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U.S. Coming Apart at the Seams

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    Cynthia McKinney
    by Cynthia McKinney
    The former Georgia Congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate was last weekend awarded the Munich American Peace Committee Peace Prize. “Those of us who have stepped outside of the ‘acceptable’ political paradigm,” she said, “must be willing to break bread with one another and find common ground on which we can operate.”
    U.S. Coming Apart at the Seams
    by Cynthia McKinney
    Ms. McKinney delivered the following remarks at a peace conference in Munich, Germany, February 6.
    Blacks and Latinos are currently experiencing the greatest loss of wealth in recent U.S. history.”
    The most recent official report on employment states that 85,000 U.S. jobs were lost in the month of December. Everything I have read indicates that things are going to get a lot worse in the United States before they get better.
    Already, the United States has slipped to 7th in the world’s best places to live, behind France, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, and New Zealand. The U.S. place in the world will slip more than that in the future if the brakes are not put on current trends.
    The United States is rapidly becoming a country even more divided:
    Over 31% of Puerto Ricans live in poverty, making them the poorest ethnic group in the U.S. Meanwhile the war on Latinos continues with police harassment, racial profiling, and deportations of the undocumented--for driving, if you can believe that.
    Approximately 166 legal cases winding their way through U.S. courts target Palestinians in the United States who were trying to help Palestine, and they are being prosecuted with new laws that would have been unthinkable a generation ago—like the Secret Evidence Act. My sister, Lynne Stewart, an activist lawyer of conscience, sits in a U.S. prison right now because she dared to represent a Muslim cleric who ran afoul of the U.S. What a message that sends to other lawyers committed to the notion that everyone at least deserves a fair trial.
    According to United for a Fair Economy, whose work I adore, Black unemployment is now at 14.7 percent compared to 8.7 % for whites. And in 2007, for every dollar of white wealth, a black family had just one dime.
    U.S. schools today are more segregated than in the 1950s.”
    From the sub-prime banking scam alone, because of mortgage foreclosures, Blacks and Latinos are currently experiencing the greatest loss of wealth in recent U.S. history because 53% of blacks and 47% of Latinos were saddled with sub-prime mortgages, as compared to only 26% of whites. The greedy banking class were in a feeding frenzy, feeding on black and brown hopes to become a part of the American Dream.
    According to a recent study, U.S. schools today are more segregated than in the 1950s. In our most diverse state, California, one-half of black and Asian students attend segregated schools, as do one fourth of Latino and Native American students.
    And, young black girls are experiencing unwanted sterilizations and other complications because of forced vaccinations with an experimental drug in these schools.
    In 1954, the Supreme Court found that segregation inherently meant “unequal.”
    Correspondingly, schools in low-income areas are highly unequal with not even the slightest remediation of the root societal causes that strongly affect student performance.
    This of course feeds quite nicely into the prison-industrial complex that is a nice money-maker for those with the disposable income to invest in the private prisons of the U.S., or are lucky enough to have a business that contracts with the prisons to employ U.S. inmates for pennies an hour.
    Yes, the United States, imprisoning more people than any country on the planet, has become an incarceration nation, but only for certain people. Be suspected of being a Latino driving without a drivers license and you can get stopped and deported for having one tail light bulb that’s out; but Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama can order the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents all over the planet and they walk around free without the worry of even a citizen’s arrest, let alone a warrant from a real, legal Tribunal.
    The U.S. has become an incarceration nation, but only for certain people.”
    Incredibly, Whites whose fortunes were sinking in the pile of unkept political promises and debilitating U.S. national debt were proselytized to by special interest media that hatred of the “other” was OK. There was little national outrage when Pat Robertson said that Hugo Chavez should be assassinated and then, more recently, when this man of the cloth opined that Haitians suffered so much because they made a deal with the devil to throw off French slavery.
    Incredibly, while a record number of Blacks are seeking emergency food assistance, and people of color are losing not only their homes, but their dreams too, FOX News and CNN propagandize that it is those “others,” those people of color who are responsible for the drowning of White America. And that includes President Obama who, one Southern Baptist preacher prayed to God should die. I wonder, who is his God?
    True to fashion, the news that is watched by most people in the United States refuses to tell the people the truth of the conditions facing too many in our country and why.
    However, according to Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, certain Whites also constitute part of the problem: according to her they are environmentalists and white supremacists. Interestingly, hatred spewing from the likes of special interest television hosts seems OK as long as they buy into the Republican/Democrat political paradigm and stay there.
    Napolitano’s enemies of the state, White supremacists and environmentalists, left that conformist paradigm over two generations ago. And I believe that any of us who leave that paradigm, and begin to think for ourselves and then act politically on our own independent, critical analysis can begin to put our country on the road to real independence from the special interests that have overtaken every aspect of our governmental, legal, and political apparatus, and like a parasite, has sapped the life from our body politic.
    But leaving the acceptable political order puts us in the crosshairs of those whose position and power come from it.
    Leaving the acceptable political order puts us in the crosshairs.”
    And because the United States today is a rudderless, leaderless, divided society coming apart at the seams, now is the time more than ever that we need to employ what public schools in this country stopped supplying long ago: critical thinking about where we want to stand as a community of nations and where we in the United States want to stand as a country.
    And this brings me to the real winners in the midst of this socio-economic collapse. Most people spend so much time looking at the losers in such a scenario, and we must care about the innocent victims that pay the ultimate price in the grand political power plays of our day. But, we must not neglect taking the time to study who it is that is actually sneaking off with the stolen merchandise.
    There are real winners and they are the ones whom George Bush called his base: that is, the haves and the have mores.
    President Obama has hastened approximately 23.7 trillion of our hard-earned dollars to them. Therefore, the real purpose of our political activity must be to thwart the wholesale theft of a nation under the guise of “Hope,” “Change,” and “Yes we Can.”
    That is the only purpose our political activities must now be geared toward.
    It means then, that, those of us who have stepped outside of the “acceptable” political paradigm must be willing to break bread with one another and find common ground on which we can operate. My experience has been that such interactions only enhance future opportunities for positive political interactions.
    A careful read of the COINTELPRO papers will reveal that the biggest fear inside the government was that the interests of those who pulled the strings would get totally engulfed and swallowed up by Black people and White people coming together during that time, of the civil rights movement and beyond, and successfully pressing for a full justice agenda that encompassed both domestic AND foreign policies. If they were afraid of that then, I guarantee you they are still afraid of it, now.
    The real purpose of our political activity must be to thwart the wholesale theft of a nation under the guise of ‘Hope,’ ‘Change,’ and ‘Yes we Can.’”
    Secondly, the leadership of this new movement cannot be the leadership that is responsible for the death of the truth, justice, and peace movements inside the United States.
    Going to the same people who caused the problem by abandoning their publicly-stated convictions is not going to get us closer to the truth or peace.
    This means that we might have to thin our ranks, but we will at least know that those deep in the trenches with us are not sleeping with the enemy.
    Finally, we need a voting bloc that places peace and the budget priorities of peace and people’s needs above any other special interest. This voting bloc will not support any candidate running for office from The War Party. Because it should be crystal clear to everyone who cares about peace that we can’t get from here to where we want to be by doing what those who are responsible for this mess want us to do. We’ve got to do something different in order to take our country back and make our country better.
    The fact is that unless we are willing to step outside of the box of political conformity, we will continue to get what we’ve always gotten.
    Now, finally for the record, let me say that I left Congress, not because I wanted to, but because the special interests and the War Party wanted me out.
    What could I have possibly done to raise their ire?
    Well, for the twelve years that I was in Congress, I:
    1. Filed articles of impeachment against George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condoleeza Rice;
    2. Voted against every Pentagon appropriation, considering it immoral to spend so much money on war when millions of our children go to bed hungry every night;
    3. Defied Congressional Democratic Party leaders, by holding a Congressional Hearing exploring the role of race and class in the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina and introduced legislation to punish law enforcement that prevented the mostly Black citizens fleeing the floodwaters from crossing over from New Orleans into its mostly White suburbs;
    4. Wrote legislation to ban the importation of coltan from the Democratic Republic of Congo into the United States because of the horrific human rights abuses committed during its mining;
    5. Was the first Member of Congress to ask the Bush Administration of the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States, what did it know and when did it know it; and I
    6. Led the Congressional Black Caucus Task Force at the 2001 World Conference Against Racism, defying President Bush’s boycott.
    Currently, I am an endorser of the Brussels Tribunal that cooperated in the filing of a lawsuit in Spain against all the U.S. Presidents responsible for war crimes in Iraq.
    I participate in the Malaysia Peace Organization’s efforts to criminalize war, establish a War Crimes Tribunal, and hold leaders accountable for their wars.
    The pro-Israel Lobby was able to utilize all of its leverage inside both the Democratic and Republican parties target and oust me.”
    And in December of 2008, I tried to take humanitarian supplies to the people of Gaza after the start of Operation Cast Lead and the Israeli military rammed and destroyed our boat.
    In June 2009, I tried to take crayons to the children of Gaza and the Israelis hijacked our boat, kidnapped us, took us to Israel, where I spent seven days in an Israeli prison.
    I do with my body what I did with my Congressional office.
    I left Washington because the pro-Israel Lobby was able to utilize all of its leverage inside both the Democratic and Republican parties target and oust me. They ousted me because I dared to believe that all human beings, including Palestinians, have human rights.
    In 2007, at a peace rally in front of the Pentagon, I did what I am now asking one million U.S. voters to do: I declared my independence from a national leadership that had caused my country to become complicit in war crimes, torture, crimes against humanity, and crimes against the peace.
    I joined the Green Party and in 2008, ran for President of the United States. I traveled the length and breadth of my country and now I travel the world carrying a message of truth, justice, peace, and dignity. I spent approximately 10 of the 12 months in 2009 outside of the country.
    But, I’m being told now by my friends and supporters that it’s time to come back home. That the real heavy lifting is inside our country. That if we want life to be better for the people in the refugee camps all over the world, that we’ve got to change the policies coming out of Washington, D.C.
    I saw in Gaza, the indomitable spirit of humanity.”
    My very first campaign theme was “Warriors Don’t Wear Medals, They Wear Scars.” And I’ve borne my scars in public for all the world to see.
    And honestly, sometimes, I wonder if it’s worth it. I take a look at where the world is and I say what could I possibly do to stop this.
    And then, I think of the people of Gaza whom I saw after Israel’s Operation Cast Lead. I saw in Gaza, the indomitable spirit of humanity. Despite the pain, the murder, the killing, the destruction--I saw life. I experienced love.
    But we don’t have to go to Gaza to gain inspiration to continue to struggle. If we just dare to look into the eyes of the homeless man looking for a warm bed, or the tired face of a mother on her way to work at 6:00 in the morning when it’s still dark, if we would just dare to love the nameless human beings whose lives turn on the policies that powerful politicians choose to support or ignore, I know we can become inspired. And in the process, spark some bit of hope in the desperate and the hopeless.
    No one deserves to be hopeless.
    So, I’ve come a long way to be with you. And I thank you for the invitation.
    When we were organizing our “Emergency Anti-Afghanistan Escalation Rally” in front of the White House, one of my supporters reminded me of my own saying: "We must never give in when we are right."
    Peace is right and we must never give up.
    Thank you so much for giving me this time to share with you this evening.
    Cynthia McKinney can be contacted at


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    What can follow the DETROIT rendezvous

    Hi again, Cynthia. You'll remember Sylvie and I, perhaps, as organizers of One Dance: The People's Summit... at which you were a headliner with Michael Parenti and others in Santa Cruz, CA in 2004. No matter, if not. This is about TODAY and TOMORROW.

    What I proposed to Glen Ford and Margaret Kimberley as of this morn, I ask you to jump in on. First see what I posted on BAR:

    I deeply apprecciate the efforts and accomplishments of BAR as I expressed in a private missive to Margaret Kimberley of BAR this morning. That said, I'd like to underscore that BAR's concerns with $ to get thru the summer, etc. can be addressed satisfactorily if BAR will join hands with me in solidarity to implement a NJ and/or NY version of what's delineated at I am certain of that. [Pause.] I recently noted that an experienced activist attending the Detroit gathering expressed the notion that the whole shebang would be worthwhile simply because people had had a rendezvous in peace to network, etc. NO. A big no. We no longer have the luxury to plant seeds that will not bloom in time. Such a comment shows no acknowledgment of our having deadlines, serious deadlines on several fronts. As things stand, nothing significant enough will be advanced with Detroit. I submit that we are documenting and "meeting" (with summits, conferences) ourselves to death IN LIEU OF TAKING MEANINGFUL ACTION which follows a new paradigm. A new model of action must be embraced whether or not it's in the form of my TOSCA (link given above) or something else. PLEASE... I would like Glen Ford to contact me once again... so that we can move in solidarity on a basis that will serve BAR's purposes. For that will be moving along a path that will benefit one and all. I am prepared to work 24x8 on the thrust of what I am laying out here. Richard Martin Oxman at or at 831-688-8038 in Aptos, CA at any hour. Glen... Margaret... anyone, please.


    I humbly and respectfully request a rendezvous with you, Glen, Margaret et al. to discuss a plan of action which follows a new paradigm. One which will not lose adherents because of insufficient success. One which will minimize risks for those involved. One which will not waste heartbeats. PLEASE... we can do this thing. Short of an actual in-person meeting (for which there is no substitute, of course), I would be honored to dialogue with you, Glen, Margaret and others long distance via email or phone.

    Blessings in solidarity, Richard (I have the "green light" from my lovely family to work 24x8 with you all.)

    bow wow barking barkers world

    Who let the dogs out?


         "And, young black girls are experiencing unwanted sterilizations and other complications because of forced vaccinations with an experimental drug in these schools."
    This sort of claim really needs to be cited in some fashion.

    Thankyou for this uplifting message

     in a dark time, and it's good to hear you are coming home.

    Your People Are Too

    "The United States is rapidly becoming a country even more divided..."
    That the United States is becoming more divided is not only false but it is not your most pressing problem either. The U.S. was created as a racist society and has only reluctantly altered its appearance for political reasons. 
    Your real problem is the fact that the nuclear black family is so rare that it is nearly extinct. In many urban areas 80% of black children are born illegitimate and fatherless. At the same time, 60% of the boys fail to graduate from high school. Improper socialization in this dysfunctional environment dominated  by black women is leading them into the prison-industrial complex that you complain about. 
    All this is occuring as a result of social welfare policies that politicians like yourself have supported but failed to mention as the root source of the problems blacks face today. This is not a new problem, but rather one that Moynihan warned you about 45 years ago. You did nothing about it then, and you do even less today.
    It is your own house that you need to get in order first if you want to see an improvement in the conditions facing black people. Once this has been done, then you can start looking outwards at the problems affecting the nation and the world.

    I think I'll dust my broom...



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    Dear Skeptic:
     That really is a large sack of horse apples, I have to say.
    What other reason does a nation alter its appearance as you put, if not for political reasons?
    Surely not for the hell of it. And those alterations were, are the result of African Americans and other peoples of color from when the first sack of cotton was weighed; to Jack Johnson on up to the Swearing in of Thurgood Marshal, to James Weldon Johnson and Guendalin Brooks and Albert Murray and a whole lot of  other’s that were and have been  getting’ it on to reveal the racist, propagandists Social Science Fiction lies underlying Moynihan’s Black Ghetto- Pathos diagnosis that you so thoughtfully remind us of as having been a fair and duly informed warning that those whom you chastise for the nations treatment of it’s darker skinned peoples failed to head. Not to mention gaining some freedoms.
    Those statistics that you so boldly supply were not so thirty/ forty years ago; that would mean that African American and Latino areas of America’s fabric is certainly in tatters and therefore in great danger of falling away from the main garment. Hence a division as McKinney asserts. If the left leg of your favourite pair of pants is lying in the living room and the right leg is on your bedroom floor, well then, you ain’t got no pants; you’ve got two separate parts that when sewn together (preferably with Polyester thread) will give you the feeling of being a man and enjoy a walk in the sunshine.
    But, in case it’s one of those black women who as you claim are dominating this dysfunctional environment ; well, they may want to sew their dress or skirt together, after they’ve sewn yours so as not to give the wrong impression that they’re trying to run things or at least contribute their equal share in keeping a good house. Because lord knows that Black folks ain’t done nothin’ in almost three hundred years to make America a better place, dey done just sat back and told lies and expected the white man to believe em’ an’ take pitty on em’.
    Shit, I guess we haven’t realized what a wonderful broom Affirmative Action was after all.
    McKinney has a plan, a political plan that includes the greater United States. What do you have besides mouldy, twisted and recalcitrant  self help bromides that can’t even be used to make Apple Pie with?

    Self Help is Your Best Bet

    It was the same attitude that you have today that your leadership had in 1965 when the Moynihan Report first became public. Amazing how little you have learned. For you to call it "racist, propagandist social science fiction" makes me doubt that you have ever bothered to read it. (Be honest.)
    I also doubt that you have ever read E. Franklin Frazier's The Negro Family in the U.S. which was written in the 1930's by a Negro sociologist who is quoted extensively in the Moynihan study and is a primary source for its findings.
    I further doubt that you are familiar with the work of Alexander Crummell, another Negro scholar who as far back as 1884 documented the broken black family as the central weakness to any attempts to black progress before Frazier had.
    So you see, Moynihan's findings were not new, nor were they solely his own. They were certainly not racist or false. He simply borrowed them from Negro scholars who had drawn the same conclusions long before he came along. He wanted to help you see how unwise it is to allow a matriarch to be your leader in a patriarchal society. How much longer will it take for you to wake up?

    How about this Black Scholar's take?

    To say that the "broken family" is the root cause of Black folks conditions is inaccurate.  Check out his essay from James O. Horton, Benjamin Benneker Professor of African American History:

    The Black family was destroyed by a number of factors, and to suggest that it all revolves around "pathologies" is an intellectual and moral cop out.  Blacks were arguably more cohesive, intact and cooperative during segregation.  Any student of Black history is familiar with Black Wall St. in Tusa, OK or Sweet Auburn Ave. in Atlanta.  The Civil Right's Movements undue emphasis on integration destroyed the strength, creativity and cohesiveness of the Black Community--Black folks infantile infactuation with meeting "White standards" or obtaining White approval or "sanctioning."
    Putting undue emphasis on integration vs. the "War on Poverty" and economic power as a transformative tool harmed Blacks, the intentional introduction of crack cocaine in Black urban environments set Blacks back more than a generation, institutional racism manifested in (a) environmental racism, (b) red-lining by banks/ unequal access to credit or more expensive lending costs, (c) the prison-industrial complex, (d) disparities in juvenile justice and education, and on and on and on.   Let's see your broke-ass go to "job networking events" and all you have is public transit??
    I am always amazed at folks who selectively cite history but ignore comprehensive historical trends.  Hell, it's only been 40 years or so since Blacks were not treated as second class citizens!!  And yet some of you act like it's been a millenium?  Equally, I am always amazed at those who have no problem with talking about historical abuses if it's white woman or pets, but act like 500 years (and counting) of Black abuse doesn't count.  Case in point, do you think the White businesses and politicians who allowed Mexican immigrants in this country did it because of "love " and concern, or to change the census makeup of Blacks vs. Whites or to dispossess Blacks of jobs they heretofore had opportunities for?
    Don't get me wrong.  I'm all for self-help, Hell self-help is all we got now given that Obama and the Dems will fuck the working-class whites and blacks to the bone.  But to think that the Black condition AROSE ACCIDENTALLY is the height of folly and historical ignorance, or simply a view through the lenses of white privilege or black self-hatred.

    E. Cynic:I like your a.-d. -

    Am not sure that integrating made things bad, in part because there's not been much integration in education, (resegregated now), housing. Some workplace integration.  I worked in a junior high school in nyc in the early 1960s and the faculty was integrated and there's less so now in teaching in nyc.  My bias: I worked on court case for integration in the south: had to prove Bogaloosa, LA was segregating the school buses.  I did it by looking at the bus routes, addresses: white bus went to white kids homes and black bus went to black kids homes.  I made the point.  Case went up thru courts and won in the US Supremes. My birthday is coming....about 12 days to go.  Sanda  PS I live in integrated rental housing for 41 years.  Not many folks can say that.

    Ah.. my dear.. your making my point

    First and foremost I live in Iowa, so I won't trot out bona fides to prove I don't hate White people or am advocating Black separatism.
    The most influential teachers in my secondary education were white men and women, he did nothing but nurture and encourage me.
    What I am saying is what you yourself point out:  it was folly to put undue emphasis on social/racial integration when busing and residential patterns existing this very day have proven that "integration" was a futile act, and putting undue emphasis on social integration and acceptance meant losing site of ECONOMIC INTEGRATION.  In America that's the only "integration" that counts. If I can't "move away" from a certain cohort my dear, I can at least move to a "gated community," same song, different verse.
    My daughter went to a historically Black College I went to Duke, there is not one scintilla difference in our intellectual grasp.  In fact she graduated cum laude and 1st in her class.  The Harlem Renaissance came from... well... duh.   And since that outpouring of intellectual and artistic creavity what are we left with now?  White boys stealing rap, afro-centric rap getting censored,  "Soul Plane," and "Pimp my Ride," very little in the way of scholarship, music, anthropology, and poetry??
    Segregation as heinous as it was taught Blacks self-reliance and a sense of community.  The professor points this out in refuting Moynihan's nonsense, and the realities of the vibrancy of Black Wall St. and similar haunts points this out as well.  I believe that one of the reasons Asians and Jews for that matter have done so well in America is that they've embraced their distinctive culture, and resisted efforts to whitewash it away.   And both "integrate" socially just fine, thank you very much?
    Americans, especially African Americans seem to forget that discrimination is legal in many respects in this country.  The Supt. Ct. calls it "freedom of association."  Only "state action" or violations of statues or regs is "actionable."  Otherwise, I'm free as hell to create an all White basketball league.  All I need is creativity and some "economic integration," i.e. Dead Presidents.


    Great white father always know's best

    No. I haven’t read the report in total. However, I have read a number of excerpts from it as well as major criticisms of it  and I stand by my conclusion that it like what you espouse, a sack of horse Apples.- both racist and or propagandist. And it matters to me not in the least that Moynihan relied heavily on the sociological conclusions of Bourgeois, elitist, white social norms (and in Crommell’s case Christian African missionary) that note worthy African American scholars; whose aim was and still is to label as socially deviant behavior and thereby aimed to divest the African American of any and all of our Folk/cultural colloquialism and ethnic expressions of living and celebrating life in an attempt to confine us to white Anglo-Saxon/Judaic Christian world view. (I prefer the literary approach, but will refrain from using it here; and in my last reply, through the use of such colloquialisms, I was actually signifying on the aforementioned concepts (Balls and Chain’s) that your men have and do postulate. You can’t dig and probably don’t want to.
    And like Moynihan, you can’t seem to be able to think for yourself either in light of the fact that the Moynihan report was first to be undertaken under the department of labor, not family welfare and education services. No where in it that I have read or any criticisms of it, is there any mention or explanation or solution to the many forms of discrimination that Black people faced then and now, in obtaining equal and decent station in the labor force. But plenty of negative conclutions as to why his highly publicised Black pathologies do. It also excludes anything positive about black family/cultural life in face of the systemic racism of that time following the C.R. legal victories. And all that nonsense about Black females dominating the scene is a joke at best and down right sexist and stupid at worst; the fact that Black women found and find themselves in many of cases having the burden of raising children and or providing resources to feed them can hardly be seen as one of dominance, but more to the point one of powerlessness and passive forms of oppression and neglect. Moreover, if Black men are and were, as you and your mentor Moynihan so thoroughly contend, so fully emasculated by these dominating matriarchs of the Black nuclear family, then I would like you to give me a good reason as why was and is it still so necessary for the dominant White-Anglo Saxon Judaic Christian power structure find ever increasing ways of denying his complete freedom in his nation; more and more incarcerations, police brutality and murder or even fear of banal talk of Black Nationalism, or even something as casual as the continued limited amount of leading roles opposite white women in films or theater?
     The fact that Moynihan and yourself no doubt believe and accept that social science fiction crap, perhaps has it’s roots in a more deep seated kernel of American culture; that being white America’s century long efforts to deny the Black man  a true and equal stake in assuming the role of husband and father that you so prize. Along with the fact that you and Moynihan and many other white men simply can’t conceive of African American men as an equal counterpart to your ideas of what a man is, therefore, naturally is his as well as the Native American’s manhood invisible to you. Ironically it is the same rhetorical crap that Obama’s preaches when he attempts to chastise Black men for not fulfilling their manly obligations and there is no excuse for it. But, Obama is president because his idea of himself is equal to that of the White-Anglo Saxon Judaic Christian’s idea of the one and only way it is and should be to be a powerful American man.

    Also your references to getting one’s house in order before one can think of concerning oneself with the larger issues of the Nation are poorly disguised suggestions at the racist idea that African Americans are not yet quite fir to belong to main of American society; we haven’t befitted ourselves sufficiently enough to see and or contemplate the idea of like Obama has, become civilized and cast away those harbingers of what makes African Americans what we are, a distinct ethnic/cultural group that not only deserves full membership to this crumbling society, divided, but is responsible for great deal of what makes it so special in the world. It’s basically segregation what your asking for; much like that which occurred in Harlem in the sixties as result of that shortsighted social experiment Known as HARYOU which was spear headed and supported on the many of the ideas, if not soley on another example of Social Science Fiction Writer’s; Kenneth Clark. You forgot to mention him on your reading list. A list that is obvious in its overt exclusion as to the real, sweat and blood, taste and toch historical realities and not the simple abstract,  labratory studies as to why African Americans are still in search of the promised land.

    Well, you can take Clark's and those other’s and Moynihan’s that continue to promote Black guilt and shame and responsibility and white ignorance and patronizing philanthropy concerning African Americans as well as other non white groups if you will, and set them by the toilet to be used, because, in my uneducated opinion, that’s about all they’re worth.

    Great white father knows best

    Cool Breeze you put the freeze on the bull and your analysis is right to the heart. The descendants of the African slave raped from the continent to fuel the economic growth of European and American empire with free labor must wake up to the unreality of the social integration dream - it must be about economic gain - about economic inclusion. Dr. King was murdered - assassinated because he was moving to the next level of the C. R. Movement - social integration was never the real objective - gaining economic power was - controlling our economics was - No longer sitting in the front of the bus - but building buses - owning constructions companies and building houses and schools for our people. It is not about  White society or any society loving us - What's Love Got To Do With it? It is about Respect and the elimination of oppression at all levels!  

    The best lies start with the truth

    There is truth in your statement. After the civil rights movement, those blacks who had access to wealth and education moved from our communities and did precious little to build the institutions necessary to educate and employ the masses. Those without access to wealth and education slowly accepted and came to depend on Uncle Sam for handouts.
    But the best lies start wih the truth and to pretend that this is the only cause of the current plight in black communities is not only a lie but extremely simple minded. It ignores the fact of everyday racism in employment, housing, education, and policing. Especially as it pertains to sentencing. It also ignores the disappearance of blue collar jobs, especially in the rust belt. It ignores the stagnation of real wages over the last 10 or 20 years and the corporate welfare that has been doled out to the rich.
    Most of all it ignores the vicious attacks on any program, policy or idea that black folks have come up with (and we've come up with plenty) to work in our own communities for our own betterment. Whether it's the Nation of Islam, gang truces, or black men patrolling the streets of Philly to secure their neighborhoods, I'm willing to bet that you would be the first to condemn any movement toward black self-empowerment or unity as being racist.
    As much as white folks (and some black-white folks) like to cry about irresponsible blacks, any movement that seems to be working sends the white mob into the streets (or onto the airwaves) to destroy what's being built out of jealosy or fear for their own jobs.
    Deep in your cold, cruel, heart you know that if blacks don't inhabit those ghettos white folks will, and any advancement by blacks as a nation will wittle away the priviledges and security you've come to enjoy.

    Easy as ABC

    (A) Please review my statement friend. I never said black illegitimacy and female domination was the only problem black folks have; but it is the most pressing.
    (B) I believe most well-meaning whites would support a black movement that encouraged black females to stay off their backs and keep their legs closed until they got married. (Did you see that Super Bowl Doritos commercial with the baby momma? Pathetic!)
    (C) Finally, I believe there is enough wealth in this nation that no one, black or white, need ever live in the ghetto. What do you say about that?

    Yes, the victim is always to blame...

    ...from the vantage of the victimizer...

    I disagree...

    The victim is not always to blame. But there are instances when the prey makes it easy for the predator.

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