What Corporate Media and Corporate Latino Politicians Won't Tell You About Central American Child Refugees

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Why can't Latino politicians and corporate media call the current wave of Central American children refugees, when that's what they plainly are? What's the role of the US drug war, US trained cops and military, and US funded death squads in the violence and poverty that sent them here, and why won't Latino politicians mention that either? And why are none fleeing Nicaragua, which is just as poor as Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador?

What Corporate Media and Corporate Latino Politicians Won't Tell You About Central American Child Refugees

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

"Latino voters and the Latino political class supported the career of Barack Obama almost as solidly as blacks. They were promised much more than African Americans, but in the end got much less."

Five and a half years into the Obama era, some of his African American supporters finally admit black voters didn't get much of substance for their nearly unanimous support of the First Black President. Of course the black political class does its level best to blame everything on evil racist Republicans who don't even like what the president had for breakfast. In a shameful flip on the notion that black faces in high places should represent us in the halls of power, our black political cognoscenti relentlessly belittle any expectation that the lives of real people down here on the ground ought to improve behind the election of the first black president as unsophisticated and unrealistic. Meanwhile black family wealth continues to fall, black unemployment and mass incarceration remain about the same, and our black political class continue their glittering careers.  It could be worse. At least the First Black President hasn't deported two million of us.

Latino voters and the Latino political class supported the career of Barack Obama almost as solidly as blacks. They were promised much more than African Americans, but in the end got much less.  Latinis were promised that the unjust immigration system would be fixed and a road to citizenship created for the millions of undocumented living among us. What Latino voters and the Latino political class got in return for their support of Obama was two million deportations, hundreds of thousands of families brutally separated and scattered by law, not entirely unlike black families in this country once were.

Just like the black faces in high places, the Latino political class doesn't represent its people to or within the system, they are actually one of the faces the capitalist system presents to the Latino community. So it has fallen to the Latino political class to defend the president, who by now has deported more people than any president before him, and to defend the US empire by obfuscating the reasons those child refugees are here in the first place.

Establishment Latino politicians like Chicago congressman Luis Gutierrez blame the Republicans as usual, for not allowing a vote on an immigration bill, and for being heartless, evil racists in general, and ask that the president do something generous and humane. But he won't. It is true that racist Republicans are clamoring for the children to be instantly deported, despite US law which says children from countries not bordering the US are entitled to individual hearings before immigration judges. Even though speedy deportation is illegal, and Republicans don't have the power to make the president do it, Obama has already begun deporting children without the hearings the law prescribes. How they'll manage to blame this on Republicans is a mystery.

" ...like the black political class, they owe allegiance to the system, the empire that gave them their careers, not the Latino communities they ostensibly represent..."

What neither corporate media nor US Latino politicians will point out is that none of the current wave of refugees are coming from Nicaragua, although it has a similar history to Guatemala, Hondruas and El Salvador, and its just as poor. Why? According to NicaNet.Org, a project of the Nicaragua Solidary Committee.

...Nicaragua’s homicide rate dropped to 8.7 per 100,000 inhabitants. Honduras, with 92 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, has the highest murder rate in the world. El Salvador has 69, Guatemala 39, Panama 14.9 and Costa Rica 10.3 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants...

The problem of the children migrants is blowback from US policy in the 1980s when our government trained and funded Salvadoran and Guatemalan military and police to prevent popular revolutions and more recently when the US supported the coup against President Manuel Zelaya in Honduras. Those countries were left with brutal, corrupt armies and police forces whereas Nicaragua, with its successful 1979 revolution, got rid of Somoza's brutal National Guard and formed a new army and a new police made up of upstanding citizens.

Who consumes all those drugs that arecausing all that violence and corruption in Latin America? Who has militarized the Drug War and is funding and training repressive militaries and police in the countries from which the children are fleeing? In both cases it is the United States.”

The ferocious Central American gangs we hear so much about are integral to the US-oriented drug traffic. Nicaragua isn't part of the US-oriented drug trade because it threw off US rule with a revolution in 1979. In the Reagan era the US fought a bloody contra war to overthrow the Nicaraguan government and bring the country under control of its puppets, but despite tens of thousands dead, the Nicaraguan people prevailed. Having done so, they can implement real community policing, reduce crime and provide real security to their people in ways neighboring countries can only dream of. Nicaragua's homicide rate is a third that of Mexico, and its socialist government is free to provide low-cost health care, education, food security, democracy and hope to its people. Hence Nicaraguans are not interested in smuggling themselves north. You'd think Latino politicians would be eager to acquaint a larger US public with these facts, backed up as they are by irrefutable UN statistics.

But like the black political class, they owe allegiance to the system, the empire that gave them their careers, not the Latino communities they ostensibly represent. So US Latino politicians, aspirants and most affiliated nonprofits don't dare explain this to their own communities, some of whom know it already, or to the larger American public which mostly does not.

As long as a black Democrat is in the White House, neither corporate media nor US Latino politicians will even call these refugees “refugees” even though that's what they plainly are, refugees from North America's drug wars, military coups, neoliberal economics and death squads. Refugees however, have certain rights under treaties and international law. They wouldn't want the president's hands, especially their president's hands tied by actually having to follow the law. And no matter who is president, meaningfully questioning the empire is rarely a good career move.

It's often observed that African Americans and Latinos in this country have a lot in common. Sometimes that is not good news, not at all.

Bruce A. Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report and a state committee member of the Georgia Green Party. He lives and works in Marietta GA and can be reached via this site's contact page, or at bruce.dixon(at)blackagendareport.com.


'At least the First Black

'At least the First Black President hasn't deported two million of us.'

---Not so fast. It ain't over yet. And more than likely it will be internment in concentration camps rather than outright deportation. Nazi Germany all over again, they have some unfinished business from WWII & Operation Paperclip afforded them the opportunity.

Those stories about the govt

Those stories about the govt building FEMA camps seem more fact than fiction every day.  Add to that the fact all these govt agencies (including Soc Sec Admin) are stockpiling bullets  - concentration camps may be our new home in a few years.


The privatization of urban education and the deterioration of the urban schools are two sides to the same coin. The teachers's unions in under resourced urban areas forgot they were supposed to go to school and teach. They focused on  all of the terms and conditions of employment daily. Rather than teach the academic content standards they complained about how stupid the students were. When the schools failed they blamed the parents and the children. In no system of employment does the worker eat the hand that feeds them except education. Excellence is a deterrent for the privatization of public schools. Parents have left the public schools in droves in their quest for excellence.



Obama complicit in Israeli crimes

Israel committing war times in Gaza


From CounterPunch.org:

It is also a specific war crime to deliberately attack civilians, and especially to attack facilities treating the wounded. But Israel has attacked al-Aqsa hospital in Gaza four times, according to Reuters. The latest shelling of al-Aqsa killed 4 and wounded 70.

Even the pro-western Human Rights Watch has denounced Israel for committing war crimes:

“Israeli air attacks in Gaza investigated by Human Rights Watch have been targeting apparent civilian structures and killing civilians in violation of the laws of war.”

Obama’s aiding and abetting Israeli war crimes is also closed to debate, since his administration stands guilty from the very beginning of the conflict by shielding Israel from international political pressure, hiding its war crimes by deliberate misrepresenting what is happening, and giving political space for the war to continue by not intervening directl

It was a blatantly laughable lie when Obama said that his government was “using all means” o achieve a ceasefire early in the conflict.

The U.S. influence over Israel is tremendous, and Obama could have ended the conflict in the first hour by simply declaring, “If Israel does not stop its attack on Gaza, the U.S. will refuse further military and financial assistance and sever all diplomatic and political ties.”  War over.

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Black President Hides Same Old Agenda

As Glenn Greenwald said, Next they'll give us a woman president, then a Gay president, but it will all be the same agenda as before.

Thanks for this great, confirming article!

Central America

The "drug wars" being used by the corporate media as the reason for the immigration crisis is to obscure the real reason: Bill Clinton's North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement. This neo-liberal agenda promoting priviation of the public sector and opening up Mexico to unfettered exploitation by international corporations has decimated Mexico. http://tinyurl.com/8a2m763

This was expanded to Central America in 2005. http://tinyurl.com/7we4tcg

you hit the nail right on the head

NAFTA truly fucked things up, but rare-few voices remind us of this juggernaut. Them clintons are just plain scum, and it looks like the stupid poor 'merican masses are poised to go all agog & goofy over the clinton gal the way they did over obummer. It's sad, comical how easy it is to oppress the so-called 99%, because it does most of the work of keeping itself down by continually voting in cunning lackeys & stooges of Big Corpa & the so-called 1%. Fer heaven's sake, just vote for folks like Nader, McKinney, and [Jill] Stein; basically, anyone mocked & vilified in mainstream media means they'd be a helluva lot better'n any corporate-funded front-runner democrap!


And it has continued under Obama

Under Obama the U.S. backed a military coup against a democratically elected government in Hondouras. Appropriately, the U.S. backed coup was carried out with Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State. 

See: Hillary Clinton's Real Scandal Is Honduras, Not Benghazi | Truthout


Also see: What is Clintonism? | Counterpunch


Nicaragua and Socialism

The pattern continues.  America at war against countries that practice a greater degree of fairness for all citizens than psuedo-democracy and secondly America in bed with countries who have a high disregard for humanity and all life.  This is why America is a splintered house and will soon pay the final penalty for saying one thing and doing another as if a lie lasts forever.  The last bubble will soon burst for the worst of the worst.


Allowing 10's of thousands of so-call immigrant children into the United States hurts Americans born blacks.  If you go to Latino areas in any city Latino’s are far better off than blacks.  Black are again asked to be the “Mammy” to the world. This is nothing more than South America exporting there poor folks to the US and displacing Black folks.  Nothing more than another form of Latino gentrification.


No offense, but that's kind of uninformed...

Not many at all are coming from South America.  This wave is from Central America, and Mexico, which is in North America.  There's a difference.  And anyway the people that run the US run Central America, and call lots of the crucial shots in Mexico as well.

Thanks for reading and commenting, though.

@VISUALMAN. You hit the nail

@VISUALMAN. You hit the nail on the head. I will also add that these various illegal latino groups have as much contempt for black people as white europeans immigrants have shown.  Ask black people in Southern California how they feel about latinos. They will tell you they are just as racist as whites if not more. There is currently an ethnic cleansing going on there. They are trying to drive black people out of neighborhoods through violence. But white liberal media wont talk about it. The largest hate crimes aganist blacks are coming from latinos.  All these so call minority groups benefit from the struggles of black America but show zero respect for us in return.

No surprise they are crabs

They are one of many crabs in a narrow barrel which contains a limited worldview that has a chokehold on natural sensibilities.  Once you buy into this worldview, you must also believe there must be an underclass in order for capitalism and America and their act-a-likes to exist.  No one wants to be that underclass, so they pull down on the whipping boys of capitalism - blacks worldwide.  Yet capitalism pulls down on all those who do not classify themselves as white and only gives momentary relief to those who act against their own best interests in order to win temporary favors from the main threat to worldwide parity.  Beating down blacks gives them a little bit of breathing room in a narrow barrel that still stifles and suffocates them but hey, at least they're doing better than somebody else.  This is the prevailing mindset, even amongst all the whites who are being mistreated and miseducated by the one percent - the new definition of happiness and doing good is simply - not to be last- and presumably there is no penalty for anything you do to blacks and that it gets you even more favors.

Every crab is a sell out and a self-destructor, even against family and friends.  If they do the work to expand their worldview back to the original universal view, they will realize the error of their ways.  I am a reformed crab who did things against my own best interests, not knowingly, but the results were the same.  We must study and seek the true plan for living from the Creator.  One of the steps is to cleanse the body by eating food you grow yourself, and this will begin to provide some breathing room for your cells so they can function and bring back from the deeper parts of your memory, the truth.

Still ghettoizing the struggle?

How does that affect american born blacks?  Some of you are no different from you fascist white counterparts.  What about the super-profits american corporations make from exploiting their countries?  Don't they have a right at least to eat of the crumbs? Sometimes, we forget their ancestors are the real owners of this continent.


"Spanish claims to Alaska and the West Coast of North America date to the papal bull of 1493, and the Treaty of Tordesillas. In 1513, this claim was reinforced by Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa, the first European to sight the Pacific Ocean, when he claimed all lands adjoining this ocean for the Spanish Crown." - Wikipedia

And then it was Mexico, until the Mexican-American war when everything West of Texas was stolen.

In other words, indigenous people and people of Spanish descent were here long before Europeans were sent here as an alternative to being hung. 

cau chuc tet hay