Study Shows Blacks Will NEVER Gain Wealth Parity With Whites Under the Current System

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Contrary to the Big Lie that holds that Blacks have been making general progress in closing various economic “gaps” with whites since the Sixties, African American households have been getting poorer for the past 23 years. “The meter of progress is running backwards on Black America, toward greater inequality and relative poverty.”

Study Shows Blacks Will Never Gain Wealth Parity With Whites Under the Current System

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

African Americans are tumbling out of the nation’s economic orbit, wealth-wise, on a trajectory that can never achieve parity with whites.”

The gap between Black and white household wealth quadrupled from 1984 to 2007, totally discrediting the conventional wisdom that the U.S. is slowly and fitfully moving towards racial equality, or some rough economic parity between the races. Like most American myths, it’s the direct opposite of the truth. When measured over decades, Blacks are being propelled economically downward relative to whites at quickening speed, according to a new study by Brandeis University.

The gap between Black and white househ have been getting poorer for the past 23 years. “The meter of progress is running backwards on Black America, toward greater inequality and relative poverty.”olds ballooned during the 23-year study period, as white families went from a median of about $22,000 in wealth to $100,000 – a gain of $78,000. In the same period, Black household wealth inched up from a base of $2,000 per family to only $5,000. The sweat and toil of an entire generation had netted Black families only $3,000 additional dollars, while white families emerged from the period with a net worth of 100 grand that can be used to send a couple of kids to college, make investments, help out other family members, or contribute to the larger (white) community. The typical Black family has no such options.

Viewed another way, the median white family was 11 times richer than the median Black family in 1984 ($2,000 vs. $22,000). By 2007, the white household had become 20 times richer than its Black counterpart($5,000 vs. $100,000).

Any way one measures it, the numbers show African Americans are tumbling out of the nation’s economic orbit, wealth-wise, on a trajectory that can never achieve parity with whites. I repeat: never.

By 2007, the white household had become 20 times richer than its Black counterpart.”

On the campaign trail in 2007, Barack Obama flippantly declared that African Americans had “already come 90 percent of the way” to equality, with only 10 percent more to go. Whatever the future president was thinking, it wasn’t economics. The meter of progress is running backwards on Black America, toward greater inequality and relative poverty. Everything else you’ve heard is propaganda.

The Brandeis study, conducted by the university’s Institute on Assets and Social Policy, showed that upper income Blacks fell even farther behind their white peers than lower income Blacks. During the survey period, higher income Blacks saw their wealth drop from $25,000 to just $18,000, while their white counterparts wealth soared to $240,000.

Black folks have been integrated long enough to know that the white family didn’t get richer by a quarter million dollars because they were smarter than the Black family. Privilege, especially cumulative privilege over generations, works wonders, like compound interest only better. Whites are both collectively privileged and capable of bestowing an endless stream of privileges on each other, while Blacks are deliberately positioned outside of the stream, and are preyed upon as a group by powerful (white) financial forces that profit from the wealth differential.

Upper income Blacks fell even farther behind their white peers than lower income Blacks.”

The Brandies report recognizes the “powerful role of persistent discrimination in housing, credit and labor markets” – that is, the institutionally racist crimes of finance capital. Had the survey continued past 2007, the carnage of the Great Recession would have revealed even more dramatically the incredibly shrinking nature of Black wealth in the current era.

Enemies of all colors and sly servants of the rich will use the news of the evaporation of African American wealth to heap blame on Black “culture.” This “shaming” strategy is designed to keep Blacks looking inward for the source of their woes, and to simultaneously despair of finding salvation in our own capacity for group agency. Meanwhile, the Lords of Capital devour us like piranhas – quicker than they do whites, who are padded with the fat of relative privilege – $95,000 worth of it, the racial wealth spread of 23 years.

Although Black parity with whites has never been on the horizon, impatient whites have insisted since 1969 or thereabouts that “it’s time” African Americans were made to “stand or fall” on their own, minus all the imagined assistance Blacks have supposedly received from phantom federal and state agencies. After all, say the anxious whites, how long is society (meaning themselves) supposed to pay for the slavery and segregation of the past? Most white folks – and President Obama – believe, or pretend to believe, that whatever legitimate grievances Blacks might harbor against the United States stem from circumstances deep in the past. The only question is, when will Blacks finally “get over it?”

Blacks are preyed upon as a group by powerful (white) financial forces that profit from the wealth differential.”

The Brandies study shows that the racial wealth gap, although historically rooted in slavery and Jim Crow oppressions, has grown dramatically under post-civil rights era conditions. The gap is not simply a legacy of some ancient American apartheid, but a product of the recent past and of the present. This is a different paradigm, entirely, in which past racial wrongs are compounded by additional layers of institutionalized anti-Black behavior in the 1980s, 90s and in the 21st century –wounds so harmful they set African Americans on a backward course in terms of wealth accumulation.

In 2004, United for a Fair Economy came out with the first of its annual “State of the Dream” reports. Readers were shocked out of complacency by data that showed Blacks would not reach wealth parity with whites until the year 2099. It was surely a bummer to realize that no one then alive would see the “promised land” of evenly matched Black and white median household wealth. But at least the study indicated that “we, as a people” would eventually get there, as someone famous once predicted. There are no such condolences in the Brandies data. At the rate Blacks have been falling behind in wealth since the mid-80s, the Black and white median paths will diverge ever farther, never to connect under this system of economic and political rule. Blacks cannot shop or invest or save or borrow our way to a just society. Social justice and true human equality can only be achieved through our collective political action in opposition to the current order – by any means necessary, as another famous man once urged.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at [email protected]


Still Racist After All These Years?

Glen, if I grow up with no father in the middle of a congested city with limited resources, don't pay attention in school, don't look for work and spend my nights chasing tail and trouble, how far do you think my whiteness will get me?  Do you think I might make less than an African-American who made better life choices?  Of course I would and rightfully so.
It is NOT POSSIBLE to institutionalize parity because people are simply not the same and it's not a matter of race.  When you come up with a study that shows disparity between blacks and whites that pursue the same courses and use the same resources, I'll pay attention but the studies you've cited so far do not take those metrics into account.

The US is not egalitarian

Texas Tim. The studies you seek and desire are rampant. Where do you think the impetus for pay equality legislation came from?: primarily pay studies showing disparities in EXECUTIVE pay between white man and white women.

Why do you think Black Middle class, college educated individuals suffer higher foreclosure/mortgage default rates? Because they are stupid or because studies show they were disproportionately steered into subprime mortgages notwithstanding having same credit scores as their white counterparts.

The information is out there Tim, but you have to WANT TO UNDERSTAND IT, because whether you from Haa vud or the plains of Texas, if the truth and facts didn't fit your worldview, what difference does it make?

Texas Tim.. you know damn well the US is not an egalitarian society, that a poor white "cracker" from the foothills of Texas "might" get a job waiting tables at the country club, while his Daddy can't get or be allowed a membership. And consequently, your Daddy is deprived of back room deals and quid pro quos, and "back slapping" that even TODAY the rich and connected are the only one's partaking of.

As far as chasing pussy, get real... My pussy chasing potential would no doubt increase with every zero behind my paycheck, are you serious??...No body chases more pussy than rich White men. How's this for a statistical disparity: could the porn industry, the sex industry, the internet porn, the strip clubs, the sex vacations exist on the paychecks of poorer Blacks? Who constitute only 13% of the population, but have unemployment rates in the double digits, FOR THE LAST SEVERAL DECADES!!! You want facts, I'll give you facts. Next up, the penal system.

Institutional racism exists Texas Tim, structural disparities are built in for Blacks just like they are, though not worse, for Whites who live on the margins. And last but not least, White Privilege exists for ALL white persons, whether they are racist or not, it's just the way it is.

My friend/co-worker (White/male) and I just finished talking about how America was built on aristocracy and elitism, despite the mythology that is received wisdom, the pull yourself up by your bootstraps bullshit. We refer to Jefferson as an egalitarian when he was an snooty slave holding aristocrat. It's why we continue to love elites and celebrities in this country. I grew up on Sanford and Son, Maude, Archie Bunker, Good Times, Lucille Ball, Jackie Gleason, hell even Ozzie and Harriet were pretty much working class. That stuff gets no love these days, because America is obsessed with class elitism. America never has nor ever will be egalitarian. That's a pipe dream.

Sticks and stones...

Just because the free market doesn't evaluate you the way you evaluate yourself doesn't mean we're not egalitarian. You talk about America being obsessed with class elitism after going on and on about classifying people. It's a circular argument and the probable explanation for why you're so frustrated.

What are you going to do? Do you wait to improve your life until everyone with your particular skin-tone agrees on a wage assignment? Do you refuse education because the world is still going to dismiss you? Even in herd animals, the weak and slow are devoured first.

Stop feeding the trolls

You're way beyond that EC.

Bottom line is that even if and when black folk do accept responsibility for our plight (and we do have some responsibility), any solutions that we come up with will be attacked and destroyed as being "racial" (see Acorn and NOI). Black pathologies can be "cultural", not a matter of individual responsibility, but solutions can only be "individual" and never defined or addressed as a group.

Meaning that unless every black man, woman and child wakes up tomorrow with "middle class values", no financial, educational or parental programs aimed at blacks will be accepted by the mainstream. Arguing with white folks gets us nowhere because the game is rigged.

Stop "Individualising" the issues

Are you capable of understanding the concept of multi-generational (more than 3) strife? I know it happened to the peasants in medieval Europe.

I wonder if you see America as a characterization of the reality, as if all 300 million people in this country can be merely summed up as a group of 300 people: 40 Blacks, 40-45 Latinos, 5 or 6 Asians, an couple Aboriginal Americans in the mix and the remainder being comprised of Whites. Of course, when viewed like that, myriads of families growing and struggling with the white elite's multi-faceted societal parameters construed over centuries are brushed aside for analytical convenience.

Just go after the banks with unrelenting zeal ("follow the [OOOLD] money") like Alex Jones tells you to and we can, one day not too soon, find common ground.

I don't care if you are poor and white, I only care if you are in solidarity with the rest of the world's poor. Like the Filipinos.

Yes, still racist after all these years...

Texas Tim, check this shit out. It might just f/u your worldview, but so be it. Read it twice, and see if it might help dispel some of your stale stereotypes. Will you leave the article giving meth heads the same disdain you have for crack heads??

When your done with that, check this out. One White man claiming he's not racist, don't count for much when the whole goddamn society is.

Nope, world view checks out OK.

I'm not completely dismissing your perspective but I don't see any difference between "Meth heads" and crack heads." All drug abuse is destructive and most abusers need to warp reality to feed their needs. They're manipulative either charismatically or forcefully and they're loaded with excuses for bad behavior. Many abusers are driven to steal and even kill (see drug related crime reports for your area).

Regarding changing society, I don't see any examples in history of an economy being successfully levelled whether by appeal or force. How do you intend to turn North America into the fist collectivist success ever?

"White" worldview don't check out "ok" for African Americans

And the sooner we (Black folks) "collectively" understand this the sooner we can build our own little "North American collectivist." See Texas Tim, "Capitalism" in theory and most significantly in practice is a Euro-American distortion of what has been in existence since the beginning of time, "trade." Capitalism is built on race and class. Avarice and greed were the well-springs of scientific racism. "Trade" is not necessarily built on those things.

Blacks can and should "opt" out of the cultural capitalistic milieu, "worldview" if you will. Other ethnic groups (whom whites by and large "leave alone" or benignly ignore, or occasionally get spiteful at--i.e. Mexicans) view the white man as a consumer in the same way as the white man views them as consumers. When Blacks learn to view other races and ethnicities as consumers and hire and train and promote and invest in their own, they'll be just fine. Until then they'll rely on moral suasion to get white folks like you on board, and I'm sure you can vouch for me in saying, "ain't happening."

It's about putting self first. Chinatowns, Amish, and Hasidic communities throughout American appear to me to be wonderful little "collectivist success stories" in big, bad-ass capitalistic America. The world isn't as black and white as you think, don't confuse trade and commerce with capitalism, the Chinese should have taught you a lesson or two about that by now??

Or maybe it will dawn on you when you gas up at the Pakistan/Indian Asian convenience stores? Tons of people in America, by and large immigrants, don't give a shit about relinquishing their culture, their diets, lifestyle, dress and customs. I've seen this first hand doing census work door to door. The smells are familiar, the extended families are familiar, the dress is familiar, and they banking top dollar at the Deere plant. (most are engineers)
They understand capitalism very well, after all, were not their ancestors involved in the Silk Trade and other ancient venues of commerce along the Nile/Indus River Valleys when the Europeans were still in caves or killing each other in the 100 Year War???

The profit motive will never meet human needs

Brother Glen, thank you for another one of your insightful analyses. The fact that New Afrikans will not ever reach economic parity with whites under capitalism is old news. It is an unfortunate state of affairs that only you, Margaret, Bruce and the rest of the BAR team are the only ones pointing this out. It has been 42 years since the Kerner Commission admitted that the market economy has failed the Black community, called the emerging prison system a “symbol of discrimination”, and pushed desperately for the creation of a “black middle class” as a buffer against what it sure knew would be the aspirations of the Black Masses. It has been 44 years since two proficient economists, Baran and Sweezy, wrote their landmark study “Monopoly Capital” which proved that the overall tendency for capitalism at this stage of the game was to promote tokenism for the ‘Black Bourgeoisie’ (which they defined along the same lines as Frazier) and increased “poverty, deprivation and powerlessness” for the Black majority.

Capitalism and white supremacy (not the ideology but the actual condition of global apartheid) evolved and intermingled together since the beginning of the existence of either. They are co-dependent and inseparable, to get rid of one is to get rid of the other. Capitalism’s first word to us was “slavery” its second words “Sharecropping, white terrorism, and Jim Crow” its third words “tokens for the oreos, jail cells for the masses, and third tier jobs with no benefits for all in between.” To think that we could ever benefit from it in the first place was naïve; to believe we still can is absurd. The Black Misleadership Class is an accessory to all this and as such cannot be trusted, tolerated, or depended upon. Thank you again for keeping it real!

Ignore the new COINTELPRO net bangers

“The information is out there Tim, but you have to WANT TO UNDERSTAND IT”

You are correct in everything you say family (except that "America" was never egalitarian, it was before the settlers got here, or at least most of it was egalitarian) but you have a better chance in getting ten niggas in the barber shop to stop supporting Obama than you have in getting even ½ a saltine like Texas Tim to change his ways. He is an operative; he is here to disrupt not to listen.

P.S. thanks for the Ishmael Reed link, he always keeps it real as well.

Rules? We don't need no stinking rules!

Here's a different twist on your word, NAS.

"The excuses are out there but you have to want to depend on them."

Show me how a black and a white man pursueing the same goals the same way end up differently or admit your disadvantages are self-imposed. The crazy part of all this is that a white man is arguing to convince you that you have the same potential as anyone.

On Point with this Editorial

Very good, however, perhaps you should've included Dr. Claude Anderson's work. Because the truth of the matter is there will be no wealth parity in 2099. We are well on our way to becoming a permanent underclass.

Here is an interview with Professor Thomas Shapiro of Brandeis University explaining in detail the findings of his research.

It's called Capitalism

Capitalism can never put African American on parity with whites because whites own much of the property historically. Capitalism is NOT redistributive. It CONCENTRATES wealth among the Capitalist class. The vast majority of Black do not own property and therefore must RENT themselves in order to obtain money needed to survive Capitalism. This relationship is inherently UNFAIR and EXPLOITATIVE meaning that Blacks must transfer their LABOR power and wealth to the Capitalist class -- who are primarily WHITE.

Blacks needed to examine Capitalism not only from a racial lens but also from the CLASS lens. This system cannot be reformed and MUST be rejected. The New Deal, Civil Right, etc. will NEVER make an inherently unfair system, a system based on materialism, racism, and militarism -- fair.

What do you teach your kids?

Yes, earnings are concentrated where you find earners. Fairness, if you define it as socialist redistribution, has never worked anywhere. Even in the old Soviet Union, there were class divisions. The politburo, the corrupt, the black market and those who settled for dregs distributed to the proletariat.

I sure wish you folks were better at defining your goals. Either you've reinvented the wheel or you're just spinning the same, old ones.

the reason is the GOVERNMENT

they use the Prussian Model Compulsory Education System ( I Implore you all to research this system of obedience training, we call it here in the united WAR states, the public school system ) to train from the very beginning to be obedient little serfs and to obey the bureaucracies of the government, to think we are "entitled" to "free" programs etc.

Government uses FORCE to take - government produces NOTHING!

Capitalism, although it is smeared is only a means to produce capital. It in itself is NOT the problem. Government subsidization of their wealthy friends. this IS the problem. Government creating so many arbitrary hoops for the rest of us to jump through to own a business or property, etc, this IS the problem.

This is what needs to be examined. The fact that the united WAR states government is a body of Coercive FORCE using THUGS.

Governments, with their WAR on DRUGS is discriminately locking away a large portion of young black males to rig the game. Governments create programs of welfare and dependency to keep the people on a leash, to again, unfairly rig the game in their favor, the Oligarchs favor (Barack H. Obama is also one of these oligarchs. the fact that he is Half Black, means nothing to him caring about the black race nor any other race, other than the Oligarch race).

The united WAR states government is systematically destroying the classes of this nation to create the ultimate welfare/WARfare state, where the dependents of the federal government will leave them with an endless supply of lower income people to serve in the Military to fly around the world MURDERING people.

This should be obvious, unfortunately it is not. Shed your veil of Democrats vs Republicans, the Left / Right paradigm is a ploy to divide and conquer, but most importantly to distract from the real problem, the united WAR states government.

Quick question

Do race and class coincide, ie is their a value to whiteness?
If you can prove historically that their is a value to whiteness through the Royal Charters of the English and the Jim Crow, Aparthied laws of Africa, where is the white support for Reparations for Africa? Why aret the white masses supporting reparations from Africa.

How is it that the poverty level whites control as many assents as the top earning blacks, as if this is the case, it means white people have an investment in white supremacy, and want to take black people away from race and start them to focus on broad issues like gender, class and student rights issues, this tatic was used by white women in the 1970s to twart the black civil rights movment.

White women say white men were in trouble, and they sprung into action, and moved blacks away from the racial inequalities to their rights, and they were married to white men.

Why cant we solve the racial ineqalites firts, then worry about gender, class.

We talk about the subprime mortgage, blacks earning 140K were giving worse rates than whites owning 40K.

If a white high school graduate makes more than a black college graduate. It seems the elite gives these white masses a sizable investment in White Supremacy, and also a reason to get black people to focus on everything but Racism.

Racism is a power relationship between groups based upon color. It is a group concept and occurs when one group has so much power that it can force another group to do what it wants. Its purpose is the uneven and unfair distribution of power, privilege, land and wealth to Whites.

Racism gives white people as a group call simply based on race.

If African Americans just focus on race, it will destroy much of the gender, class argument, because they are all intertwined.

Where are you going to go?

If Africans in America (Is that what you want to be called now?) check out of our free market society and start a new collective, where are you going to go? Blacks in the US are predominately urban. American insular subcultures either trade with outsiders which would contradict socialist ideals or provide for themselves. People in urban centers I've been in like New Orleans, Oakland and LA are easily the least likely candidates for self-sufficiency I've ever seen. But, hey, if you can motivate them off the porch, hallelujah and how can I help?

Mmmmm, maybe Portland, Oregon....

looks like pussy is popping there, ain't no ghetto hoes either.

Wake up Texas Tim, Tony Brown ( no Black nationalist) wrote years ago, that what White America failed to understand was that whatever mean, ugly, or freaky shit, or deprivations befell the Black America would soon take root in White America because of the failure of White America to see the problem as universal, their failure to see the Black man as their equal and brother. Well I'll be damned, that ol' Republican Leaning Black Man, Tony Brown, turned out to be a seer!

Texas Tim, one more before I go. In Iowa, a meth haven, when the meth epidemic struck the "heartland" all of a sudden, law enforcement, social agencies, politicos, and communities rallied to attack this epidemic because folks who looked like them were fucking up royally. They created a organization called M.O.M.s aka Moms on Meth, seems they didn't have time, interest, energy or resources to create "Moms on Crack." Do you hear me now Texas Tim????

You want facts, I told you, I can give you facts. That's not the problem, the issue is, can you accept a reality that's different from your imaginary one? To quote Jack Nicholson, "You don't want the truth, you can't handle the truth."

You get to Portland. Then what?

First, I've got to tell you that referring to women by their sex organs is vulgar. I'm somewhat surprised that a movement claiming to want respect for people disadvantaged by discrimination would accept such gutter-talk in their forums, not to mention their entertainment. Talk like yours raises the question of whether Blacks are serious about discrimination or just looking for a free ride based on racial guilt.

I'll admit my disconnect from addiction epidemics. I did use drugs (pot & acid)when I was younger, so I'm not unaware of the culture but I've worked to give my family a life away from what I used to be (Thanks to God for His protection, grace and providence). But experience and the Bible have taught me that, while some people could benefit from a hand up, most people are hard headed and are precisely where they've put themselves and where they intend to stay. What druggies always seem to get around to, when talking to a Christian, is that they don't like how dictatorial "organized religion" is. They want to do things the way they always have but get different results.

Sorry, long way around the barn... How do you intend to get some, so far, undefined portion of our Black population to Portland and what do you intend to do once you get there? I've got 2 sons, one is 22 and one is 6. There have been plenty of times when I've heard them pine for greener pastures based on nothing more than fantasy. If you're going to hit me with "the truth," you must have some kind of plan and some idea of how to achieve it or you're just spouting off. Which is it?

Is TAIL a more christian word?

Texas Tim, you wrote this:
"Glen, if I grow up with no father in the middle of a congested city with limited resources, don't pay attention in school, don't look for work and spend my nights chasing tail and trouble, how far do you think my whiteness will get me?"

So, with that in mind:
Would you say that in your sacntimonious world view that the word TAIL is a less sexist and vulgar euphemism for women than what E.C. used?

You're slipping Timmy.

That's a false statement.

Corporatism or Cronie Capitalism has ruined the model of a true free market. Government subsidizing their friends have ruined the true free market. FALSE "free trade" agreements such as NAFTA / CAFTA have destroyed a true free market giving all the monopolizing power to the friends of the government, the major corporate international conglomerations who are protected by the use of GOVERNMENT FORCE.

Look at the bailouts - who did the government save, the Too BIG to fail friends of the united WAR states government, the mega Banksters and AIG's, CEO's - the government did not do a DAMN Thing to save one individuals home, or life savings.

Then the united WAR states government blames it on free enterprise, when in fact they are behind the scenes propping up the ones they want to succeed, the ones in which they are in bed with and have an interest in.

In a True Free Market there would be real competition that would drive prices down, notice the computer industry, no government intervention and you get great machines for low costs.

On the other hand, governments, especially the united WAR states government has huge stakes in the OIL industry (hence all the WARS in the middle east) and so the electric car was crushed. This would solve oil crisis' in this country, this would add competition to the market place and offer alternatives. This would Create Employment (REAL employment, not digging holes and filling them back up). But Big Corporations and the melding of BIG government crush this possibility, Mussolini had a name for this, he called it Fascism.

We have not been allowed to have a free market in this country because it does NOT benefit the Oligarchs who have supreme power over our lives. In a truly free market society you would see more local business, local competition spring up, people would have more opportunities to go into business for themselves w/o all the arbitrary regulations and taxations which usually stop the lower income people because its to many hoops to jump thru - but local markets would create more employment, more independence and less dependancy on a welfare/WARFARE state - and it would allow for the regular person to rise in the ranks and it would take away the uber rich the supreme opportunity of control.

Read Murray Rothabard or visit and read some of the many free pdfs they offer on the subject.

government control is the problem that keep us all from ever achieving our dreams and freedoms we are all given rights to just by being born. But that doen't mean we do not have to earn it, nothing comes for free. There is NO "free" government uses FORCE to steal from us.

I would have to argue the fact IS The federal government

The federal government (A one-size fits all government, a centrally planned united WAR states government) is the problem in this country.

This government is a welfare/warfare abomination. They are creating a divide of the uber rich and the rest of us, they do this by the old fashion tactic of divide and conquer and it is working. Racial Divisions, Class Division, Gender Divisions, Immigration Division, etc etc etc.

The whole point of the federal united WAR states government is NOT to help anyone, except for the Oligarchs who run, who control the lowly serfs of this country (us, the people, white, black, democrat or republican). This government doesn't care. They are creating a state of dependency, getting everyone hooked on so-called "entitlement" programs to keep the people, especially the lower income people, inside a hamster wheel, running and running, but never getting any where.

Unemployment leads to enlistments in the military to keep the never ending WAR Machine alive and in profit making and people Destroying mode. The prussian model compulsory government education system indoctrinates people to be no more than obedient servants of the state, to not complain nor bite the hand that "feeds" them (through these so-called entitlements) all that is is a collar around the neck w/ a short leash attached to it keeping all the working class people from achieving real wealth and freedoms.

Slavery is alive and well in this country, more so than ever, except this time it is more sophisticated than ever, because it is based on the notion that we THINK we are free, when in fact we are NOT.

Look at the War on Drugs, or any of the WARS - the Oligarchs are not involved, their lives do not get ruined, ours do, the working class, lower income people, of whatever nationality, race or gender you happen to be.

We need to Stop being against each other on the ground and focus our attention towards the real enemy of the people, the united WAR states federal government.

peace. love. anarchy


This government is a welfare/warfare abomination. They are creating a divide of the uber rich and the rest of us, they do this by the old fashion tactic of divide and conquer and it is working. Racial Divisions, Class Division, Gender Divisions, Immigration Division, etc etc etc.

If its only the American government, can you explain to me the racial divide of wealth and resources in Africa?

Did the White Supremacist assign groups to a certain class structure based on race? Basically, resources, wealth would be distributed based on race?

I mean if it was only elites, how do white farmers in Zimbabwe who were only 4% own 90% of fertile land?

Why do people want to ignore the racism that exist in all classes of white people, and white peoples greater feeling of belonging to his great racial idea?

One thing really confuses me, if its all about the elites vs. everyone else, why do the so called non white elite, never call for debt cancelation in Africa and Reparations for Africans?

The Cognitive Dissonace Culture of Whites

Whites see themselves and their actions as being in total isolation from anyone else's. They have no sense of harmony with anybody else. "Our" poverty is seen from a stringently objective sense of a sum of individual actions. yet they refuse to give credence to the interconnectivity of the consequences actions shaping an environment or the lack thereof. 100 years ago is the past. They think things like "Birth of a Nation" was just another fairytale that happened a long time ago in a land far far away. It's only generational if it affects their inheritors. They bitch and moan about estate taxes when they fail to see how an estate was sustained by white individuals through the nature of White Supremacy/Privilege (the 'stock' market) and the military adventures of colonization and corporate control of whole nations. They eat bananas but then say that we shouldn't eat them because of "greenhouse gas emissions" of the transport and not the more fundamental issue of plantation labor standards. (That example is prime White cognitive dissonance.) They deny that 37 coups of Ayiti (including the latest manifestation) have influence in their day to day life. It might as well be an issue of a totally different galaxy.


The immoral absolutists don't want Americans to have equal say in national affairs. They want people's lives to be dictated by corrupt state judges and Wall Street speculators.

If America was to go back to the articles of confederation, our system of winners and LOSERS would still be producing losers. I understand that real democracy is messy and confusing for those favoring states' rights, but it is the better alternative when compared to violent revolution. The states had their chance and THEY BLEW IT! Anybody that wants to get rid of government should start with the states.

Lets face the facts

Blacks need total separation from the American sewer system.
We need our own land, our own economy, our own means of production, our own schools, our own food supply, our own medicinal services, our own spiritual institutions.
And one way or another we must do all this within the belly of the beast.

These crackas know they done f^)ked up. They know that, right? They know they done f^)ked up.

Facts? Really?

You don't have the people or the resources to segregate yourselves. Why not just accept peace? Learn the system, work it and provide for your family until The Lord returns.

Tail and school

I used the word tail to draw attention to the animalistic tendencies of young men toward casual sex instead of God's design of devoted marriage. One of the saddest truths in the Black community is that black men objectify their women and abandon their children. That was my point.

Someone here asserts that white high school grads make more money than black college grads. Instead of putting all whites in a pile and comparing them to a pile of blacks, look at the major and career choices. The liberal education establishment has invented ethnic and gender courses with absolutely no value in the free market.

When I was in college, I had to take Psych 101. The first day, I was surprised that most of the class wasn't filling a requirement like I was. Many students were pursuing Psych degrees and many of those were hoping to "help others" who had problems like theirs. They didn't consider how unlikely it was to get a Psych degree and how much less likely they were to have a fulfilling career as therapists. One only has to look at the numbers to see that those kids were wasting their time.

Now, look at a given high school grad. If he starts working at age 17 instead of 22, he's already got real world experience which many companies still like. If he gets into construction, engineering, manufacturing or even drives a truck, he can make more in the free market than someone looking for a government job. Later on, if he has the gumption, he can go back to school part time, probably with financial assistance from his company like I did. I got a degree and only paid for my books. Every guy I worked with had the same opportunities I had but few took advantage of them.

Go ahead and waste thousands more African-American lives waiting for divine justice if you want to but don't tell me you had no other choice.

All of us are having a hard

All of us are having a hard time coping with the present economic situation that we have. Even though housing market hit a high for our recent recession last month, by the middle of this month the number of real estate applications was at a 13 year low. So what is the explanation for this? Well, don't ask me, I would love to speculate but each week, 'professionals' are informing us the market is improving, then switching around and telling us the market is getting worse. I have started to determine that when the marketplace balances, we will be well aware of it because home sales are going to be consistent for months, not only weeks. I do know that if you can refinance it may be worth your time to do it because mortgage rates are low.

Censorship is 1 explanation

BAR might claim that their technical issues accidently deleted comments but I think they're just putting their boot on the neck of free expression.


See how that works?  Inflammatory words and unsubstantiated accusations are powerful when well placed.

Main Stream Media & Embeded Media

So called main stream media and oh yes, embeded media shut the doors and have been reporting on the so called  politically correct - the only forum for the true activists is forums like Black Agenda Report. 

Back to Black will never get coverage from 'the man's media' - We all know who the man is - or have we forgotten?

BAR has to keep an eye on the haters and biggots that slip under the door. There are plenty of places for them to spit their hate.

Wealth Parity and more

When we take  heed to the words of Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Neely J. Fuller, Jr., and the many others that are on the same page; and stop spending the little wealth we have for things that are not necessary to everyday life - understanding the need for a movement towards building wealth and implementing the movement on a personal level - family level - community level can begin.

There is no need to 'freak about wealth parity' - the entire system is on the declline life as the mighty middle class whitety and Black 'talented 10th' and middle class once new it has changed before their eyes. Indeed this is probably the only 'change' this administration has accomplished that is different from previous ones.

It is truly now about the haves and have nots - and ' ....God Bless The Child that Got His Own'   because all of those who have thiers are reluctant to give it up!!