What's More Important For Black Leadership? Turning Off Fox News? Or Stopping the President's Cat Food Commission?

While black political leaders and activists focus on turning off Fox News, and clownish disputes with Tea Partyers and the likes of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, are they missing something more important? Can any good come from a Democratic president reaching across the aisle to team up with Republicans for a bipartisan “fiscal reform” that targets “entitlements,” meaning Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security? Is the silence of black leadership on the president's Cat Food Commission still more evidence of their irrelevance?

What's More Important For Black Leadership? Turning Off Fox News? Or Stopping the President's Cat Food Commission?

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

...everybody knows what the commission’s targets are... Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.”

Rev. Al Sharpton and the NAACP's Ben Jealous, along with most of the old black political class want us to think the most important thing happening is their ongoing clown fight with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. The newer crowd of tech-savvy, social-network-aware types around Color of Change think the most key and crucial thing to do is to make airports, bus and train stations Turn Off Fox News. They're both wrong. The real action is someplace else.

Back in April, President Obama created the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility & Reform. Its purpose is to recommend, this December 1, just after the elections, measures that will save the government money, “to improve the fiscal situation in the medium term and to achieve fiscal sustainability over the long run. The president has pledged in advance that he will push whatever his commission recommends through Congress in the lame duck session.

And everybody knows what the commission’s targets are. They won't recommend ending the wars in Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Afghanistan. They won't suggest closing a few hundred of the thousand military bases the U.S. maintains in foreign lands, or scaling back the hundreds of billions Uncle Sam spends on militarizing Africa, or propping up its client regimes in Israel, Egypt or Colombia and elsewhere. The commission won't try to get back any of the trillions the Fed has given away to Wall Street, or stop it from handing out more. The commission is not about to close the banking loopholes that let wealthy corporations and individuals move trillions offshore to evade taxation, or shut off the many forms of corporate welfare. The commission's targets are Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.

Not so very long ago, before 1965 passage of Medicare, the cost of health care for senior citizens was so high that hundreds of thousands of elders in the U.S. were eating cat food. Black seniors, as always, were the worst affected. Given its stated objective, of rolling back Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, it's easy to see why President Obama's debt commission has earned its label as the President's Cat Food Commission. It's much harder to see why black America's political leadership chooses to ignore the Cat Food Commission created by Democrats in power, and instead picks meaningless fights with Republicans out of power.

There are some gigantic lies loose in the land, lies endlessly repeated and embellished by corporate media; lies with names like “national security,” “free markets,” and “fiscal responsibility.” As flies beget maggots these lies and their larvae have thoroughly infested our national discourse. Among them are the notions of a “national debt” and the idea that a country's finances ought to be run like a family's. Back in the days of George Washington and John Adams, when currency was backed by gold and silver, there actually could have been a U.S. national debt, if creditors could collect it and debtors would pay it.

But nowadays the U.S. Federal Reserve creates money, not out of gold, or risk, or labor, but out of thin air. The tens of trillions the Fed spent in 2009, to buy up a fifth of the nation's mortgage-backed securities were created simply by crediting the accounts of the previous owners of those securities. In other words, 21st century money is a spreadsheet operated by the Fed. In the ongoing Wall Street Bailout, the government first creates money in the private accounts of favored banksters via spreadsheet, and calls it a low-interest or no-interest “loan.” The government then borrows the money back from the favored banksters at loan shark interest rates to spend on wars or whatever. This has become a large portion of the fictitious “national debt.” An entity that can do that lives in a different fiscal universe with fundamentally different rules than those governing your family's budget.

Now a Democratic President Obama has joined the right's crusade against Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

If the powers that be wanted to, they could use their magic spreadsheets to close the modest gap which may appear in Social Security revenues two or three decades from now, or they could raise benefits immediately. They could restore full funding to schools, libraries and local governments for a fraction of what the Afghan war costs every week. For a fraction of what the top two banksters got, they could forgive all the nation's student loan debt. But the lies about the government “having to live within its means” and the fantasies that the Fed's magic spreadsheets can somehow “run out of money” because of greedy seniors and the medical care received by poor people are far more useful than the truth could ever be.

Democrat Erskine Bowles and Republican Alan Simpson, the Cat Food Commission's co-chairs, make no secret of their bipartisan aims to cut Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Democrat Bowles has called Social Security “a cancer” eating away at the nation's fiscal health. Republican Simpson recently and notoriously remarked that Medicare and Social Security had turned the nation into a milk cow with “310 million tits.” Simpson in particular has a long history of labeling social security beneficiaries as “greedy geezers,” as undeserving “little people,” and the like. No serious person doubts that their “fiscal reforms” will be carefully calculated to fatally undermine Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, and set the stage for their ultimate privatization.

Since social solidarity, the idea that we're all in this together, is the core rationale for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, the Commission will surely craft measures that will undermine this solidarity. They will likely employ the time-tested tactic of “two-tiering” benefits for the elderly, freezing in place the levels current seniors receive, while raising the retirement age and lowering the benefit levels for future senior citizens. If successful, this will create a permanent wedge between those receiving higher and lower benefit levels, a wedge that the right wing is poised to exploit.

Billionaire Pete Peterson is only one, the most prominent of the U.S. right's financiers of foundations, think tanks, academic and consulting careers, bloggers, web sites, radio and TV programming, conferences, talk show personalities and articles promulgating the lie that social security is about to go broke, or will bankrupt the nation. Pledging to plow his entire ten or eleven figure net worth into the foundations that advance this political agenda, he has, over the last decade or two, pretty much kept his word. And it's working. The “liberal” corporate media never tire of telling us that social security and the national debt are making paupers of all us. A substantial portion of people under 40 now believe that social security won't be there for them, cause it'll go broke long before they get old. The right wing has, over the past several decades, carefully laid the infrastructure for this effort to undermine and destroy Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the social solidarity that underlies them.

Now a Democratic President Obama has joined the right's crusade against Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. A Democratic President Obama uses his bully pulpit to trumpet about a crushing “national debt” and social security as if they were gospel truth. A Democratic President Obama has created and empowered the Cat Food Commission which will eviscerate these programs of human uplift in the name of “fiscal responsibility.”

The real tragedy isn't that the First Black President is doing this. The tragedy is that black leadership used to be the core of the left in this country. But in the era of Obama, the whole of black political leadership has willfully averted its eyes to the train coming down the track. When Republicans stuck it to them, they could at least squeal. But betrayed by Democrats, by our First Black President, they are silent, and powerless and irrelevant. They pick meaningless fights with Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, who for all their racist vitriol, are temporarily OUT of power, not IN. They craft social networking tools to help us turn off Fox News, while MSNBC, CNN and CBS spout the same falsehoods, from “national security” to “free markets” to “entitlement reform.” That's why they are what they are, diversionary fighting clowns, the epitome of a Black Misleadership Class.

Bruce Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report, and based in Marietta GA. He's a member of the GA Green Party's state committee, and can be reached at bruce.dixon(at)blackagendareport.com.


Death Panel?

"And yes, I've made some plenty smart cracks about people on Social Security who milk it to the last degree. You know 'em too. It's the same with any system in America. We've reached a point now where it's like a milk cow with 310 million tits! Call when you get honest work!"

- Alan Simpson (Austerity Vampire, Wall street asset stripper, co-chair of the unelected, unconstitutional, Obama middle class "belt tightening" commission)

Hint Hint: Obama wants a republican takeover of the house and senate because he thinks that a Republican majority will improve his reelection prospects in 2012 (hint hint: Bill&Newt 94'?). The unelected, unconstitutional, Obama austerity death panel -which includes people like Al Simpson and fellow Weimar austerity vampire, congressman "Privitizer" Ryan (R) of Wisconsin- would have an all right wing congress drooling and froathing out the mouth, eagerly anticipating implementing the Obama death panel's recommendations.

Would the prospects of an Obama impeachment be considered a more fulfilling meal for the Vampires than taking a bite out of Social Security?

I don't know, what stopped slick Willy and a right wing congress from attacking Social Security? Answer: Monica Lewinsky!

Let's hope some interesting things come out of this Blago trial in Chicago ;o)

I'm co-signing both of you

C.N. I thought I had an "evil and twisted" perspective, but I have to take my hat of to you for peeping the potential "game" Obama is up to. Let's call it the "Israeli Dilemma" in reverse. What do I mean? Israel is trying (and it always has) to tie a Gordian knot around the US by the propaganda meme that if you don't attack Iran ( or whomever) we will. Israel's "mad dog" posture is well known. In the "mad dog vein" I do agree that if (and when) the Rethugs win control of the House and/or the Senate, their dumb as fuck policies, their comedy routine, their incompetence in governing, and the things that will roll of their lips will give late night T.V. more fodder than 8 years of Bush malaprops. Sane Americans and the world will see that the GOP (Grand Ol Putzes) are both bat shit crazy and down right scary. (And Obama has ALWAYS banked on the "rational" centrists).

C.N. is on to something when he says that the 2012 campaign will center around "be afraid, be very afraid" (on steroids no less). (I'm already starting to see this increasingly in comments at some "Lib" blogs as elections approach) Because the stupidity, and mean-spiritedness of the GOP will scare the shit out of rational people. And because the GOP are guaranteed to fuck things up. BTW, I won't personally be scared, I've said it once I'll say it a million times, I won't accept death by a thousand cuts, I won't confuse Jaw's dorsal fin for Flipper, I won't drink lesser evilism poison because it kills me in 6 months versus 6 hours. If this "M...r F...r" is going to crash and burn, then let's get with it. The suspense is killing me, it's impeding my plans for the future. LOL

Likewise Bev, you're on point to. I blog to maintain sanity, to commiserate with like minded souls, and to look myself in the mirror and say at least I tried more than the ave. person to share some knowledge. But as far as enlightening the average Black person, the masses, and moving them off Obama's jock strap? Fuggetaboutit!!! It's fucking hopeless, I'm sad to say. (except, see below)

C.N., per Wayne Madsen, is already putting it out there that Obama is on the "down low." Extra-marital homosexual encounters?? that shit will blow anybody out of the water. And it wouldn't be that difficult to get Right Wingers to believe it. ( to be honest I wonder about the shit myself, because this Negro is EXCEPTIONALLY WEAK and has Punk written all over him, he'll do ANYTHING to please White folks,but I digress). However, remember I said last week, "the King can do no wrong." Not only is that the historical precept behind eminent domain or sovereign immunity, that pretty much explains all aspects of US presidential politics as well. In other words, "my team can do no wrong." I'm wearing my team colors because I'm loyal to a fault, and the captain of the team has my vote.

But, having said all that, if the GOP runs someone other than a fucking bogeyman or lunatic, like someone who wants to establish "Biblical Law" to counteract their wild, irrational fears of "Sharia Law," they have more than a fighting chance. (A Pawlenty-type for example) Because the hard core left, absent a choice,-- who frankly doesn't even have to be "viable"--will just stay at home. And, because the mad dog Tea Partiers would rather commit hari kari than vote Democrat, who are straight pussies and socialists in their mind.

But then again, in the spirit of "nuance" or shall I say, "pocket book" politics aka "fucking with my paycheck," I did write several months ago, and others have said as much also, if Obama and the Dems start fucking with folks Social Security and related entitlement checks, they are completely ass out and toast. Because that's when the chorus of "what fucking difference does it make" will reach it's crescendo. Ain't nobody, including ya Mama, that well liked when they start screwing with folks paychecks, ask the Tea Party if you don't believe me. LOL Last but certainly not least, the Dummocrats will probably fuck themselves in the end, they have a way of doing that, and they're doing an excellent job thus far. I wouldn't bet against their cowardice and ineptitude.

(Pocket) "Change" is what you Negroes gone get from Obama's entitlement cuts, "that you can believe in." LOL

Beware the death throes

If this "M...r F...r" is going to crash and burn, then let's get with it. The suspense is killing me, it's impeding my plans for the future. LOL

Agreed. There is no saving the US empire. There is too much inertia. No need to wait in suspense though, we're in the middle of the crashing and burning now. It won't happen overnight but will take years, maybe decades. In the meantime the beast will thrash and moan. Like the Tea Partyers on the Mall. Or the Mosque opponents. Or the taxi driver attacker.

The rich will entrench themselves. Their enforcers will become more brutal. The jobs and social services will dry up. The divide and conquer propaganda will be more pervasive and effective.

My questions are: Are we sure that what comes next will be better than what we have now? Are black folks prepared/preparing to make sure we're not victimized once again but on a larger scale? Can we finally be proactive rather than reactive as we have in the past?

Do we have a strategy?

There are strategies I just don't know about the "we" part

Here's a few strategies:

1. Load up on weapons, ammo, water, canned goods, generator, and other survival gear.

2. "Drop Out" like the 60s hippies, some of whom live in remote areas of the West Coast in their own little sustainable communes. (And you thought all the weed smoking fried their brains, the jokes on us).

3. Leave the country. It might be cheaper to be a "peasant" in Costa Rica or Uruguay than Flatbush, East L.A., or Roxbury. And "No," you want escape the death-grip of America, the world is at risk. But console yourselves by remembering that cow/animal dung has been a fuel source for centuries. Escape from the Empire? Not really as Joe Baegant explains:



4. Shed debt and reduce your "lifestyle" (might as well get a head start), start raising your own food.

No, I'm afraid there are no "we" strategies, I wish there were, but how do you pull people's head out of the sand when they themselves are pouring concrete mix in the hole? There are times that I think the "default mechanism" will kick in, but I'm as doubtful about that as you are. What will it take from Blacks to realize "they are on their own" will they refute this reality even when they are in the midst of it? What will "Black Nationalism" look like when Whites EXPEL us from their midst? I guess only time will tell. I'd rather "check out" to some country where the lifestyle may be "harder" but is already sustainable.

One thing I'd suggest, if I'm reading you in between the lines correctly, is that African Americans better get off this "gun control" bullshit. Yall go ahead and disarm yourselves. Just don't come knocking on my door. Reminds me of the Rod Serling classic, "The Shelter." Perhaps the Sci Fi Channel or Turner Broadcasting can loop repeated reruns so some of yall can "get it."


I guess if all else fails, one can join the NAACP and Liberal Media group's "Tea Party Tracking Site." That ought to make everyone feel real good.


Apparently the "facts" don't mean nuthin to nobody, hence no strategies. If there's one thing I've become clear on in the past week is that Americans will NEVER let facts get in the way of a good bed time story (myth).


And btw falsedelic I admit this is what the Oligarchs want, "atomistic behavior," the breakdown of the communal concept, and you know as well as I do, the Oligarchs ALWAYS get that they want. But the people have no one but themselves to blame. The teeth gnashing will be loud, let's hope for some of us the sound is muted by the sound of waves crashing in the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans as we observe on another continent. Sure it'll get us too, but right now all that's left is how you live your life til the end. To quote Joe, "So stay strong. Transcend. Find reasons to love. Nobody ever gets out of this world alive, anyway."

I also Agreed with you

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I can see it now, spread from "sea to shining sea", a crackpot constellation of micro facist states, each of which claims to be a paradise on earth in spite of the fact nearly all of them are ruled with an iron hand by presidents from one of the two official parties who have always won with over 90% of the votes. These leaders govern by laws based upon some deeply fundamentalist interpretation of a few carefully selected bits of biblical verse. Each of these successor states is hostile to both its neighbors and to the rest of the outside world, and is, as a consequence, over-armed, and over-policed. Most of them claim to be the last outpost of the "real" United States as the founders designed it. As such, most are off limits to Blacks as well as others. My descendants, born and raised in other parts of the world, watch this little monstrosities tear each other apart in endless border and resource disputes with the same sort of bemused indifference that with which many of us have watched the agonies of Sri Lanka or Somalia in recent times...


Far too many Blacks are as fearful of the coming multi-polar world as many Whites are. I can understand why many White Westerners would want the rigged and unjust local and international systems which benefit them so much to go on forever with little or no change. It's the chickenshit Blacks who fall for White propaganda which predicts that without them (White Westerners) in charge, things will only become worse that I don't understand. The history of the West vis a vis Black people over the last 500 years has, for the most part, been one long horror story. Far too many Blacks seem eager to forget that history. Many of them appear to be fully prepared to go down fighting in order to help preserve white/Western dominion of the world and their second and third class status. Instead of defending the old order, one which was far more destructive than beneficial, Blacks worldwide should be accepting and welcoming the inevitable changes in how the world is run, and plotting and planning how best to benefit from them. If many of us continue to sees life in the future as nothing more than a choice of, or a change of masters, then, of course, we can only expect more victimization in the coming new world order.



Humpty Obadumpty: Lewis Carroll on language.

"There are some gigantic lies loose in the land, lies endlessly repeated and embellished by corporate media; lies with names like “national security,” “free markets,” and “fiscal responsibility.” As flies beget maggots these lies and their larvae have thoroughly infested our national discourse. Among them are the notions of a “national debt” and the idea that a country's finances ought to be run like a family's."


“I don’t know what you mean by ‘glory,’ ” Alice said.

Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously. “Of course you don’t–till I tell you. I meant ‘there’s a good knock-down argument for you!”

“But ‘glory’ doesn’t mean a ‘nice knock-down argument,’ ” Alice objected.

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean–neither more nor less."

“The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

“The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, which is to be master–that’s all.”

"Cat Food Commission" indeed - as well as homelessness and

nursing home lockup for many seniors if the privatizers get Social Security. It's reminding me again, that a Dem Pres of the Right, like Clinton, can do more damage than Repub, i.e. killing welfare (bad as it was) under Clinton. As a person who is on Social Security and Medicare (the monthly deduction goes higher and higher)....I'm scared.


Me too, good sister, me too.

Don't sweat it folks, there's a second option

...a tried and tested solution conceptualized almost 3 centuries ago. Don't knock it till you've tried it.


A Modest Proposal

For Preventing The Children of Poor People in Ireland
From Being A burden to Their Parents or Country, and
For Making Them Beneficial to The Public

By Jonathan Swift (1729)

Listen, the next time your errant grand children show up at the old folks home to see how fast you're expiring, so they can get the crumbs in you checking account or trailer home you left them in your Will, give them a good whack as in Italian Mob "whack."

p.s. IT'S SATIRE FOLKS, JUST SATIRE. You gotta laugh to keep from crying. Wait! Oh shit! What have I done?! I might be giving the Tea Party food for thought? I can see it next week, the placard, the one next to the sign saying "Obama is a socialist, fascist, Muslim, atheist, bugger who hates America, and secretly lusts for white virgins when he's not cavorting with homosexuals, you know "that sign." This one will say:

"A Modest Proposal" by the Tea Party

p.s.s. If you were only a little younger you could harvest your organs. A decent kidney might fetch you $20,000. That's enough for cat food for 2 years. LOL

Other possibilities


And when we run out of kidneys and babies, we can line up for our ration of Soylent Green.

And please foks, don't eat all the Christian babies.
The Jews need them to make matzo--holidays are coming.

Addendum / annotations: Blood libel and soylent green

1. (From www.religioustolerance.org)

In 1144 CE, an unfounded rumor began in eastern England, that Jews had kidnapped a Christian child, tied him to a cross, stabbed his head to simulate Jesus' crown of thorns, killed him, drained his body completely of blood, and mixed the blood into matzos (unleavened bread) at time of Passover. The rumor was started by a former Jew, Theobald, who had become a Christian monk. He said that Jewish representatives gathered each year in Narbonne, France. They decided in which city a Christian child would be sacrificed.

The boy involved in the year 1144 hoax became known as St. William of Norwich. Many people made pilgrimages to his tomb and claimed that miracles had resulted from appeals to St. William. The myth shows a complete lack of understanding of mainline Judaism. Aside from the prohibition of killing innocent persons, the Torah specifically forbids the drinking or eating of any form of blood in any quantity. However, reality never has had much of an impact on blood libel myths. This rumor lasted for many centuries; even today it has not completely disappeared.

2. Soylent green, from a science fiction movie of the same name, was a food substance rationed by the government to the hungry masses. At the end of the movie, it is revealed that soylant green is made from people.

Jonathan Swift

Jonathan Swift's essay suggesting cooking the babies. Just satire.

Not so long ago, the average "stay" in US nursing homes for senior citizens was 3 months...then they died. For the current "Save Our People" campaign by the group ADAPT, see www.adapt.org

"Good sister": Brother Shine, WBAI producer/engineer called me

"sister". He is no longer at the station. A great line of his was "garbage in, garbage out" meaning that he didn't listen to folks spouting garbage.
Recently, Bernard White, "fired and banned" Program Director of WBAI, said I had a good grasp of the issues (at WBAI). I support Take Back WBAI
www.takebackwbai.org Bernard White is running for the Local Station Board in the current election. I've already voted.

Yuck, soylent green, was that before Madison Avenue?

Soylent Green sounds like ingesting insecticide. LOL

The Oligarchs spare no pain, huh, not even a little psychic pain. Couldn't they've called it something like "Cuisine de Art" or a Protein Shake? Gosh, I would have settled for Rainbow Soylent. Seems to me outright cannibalism sounds tastier than soylent green. LOL Nice kidney with collard greens (or khale if you're a foodie).

I appreciate you pointing out connection between anti-semitism and blood libel, reminds me of Blacks and the "blood libel of the myth of Ham."

I think this is a very serious topic, now that we've got our kidding out of the way. This is why I've said, "not all people who claim to love Israel is her friend." Too many Jews seem to have forgotten their history just like too many Blacks have,-- as GrayPanther ponders.

Everybody has a target on their back when it comes to being cast as the "other." I fear for Jews in that an attack on Iran would unleash acid loads of antisemitism, and out and out pogroms. There's a rich history of it after all.

Targets on backs


You are correct on all counts

"Never again" should mean "Never again to anyone." Israel is South Africa with the star of David on its forehead. American Jews could well pay the price for Israeli insanity.

Speaking of targets on one's back, the anti Muslim hatred in this cesspool of a country has passed the point where everyone should start to feel alarmed. I fear if the community center in NYC is built--as it should be, it could spark a Krystallnacht against Muslims. If that occurs, I hope we have the strength and courage to put our bodies between the Muslims and the barbarians.

yes, re your comment about "other" - but no reason is needed

to attack "other" - viz the recent attacks on Muslims building cultural centers and mosques in the US and the round-ups of Muslims and South Asians and others after Sept.11, 2001 (which included lock-downs of men in prison; I had a pen-pal in NYS prison who wrote of the lock-down);
including the round-ups by ICE - even going onto buses and trains upstate NY to allegedly catch undocumented near the Canadian border.

I find it fascinating to read the comments about Jews by Catholic educated and Protestants. The echoes of James Carroll's "Constantine's Sword" are there for me (atheist Jew). His history is of the Church's history toward Jews from Constantine on down to 20th Century Europe and the millions killed.
My short summary is that the cause is Jews refusing to accept Jesus as Messiah.
(James Carroll is a long time peace activist, had been a seminarian, Catholic, writes nonfiction - A History of the Pentagon, based on his childhood when his father worked there as a many star general, and writes fiction and for the Boston Globe. Was a friend of Howard Zinn.) In recent years, someone made a documentary film "Constantine's Sword", that's not exactly the book although same title and includes the Air Force Academy and other Right Wing Christian zealotry (my word).

We'll all be "Left Behind" when it's said and done

The Christo-Facists will convert us all, if not by the pen, they by the sword.

The Dispensationalists looove Jews sooo much, they can't wait til they're exterminated.

Convert NOW!!! NYCArtist, before its too late. LOL

I'm taking up donations now to send you autographed copies of the "Left Behind Series." With a little speed reading you'll be fine. LaHaye sends his love.


EC:thanks for the laugh. As an atheist Jew, I doubt anyone will

be successful in getting me "to God"...as I wish you and all on BAR an ecumenical Rosh Hashonah and Eid, as well. I celebrate all New Years... (I grew up in a mostly orthodox Jewish family from Warsaw at the turn into the 20th century. My French Jewish grandfather - who I never met, was said to be a cousin of Leon Blum.) At 7 0, we'll see...
My youth was spent with Italian Catholics and Jews in Brooklyn and later with African-Americans-
all working class. Am used to being "other". And, as my husband says, a "gadfly" and artist.

Somethings got to give.... what? We'll see

Saturday, in between football, I caught Zionist/Neocon Wolf Blitzer on CNN interviewing Peter Galbraith, former US Ambassador to Afghanistan, son of Kenneth Gailbraith, and US powerbroker/honcho.

Shit's about to hit the fan. Gailbreath, no sainted messenger by any stretch, a kleptocrat himself, who tried to hesit $30 million out of his Iraq role by cutting a deal with the Kurds, threw down the gauntlet regarding "why are we in Afghanistan. Peter said it was IMMORAL to send more troops or resources to Afghanistan.


You have to see the read the transcript slowly (you really need to catch the video, I couldn't find it on the net perhaps someone else will). Galbraith's bluntness combined with his "gravitas" and CFR credentials just might create an "Oh Shit" moment for the Peace Laureate and company. I have no doubt his remarks and the Afghan bank failure will lead to further public erosion of Obama's Afghan escalation.

Peter said Afghanistan was a losing cause and that the US should have no more than 10,00 troops there not 100K. He also said Obama made a huge mistake in increasing troops in Afghanistan, where there is no possibility of success. This is big stuff, the MSM can't ignore Galbraith, despite him having an axe to grind with Karzai. (Galbraith previously claimed Karzai was on drugs)

Here's the transcript, read closely.


Obama could be facing a complete collapse, a political tsunami if current trends continue, what's so precarious for him that ANY ONE of several things may collapse the scaffolding. A few, but by no means all, are listed below:

1. The Cat Food Commission proposes cuts in social security and Medicaid or impose more impediments to tapping the benefits, or some combination of raising retirement age for enrollees and reducing benefits. They do this to balance the budget despite no jobs growth.

2. Galbraith may go "viral" next week, Obama has to thank God the interview occurred the Saturday of Labor Day holiday weekend. I anticipate that antiwar critics will trumpet Galbraith's analysis for weeks, even though he is a CFR stooge.

3. Israel is taking a hard line even before the so-called "peace talks." Lieberman is digging in his heels, says a "settlement" is impossible. Israeli push back and arrogance will further weaken Obama's world posture as well as increase the stage for a major outbreak of war in the Middle East.


4. The economy will continue to limp along and likely get worse. There is of course no job's creation strategy just words and phrases, and the corporations are sitting on trillions unwilling to spend, invest or hire. Obama's tax proposals will be as clueless as everything else he proposes:


"Other stimulus proposals that Mr. Obama and Congressional Democrats are pushing are aimed at helping small-business owners, a favorite constituency for both parties at election time. The research credit mostly benefits large corporations."

5. The real estate market has not fully crashed and they are already talking about the possibility that one of the "too big to fails" might fail.



6. The collapse of the Afghan bank puts the US in an impossible position. In order to remain in Afghanistan with any hope of building a civil society (one civil enough to allow the US to steal resources) the US will HAVE to bail out the Bank of Afghanistan. And doing so will create political repercussions reaching the level of public frenzy. Especially when combined with no military progress, no jobs, no tax relief for the commoner, and a general malaise.

The ignoramuses who want to set up a "Tea Party Monitoring Site" will be laughed or driven out of town. There is going to be a monumental political and economic collapse. Enjoy the upcoming Holidays, might be the last time you say to someone, "Merry Xmas." Seriously.

Update #1:

I gotta add one more "nail in the coffin." To ward off a sure debacle in October, Obama PANICS as usual, and the Dems run EVEN FURTHER TO THE RIGHT. HA Ha Ha.


"F*** the ----- ----- UAW" - rahm emanuel

There's somebody on the death panel that's more dangerous than al smith.

Like obama, andy stern operates under left coverrrrr... He wants wall street to be able to gamble your retirement, and his sole purpose for existing is to work in collusion with corporations to divide the labor movement as a whole, prevent a focused, well organized worker revolt, and to get the people to accept concessions. He offers up tough talk and Saul Alinsky divide and rule tactics (sometimes pitting Latino immigrants against Black and White workers) that have the end result of lower wages, benefits cuts, worker subordination to the wall street democratic party, AND HIGHER UNION DUES..

The NAACP is one of the

The NAACP is one of the groups on the steering committee of the Strengthen Social Security Coalition which opposes the Presidents fiscal commission.