Black Is Back Coalition Holds National Conference on Self-Determination and 2016 Elections

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

Election seasons are consumed by talk of which candidates and parties are “winning.” But, Black people never win, even if one of them is at the top of the ticket, unless they are organized to seek power. The Black Is Back Coalition’s upcoming conference on electoral politics and self-determination “will explore the possibilities and the dangers that the current electoral scene presents for the future of Black people and the world.”


McCarthy and Snyder to Testify before House Oversight Committee on the Poisoning of Flint’s Children

by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

Crimes against humanity have been committed in Flint, Michigan. Punishment must fit the crime. “It is time to remove all political actors both in the federal and state governments from public service and refer them to DOJ for criminal prosecution.” That includes the EPA, “an agency governed by fear, recrimination, retaliation and discrimination.”

The Empire’s Weapon of Identity Politics and the “Ghetto” Comment Controversy

by Danny Haiphong

President Obama’s political pit bulls have become attack dogs for Hillary Clinton. MSNBC pundit Joy Reid “has placed her career prospects” in Clinton’s camp, employing identity politics to snipe at Bernie Sanders. Neither wing of the corporate-bought Democratic Party can “change the course of U.S. imperialism. But Sanders hasn't been chosen by Wall Street and the capitalist class to run the Empire, Hillary has.”

Bernie, Black, and Blue: Reflections on Race in the Democratic Primaries

by Paul Street

If Black people are the most left-leaning constituency in the United States, why have they been voting for right-wing Democrat Hillary Clinton in the primaries? It is true that Bernie Sanders’ economic program is far better than Clinton’s. However, rising New Deal-type tides do not equally lift all boats, and Black folks have little historical reason to believe that white leftists are automatically on their side. Sanders has yet to convince them.

Blacks Have Always Had to Fight to Make Their Lives Matter in America

by Bryan K. Bullock

The simple, straight-forward assertion “Black Lives Matter” seems to jangle the sensibilities of millions of white Americans, who counter that “ALL lives matter” or “BLUE lives matter.” They feel assaulted by affirmations of the worthiness of Black life, yet claim to be non-racist. In the final analysis, they want Black people to “play nice with oppression and make no demands on society.”

Why We Should Teach About the FBI’s War on the Civil Rights Movement

by Ursula Wolfe-Rocca

Nobody’s history – Black, white or brown – is taught in U.S. classrooms if COINTELPRO is not part of the lesson plan. Civics and social studies are defective and deceptive if they fail to inform students of the FBI’s campaign to “neutralize” dissidents by any means necessary, including murder. Young people must learn that the Civil Rights Movement “had to contend with a declaration of war made against it by its own government.”

Austerity Gathers Pace in Schizophrenic South Africa

by Patrick Bond

The unprecedented contagion of what President Zuma has called “gossip and rumor” around his inner circle threatens the internal stability of the Pretoria regime. The loyalty of many key individuals is being tested. Indeed the ANC’s schizophrenia was amplified recently Zuma himself finally agreed to repay some of the $16 million spent on upgrading his rural palace, Nkandla.

Hillary Clinton: The Wicked Witch of the West

by Solomon Comissiong

Some evil is banal, some unspeakable. Hillary Clinton is wickedly evil. “Thanks to vile fork-tongued warmongers like her, Libya is a country that is now submerged in a quagmire of civil war, death and destruction.” Hillary brings death here at home, as well. “She has been a champion for the building of more prisons and the hyper-policing of urban enclaves where mostly African/blacks reside.”

Black Agenda Radio for Week of March 14, 2016

“Billionaires” Fund Defamation of Public Schools, Teachers

A poll commissioned by In The Public Interest shows Americans still hold public schools and teachers in high regard, want charter schools to conform to the same standards as conventional public schools, and oppose an over emphasis on standardized testing. “Billionaires and folks who run hedge funds have decided that the best way to make their political opponents weaker is to grow as many charters as possible,” said Donald Cohen, the group’s executive director. These forces have funded “an ongoing campaign to convince the American public that schools are bad” – but most people aren’t buying it.

Save the Schools: Opt Out of Standardized Testing

Parents and students should not ask permission to opt out of the high stakes standardized testing regimen. “We don’t need legislation to approve it,” said Dr. Denisha Jones, a board member of United Opt Out and an assistant professor of early childhood development at Howard University. “We need to say that we are opting out as an act of civil disobedience to protect education from the corporatization and the testing,” said Jones, who helped organize a recent national Opt Out conference, in Philadelphia.

New York Mayor de Blasio is No Progressive

Despite official denials, the New York City Police Department continues to operate under a “broken windows” philosophy, targeting mainly Black and brown men for minor violations under a quota summons system, according to Robert Gangi, director of the Police Reform Organizing Project. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “support for those kinds of practices completely undermines his claim to be a progressive political leader, and that the main purpose of his administration is to successfully address social, racial and economic inequities,” said Gangi. “’Broken windows,’ driven by the quota system, is a central factor in creating those inequities.”

Clinton and Obama Have Honduran Activist’s Blood on Their Hands

The Obama administration and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bear responsibility for the March 3 assassination of Honduran indigenous people’s leader Berta Caceres, said Beverly Bell, a founder of Other Worlds and long time friend and comrade of Caceres. The U.S. backed a military takeover of Honduras in 2009, and Clinton “even bragged of her role in the coup in the last book she wrote,” said Bell. “There is not any doubt who killed Berta Caceres. She has received more death threats from the government of Honduras than anyone could possibly count.”

Obama Woos Cuba, Targets Venezuela

President Obama, who will visit Cuba later this month to further “normalize” relations with that country, has intensified his military and economic subversion of Cuba’s ally, Venezuela. “At the very same moment that the U.S. is unfreezing relations with Cuba, it is continuing to destabilize, to undermine, to destroy the independent socialist nation of Venezuela,” said political analyst Eric Draitser, founder of


A Republican Meltdown Won’t Make the Democrats Better

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The impending breakup of the Republican Party will not create more favorable conditions for Black and progressive electoral politics. Instead, it will compel the Democrats to build a “big tent” party, after the convention this summer. The strategy will “push Blacks and progressives back to the margins, smothering them with newly categorized ‘moderates’ who, before Donald Trump’s intervention, were Republicans.”

Turkey and Europe: Human Trafficking on a Scale Not Seen Since the Atlantic Slave Trade

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

The agreement between Europe and Turkey to keep millions of refugees from entering Europe is a deal between devils. Europe, which has fattened itself on other people’s lands and blood for half a millennium, is allowed to wall out the “invaders.” Meanwhile, Turkey “springs its vast protections racket trap – agreeing to insulate Europe from further incursions from the formerly colonized peoples.” A human trafficking and protection scheme from Hell.


Freedom Rider: Bernie Sanders and the End of the Democratic Party

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

If Bernie Sanders supporters are serious about making fundamental change, they should start a new party, one that does more than run in billion dollar elections every couple of years. Hillary Clinton’s impending primaries victory “is an opportunity to break with a system which is incapable of being truly democratic.” The alternative is to “do nothing but sulk in the event of a Clinton nomination or try once more to reform the unreformable.”

The “Negro Whisperer” from 1926 to 2016: Seasonal Workers

by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

MSNBC has decided that its stable of in-house Black Democrats is no longer in season, and can be discarded. Melissa Harris-Perry is hurt. She and others specializing in interpreting Black folks to white folks (and vice versa) are being pushed aside. “Harris-Perry believed, like so many before her, that the quality of her intellect could compete against a corrupt and racist system that only recognizes power, possession and ancestry.”

Countering the Confederate “Spring”: the Assault on Black Political Power in Jackson, MS

by the Jackson Human Rights Institute and Cooperation Jackson

Majority Black Jackson, Mississippi is about to be stripped of control of its most valuable assets by a Republican legislature. Everywhere, white capital is determined to retain their control over all the capital accumulating processes that define the local political economy. To fight back, “we believe will be the most effective is a mass, multi-faceted, non-compliant civil disobedient movement determined to engage in a sustained campaign of economic warfare.”

“All Lives Matter”: More Stupid White Noise

by Paul Street

Mountains of statistics testify to the national disregard for Black lives. But white supremacists fire back that Blacks have “brought it on themselves” and victimize their own people through “Black-on-Black” crime, ignoring the core reality that “intra-Back violence takes places within a White-Imposed context of racially concentrated poverty, joblessness and hyper-segregation that White America simply refuses to acknowledge.”

Huey Newton: A Revolutionary Hero

by Danny Haiphong

The film that does justice to Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party has yet to be created. Stanley Nelson’s PBS depiction “is riddled with distortion and inaccuracy” and virtually ignores the party’s enormous “contributions to the historic struggle for socialist liberation” and internationalist solidarity. “Newton envisioned that Black America would work together with a community of nations to develop a new world free of exploitation.”

Lead in Flint Water, Mold in Detroit Schools: An Anatomy of a Free Market Disaster

by David Bacon

Detroit’s schools have been laid waste, and democracy in every majority Black city has been destroyed, as have the brain cells of children in Flint. “Michigan cities have been used as a laboratory for market-based policies and the most extreme forms of austerity.” Water, even unleaded, is unaffordable to poor people in the state’s largest metropolis. Michigan proves that the rule of Capital is lethal.

Oil Price Manipulation and the Global Capitalist Crisis

by Caleb Maupin

The truly rich people – the ones who really run the capitalist world – are not the household names, or “the Illuminati, the Freemasons, or some secret society.” The bankers and big oil – the Lords of Capital – give the orders. “The alternative is when rational human beings run the economy, and force it to function for the good of society.”

The Coup That Set Ghana and Africa 50 Years Back

by Charles Quist-Adade

Nkrumah wanted to industrialize Ghana within a generation, and everything was on course until the Americans and their British cousins used some disgruntled and self-serving Ghanaian soldiers to stage that terrible coup on 24 February 1966. It was a major setback, not only for Ghana but the whole of Africa!

The Trump Movement: Not as Fringe as Some Might Think

by Solomon Comissiong

Donald Trump didn’t invent his racist followers – “U.S. society did.” Although “his rallies are like a gathering of racist village idiots,” they make up a huge proportion of the white population. “Even if he were to lose this presidential race, his followers will still be pervasive.”


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