There is No Effective Constituency for Africa in the United States

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The next chief of AFRICOM wants a 15-fold expansion in drones and other intelligence-gathering. The full-court press against the continent has begun, with the U.S. “building the capability to militarily control all of Africa, in conjunction with its European allies and its African proxies.” But the Black American Misleadership Class couldn’t care less.


There is No Effective Constituency for Africa in the United States

A Black Agenda Radio commentary executive editor by Glen Ford

The greatest threat to Africa is the United States and its junior partners, the French and British.”

The general nominated by President Obama to take over AFRICOM wants the U.S. to increase by 15 times U.S. spying on the African continent. Army General David Rodriquez told the Senate Armed Services Committee that AFRICOM has only half the drones, spy planes and satellites it needs to keep an eye on northern Africa, where the U.S. is backing up the French intervention in Mali and where the U.S. and NATO dropped tens of thousands of bombs on Libya in an unprovoked, eight-month war. For the whole of the African continent, General Rodriquez is pushing for a 15-fold increase in “intelligence gathering and spying missions.” The United States already has, or will soon build, drone bases in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Niger, Burkina Faso, and the Seychelles Islands, enabling the Americans to carry out missions over vast regions of Africa. That doesn’t count the drones that can be launched from U.S. Navy fleets, which have greatly increased their patrols of Africa’s coastal waters, especially in the offshore oil zones of the west coast. U.S. Special Forces have a forward base in Kenya, and are roam freely in Congo, Uganda, South Sudan and the Central African Republic. It is inconceivable that these Special Forces in the heart of Africa do not work closely with manned and unmanned aircraft, operating from a network of secret bases dotting the continent. In other words, the U.S. has already erected a formidable intelligence and command-and-control network in Africa – but General Rodriguez and AFRICOM want to expand that network 15-fold.

There is only one conclusion to be drawn: the United States is building the capability to militarily control all of Africa, in conjunction with its European allies and its African proxies. It may be true that the U.S. war machine is making a “pivot” to the Pacific, to pick a fight with China, but what the Americans are doing on in Africa is a full court press – preparations for Africa’s total subjugation.

The Black American misleadership class doesn’t give a damn about Africa.”

The Obama administration has already designated its own “Axis of Evil” in Africa. The current list includes whoever the U.S. decides to call “al-Qaida” in Africa; Somalia’s Shabaab fighters, who have been resisting U.S. and Ethiopian invasion since 2006; and Nigeria’s Muslim Boko Haram, an armed fundamentalist movement. Washington admits that none of these groups represents a threat to the United States.

The greatest threat to Africa is the United States and its junior partners, the French and British. They have already pacified most of Africa, through bribery and coercion, and are now ready to plunge the continent into endless war. Forty million African Americans could stop this growing holocaust in its tracks. But the Black American Misleadership Class doesn’t give a damn about Africa. They may buy expensive Kinte cloth for show-off occasions, and many of them make a fetish out of Kwanzaa every year – but that’s about it. Armenian-Americans will fight for Armenia, Irish-Americans for Ireland, and let’s not even mention what American Jews will do for Israel. But the U.S. can make war against Africa at will, because Africa has no effective constituency in the United States.

Now, think on that, as we celebrate Black History Month.

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John Lewis and "Pope-rahs"

The world is 100% racist.  Unfortunately, you are on your own, and, it seems to be getting worse every single day.  

The black mis-leadership members think they are part of the inner oh man have they got a surprise coming.  When the shooting starts, and black people are but all gone, the whites will turn with a vengence.  Blacks are nothing but pawns at this point.

This can't be happening but it is.  It is sickening!

The problem is the African leadership

The black misleadership of America are just a mirror of the black misleadership of Africa.  I think the latter has more power than the black misleadership of America mainly because they are the denizens of present day Africa; they have some say what happens on the continent.  Sadly, it is often the stupidest people who become Presidents in Africa these days.  Everyone of these caricatures who run pieces of the continent also thinks he or she is a part of the inner circle.  These buffoons hardly care about Africa. They are more interested in being paraded in the Forbes magazine as some of the wealthiest people of the world. They have figured out that as long as they act as compradors, they can forever remain as titular heads of a colonized people.  The rot is so pervasive that the ignorant African petit-bougeois class act the same with so much pretension, one can only conclude most black people are a psychological mess.  The fact is an Africa that speaks with one voice for its genuine interest could not be subdued so shamefully as it is today.  Yet, the shameless fawning of these leaders in the service of white power is largely being acknowledged as wisdom.  The leadership is a 'racketeer class' only interested in the crumbs they can squeeze from their former colonizers.  It is the same game the African-american misleadership plays on us here.  I think black people generally are deeply brainwashed, it will take generation for us to recover the signpost to begin another journey to mental emancipation.  When I saw Bob Marley being idolized as the Grammy's, I said to myself, they 'got' us so well.


US is Invading the Old State Kingdom of Lado in Central Africa...

Under the Pretext of  Saving Civilians and Preventing Blodshed , US  President Barack Obama sent Troops to locate and capture Northern Ugandan Rebel Leader Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army ( LRA ) .
But let’s not be fooled by these noble intentions since it couldn’t be farther from the Truth because US President Obama is waging his own private Tribal War on Lado .
The US have long had their eyes on their Prize Prey , the Jewel in the Heart  of Africa , Lado - or as the British and Belgian Occupiers used to call the 
Kingdom of Lado : "Equatoria" or " Lado Enclave " .
So far they have not succeeded in carrying out their Plans for Resettlement of some  Black Americans on Lado Land , but President Barack Obama has managed to have  got the US Congress to give the go - ahead to go to War in Lado , Central  Africa , situated in the Upper Nile Valley and the Great Lakes Region and  surrounded by hostile neighbours on most sides : Uganda to the East , DR Congo to the South and  the ‘Baby’ of the US , the new state South Sudan to  the North created with the whole support of United States of America . On the western border of Lado is the Central African Republic (CAR) where the  US Troops are creating chaos in pursuit of the Ghost of Joseph Kony and his  LRA .
South Sudan is the latest Invention to find a shortcut to enter Lado  Territory and to Grab Land and Natural Resources to which they have no  Right .

US President Obama has no real interest in Joseph Kony or the LRA, who are  not even operating in the Lado Territory , but it provides  President Obama 
with an Excuse to let US Troops Reinvade Lado as it happened back in 1871  when US led European Coalition Forces forced their way into Lado under the Command of  US General Charles P. Stone and US President General Ulysses  Simpson Grant .
It is no news to the people Lado People , that the US Invasion 140 years  later in 2011 is being sanctioned by a President who belongs to  Lado’s  major historical and traditional Enemy Tribe - the Luo Ethnic Group Tribe and the Acholi Tribe who populate Uganda , Kenya and South Sudan .
The Luo Tribes and the Acholi People started many Wars against Lado to  Steal the Lado Land and Property. They have created thousands of Internal 
Refugees and Displaced Persons inside Lado where they Attack cities and  villages , Burn , Rape and Pillage . The surviving children are taken as  prisoners and trained as Child Soldiers to be used for future Raids and  Massacres.
This has been going on for more than sixty years , the first period was the  Sudanic Lado - Luo War 1700 - 1760 , then the second period 1960 - 1971  was under  the Luo President of Uganda Apollo Milton Obote - one of the Planners  behind the Lango Master Plan of 1967 - and a  fellow  Luo tribesman of  President Obama who is a Kenyan Luo while at the same time he sits in the White House in Washington as the President  of the United States of America .
The third period of Luo Aggression against Lado was 1983 - 2005 which ended  with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed in Nairobi 2005.
Now in 2011 the Luo Aggression has been launched again, this time by the  Kenyan Luo Mr. US President Obama himself .
Years before South Sudan became Legitimate as a State , the US have Terrorised Lado People by heavily sponsoring and directing  the SPLA ( Sudan 
People’s Liberation Army ) whose Political arm , the SPLM , is now part of the  Government of South Sudan .
There is no doubt that the US President has been in a hurry to carry out  his plan to Conquer and Colonise Lado before Lado State is Recognised as a  Sovereign Nation State by the UN General Assembly after the Lado Issue has  been locked in the UN Security Council since 1947.
U.S Barack Obama was furious because he could not get the members of the UN  Security Council to sanction a UN led Force to enter  Lado under the 
pretext of  Peacekeeping Operations , 

 Only the U.S and Britain , with back- up from the non-permanent members  from the Scandinavian countries , have been pushing for the UN  Security 
Council to vote for such a motion , however ,  the other Permanent Members  did not support the motion . 
That is why U.S President Obama had no other option than to send his own Troops - financed by the American Taxpayers - or rather he is sending  Mercenaries from Executive Outcome based in South Africa to lead and  support the Ugandan , Kenyan , Rwandan ,  Nigerian and South African Armies who are already carrying out Military Operations ( Cleansing Operations or   Ethnic Cleansing ) in the State of Lado.
UN under Pressure to Hold back Reports on Genocide in Lado

The U.N have been under pressure to hold back and not to publisize draft  reports on the Atrocities committed in Lado’s Ituri Province  ( which 
falsely appears as Eastern DR Congo on the map ),  and according to a U.N  draft , which was leaked and printed in the French newspaper Le Monde 
August 2011, the U.S have directly or  indirectly been responsible for the  deaths of around  six million people in Eastern Congo, read Ituri Province  of Lado State.
The report still remains covered-up by the U.N who have sent it to the  countries involved for ‘comments’ - or rather to give the countries  an  opportunity to ‘dress up’ or to delete the contents  which could damage  their reputation and reveal their true objectives.
Of course , the U.S , Britain , E.U and NATO will not allow the UN to ruin the  long-term Geo-Politics of the Balkanization of Africa which  aims to break 
- up the African Continent into smaller and weaker states ruled by Proxy  Governments who will carry out the policies of their Neo-Colonial Masters 
under the cloak of Democracy, who emphasises that the very same methods are  used as with the break-up of the former Yugoslavia and the split between  Egypt and Sudan orchestrated to keep British Colonial Rule back in 1899,   and Egypt then became British Protectorate 18 December 1914 .
The Balkanization of the Middle East has long been under way with the so  called  Arab Spring , which was set in motion with the invasion of Iraq for  the benefit of the US nuclear powered ‘Darling’, Israel, who also happens  to be a major Player in the Power Game for Africa  and who has provided an  office for South Sudan's SPLM in Tel Aviv  now .
 Real Objective for U.S President Obama’s Tribal Warfare in Africa is to  Combat Chinese Influence

If people are gullible enough to believe that the Uprisings and  Revolutions, which are running rampant all over the world, are going to  bring  them Freedom and Democracy, they will soon wake up to find that the  kind of   " Corporate Government Rule " is even more merciless and  cynical  than their old regime could ever be .
The Gods of ‘Corporate Government Rules ’ are Money, Oil and other Natural  Resources, and this Religion has no Face and no Heart, and there is no such  thing as Mercy or Compassion - only figures on their Profit Gains at the  end of the Fiscal Year.
Those who do not obey Corporate Government or are in the way for their  Objectives, are brutally wiped out - or at best used as Slave  Workers in  the Neo-Colonialist Age of the New World Order .
The Battle for Africa’s Land and Natural Resources is between the East and  West - China and the Anglo-American Union - and the Winner takes it all if  it escalates into a World Wide Conflict.
Now that Libya has been Conquered by Corporate Government, and vital Oil  and Gas Concessions have been granted to the companies of the  Anglo American Union and the EU, the way  is open to Central Africa , to  Sudan , DR Congo and Lado - and to the rest of Africa which has not yet been 
totally subjugated and brought under the Control of Corporate Government  or  ‘ Anglo-Saxon United ’ .
Lado People will Never be Slaves of Corporate Governments nor  will  bend or be Slaves or underpaid workers of Corporate Government 
and their Loyal Henchmen " "and will never Tolerate any Foreign Power or  Corporation to Buy or Grab Lado Land because their Land is Sacred to them , as they are to be buried in Lado Tribal Land like the ancient  Egyptians where they came all a long from .
They know exactly what will happen to them if they give way on the Land Issue , and that is why they are ready to Defend their People and their  Land which is 
their Right under UN Article 1  and 73 incl. Article 11 of June 1945.
They have the Right to Cultivate Lado Land and to Refuse to use Chemical  Fertilizers or to grow GMO products , which the giant U.S Corporations  want 
to enforce on the fields .
The twenty-nine Tribes of Lado each have their own piece of Lado Land to  Cultivate and Administer under the Council of Chiefs which gives every  Tribe and Area Equal Rights and Equal Determination in the Affairs of their  Region .
Lado will not have to end up as  ‘Landless People’ like the Palestineans or the  Native American Indians

Lado People live of their Land, and without their Land  They will Die of Hunger and Malnutrition . They do not want the hand-outs and Relief Parcels from the U.N or Relief Organisations so that they become their Slaves. 
They can take care of themselves and feed their People from their good soil , and  they stand firm on staying put on Lado Land . Their Agenda is their Land ,  Lado  Land, no more no less. 

They are not interested in land belonging to other People or other countries ,  all They want is Lado Land , and they do not want to leave Lado to other 
countries or companies whether they be corporations or not.
They are not letting go of their northern most Lado Capital Juba where the Bari  Tribe of Lado Land lives .
Nor will they give up any Town or Territory in Lado Proper , such as Nimule ,  Torit , Yei , Yambio or Kopoeta where Gold has been spotted by the South 
African based Executive Outcomes who incidentally are providing the  Mercenaries invading Lado.
New Age of Golddiggers are after Lado’s Minerals and Waterways

Behind the Quest for Lado is the Prospect of great future earnings for such  companies and Shareholders as Gold Barrick Corporation based in Canada  whose board of directors counts such prominent persons as the Bush Family  ( former US President George Herbert Bush , Senior ) and former U.S Assistant  Secretary of State Mrs. Susan Rice who is now the US Ambassador at the  United Nations in New York .
Rich Gold and Mineral deposits have been discovered in the Agoro mountain  ranges , in Mount Iti , Mount Luku , Mount Liru , Mount Oce  and Mount Metu  where cement is deposited . 

All are mountains in Lado and are overall seen as One Sacred Mountain known as " Lado ".
This was where the cradle of the Lado Nation was established when the Sudanic People left ancient Egypt around 700 B.C. and settled in the Virgin 
area which is still today intact within the borders of Lado ( Equatoria State ).
These mountains are therefore synonymous with the Lado State and the Lado People and they cannot be separated because that would mean  the  Annihilation of Lado, the Lado People , their ancient History and their  entire Identity.
There is no difference between the Golddiggers who rushed to the gold districts in California in America more than a century ago where they were  given green light to violate the US Government’s Treaties with the Native  American Indians and on top of that received Protection from  the US  Cavalry , Men , women and children were attacked and slaughtered in cold blood to give way for the adventurers whose only motive was Greed , and  this is exactly  what is happening in Lado today .
Vast areas of Nature and Animals were Destroyed and Sacrificed on the Alter of Greed and Profits because the Profiteers are always only  interested in 
the quickest way to the end of the rainbow where the pot of gold is hidden . They don’t give a damn about the Environment and Human Rights , they are just paying lip service to these values .
 Billions of Dollars Invested in the Takeover of Lado's Waterways

Lado’s waterways are also targeted by the Anglo-American Union and the E.U and their companies who are holding conferences on how they can best usurp  the Nile Water Resources , and this is the underlying reason why the Armies  from Uganda , Rwanda, Kenya , Nigeria and South Africa have been behind so many Massacres  in the Ituri Province of the State of Lado .
It is in the Ituri Province that the Ituri River and the Uele River flow  into the River Congo - and the River Congo and the River Nile form  the Nile - Congo Watershed of Africa .
The Anglo-American Union’s and the E.U's Plan is to build giant power plants at the deltas and at the Waterfalls ( Dufile Waterfalls ) near Juba , 
Northern Lado , and to sell electricity to the other African States , and  billions of Dollars and Euros have already been invested in the Plan by  these countries.
However, like the Native American Indians more than a Century ago Lado People are ready to fight for our Freedom and the Right to our Land ,  and  it is not 1885 anymore ( the Berlin Treaty of Colonial Rule in Africa and the Paris Resolution ' Terra Nullius ' in 1875 ) .
The days of Yankee General Custer are over - THE LADO PEOPLE will not die for nothing ,  and the World will know about their fight and their Blood given for  Lado Land  in Africa .

By Lado



It is not True that Lado is not known in the World History . Lado was famously known to the whole Outside World , with all walks of people entering Lado to give such colourful stories and Narrations which today appear to read of Lado and its People in the Sudan Central Africa . Such Narrations include for example of the the presence of a former British Prime Minister , Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill who entered in Lado for his Animal hunting thirst , killed a Big Wide Mouth , ( usually known as White Rhinoceros ) in the Country ( Lado Enclave ) , made the American Former President Theodore ( Teddy ) Roosevelt to rush , hurriedly to Lado and Teddy arrived to Dufile in Lado in 1909 where he stayed to enjoy his hunting of the White Rhinoceroses . While in Lado , he managed to meet with the Chiefs of Lado and talked with them . In United States it was much talked of Teddy's travel to Africa , so much that the Journalists recorded that , in his own words before he embarked on his African Journey from U.S.A , he said : I should consider my entire African Trip a success if I could get to that Country Lado ( Lado's Enclave ) . The White Rhinoceros is the Animal I care to get ---- even more than the Elephant . That was after having read from Winston Churchill's book and of the successively hunting experiece of Churchill in killing a white Rhinoceros in Lado Land .

While in Lado , Teddy for him neatly killed Nine of the White Rhinoceroses before his coming back to U.S.A , compared to Winston Churchill who killed only one in his hunting day at Wadelai – Bora Land in Lado . Teddy felt extreemely more proud of having killed or hunted down more Rhinoceroses than Churchill did in the famous Lado Land , ( Country ) . However , apart from the talks about Rhinoceroses , the Best thing He , ( Teddy ) did for Lado was of his talks with Lado Chiefs in 1909 which ended up in a Treaty Agreement known as Dufile ( Dufule ) Agreement between Lado and U.S.A for the Friendly Cooperation between Lado and United States of America . The Cooperation Issue became evident in 1936 whereby , when War broke out into the Kakua - Kajo - Keji war in between Lado and Britain because of Britain's Occupation Issues over Lado in (1931 - 1936 ) , the War did not end until the United States President Franklin . D . Rooesvelt intervened in 1936 , respecting the Treaty Agreement of Dufile / Dufule of 1909 between Lado and U.S.A which was for their Friendly Cooperation in case Lado was in trouble . 

From Britain , what Lado people can remember is always of the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill 's efforts in 1951 , in stopping the three , 3 years war , (1948 – 1951) following the assassination death of the Prime Minister ( Keego ) of Lado by British Agents , as the war meant breaking the Truce of 1920 reached between Lado and Britain of the first five , 5 years War fought in ( 1914 – 1919 ) , the Lugbari – British War , over the British wanting to Occupy Lado . The Prime Minister Churchill is also remembered of the effective outcome of the talks between him and Lado Envoy in 1953 which resulted in the open talks in 1954 known as the Nile Bridge talks - between Lado Envoy Extraordinary and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in Uganda whereby , it was Agreed that Lado would be Independent in 1960 / 1961 . The Lado Envoy Extraordinary was the physical Person who became later and is the present Agofe / King of Lado todate , His Majesty Culu John Bart Agami Onzima II . Inspite of all these Political and Diplomatic steps being taken for the Independence and Freedom of Lado , it is still only to the suprise of all , every body on this world yet , knows Lado is not yet an Independent State in Africa till todate 3000 a.d . In brief to say Lado is still moving on , removing the Residual Colonial Mentality of both the Authorities of Belgium and Britain who are mantaining Lado as an Occupied Country State in Africa for themselves since from 1871 through to 1947 when the question of the Decolonisation of Lado was even raised in the United Nations Organisation ( UNO ) - Trusteeship Council which the British wished later would have been discussed and solved altogether with Uganda Issues in its British East Africa Empire Colonies . It was His Majesty Anacleto Atabua , Agofe / King of Lado who had asked the USSR as a Permanent Member of United Nations Organisation ( UNO ) to raise the Issue of Lado Independence on behalf of him and the People of the State of Lado HE represented . The citizens of Lado asked for freedom at that time , for the full Independence and Sovereignty Rights ( Nduvunduvu ) of Lado in Africa . 


The seventies and eighties of the 19th century were marked by the colonial annexation of Africa . In a mere decade or two the European Powers had divided almost the entire African continent between themselves . Taking up East Sudan was because it offered an important means for penetrating into Central Africa . The Nile was a natural route leading into the interior and more-over , the occupation of the Sudan was closely linked with the Egyptian question . Any Power which gained control over the flow of the Nile in the Sudan would automatically dominate Egypt .

How was the division of Africa accomplished ?

Individual European adventurers acted as the vanguard of the Capitalist Powers in Africa . South-West Africa was seized single-handed by the German Adventurer and Trader Luderitz . East Africa was ruled by the German Conquistador Peters . Nigeria was conquered by a handful of Enterprising Britishers , who founded the Nigerian Company . The Congo was seized by the Explorer Stanley , who was backed by the King of Belgium , Leopold II . If their schemes failed ( of these single persons ) , they were forgotten . If they succeeded , their Governments took them under their wing , despatched a fleet or Army to their “Domains” and declared the captured Land their Colony . The picture was the same in the Sudan . In the Eighteen seventie's , not a single European State undertook operations in the Sudan in its own name . The direct struggle between the Powers began in the Sudan after 1881 , following the British occupation of Egypt in 1882 by the Constantinople Agreement .

How did the adventurers penetrate into the Sudan ?

They took advantage of the desire of the Egyptian Khedive Is-mail of the Ottoman Empire , which was prompted by his Cotton plant Policy , to gain possession of the entire Nile Basin . Ismail was setting up Cotton plantations in Egypt and expanding the irrigation systems . He realised , however , that he could keep the Egyptian irrigation systems fully supplied only by laying hands on the Nile Basin and all its tributaries . Hence , Ismail’s wars in Ethiopia and in Equatorial Africa and the taking over to occupy ( Equatorial / Lado ) . The Khedive’s aggressive policy attracted a number of European Adventurers . The first of these was the Englishman Sir Samuel White Baker . In 1869 , Ismail gave Baker the Administration of the Equatorial Province of Egyptian Sudan and the city of Lado , which he came to regard as his own private domain - LADO EQUATORIA PROVINCE OF EGYPT . Egyptians , became the property of a handful of extremely Enterprising and Greedy International Adventurers . They levied such heavy taxes on the people ( both in cash and in kind ) and robbed the population to such an extent that a wave of uprisings against the Europeans and European-Egyptian rule soon swept all to drive away these Land seizures and Tourcher of the people . A German National who was Governor General of Darfur Slatin Pasha wrote in his account :

'' For over 60 years the Sudan had belonged to the Turks and Egyptians . True , during this period there had been cases when some tribes had refused to pay tribute , for which they had been punished , but nobody had yet dared to rebel against the country’s authorities or declare actual war on them . But now a beggar , an unknown fakir (hermit) with a handful of hungry , poorly armed adherents had appeared and was winning one victory after another . That's how the Native people started , organised themselves to fight off what to them were the invaders of their Lands '' .

The European Struggle amongst themselves to occupy Lands in East Sudan . Having conquered Egypt, the British began to expand the cotton plantations ; in the nineties , work began on the construction of a big reservoir near Aswan . In light of this , the British decided to gain a foothold in the region of the Nile sources and annihilate the Mahdi State at all costs . France also sought possession of the Nile sources and the Anglo-French contest in the partition of Africa reached a new pitch of intensity . On the one hand , the French wanted to fortify their position in Ethiopia ( i.e. , the Region of the Blue Nile sources ) , where they had acquired considerable influence over the new Negus , Menelik . On the other hand , while gaining a foothold in the West and Central Sudan , they also intended to spread their influence to the East Sudan , i.e. , to the region of the White Nile sources . The French expansion in East and West Africa forced the British to speed up their campaign against the Sudan . The British planned to use other powers in their fight against the French . They supported the Italians in the struggle against French expansion in Ethiopia . Italy , a weak State at the time , offered no threat to Britain , who readily exploited Italian - French differences to prevent French expansion in Ethiopia . Britain also encouraged Belgian expansion ( from the direction of the Congo ) to counter-poise that of the French in the Region of the White Nile sources . Then the Belgians took over Lado – Lado Enclave . Between 1893 and 1894 , the Italians , having gained a foothold in Eritrea (on the Red Sea coast) , invaded the Sudan and took over Kassala . In 1895 , the Italians started a war against Ethiopia , which evoked a big upsurge of patriotic feelings in the area . The people rallied their forces to repel the Italians and defeated them near Adua on March 1 , 1896 . Ethiopia was helped in this war by France and Russia , particularly by France , who after the war , strengthened her influence in that region . Both Belgium and Italy militarily weak Countries and under the british intimidation had to restituite Kassala and Lado Enclave to Britain by the relative treaties they were forced to sign with Britain from 1906 . Such a Treaty were concluded also with other European Countries : France , German , Portugal and Russia not to assisst Lado incase Lado was / is at war with Britain . Britain promised Morocco for France and Iran for Russia and that is how both Russia and France withdrew themselves or lost interest into coming to take over and assist Lado against Britain .

1821 : The Ottoman / Turco - Egyptian conquest of Sudan ( Sudan was known to them as the black Land Areas or Territories – south of the Sahara Desert by the Arabs since 700 b.c ) was to unify what they called small insignificant independent African – Sudan villages under the Ottoman Empire .

1840 : Captain Salim Bey occupied areas along the Nile up to Gondokoro , ( near Juba – Lado ) whereby , the whole of the Bahr al-Ghazal regions in the South Sudan were invaded and occupied by Turco-Egyptian forces .

1871 : Lado was invaded by the joint forces from Britain , France , Italy , Austria and the United States of America and together with Turco Egyptian forces and was renamed EQUATORIA and left to be administered by Egypt as a Province of Egypt under the Sovereignty of Ottoman ( Turkish ) Empire . 1881 : The Arabized Black Tribes in Sudan under their Spiritual Guide Leader Mahommed Ahmed in 1881- 84 joined Lado 's War against the European - Ottoman / Turco – Egyptian government forces and to drive them away from the Sudan ( Black Region ) Lands . 1883 : Mohamed Ahmed " al-Mahdi " captured Al-Obeid in South Sudan and from here began the era of building the Mahdi States of the North and South Sudan occupied which was predominately of the Arab descedents who settled in these Regions .

1885 : Mahdist forces continued , captured Khartoum after a long seige ; British General Charles .G . Gordon who by then was the Governor of Sudan was killed . The Sudan States of North predominantly of Arab descent and South predominantly of the original Native Blacks became known as the two Mahdi States as : North and South Mahdi States , excluding  EQUATORIA - LADO .

1885 : Al-Mahdi died ; the Khalifa Abdullahi took over to rule the Mahdi States .

1892 : King Leopold of Belgium entered from Congo in Equatoria - Lado , and pretended extending Belgium Administration up to Mongalla which was in South Sudan . But following , the term Agreements of Berlin Treaty , the Equatoria - Lado " Lado enclave " became and was exclusively made part of the Belgian Congo when the French interviened in the South Sudan Areas . The French forces under Major Marchand occupied parts of Bahr - al - Ghazal , Mongalla and Western Upper Nile to Fashoda which were all forming the South Mahdi or South Sudan parts and by 1896 the French had an Administration in these areas lying North of Lado . Lado remained still , legally , according to the Berlin General Acts ( Berlin Treaty ) of 26 February 1885 under Belgium .

1896 : Belgians under Military intimidation by Britain agreed by a False Statement made by the British of the illegal term Leasing Lado to Belgium to release then Lado enclave Belgium to British control when King Leopold of Belgium would die .

1897 : French forces from Djibouti set off across Ethiopia aiming - unsuccessfully - to link up with the Fashoda expeditions and annex Southern Sudan to French West Africa . The " Fashoda incident " results from Marchand's encounter with British forces . 1898 : Anglo - Egyptian forces led by General Kitchener overthrew the Mahdist State ( both North and South States ) in the battle of Omdurman . The two countries ( Britain and Egypt ) agreed to establish the Condominium Rule over North and South Mahdist States which later became known : Anglo / Egyptian Sudan .

1899 : Condominium Agreement was signed which involved France . French agreed to withdraw from South Sudan . The Condominium became known as the ANGLO / EGPTIAN Condominium Territory which in future in 1956 will get its Independence and become the Unified / United Republic State of Sudan with the Sovereign Status under the Condominium : Britain and Egypt . ( Britain secreetly had Occupied Egypt in 1882 ) .

1908 : Wad Haboba uprising in the Gezira against the Anglo / Egyptians but never lasted .

1910 : Belgium's King Leopold died ; the Lado enclave was falsely added to British Administration after twenty - one years of fierce fighting to oust the Foreign Invaders and the Belgians , who had remained with the British to share Lado between them , decided to withdraw their troops . Infact , Britain Made a False Document as said to Lease Lado ; refusing to let go of their Precious Conquest of Lado since Britain could not own Lado by Legal means or on the Battlefield . Britain drew up this False Document saying that Belgium had Leased Equatoria ( Lado ) to Britain after several failed attempts to Force or Bribe the Kings of Lado , like His Majesty / AGOFE / KING , H.M Ayingani Ajua , H.M Anacleto Atobua and more later still would want to force in 1962 the Present King ( AGOFE / KING ) H.M John Bart Agami Onzima II to hand over the Sovereignty of Lado to the British Crown . Britain resorted to cheating and used the false Lease Contract in September 1892 as they ( Belgians ) were bound by the Paris Treaty , the Berlin Treaty and the Vienna Convention to side with Britain in the Question of the Colonies and the Partition of the African Continent . So , at least formally , though not practically , Belgium is still Responsible for the present day Illegal Occupation of Lado . LADO Nation and People Still Intact It should still be known to a few that Lado has remained intact as a Nation and a People inside the old borders in spite of the joint Occupation by Britain and Belgium since 1947. Legally , though , it was still the Ottoman Empire which was responsible for the Occupation of Lado , even after the break - up of the Ottoman Empire , which became the Republic of Turkey by the Lausanne Agreement of 24 July 1923 . In reality , LADO still is withstanding Foreign Occupation as such and till now in the 21st Centuary and the Lado people are still fighting over their Land on the Issue of Independence and Sovereignty Rights in this Water Shade Region of Africa known as ' LADO - The Heart of Africa ' .


In a False Statement to the rest of the world to know , Britain issued and continue still in a wrong direction of Political education propaganda for people to know that , The Lado Enclave in Africa was leased to King Leopold II as a personal consession for his lifetime by Great Britain and with this ( King Leopold II's death ) , the Lado Enclave was then returned to the British control . Basing their ( Britain / British Governments reasonings ) on this false political propaganda , Britain - the British Governments - have always blocked and are still blocking the Independence issue of Lado in Central Africa .


To begin with and in the first place , in writing here , the Official name of the STATE OF LADO , the State Kingdom of Lado , being talked about is bordered by Sudan : North and South Sudan States to the North , by Ethiopia and Kenya to the North – East , by Uganda to the East , by D R Congo / former Zaire to the West and by the Central African Republic to the North – West . And the name Lado is the correct Identity of the people of Lado .

See The Map of Lado ( cf : THE HISTORIC MAP OF LADO IN AFRICA ) long since was established on the World Maps and to find out , please Pin or put in Browse to open to see the Internet google explorations of the Map of Lado in its Geographyical position to its Neighbouring Country States surrounding it : Africa 1909, Edward Hertslet (Lado enclave, detail).jpg

The following are the Regions of Lado Kingdom :

1. ITURI REGIONS – ( Bordered by Democratic Republic of Congo / former Zaire to the West ) ,

2. NILE REGION – ( Bordered by Uganda to the East ) ,

3. TORIT REGION – ( Bordered by Sudan / South Sudan inclusive , Ethiopia , Kenya , and Uganda to the North – East ) ,

4. UELE REGION – ( Bordered by Democratic Republic of Congo / former Zaire and Central African Republic / CAR to the North–West ) ,

5. YEI REGION – ( Bordered by Sudan / South Sudan and Central African Republic / CAR to the North and North–West ) .

The Colonial Writings refered and still refer to Lado Kingdom by different names as it suited or suits their purposes and time , as : Equatoria , Lado Enclave , West Nile , Haut Nil , Southern or South Sudan etc -- etc -- . The Turco/Egyptian Colonialists called it : The Equatoria Province of Egypt , The British ( at one time ) called it Lado Enclave , while the Belgians called it Haut Nil . And now , the Foreign Occupying Administrations give different names to Lado Kingdom as to what they wish to get after the Partition of Lado Kingdom . An Objective , the Lado Political Authorities are fighting for tooth and Nail . Was or has there been or is there Lack of Information on Lado Kingdom ? It is not true that there was or there is no Information on / about Lado Kingdom in Africa but the damn true fact is that , it seems , most of the African people and especially the African Politicians , or the Educated Africans , do not notice anything unless it appears on BBC or American Radio / Television ( T V ) net works . Yes , unfortunately Lado Politics is not being done through the BBC or the CNN , for a number of reasons which can not be discussed here yet in this Hard_talk message discussion on Lado . But still the Lado People are using their Time , Brains , and Sacrifice as much as they can of their resources for Lado . It cannot be done by sitting and waiting for somebody to give them Money to be an Independent and Sovereign State .

In one way , many of the Africans who are seen , or regard themselves as Politicians or Scolars or Elites should have kept open eyes , open ears , open minds to look back into the past on the question of Lado in Africa . So , lack of information of or about Lado , is because a few only care about Lado and for the rest Lado is not important as they don't receive Money . Yet these many people in Africa and elsewhere on this world know that this Region in the Heart of Africa – Lado ( known Equatoria ) has a Political Conflict unsolved since the Juba Conference in 1947 . In Africa , this Lado information has already been forwarded even to the African Leaders of the Countries surrounding Lado by the Lado Executive Political Office – THE GREEN BUREAU - headed by the living present AGOFE CULU or His Majesty John Bart Agami Onzima II of the State Kingdom of Lado , that , the Political Solution to the question of Lado , is the getting of Independence of Lado from Belgium and Britain . And this is being done and better to do it through peaceful Political Negotiations to avoid any more Bloodsheds in the Mother Continent of Africa or in the World Political Affairs . And even all Liberation Movements and their Armies in Africa have been informed that Lado would like to reach such Political solution in her Region ( Lado ) through peaceful means .

The LADO Political Strategy In order to grasp the Lado Political System , a quick glances at the Political Stepping Stones to Lado's present difficulties on the Nile – Watershed of Africa is Required .

The Sudan ( hereby is refering to the Sudan State and including the newly caved out of South Sudan country in 2011 out of the Sudan State ) as an Issue over Lado

a ) In 1927 , the British Governor General of Sudan recommended that , in order to occupy and colonise the Africans / Peoples of Lado , such as the Sudanic people of Lado , their Political Leaders ( the Agofe / King , the Opi – Drikulu / Head Chiefs , the Opi -i / Chiefs and Barui-i / Families ) have to be killed or exterminated in Lado .

b ) And Indeed , the British Governments took this policy seriously and practised it in the State of Lado Kingdom . This in return for Lado , slowed down the struggle for the Independence of Lado since 1947 . The Lado Political Authorities Concerned , have all the time to make sure that , they are not exterminated . So , various methods of work had / has still to be done to minimise the chances of getting easily assassinated . If a ruling Agofe / King of Lado dies there is already another prepared one to take over for the defence of Lado .

c ) In 1947 , Juba Conference was held , which was chaired by the Chief Secretary of Anglo / Egyptian Sudan ( North Sudan , South Sudan united as one State ) and the State of Lado ( Lado Enclave / Haut Nil ) . The Juba Conference of 1947 , was to determine the case of the Independence of Lado , of which , what you now call Equatoria in Sudan or South Sudan is a part , by the Cairo Agreement of 19 January 1899 and the Agreement of 13 December 1906 . By then , this part was not occupied by Britain . It was clear that Lado was to be Independent and Sovereign State . Lado was not and Lado is not a part of North Sudan or Southern called South Sudan State at all . However , in the same year of April 1947 , the issue of Lado was then raised at the United Nations / UN for the Independence of Lado . Belgium and Britain became the two Joint Administering Countries of Lado . But they never prepared Lado ( Article 73 of UN ) to be an independent and Sovereign State . Instead , on 14 April 1948 , the Prime Minister of Lado Colonel Anacleto Atobua who was being prepared as an Agofe , was assassinated by the British Authorities ; in the period of ( the Labour Government of the Rt . Hon . Clemente Richard Atlee , the British Prime Minister by then ) .

TORIT Massacres of 1955 in EQUATORIA - LADO On 1 January 1956 ,

Anglo/Egyptian Sudan got Independence under the name of Sudan , from Britain . But all the preparations for the Independence of Lado was stopped by the British Authorities ; and the British hurried to give the Independence of Anglo/Egyptian Sudan after the Torit Massacres of August 1955 and thereby ignored the fact that , there were / are still Four States in that Nile Valley Basin Region : LADO , SOUTH SUDAN , NORTH SUDAN , and EGYPT .

While the People of South Sudan did not object to the inclusion of its Land and People to North Sudan , the people of Lado ( Equatoria ) protested and this was clearly demonstrated by the Liberation War the Lado people of Torit Region , Yeyi Region , and Rholi Region fought . This war was known as the ANYANYA War in Lado / Equatoria from 1955 – 1972 . It was a War of Lado Liberation under Rev . Fr Saturnino Lokure ( Luhure ) a citizen of Lado , who was assassinated on 7 June 1967 . Major General Joseph Lagu of Madi Tribe ( Lado ) was the Military Officer in charge of the Military Affairs . The Kokora Policy President , General Jaafar Nimeeri of the Republic State of Sudan by then ( North Sudan and South Sudan united ) , after the Peace Agreement of 27 March 1972 signed in Addis Ababa , in Ethiopia between the Ladoans of Equatoria Region and Sudan State Government , introduced the Policy of trying to solve Lado Affairs and Sudan in the Region in a such away , the Lado Region of Equatoria was finally to be separated from that of South Sudan . This is what is locally termed and widely known in Sudan ( both North and South ) and Lado as Kokora Policy . The New Boundary followed the Colonial Boundaries between Lado and Southern Sudan , by the Cairo Agreement of January 1899 . And so from that Agreement , the Ladoans who signed the Addis Ababa Agreement of 27 March 1972 with the Government of Sudan State were taking , one step at a time , in order to reach the State Affairs of the Lado Political Authority when the issue of Lado could reach a Final Solution to the Independence of Lado Kingdom in the Heart of Sudan Central Africa as such . Accordingly so , what is called East and West Equatoria in Sudan or in South Sudan State now is the North part of Lado Kingdom . In brief to say , is that : East and West Equatoria are the Occupied zones of Lado , now placed , under this newly caved out South Sudan State - Country in 2011 by the Anglo / Americans in the Heart of Africa to hide the Struggling efforts of Lado Indepedence issue . The Anglo / Americans do not want and hate LADO to exist . Reasons behind the Kokoro Policy The Dark sides of Events over Lado in the Sudan / Anglo Condominium Lado Enclave stretching South-west from Juba to the Nile-Congo divide was Administered by the Belgians until 1910 when Lado was placed or transferred illegally to be under the Rule of Sudan / Anglo Condominium rule from 1912 , forced by Britain in Partitioning Lado . The North part of Lado was cut off , placed under the Condominium while the South – west being left under Congo to please the Belgium Authority and the South – East ceded to be Administered by the East Africa British Uganda Protectorate . Meaning Lado was Partitioned by Britain into three ( 3 ) parts : North Lado attached to Sudan , todays ( North and South Sudan States ) , South Lado but partitioned once again into two : South-west of Lado given to be under Belgium Congo , South-east under the British East Africa Uganda Protectorate .

The British Aim / Objective was that Lado Kingdom eventually would be completely destroyed when Independence would come to be given to the three Countries of Sudan ( 1956 became Independent ) , Congo ( 1960 became Independent ) and Uganda ( 1962 became Independent ) . That way they ( the British ) , politically thought , Lado people would never care of being a State or Kingdom State anymore but would have surrendered to be Ruled / or be under Authority of their Satellite Countries of Sudan , Congo and Uganda , ruling / administering Lado Lands and and the Lado People for them .

These Partition spheres were established by 1903 and were incorporated in the Sudan Government Missionary Regulations (1905 ) by which the Church Missions were bound not to conduct evangelism in Northern Sudan of much more Arab / Moslem-Islam influence , or to establish any Mission Stations North of the 10th parallel ( i.e. north of Malakal ) . The Spheres Policy continued to apply throughout the Condominium period though it became more precise and more complex as the Christians Church Mission work extended and New Church Missions entered Sudan . In 1964 and that is after Independence of the Sudan from 1956 , the Missionaries in the South areas of Sudan were expelled . But already the Opposition to the Government was hardening . In exile in Zaire / Congo , a number of Ladoan and Sudanese Politicians including a Catholic Priest , Father Saturnino Lahure / or Lukure ( a Ladoan ) had already in 1962 formed the Sudan African Closed Districts National Union ( SACONU ) , which took its name from the re-imposition of the Old Condominium Closed Districts in the South . The following year , it moved its Headquarters to South – East of Lado which was under Uganda independent then holding South – East Administration of Lado to Kampala in Uganda and changed its name to the Sudan African National Union ( SANU ) .

In 1963 , within Southern Sudan ( North part of Lado under the Sudan Rule ) , a Guerilla Army ( for Liberation of Equatoria / Lado ) called the ( Anyanya ) was formed . The formation of the Anyanya marks the commencement / beginning of a Nine ( 9 ) year Civil war that engulfed most parts of Southern Sudan then to be Liberated . The Main Aim for Ladoans was to liberate North Part of Lado from the Republic of Sudan Rule by the Ladoans . Many of the Sudanese Black peoples of the South : Dinka , Shilluk , Jo Luo , Nuer and others joined the Ladoans of the Equatoria to fight the Khartum discriminative Administration of and against all the Blacks of the South Regions and mainly of the Christian Faith Beliefs of the Sudan State which was mainly in the hands of the White Arab origines in the North of Sudan State . In 1969 , an Officer's coup in Sudan ended a confused and acrimonious period of civilian Rule whereby the Army Officer General Jaafar Nimeiri emerged as the leader of the new Military regime , and was to hold on to Power despite a number of coups that came close to toppling him , until April 1985 . As Sudan Northern politics , under Military control , were gaining more direction and Authority , so the Rebel movement , the Anyanya in the south was becoming more cohesive and effective under the dynamic leadership of Colonel Joseph Lagu ( a Ladoan of Madi Tribe in Lado ) . The time was Right and Ripe for an attempt at Conciliation / Arbitration to end the War between the Equatoria Lado and the Sudan State .

During the summer of 1971 the World Council of Churches and the All Africa Conference of Churches , sought to bring the two sides together ( Equatoria / LADO and former Sudan Anglo / Egyptian Condominium ) . A conference was arranged in Addis Ababa between the representatives of the Khartoum Government ( led by Abel Alier , Southern Dinka , who was Nimeiri's Minister for Southern Affairs ) and Representatives of the Lado / or Equatoria Lado Liberation Movement in the South Sudan ( Political Wing of the Anyanya ) . An Agreement was signed at the end of the Conference , known as the ( KOKORA POLICY ) on February 27th March 1972 , leading to the Regional Self-Government Act for the Southern Provinces , including the attached the North part of Lado Equatoria to South Sudan by the British Authorities in the pre – Independence Ruling of Sudan by the Sudan Anglo / Egyptian Condominium Rule . The Ladoans who signed the Addis Ababa Agreement of 27 March 1972 with the Government of Sudan State were taking , one step at a time , in order to reach the State Affairs of the Lado Political Authority when the issue of Lado could reach a Final Solution to the Independence of Lado Kingdom in the Heart of Sudan Central Africa as such . The substantial self-Government accorded to the South by this Agreement enabled the South to enjoy ten years of relative Peace though these years definately were marked by Political instability and wrangling , and deep division between the different Political factions . Much of this revolved around the perceived Dominance of the Dinkas in Southern Politics especially through Abel Alier who was President of the (Southern) High Executive Council from 1972 until 1978 and again in 1980 : The Campaign Aim was : South Sudan not to seperate from the North Sudan . With this Campaign Aim again by the Sudan State as a whole : both North and South , One draws his / or her own conclusion and that this Addis Ababa Agreement (1972 ) gave the South ten years of some what tense and anxious peace . The dream of a " Christian " South largely responsible for its own Affairs and speedily making good all the development losses of the previous 10 to 15 years rapidly faded . The memory of the " Movement " and a generalized sense of a " Christian " South were not enough to maintain unity . Southern Politics , particularly after about 1976 became embittered and factional as the Political representatives of the farming peoples of Equatoria / Lado had still to struggle against the Political Power and Expertise of the Politicians of Dinka and other Nilotic peoples of both North and South Sudan Confederates . ln 1978 elections in the South led to the resignation of Abel Alier and the Political emergence of Joseph Lagu as President of the High Executive Council with prominently Equatorian support . From there on , Southern Politics became increasingly confused and turbulent , leading to ever greater intervention and manipulation from Khartoum , against the spirit of the Addis Ababa Agreement between Equatoria / LADO and the Administration of the Sudan State . Southern Sudan Politics in short became increasingly unstable as the Politicians fought increasingly for their own rather than Regional Interests . This gave the Northern KHARTUM Government ample opportunity for interference . In 1981 , President Nimeiri proposed to "re-divide" the South into three separate Regions , transparently a plan to " Divide and Rule ." From Equatoria / Lado , and with the Advice from the Lado Agofe's Office ( the Green Bureau ) this plan was supported by Major General Lagu , indeed promoted then by him , and many Equatorians saw it as an opportunity to escape the Political Dominance of the Nilotics for the South over the Administration over Lado . Confused maneuverings followed but in June 1983 Nimeiri unilaterally " re-divided " the Southern Region into three regions , based on the former Equatoria / LADO , Bahr-el-Ghazal , and Upper Nile . This was only one of the issues , that re-awakened the Old North - South hostilities , and also divided Southerners of South Sudan once again to be against the seperation of Northern part of Lado which was attached and till todate is attached to Southern part of or to South Sudan . There was constant flouting of the Addis Ababa Agreement by the Central Government at Khartum , and Southern Sudanese became increasingly suspicious of the North Sudan Government intentions in Major development projects like the Jonglei Canal , the exploitation of the South's newly discovered oil Reserves and the progressive collapse of the Economy and the Bankruptcy of the Government put increasing pressure on the provision of Government services in the South ( and throughout the Country ) . However and as the catalyst , the most emotive development was the imposition of a form of Sharia Law on all parts of Sudan in September 1983 . This was the climax of a long process in which Nimeiri had become increasingly involved with renascent fundamentalism . The technocrat secularist Army Colonel who came to power appeared not only to have appreciated increasingly the political Potential of Islam , but also seemed to have undergone some kind of Religious conversion of himself . In particular he fell increasingly under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and their leader Hassan el-Turabi . It was the imposition of Sharia Law ( though there was no practical possibility of it becoming a reality in the South Sudan and Lado / Equatoria then ) that finally alienated Southern and Christian opinion from the Nimeiri regime : Lado / Equatoria people this time only giving a hand to the Southern Sudanese of the Dinka , Shilluk , Nuer and Jo Luo and other lineages of the real South Sudan Citizens . The Anglo / American Covert Blue Print Plans : SPLM brakes away from Equatoria / LADO . Already in May 1983 a mutiny at Bor had begun the revolt . The Sudan People's Liberation army (SPLA) was soon formed under an ex - Army Colonel , John Garang' de Mabior trained in America ( USA ) . This rapidly replaced other rebel groups like , the Anyanya Military group units in Equatoria / LADO , and by the summer of 1986 SPLA controlled most of the southern Countrysides and deeply entered in Equatoria Lado , except some Southern border areas and where the SPLA was confining the National Sudanese Army to the Garrison towns . This situation recreated a "re-division" issue , dividing Southerners , mainly between the Equatorians / LADO on the one hand and the Nilotic tribes of Bahr-el-Ghazal and Upper Nile on the other side of the real South Sudan Regions . The SPLA was seen as being a predominantly Dinka movement and as far as many Equatorians / LADOANS were concerned , the" re-division " had been not about ending Dinka dominance . Southerners and southern Christians therefore found themselves deeply divided over the rebel movements . The Churches as a result found it difficult to speak with any clear voice in the present conflict other than on the issue of Sharia Law and the growing Power of the National Islamic Front , the Political Arm of the Muslim brotherhood . The Dinka and Nilotic communities within the major Churches have on the whole sympathized with the SPLA . Many of them joined up , and virtually all their relatives hence got involved in the struggle as put it to Free themselves from the Moslem / Islam North Sudan with the help of the Anglo / American Blue Print Plans . Equatorians / LADOANS on the other hand have been equally cynical about the Khartum Central Government intentions but then at the same time also mistrust the Dinka - Dominated SPLA under the guide of the Anglo / Americans . This division remained until 1989 although the evident success of the SPLA started drawing increasing numbers of Equatorians to the cause , many of whom are Christians anyway , in otherwards they ( the Lado – Equatorians bowed down to Christian brotherhood to assist the SPLA . The fall of Nimeiri in April 1985 was due in some measure to the Political pressure created by the success of the SPLA under the Anglo / American - USA military Might , but events since then never fundamentally altered the situations in the South . The transitional Military Government of Siwar-al-Dahab ( April 1985 to May 1986 ) and the civilian Government of Sadiq al-Mahdi ( May 1986 ) prosecuted the war with a ferocity only matched by that of the SPLA . The result was a terrible devastation of the South on a scale that far outstrips that of the first civil war by the Anyanya . The year 1988 saw possibly half a million deaths from war , famine and disease . Virtually the entire population of Southern Sudan was displaced , either in North Sudan , in the remote bush in wretched refugee settlements , in the few southern towns left to the Government , or in exile outside the Country Sudan and the lot of Equatorians / LADOANS were left homeless . In the world picture , the war then really presented all the Christian / Churches , Moslem / Mosques with issues of a complexity that the first civil war undertaken by Anyanya did not . As the war divided Southerners of Sudan , so the attitudes of Christians and of Church leaders became divided . The tribal dimension of the war opened / roused tribal tensions throughout the South and all the Churches felt was feeling the strains of Tribalism . On the one hand now there are reports from the homelands of the Dinka , long dominated by the SPLA , of many baptisms and confirmations , and of the emergence of many new congregations in areas where previously there were few Christians . At its highest level the SPLA has not expressed any sense of Christian identity , and has in general used a Marxist or secularist terminology . But there are many and increasing numbers of Christians in its forces anyway . At the time of my writing now still there are no indications that peace is near . National politics continue to be fragmented and without direction. The SPLA is merely continuing escalation of war in the South , failing to bring the Government to the negotiating Table about the Lado Issues as well . There is a sense in which the issues which face Sudan ( both North and South States) now and to which the two Countries still fail to find answers are the same as those which faced the Condominium Government once the country had in large measure been pacified . What is the place of an African non-Muslim South within a Sudan that is predominantly Arabized and Muslim ? We all know that the British answer vacillated between isolating and incorporating the South . The steady progress of Christian missions in the South during the Condominium period helped develop southern identity and distinctiveness , just as British policy inhibited any over arching sense of National identity . At Independence the religious question was already deeply embedded in the wider question of how National Unity could be forged . In otherwords the Tribe - Nation Identity feeling in building a Nation - State of a purely African Political Nature could be forged . Two prolonged periods of civil war , and the growth of the Church in the South , together with the spreading influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and an orthodox consciousness in the North have not brought a resolution any nearer to peace in the one time , Anglo / Egyptian Sudan Condominium ( North Sudan / South Sudan ) as termed and Independent two States today . What next to write on , is now of the future of the two Sudans ( North and South Sudans ) : Both Independent without Lado still being Independent ----- Where does lie the answer for Lado Freedom Independence still ? The NILE Region of Lado Kingdom Meanwhile , in the Nile Region of Lado ( which in Uganda is called West Nile ) Great Britain had laid down the Border between Lado and Uganda in 1907 , was fighting the British Colonialism for the Independence of Lado Kingdom . And it was this Nile Region of Lado here that if Great Britain got the Signature of Lado Representative , the AGOFE / King of Lado , then Lado would have been Killed as a Political Entity . The ITURI and UELE Regions of Lado Kingdom In ITURI Region and UELE Region , which were and are still under the Democratic Republic of Congo / former Zaire Administration ( Belgium Colony ) , the Simba Liberation War by the Ladoans was fought and still being fought for the Independence of Lado and this War follows the 1956 Conference held in Arua town of Lado which included and who became Congo's first Prime Minister , Mr Patrick Lumumba on the question of Lado and its Peoples Rights to Self - determination ( Lado regarded first and Legally was then still regarded of Congo Belgium ) . So it was important the Agofe of Lado and the future Prime Minister of Congo in 1960 , Mr Patrick Lumumba had to meet for talks . The question of Water issues were also discussed of the Congo and Nile waters . ( cf : Nile Waters Agreement of 1929 and Nile Waters Utilization Agreement of 8th November 1959 ) . While in the Nile Region where the Agofe / King is , every body knows in Lado that , The present AGOFE of Lado Kingdom , refused to sign any Agreement with the British Authorities that the Nile Region ( West Nile and Madi ) was to become British East Africa or Protectorate of Uganda . So , just before the Independence of Uganda on 12 September 1962 , The Agofe himself ( Colonel John Bart Agami Onzima II ) who still is a live todate , was arrested and quickly Sentenced to seven ( 7 Years ) of imprisonment , and imprisoned in Luzira Prison at Kampala in Uganda , for not Signing the Annexation Treaty or Document to Annex Lado to the British East Africa to which Uganda was / is a part . Lado Political Authorities The Lado Political Authorities , since 1947 , worked together with the militia Liberation Groups of ( Simba Military units of Ituri and Uele in Congo/Zaire and Anyanya Military units of Torit , Rholi , Yeyi of Lado - Equatoria in Sudan ) under the Agofe and who is the Military Commander-in- Chief of Lado Command based in the Nile Region of Lado . One of the Political Leaders of Lado Kingdom ( North Lado ) , Rev. Father Saturnino Lokure who by the time was in South Lado ( Nile Region of Lado ) was Killed in Uganda by the Uganda Army , when he and some of his Assistants went to collect Medical Supplies for the Refugees and Diplaced Ladoans from ( Yeyi , Torit , Rholi , of Equatoria / Lado ) . This was in the Catholic Mission of Laco in Acholi , Uganda . All Yei , Torit , Rholi Politicians know about this incidence very well . And they are able to figure out Why ? the reason falls within the British appointed Governor of Sudan , General Sir John Maffey Policy or Reccomendation of 1927 and every Body knows too , that Uganda is under British Sovereignty york ( AUTHORITY ) and till todate . The Commonwealth Countries help Carry out the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ' s / UK Policies only to destroy Lado . On 25 January 1971 , Major General Idi Amin Dada a Kakua / Kuku and of Lado origin , became the President of Uganda , The present Agofe of Lado CULU JOHN BART AGAMI ONZIMA II returned from Exile in France , and hoped to work with Uganda gradually , and to reach a Political Solution on the Issue of Lado Kingdom . But things did not work that way , although by 1973 , He managed to Confirm the International recognised Boundary Agreement between Lado and Uganda of 1907 ( which was fixed by Sir Wiston S . Churchill , the British Prime Minister by then ) , by the Agreement of 31 May 1973 signed in the Nile Conference held in Kampala , Uganda . This Boundary Agreement is between the Jonam and Madi Tribes of Lado and the Acholi Tribe of Uganda . It is River Ayugi which is the dividing Natural Feature boundry line . But Again the AGOFE's Life was threatened , so He left Lado in 1974 to continue his living life in Exile as before since 1962 . He is a Political Refugee for over 50 Years now as a Stateless Refugee King ( AGOFE ) of the Kingdom of Lado till todate . On 11 April 1979 , General Idi Amin Dada ( who was a Ladoan Origine in Uganda ) was overthrown and his Regime in Uganda was overthrown . The Ladoans of Sudanic Origin were chased and Massacared with Impunity in Uganda and in the Nile Region of Lado itself , ( known in Uganda as West Nile ) . Over 350,000 People of Lado were Massacred / Perished . It was Recognised by Uganda and in the ( Uganda plans of 1967 and Uganda decree of 12 May 1980 , Art. 5 and Art. 10 ) , in that , Ladoans are Foreigners in Uganda . Ugandans are / were Right . Because Ladoan's Country The kingdom State of Lado is not yet Independent as a Political Entity in Africa . Truely in this War of 1979 , this time , the Nile Region Ladoans were the ones who ran to Yeyi , Torit , Rholi , Regions of Lado which were / are still under as Occupied Territories of the Sudan or under the now newly created Independent South Sudan Country - State and to Uele and Ituri which are the Occupied Territories of the Democratic Republic of Congo / former Zaire . By 1986 about 500,000 Sudanic of Lado were Killed . In the same Year , 9 May 1979 , The Sudanic Refugee Organisation / SRO was formed by the AGOFE and the Chiefs of Lado and as is their Political duty to Protect the People of Lado and the Land of Lado . And the Provisional Government of Lado was formed on 7 March 1987 on the date to remember and to recall the memmories of the AGOFE of Lado , Karanga ( General ) Ayingani Ajua who was assassinated on the same date 7 March 1887 by the combined British , Turkey , America and Egyptian military forces in the War against Lado People . FORMATION OF SPLM IN 1983 In 1983 , Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement ( SPLM ) was founded in the Sudan State to fight the Ladoans and between 1985 and 1987 to the present time Ladoans were / have been working hard to prevent Britain using SPLM / SPLA Chairman of Sudan under Colonel John Garang and Uganda under President General Yoweri Museveni to wage wars against Lado . Infact , President General Yoweri Museveni and Colonel John Garang reached a Secreet Agreement over Lado , with the Support of Britain and United States of America , USA . That is why Britain and USA were very Keen on the Issue of an Independent South Sudan to be created , hoping that , they would / will make it destroy Lado and prevent the Equatoria Region to be a part of Lado . The Religion Factor of MUSLIM / CHRISTIAN was / is instrumental , a Cover up for destroying the State of Lado Kingdom . From these facts , however , the Ladoans do not know yet how the African Politicians / Elites saw , were seeing / are seeing till now and understand the Sudan SPLM / SPLA wars which were meant to fight the North Sudan Government of Khartum , were always fought in Equatoria ( Lado ) . The Villages destroyed were and times to go on , will always be those in Equatoria , the Leaders of Equatoria get Assassinated or Killed such as Mr. Joseph Oduho , when at SPLM / SPLA Meetings . To the People of Lado ( Ladoans ) know that the true National Citizens of South Sudan : the Dinka tribes , Nuer tribes , Shiluk tribes , Jo-Luo tribes people of the Regions of Southern or South Sudan Country were / are still being used by Britain and United States of America - USA to help them to destroy LADO as a Nation - State Kingdom in Mother Continent Africa . They are also busy working now on to Control all , so called Elites of Equatoria ( Lado ) , to work for them to include permanentely the Region ( Equatoria / Lado ) as part of South or so called Christian Southern or South Sudan Country Independent under the Anglo/American Sovereignty ever to be . Lado People said and continue to say Big NO and NO to this Anglo/American and heavily being supported militarily of course by United States of America , ( USA ) . They are using the United Nations ( UN ) as the Institute to implement their Plans always . Truely they have Created so , the Southern / or South Sudan as the Independent Country now under them in 2011 and think they have finally Partitioned Lado Kingdom . But on our minds and every body knew and knows till todate and as a reminder to all to know , there was one time a Country in the Nile Basin called South Sudan State Country and indeed separate from North Sudan State Country and State Country of Lado . ( Ref: The Map of Africa since 1895 as later was presented in 1909 Africa 1909, Edward Hertslet (Lado enclave, detail).jpg ) . It is not by the 2011 year date that Southern or South Sudan became an Independent State in Africa for the first time and so thanking Britain and United States of America - USA for that . The Political Game play here , is about of the Occupation of North Lado Territory and the whole of Lado Kingdom as such only , for these two Big Powers : United Kingdoms of Britain and Northern Ireland - UK and United States of America – USA in Controling Africa from the Heart which is Lado .

Another witty People along side who worked and are still working to destroy Lado Kingdom as people , if Ladoans may be wrong , are the many people working in Churches , were being used and are used as usual to help Britain and United States to Kill Lado . Especially such People were being paid and as usually are paid so , special attention and treatment in the terms of ( Money , Property owns and Honour ) and when it came to the Creating of the Independence Issue of South Sudan . Well , Ladoans know for themselves and they do understand how difficult it is for one to Risk and Sacrifice so much in order to work for Lado . No Independence and Sovereignty come easily anyway . The Struggle for Lado's Freedom continues still !


This is a Communication matter to inform the different People of Africa and the World at large that , the State Kingdom of Lado is still an Occupied Territory by Belgium and Britain , and not yet an INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGN STATE in Africa . The People of Lado are struggling for the Independence of their Kingdom and above all , the Sovereignty Issue of Lado since 1947 till todate ( 3000 a.d ) . Taking all issues into account , the State Kingdom of Lado should have been an Independent and Sovereign State Country at most now since 1960 . But Britain blocked again the Independence of Lado which was to be on 9 May 1960 . Britain has been blocking and continues so at all times when it comes over to the issue of the Independence and Sovereignty of Lado Kingdom since and till todate while writing this history of past and present in the ( 3000 a.d) and sincerely we all know to say of this British attitude / behaviour which is in VIOLATION OF THE ARTICLES 1 and 73 of the Charter of the United Nations of 26 June 1945 , and THE ARTICLES 6 , 12 , 15 of Berlin Treaty of 26 February 1885 ; including all instruments of International Law . The Lado Kingdom Decolonisation Issue This Communication on the Question of Lado ( Decolonisation ) is o given a chance to clear up some of the Misinformation , and Disinformation that has been Spread out about Lado Kingdom , and still it is being spread out about Lado in Relation to what the Political Authorities of Lado ( The Green Bureau of Lado and the Government of Lado ) are doing to bring about the Decolonisation of Lado . The Political History of Lado has been falsely presented to the world . As a result , many of former African Colonial Countries like Sudan , a close neighbour Country to Lado , even Believe it . The typical example of the people at most are the People of Uganda who strongly and dearly believe so . For the Heavens or Hells Sake ( Uganda is the most Protected African Colony Independent of Britain ) by the British . The Hard truth behind is that , the Nile Region of Lado ( Refered to or known as West Nile , an English name given in Uganda to the Nile Region of Lado by Britain ) is not a part of the Territory of Uganda but can be best for Britain that , this Region , the Nile , is taken care for them by Uganda as the part of Lado Occupied Territory .


Lado was first an Occupied Territory of the Ottoman Empire by Turco/Egyptian Firman of 1 April 1869 . The Borders between Lado and Sudan , Congo , Uganda were fixed by TURKEY , BRITAIN , RUSSIA , ITALY , FRANCE and EGYPT and gradually being done so , from 1887 to 1907. These were and still are the Colonial Boundries established according to the Berlin General Acts ( Berlin Treaty ) of 26 February 1885 , following the Berlin Congress from 15 November 1884 to 25 February 1885 .

The Lado Issue was first presented to the United Nations in 1947 , at the UN Special General Assembly Session of 28 April – 15 May 1947. It was His Majesty Agofe / King CULU John Anacleto Atabua , who represented the State KAARI meaning = ( Kingdom ) of Lado in New York , USA . The AGOFE / KING His Majesty Anacleto Ataboa was assassinated on 14 April 1948 by the British for this reason . It was by the Agofe asking The Ambassador of USSR to the UN , His Exellency Mr Andrei Gromyko , and who raised the Question of Lado at the United Nations Special General Assembly Session of the 28 April – 15 May for the Independence / Sovereignty of Lado . Infact , this Special UN General Assembly was called by Britain . Both the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland argued that , the Question of Lado should have been raised by the UN Secretary General , according to Article 99 of the UN Charter of 26 June 1945 . Since May 1947 , Britain with the Financial Assistance and Military Support of the USA have been blocking the Independence of Lado , and the Sovereignty of Lado , and the Territorial Integrity of Lado in Central Africa . Instead , Britain and USA want to Kill the State KAARI = meaning in English ( KINGDOM ) of Lado in Central Africa in order to grab the Land of Lado and its Natural Resources , especially the Minerals .


Hereby it is still to note : The Great KAARI ( Kingdom ) of Lado has existed as the Kingdom of Lado since 847 a.d till todate ( originally Lado was founded in 700 BC ) and through out the 400 years of Slave Trade in Africa , from 1440 to 1840 a.d till todate ( 3000 a.d ) , Lado as well was recognised as a Sovereign State ( Kingdom ) according to the Treaty of Holy Allience ( in Vienna ) , dated 26 September 1815 . By the Turco / Egyptian Firman of 13 February 1841 , and the Turco / Egyptian Firman of 1 April 1869 , the KAARI ( STATE KINGDOM ) of Lado was occupied , on 26 May 1871 , as the Equatorial Province of Egypt , under the Sovereignty of the Ottoman Empire ( today , the Republic of Turkey , with Capital at Ankara ) . His Majesty ( King Agofe ) Ayingani Ajua was the Agofe of Lado ( Equatoria ) in the period of 1859 –1887 by then . H.M AGOFE AYINGANI AJUA was assassinated on 7 March 1887 by British Colonial Agents .

Egypt was Occupied by the Ottoman Empire ( Turkey ) in 1517 a.d , and Sudan ( todays Republic of Sudan including of course South Sudan ) was occupied in 1821 a.d . These three Countries ( Lado , Sudan : North / South Sudan combined and Egypt ) were Seperate Political Entities under the Sovereignty of the Ottoman Empire ( today -Turkey ) , even though Britain proclaimed Protectorate over the Kingdom of Egypt on 18 December 1914 ( during the First World War : 1914 –1919 ) . Note : Lado was not under the Sovereignty of Egypt . So , Britain did not get Lado .

This same Communication on the Question of Lado ( Decolonisation ) has been clarified to the African People and that of Uganda especially and through their Parliament and Governments that , Lado has never been a Colony or Protectorate of Britain or any European Country . However , Lado has been an Occupied Territory from time to time since 1871 . In otherwords , The Lado Political Leaders have never Signed off the Lado Sovereignty o Sovereign Status of Lado to any Foreign Country . And Britain is aware of that , although , Britain would like to behave as if / though Lado has been a British Colonial Territory . That is not True , It is not technically Correct . In the case of the Partition of Africa , Berlin Treaty of 26 February 1885 is the Legal Instrument followed , and is still followed for African Affairs , including the Paris Conference and Resolution of 3 August 1875 , which was followed by the Berlin Congress from 15 November 1884 to 25 November 1885 . The AUTHORITY OF THE AGOFE of Lado , you can see my dear readers of this Hard_Talk information on Lado hereby is that , Lado Kingdom is still Protected by Article 6 of Berlin Treaty . The Enemies of Lado Kingdom however in their tentatives to Kill Lado decided to give and still give false Names of the Partitioned Regions of Lado by them and that is for the rest of the People of the world not to know anything about Lado Kingdom or the KAARI / KINGDOM of Lado in Africa . Such false given names are :

In and under Belgium Colony ( D. R Congo / former Zaire now is given the common name of as North East of D R Congo Region . While the true names and denominations in the original Lado Languages are :

1. SOUTH ITURI Region / Kala ( Kala means Region in Lado Language ) with Aku Ambo / city Capital ( BUNIA ) ;

2. NORTH ITURI Region / Kala with Aku Ambo / city Capital ( ARU ) ;

3. UELE Region / Kala with Aku Ambo / city Capital ( DUNGU ) .

In and under Anglo/Egyptian Condominium ( The Republic State of Sudan / and or in the New State South Sudan are given the names as East and West of Equatoria Regions of the Republic of Sudan or now of the South Sudan State . While the true names and denominations in the original Lado names are :

1. YEI Region / Kala with Aku Ambo / city Capital ( JUBA ) ;

2. KINETI Region / Kala with Aku Ambo city Capital ( TORIT ) ;

3. RHOLI Region / Kala with Aku Ambo / city Capital ( Yambio ) . In and under British Protectorate Uganda ( The Republic of Uganda ) is given the special name called West Nile or sometimes North West of Uganda . While the True name and nomination in Lado is the KALA – ALIA Region / Kala with Aku Ambo city Capital ( ARUA ) .

The Territory of the State KAARI / KINGDOM of Lado is Located , shown on different World Maps and Atlses as established and recognised by the Colonialists , Colonial Boundries recognitions as indicated above in the writings here and therein Lado had to become Independent and Sovereign by 1960 as promised by Her Majesty the Queen Elisabeth II of England in 1954 .

Why did Lado not become Independent then ?

To this Question as an answer , Lado is issuing as a communication hereby a brief statement on the question of Lado ( Decolonisation of Lado ) . It is hoped that , after getting to read this communication , the different People of Africa and from the different Countries of Africa and especially of those , the Neighouring Countires to Lado in this Region of Sudan ( the word Sudan means Black ) Central Africa and in particular Uganda State will continue to cooperate with Lado and therefore not to continue to believe in the Political Rumours , and the Lies or the Deliberate Campaign and Propaganda against the State Kingdom exsistence of Lado , and against the Political Authorities of Lado , and against the People of the State of Lado . Lado needs facing the Political Realities . The People of Lado ( Ladoans ) are Struggling to defend the Independence of Lado and the Sovereignty of Lado in the ( Heart , Watershade Region ) of Africa .

The State of Lado Consists of six ( 6 ) Regions , all named by Use of Lado River Names : These Regions of Lado are as follows :









The International View of Lado

The Question of Lado was raised for the first time in the United Nations at a UN Conference lasting from 28 April to 15 May 1947 by the then Soviet Permanent Representative to the U.N , Andrei A .
Gromyko , who later became the Foreign Minister of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics , USSR . On this Conference , which incidentally was called by Britain , three Key Issues were discussed , that is to say the Palestine Question , the creation of the new State of Israel , and the Independence of Lado . Lado was Cheated as the decision at the United Nations Oganisation , U.N.O was to grant all three parties Independence , but as everyone knows , only one of these decisions was implemented with the realisation of the State of Israel in 1948 . A lot of bloodshed , anger , pain and millions of displaced and Stateless Persons have up to now been the result of the lack of implementation of the Palestine and Lado Questions . By the way , now , there remains to be granted Independence to nearly eighteen countries in the World , of which the FOUR are the Palestine , Western Sahara , Lado and St. Helena . Lado not being in the Public Eye The first TWO Countries , the Palestine , and Western Sahara , are on the verge of Independence because they have for a long time been burning issues and in the Focus of the Public Eye making their Suffering and Quest for Freedom a Matter of Conscience for the People of the World . However , the Plight of Lado and St. Helena , both African Nations and both under Foreign Occupation ( Lado under Britain / Belgium , St. Helena under Britain ) , has been that of oblivion , covert oppression and shadow boxing on behalf of the two Countries .

Lado is in exactly the same boat as St. Helena as their issues have never been allowed to be discussed in the open and as all Topics concerning them have been swept and are still kept under the carpet . Yet , it is known , the question of National Identity is one of crucial importance to any Man , and the Right of all People on the Planet Earth . Although it is even one of the foremost Principles of the United Nations Charter , the Lado Peole and the St. Helena People have been denied the Right to even Exist , let alone their Independence . The very name Lado typically , especially is the Forbidden Word in the World of Politics and Diplomacy , and not least on the African Continent where there is severe Penalty , even Death , for expressing a single syllable about Lado and its Existence as a Nation State or a People . Lado is never called by its True Name but heard of always through the , referred to , as either the unruly North-Western Region or West Nile of Uganda , the North-Eastern Region of Congo , or even Equatoria Region of Sudan or now as Southern or South Sudan Independent Region , but never by its true and genuine name Lado . In fact the mere mention of the name Lado triggers a jittery shock in Diplomatic Circles , as it is becoming an increasingly embarassing issue for the former Colonial Powers spearheaded by Britain , its Commonwealth Countries and Institutions enforced by their musclemen their American cousins - United States of America , U.S.A ( meaning through the Powers of the Old Virginia Company ) . 

The Hidden Agenda , but then it is no wonder that , the Lado Question has become such a Hot Potato to the Ruling Powers of the World when you consider that the Hidden Agenda of the Anglo/American Conglomeration was to create a New State on Lado Land ( Territory ) by the name of Southern or South Sudan . The idea is to hand over Lado Land to Black Americans , as it was done in Liberia , which will help " White America " to get rid of some of its Black Citizens that constantly remind them of their infamous and shameful Slave Past . So , Annihilation of Lado People is best for them to do on the African soil still . Annihilation of Lado People , invariably this scheme involves the Annihilation of the Rightful Owners of Lado Land , the Indigenous People of the Luu , Lui , Luo and Lue origins . These are the National Identities of Lado , and this explains why the name Lado is not even whispered in the Corridors of Power . Note : Lado has been is still occupied , but never Colonised , since 26 May 1871 by an International Force led by the US military based in Egypt .

The created Covert / Secreet Operations

The Force, which operated under the pretext of fighting the Slave Trade, was the " NATO " of that day (1871), and as history went yet , another American President , General Ulysses Simpson Grant had been manipulated (or forced) by the British Crown to do the dirty work under the auspices of an under-cover Agreement of the Ottoman Empire Sovereignty of which Egypt was a Possession at the time . Now the implementation of the Creation of this New " Slave State ", and part of the Secret Anglo - American Colonisation Program of Africa , was preceded by a recent Fact - Finding Mission to Lado carried out by the Congressmen : Donald M. Payne (a Black American) and Tom Tancredo , and Senator Sam Brownback . United States , U.S.A Congress Passed Resolution to Invade only . 

Coinciding with the Mission of these three Gentlemen , a Resolution was passed in the U.S Congress in June 1999 that the U.S was to supply Arms and Finances to the South Sudan Liberation Army and
the South Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement under the pretext of fighting the Arabs in North Sudan . Part of the Scheme , and the Reason for the Passing of the Resolution in Congress , was to conjure a deliberate Misinformation on the whole situation in the Region which was to hide the Real Reason , namely to destroy Lado as a Country and its People , exactly the same way that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ( NATO ) was trying to destroy Serbia and its People .

The present NATO Operation in Africa

One only sees it as the preparations for a new NATO Operation which will always use Uganda and Kenya as their Bases and Buffer Zones . The Lado People remain , will be the Targets at the receiving end , and Lado Land will be used as the new Testing Ground for their impressive and High-Tech Bombing / Weapons sprees , such as the drones now in use . Who says World Peace ?

The Bluff they are calling is to make the World believe that the South Sudan People are in Dire Circumstances and desperately in need of Help to liberate and protect themselves . Equatoria is Lado However , the fact is that , the so called South Sudan is encapsulating part of the North Lado Territory occupied ( divided into three Regions of East , Central and West Equatoria which have been first placed forming the Southern Region Areas of the Unified Republic of Sudan State : North and South Sudan United in 1899 and even after Independence in 1956 ) . The Regions of East , Central and West Equatoria are inhabited by Luu , Lui , and Lue People . The Rebel War of the Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement ( SPLM ) was fought , not in South Sudan as such , but in Lado  ( called Equatoria from 20 May 1871 ) , as the real South Sudan People and the border line with Lado is situated five degrees north of the Lado Border .

These South Sudan People , living inside the Republic of Sudan are mostly the Nilotic speaking / or simply known as Nilotics : Dinka , Nuer , Anuak , Shilluk , Acholi or Acoli and Jo Luo Native Black People Africans and including Arab Native descendents who have no connection and Politically so , whatsoever to Lado and Lado People . Consequently , the Phony War in Sudan was being fought and will be ever fought in the Wrong Place and by the Wrong People and for the Wrong Reasons under the pretext of the Christian Victims versus the Cruel Arab Muslims in North Sudan .

The whole issue placed by the Anglo / Americans is that , without any political thinking , the Black South Sudan people of Sudan are Christians living in bondage / Slavery under the dominant Arabs of
North Sudan . But the true picture behind of these Super Powers was / is , will still be , fighting to preserve the South Sudanese people in Sudan in their Covert Campaign of the War against Lado and the hated people of Lado yet , as in the series of Wars which were fought and are still going on over the Occupation of Lado as cited already in the writings here . What an invention !

United States , U.S.A Mission was Misinformed

The United States of America ,U.S.A Fact-Finding Mission was based in the town Yei , which is in the Heart of Lado , and very far away from South Sudan , and yet the Honourable Senators and the Congressmen failed to see that they were physically been enjoying the Hospitality and received the Protection of the People of Lado , and not the People of South Sudan . Instead they manufactured a
totally false Report which fatally resulted in the disastrous Resolution passed by the U.S.A Congress in June 1999 , a Resolution which invariably resulted in the Commitment of the U.S.A Government and the Deployment of U.S.A Troops , Arms and Finance to fight inside Lado with the British Crown which remained and still remains in Charge now carrying out the Overall and Tactical Activities ( the Brain and the Muscle ) : The game is played through all the institutions of the British Crown , and some of the
most useful on-the-spot players are Uganda , Kenya and South Africa to which Country all destructive weapons were / are being and will always be shipped and distributed . For this reasons Peace or War rests with Britain over Lado . 

The whole Issue of Peace or War , since the Queen's Promise in 1954 , rests still with the former Labour Government , that same Party which was in power under Prime Minister , Clement Richard Attlee in 1947 when the Issue of Lado's Independence was discussed in the United Nations / United Nations Organisation , U.N.O . The only difference now is that the New coming parties , Party , such as the " New Labour Party '' and others onto come , can be seen whether the new on coming of their Prime Ministers , will have the courage to honour Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Word of 1954 , tenths , of years ago till todate of Lado Independence . We all know Lado will still go ahead and declare the Independence of Lado as a Sovereign Nation State in the Heart of Mother Africa and therefore to relieve its restless mind . So what it is really all about is touching the Soul of the Individual Ladoan , is by Releasing , Educating and Training his Mind like Cultivating a Rare Fruit , making People aware of the Fact that the World People no longer live in the Middle Ages or in the Age of Bondage and Slavery in Africa (1440-1840) which was carried up by the same people , Europeans / Arabs etc --- etc --- , and that is , it is OK for the World People today in this 21st Centuary to be Free and to Think freely of the Freedom for themselves . 

This is a Brand New Millenium (21 centuary a.d.) dear Readers , and a time in the Human History when people are Liberating themselves from the Common Consciousness and to be Individuals who are Responsible for their own Actions , and even more importantly , Responsible for their Failure to Act . Now Truely , The Blame cannot be Pushed That is why like all Africans or the blacks as a whole , can no longer push the Blame for Injustice and Atrocities on to different people alone , whether they be National or Worldwide on a Globalised Planet . People in all have a Task to do for Justice and Peace , and people are no longer Blind - Minded . Whether the Individual be African , Asian or European , American , the Issue is the same : there is no '' cop-out '', no Escape from taking a Stand and Act or Speak up against Injustice or Oppression in the face of all , once one knows the Truth and the Facts in this Age of Information and Communications . Perhaps as is often quoted in the Christianity saying of Jesus , who said : When two People Act in the name of God , then God Listens and Blesses . So an Individual should not be afraid to do something which he or she knows in his or her Heart is Right , Justice he / she does and will Benefit the Others too . No Escape , as in Africa the Colonial Way of thinking is still prevailing , and so far it has been a Heavy Task to Liberate the African Minds . So many People in Africa have grown accustomed to Identify themselves with the Culture and Language of the European Colonisers that they find it extremely hard and difficult to break out of their Mental Prisons . Surely , and after four hundred years of Slavery and two hundred years of Foreign Occupation and Colonisation , this African State of Mind is Understandable - but it is no longer any Excuse which can be used as a Sleeping Pill or a Drug to quell the overwhelming Fear . 

Decolonisation Mind Process is Vital Unless the Decolonisation Process is carried out – that is to
say the Mind is Liberated to assume full Responsibility for its own Situation . If the Situation in Africa will never change , and in the end really , Africa might even lose or is gradually loosing its own Mother Land Continent to Foreigners now and once for all : the Native Black Race in his / her Mother Continent is wiped off then .

Just immagine ; as is worthy to note and to remember that : all it takes is Two People , Two Minds and know what Sovereignty means to the Africans and what to do holding that Spirit up , building the Organisation of African Unit from its very Start springing out of the PanAfricanism  Association Conference held on the day of 1945 at Manchester and start reviewing where the wrong steps were taken or are taking place while implementing the still OAU Charter till todate , one gets to find out that the African People can still make it up saving themselves and Mother Continent Africa . And the Africans must also know and be aware of the High Price to Pay as the Price for Freedom and Independence as always any where on the world , is incredibly high , therefore there is no way back for the Africans still and in Particular for the Lado people not to think of taking the National Responsibilities , to take the Matters of Independences and full Sovereignty issues within the Continent of Africa and be into their own Hands as Africans .


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