We Know Tea Party Repubs Are Scary. But Are Democrats in Congress Worth Defending At All?

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Four years ago, the nation prepared for a congressional transition from Republican to Democratic rule. Rather than point to the scaaaary tea party hacks, let's examine what the nation expected from Democrats in the Congress, and whether we got it... any of it.

We All Know Tea Party Repubs Are Scary. But Are Democrats in the Congress Worth Defending At All?

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Four years ago a hundred members of the House of Representatives had signed on as co-sponsors of one or more bills to impeach Dick Cheney and George Bush.”

Four years ago it was the eve of the November 2006 election, Bush's last midterm. In what was the second issue of Black Agenda Report (this is issue 213) we wrote about the imminent changeover of the House of Representatives from Republican to Democratic rule. Our first dozen issues are lost, but we vividly recall what was written on this occasion.

After 12 years of spectacularly corrupt and aggressively pro-corporate Republican domination, the House and likely the Senate too, would be ruled by Democrats. Expectations were high.

Four years ago a hundred members of the House of Representatives had signed on as co-sponsors of one or more bills to impeach Dick Cheney and George Bush. One of them was Detroit's John Conyers, dean of the Congressional Black Caucus, who would chair the House Judiciary Committee beginning in January 2007, and thus have the unquestioned legal power to begin hearings on the question of impeachment. Authoritative polls repeatedly showed that a a narrow majority of the American people, and an overwhelming majority of Democratic voters favored impeachment and criminal investigation of the Bush-Cheney regime on a broad front, from waging illegal wars to torture, lying to Congress, international kidnapping, secret imprisonment without trial and tapping the phone and email of millions of Americans. Rep. Conyers was also a perennial sponsor of reparations, antiwar and single payer health care measures, causes which could surely be advanced by his long awaited ascension to power.

Democrats had always massively opposed the Iraq war, and millions were perfectly aware that a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives could bring this unjust war to a halt over any presidential objection by simply refusing to fund it.

The fall of 2006 was only a year after Katrina. The Republican congress had refused to investigate the federal role in the deaths of uncounted thousands, while the White House and military authorities barred journalists from photographing or observing the recovery of bodies. Federal, state and local authorities were making return of hundreds of thousands of residents, mostly black, impossible. A Democratic congress, some imagined, might turn this around too.

... every single progressive expectation of the Democratic majority in the House over the last four years has been disappointed or betrayed.”

Under Democratic rule Rep. Bennie Thompson (D MS) of the Congressional Black Caucus would chair the new House Committee on Homeland Security. With his committee's subpoena power Thompson could, if he chose, investigate the role of Blackwater and other US mercenary companies in New Orleans and around the world and make people tell the truth under penalty of prison. Harlem's Charlie Rangel, another senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus would chair the House Ways and Means Committee, a position from which he could begin rolling back the regressive Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

Of course, none of this happened. It's no exaggeration to say that every single progressive expectation of the Democratic majority in the House over the last four years has been disappointed or betrayed.

In the final year of Republican House rule, Democratic minority leader Nancy Pelosi ordered the Congressional Black Caucus NOT to hold its own hearings on Katrina, and refused to call them herself, for fear that voters might see Democrats as the party of those undeserving colored people. Only Georgia's Rep. Cynthia McKinney defied Pelosi and House Democratic leaders to hold her own hearings, which were boycotted by all but one of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Between the November 2006 election and the beginning of the new Democratic party controlled Congress in January 2007, John Conyers walked back from his pro-impeachment stand, even having demonstrators and former staffers arrested outside his office when they tried to meet with him. Among the pitiful excuses Conyers offered for not convening impeachment hearings was that “Fox News would have a field day,” the votes to convict them in the Senate weren't there, (How Conyers knew that in advance of evidence or even hearings remains a mystery!) and that Bush-Cheney would be history in two more years anyhow.

But as David Swanson has pointed out, even if impeachment could not be won, calling the hearings would have set an invaluable precedent limiting presidential power. It would have drawn a historic line in the sand against further illegalities by that and future presidents. When John Conyers repaid the trust of forty years worth of re-elections by excusing the Bush-Cheney crimes without even an investigation, he empowered all of Bush-Cheney's successors to build upon that loathsome foundation. President Obama has done just that, introducing measures to “legalize” the flagrant atrocities of Bush-Cheney. Now torture, international kidnapping and secret imprisonment without recourse to a lawyer or a day in court are “legal.” The Democratic congress of 2006 enabled this, and the Democratic congress of 2008 ratified it.

The elevation of Mississippi's Rep. Bennie Thompson to chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security had no effect on the fortunes of Blackwater and other mercenary companies...”

Four years of Democratic rule in the House didn't end the Iraq war, has hardly even slowed it down. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the body responsible for recruiting Democrats candidates, collecting corporate donations and distributing these to its favorites, was headed by Chicago's Rahm Emanuel. The DCCC threw millions of dollars behind dozens of pro-war Democrats opposing antiwar Democrats in 2006 primary elections. The continued existence of the so-called “blue dog Democrats,” hypocritically accused by House Democratic leaders like South Carolina's Jim Clyburn of “gumming up the works,” hamstringing the president and “real Democrats” is largely the work of Congressional Democratic leader Rahm Emanuel, who went on to become chief of staff in a Democratic White House.

The elevation of Mississippi's Rep. Bennie Thompson to chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security had no effect on the fortunes of Blackwater and other mercenary companies, whose armed employees number more than 100,000 in Iraq, and a similar number in Afghanistan alone. The only result of his current high office is that now, during CBC week, Rep. Thompson hosts panels on how to become a minority contractor with Homeland Security.

As chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, Harlem's Charlie Rangel got the big office – multiple offices, really --- and raked in the big donations that came with it. He no longer speaks against the war, even in whispers. And the Bush tax cuts remain untouched. Thus another senior black congressman repays the forty years Democratic voters invested in his career. His peer John Conyers still sponsors single payer legislation, but did little to advance it when this mattered. Reparations? Don't even mention it.

The Democratic controlled Congress passed the Bush bailout bill on the second try, thanks to Democratic candidate Barack Obama who suspended his campaign to come to DC and herd reluctant Democratic reps into line. Under President Obama, the next Democratic Congress exponentially expanded the bailout, making it the largest transfer of public wealth by far in human history, in excess of $21 trillion dollars. A Democratic congress approved a GM takeover without putting GM's vast industrial plant to work on green energy and mass transit. It stuck GM's union with the company's health care costs, and passed a paltry stimulus bill that left millions unemployed.

Four years of a Democratic congress have not produced an Employee Free Choice Act. Despite a massive Latino vote in 2006 and 2008, that community has nothing to show for its efforts but higher fences, drones on the border, and a possible DREAM Act that will extend the poverty draft to immigrant youth.

What then, should we expect from Democrats in the new Congress, whether or not they win majority?”

The bottom line is that the last four years of a Democratic congress have been pretty bad for Democratic voters, and very bad for African Americans. The White House, the Democratic National Committee, the NAACP and the constellation of civil rights groups, politicians and celebrities in their orbit are spending millions in a last minute effort to beg, to plead, to demand that every Democrat, every black person without exception come out to defend the Democratic president and his Democratic reps in the House and Senate.

The vice-president in record telling disappointed Democrats to “stop whining.” The Democratic president's press secretary has declared antiwar and pro-single payer Democrats to be in need of drug tests. And the Democratic president himself chides Democrats for expecting way too much. What then, should we expect from Democrats in the new Congress, whether or not they win majority?

The unfortunate answer is not much. The war in Iraq drags on, despite the “Mission Accomplished” claims of Democrats. The majority of Americans, and a crushing margin of Democrats favor withdrawal from Aghanistan and Pakistan, but Dems in congress won't give them that either.

The final act of the current Democratic ruled Congress will be its lame duck session in December. Last spring President Obama created a bipartisan federal commission on fiscal responsibility. President Obama loaded it up with Republicans and Democrats who favor cutting or two-tiering social security benefits, raising the retirement age, and zeroing out Medicare and Medicaid. President Obama has given this assault on social security, Medicare and Medicaid his official blessing, declaring that “everything is on the table,” and that he will demand an up or down vote on the commission's recommendations with no amendments during the lame duck session of Congress.

Will the current Democratic ruled Congress find the spine to stand against their president on social security? They haven't found it on anything else. The prospect of return to a Republican ruled Congress is genuinely frightening. Even so, the question is unavoidable --- is Democratic control of Congress as we have known it the last four years worth defending at all?

Bruce A. Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report, and based in Marietta GA. He can be reached at bruce.dixon(at)blackagendareport.com.


Obama's Dems & The 'Ethusiasm Gap' of Progressives

Mr Rob Parry's of Consortium News last week put out a article called the 'Teach the Dems a Lesson Myth' - which boils down to - Vote for the Dems cause the GOP is full of crazies. He evens blames progressives who voted for Nader in 2000 for the rise of the Bushites / NeoCons. But the Dems have alienated their progressive base & haven't accomplish any progressive agendas & often failing to even really try- even though they have solid control of both houses of congress & the White House w the 2008 election of Obama. Yet they’ve failed - or even worse PRETEND to do something as they SELL OUT to Corp interest - IE: the fake health-care, finance, RTTT school - Reforms [let alone jobs program, fore-closure moratorium, etc] - & then PROCLAIM SUCCESS. Their whole shtick is vote for us cause the GOP is worse - as is happening now & what happened in 2004. I saw Mr Parry's [who does sometimes puts out some really informative info] argument to progressives preluded by Norman Solomon on The Real News a couple of weeks ago. But they won't acknowledge that the reason there's an 'enthusiasm gap' is because since 2008's election of Obama, there's been nothing for progressives to be enthusiastic about – Poly-tricks as usual. Parry [like Solomon] blames Al Gore's 'defeat' in 2000 on Ralph Nader, though unlike Solomon he at least acknowledges the 2000 election was stolen. But 'as stated above' he blames progressives 'teach the Dems a lesson' position as much as Nader [going beyond even Solomon's / Dem loyalist - Nader 2000 scapegoating].

The 4 reasons Gore didn't get the White house in 2000 are: 1} the Busites / Neo-Cons HIJACKED the election in FL... 2} The Supreme Court's [5 out 9 members] violated the Constitution's mandate that all votes be counted - ordering a halt to the recount - thus giving Bush FL... 3} Gore FAILED to protect either his &/or Clinton's home states of TN & AK (reverse just this tactical error & Gore would have won despite FL & the Court)... 4} Nader's 2000 bid- which only became significant after the first 3 conditions. Yet Dem loyalist talking-heads only focus on the least significant factor [Nader] & scapegoat him - as a fear tool to keep progressives towing the Dems' line.

Parry's has put out info about Nixon / Kissinger interfering w LBJ's efforts to have 'peace' talks w the N Vietnamese [as a prelude to Reagan / Bush 1980 'October Surprise'] which is definitely note-worthy, BUT- what about the False Flag- Gulf of Tonkin Incident [Myth] by LBJ himself [along w McNamara] that they used as a pretext for the massive escalation in Vietnam. If Mr Parry & other Dem apologist talking-heads won't even acknowledge these OBVIOUS FACTS, they certainly won't touch evidence indicating that LBJ, Nixon, Jerry Ford, & Bush Sr may have in some way be implicated in JFK's assassination &/or cover-up -OR- that there's likely much more to 9-11 than: 19 Muslim guys w box-cutters {most of whom shouldn’t have even been able to get in &/or stay in the US in the first place -&- half of them most likely shouldn’t have been able to get on those planes that day} successfully outwitted a Trillion-$ defense-security-intelligence network while being directed by a Muslim ‘Phantom Menace’ in an Afghan cave half a world away while he was hooked-up to a dialysis machine... NOR the implications of the fact that John Kerry is a distant relative of the Bushes & a fellow SKULL & BONES-MAN [which may explain why he just bent-over for Bush when the Bushites repeated their 2000 FL magic-act in 2004 OH] - OR- that Obama is related to the Bushes, Cheney, Ford, LBJ, Roosevelt, James Madison, & now apparently Sarah Palin & Rush Limp-balls -&- apparently may have been a protégée' of Zig Brzezinsky since he [Obama] graduated in political science w focus on the USSR / Soviet Union from Colombia Univ in 1983, while Brzezinsky was a tenured Prof in Colombia's political science dept & a known expert on Russia / USSR. He then turns up as Candidate Obama's top foreign policy wonk. Old Zig{zag} helped ‘Set It Off’ in Afghanistan in 1979 - leading to the Russian invasion & rise [w US support] of the Mujahadeem / Taliban / Al-Qeada. In 1997 Brzezinsky wrote 'The Grand Chessboard' whose main thesis was that the US as the world's lone super-power should focus on Eur-Asia especially the Stans - which has VAST Mineral / Gas / Oil Wealth. And that US should deploy itself to prevent any alliance - especially between Russia & China [& even Iran & Turkey] that could challenge its objectives [of Full Spectrum Dominance] in the Eur-Asia-Stans. So where is Obama's War on Terror focused - Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran [w implications for Tagikastan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, etc - IE: the 'soft under-belly of Russia & at China’s Eur-Asia-Stan frontier] - IE: right where Old Zig{zag} talked about in /on his 'Grand Chess-board'.

Thus- the 2 party DEMs vs GOPs, liberal vs conservative, 'left vs right' paradigm is a STACKED DECK.

Beverly You're Right...

FUNNY - I CAN remember Bush ran as a so-called 'Compassionate Conservative', NCLB, & Family Values & returning dignity to the White-House [in the wake of Monica]. I can't remember what Gore ran on except that the Econ seemed to be doing fine from the Clinton years. He also spent much time holding Slick Willie {AKA: Sweet-Dick Willie} at bay because of the Monica embarrassment -BUT- Had he used Slick Willie just to hold down the fort in AK & TN- he would have made into the White-House. And as you said- He certainly didn't run on a Green Econ Platform. Yet as lack-luster as Gore was - he was almost a Soul-Brother compared to Kerry who was like the mummy. Probably 1/2 or more of Kerry's votes were Against Bush Jr - not for Kerry - who generated absolutely No Excitement. AND Remember- Kerry was fore-cast to do no better than 4th going into Iowa & pundits were saying if he didn't get at least 3rd- his run was done. The Dem primary race was supposed to be between Dean & Edwards - BUT Then Kerry seemingly rose from the grave to pull off a so-called 'upset' in Iowa. BUT Remember- Kerry is a distant relative of the Bushes & a fellow Skull & Bones-Man... In other word this Dems vs GOPs paradigm is a STACKED DECK. 

And may I add..

that the Dimocrap Elites essentially destroyed Howard Dean's presidential campaign.  How in the heck in the confines of the so-called free world can a politician let our a "scream" in the context of cheering on his supporters and have his candidacy sunk?  Only by a corrupt press and Dimocrap Party and ignorant Americans.  Berlusconni gets more pussy than Charlie Sheen, Sarkozy's wife posed nude and both have been linked to extramarital affairs, and Europeans respond to all of this with a "yaawwwnnnn."  Poor ignorant Americans, still getting off Plymouth Rock waiting for Cotton Mather to "restore their values."

Ironically, it took Dean's organizational skills as head of the Democratic Party to put Obama's sorry ass in the White House.  Dean resusciated the party appartus at the state levels, without which Mr. Teleprompter would have had no chance.


BTW, BAR was so pleased with my interview of Kendrick Meeks that they sent me on another assignment, this time to interview Obama and get his take on what he hopes for after the November elections, you heard it here first folks, before "Meet the Press":


I Add- They Over-Hyped the so-called 'Dean Scream' for Kerry

Enlightened Cynic - They [the real puppet-masters of political puppets on the ultimate stage-show] over-hyped the so-called 'Dean Scream' [though they started taking down Dean going into Iowa 2004] for Skull & Bones-man Kerry [as are Bush Jr/Sr].

Coming from Chicago I first heard the name Obama 15 yrs ago. The way for Obama to the US Senate was 'paved' when his potentially competitive GOP opponent's [Jack Ryan] personal life [why his former wife actress Jerri Ryan of 'Star Trek- Next Generation'- sued him for divorce] was revealed against both Ryans' wishes. It seemed odd to me at the time that a purely private but embarrassing [though non-criminal / non-notorious -yet- gossipy] personal matter - between a couple in Cali [who didn't want to talk about it & MUTUALLY had the divorced records sealed] - was ruled in Cali's court to be fair game for public consumption - potentially affecting the IL 2004 senate race [IE: benefiting Obama]. Another case in point [IE: the paving of the way for Obama's 2004 US-IL Senate run]: Carol Mosley Braun the former Dem US-IL senator & first & only Black woman ever in the US senate, had a good chance to re-claim her Dem IL senate seat in 2004. BUT- She decided to enter the  2004 Dem Pres primary instead - even though she had virtually NO Chance of making to the White-House. I also thought this odd & surmised [at that time] that she did this to divide the Black vote between her & Rev Sharpton. Now I'm convinced that the main reason was to pave the way for Obama's 2004 Dem US-IL senate run. Of course as soon as Obama got to the US Senate, He began preparing to run for the White-House. The MSM media had been prepping the public for a Black or woman Pres for several yrs [IE: the Black Pres in FOX's popular show '24' - Geena Davis & Glen Close portrayed Pres in recent yrs]. Apparently the power elites decided they needed to put a 'new face' on US imperialism after the Bushite NeoCons. So we got the Hillary / Obama Drama of the 2008 race. But word is the power elites decided against Hillary because Billary's negatives were so high [as many people hated the Clintons as liked them], while Obama was a fresh 'Black-face'

Yes, it should have been Edwards and Dean contest

I worked for Edwards in Iowa in 2004.  My first real campaigning ever.  Dean messed up a bit in Iowa because of all the young outsiders that showed up.  I talked to young Iowans who were genuinely afraid of the Deaniacs.  I think this allowed Kerry to gain momentum aided by the Dem machine and lots of money.  But the Edwards campaign had the big mo and I thought that if we had another week, he would have won.  I asked a famous Washington Post reporter about my idea of one more week and he said, "He only needed three more days". 

I think Dean could have recovered if the press had not pushed the "Dean Scream".  Although then the PTB would find some other way to corral either Dean or Edwards.  They seem to have something on everybody.  If we would just put a moratorium on sex scandals and give candidates a pass if they had an affair, we might come up with better candidates than the craptastic bunch we have now.  Of course it's weird the way Republicans can get away with sex scandals but not Dems.  Can someone explain this to me?

Obama's Red Carpet

Don't forget the Republican nomination of Alan Keyes, a Black conservative from another state, to run against Obama.

Really?  The Republicans couldn't come up with anyone but a crazy Black Christian conservative from another state?

Odd?    I'd say!

I Didn't Mention Keyes Cause He Was a Side-Show & Non-Factor...

Once Carol Mosley Braun so curiously 'chose' to run for President  instead of trying to regain her old US-IL senate seat in 2004 -&- then Jack Ryan's candidacy blew-up in his face after his private & sealed divorced records were curiously ruled to be unsealed - revealing embarrassing [but non-criminal] sexual activities; the US-IL senate seat was a done deal for Obama. Alan Keyes so-called candidacy was a joke, a sideshow, & a non-factor.


Gore Did Win

Actually, Gore did win the majority of the votes of the American people, including the ones in Florida.

He just lost the all-important Supreme Court vote.

One thing that lost him the votes of three people that I personally know, (including my liberal Democrat mother)  was his despicable betrayal of Elian Gonzalez, a little boy from Cuba whose mother died while taking him from his father and his home, to the US.

Al Gore, self-proclaimed devoted father, chose to screw little Elian in order to court the right-wing Cuban vote.  Those who wouldn't spit on Gore if he was on fire, as another of those I personally know put it.

"Sissies" and cynics

As usual, the World Socialist Website does a marvelous takedown of Obama, with an article anticipating more Obama Administration fecklessness:

Midterm elections to usher in further shift by Obama to the right

By Barry Grey
27 October 2010


"The element of manipulation in US elections is immense. Under conditions of a political monopoly of two right-wing big business parties, legally enforced by ballot access restrictions and a host of other barriers to third party campaigns, torrents of corporate campaign cash, and the exclusion of anti-capitalist views by the corporate-owned media, elections in America have far more to do with the ruling class’s recalibration of policy and changes in its governing personnel than with the democratic will of the people. The sentiments and desires of the people can find no genuine expression within the existing political framework."

Next Tuesday’s midterm elections are no exception. With Election Day less than a week away, it is clear that, whatever the precise breakdown of Democrats and Republicans in the new Congress and in statehouses across the country, the outcome of the vote will be a further shift to the right by the Obama administration."


Counterpunch joins in with an appropriate essay entitled:

The Sissy Left

Wimps Can't Win



"The Democrats fold to appease their unappeasable Republican enemies.  Across the country, in tight races in Florida, Oregon, Ohio and Colorado, they’re even running  away from their own at-risk Democratic candidates who loyally voted for ObamaCare health insurance.  Moral: You turn tail from bullies and they chase you into a dark alley and kick you to death. "

In answer to the question posed, I wouldn't bitch slap a Dummocrat, that's how pathetic they are.  Obama and the Dems bare a huge responsibility for empowering the right wing instead of vanquishing it to the dustbin of history.  For those who choose lesser-evilism I have disdain.  Any way you slice it America is going to enter an Age of Austerity and punish the poorest and must vulnerable people in this country, that would be Blacks and other minorities.  I can't wait tell Obama's Cat Commission proposes it's cuts to Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. If there is no reaction by the public then you can kiss the baby good bye.  Facism will have triumphed, Blacks will be increasingly marganilized to the point of invisibility.  I can't believe the stupidity of people who refuse to see the cooperation between Dems and the GOP in gutting the social safety net and privitizing education. 

The Dems are actually worse than the Rethugs.  At least with the Rethugs you know what you up against and fighting factions can organize, with the Dems its:  "I've meet the enemy and he is us."

Let the system crash.  Post-November 2010, expect either gridlock of historical proportions or cave-ins by Obama and the Dummocrats, --the "Pussies"-- of historical proportion.  We're fucked either way.  I say, "let the crash begin, the suspense is killing me."

I still think Conyers is a

I still think Conyers is a great guy. His point about impeachment was one that reasonable people might differ on.

I'm not sure about the Dream Act.

People defend Democrats on a case by case basis.

Insanity, criminality, and Arbeiten macht frei.


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 

(Albert Einstein)


“Election Day is mental illness in plain view — unabashed, unfettered lunacy not even trying to masquerade as sanity. If we woke up, it would take perhaps 3-5 seconds to recognize this: Obama is a heinous criminal. His Republican rivals (sic) are heinous criminals.


Then again, the same can be said for the volunteer soldiers and all those who give the orders; the law enforcement types and all those who give the orders; the judges; the professional liars who stock the media ranks; and, of course, the humans that comprise the power structure of Corporate America.”

(Micky Z. Dissident Voice, 28 Oct)


And for those warped fanatics of political correctness:


“The purpose of Newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits of Ingsoc, but to make other modes of thought impossible. ...This was done partly by the invention of new words, but chiefly by eliminating undesirable words... .”


So war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.

Also, invalids and cripples are differently abled, the blind are visually impaired, and the insane merely see the world differently than the rest of us–like Charlie Manson, for example.

Well said

You laid out exactly what I've been saying to my craven Obama lovin' aquaintances.

"Sissies" in Dummocrat Party about to get bitch-slapped

Mr. "Bipartisanship" is about to get a GOP dick shoved up him.


John Boehner: GOP 'Not Looking for Compromise' If They Take the House

by Andy Barr

A GOP House could still be up against a Democratic Senate as well as President Barack Obama in the White House. Some analysts predict that divided government will lead to more compromise, but in an interview with Sean Hannity on the conservative's radio show, Boehner said that wouldn't necessarily be the case.

"This is not a time for compromise, and I can tell you that we will not compromise on our principles," Boehner said.

The Ohio Republican said the GOP would work with Obama "to the extent the president wants to work with us, in terms of our goals."

There are now at least two questions I want answered before going to my grave, the first one yall know:  "How did GWB do wtf he wanted?" The second one is: "What on earth posessed Obama to think the Rethugs would "compromise" with him and make his Black ass successful?"  And this dumb-ass perpetrating as a Haa vud Law Review Editor still believes this shit?  Dude is deranged.  (Maybe I already answered my second question). 

Reminds me of that old saying, "If he was only half the man his mama was."  lol


Boehner (should be pronounced like it's spelled) is just whistling in the wind.  The real threat to bipartisanship is us in the Tea Party.  Now that blood's in the water and our numbers are growing, the GOP should be just as worried as the Democrats that we won't be satisfied sharing power.

HA!. Dummocrats slay their own, friggen cannibals

Bev, I see you one and raise you two. Here's the latest craven, cynical act by the Dims, just saw it on John King's CNN:

King reported that the "First Black" President Bill Clinton went down to Florida and tried to convince Black politician Kendrick Meeks to drop out of the Fla. Senate Race. Want me to say it again, Clinton asked Meeks to quit the race so former Republican Gov Charlie Crist could beat Mark Rubio.  Should we defend the Dummocrats?  Shit, the question is will these bitches defend their own?  Oh, this happened over a week ago and King reported that Obama knew about it.  ROFLMAO!!!

Who's Bill doing a favor for?  Crist? What about the Governorship of Florida that would tip Dim if the Black vote was enticed to the polls by Meeks candidacy??  Bill is probably fucking Obama's dumbass to the benefit of Hillary and stupid ass Barack don't even get it.  This guy is more than an empty suit and cipher and party and "race" traitor, he's a fucking idiot.  Watch Hillary contest Obama in 2012. There might just be a "Draft Hillary" movement following the Obama trainwreck, especially if needed to neutralize Palin's dumbass. (Have yall noticed how quiet and selective Hillary has been in her appearances? Maybe some Haa vud grads are smarter than others? lol)

Remember, Obama's goons tried to strong arm the Black Governor of NY, Patterson, into not running for reelection.  Now Patterson from what I can see on the outside looking in ain't much to fight for, but tell me who's going to replace him and do so much better?  Remember the wonderful folks of Illinois had Blago for a governor. 

Why are Black folk beholden to Black politicians like the Wimp & Back Stabber-in-Chief-Obama, he obviously don't give a damn about them and their political reps, what's yall problem??  LOL

Utterly amazing to the point of fascination that so many Harvard, Yale and Ivy League grads are peppered throughout Obama's cabinet, and kitchen-cabinet, his advisors and top administrators, but these ass holes should have went to Falwell's Liberty University at the rate they're going.  "Smart Power" my ass. Or perhaps they should have got degrees via email from Costa Rica, Ph.D.s in bullshit and backstabbing, all of them. 

The Dummocrats are imploding right before our eyes.  Took a lot of hard work to fuck up the momentum they had.  If I were president I would have unleashed each and every apparatus of state-craft, bully-pulpit, rule-making authority, Executive Order, secret Presidential findings, at my disposal to crush the Rethugs's asses, but no, two years after a landslide, the Dims are so weak they're fucking their own.  UNBELIEVABLE.  Defend the Dummocrats when they do their level best to fuck their own?  SHOVE IT DUMMOCRATS, YOU SORRY BASTARDS.

How are they better than Rethugs, when they're promoting Rethugs against long time party members????  The question of supporting these losers shouldn't even be raised under the circumstances.

Poor wittle ol Barack, going down in history as a catastrophic failure, asleep at the wheel, lost w/o the teleprompter, almost feel sorry for the lil punk. NOT!!!!!  LOL

p.s.  I wonder how the folks in Kendrick's Congressional Dist. are digesting this, wonder if Miami Herald's Mr. Pitts will share his wisdom with us? BAR:  please send someone to Miami to see how the Negroes digested all of this, see if this betrayal has awakened them from their slumber?  That would be a great assignment for you guys, it might give some insight on how really ass out, psychologically battered and lost Black folks are?  What'd you say?

AND-Obama Did this to the Bro Running vs Bloomberg for NYC Mayor

Remember the Black Dem Bill Thompson almost pulled of an amazing upset against 'so-called' independent billionaire Mike Bloomberg - who literally bought the NYC Mayor's seat. I don't think Bro Thompson spent even 1/20th the money Bloomberg did because the DNC & Obama refused to support him. Had they done so he likely would have won - because no-one was really enthusiastic about Bloomberg. New Yorkers know better than any-one that he bought his way into NYC's Mayor-ship. 

Thus this is the 3rd time [or even the 4th time - word is that Obama favored Ginulious over Jessie Jackson Jr & Roland Burris in the Dem IL US Senate race - though Ginulious is a Dem] that 'Bro' Obama has pulled this crap on a fellow Black Dem.

Hogan's Heroes redoux: Kendrick Meeks as Sgt. Schultz

HA!!! Meeks is doing his best Sgt. Schultz impression.'

"I know nothing!"  ROFLMAO


Apparently, perhaps, maybe Meeks couldn't cut the deal he wanted, perhaps he wanted a seat at the "Big House," but they offered him the "Out House?"  Stay tuned boys and girls. 


HA.  Glenn Beck told yall Obama was a Nazi.  Here's living proof, poor Sgt. Schultz er.. Kendrick Meeks.

Update No.1: BAR EXCLUSIVE!!!!

Listen up folks, BAR cub reporter/student intern, E.C., just got off the phone with Kendrick Meeks, after conducting an extensive interview regarding the Clinton rumor here's what Meeks had to say, you heard it here first folks, live and in color, before "Matt & Meredith" got the exclusive:


p.s.  Do yall suppose Meeks figured out that if he capitulated and sold out his Miami-Dade County voting base and the Dummocrat Party in general his goose was cooked politically?  That he'd written his political epithat?  Amazing that he even considered it. You don't need to go to Haa vud to have some street smarts. lol  There are farm boys in rural Iowa towns with a population of 200 with more street smarts than Obummer.  lol

I think I found the objective answer to the query

While you guys were out trick or treating, probably having to much fun and drinking too much, BAR cub reporter/unpaid intern, E.C.  was home conducting hard research and found this article on a recent poll.  Before I link and excerpt it let me say that I tried to explain to Black folks, again and again, to no avail, that the White Left Critique (frankly, aside from BAR was'nt much of a Black Left Critique) was censored by the MSM.  I tried to explain that not all Whites who were complaining about Obama were died-in-the-wool racists.  And actually I found another poll posted a Bradlog that leads me to the conclusion that the Tea Party is actually Bush's Base, regurigated, and aided and abetted by the MSM, an institution whose craven corruption and criminal malfesance matches that of our political and pundit class.

Robert Altemeyer wrote a book, available free on-line I believe, called the "Authoritarians."  It's worth taking at least 30 minutes to skim it, seriously.  If you do I promise you'll have a clearer understanding of the fabric of American politics.  As always, I tell and encourage my thinking friends to read the comments, not necessarily all, 100 or 300 is too much, even for this cub reporter, but get a flavor of what people think, especially because a lot of it is thoughtful, revealing, serious shit.  (oops, I didn't get that from the thesaurus):


Shock poll: Nearly half of Dems want a different nominee in 2012


"Among Democrats, 47 percent say Obama should be challenged for the 2012 nomination and 51 percent say he should not be opposed. Those favoring a contest include most who backed Hillary Rodham Clinton's unsuccessful faceoff against Obama for the 2008 nomination. The poll did not ask if Democrats would support particular challengers."

(Now do yall understand why  Bill's visit to Meeks which BILL'S camp reported to the Politico.com, and which Obama knew about, looks like another Obama pimping?)


II.  If you want to get some understanding, some appreciation of the extent to which the US Media is ethically, morally and criminally bankrupt, then go to Bradblog's article on recent polling that indicates that Tea Party Viewpoints are ON THE MARGIN OF political viewpoints regarding policies/programs.

" Poll: Extremist 'Tea Party' Represents Minority Fringe Views, As Media Ignore Majority Opinion "


"In all of the policy issues mentioned below, African-American, young American and low-income voters were far more in support of the particular policy than the rest of the general population of all voters. But even the general population of all voters vastly out-weighs Tea Party voters on these issues:

  • Whereas 65% of all voters support spending more on public education ... 41% of Tea Party sympathizers support more spending.
  • Whereas a majority of all voters (58%) support spending the same or more on income support programs such as Food Stamps for less well-off Americans ... Only 33% of Tea party sympathizers share that view.
  • Whereas 30% of all 2008 voters strongly favor ending combat operations on Iraq and Afghanistan ... Only 17% of Tea Party sympathizers strongly agree"

Read the entire article and pass it along folks. Let people know how the media is conning them, telling outright lies about the "strength" and "universality" of Tea Party planks and platforms.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the "Tea Party as Mainstream American Movement and Sentiment on Public Policy" is one of the biggest media frauds and propaganda coups since Wm. Randolph Hearst conned Americans into war with his "Yellow Journalism," or the British Intelligence swaying US public opinion into swallowing WWII. If you still "believe in" and "trust" what you see, hear and read from Mainstream publications et. al. than you deserve what you get.  "Liberal Media?"  Liberal media my ass.

In case you think you are going to get honest, meaningful news, objective and factual news, problem solving analysis, think again.  As I alluded to the MSM is having a friggen field day, their coffers have never been so plump.  Some are calling the flush of cash a "Broadcaster Bailout."  Again, you will not, in any way, shape or form see truthful, meaningful, honest criticism of Citizens United by the MSM, they are reporting this 3 ring circus activity all the way to the bank.


$3 Billion spent during the worst recession in history, corporations sitting on over $1.2 Trillion in cash, $23 Trillion and counting to Wall St. crooks, no COLAS for seniors last 2 years.  And not a single person (other than the sacrificial lamb Madoff, prosecuted) Isn't it clear what we're dealing with? By the way folks, Bernanke is going to make a decision on Quantitative Easing II the day after the Midterms that will far outweigh the outcome of this election.


Footnote:  The Autoritarians


Please read at least some of this folks to understand what we're dealing with.  Altemeyer offers some ways to confront it. I think you will also agree with me that he's describing the Tea Party and last that the Tea Party is actually "Bush's Base" regurgitated.

Amazing that 2 years in the Obama Presidency and Bush's Base is not just resurrected, but also, aided and abetted by MSM ,calling the shots.


The strategy of this new class of right wing anarchist -that the Anglo American establishment is installing in congress- is simple. The goal is to speed up the process of "starving the beast," (big guberment spending) in order to instigate a chaotic collapse of the U.S. by way of a default on government debt at the state and federal levels. The right wingers (in both parties) can then restructure society into a fascist utopia of mass privatization of public infrastructure and institutions, then reinstate slave wages/benefits and cut services for the serfs. China and the federal reserve are the biggest owner's of our governments debt.

Think Obama's gonna save ya?

The current administration has its Erskine Bowles, Al Simpson, Paul "Privatizer" Ryan, and Andy "Saul Alinsky" Stern led death panels waiting in the wings for cooperation with austerity vampires like Sharon Angle, Rand Paul, Christine "The Witch" O'Donnell, fat nazi's like Chris Christie of NJ, and V.alue A.dded T.ax advocates like Mitch Daniels (R) Indiana.

Alan Simpson: "Social Security Is Like a milk Cow with 310 Million Tits!"


THANK GOD that some semblance of governance that some of the founding father's purposely set up, is still in place. Expect massive gridlock and ungovernability, smear campaigns and coup attempts on a level not seen since the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, 9/11, and the bank bailouts. If this depression continues, then there's a possibility of our democratic institutions folding and this country falling into the hands of right wing demagogues.

Depression=>Dictatorship=>World War (with Russia & China)

Remember the Weimar Republic.

Hillary 2012?

Clinton to stump in RI for 'shove it' Dem Caprio

October 31, 2010

⁠PROVIDENCE, R.I.—Former President Bill Clinton is making a campaign stop in Rhode Island for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio, who said President Barack Obama could "shove it" for not endorsing him.


Bill Clinton's 'retribution tour' against Barack Obama

By Toby Harnden


New Ulsterman Report: Obama Agitated And Unresponsive; West Wing In "Bunker Mentality"

October 14, 2010 • 9:53AM

In the latest "Ulsterman" report emanating from a White House Insider, the White House source describes an "explosive confrontation" between First Lady Michelle Obama and members of the White House Staff, while describing President Obama as "unresponsive" and "agitated," and the paranoia among the White House staff as hitting "an all-time high".

Ulsterman provided the following qualification of the report: "This email came to us yesterday afternoon. As of publication, our White House Insider has been unable to confirm the specific details of this report. This account is based solely upon information they received from one or more staff currently within the White House. Here is that email in its entirety with the exception of personal information regarding the Insider that was withheld."

The emailed report reads as follows: (Initials are apparently references to Michelle Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton.)

"Sorry for delay in getting back to you. [personal information not included] Situation very fluid RE elections, WH, Obama, etc. Received something you may find interesting RE First Lady. M.O. has become increasingly aggressive w/staff at WH. Recent blowout took place involving First Lady screaming (exact word used) at staff member. Said something to effect — 'You are either with us or against us. One or the other.' Also heard to say that 'the country doesn't deserve us' to more than one member of WH. Apparently M.O. convinced Emmanuel has staff leaking information to him or fears that. Not sure what she fears from R.E. specifically but working to find out. Believes he may be dealing directly with Clintons? VJ's role has increased dramatically in recent weeks even more than it already was. Axelrod diminished. Also told Gibbs very much out of favor with M.O. may be gone soon. Developing.

"West Wing is increasingly in bunker mentality these days. President remains unresponsive/agitated while at W.H., repeats that he 'wants to be out speaking to the people.' Staff paranoia at all time high. Fear of H.C. described as 'palpable.' President DID offer VP spot to her. CONFIRMED AGAIN. Have more specifics on that developing but not ready to share yet. Will say it appears H.C. considering VP offer. B.C. wants her to run for Pres. in '12 though. Developing.

"Will have more in coming days. [personal information not included] Talk in person then."


Poor wittle Ba wock wiving in a bubble that's about to burst

N.C. and Mike Green, great posts.

N.C., I'm left with the inescapability of some "arm chair" psychoanalysis of Barack Obama. Is he certifiable, is he even more inherently weak than I thought, has he sold out to White America, is there an Elite White person to whom he's not fearful or deferential too?  Based on the "insider" email, looks like Michelle is the only one with some "nigga" in her???

How in heavens name could Obama not only hire these bastards (the Clintoniastas), who tried to play the subtle race card against him at times, whom he fought him tough and nail, who were contemplating a convention challenge, who were masters at triangulation and not real progressive change, who suffered and learned through 8+ years of the Rethuglicans ripping their eyeballs out about dirty politics, who are schemers extraordinaire--how could he hire so many of them and not learn shit from them?

Either Obama was/is out of his league (he was/is) or he has a serious mental problem, or perhaps the CIA still has a chip implanted in his brain.  Obama is living in a bubble, and its fascinating for me to seek explanations how that is so?  Interestingly, with all the Clintonistas in his administation (and all the Bush left behinds that I'll address later) how on earth could Obama not received better advice on health care reform?  Frankly, Obama would have been better with phased, concrete changes, rather than catastrophic overhaul. I mean the government still refuses to use its buying power to neogiate drug prices! Wasn't that the least of the lessons the Clintonistas learned? Phasing shit in??  So what is it N.C., is Obama living in a bubble or are the Clintoniastas that slick?  Apparently Michelle don't think they that slick?

Paranoia?  Too late for that, that trait should have been operative from day one.  Obama destroyed himself, and unfortunately the progressive movement and the last shreds of liberal politics and has no one to blame for himself.  He has neither vision nor fight, and he's convinced himself that being the first "Black" president is proof of post-racial America.  I would feel sorry for him but he's too intelligent and devious to get off with pity. 

I tried and tried to tell Black people that when Obama threw Rev. Wright under the bus they should have had an epiphany?  How many of their sorry asses would have threw their pastor and so-called spiritual advisor under the bus to win the House or the Senate?  They wouldn't.  They ignorantly copped to identify politics, ignoring the role and purpose of ALL presidents --White supremacy and the status quo-- and our "reward" is a symbol without either substance or meaning.  Wow.    In attacking Rev. Wright with his speech chocked full of lies, Obama whitewashed the history of bigotry and regressiveness that WE ARE WITNESSING AND FEELING RIGHT NOW, it was an ABSOLUTE BETRAYAL by not only Obama but Black folks themselves.  We are getting our just desserts.

Sadly, these motherfuckers--Dimocraps and Rethugs-- are about to put the screws to our asses.  It's gonna be, sad to say, every man or woman for his or herself, unless and until the deprivations birth a new paradigm of community action and collective works, meaning banding together for basic survival.

People need to read this and read this again, and again, and read the  Arthur Silber insertion as well.  Sad and ironic that it took two White male bloggers to break down the truth.

People need to understand:  fucking Rev. Wright was a paradigm shift and a victory of evil and ahistoricism. It was an act of political and historical suicide.  Way to many of you allowed Obama to "hush" 400+ years of oppression.  Hope it was worth it??? (if you had no problem with Obama's whitewashing then you shouldn't say shit about the Texas School Board's whitewashing of history, they pretty much the same).  Looks like Post-Racial America turned out to be a premature ejaculation, huh??  And you know what's equally "funny" and fascinating?  It's the Negroes who cheered and hollered when Obama threw Rev. Wright under the bus that are the FASTEST to claim all White critique of Obama is racist?  We lived in a fucked up bizarro world, ladies and gents.

Van Overboard: Obama's Problem With Strong Black Voices




Written by Chris Floyd   

Monday, 07 September 2009 09:47




"If one actually takes the trouble to read Wright's remarks before the Press Club -- which almost no journalist in America did, although they are easily available at the Washington Post's web site -- it is difficult to see what in God's name all the brouhaha is about. Even Wright's most "controversial" remarks -- about AIDS, Louis Farrakhan and, in Obama's words, "equating America's wartime efforts with terrorism" -- are couched in plausible contexts, and are actually more nuanced than the, well, caricature of them that Obama condemned. Most ludicrous of all were Obama's hysterics about the "divisiveness" of Wright's remarks, when the theme of racial and cultural and religious reconciliation was sounded over and over throughout the appearance.

At any rate, let's do something really radical here. Let's actually see what Wright actually said. The quotes below are from the WP transcript. Now, I realize that reading a transcript is different from watching a "spectacle," as Obama put it, on the Tee-Vee. ... But still, there are scattered pockets out there where words still mean something, so let us consult the text. Here's Wright on the "black church":

Well do you damn pentience and go on and read the rest of the essay. As Malcolm would say the chickens have come home to roost. I hope everyone that co-signed their "own" sellout, the erasure of their historical grievances, the whitewashing of American Exceptionalism, Euro-centric cultural supremacy, and Imperial Crimes, I hope you enjoying that shit now.  One some days, it's hard for me to feel sorry for you but I got to live with you fucks, and since I don't have 10 years supply of bullets stocked up, that means we are all in this together.

Happy Holidays, probably be your last one.  Enjoy it.

p.s.  Some of yall's punishment and possible redemption for selling your soul like Obama should be to read Floyd and Silber every night for the next week and pass it along to at least 3 friends.  That might atone for your monumental fuck up.  Because, as C.N. wrote, Obama can't save your sorry asses. Obama's bubble is about to burst, but our bubble is about to EXPLODE.


p.s.s.  "Well he can't be the president for just black folk he got to be the president for everybody."  HA, see how that shit's going.

Don't know about the "truth" but I do know crony capitalism

I wouldn't be surprised that Watters used her connections, that's what polittricks is all about.  The sheeple thinks it's "we the people," the trickster thinks it's "me, myself and I."  For the record, Black political corruption is miniscule when compared to White political corruption.  Black folks get indicted for what Whites consider "business as usual."

I also suspect this is a mechanism to divert attention away from the real bank gansters who stole $23 Trillion while Watters was struggling righteously to keep a small Black institution afloat.  The White boy is trying to smear Watters with the "bailout" stain, the White boys want to get all of the inside deals and crony capitalist beneifts for themselves, like "Ambassador"  Peter Galbraith working a $100 million dollar deal.  It's not exactly capitalism for one, capitalism for all.

This is no different than the Anglo-Zionist elites trying to smear Blago.  "Selling" the Illinois Senate seat is what politicians do.  Are Americans that fucking stupid, that morally bankrupt and confused?   WTF do yall think Clinton was doing with Meeks, giving him campaign advice on how to win or buying his support? More personality politics polluting the public discourse. It's quid pro quo all day all the time.  I frankly wish more Negroes would get in on the gambit, the White boys have no compunction, in fact they think it's their "right" and "entitlement."  Of course if Watters was screwing the Haitians in the process, that speaks for itself. 

It's like athletes and the NCAA.  I applaud Reggie Bush, why shouldn't HIS family cash in on HIS fame and worth?  My only regret is that he and his family didn't get MORE money.  But see, it's "natural" and okay for the bars, restaurants, USC, the NCAA,  the hotels, the real estate agents, the networks to cash in, that's "Capitalism" white man style, the Negro should just shut up, suit up and play ball....Sure, wel'll give them a Heisman, or an Emmy or an Oscar or a Pulitzer, just don't fuck up the architect of the real system.  Ask Clarence Page and Eugene Robinson if you don't believe me?  LOL



Chris Floyd gives kudos to Mr. Dixon and cub reporter, E.C.

Chris Floyd and Arthur Silber, two of the best bloggers alive, should be part of your daily reading.  If you want real insight check em out.  Check out his take on the latest "terror alert."  My thoughts exactly.  Shits looking more and more like Bush "color code" alerts.  Troops in Yemen and Somalia, an intelligence apparatus that hires more than a million people at a cost of billions, how did the shit get on the planes?  And usually the "mastermind" is some semi-retarded Muslim or African American "homegrown" terrorists.  Shit would be comical if the consequences weren't so "real."  I thought "Christians" were fearless?  Daniel in the Lion's Den and all that.  However, the "Christian Nation" is occupied by some of the scariest twits on the planet.  I doubt Jesus would have wanted any of today's so-called Christians at Gethsemane, you would have sold him out before the owls or moths alight for the night, let alone before the cock crowed.  "Onward Christian cowards, marching as to war..."



First Bad Deal Gone Down: Origins of the Current Democratic Debacle




Written by Chris Floyd   

Monday, 01 November 2010 15:30

If you don't grasp the Rev. Wright sellout, by Obama and Black America alike, you'll never "get it." Blame Obama's demise on "racism?"   Puhleez, blame your misfortunes on your own sell out.  Everyone  cheerleading Obama's Rev. Wright speech is complicit in the surge of racism, complicit in the evaporating antiwar movement, complicit in neo-liberal economic policies, complicit in the rebirth of "Bush's Base."  After all, yall told the rednecks, proclaimed to the mountain top in your loudest voices that Blacks had NO MORE GREIVANCES.  Obama will be fine.  He joined the millionaire's club before he joined the WH. The CBC members, Jealous at NAACP, Jackson, Sharpton, Corey Booker, et. al. those Negroes are "building their resumes" as I peck away.   They won't be feeling the recession anytime soon. Soon to join the ranks of Andrew Young another "post-racial" vaunted, former Civil Rights "leader."  Racism is alive and well, but identify politics is horseshit.

"Hail to the Chief."  "The King can do no wrong, God bless the King."  Suck it up, it's called karma.  LOL

We're gonna take out all house slave negros in the U.S.---------

----> One local election at a time..


If you vote for the DemonRATs and don’t vote Freedom Party on Nov. 2nd (Today), your wages, jobs, benefits and services will be CUT. Your home will get fraudclosed on. Your small business will be shutdown. Prices and taxes on everything from transportation, rent, food, you name it, will go through the roof! Public infrastructure will be privatized and sold to the highest bidding multinational corporation. There may even be riots and mass protest like you’ve seen in France and Greece.

People have to get it through their heads that either YOU’RE going to pay for the financial crisis in order to close these billion dollar budget deficits, or the rich, bailed out zombie bankers and hedge fund hyenas will. It’s either them or us!

There is only one candidate who will make the hedge fund hyenas pay!

Freedom Party!
Freedom Party!
Freedom Party!
Freedom Party!
Freedom Party!
Freedom Party!
Freedom Party!
Freedom Party!
Freedom Party!


“The Racism Is In The Budget.”

A Interview With Governor Barron:

By John Tarleton


Freedom Party!
Freedom Party!
Freedom Party!
Freedom Party!
Freedom Party!
Freedom Party!
Freedom Party!
Freedom Party!
Freedom Party!


Michael Otto


Attorney General Ramón Jiménez


Thanks to Michael Otto, Bail Out The People, and South Bronx Community Congress!

Black Tea

Inspired by Obama and enraged by Cuomo, Charles Barron seizes an opportunity for a new black power

By Edward-Isaac Dovere

Page 1


Page 2


Page 3


Page 4


I voted for Charles Barron (absentee ballot) and

my family  member will vote for him today so Freedom Party can be automatically on next ballot, as well as Barron being closest to my political views of anyone on the ballot.  (I'm a Jew.)  I voted for one Dem. (state sen.) but on Working Families party's line.  I posted about it elsewhere.  I keep my Dem. registration so I can vote in primaries.

  To those who say, "don't vote", I ask:  why are the Tea Party now and Republicans, then and now, working so hard on voter suppression, particularly in precincts/districts that are largely people of color (and college campuses)?   I was pleased to hear Ralph Nader speak on DemNow this morning about how "craven" the Republicans are, as well as the Dems being corporate now.   (I never voted for him, but did follow his car advice in 1970)

Never been a believer in the "phoenix theory" of politics -

I have never been a believer in what I call the "phoenix" theory of politics, that is: things will get so bad in the US, the majority will get active to make major change for better government.  I am glad that I was in my 20s and involved in the 1960s, an activist in a small way.  I think I tend to look at history somewhat as Howard Zinn does in You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train, his autobio and my favorite book: there will always be good people in the worst of times and you never know what action, however small, that you take - how it can effect someone else in a positive way.  I applaud all the activists of all ages who are gearing up and/or continuing their work right now.  

Great article

"is Democratic control of Congress as we have known it the last four years worth defending at all? "

In a word, no.


@Brutal Truth:

I, too must answer with a resounding "NO"!