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The White Right’s Impunity

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    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    If a thousand armed Blacks had gathered in one place, pointing rifles at federal officers, and two of them later cold-bloodedly assassinated policemen, the federal response would touch every Black neighborhood in America. But the armed white Right gets a pass. Racists are resources to those in power. “The national security state’s legitimacy is based on (white) mass fear and loathing of the Other.”


    The White Right’s Impunity

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    The racist ‘underground’ functions largely in plain view.”

    The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) keeps a running tab of armed rightwing domestic “plots and conspiracies” since April, 1995, when Timothy McVeigh and his associates blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people. The attack soiled the reputations of grassroots fascists throughout the American “heartland” and prompted the U.S. Justice Department to announce formation of a “special unit” to, ostensibly, track and disrupt rightwing militants. Over the next several years, the feds busted a number of individuals involved in armed operations. Press coverage revealed that the racist “underground” functions largely in plain view, and that government operatives are all but a permanent presence in their ranks (just as FBI informant Gary Rowe was in the Ku Klux Klan car – and maybe on the trigger – when civil rights volunteer Viola Liuzzo was murdered on an Alabama highway in 1965). The whole pretense came to a halt on the morning of September 11, 2001, when the last scheduled meeting of the Justice Department unit was cancelled, for obvious reasons.

    In 2009, Department of Homeland Security analyst Darryl Johnson wrote a report urging his superiors to pay more attention to “rightwing extremism.” At the time, DHS assigned eight people to track “non-Islamic” domestic extremism. Johnson thought the job required 12 people. Instead, his unit was dismantled by Obama’s newly-appointed DHS secretary Janet Napolitano, with only one analyst remaining, according to

    The unit was ‘revived’ just two weeks ago, part of Attorney General Eric Holder’s flurry of cosmetic Obama legacy-building initiatives. Holder’s announcement was vaguely worded, so as not to create a firestorm on the Right. The unit would go after “'lone wolf'-style actors aimed to harm our nation,'' and would focus on anti-government plots and racist violence. Days later, husband and wife Jerad and Amanda Miller, who earlier this year had been among an army of fascists gathered in defense of racist rancher Cliven Bundy, shot two Las Vegas cops in the head and killed a bystander at a Wal-Mart. After declaring, “This is the start of a revolution,” they committed suicide.

    The FBI’s war has always been against Blacks, radicals, and now Muslims.”

    Southern Poverty Law Center senior fellow Mark Potok told Democracy Now! he thinks “the movement is at least a bit on fire at the moment” – meaning, the armed, racist Right is on a roll. In thousands of churches, barber shops and hair salons, African Americans wonder aloud if the Black President and his Black top law enforcement officer are going to crack down on the neo-Klan uprising.

    The answer, of course, is No, not a chance. The FBI’s war has always been against Blacks, radicals, and now Muslims – ideally, Black Muslims. The national security state’s legitimacy is based on (white) mass fear and loathing of the Other, in whose pursuit all civil liberties are extraneous. Such dark energies are not conjured out of thin air, but mined from the deep reservoirs of America’s racial history. Hate sits like a thermal resource to be tapped and redirected at the whim of those in power. The U.S. national security state needs the ferocious hatreds of the Bundys and Millers – and the McVeighs – to sustain a planetary War-Against-All, a war that, on its own premises, must end with annihilation of the Other.

    Who do you think is manning Obama’s Killer Elite Special Ops legions in Asia and Africa? What kind of domestic law and order troops will be necessary to contain a largely Black and brown America to which the rulers offer absolutely nothing, but who must be made the scapegoats for social collapse?

    That’s why the FBI puts a bounty on the head of sister Assata Shakur, living peacefully in Cuba, while allowing white racists to point high-powered rifles at the heads of federal officers in rural Nevada. Two of those fascists later put bullets in the brains of policemen in Las Vegas, but there will be no general crackdown on the Millers’ comrades in arms, no assassinations of Cliven Bundys in their sleep, no great Gulag of lifetime solitary confinement for white militiamen.

    The Empire needs them. It always has.

    BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at



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    White Right's Impunity

    'The U.S. national security state needs the ferocious hatreds of the Bundys and Millers – and the McVeighs – to sustain a planetary War-Against-All, a war that, on its own premises, must end with annihilation of the Other.'

    --The irony is that the worldwide system feeds off of blacks and the African diaspora--the so called west wouldn't be anything without the stolen labor and wealth they have acquired thru global apartheid. They are like a cancerous parasite that NEEDS blacks in more ways than though on surface, the  policies may seem to point to our targeted extinction, I believe those in the know, realize our importance to their own survival. A parasite always needs a host, not the other way around. In current world events, follow the parasite, don't watch the current host (the US & the West)...the parasite has decided that the US has been sucked dry and BRICS is next...but if you look at the social order in all of these countries, it's the same hierarchal apartheid and racial caste systems that are endemic in any country tainted by so'called 'western values (ie white supremacist or racist at it's core). And these governements are also all owned by the same criminal bank cartels that run all of the 'west' now. The New World Order is just more of the same. Same stage, same script, with new actors. I do believe the US has been set up for an unceremonious fall..but I can't say that I will shed a tear. The only concern I have is Black people but I know ultimately we will be fine. We always are.

    Compare Mr & Ms Miller's link to Clive {the Jive} Bundy to:

    What happened to Fred Hampton

    So here's millionaire rancher moocher off of & abuser of Gov't WELFARE [yet hero of the FOX Noise 'Good Ole Boy' 'spin' machine] Clive {the Jive} Bundy, who rounds up 10s or even 100s of his fellow 'Good Ole Boys' w rifles to make Federal marshals back-down from their duty to serve him w papers for $1,000,000 owed the Gov't for illegally gazing his cattle on federal lands for at-least 2 decades. Then 2 of those linked to Bundy's draw-down on federal marshals, just killed 2 Las Vegas cops in cold-blood along w a civilian- in an obvious politically motivated act of white terrorism [but the lame-stream media will never call it that]! Yet the Feds still ain't raided nor even arrested Clive {the Jive} Bundy!

    Compare this to the COINTELPRO sanctioned assassination raid of Fred Hampton [executed by a lethal combo of Gay Edgar Hoover's FBI, Rich {the Boss} Daley Sr's CPD, & the Cook County Sherrif's Dept]- where among several other things their motive behind killing Fred Hampton, was an incident a couple of months before where Chicago Cops had a shoot-out w some [alleged] Black Panthers on Chicago's SE side [they murdered Bro Fred on Chicago's west-side]. No one could even show that Bro Fred was involved in any way w this shoot-out that left at-least 1 [or perhaps 2] Chicago cops dead- although as head of the BBP's Chicago Chapter, I'm sure they held him responsible & wanted some 'pay-back'. So on Dec 4 1969 in the wee pre-dawn hour of 4 am, the CPD in combo w the FBI FEDs raided Bro Fred's apt  & executed him while he was sound asleep! - But hey near the end of 2012 in FL [the very same yr & place that KILLER Z & Mike Dunn gunned-down Trayvon & Jordan Davis & FL DA Ms Angela Corey sentenced Sis Marissa Alexander to 20yrs for NOT shooting her abusive husband in her own home], FL cops gunned-down yet another unarmed Black youth, apparently cause they thought he may have been, but couldn't prove, in on the killing of a retired police DOG [as in K-9]!!!   

    Elliot Rodger [ER] makes a video that he emails to his parents & psychiatrist [just a couple of weeks before his murderous rampage], that was so troubling that they called the cops to check on him. But the cops allowed ER to slick-talk them by acting nice & polite, to the point they did NOT even bother to actually view the video that so troubled his parents & shrink, let alone bothered asking ER if he had any guns. This sounds too damned much like Jeffery Dahmer who, when 2 Black women alerted the cops that he was chasing a young butt-naked SE.Asian boy [one of his 16 yr-old victims] who was obviously very hurt & frightened, the cops reaction was to allow Dahmer to sweet-talk them into NOT rescuing his child-victim NOR arresting him, by spinning a 'tale' of a so-called 'lovers quarrel'. 

    This is what white [male] privilege looks like, along w its potentially deadly consequences- though the FEDs are fully capable of vamping on whites from time-to-time, should they see a need to- ala Kent St, Ruby Ridge, Wacko & even the Occupy Wall St movement.

    A Slightly Different Take on the Elliot Rodger [ER] Case:

    IMO its amazing how some [white] folks so often seem to miss the point due to their myopic views & take on a subject. An important article @ Mother Jones ['Police Report From the Incident That Spurred Elliot Rodger to Mount His Killing Spree: Did the Santa Barbara police miss an opportunity to stop his rampage?' - see ]- Explained how the cops even w a heads-up from ER's parents & shrink- still managed to drop the ball, even though ER showed-up on their radar just a few months earlier. All ER had to do was talk nice & polite & remain calm & cool & give some BS story to explain away what his video rant was [NOT really] ALL about- which the cops never bothered to even view for themselves, let alone ask him or his parents if he owned any guns. 

    Note that the word 'police' was used 22Xs in this story along w 'sheriff' [6Xs] & 'deputies' [5Xs - for a total of 33Xs]. Yet out of 200 comments the one w the most up-votes speculated about whether Rodger was a repressed 'homo-sexual / gay' [that word combo was used a total of 85Xs in the comments section - Yet NOT Even ONCE in the Article]. 'Police' was used 9Xs out of 200 comments & 'Cops' 13Xs [7 of those were used by me], w sheriff being used once by a commentor. So beside myself only 2 or 3 other commentors seemed to get that the real point of the article was how the cops blew their chance to stop ER from subsequently massacring 6 people!    


    More on how the cops also dropped the ball on Dahmer, even though they had Dahmer in the act of prepping to kill his 14 YR Old Loatian victim [whose brother Dahmer raped just a few yrs earlier]- The more you read about it, the more Pissed you get! The 3 Black women that reported Dahmer to the police, urged those cops to take the 14 yr old boy into protective custody [cause he was obviously butt-naked, dazed & confused, & bleeding from his anus]- to which those cops responded: 'Butt-Out & Shut the Hell Up.., This is Domestic' [VIOLENCE]!!! We know if Dahmer had been Black or Dark Latino & his 14 yr victim & those 3 women witnesses white, those cops would have been all over Dahmer's ass like white on rice!!! But out of all the infamous cases of the 1990s, the one most white folks are still trippin about is the OJ case!

    don't forget

    The white female is very much a part of white [male&gal] privilege. Must be sweet to be a white gal in this society and tacitly or overtly support or take part in the machinery of u.s. terrorism, torture, oppression either stateside or abroad (e.g., hilly clinton, maddie albright, the jury gals who acquitted cops stacy koon & co. in the vicious attack on brother Rodney King, the recent jury gals, judge, & sorry-ass prosecutor who acquitted GZ, and all the u.s. army gals who help torture innocent Iraqi men during the occupation of Iraq) and NOT be called out & vilified for such actions.




    Hear where you're coming from & Made Comments About it

    Several times here @ BAR & other sites. 

    You can check out my recent comment to BAR's recent article on Elliot Rodger: the 'White Guy Killer Sydrome'- re: how many lame-stream [white] feminists wanted to make ER's murderous act only about misogymy even though 4 of 6 people he killed were men, & his 3 Asian male roommates were the ones he killed most gruesomely [almost torture-like?] w a knife.

    Ditto re: how a white woman DA Ms Angela Corey [who refuse to acknowledge Sis Marissa Alexander's right to stand her ground even in her own home & even though she shot NO-ONE- yet gave her 20 yrs & now wants to try to kick it up to 60yrs] in combo w a white woman judge & mainly white woman jury effectively dissed Trayvon's Black mom & Black girl-friend [Ms Rachel Jeantel] & let KILLER Z walk scott-free. Don't know how many lame-stream [white] feminists cried 'misogyny' when just a few months later KILLER Z threatened his white {ex?}Wife w the very same gun he used to gun Trayvon down w, & then as a 'follow-up' threatened his [white?] pregnant girl-friend w a shot-gun???

    DN! is guilty of same crap

    Amy on DN! has been doing this mess of making a big deal when females are victims of civilian or state/military violence by explicitly citing female victims in a given violent act; however, male victims get no special citation---they're referred to as prisoners, detainees, bystanders, workers, & any other gender-neutral descriptors. Why is this? Does DN! (& other news outlets) think listeners would be indifferent if told that the victims of a u.s. drone strike or black-hating arab Libyan lynch mobs were men and boys? Innocent people victimized by aggression/violence of any sort shouldn't be ranked! Ranking one group's pain & suffering over that of another group is disgusting. It's chic & fashionable to openly discuss how beleaguered & exploited women (i.e., white gals) are, but say the same regarding blacks, native americans, & latinos (who've suffered way more violence & terror than white females) and folks (nonwhite & white alike) get uncomfortable or downright irked. I hate duplicity and the double standard.




    Et tu, Black Agenda Report?

    Why is Black Agenda Report taking their thinking cues from the corporate media, and feeding into the race-baiting on the Cliven Bundy issue? 

    There is alot of misinformation in this article (as well as another BAR article on Bundy by Kimberly), that I insist must be fact checked a little further by BAR! Please, would the editors of BAR take a good look at the information on Cliven Bundy from these articles, currently being censored by corporate media:


    - (and -a frank discussion about "public" land)

    - (and )

    Please would BAR writers also take a more indepth look into Obama's BLM, as site has already done? (just type "BLM" in their search engine -and you'll understand my concerns about the Cliven Bundy issue!)


    Kathleen Murphy

    Race Baiting?

    Sorry, Kathy, no bait necessary there.  Bundy throws himself into the boat.  If he were anything but white and right, he'd have been dead for years by now.

    Your Concerns About the Bureau of Land Management

    Are utter crap.

    Your first link is a 404 Not Found.

    Your second link contains the same kind of racist, libertarian, Alex Jones/Glenn Beck nonsense that is 4 decades old and counting.  Also, nowhere in the activist post links is any actual evidence that what Cliven Bundy did is NOT a crime.

    Third, it is always interesting when those who aren't Black somehow find ways to involve Black people into the conversation.  Bundy's comments about slavery were unsolicited, first of all.  Secondly, upon his utterance of said comments and their subsequent blow-up, the damage control Bundy and his supporters turn to is a "token" to say that he is not racist, despite what Cliven Bundy himself has said.

    Fourth, one of the best ways to find out what kind of site you are dealing with is to peruse.  So, in perusing Activist Post, you find that this site is one that deals in the "One World Government that is Looking to Destroy (White) American Freedom" mold.  Where ALL murders are secretly X-Files Government Plots or Sinister Conspiracies.

    Case in point:  The State of Georgia, like all states has an Unclaimed Property Statute.

    Activist Post Writes This:

    Which was Sourced to This:

    Neither site, of course, bothers you with the actual laws that they refer to while they fear-monger you with their Reagan-era Government is Evil Mantra.

    I, on the other hand, do:

    I highlighted this particular section because ALL States have similar provisions regarding the custodial transfer of said property.  It is not simply a "12 months and the Government Takes ALL Your Money" grab.  In cases where there is no activity after the specified period (because it different between accounts, money policies, safe deposit boxes, and the like), the bank in which you have the account contacts you.  If you respond back, there is no issue.  If you don't the process goes further down the road.  If the state has your "unclaimed" money and you produce documentative "proof" that the money is yours, the state gives it back - along with any accrued interest.

    Always beware of sites that fear-monger.  Also, beware of sites that espouse Patriotism.  Because the Conspiracies that these sites espouse are always barking up the wrong side of the tree, because they don't exist in the manner that they say do.

    re mcveigh, not liuzzo

    new to the list and i clicked the wrong point...mine concerns the use of the southern poverty law center, which may sometimes provide legitimate information - the way fox or the nytimes do? - but is a hustler group that makes a great living finding nazis, jew haters and racists everywhere and capitalism nowhere..more important, lumping mcveigh into a simplistic right wing bag misses the real story of a guy who fought in iraq and killed there and then became a critic of that war, what he had done, and what this nation did...he was driven to the right very possibly becuase there is no left in america for someone from his background and he committed his terrible crime because of what happened at waco, which drove him over the  edge...simple dismissal of people like him to some right wing garbage dump that too many leftists accept as reality will only assure that more like him will happen because too many like us don't give a shit for anyone not a member of our particular pc-identity-wing that assures we remain lots of minorities...just what our rulers want? yep.

    Oh, now you wanna sing kumbaya and unite?

    I get tired of whites, who have benefited for centuries off a system built and predicated on the wholesale and systemic oppresssion of blacks in particular..who now realize that the system doesn't give a damn about them either--& want to sing 'we shall overcome' and join hands in solidarity. Nice try. As long as your 'privilege' was assured in your mind, then your type has always happily (with few exceptions) gone along with the program. And even now, most whites like yourself, don't see a problem with the total just believe it needs some tweaking..ostensibly..for things to go back to how it was when you still had some privilege and the other (US) were the only ones suffering under the jackboot of the system. I say this whole system needs to be completely destroyed. You cannot reform evil.  I won't shed a tear. As Malcolm intimated best: I'm wishing for a strong wind. Let this MF burn. Black people will always be alright, no matter the circumstances or the place.