White Guy Killer Syndrome

by Brittney Cooper

The Santa Barbara killer believed the world had to pay for cheating him out of his rightful entitlements. “We cannot understand Elliot Rodger’s clear mental health issues and view of himself as the supremely forsaken victim here outside a context of racism, white supremacy and patriarchy.” U.S. society needs to face up to the lethal truth about white male privilege – as a mental health issue.”


White Guy Killer Syndrome

by Brittney Cooper

This article originally appeared in Salon.com.

Black men are not rolling onto college campuses and into movie theaters on a regular basis to shoot large numbers of people.”

Welp. Another young white guy has decided that his disillusionment with his life should become somebody else’s problem. On Saturday, 22-year-old Elliot Rodger (who, as many commenters have pointed out, had a white father and mother of Asian descent) went on a killing spree on the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara, murdering his three roommates, shooting women outside a sorority house, and hitting people with his car as he attempted to get away from police.

How many times must troubled young white men engage in these terroristic acts that make public space unsafe for everyone before we admit that white male privilege kills? While Mark Cuban is busy crossing the street at any sign of a black male in a hoodie, or clutching his wallet a bit tighter at the sign of a tatted-up white guy, he may find a bullet whizzing by his head from a young, clean-cut white man, child of a Hollywood film director, upset that he does not have a certain level of clout and status with the ladies.

The idea that it is young black men or working-class white men (which is partially what I think Cuban’s invocation of tattoos attempts to encode) who make public space dangerous is belied by the fact that the problems of urban violence, which disproportionately involve young men of color, largely happen on residential terrain. Black men are not rolling onto college campuses and into movie theaters on a regular basis to shoot large numbers of people. Usually, the young men who do that are white, male, heterosexual and middle-class.

His anger is about his failure to be able to access all the markers of white male heterosexual middle-class privilege.”

And make no mistake: From my standpoint as an armchair therapist — having read transcripts of Rodger’s videos —  his anger is about his failure to be able to access all the markers of white male heterosexual middle-class privilege. He goes on and on about his status as a virgin, his inability to find a date since middle school, his anger and resentment about being rejected by blond, sorority women. In fact, he claims he will “slaughter every single spoiled, stuck-up, blond slut I see.” As Jessica Valenti so thoroughly demonstrates [3]: “misogyny kills.” I am struck by the extent to which Rodger believed he was entitled to have what he deemed the prettiest girls, he was entitled to women’s bodies, and when society denied him these “entitlements” he thought it should become the public’s problem. He thought that his happiness was worth the slaughter of multiple people.

This sense of heterosexual white male entitlement to a world that grants all one’s wishes, and this destructive murderous anger that attends the ostensible denial of these wishes, is at the emotional core of white supremacy. Elliot Rodger was a late bloomer, which while socially inconvenient and embarrassing, is neither uncommon nor a problem. But because we don’t have a fundamentally honest societal conversation happening about white male privilege, rooted as it is in sexism and racism, we can’t even observe one of the most basic truths here: What Rodger perceived as a denial was at the very worst a delay. Our society is fundamentally premised on making sure that straight, middle-class (upper class in Rodger’s case) white men have access to power, money and women.

And while we have no problem from President Obama, down to Paul Ryan, down to the preacher in the pulpit talking about pathological black masculinity, we seem wholly uninterested in talking about pathological white masculinity, which continues to assert itself in the most dangerous and deadly of ways.

Our society is fundamentally premised on making sure that straight, middle-class (upper class in Rodger’s case) white men have access to power, money and women.”

In this regard, the rage at the core of Rodger’s horrific acts is not unlike the kind of middle-class, heterosexual, white male rage that drives much of social policy in this country. In the era of Barack Obama, we have endured a mass temper tantrum from white men that includes a mind-boggling war on women, with an unprecedented rollback of the gains of the women’s rights movement, and an attempt to decimate whole communities of color, which are disproportionately poor, through school privatization, mass incarceration (which began long before the Obama era) and the gutting of the social safety net.

I’m not calling these guys mass murderers. Of that I want to be clear. But I am saying that we cannot understand Elliot Rodger’s clear mental health issues and view of himself as the supremely forsaken victim here outside a context of racism, white supremacy and patriarchy. I’m also saying that white male privilege might be considered a mental health issue, because it allows these dudes to move through the world believing that their happiness, pleasure and well-being matters more than the death and suffering of others.

This is madness.

But it is neither singular, nor anomalous. Every few years, the American public has to watch in horror as some white kid goes on a rampage, killing everything from babies to old people. Yet, neither the press nor the law will understand such perpetrators as monsters or terrorists. Few will have a conversation about white male pathology and the ways that systems of whiteness and patriarchy continue to produce white men who think like this.

A black or brown man would have been violently hauled into a jail and locked up at the first sign of such machinations.”

What is even more infuriating about this tragedy is that it could have been prevented. Rodger had been posting strange YouTube videos of himself talking about killing people over the last several weeks, so much so that his family was reportedly disturbed enough to call the police and have them come do a welfare check [4]. But “officers concluded that he was ‘polite, courteous,’” and downplayed any difficulties.

In the manifesto he released he said he was relieved that officers did not push the matter further because they would have found his weapons.

Can I go ahead and scream yet? A black or brown man would have been violently hauled into a jail and locked up at the first sign of such machinations. His property rights would have been thoroughly violated, and no matter how “polite” and “courteous” he might have been with officers, no reports would have reflected such language.

These coded terms mean that these officers were incapable of seeing this clearly troubled young white man as a threat. How many mass killings must it take to recognize that white male entitlement is potentially deadly? How many YouTube videos must one post outlining an attempt to do harm before it is taken seriously?

As yet another community attempts to make sense of this tragedy, to put itself back together again after this needless, senseless path of destruction that Elliot Rodger has wrought, I’m reminded of something my dad says: “These are funerals we didn’t have to have.” But as long as America refuses to deal with its white male privilege problem we will continue to have them.

Brittney Cooper is a contributing writer at Salon. Follow her on Twitter at@professorcrunk.



RE: Lame-stream [white] Feminists' Spin on Rodger's Mass Killing

I Listened yesterday to DN!'s take [= spin] on this killer Rodgers. From their guest Rebecca Solnit, you'd think this Rodgers guy only killed [white] women, when in fact 4 out of the 6 people he killed were MEN [of color], including 3 Asians & 1 Hispanic. 
Here's an excerpt from the DN!:} REBECCA SOLNIT: There’s this incredibly annoying phrase, "not all men," that comes up all the time. You say 3 women a day are murdered by male partners, and so often some guy will say, "Not all men." An angry feminist said to me, "What do they want? A cookie for not raping, beating and murdering?" "We know it’s not all men, but we need to talk about the fact that it is all women. We know not all men are rapists and murderers, are not abusers and misogynists, but all women are impacted by the men who are."

Yet it was NOT 'All [white] Women' this Rodger joker targeted & killed. 4 out of the 6 people he murdered were men of color- uhm don't they count as his victims too? FYI: The 2 [white] women Rodger killed were apparently random targets [not intimate partners], but the 3 Asian men he killed were his room-mates! 
So yes this 'Poor Little Rich Kid' / Murdering Fool said some real awful stuff about taking retribution against [white] women, but he also made some really awfully racist rants against Black, Hispanic & even Asian ['ironically' Rodger's mom is Asian] men, who he felt had NO right to be w white women [& thus was insanely jealous of] cause he felt rejected & dejected by white women! Yet for Amy G's DN! guest Ms Solnit, deranged Roder's murderous act was only about mysogyny- which she implies most / all men are guilty of at-least aiding & abetting!  [FYI: for one of the best takes I've seen on just how whack / jacked-up this 'Poor Little Rich Kid' Rodgers really was see @ http://qz.com/213553/what-isla-vista-shooter-horrific-manifesto-my-twisted-world-says-about-values/ ]

} Most [white] 'Liberal-Progressive' [ala DN!, CD, etc] will rant on & on about the 'Usual type Suspects' IE: the NRA & ALEC re: a mindless mass killing like this. And no doubt NRA, ALEC & their ilk have indeed earned blame. BUT- No one has done more to glorify guns [not even the NRA & video-games] than so-called 'liberal' Holly-weird- which has been around much longer than the video-game industry.

So how 'ironic' that this mass killer was the son of the 'Hunger Games' co-director [a popular movie targeting young movie goers about youth hunting & killing each other for 'sport']. So-Called 'Liberal' Holly-weird has a long track-record of glorifying [often mindless gratuitous] violence & the GUN culture since the days it popularized 'Westerns' [featuring 'Injun Killin' cowboys] & War films. Their 'heroes' were [& continue to be] gun-totin [white] guys who could clean-up a town full of 'bad guys' 'By Way of the GUN'! With the advent of techni-color & hi-tech video-photography, Holly-weird's films [& now computer-games] have become far more realistically gruesome. 
The last popular Oscar winning 'Western' 'DJango Unchained' [by San Quentin on the QT] was very gruesomely violent [as most of 'liberal' Holly-weird favorite son QT Terro-tino's movies are], yet was nominated for Best Picture by Holly-weird! And what about all those mindlessly gruesomely VILE-O-Lent 'Freddy Kruger' / 'Friday the 13th' / 'SAW' type movies [w young women often the main victims / targets of their deranged killers], that Holly-weird loves to promote to the youth as shlock stupi-tainment!

Thus IMO it was just a matter of time that some young son of Holly-weird committed such a heinous act!!!  {


PS: I also recently had a debate w an apparently white feminist re: the MXGR's report last yr that the cops, security rent-a-cops & cop wanna-bes [IE: KILLER Z], gun down a Black man, women, child & even elders about every 24 hrs. Here's part of her comment: 'Interesting - however - the violence against women is much greater... 3 women are murdered by their intimate every day, black women are 2x's more likely to be assaulted by their black male intimate... Excuse me if I don't get all "upset" about black males being assaulted! Maybe if black men supported and nurtured their children without violence the whole horrible cycle of abuse can be eliminated!...'  In other words her rant was all about what writer Ishmael Reed calls the 'Scary Black Boogie-man Syndrome'

Now some Basic but likely not well known Facts: According to the FBI whites [men] commit over +2Xs as many acts of domestic violence & RAPE & over +3Xs as many acts of other types of sex abuse [IE: child molestation, statutory rape, etc] Against [white] Women & Children- than Blacks [men] do vis-a-vis Black women & children. And the FBI's 2009 stats say 77.5% more white women were murdered than Black women were, w 85% of their killers being white [men]. Thus 28% of total white murder victims are women -vs- 15% of total Black murder victims being women.

And a study by 2 white women profs at NYU [Lois Weis & Michelle Fine] found that 92% of women surveyed from 'stable' white working class / middle-class families reported either being abused &/or seeing their mothers, sisters &/or daughters being abused by white male family members; vs 62% of Black women surveyed.
Profs Weis & Fine noted: 'We uncovered evidence of DEEP {inter}Generational Domestic ABUSE in fairly 'stable' WHITE Families." -& that they were- 'Especially surprised because the subjects in the study were not selected because we believed them to be the worst off in their communities.. but were 'All members of relatively 'stable' [white] families..."
[see @ www.buffalo.edu/ubreporter/archive/vol28/vol28n16/n9.html ]. 

So if white feminists are looking for the 'boogie-man', seems they need to stop looking at 'Home-boy' from the 'Hood', & first start looking for him / them across town in areas where this 'Son of Holly-weird' / 'Poor Litle Rich Kid' Rodgers comes from, or even in their own homes!

"No one has done more to

"No one has done more to glorify guns [not even the NRA & video-games] than so-called 'liberal' Holly-weird- which has been around much longer than the video-game industry."

You hit the nail on the head.  The entertainment industry will yell the loudest about gun control while their movie and video game lineup showcase one violent project after another.  The empire is also high fiving because here comes another incident that they can use to promote more gun control - while said empire buys millions of rounds of ammo.  What does the Soc Sec admin need with ammo for example???  I recently heard another agency (TSA, perhaps or was it Homeland Sec?) purchased a crapload of ammo.  For what?  They scheme to take our guns while they buy more.

I Forgot Toy [Gun] Makers & Big Pharma

IMO besides Holly-weird, Toy [gun] Makers ala Mattel [& I'm not talking about toy water / squirt guns] have also traditionally played a key role in 'normalizing' guns [& even war] to young males with their realistic 'toy' guns,  army action figures ala 'GI Joe', & model 'toy' war- planes, ships, tanks, etc. Thus violent video-games featuring guns & war, IMO represents the nexus link between Holly-weird's violent movies & the toy [gun] industry. And let's not forget role of places like Wal-Mart [the US' biggest retailer of guns & ammo] & Sears that sell real guns & ammo to adults men] on one side of their stores, & toy guns [& oft-times violent video-games] to kids [boys] on the other side of their stores.

And you're right, Big Pharma BIZ's drugs IE: Ritalin, too often  prescribed to young school-age kids, have often been implicated in making them, especially young men / teenage boys, more prone to be suicidal &/or homicidal.  

PS: Although I'm all for sensible gun-laws & rolling back SYG type laws that make gun use more likely & easier for some [IE: KILLER Z & Mike Dunn] to get away w murder- IMO AG Holder's DOD, DEA & ATF need to be held to account re their 'Too Fast, Too Furious' scheme that sold 1000s or even 10s of thousands of guns to Mexican drug gangs. And yeah- Why is FEMA et-al collecting all that ammo, & police forces all across the US being 'militarized'???


PS-2: This Rodgers case is yet another example of how white [male] privilege allows white guys like him to literally commit &/or get away w murder! Turns out this young Rodgers joker sent emails to his parents & posted YouTube videoes ranting about his deadly intent. His parents were so concerned that they actually alerted the cops, who went to his home & interviewed him briefly- but found him 'polite', 'clean-cut', 'well-mannered' IE: 'white' [enough]. So apparently they did NEVER got around to asking him if he possessed guns & what his mad-rant video was all about!!! 

This sounds like Jeffery Dahmer, who 2 Black women called the cops on, explaining that a young [South Asian] kid [just 16 yrs old] was running from butt naked down the street [trying to escape] & obviously very injured. So what did the cops do when they encountered Dahmer, let him 'spin' them w some BS tale about an [imaginary] 'lovers' quarrel'! Yet we know what those cops would have done, had Dahmer been Black [or brown-Hispanic] & that kid was white! - And they let KILLER Z buy guns even after he beat-up his ex-girlfriend & assaulted a lady cop. And then let him keep the same gun he gunned Trayvon down w, which he used just a couple of months later to threaten his [ex?] wife w. 

The authorities apparently got a 'heads-up about VT killer Cho, even from well known VT Prof Nikky Giovanni- Yet he was still able to just walk across the street from VT's campus & buy 2 hi-capacity Glocks & a shit-load of ammo!  

And then there's the KKK racist guy that just shot & killed 3 white Christians thinking they were Jews. This guy was convicted in connection of a notorious murder beef- in which some of the victims were white [the incident was on video-tape]. How the hell can a guy who is effectively a convicted murderer [of white people even], be able to buy guns & ammo??! 

Yet too often time & again 'Home-boy' & Jose' can't even walk out their house & down their own street to school or the grocery store, without the cops throwing them up against the wall to be 'Stopped  & Frisked'. I've got my own tales of being stopped by the cops [both as a teen & full grown man] w their hands on their guns & one time where they even pulled their guns & made me & those I was w, get down on our knees. Yet not once was I commiting / or even about to commit a crime. 

What is evident to me is

What is evident to me is historically white males are willing to kill indiscriminately to protect white supremacy ideology and global apartheid BUT they are NOT willing to die for it. That's something we all should consider. They cowardly are willing to put up any 'human shield' as long as it ain't them. Meaning they will sell out their women, children and certainly people of color to hold onto their illusory power, but they scurry when it's time for them to risk their own lives. Hence their preference for drones & proxy wars Cowardly to the core.

Lame-stream [white] Feminists [IE: R.Solnit] Double Standards:

While Ms Rebecca Solnit seized on the chance to 'spin' Elliot Rodger's mass shooting into 'Its all about Misogyny' [undoubtedly that played a key role] while down-playing &/or ignoring the fact that 4 of the 6 people Rodger killed were men [3 Asian & 1 Hispanic], it would seem Ms Solnit has gone totally MIA / AWOL re: 2 of the most infamous domestic abuse cases to hit the news in the last 2yrs- that of Marissa Alexander & KILLER Z threatening his {ex?}Wife w the very same gun he gunned Trayvon down w just 2 months after his acquittal [by a mainly white woman jury presided over by a white women judge] & then a couple of months after that Z-Man yet again threatens his pregnant girl-friend w a shotgun! IMO there's NO doubt that the White male privilege syndrome was / is clearly at work in favor of Killer Z! 

The National Org of Women's FL Chapter, apparently waited until this yr [March 2014] to take a stand for Sis Alexander, by calling for the resignation of FL DA Angela Corey for seeking to triple Sis Alexander's sentence to 60yr over the previous 20yrs, if she's convicted again [first convicted in 2011] by Ms Corey [for NOT shooting her abusive husband who threatened to attack her in her own home].  IMO due to the bad publicity of FL SYG law & FL DA Ms Corey has gotten re: screwing-up the  KILLER Z case vis-à-vis her unjust persecution of Sis Alexander- the fact that Ms Corey would have the GALL to actually try to triple-down on Sis Alexander's sentence, forced NOW to break its silence on this matter [that was just too damn much for even NOW to stomach]. It would seem this situation in tandem w NOW's FL chapter's recent position re: Ms Angela Corey's continued persecution of Sis Alexander, also forced the 'Feminist Majority' to break its silence on this case. Well I guess 'Better Late Than Never' [FYI: it took 3 yrs for NOW & the 'Feminist Majority' to take a stand for Sis Alexander].

I'd be interested to know if

I'd be interested to know if this guy was on any psychotropic meds?  Research via indy media past mass shootings and shootings involving teen killing family members and you will find a large percentage (I forgot the exact % but it was over 60%) of them were on drugs for depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADHD, etc.  Most of these drugs have black box warnings about side effects that include homicidal and suicidal tendencies.  Some of these drugs shouldn't even be prescribed for kids and teens.  As usual, the mainstream conversation will turn toward gun control, racism, misogynism, while remaining silent on Big Pharma's role in screwing up the minds young and old.

Brittney Cooper Got Heavy Flak From White Guys @ 'Liberal' Salon

Some of Their Lame-Ass Comments Include: Rodgers wasn't even white [His Dad's British & mom's Asian] even though he thought & acted enough like a white guy- And was raised & lived among white folks, & was obsessed w the idea he was entitled to have a Maria Sharapova type as his ideal of beauty [we heard this same type of lame denial re: KILLER Z]. Many called Sis Cooper ignorant & stupid for saying Rodgers was [effectively] white.

- White guys aren't the only Mass &/or serial killers [yeah they 'only' make up 75% - 85% of them - also note: while there have been a few white women mass &/or serial killers, it's virtually unheard of for a Black woman to be a mass &/or serial killer]. And just because white men 'only' make up 75% - 85% of mass &/or serial killers, don't mean Black men make up all the rest. Also included in the remaining 15% - 25% are a few white women, along w some Hispanic & Asian men.

- Accusing Sis Cooper of so-called 'Reverse-Racism' for saying that white male privilege was/is effectively the back-drop behind this tragedy... Yeah well we all know what the cops would have done if a Black guy posted a YouTube video talking about his [detailed] plans to kill a bunch of folks {mainly white-women} to the point that even his alarmed /worried parents alerted the cops in advance!


Many / most white folks, from FOX Noise types to even some calling themselves 'liberals', endless trash Black men & even women [via the Black Boogie-man syndrome], often w phony BS stats. Yet when you hold up a mirror to them, all of a sudden they get all sensitive & defensive, start accusing you of so-called 'reverse-racism' &/or "Playing the [so-called] 'Race-Card' "..., when what's reflected back at them is often quite ugly!

White Guy Killer Syndrome

This young man is troubled, not only by his own psychological challenges, but also by how his personal problems morph with what is, and has been an historic challenge for at least 500 years to people around the globe.

Individually, his personal concerns over-ride the health and lives of others; a right he naturally assumes as his without question.

Historically, this right is and has been taken as the right by Europeans to assume ownership of this planet; seizing territorities, resources, artifacts and slaves wherever their interests were best served, regardless of injury to others.

In fact, Rudyard Kipling, a British poet, and colonial mouthpiece for Rule Britannia, unashamedly summed up the exercising of these rights and privileges as being 'the White man's burden' to civilize 'those of lesser breeds beyond the law'. His poem, Gunga Dinn exemplifies the genteel sanitizing of this criminality in the Victorian era.

In the same era, German statesmen like Otto von Bismarck, the Iron Chancellor initiated yet another European scheme, the Berlin Conference (1885), to 'regulate and legitimise' the further theft of Africa's resources. Mark Twain, then also a journalist, wrote a poem, King Leopold's Soliloquy, detailing the iniquitous effects of this European seizure of Africa.

Unfortunately, too, for Europe, the failure of this conference's goals to reduce tensions between global bandits led to World War I, and II. The latter was initiated by another German colonizer, Hitler trying to do in Europe what Europe had been doing in Africa: colonizing lands of others under the 'genial' theory of Lebensraum.

However, decades later, Bob Marley, a child of Jamaica, former colony of Kipling and Churchill's Britain, saw, not a privilege but a pathology. In his epic poem and song, 'One Love', he made the case against the crimes of white privilege committed under imperial assumptions. Marley asked, poignantly, 'Is there a place for the hopeless sinner, who has hurt all mankind just to save his own?'

Given the trajectory of where the world is headed with Global warming, climate instability, rape of the world's resources, global starvation versus global obesity etc., are the actions of this young man a singular metaphor for the collective actions and subsequent griefs to hurt all mankind as Europeans continue try to expiate their own demons, and save their own?

Mental Illness is Inconvient

This and most mass shootings involves mental illness and a method of suicide. The mentally ill are not acting as represntative of whites, blacks, latins or asians.  They have distorted thoughts and thier illiness is either ignored or not easily treated.


Mental illness is a

Mental illness is a convenient scapegoat. There is specific military grade covert technology used by many letter agencies that causes victims targeted by it to be consigned to the 'mentally ill' rubric. Many of the recent incidences of black people in particular, the navy yard shooter & the sistah who was killed by DC cops after she said she heard Obama's voice speaking to her--are all indicative of the Frey effect or voice to skull technology, which is being used against black people as part of an overall all out assault of CoIntelpro & MK-ULTRA of old. The technology is documented and many people across the globe are complaining about the targeting. It's not sci fi and it certainly isn't mental illness. That's a convenient way to discredit these people..it's reminiscent of the former USSR's 'punitive psychiatry' pogrom.

As for this later shooter--he is the protypical white male. And imo it isn't so much as a sense of entitlement as it is a deep seated sense of inadequacy that gnaws at them EVEN though they on surface rule over all they survey. Apparently, that has not satiated the empty vessel that is their soul. You have to wonder why is it that if they in fact control everything on the planet, they also have the highest suicide rates of all groups? That would seem counter-intuitive.


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