Why Our Black Political Class is Paralyzed and Silent on Gaza Massacres and Israeli Apartheid

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

How did the NAACP wrap up its national conference this weekend without saying a mumbling word about the genocidal bombing of Gaza? Why did Moral Monday's Rev. Barber appear on HBO's Real Time with notorious Islamaphobe Bill Maher and not speak to the morality of apartheid in Israel? Why are the black political class and the black church, invisible on the invasion of Gaza and the fact of Israeli ethnocracy in general?

Why Our Black Political Class is Paralyzed and Silent on Gaza Massacres and Israeli Apartheid

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Sometimes a silence can be the loudest sound in the room. The silence of our numerous and powerful US black political class, not just on the current massacres of civilians in Gaza but on the incontrovertible fact that Israel has become a full fledged racist ethnocracy is deafening.

As Israeli troops massed around Gaza this weekend, the NAACP wrapped up its 2014 annual convention in Las Vegas this weekend without a mumbling word of solidarity with bleeding Palestinians. Moral Monday's Rev. Barber was a guest on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher Sunday night as well, but could not spare a single breath to discuss the morality of occupation, house demolitions, or Israeli apartheid to his notoriously Islamaphobic host. Al Sharpton is on MSNBC nightly, and can't find time to cover the murderous assault on Gaza in any meaningful way. You don't hear so much as a peep from the Congressional Black Caucus or the National Urban League, the National Action Network, Rainbow PUSH, big time black pastors and business people or the rest of that crowd.

Our black political class of preachers, politicians, big time academics, pundits and aspirants have not been silenced by threats or fears of economic retailiation. Maybe you can say that about entertainers and athletes, but not our so-called leaders. People like black members of Congress, Al Sharpton and Rev. Barber are where they are because they don't need to be told what their masters require. What they fear is something deeper, something that threatens the very foundations of their careers and legitimacy.

Their legitimacy depends on the hollow pretense that their black faces in high places somehow constitute the continuation of the struggle of our people against racism, Jim Crow and injustice in general. We've all heard it summed up with phrases like “Rosa Parks sat and Dr. King walked, so Barack Obama could run...” The name for hollow pretenses like this, when selling the pretense is a serious project, is branding. Their problem is the frank, vicious racism of Israeli apartheid which the black political class feels obliged to support, at least as long as a black president does so as well, is a threat to the black political class's brand as tribunes of the oppressed.

For the most part, our black political class are not abject fools. They absolutely know that the Israeli state has become a full fledged ethnocracy, the 21st century's premiere apartheid state complete with Jewish-only roads and towns, frequent lynch mobs for Africans and Arabs, laws against recognizing mixed marriages, and completely different judicial systems, housing regulations, voting and property rights, depending on whether, as Max Blumenthal puts it, you've got J-positive blood. They know that for this and the last two Gaza invasions, Israeli civilians and grandmothers gathered on hillsides to eat ice cream, watch the fireworks of white phosphorus and shellfire, and cheer on the death of defenseless Palestinian civilians. They know the internet makes it trivially easy to find the words of prominent Israeli politicians in the Knesset and in government openly declaring that Palestinians ought to be moved or massacred, or justifying hundreds of atrocities from house demolitions and torture to acts of dispossession, mob and state terror. They know that more and more of their own constituents are learning these things every day.

Our black political class knows that Israel is, to paraphrase Noam Chomsky, America's landlocked aircraft carrier, weapons research test bed and nuclear armed military base in the middle of a couple hundred million brown people and a good fraction of the world's most easily accessible oil. They know that unwavering support for whatever Israel does is part of the bipartisan zombie consensus, something that ruling Republicans and Democrats agree on, like privatizations, charter schools and bailing out the banksters. And by now, black leadership is deep in the slavish habit not just of agreeing with whatever the White House says, but of not speaking at all on policy matters till after the will of the Great Man and his administration have been made clear.

If Bush and Cheney were still in the White House, some of the bravest among them might speak out just a little to remind us that Palestinians are human too. They might even say that occupation and dispossession are the real crimes. But a member of their own class, a black politician is in the Oval Office, a president who openly insulted and humiliated Muslim Americans at a White House Iftar dinner only last week. They don't need to be silenced, they silence themselves, not out of fear but out of craven opportunism.

Still, daily occurrences like the shelling of 10 and 11 year old boys on a beach kicking a soccer ball make open support of Israel difficult more difficult for them than it used to be. So they do nothing, and they say nothing. Nothing on Al Sharpton's show. Nothing in their Moral Monday communiques and marches. Nothing from the Urban League, nothing from the black church, which is pretty much an appendage of the black political class these days. Apart from Cornel West, the sole recognizable black figure to a national TV audience, not a black face in a prominent face, not one, has stood up for the humanity of Palestinians and denounced the crimes of dispossession, occupation and invasion. To a man and a woman, it seems the rest of our glittering black leaders hope the stench of white phosphorus and genocide won't stick to them and tarnish their precious brand, even as they support it with their silence.

There was a time, to hear them tell it at least, when our black political class opposed apartheid. That was here, and in South Africa. As US Palestinian activist Ali Abunimah, the editor at Electrnic Intifada reminds us

...Throughout the 1970s and 80s, when black Americans were leading the struggle against apartheid in this country, when they were the conscience of this country in terms of putting apartheid South Africa on the American political agenda, Israel was one of the key supporters of apartheid South Africa. Israel is the country that systematically violated the international arms embargo on South Africa. The weapons used to beat and kill black demonstrators and freedom fighters in South African townships were made in Israel, right down to the water cannon used in the townships... the fighter jets, the gunboats, all the heavy armament of the South African military used were in large part supplied by Israel.

It's less well known, there is less hard evidence about it, although some information is in the public domain regarding Israeili-South African cooperation in their nuclear weapons programs.”

Evidently apartheid and ethnocracy in back-in-the-day South Africa were bad things, but in today's Israel not so much. Our black political class has long forgotten a couple things called international solidarity and empathy, without which we are, well, a lot less human.

When our people were struggling against Jim Crow and US apartheid fifty years ago, those suffering under colonialism in Asia and Africa looked to us for their inspiration. African governments, Cuba, and China too welcomed, educated and sheltered Malcolm X, Kwame Toure, and many others when they toured the African continent and the world.

When the Vietnamese were under savage attack they used to call to US black soldiers in the night to ask and remind them, "Black man why are you here? Your fight is at home." It was their official policy until 66 or 67 to spare black soldiers they could have killed in close encounters when possible. Those brothers came back to inform youngsters like me who would have been drafted the next year so we could help organize in our black communities against the imperial war.

When a nuclear armed South Africa invaded Angola repeatedly in the 70s and 80s, Cuba sent 60,000 troops, the majority of them of African descent and its entire air force to fight across the Atlantic to fight, and turned the South Africans around.

In the global struggles against colonialism, capitalism, and injustice we are all inextricably connected. We're all obligated to carry a bit of each other's burden, to stand up for each other when required. It's a tradition. It's international solidarity. That's how this thing works.

But our black misleadership class are not players. They are being played and playing themselves.

Bruce A. Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report and a member of the state committee of the GA Green Party. Contact him via this site's contact page, or at bruce.dixon(at)blackagendareport.com.



Beautiful post. Solidarity is essential.

For every misleadershipper

For every misleadershipper whose silence or propaganda spew on Gaza is designed not to piss off the Zionist Satan Israeli lobby, there is another one or two who are as ignorant of the subject as the average sheeple on the street.  Maybe a few megachurches, for example, but the majority of black preachers couldn't hold an intelligent conversation about the Israel-Palestine issue (or any situation in Africa) if their lives depended on it.  Same goes for many politicians and pundits.   Even back in the days of opposing apartheid in S. Africa, this wasn't an issue on the minds of 99% of U.S. blacks, including many misleadershippers.  So many people, regardless of race, don't care about world happenings.  If it's not in their backyard, they don't give much if any of a hoot.  Such apathy is fueled by an education system that does a piss poor job of enlightening students on world matters and a media that keeps the masses distracted, uninformed, and entertained.

There's no Black Leadership.

There's no Black Leadership. All are nothing but mere puppets that talk loudly about nothing.Many have allowed the money that they receive under the table to silence them but Obama also has these coons in line too.Too many Blacks have allowed themselves to be used and reused again and again by these supposed leaders.Since Obama was selected,the coonery has been off the meter.He's nothing but a major puppet for The Illuminati and Blacks with blinders on just fall at his feet and that worship has set our race back decades. These Black politicians like most politicians are just in office because it's just a job for them,they care not about serving the people that voted them in office. Black Democrats need to take a very long look at how do Blacks benefit from that party because from what I can see,Blacks are used only for votes.Once Democrats are voted in,Blacks are tossed aside so they can serve the agendas of everyone in that party except Blacks.More importantly Blacks that think this is fine need to ascertain why "they think it's okay for Blacks to be treated as an afterthought by Obama and The Democrats.

failure of black leadership in America

Perfect Peace,

I agree 100% with your statement of the failure of Black Leadership. As King David says in the Psalms: Woe to the shepherd who scatters  my sheep... It is a travesty, and a fulfillment of prophecy to see the literal decomposition of pseudo black political leadership and their many psychophants... From mulsti-national corporation support (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Sr., Congressional Black Caucus) to the zombie priests/preachers of the religious denominations which scatter the blackcommunity landscape... While we have legitimate leaders such the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam in the Wilderness of North America, the corporate media which is run by the Jewish/Israel Lobby controls the information which black Americans see,hear,or interface with on internet... While our challenge to save our communities must be a part of the Biblical Prophecy of Isaiah when the Lord, God of Israel commands us to Rebuild the Wasted Cities (of Black America)... We have the financial resources, however, we may NOT have the WILL, and we certainly don't have the Agenda...Unless we wholeheartedly embrace the 3 Year Economic Blueprint of the Nation of Islam under the guidance, and Leadership of The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan, God's man on the scene in the midst of the Judgement of the Power of White Supremacy and White Privilege here in America...Question: When will we Learn from History and current events?


open letter to NAACP about Israel's crimes against humanity

Open letter to the NAACP regarding Israel's crimes against humanity,

How are you not like the people of yesterday who said not a word of protest against the atrocities committed against black people during the height of the KKK?

A simple question for us all to consider about all the people who still celebrate "our nation's first black president" as he continues to defacate all over everything Martin Luther King Jr stood for.

...I think I'll post an email to the NAACP right now along with a link to this article, as well as that article about the Israeli professor advising that Palestinian women should all be raped.

Cash Bought Coons. That is

Cash Bought Coons. That is all. And maybe they know that all of this is soon coming to a US city near you. What we see today in apartheid israel is a 'test' & what is planned for Detroit, NYC, Atlanta, etc. in the near future once there is an economic collapse.

Direct & Hard hitting!

Thanks to BAR for this pulling up of the black leadership - really we should spare no community leaders, esp. from the disenfranchised segments when they refuse to come out against injustices elsewhere...co-opted as they are...


Obama's aiding and abetting the fascist Nazi Kiev regime in their ongoing war crimes  in the eastern part of Ukraine makes him a war criminal. It is unbelievable that he would embrace admitted fascists.

Why? He was put into office

Why? He was put into office by fascists. This is my take on recent history: there are certain tiny factions of monied 'beings' who operate behind the scenes. We don't know their names and probably have never seen their faces but you can bet that 99.9% of them belong to the white male demographic. These beings make money off constant war, death and destruction. This is their identity. If the world were peaceful and egalitarian; they would probably blow their brains out from boredom. The clear signs of sociopathy are all around us. I also believe that they change names and identities like others change underwear: when it's convenient at any given time they identify as fascists, imperialists, capitalists, jewish, protestants, democrats, republicans, liberals, conservatives, communists, socialists--it doesn't matter what you call them; what matters most and what we need to pay more attention to is their consistent behavior thru the millenia. It's always evident if you look for it. I believe the so-called Nazis were assembled and financed by these same entities who also 'created' US capitalists & Russian communists. After their 'grand caper' during WWII, like most criminals invariably do after a big job and in an effort to escape justice--they split up and went their separate ways. Some went to Russia, some were given citizenship here via Operation Paperclip, some went to S. America, others posted up in Africa & of course, others ended up in Israel. All of these places operate under the 'control' and rubric of maintaining white supremacy and world domination of non-whites. Doesn't this country, in the last 12 or so years, seem to be repeating EXACTLY what Hitler attempted to implement but ultimately failed? And take another look at Israel. Acting in the EXACT same manner as the same people who supposedly murdered over 6 million of them. But if it's the SAME entities controlling/financing all of this behind the scenes & their ultimate aim is always to maintain white dominion and control over the planet & it's resources--- then it makes sense. We know that the current Israelis are 8th century converts to Judaism. Their cultural misappropriation & biblical claims to Israel & being 'God's chosen people' are bogus and only fly with those suffering from historical amnesia &/or ignorance. And most Jews aren't even practicing. It's a cover. I believe what we are witnessing globally right now, is white supremacist ideologists' do-over. They dispersed, regrouped and are back for another bat at what they didn't get to finish almost 100 years ago. We've seen this movie before. This time around though, Black people don't have any excuse for quietly and meekly convening for those 'communal showers' with no running water.


I almost walked out of church a few Sundays ago when my pastor who I knew regularly preached from the white taught theology said from the pulpit that no matter what happened we could never turn our back on or go against Isreal because they are gods chosen people.  I think that is the main reason for black apathy on this most are brainwashed by euro Christianity teachings that the Jews in Isreal are the chosen people and if they lose that will be the end days.  And all the rest of the hocus pocus they were taught.

They are being played and playing themselves

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