U.S.-Sponsored Genocides: From Guatemala to Congo

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

Guatemala has put its U.S.-backed genocidal maniac on trial, but Washington continues to protect its agents of mass murder in the Democratic Republic of Congo. “There is no auditorium big enough to hold the all the living Americans who should justly be charged with genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.”


U.S.-Sponsored Genocides: From Guatemala to Congo

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

The genocide would have been impossible without the United States.”

The man who unleashed a genocide against the Maya Indians of Guatemala, former dictator and general Efrain Rios Montt, went on trial for his crimes against humanity in Guatemala City, this week. By all rights, the 86 year-old Montt should be joined in the dock by scores of still-living United States officials, including former President George Bush the First.

Back in 1954, the CIA overthrew the reformist government of President Jacobo Arbenz, whose land reform measures had angered the United Fruit Company. The U.S. termination with extreme prejudice of Guatemalan democracy ultimately led to a 36-year rebellion and civil war, with the Americans backing a succession of dictators. General Montt was the most monstrous. In the 1980s, his regime declared total war on the Mayan people of the country’s highlands. Whole villages were massacred and entire regions laid waste as the military attempted to drain the human sea in which the guerilla movement swam. Army documents show clearly that the native Maya were targeted for extermination because of their ethnicity; that all Maya – a majority of Guatemala’s population – were considered enemies of the state. Rios Montt is the first Latin American former head of state to be charged with genocide in his own country.

However, this crime is not Rios Montt’s, alone. The genocide would have been impossible without the United States, which had run the show in Guatemala since 1954 and had armed the general to the teeth. The U.S. corporate media like to call President Ronald Reagan the “Great Communicator” but, in Guatemala, he was the Great Exterminator, encouraging and financing General Rios Montt’s orgy of mass murder. Reagan described the racist butcher as “a man of great personal integrity and commitment” who was “getting a bum rap.” All told, a quarter million or more Guatemalans died in the 40 years since the CIA robbed them of their democracy and independence.

The Maya were targeted for extermination because of their ethnicity.”

In 1999, when the civil war was over, President Bill Clinton apologized for the harm done to Guatemala by the United States. But by then, Clinton had already set in motion a far larger genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo – a U.S.-sponsored holocaust that has so far claimed 6 million lives. In a just world, Slick Willie would join an auditorium full of Obama, Bush and Clinton administration operatives who, over the space of 16 years, made eastern Congo the charnel house of the planet. Susan Rice would have a place of prominence in this vast assemblage of criminals, as among the most culpable for the worst bloodbath since World War Two.

In fact, there is no auditorium big enough to hold the all the living Americans who should justly be charged with genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. There are too many – great crowds of them from each administration, especially in the last ten years, since the invasion of Iraq. Imperialism in its last stages maintains an ever-lengthening Kill List.

Guatemala is coming to grips with its past, in a trial that will probably last a few months. The United States has an infinity of crimes to answer for. For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to BlackAgendaReport.com.

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Who will bear the Burden in the heat of the day?

I find it very interesting that many of us in the black community have not realized that we have a subordinate status in every society of the world.  As stated by the racist poet Rudyard Kipling ‘Whiteman burden,’ the new American doctrine has now adopted a new Masonic vision since the invasion of the Philippines to bring democracy to the world.  No matter how much the darker people of the world claim that they have achieved independency we remain a subordinate class especially black people all over the world.  The reaction by the Western media presupposes that this notion is true because the Western elites have educated the darker people societies bourgeoisies to become great mouthpiece for the ruling Western elite nobility.   This should not be a shock and awe for all people of Africans and African descent and especially of the United States.  The evidence is available for anyone who wants to see that the emperor has no clothes, president Barrack Obama as a ceremonial figure backed by the Congressional Black Caucasus blindly and eagerly supporting Western elites agenda to achieve and bring democracy to the less developed countries of the darker people of the world.  So much for civilized behavior among intellectually advanced societies.  They say that education is fundamental and a necessary tool to prepare us for the future but the reality is very clear and transparent for the rest of us most of these educational institutions and the best universities recruit fascist supporters and war criminals; Georgetown-Henry Kissinger, Stanford-Donald Rumsfeld, and Condoleezza Rice, UC-Berkeley- John Yoo and much more to keep us in line.  I wonder what school will recruit Susan Rice after she completes her genocidal commitment.  These and other western institutions that educate our children and prepare us for the future, have replaced chattel slavery for wage slavery, they scatter us like cattle and confuse us with bread and circuses while keeping us numb on quantum life support.  We have given these institutions legitimate authority over us to educate and dictate what’s acceptable for the masses to the extent after we have received our diplomas and/or degree papers we transfer that authority by renting ourselves to the business community in order to survive. 

Kecerdasan Konsumen

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