Talking Peace and Justice with Ahmadinejad


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The American government wants to expand its hegemony over the center of energy in the world, which is the Middle East,” said Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at a Manhattan dinner with mainly American peace and justice advocates. Iran considers weapons of mass destruction to be forbidden under Islam. All the talk of war is merely a cloak for America’s imperial ambitions.


Talking Peace and Justice with Ahmadinejad

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The United States is merely ‘seeking excuses in order to perpetuate animosity to Iran [which] started from the day the Iranian people completed the revolution’ in 1979.”

The doctrine of empires is being destroyed. It cannot be reconstructed,” said Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, seated at the dais in a large meeting room of the Warwick Hotel, in Manhattan, Tuesday night. “Human relations and the international equation are moving in the direction where the power of weapons is not determinative. Did it save the Soviet Union from being dismantled?”

A couple of seats away, the Nation of Islam’s Min. Louis Farrakhan beamed. He was among a hundred or so guests of the Iranian Embassy, gathered for the last of Ahmadinejad’s yearly sessions with mainly American peace and justice proponents during the opening week of the United Nations General Assembly. “If there ever was a time for the family of Abraham to come together to speak with one voice, the time is now,” said Farrakhan, many of whose ministers were seated among Mennonites, Iranian Muslim clerics, Jews, Catholics and a conservative evangelical Baptist mega-church pastor from Texas who intoned, “If we really believe in the God that we say we believe in, we must work for peace.”

Consumers of U.S. corporate media have become acclimated to the inevitability of a military assault against Iran, by Israel alone or in league with the U.S., ostensibly to destroy an Iranian nuclear weapons program that all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies say was halted almost a decade ago. But Ahmadinejad and several Shiite religious leaders insisted that a nuclear-armed Iran is unthinkable; that Supreme Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons; and that, as religious scholar Muhammad Sawar informed the dinner guests, “the production of weapons of mass destruction is legalized murder…prohibited in Islam.”

Consumers of U.S. corporate media have become acclimated to the inevitability of a military assault against Iran.”

Phil Wilayto, of Richmond, Virginia’s Defenders of Freedom, Justice & Equality, spoke of the need to “break through the barrage of demonic propaganda” against Iran. “Malcolm X said the Black community has the right to defend itself by any means necessary,” said Wilayto. “But Iran does not claim that right, because it believes killing innocents is impermissible.”

Ever since the August morning in 1945 when the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, the U.S. has refused to rule out an atomic first strike against a nuclear or non-nuclear power. For Washington, mass human annihilation is always on the table – as it is for nuclear-armed Israel, whose leaders howl that Iran represents a threat to its very existence.

Koranic prohibitions aside, why shouldn’t Iran seek a deterrent against those that make no secret of their intentions to attack them? Former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark seemed to pose that question. “A non-nuclear power, when threatened by a nuclear power, has no real means to protect their people,” said the 84-year-old anti-war activist. Yet, all nations have the “right to protect themselves…to develop the means to protect themselves.”

For President Ahmadinejad, “talk of nuclear war has become tiresome, it has become repetitive.” The United States is merely “seeking excuses in order to perpetuate animosity to Iran [which] started from the day the Iranian people completed the revolution” in 1979. “The American government,” he said, “wants to expand its hegemony over the center of energy in the world, which is the Middle East.” The Euro-American embargo on trade with Iran and U.S. threats of war are simply cloaks for imperial geopolitical ambitions.

Production of weapons of mass destruction is legalized murder…prohibited in Islam.”

President Obama, like George Bush, labels Iran a rogue nation that has become “isolated” in the world. If that’s true, nobody told the 120 nations of the Non-Aligned Movement, which unanimously supported Iran’s right to develop the full cycle of nuclear energy. The non-aligned countries comprise a majority of the Earth’s population and two-thirds of the UN General Assembly. However, the permanent members of the UN Security Council run the show.

That must, and will, change, Ahmadinejad told his guests:

Any time there is war or transgression, a member of the Security Council is present. So, who is there to complain to?

The United Nations was created to manage world affairs…but management is under how many [countries]? One? Two? Three? If we want to establish justice, everyone must participate…equal participation in the management of the world.”

It is a message with which the vast bulk of humanity agrees – which is why the Non-Aligned Nations took its stand, and why the United States and its imperial junior partners have few cards to play other than war and threats of war. Peace is the last thing on Washington’s agenda, as the Euro-American crucifixion of Libya, and now Syria, attests. Stanley Klein, a “Jewish lawyer” who spoke at the Iranian dinner, had it right: “If the U.S. cannot convert a country into a client state, then it prefers a weak or failed state.”

At this stage in history, the United States exerts all its energies to make the world fail. With each passing day, more and more people of the Earth come to the realization that, for humanity to succeed, the U.S. empire must be dismantled.

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Its all true.

I saw several minutes of his speech to the UN today on CNN. He was eloquernt and brilliant. But the "best" part of the show was CNN's blatant propaganda. If I didnt see it with my own two eyes I never would have beelived it. During one part of his speech CNN started flashing little messages about his former statemnst all designed to make him look bad. Nothing good, all loaded quotes and positions. Andhten they stiopped doing it as if an excutive thought they had gone far enough. It was so sickening I had to laugh. And hten this pawn Ashley Banfield. I nver saw an anchor who always had something to say. Her entire show is one long editorial, one long propaganda leice masking itself as news. Shes HORRIBLE!


The Company that is now BP got the CIA to overthrow the   elected government of Iran (Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh) in 1953; installing the Shah a brutal dictator that oppressed the Iranian people with an iron fist. Despite the power and ruthlessness of their oppressors the brave and noble people of Iran manager to overthrow the Shah and regain their freedom. Just as the people of Iran realized their Revolution, the CIA was plotting in the basement of the American  embassy to retake the country; this brought on the US hostage situation. Note that none of those bastards (hostages) were harmed and all were eventually set free.

Soon after America encouraged their Thug Saddam to attack Iran killing about a million citizens. During this war a US war ship shot down an Iranian   passenger  plane killing 240 civilian. A clear act of overt Terrorism!


These days America and Israel openly support Terrorist organizations within Iran to attack and murder  their people.


Like Cuba, America’s goal seems to be nothing short of  “wiping the Islamic Republic of Iran off the face of the earth”. Sounds like “projection” coming from the “children of David”?

It is a fact that those who

It is a fact that those who really run this country and use "surrogate" presidents and congressmen to represent them,  are ruthless when they want something done. They are just as ruthless with us, but so far they have not gone berserk on us! That appears to be what we have to look forward to, and what's worse we will be set upon each other, ignorant against retarded. The enlightened with nowhere to run!

Passing Pres.A's hotel recently - tshirts on sale, nasty

I think it was on the 22nd, a rare day out for me (illness), we were unexpectedly (st)rolling past the hotel where I think Ahmadinejad is staying (spouse pushing my wheelchair).  Can't recall the order I saw these two things:

lots of men in suits, some in groups standing on sidewalk near entrance and to corner (with big cement box barriers I'd never seen used in Manhattan before, with "NYPD" stencilled on them in gutter, on sidewalk), curtained side exit on avenue.  Spouse pointed out that all wore same pins.  It was clear they wanted you to know they were Security details.  One had pony tail - new; I'm used to seeing short hair with the dark suits and white shirts.

The other thing I saw really bothered me. On the opposite side of the avenue, on the corner, when we crossed, not realizing what we were about to pass*, there was a small crowd around a guy with a big carton selling tshirts that had negative writing on the back about Iran and a picture of Ahmadinejad in a red ring circle with a diagnal line thru his photo.  They were "selling like hotcakes" to men.  It had a mob feeling to it, as I wove my way thru.  *vendors on the avenue are not unusual, only this guy's tshirts were.

It's sad to say, but the

It's sad to say, but the t-shirts bore a sign of what's ahead for the embattled leader of a targetted country and it's leadership. This scenario has been played out all around the world. It's just a matter of time before the president of Iran is fouled out! The next president will be made a 'puppet' or suffer the same dire circumstance.

Such is this,  'our' country. Filled with vile, psychopathic, aggressive villains, which we must (barely) survive in  if we're working or poor,  and thrive in  if we are "fortunate" enough to be among the 1%!

My heart has broken a thousand times for the state of our nation. My heart breaks for the pain and suffering (we are forced to pay for) inflicted on weaker nations.

Wizard G: Not "psychopathic" - but imperialism

It's a long, hard struggle to resist empire building, maintaining but it is possible, as BAR writers point out regularly.

"Grandpa" Al Lewis used to say, "Don't be good Germans." (1) and that struggle goes on beyond our lifetime, but he said it was the basis for staying alive, for him. Al wasn't just words (or actor).  He had, in his history, fundraising for the Cuban revolution in the 1950s and teaching history classes for Black Panthers in California, he said.  (1) Read William L. Shirer's, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, which I read when it came out in print.  It's still around.  Howard Zinn recommended it too.  That's what Al Lewis meant when he said, "Don't be  good Germans" and went on to say that too many Americans (at end of last century and start of this one- Al died in Feb.2006) were like Germans in the 1930s...As Rev.Dr. MLK Jr. reminded us, doing nothing is like giving consent. And 
"The arc of history is long and bends toward justice", and that the truth can't be buried forever - and  you know all that. Just an old woman reminding....