Susan Rice is Bad News for Africa

Riceby BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Barack Obama's nominee for United Nations Ambassador is a very aggressive woman - militarily speaking. Susan Rice is "more bellicose" than George Bush when it comes to threatening Sudan over the plight of the people of Darfur, "while simultaneously backing a savage U.S.-Ethiopian assault that causes an even larger humanitarian calamity in Somalia." One is forced to conclude that "Susan Rice's brand of ‘humanitarian intervention' is a farce, a pretext to justify military aggression under the guise of preventing human suffering."

Susan Rice is Bad News for Africa

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

"Rice revealed herself to be an apostle of George Bush's War on Somalia."

If you believe that Barack Obama will pursue a policy in the Horn of Africa that is substantially different than that of George Bush, you are in for a deep disappointment. Only weeks after Ethiopia's U.S.-instigated invasion of Somalia almost two years ago, Susan Rice, Obama's choice for Ambassador to the United Nations, endorsed the aggression - an atrocity that has resulted in the displacement of 1.5 million Somalis and impending starvation of 3.5 million more.

Rice is a proponent of so-called "humanitarian military intervention" - but supports a U.S. Somalia policy that created "Africa's worst humanitarian crisis," according to the United Nations.

There is every reason to believe she will counsel the next president to continue George Bush's policies in the Horn of Africa. In January, 2007, while Ethiopian troops attempted to crush Islamists who had brought a brief period of relative peace and stability to Somalia, and U.S. air and sea forces pounded the countryside with missiles and bombs, Rice revealed herself to be an apostle of George Bush's War on Somalia (and the so-called War on Terror in general). Rice told the PBS News Hour that U.S. collaboration with the Ethiopian invaders was justified by what she called America's "counterterrorism imperatives," which she said "really are real in the context of Somalia." In Rice's words, "We have to go after the terrorist cells where we find them."

The Bush regime gave no estimate of how many persons with ties to Al Qaida were operating on Somali soil, but the number appears to have been very small. The main goal of the Americans and their Ethiopian allies was to crush the government that had been created by Somali Islamists. The Islamic Courts regime, as Abukar Arman writes in the journal Global Politician, operated "schools, hospitals, and for six months before the occupation removed every checkpoint in Mogadishu and brought a semblance of peace." Two years after the invasion, the Islamists have retaken much of southern and central Somalia, and the Ethiopians appear poised to withdraw -  after killing, starving and displacing millions in partnership with the United States.

"On Darfur, Rice is more bellicose than Bush."

The "humanitarian" component of Susan Rice's militarism is quite selective.

She has long been a super-hawk on punishing Sudan for its behavior in Darfur. Back in October, 2006, Rice declared, "It's time to get tough" with the government in Khartoum." In a Washington Post column, she advised the Bush regime to give Sudan "an ultimatum: accept unconditional deployment of the U.N. force within one week or face military consequences." (explain China and oil and Israel)

On Darfur, Rice is more bellicose than Bush. She sees no contradiction in calling for military action against Sudan, supposedly to end a "humanitarian crisis" in Darfur, while simultaneously backing a savage U.S.-Ethiopian assault that causes an even larger humanitarian calamity in Somalia. Rice claims to seek safety for civilians in Darfur, while supporting a total absence of security for Somali civilians. Darfur is a military/political convenience for "real-politic" operatives like Susan Rice. As Bruce Dixon wrote in his November 2007 BAR article, "If stopping genocide in Africa really was on the agenda, why the focus on Sudan with 200,000 to 400,000 dead rather than Congo with five million dead?" (See "Ten Reasons Why ‘Save Darfur' is a PR Scam to Justify the Next US Oil and Resource Wars in Africa.")

"Her sole concern is projection of U.S. power by any means - or pretext - that is available."

Rice's behavior in Africa has always been morally inconsistent. She was a member of Bill Clinton's National Security Council during the 1994 Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi minority. Later, she "swore" she would go "down in flames" if necessary to prevent future genocides. But after her promotion to Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, she failed to publicly advocate action against U.S. allies Uganda and by then Tutsi-ruled Rwanda - the main perpetrators in an ongoing war that his killed millions

Susan Rice's brand of "humanitarian intervention" is a farce, a pretext to justify military aggression under the guise of preventing human suffering. She has amply demonstrated that her sole concern is projection of U.S. power by any means - or pretext - that is available.

Rice embraces a policy that causes mass death and starvation in Somalia and ongoing genocide in Congo. Although she's no blood relative of Condoleezza Rice, on African issues she seems headed in the same direction as the current Secretary of State.

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....which black agenda do you respresent? Sounds like the same old crab in the barrel rhetoric.

A Black Agenda for the Masses

Down with Obama, Hillary, and Susan Rice. This Uncle Tom wants to further the agenda on attacking Afrika. The question should be "What Black agenda do Obama and Susan Rice have???" They don't have one. They have a Negro that keeps white supremacy in control of the world's resources while they continue to fool the masses of Blacks by with this "symbolism" bullshyt.


you continue to insult Africans

you must be the most uninteligent writer out there.
the most embarrassing behavior of a black man has to be looking at everything from the eyes of teh white man and ignoring the fact that africans have their own interests and actually THINK FOR THEMSELVES. Glen, you have imperfected the slavementality. yes it is true that america perhaps has oil interests in Darfur but the fundamental issue is rich arabs killing poor african blacks in Darfur. after 200,000 death, you still don't understand this, then you are the ultimate worshipper of white people. atleast have sympathy for the death of all these innocent people.
in somalia, you continue to empty your brain. the "Islamic Courts" are obviously made up of one clan at best, the Hawiye clan. while the government is mostly made up of the Darod clan. when the islamists hide under religion to expand their rule into darod territory, what do you expect the darod-control TFG government to do?? sit back and surrender because glen ford said so??!!!!

and you continue to repeat the
same stupiid remark that the islamist brought peace to somalia, when all the hawiye controlled islamists brought relative stability to, guess what?? THE HAWIYE CONTROLLED REGIONS!! can you put this in your head for once and understand this clan issue, instead of blabbering again?? please stop talking about african issues, IF YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND SUCH 2 2=4 CONCEPTS!!!
not just this simple idea inside somalia, you seem to fail to understand that the Islamic Courts said it will invade and annex the eastern regions of Kenya and Ethiopia!! which is the reason why ethiopia and kenya are working together against the islamists. DUH!!!

So, FOR ONE SECOND, get the fact that all things don't happen because of Bush and Rice, in your brain!!!
African people also have interests, issues, and their own BRAIN!!!! if you continue to blame Bush or Rice for darfur and somalia while all of these african realities exist, you are only showing your slavementality and insulting africans' ability to THINK FOR THEMSELVES!!! get it??!!!!

please stop embarrassing our African continent writting nonsense articles in the name of "black agenda"
or change your website to!!!


FREE OGADEN END THE ETHIOPIAN OCCUPATION.......OBAMA better do something about the crisis in the Ogaden region or hes a disgrace to all east africans

peace in eritrea!

God is good, eritreans we want to live in peace,but ethiopian gov is makeing a lot of problems in somalia and eritrea. so hope susan rice learned from her past wrong policy for eritrea and somalia.

Criticism isn't crabbism

Just because a black person looks a critical issue involving another black person and questions his decisions and actions doesn't equate to crabbism.

It's called critical thinking and independent thought.


This really sucks. Black on black hate...Rice actually wants to make matters worse in an already starving region...

Mr Abdi

You are correct: "African people also have interests, issues, and their own BRAIN!" Make a note of it, when next you rant about the strange negotiating skills of elected leaders in each of the "homelands" and their appointed representatives to international tribunals and congresses such as the UN.

I take it that Mr Ford is just beginning to unveil the deliterious influence Ms Rice may impose on international consensus with respect to the militarization and extortion of the continent's natural resources. As an US agent she WILL be colluding through NATO and AFRICOM chain command as well as UNSC arbiters of the so-called laws of war to secure US "interests" in your nation's sovereign "stability." Ms Rice is an alumna of McKinsey and three administrations' state departments. She's as slick as the rest. And don't you forget it, when you find yourself applying for a Peace Corp or USAID job to defend your "homeland."

Suggested Book of the Month Club read

Michael Wong, "I Didn't Do It For You."

"I didn't do it for you." by Michaela Wong,

From the

A main theme running through the book is that suggested by the title: whatever foreigners did in Eritrea, they didn't do it for the locals. From the Italians behaving like the superior white colonialists they saw themselves as to the British stripping the country more or less clean through the recent past, the Eritreans have, for the most part, had to rely on themselves. Certainly, no one was willing to help 'free' them from the Ethiopian yoke. The British didn't think it strategically wise, while the Americans wanted their huge listening station and were willing to humour Haile Selassie if that's what it took. Once Kagnew Station was abandoned the Soviets were the Ethiopian's new best friend, and Mengistu received all the arms he needed (and more), and the Soviets had no interest in preventing the assault on the Eritrean stronghold.

Abdi, He Knows

Unfortunately the arab supremists must have him convinced the African Sudanese have stolen and 'occupy' ARAB LAND.

".... The Janjaweed shouted, We will not allow blacks here! This land is only for Arabs! My husband and I grabbed our children and started to run. As we were running we heard my parents crying and screaming. The Janjaweed had set fire to their hut, burning them alive. They shot my husband and stabbed his body with their bayonets. They made us watch as they stuffed his body in the well. They kept shouting, You blacks are not human! We can do anything we want to you! Six of them grabbed my children from me and raped me. They whipped me. They laughed at me. My son was watching. I willed myself not to cry. One of the Janjaweed said, You belong to me, you are a slave to the Arabs and this is a sign of a slave. He slashed my leg with his sword. They allowed me to crawl over to my children. I held them as the men laughed. They grabbed Osman from me and one of them said, You have a choice, your son can either be burned alive or shot to death. Osman ran towards me, his arms reaching for me and they shot him. His little body fell to the ground."

The most disastrous war in Africa is in Congo

Yet, it is hardly an issue. Instead, the fraticidal tug of war for control of oil resources in the Sudan has been labeled a genocidal war even though it is not. What is happening in the Congo is a mortal sin. Nobody cares because those who make the loudest noise about human rights and democracy have everything to gain from Congo's unequaled resource wealth: Coltan, cobalt, diamonds, uranium and many more. It is estimated that Congo has about $10 trillion worth of minerals in its soil. Ever since these hypocrites murdered Patrice Lumumba and brought in the kleptocrat Mobutu, the evil imperialist machinations have never ceased in the former Zaire. The war is deliberately labeled a 'tribal war' like many other struggles in Africa; yet, an astute analysis will reveal it is the same old banditry that Africa has known from the Trans-Atlantic slave trade to colonialism and neo-imperialism. This time, it is not only the continental Africans who are the collaborators, some descendants of the Africans whisked away into chattel servitude have struck a chord with their former slavemasters to carry out this thievery and banditry. Black petit-bourgeioisies such as Susan Rice disgust me. The irony is many have been deluded to think opportunists and black-skin-white-masks caricatures like she are the paragon of black achievement.


Why the horribly dismissive tone? Here is more information on the situation in Sudan that presents a picture in sharp contrast to the one you have painted ("Africans vs. Arabs"):

But I'm guessing that you think that Mamdani doesn't know much about Africa either.

Think Out Loud

I believe Abdi makes a solid point, for those of us that have studied and worked in Africa, the real issue is one of power. He who controls the money and weapons, controls everything. The time to stop blaming the white man is now. Colonialism is long and painful but the ills faced in Darfur have little to do with that as much as Arab hate for native Africans. Read, think and explore the real issues there. Step outside your skin and into the skin of those who continue to loose their lives - you will discover it is about power - many of those who get it by violence, keep it that way.

continue to write glen.

Those who are averse to reports that contravene their hidden agenda, will go to great lengths
to obscure contra opinions however lucid they might be. Abdi is more involved with the overbearing, verbal bludgeoning to intimidate the writer.All the while claiming "authenticity"(his facts on Somalia are disingenuously falsely presented, for eg).
So speak your peace glen, never mind the tom calling. Somalis are in the human family get the world out.Get the world Out. Get the word out.Let them know what the paragon of the Diaspora's self determination
is sleeping with an very old foe. Killing civilian in the name of the war on terror.
In the spirit of the Crisis(DuBios) we will assail all, and leave none. Until the last breath, until the last breath.We hold you all responsible!
another abdi.

It's all very clear....

What i think mr. Glens article reveals more than anything is the fact that; however imperfect and or breife the stability brought by the Islamist was; it is a result of an internal/ national conern that should be allowed to be handled as such. And not simply taken as another opportunity for the US and others to exploit in the name of humanity and democracy, while all along as a century of our History shows it is for monopolized control of much coveted natural resources, namely oil.
What is happening here is to some extent, what happened in Cambodia versus East Timoer in the seventies. Promote, exploit US supported civil/ethnic strife in Somalia/Cambodia and ignore the
mass US backed extermination of millions in the Kongo/East Timor.
The rulers are and have been masters of illusion and i thank Mr. Glen for courage and audacity to work very hard every week to bring those in the world who choose to drop in and check out his efforts to difuse the smoke screens.
Thinking for oneself is one thing, but making informed decisions based on research can be the difference between blind faith and sound judgement.
Obama was elected on bliond faith and we now see or hear or will be feeling rather the reverberations of his political judgements.

Above quote about Janjaweed is from a work of fiction!

JANUARY 19, 2007, 6:40 AM
We Have a Winner…
‘Your Turn’: The Darfur Genocide
Last month I launched a contest for readers to submit their own writing about Darfur, using my reporting or other source materials. I called it “Your Turn” and thought I would be inundated with earnest newspaper columns from college journalists. Instead, most entries were letters, essays or poems.

And now, the envelope please….The winner is Melissa Fitzgerald, who wrote a lovely fictional letter from a Darfuri woman to an aid worker.[...]


I had strong suspicians about that piece. One reason being, that i and my coleagues found it quite difficult to fathom the possibility of a Dafur village woman, recently surving such abominations would have the where withal to write such cogent prose, in english no less. Not that it is impossible.

Thanks for revealing the fraud.

That is intellectually dishonest and dangerous fallacious
I think that person owes BAR and it's readers an apology.

correction please !

Somali village woman...

The true Susan Rice can be found in the details on how she stalled efforts to label what was taking place in Rwanda a genocide.
At that time she was doing Bill Clintons dirty work.
I suspect she hasn't changed much - a pure opportunist.

very disappointed

Susan rice for UN ambasador? Poor eritrea and Somalia.. Hope i dont regret my contribution and my election. God bless

smells deja vous all over again?

I agree with the concern of the writer. However, vigilance and cyncism are two seprate avenues of exerting pressure FOR CHANGE as the President-elect promised us.First and foremost, blame should be at the feet of African so called elites. As the saying goes-If you let the door open the hyenas will enter. That is what happened and still happening. The so called"Libertaion Fronts" track record especially the leadership elites brought more misery and desopndency to their own people compared to their "colonizers". Today, Africa is the last place on the globe its "elites" woreship the western way of life and same time dislike it. It seemed they are neither Socialists or capitalists. Thus, they reverse back to medevial thinking of ethinicity and relgious war while practicing and residing in western capitals. The vast majority of Africans need a lumuba,Nukurmah kind of panAfrcanists whose main agenda is the welfare of the downtrodden masses. When African elites start producing such leaders and matter wht hppened in wahington or london or paris or Moscow of bejing- in the final analysis you will GET RESPECT.
FOR ME, amercan politics is like choosing between coke or pepsi whih ever you choose you get your carbon and sugar.

do not concede defeat. Ideas plenty.

There always the great mentions of the immortalized hero's such as Osegeyefo and other such notables,but the truth be told, they are the forerunners to these one man shows always a main stay in Africa. In essence they did not look beyond their liberal educations,or servicing big capital entities try as they might, they coveted the riches of poor in the end.
There is no pristine imagined leader dead or alive. What we do have is leaders who are willing as in the case of Somalia to visit death and destruction on a civilian population for what ever jargon they might use as justification( war on terror).How can we accept such egregious actions masqueraded in the hot religious pursuit of these phantom ghosts we have become so familiar with "terrorists" always lurking everywhere but no where."Forcing" a military force to target civilians, hardly ever apprehending anyone, just leaving death and destruction in their wake.
I see no reason why there should be no Oseygefo today.Although i am sure we would be busy writing about him too, for his western predilections, just as the compradore elite we have today. The ones who do anything to remain at the top. What i mean, not to be to harsh on the noble agenda of those who organized the pan African movement, they were part of elites not members of the poor/working class, and thus restrained. However, much they might of been born in this class in some cases. Their orientations had changed through their acquired status as the new representatives to the west on behalf of Africa and of the west to Africa.
from another abdi

Why is Resource Rich Africa Poor?

article at the African Executive, Dec. 3-10, 2008:

...Political opponents are keen to seize power to partake in signing “confidential deals” too. If elections do not favour them, the global market has a supply of investors who failed to dine with a given president and are thus ready to equip the opposition for purposes of accessing sub surface wealth. What follows, is political strife and civil wars in the name of nebulous global ideals such as human rights, democracy and people empowerment. Civil wars in Congo, Sudan and Nigeria, among other countries are a drive towards a lunch meeting with investors!

The curse of the continent therefore is not in its resources but rather in its lack of structures that should deny individuals the unfettered freedom to manipulate state power to amass wealth. The second curse is the temptation by experts to build more state owned enterprises, and nationalise subsurface wealth hence giving politicians an excuse to go out on lunch sprees with investors. The third curse is the assumption that subsurface wealth is synonymous with prosperity. Unless the African person tortuously applies his mind on how best to exploit and position his product in the global market – wealthy nations will keep swooping on our resources like eagles on chicken!

regonise somaliland

The gate somali peace is only to regonise somaliland . their is no hope peace in south somalia.only country who understand ua as southern is brothers somaliland I appeal susan rice of obama govt to regonise soaliland

African poverty

I don't think the problems in Africa will go away any time soon. Believe it or not, black Africans are just as greedy and blood thirsty as any people have ever been. I think the U.S.A. is going to look like a road warrior movie in several years, maybe less. I had such high hopes for the new administration, now it looks like the same old story with a different storyteller.

Trut, I am afraid, I disagree with you.

Some years back, I held thesame view as you do. I am so amazed to have come to realöised with is happening in that continent called africa. First, it is good as you call it africa. You know, thats the wrong identity. Actually someone conquered the land and renamed it wikth the africa word. The self profess conqueror should be answering the questions why the place is the way it is.

Okay, I will refer you to study CORDYCEPS PHENOMENON. It is something that takes place in nature and the best description i can use to describe what is happening in the suppose africa.

I must clarify to you that destructive forces or evil forces if you wish have installed their system in that mass land and their various puppets that controls it. Through these means, these destructive forces still perform the very destructive, murderous acts. It takes vigilance to understand everything in full.

Now, concerning 'black africans', they are so misled to think that their own people, or brothers are bad. So, they fight each other. Its something like someone own white blood cells are engineered to fight each other which does results in the entire system being sick.

I bet that, I was also in this category. Thinking, this one is bad. this one is this but today, I have come to realize that outer destructive forces have large influence. I credits BAR much too for much of the lessons I have learned about this suppose africa.

You can check then for yourself.

hope this clarify the situation . Thanks

Hey, Abdi, What the hell is that you are talking about? Did you just justify the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia in the guise of defending Africans? I sensed from your gibberish that you are from the Darod or whatever but how come you stoop so low and justify your country’s invasion by a neighbor? I am from Ethiopia and out rightly reject the invasion and occupation of Somalia or for that matter any other country. The provisional government was almost dead before Ethiopia and the US gave it life to fight the IC, but guess what? Ethiopia was not able to put its house in order let alone fight a prolonged war against a neighbor and is forced to withdraw (read – in defeat) leaving everything to a new version of the IC. From your scribbling, I understand you have a lot of beef to grind against the IC, but give credit where it is due; they brought peace and stability to a devastated for a very brief time to Somalia before the invaders came in and it amazing that is what you would like to see because of your clan mentality. Mr. Glen Ford is on the money on what is going on in the horn of Africa and your baseless ranting is not going to change a thing because there is no one that can support the provisional government (which was unable to become a permanent government for lack of credibility and trust from Somalis for more than three years since its inception in Kenya) against the advancement of the IC. I feel bad for you because I guess you have to go to Ethiopia with the retreating army to find some shelter.

to Lou

You are always on this site do you have a job or do you rely on welfare and myself to support you? The only bad news in Africa is Africans, case in point Rhodesia or as it's called nowadays Zimbabwe properous country under whites, a failed state under black "leadership", Mugabe or South Africa that is on the brink of anarchy a prelude to Obama

Lies exposed-Somaliland(Isaq Land)

Eight tribes inhabit the Ex-British Somaliland Colony, only one tribe namely-Isaq are advocating to secede form Somalia.
Two regions out of six of the Ex-British Somaliland protectorate also known as the Butcher of Aden Colony are trying to secede-which wan't happen by any cause.
Nothing but unrialistic lies be aware to buy it.

to Rob

I pimp you mama, she's a good ho, Rob.

Go back to your KKK websites.

Susan Rice does not formulate foreign policy; she will enforce o

Dr. Rice so far has demonstrated trouble record and poor judgment toward African, she has been far right of John Bolton, there can be anyone right of him! Mr. Ford, we will have your voice to hold responsible Mr. Obama for policy making toward Africa and Dr. Rice for enforce it. Thank you for the thoughtful voice, thank you for the brotherly concern voice, every African who comes across your writing feels it, thank you indeed. As to my Somaliland Brother Abdi, please take a look your ill conceived contradictory uttering. You are saying the gate to peace for Somalia is to recognize Somaliland and your next sentence was no hope for peace in southern Somalia! What a pity. I am from the South, I have many decent friends from the North that I have gone school with, none will express those self hate sentiment of your. Indeed many would be ashamed that you’re claiming as Northern. As a Somali, I feel peace elude as all, I pray someday peace we will achieve peace both north and south together.

Somalia and Susan Rice

Somalia is a failed State. No one can affirm this more than the Somalis in Diaspora. There is no hope whatsoever that this country would turn around and the Somalis are able to govern themselves like humans. At the moment, everyone in the region - Meles of Ethiopia, Isayas of Eritrea toys with and use them as they see fit. And when Diaspora life becomes harsher, they turn back home to become pirates. The rule of law is completely gone from the Somali mind. So, yes, Susan Rice should do whatever she can at the UN in collaboration with the world to hunt the terrorist in Somalia.


draw your own conclusions:
"The 13th Circle:Somalia's Hell and the Triumph of Militarism"

Quote: Militarism -- either in its overt, unashamed form as espoused by the neo-cons and their outriders, or in the more subtly packaged, sugar-coated (and often self-deluding) version of the "humanitarian interventionists" -- is the ruling ideology of the American state. Like all ideologies, it comes in different shadings, different emphases, different factions, and so on, but the national power structure is firmly committed across the board to the use of violence -- and the ever-present threat of violence -- to advance a bipartisan agenda of American hegemony on the world scene. Some factions take great pains to present this hegemony as benevolent and altruistic; other factions don't care how it comes across ("Let them hate us as long as they fear us," was a sentiment frequently voiced in high circles at the beginning of the Terror War). But all factions are willing to kill people -- either directly or by proxy -- to maintain that hegemony.


The only state racism I know of is affirmative action and the naming of schools after people like Malcolm X etc. I know your type and kind blacks that read newspapers and then try to pass them themselves off as smart since they can we were instead of we was, but deep down I support affirmative action since I know you need a crotch and the best example I need is Robert Mugabe a man probably more incompetent than BUSH.