the matter. “It is fear of Republicans that holds Black people captive to the Democratic Party.” That’s why the party is a trap.

Day 24, #FightForDyett Hunger Strike Continues, Black Political Class Stands for Privatization

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

The national fight against school privatization is focused on Chicago, were Sept 9 is the 24th day of the #FightForDyett hunger strike. Parents and community members are resisting the national polices of school privatization being forced down our throats by the Obama administration and often black politicians across the country. Successful schools are a key to viable communities.

Freedom Rider: Refugees Flee American Aggression

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Americans are made uncomfortable by pictures of drowned refugee children, but most cannot accept that their own government’s “unrelenting effort at regime change in Syria is the cause of this crisis.” U.S. corporate media parrot Washington’s lies, keeping tally of the displaced and doomed, but blaming Syria’s government for defending itself against western-backed jihadists. Rather than demand the West leash its dogs, “they call for more war.”

Why is Cornel West Sheep-Dogging for the Democrats – Once Again?

by BAR editor and columnist Ajamu Baraka

Cornel West has thrown his support to Bernie Sanders, the nominal socialist – but unquestionable Democrat – running for president. Dr. West says Sanders “tells the truth about Wall Street, white supremacy, empire, patriarchy and homophobia.” Really? The author says West has some explaining to do. “Brother West, you can’t quote King on his stance against militarism and support a candidate that is unable to utter a word against U.S. militarism.”

Former Leader of Chad and CIA Tool Denounces U.S. Imperialism at His Trial

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

It is said that the Americans have no permanent friends, only permanent interests. Actually, the U.S. seems to have no friends at all, but only tools to be used and disposed of, especially in Africa. Hissène Habré helped the CIA inflict a serious defeat on Col. Muammar Gaddafi. A few years later, he was replaced by another Chadian warlord, and now sits before an Extraordinary African Chambers court to answer for his – and the U.S.’s – crimes.


Web of Secrecy Surrounds Federal Half-a-Billion Handout to Charter Schools

by Jonas Persson

Hell-bent on quietly forcing the bipartisan neoliberal project of school privatization down the the unwilling and oft unwitting throats of mostly black constituencies across the land, the Obama Administration's cynically misnamed Department of Education is handing out another wad of public money to private charter school operators.

Black Lives Matter: A Call to Pan-African Unity – Justice for Emmanuel!

by BAR editor and columnist, Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

A Nigerian mother started out at the bottom in the United States, raised and educated five children, and bought a spacious home in one of the nation’s wealthiest counties. But that didn’t stop a cop from shooting her son to death and claiming he had wielded an ice-pick in his broken right hand. Olubummi Comfort Oludipe has now found her voice and mission: "to make sure that no other Black family suffers the death of their children by killer cops."


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