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Shangri-La re-zoned…

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    by Raymond Nat Turner

    Must each generation’s Shangri-La turn into… ?


    Shangri-La re-zoned…

    by Raymond Nat Turner


    Someone, please tell me how do miracle-

    Workers — with onion skin thin histories, 

    Bulletproof resumes — burst on the scene 

    Like an Aurora Borealis? How is it they

    Magically appear, leaving long, terrible 

    Trails like super storm Sandy?


    Must each generation have its own made man,

    Master-teacher, messenger professor, guru,

    Great leader, shepherding them to rusted tubs 

    Of beverage, and eternal sleep?

    Will each generation have its own Jim Jones

    Leading it to Shangri-La, re-zoned Guyana?


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    Raymond Nat Turner © 2014 All Rights Reserved


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