Freedom Rider: Dump the Democrats for Good

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Donald Trump, the white nationalist that claimed to oppose the corporate establishment, appears to have won the U.S. presidency. But, “even the victory of the openly bigoted Trump poses an opportunity to right our political ship.” The Democrats were not “our” party, but the party that thought they owned us. Their “rejection must be complete and blame must be laid squarely at their feet” for raising those chickens that have come home to roost.

Freedom Rider: Dump the Democrats for Good

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

“The Democrats were so entrenched in their corruption and self-dealing that they didn’t see the Bernie Sanders campaign for modest reform as the savior it might have been.”

This columnist did not see a Donald Trump victory coming. The degree of disgust directed at an awful candidate was more than I had predicted. Neither the corporate media, nor Wall Street nor the pundits nor the pollsters saw this coming either. Their defeat and proof of their uselessness is total. Those of us who rejected the elite consensus and didn’t support Hillary Clinton should be proud.

Black people are now in fear and in shock when we ought to be spoiling for a fight. All is not lost. Even the victory of the openly bigoted Trump poses an opportunity to right our political ship. Not the electoral ship, the political one. For decades black Americans have been voting for people who have done them wrong. Bill Clinton got rid of public assistance as a right, and undid regulations that kept Wall Street in check. He put black people in jail and yet black people didn’t turn on him until he and his wife tried to defeat Obama. But Obama gave us more of the same. Bailouts of Wall Street, interventions and death for people all over the world, and a beat down of black people who still loved him. Despite the fear of Republican victory we end up losing whenever a Democratic presidential candidate wins.

“Obama bailed out banks, insurance companies, Big Pharma and even Ukraine.”

Victory is ours if we dump the Democrat Party and their black misleaders. The Democrats were so entrenched in their corruption and self-dealing that they didn’t see the Bernie Sanders campaign for modest reform as the savior it might have been. Instead they marched in lock step with a woman who was heartily disliked. Sanders went along as the sheep dog who led his flock straight over the cliff. The Democrats inadvertently galvanized people who had stopped participating in the system and who want change from top to bottom.

One of our biggest problems lies not in facts but in perceptions. What did Democrats do for black people? The Democrats ship living wage jobs off shore in corrupt trade deals like NAFTA and TTP. They don’t prosecute killer cops or raise the minimum wage. Trump will be hard pressed to deport more people than Obama did. The list of treachery is very long.

When Donald Trump asked black people, “What have you got to lose?” his words were met with derision. But in reality he posed a good question. What do we have to show for years of Democratic votes? Obama bailed out banks, insurance companies, Big Pharma and even Ukraine. But he didn’t rebuild Detroit or New Orleans. The water in Flint, Michigan is still poisoned and the prisons are still full.

“There may be opportunity in this crisis if we dare to seize it.”

The outpouring of love for Barack Obama was purely symbolic. In state after state, black people who gave him victory in 2008 and 2012 stayed home. They loved seeing him and his wife dressed up at state dinners but they were never fully engaged in politics because that is not what Democrats want. The love was phony and void of any political intent. Donald Trump will be president because of that veneer of political activism.

As for white people who voted for Trump, of course many of them are racists. However they are not without valid complaints. They don’t want neoliberalism but black people don’t either. They don’t want wars around the world and neither do black people. We corrupt our own heritage of radicalism in favor of shallow symbolism. While we slept walk in foolish nostalgia for Obama and cried at the thought of him leaving office, white people kept their hatred of Hillary to themselves or lied to pollsters. They want America to be great again, great for them. White nostalgic yearnings are dangerous for black people, and we must be vigilant. But there may be opportunity in this crisis if we dare to seize it.

Republicans have been the white people’s party for nearly 50 years. Trump just made it more obvious. He didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. We don’t have to be the losers in this election. Let us remember what we have achieved in our history. Half of black Americans didn’t even have the right to vote in the 1960s yet made earth shattering progress in a short time. But we must understand the source of that progress. It came from struggle and daring to create the crises that always bring about change.

“The dread of redneck celebration should not be our primary motivation right now.”

Yes white people will strut for president Trump but that doesn’t mean we must submit as if we are in the Jim Crow days of old. We have ourselves to rely on and we can reclaim our history of fighting for self-determination. The dread of redneck celebration should not be our primary motivation right now. Before we quake in fear at white America we must send the scoundrels packing.

The black politicians and the Democratic National Committee and the civil rights organizations that don’t help the masses must all be kicked to the proverbial curb. The rejection must be complete and blame must be laid squarely at their feet.

Those of us who voted for the green party ticket of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka must stand firmly and proudly for our choice. We must strategize on building a progressive party to replace the Democrats who never help us. We must applaud Julian Assange and Wikileaks for exposing their corruption. There should be no back tracking on the fight to build left wing political power.

“We must strategize on building a progressive party to replace the Democrats who never help us.”

The black people who didn’t return to the polls shouldn’t be blamed either. Those individuals must have personal introspection that is meaningful and political. Their lack of enthusiasm speaks to Democratic Party and black misleadership incompetence. We should refrain from personal blame and help one another in this process as we fight for justice and peace.

The end of the duopoly is the first step in liberation. Staying with a party that literally did nothing was a slow and agonizing death. Sometimes shock therapy is needed to improve one’s condition. If we don’t take the necessary steps to free ourselves this election outcome will be a disaster. Instead, why not bring the disaster to the people who made it happen? The destruction of the Democratic Party and creation of a truly progressive political movement is the only hope for black America.

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The DNC tried to SHOVE DOWN OUR THROATS the presumed *CORONATION* of *HILLARY* -- a woman who was anywhere from *disliked*, to *despised*, to *hated*, by many Republican, Democrat, independent, male *&* FEMALE voters for all the heavy political self-inflicted baggage that Hillary had *accumulated* -- and Hillary *ignoring* all the things she *shouldn't* have done -- that she *did* do -- for someone who *knew* she had presidential ambitions. Killary voters were anywhere from in it for patronage, to "practical", to resigned, to resentful (the Sandernistas who got screwed by the DNC), to downright holding their noses, or to just stay at *home*.







Yes..., *DUMP* THE DEMS!!

"Victory is ours if we dump the Democrat Party and their black misleaders."

So Killary Goes Down in Flames to the Orange-Haired Ogre

Some Thoughts:

Killary may actually win the National vote ala Gore in 2000!

Killary managed to lose MI, WI, & NH which had she won those she'd likely had won the Oval Office. So how did HRC lose such supposed solid 'Blue' 'Liberal' states [well Slick Willy's NAFTA didn't help her in MI NOR Ohio]??

Dim talking heads won't be able to blame GP Party's Jill Stein for Killary's loss ala Nader in 2000.

Already talking heads are citing the reason for Billary's loss was because Black voters turnout was less for her than for Obama [to be expected- Duhh!]. Note that it was Black voters, & to a lesser degree Hispanics, that helped Billary hold-off Bernie's insurgency, plus Blacks, Hispanics & Muslims were uniquely motivated to vote against Trumpster-Dumpster. 

Then there's Billary's most 'natural' demographic which she apparently failed to win [at-least decisively] & thus likely cost her the Oval Office: White Women. According to CNN Billary won all women voters by 54% to Trump's 42% [Trump won all men voters by 53% - 41%]. If you crunch the numbers by separating out Black & Hispanic women [which IMO combined she likely won by at-least 80%], this implies Billary barely got half [maybe even a bit less than 1/2] of white women's votes [& likely less than 30% of white men's votes]. I thought w her going against such a blatantly misogynistic sexist as is Trumpster-Dumpster, Billary would get at-least 60% - 65% [or even more] of white women's vote, & thus would have Won EASILY!! I'll double check these stats later, but if my election calculus holds- We can NOT let any Dim talking-head / shill blame low Black voter turnout [nor Jill Stein] for Billary's loss!! She lost because she split what should have been her most natural demographic base [white-women] whom she should have carried easily, w a blatantly bombastic boisterous sexist / disrespecter of women- PERIOD!!! Now 'Analysize That'!!!

Note CNN's dubious reasoning for Billary's loss: } 'There wasn't a strong enough Clinton coalition: the strong turnout from new Latino voters and support from college-educated women was nowhere near enough to match Trump's strength with white voters [including working-class & poor white women]. - Clinton was hurt by a downtick in African American turnout, which had helped Obama' [= trying to saddle Blacks for Billary's loss without mentioning she apparently split white-women voters 50-50 w Trump].

But her loss also reflected the reality for a Democratic Party that has drifted leftward [Huhh? WTF?] and relied more heavily on an urban base [= Black & Hispanic voters] in the Obama years [In other-words 'centrist' CNN says Dims should move even more to the 'right' & stop 'appealing' so / too much to Black & Hispanics, but rather more to so-called 'Blue Dog' Dims, Reagan Dims & outright Repug white voters]. {   

PS: I thought after the release of that Trumpster-Dumpster 'Pussy-Gate' Tape, the Repug 'Family Values' / Religious 'Right' crowd, might sit this one out rather than hold their noses & vote for philandering / 3Xs married Trump anyway. Well apparently I got that one wrong- which IMO shows just how unprincipled, hypocritical & phony much / most of this crowd really is.

FYI: Obama Also Got 54% - 55% of All Women's Vote in 2012_BUT...

Obama Got Just 44% of White Women's Vote in 2012. So Trumpster-Dumpster may very well have gotten OVER +50% of White Women's votes vs Billary [Huhh WTF?]!!

PS Note: This is the First POTUS election after the SCOTUS Court gutted the VRA, & there were over 800+ fewer polling places across the US this for election than in 2012. So again of-course there'd be a lower Black voter turnout for Billary in 2016, than for Obama in 2008 & 2012- Duhh!! 

It's Confirmed_At-Least 53% - 55% of White Women Voted for Trump

According to this article @ AlterNet [see @ ]- Just flip that vote around & Billary would have likely won, Kick it up to her winning at-least 60% of white-women's vote & Billary would have won handily.
- So what do DLC Dims have to say when a white woman Dim, can't even convince a majority of her own fellow white-women peers to vote for her vs a blatant sexist misogynist buffoonish empty-suit???

Those who got us *into* this mess will not get us *out* of it!

_ Except for Mitch Jeserich's question on his KPFA show about the DNC, I did not hear *any* *serious* review/"analysis" from any of today's guest -- Adele Stan, Rick Perlstein, & Bill Fletcher -- about Hillary's election loss. Which shows, that the Democrat elite/pundits who got us *into* this mess will *not* get us *out* of this mess. (The latter phrase, about the chronic thinking that gets us into a mess, is also adopting a lesser-known quote by Albert Einstein -- besides about the insanity of doing the same adverse thing over & over again [like "lesser-evilism" politics].)

First of all, Bill & Hillary Clinton ran on racial scapegoating in Bill's first run for the presidency. The Clintons successfully tried to 'Willie Hortonize' the university-educated, internationally-traveled, progressive Black *&* womanist, then rapper, Sister Souljah. Of course, Adele Stan didn't then & wouldn't today have anything to say about that! And Bill Fletcher had nothing to say, back then, about it either! Nor, I bet, did Rick Perlstein.

AND, back then, the Clintons said that the *ONLY* reason Black people were supporting & voting in the then primaries for Obama was because Obama was Black -- and that the idea of a *Black* president then -- as opposed to Hillary being the first woman president in her run -- was "sheer fantasy"!

Second, Adele Stan's constant mantra, "the impact of misogyny." That sounds like HIllary's constant campaign mantra about "Putin"! Hillary was such an awful choice of the DNC and the Democrap elite, that MANY women voters, Republican, Democrat, independents, progressives, leftists, younger, older, white, Black, Brown, & Asian, anywhere from seriously *disliked*, to *despised*, to *hated* Hillary Clinton. No women in my household voted for Hillary -- but here in California they *did* vote for Jill Stein.

*But*, Adele...: Bill & Hillary Clinton had invited Donald Trump -- the misogynist -- to their only daughter's/'child's' *wedding*!! Donald Trump was a Clinton family *friend*!! Trump's daughters were good friends with *Clinton's* daughter!

Then another guest today said that if Burnie had been the Democrat nominee, then the Republicans would have engaged in constant red-baiting. *GEE*, who engaged in constant quasi-red-baiting but Hillary Clinton *herself*!: "It's all *Putin's* fault!; Donald is buds with *Putin*!; Donald is *Putin's* 'Manchurian candidate'!; Forget what my emails expose about me, it's all *Putin* what done it."

Then we have the otherwise ostensible irony that Trump's foreign military and foreign economic policy is far to the left of *Killary's* -- but *Trump's* foreign and international economic policy is *ALSO* WHAT TRUMP'S SUPPORTERS VOTED FOR.

*Killary* is the 'NEOCON' WAR *HAWK* -- and Trump, at least by comparison, is the *DOVE*!!: *Killary* is pro-"regime change" that has left all those MIdeast countries almost totally *devasted*, collectively killed MILLIONS of people and created many MILLIOINS of abject refugees, and moreso created a vacuum for "*ISIS*"; *Killary* heartily laughed at the literally unspeakably savage murder of Qaddafi by the "democracy-loving" rebels who caught up with him; *Killary* wants to expand NATO to Russia's doorstep and massive more U.S. spending on NATO; *Trump* wants to cut *back* on NATO and so many U.S. military bases all over the world; *Killary* wants to restart the Cold War against *both* Russia *&* China, both nuclear powers; *Hillary* is the one who can't admit that the Iraq war was based on a *HUGE* lie; Tump wants to make *America* first, but Killary wanted to make *ISRAEL* first.

*Hillary* is pro-, so-called, "free trade". Trump is supposedly *anti*-"free trade". And then there's the ethically slippery/sleazy Clinton Foundation.

The DNC, & the Democrap party elites, & Democrap *pundits* -- for trying to shove the presumed *CORONATION* of Killary Clinton, such a highly flawed candidate, right down our throats -- and *SHEEPDOG* Burnie Sanders who corralled disaffected progressives & leftists right back to the Democrap party and, moreso, to Killary Clinton -- directly have the responsible for this loss right at their feet. Such people will still now only engage in political *platitudes*, *triteness*, & *excuses*. The DNC cared more about the *CORONATION* of a neoliberal corporatist warmonger, Killary Clinton, rather than nominating a candidate who could much more easily win against **Trump**!!

This also shows -- after many, many years of warnings by *true* progressives/leftists -- THE COMPLETE FAILURE of "lesser-evilism", so-called, "progressives", politics/"strategy" that finally "lesser-eviled" us right into Killary *&*, ultimately, Trump!

So, we see that the Democrap elite & pundits that got us into this mess do not have the intellectual talent to get us *out* of it. Sadly funny that it was supposed to be the *Republican* party that would be left in disarray -- but it's turned out to be the *DEMOCRAP* party.


Bill *&* Hillary Clinton had *calculatedly*, *purposely*, and *successfully* tried to 'Willie Hortonize' -- racially scapegoat & demonize -- A PROGRESSIVE *BLACK* *WOMANIST* -- then progressive political rapper SISTER SOULJAH -- whose career the Clinton's derailed -- and where was Gloria Steinem then(?) -- when Bill first ran for president. Hillary otherwise employing the "genetic Black super-predator" term. And *Hillary* verbally attacked women -- employing Bill's "nuts & sluts" offensive -- who claimed that either Bill sexually assaulted them or who claimed that Bill had a secret relationship with them. The Clinton's take money from extremist Muslim *ultra-fundamentalist* countries -- like Saudi Arabia & Kuwait -- that stone women, and won't even let women go out by themselves without a man watcher, or not covered head to toe, or marry whom they want, or be 13/14/15 and not forced to marry a guy they don't even know in his 30's or 40's or 50's, or have their own job, or drive a car -- and otherwise be possibly subject to "honor killings"! And, back then, the Clinton's were also saying that "The *ONLY* reason Black people were voting for Obama was because he was *Black*!"

Didn't vote Trump nor Hillary

Nope, voted Green Party all the way, though, at first, I had misgivings, due to voting lesser evils for so long. BUT then I recalled how when Obama was the choice, I knew he was the right choice, just as I did when I awoke from my vote past slumber momentarily, and chose Dr Stein and Ajamu(the man looks so stately),and did so,  purposely, with resolve, cuz these were the best choices, and when Obama began talking entitlements are on the table,then and more and more reasons to complain, but was told don't be such a 'purist,' only then did I regret voting, but GOP's out of the question, but oh, oops almost forgot Margaet Flowers, her, too.  I have been a long time registered Democrat, who thrilled at the first black President(me, white guy here)and thought, now, at least maybe black people won't have anything to complain about, he'll be a champion for Progressives, which means black people will get their reprieve,just hear his speeches. See, there'd be no Progressives without black people. If anyone knows about injustice, and how equal we are in fact, and also knows fairness, who even while being denied most are/were charitable and fair, it's black People.

Troy Davis execution pushed President over the cliff for me, cuz he could have pardoned the man, far too many saw the likelihood he was innocent, and I knew he was when he said maybe his death would help others down the road, about to die, and the man is thinking of others, not his salvation after death. Thing is, it takes knowing a few black people and being friends, to notice a magnanimous people, who after slavery tried forgiveness, love, appeasement, to fit in to normalise a life for themselves, the whole time laws made to deny them literacy, apprenticeships, even travel was taxed or outright denied, and banished in some cases. Black people have shown great restraint, and hopefully I have helped any and all facing injustice. Orphanages will often temper one's spirit ridding any racism heard through family ties, maybe some held by other kids, misguided ones just passing along what they were taught early on. It's easy to remove racism if you never were taught it. I know early my Mom use the N-word, but she would not likely harm anyone, it was just a word taught to her, granted I didn't know her so well, and memories were out cuz she'd been given so many ECT,electroconvulsive therapy teatments, she barely even remembered me,

 The media trips me out with

 The media trips me out with their shock, surprise, "How could the polls be so wrong" bullshit.  Wellllll, if you had conducted scientific polls instead of rigged ones you'd have known a Killary victory was no sure thing.  Polls dones by independent organizations (and reported on by indy media) have shown Trump either leading, even, or a couple of points behind Killary.  Mainstream media and many indy media were so obsessed with the "racist, white nationalist" Trump narrative that they failed to see the forest for the trees.  The GOP pissed off its working stiff base by trying to derail him despite fact he kept winning primaries.  Despite the 24/7 narrative of Trump as racist nationalist, the bulk of his speeches centered on the craptasitc economy.  Brokeassness "trumps" everything else for voters of all hues and for Republican voters, Trump was the only candidate continually harping on this issue.  Add to this the GOP working stiff base's dislike for all things Clinton and the Wikileaks revelations that did manage to make mainstream coverage or that people found out about on the internet and conditions were ripe for a massive turnout of the GOP "deplorables."  In addition, more than a few angry Sandernistas stayed home or voted Green.  Blacks didn't have a Messiah to drool over this time round so many of them stayed home too.  All these factors made a Trump victory not a surprise but a real possibility.