U.S. and Al-Qaeda: The Best of Frenemies

Submitted by Mike Pirsch on Tue, 04/02/2013 - 12:24
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by Mike Pirsch

The American on-again, off-again relationship with Al-Qaeda is back in the hot-and-heavy phase, with the U.S. “leading a coalition including, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, The United Arab Emirates, Croatia, England, France, and Al-Qaeda to destroy and break up targeted countries.” The jihadist and imperialist mobs are once again married.


U.S. and Al-Qaeda: The Best of Frenemies

by Mike Pirsch

Not a word was spoken or written about the White House, the Pentagon, and the Congress now funding, training, and arming Al-Qaeda, our supposed enemy.”

The insanity of endless war has found the White House, the Pentagon, and the Congress in an alliance with Al-Qaeda in Libya, Syria, Mali, and possibly other countries. The goal, it seems, is to destroy secular governments in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Also targeted are the Shia dominated governments in Iran and Iraq. The White House, Pentagon, and the Congress are leading a coalition including, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, The United Arab Emirates, Croatia, England, France, and Al-Qaeda to destroy and break up targeted countries. As Bush II and Obama have said, we Americans are not “into” nation building, we are “into” nation destruction.

This alliance of convenience finds the White House, the Pentagon, and the Congress in violation of the “Authorization for Use of Military Force” which was passed one week after the Saudi nationals crashed their hijacked airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The AUMF effectively declared war on “those nations, organizations, or persons he [the President] determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons…” Subsequent amendments to the annual National Defense Authorization Acts (NDAA) identified Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and associated forces as well as any nation, organization, or person who is part of or is substantially supporting Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces. Bush II decreed he had the authority to detain indefinitely, without regard to international law or the U.S. Constitution, any person aiding our named enemies, including Al-Qaeda. Obama has gone further than Bush II and decreed he has the right to detain indefinitely or kill any U.S. citizen he thinks is aiding our named enemies including Al-Qaeda. This led recently to a short lived debate about this unilaterally decreed power. Ironically, the debate was led by the Senator Rand Paul, a Tea Party leader. There was a deafening silence from those in Congress who call themselves liberals/progressives.

Obama has gone further than Bush II and decreed he has the right to detain indefinitely or kill any U.S. citizen he thinks is aiding our named enemies including Al-Qaeda.”

However, not a word was spoken or written about the White House, the Pentagon, and the Congress now funding, training, and arming Al-Qaeda, our supposed enemy.

We have a long history with Al-Qaeda going back to the late 1970’s during the Carter Administration. The relationship is characterized by mutual benefit more than enmity. Zbigniew Brzezinski hatched a plan to give the Soviet Union “its own Viet Nam” by training, funding, recruiting, along with Saudi Arabia, and arming radical Islamist Fundamentalists to conduct guerilla warfare in Afghanistan to drive the Soviet Union out. Working closely with the dictatorship Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Pakistani military and intelligence organizations, the U.S.-led terrorists succeeded in forcing the Soviet Union to retreat from Afghanistan. Several years later the Taliban gained control of most of Afghanistan.

But our alliance with Al-Qaeda did not end there. Clinton I recruited Al-Qaeda to join the U.S. and NATO in their successful destruction and breakup of Yugoslavia. Al-Qaeda’s role was to train and fight alongside Bosnian Muslims, fighting Serbs. Again we have a resounding success in destroying a nation. Clinton I also convinced Osama bin Laden to send his “freedom fighters” (Ronald Reagan’s words) to Chechnya to assist the Chechnya terrorists in their campaign to separate Chechnya from Russia. That didn’t end up so good in spite of a brutal terror campaign inside Russia and Chechnya.

Then we observe several years where it appears Al-Qaeda turned against its creator and benefactor, the U.S. government. The attack on the naval vessel the Cole in Yemen, the first attempt to bomb the World Trade Center, and finally the successful attack on the WTC strongly indicated the parties had divorced. One of the lies Bush II used to justify his illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq was his obligation under the AUMF to make war with Iraq. In fact, Saddam and Al-Qaeda hated each other. Al-Qaeda simply hates secular governments in majority Muslim countries such as Libya and Syria.

We want to control all of Africa’s natural resources, especially people, and we want to drive China out of Africa.”

Today we have gone full circle. The divorce has been set aside and we are once again married to Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is too valuable in our never ending war because American people have been conditioned to treat it as a threat even when it is our ally. This alliance may enable Al-Qaeda to establish “franchises” in more countries than Starbucks. Look to Al-Qaeda “franchises” in African countries which already includes Mali, Algeria and Somalia. This convenience grants us the “right” under the AUMF to destroy African nations, all of which were given boundaries by European nations in the late 19th century. We want to control all of Africa’s natural resources, especially people, and we want to drive China out of Africa.

What is wrong with us that we have no reaction to this development? Are we so afraid that our brain has frozen? It is unlikely Obama will have himself detained or put on his own kill list as he has killed at least three U.S. citizens under the AUMF. Congress will keep its obedient silence and we will pay.

We will pay by losing our liberty and all vestiges of the social contract such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, Education, etc. We cannot afford endless wars and the above mentioned benefits at the same time. One will have to go. It is up to us to determine which one. We have a choice. We can continue to do nothing and accept, however reluctantly, never ending war along with extreme poverty and despair and the largest police state ever built or we can say “Idle No More!!!” and act collectively in our neighborhoods to regain our sanity and democracy.

Mike Pirsch is former union organizer and pirate radio station d.j. He is an economic refugee from America living in Thailand.


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Terrorists R Us

Submitted by Enlightened Cynic on Thu, 04/04/2013 - 15:05.


Lieberman argued that “vital national interests are at stake in Syria” and that intervention was necessary to counter the growing influence of al Qaeda, which he attributed to Syrian anger over Washington’s failure to take direct military action to topple the Assad regime.

The reality, substantiated by multiple reports from Syria, is that the so-called rebels are dominated by Sunni Islamists, including the al Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra, which has been credited with making the bulk of the gains registered in combat with government forces.

These forces have reportedly received the lion’s share of arms and aid flowing from the Persian Gulf Sunni monarchies, coordinated by the CIA, which has established a covert station for that purpose in Turkey.

While the Obama administration has formally categorized the Nusra front as a foreign terrorist organization, its real attitude has been one of tacit support for the Islamist group’s actions, which have included terrorist car bombings and other attacks on civilians.

And, while US officials have voiced concerns about al Qaeda-affiliated forces gaining a foothold on Syria’s border with Israel, Tel Aviv itself appears to be giving tacit backing to these elements. This was made clear by the chief of the Israeli defense ministry’s diplomatic security bureau, Amos Gil’ad, who in an interview with the Israeli media downplayed any danger from al Qaeda. “It is not the same threat as one posed by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah,” he declared. The advance of the al Qaeda-linked forces in Syria, he added, “is a blow to Iran and Hezbollah together.”

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, who enjoys close ties to US intelligence, cites an “order of battle” prepared by the Free Syrian Army for the US State Department. It shows, he said, that “most of the rebel groups have strong Islamic roots.”

As a result, he warns, “the post-Assad situation may be as chaotic and dangerous as the civil war itself. 

EC:  Let's see, we "counter" the A. Q. influence by arming more A.Q./jihadists.  Can't wait to witness the blowback from all of this.  I hope Israel and Europe are next up for the jihadists, serves the bastards right. It would be pure poetic justice that all of the countries surrounding Israel became A.Q. strongholds and they move collectively to wipe Israel off the map.  Not that I wish this to happen but they've set it in motion.  And am I to suppose that the poor Arabs/Muslims are "victims" for letting the White Man convince their dumbasses to kill each other???   Seem more like stupid MoFos to me than "victims."  They eyes wide open.

More details of the

Submitted by daw13 on Wed, 04/03/2013 - 17:15.

More details of the relationship between the U.S. and Al Qaeda can be found in Swiss prize winning journalist Richard LaBeviere's Dollars for Terror.  How the CIA essentially created the Islamic Fundamentalist movement as a weapon against growing Pan Arabism, which threatened to catalize the development of Asian capitalism (not communism) and create a balance to Western Imperial power.

There is no real Al Qaeda

Submitted by nfamous on Wed, 04/03/2013 - 11:52.

I don't know why BA and BC continue to parrot the ridiculous assertion that a ragtag band of Arab terrorists were able to penetrate the strongest defenses in the world on 9/11 with plane attacks. The 19 supposed hijackers could barely even fly planes with the limited training they had. Some of the hijackers have even shown up "alive" overseas as well.

Al Qaeda means "database". It is a database of CIA double agents and phonies that are used whenever the US, Israel and Britain needs to blame a false flag on some other group. That is how they perpetuate the war machine. The House of Saud (Jewish Arabs) are also linked with the attacks of 9/11 along with Israeli Mossad. Making sense now?

Try denying these. You're insane if you can.




Submitted by Enlightened Cynic on Thu, 04/04/2013 - 12:01.

You summed it up very well.

It's part of the Pentagon's Plan to Foment Terroism and its the new "divide and conquer," anti-nationalism tool.  The "plan" is to foment ethnic, sectarian and racial divides that existed prior to a given country's nationhood status and to splinter that country into manageable, warring factions and set the table for "humanitarian" intervention.

Obama and the rest of the gang should/will burn in hell for the slaughter unleashed in Libya, N. Africa and Syria.




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