Running to the Right: Barack Obama and the DLC Strategy

turn_rightby BAR Managing Editor Bruce DixonThe fragility of Barack Obama's DLC-inspired electoral strategy is now exposed for all to see. Obama has chosen to “reach out” to white and Republican voters while challenging none of their assumptions about America, racism or empire, at the same time, counting on on a deaf and blind black nationalism to shield him from accountability to African Americans. Republicans (and Hillary Clinton) know all they need do to counter him is prove to whites that he is not as conservative as he seems. Obama will thus be forced scramble relentlessly rightward from here on, disowning, denouncing and dishonoring any and all stirrings of black or grassroots militancy to keep white support without telling white America anything it doesn't want to know.


Running to the Right:  Barack Obama's DLC strategy

by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon

"In the DLC playbook, the road to winning elections is appealing to Republican-leaning white voters " 

Back in 2003, when Obama was a candidate for the US Senate in the Illinois Democratic primary this reporter and Glen Ford challenged him on the fact of his affiliation with the Democratic Leadership Council.  The right-wing, corporate-funded Trojan Horse inside the Democratic party had fervently embraced his political career, naming him one of its “100 to Watch” for 2003.

DLC endorsement is the gold standard of political reliability for Wall Street, Big Energy, Big Pharma, insurance, the airlines and more. Though candidates normally undergo extensive questioning and interviews before DLC endorsement, Obama insisted the blessing of these corporate special interests had been bestowed on him without these formalities and without his advance knowledge, and formally disassociated himself from the DLC. But like Hillary Clinton, and every front running Democrat since Michale Dukakis in 1988, Barack Obama's campaign has adopted the classic right wing DLC strategy.

In the DLC playbook, the road to winning elections is appealing to Republican-leaning white voters – demographic groups which pollsters and consultants in previous elections called “suburban soccer moms”, NASCAR dads,” and before that “Reagan Democrats.” Candidates do this by decrying excessive partisanship, embracing “free trade” and “conservative” values, and displays of public piety, Though Obama has no formal ties with the DLC he has assiduously followed this prescription. Till a month ago Obama led every candidate among white men, an unprecedented achievement for a Democrat.

But after less than a month of sustained and often racist attacks from the likes of Fox News, CNN, Republican pundits and Hillary Clinton supporters, Obama's support among Republican-leaning white voters has sharply eroded. Dr. Adolph Reed, a black professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania explained why an April 30 Democracy Now interview,

...Obama opened himself to this by leaning to—on the premise that he can appeal to Republicans and to conservatives and by parading his personal faith around. And frankly—this is, I guess, the crux of my argument in The Progressive column—that this is precisely the tactic that has been the undoing of every Democratic candidate since Dukakis, and I would frankly even include (Bill) Clinton in that, were it not for the fact that Ross Perot siphoned votes away from the Republicans each time. I mean, this is what happened with Gore in 2000, it’s what happened with Kerry in 2004. You present yourself as electable because you can appeal to conservative voters, and then the Republicans attack you for not being a true conservative and can characterize you as someone who’s trying to put something over on the American people.

It worked for a while. Barack Obama followed the DLC script to the letter for the last two years, publicly scolding Democrats for their insufficient piety, liberally borrowing from Republican talking points. He advertised himself as grounded by his personal relationship with Jesus, and by the faith tradition of the Black Church. But after Obama's Philadelphia speech on race, in which he characterized his pastor as a crazy old uncle stuck in the fifties and sixties, the Black Church was compelled to speak for itself. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, retiring pastor at Trinity UCC made a series of speeches and appearances in which he likened US Marines to Roman soldiers, described hundreds of US bases around the world as “empire” before the National Press Club, and refused to retreat from the contention that 9-11 was a preventable consequence of US foreign policy.

To preserve his support among whites which Obama won without challenging any of their fundamental beliefs about America, empire, Obama was forced to denounce his pastor's words as “akin to hate speech” and disavow his church, and with it the prophetic tradition of Christianity and the Black Church in particular. But this, and joining a prosperity-Gospel mega-church will not be enough. From this point on, all Republicans have to do is prove to their base that Obama is not as conservative as he once appeared, which they will do by pointing to his pastor and the prophetic tradition of the Black Church in general. They can, in fact, point to any stirrings of black or grassroots outrage or militancy anywhere, which Obama will want to ignore anyway, and demand a ringing denunciation from Barack Obama. When Obama gets his way, he will be silent, sticking to content-free appeals to “unity”. And when Republicans prevail they will force him to denounce at every turn the grassroots activists he should be supporting.

By contrast, the 1984 and 1988 presidential campaigns of Rev. Jesse Jackson won white support too, but embraced the burden of challenging white American assumptions about the essential goodness of America, about empire, and race and class. If you were organizing against police brutality or farm foreclosures, organizing a union or protesting the illegal war in Central America, the campaign in many cases came to you and augmented your local efforts. The Obama must campaign avoid this kind of activism like Dracula avoids crosses, because its candidate's appeal is based on challenging none of the fake history, none of the racism, injustice and unearned privilege at the heart of American life.

The Jackson campaign, at least, was honest about the obstacles to a real politics of transformation in America.

For the 21st century's first black presidential candidate, “change” is to be accomplished through a content-free sort of “unity”. Again, Dr. Reed helps us understand what is happening.

...the contention that the candidate can bring us all together despite our partisan differences is the same thing that the Democrats have been claiming consistently since at least, you know, Dukakis, to be post-partisan, to be post-political. And frankly, I think it appeals—it’s an appeal that gets greatest traction among people who want to take politics out of politics...”

Taking the politics out of politics, and out of black politics in particular is what Barack Obama must do to carry out his DLC strategy and retain his white base without teaching them anything they don't want to know. When the NYC police officers who pumped 51 bullets into an unarmed man and a hail of bullets into adjacent homes and a transit station were exonerated, Barack Obama could not bring himself to suggest that black life ought to be respected, that police officers should obey the law, that an Obama Justice Department would look carefully at this kind of thing, or even to feign concern for the victims and their families. His only comments where that we were “a nation of laws” and that we should “respect the verdict”. When 25,000 longshoremen on the US West Coast staged a one-day strike on May 1 against the war in Iraq, the Obama campaign said nothing about the power of people standing together to “bring change”. When US warplanes, which fire missiles and drop bombs almost daily over oil-rich Somalia killed 15 civilians last week, Obama was silent, despite having traveled in the region as recently as last year.

When he does speak, it won't be good news. Republicans are sure tol escalate their demands, insisting that Barack Obama denounce a list of black and progressive organizations, activities, beliefs and individuals to retain his share of their base. And as long as Obama is wedded to the DLC strategy, he will eagerly comply.

If there was an actual mass-based progressive movement in the US, operating on the ground and independent of political parties and campaigns, it might have a prayer of holding Barack Obama accountable. But there isn't.

Bruce Dixon is Managing Editor at Black Agenda Report, and can be reached at bruce.dixon(at) 



Booker T. Obama wrote a blog on Daily Kos criticizing internet activists for trying to hold democrats accountable for their votes. Why would someone who claims to be anti-DLC do this?

Ford is right..

Obama should not be president. he is not to be trusted. Just like McCain and Hillary are not to eb trusted.

In fact, we as people shouldn't vote at all. We should stay home and just take care of ourselves. It's obvious that none of the major candidates care about us. So why vote for them?

e should just work on building our own schools, and businesses, and get out of the politcal sphear all together. Let America continue on it's downward spiral. We can invest our money in a Carribean country and an African one. So when America goes down we can jump ship if need be.

what will it take for blacks to leave the Democrat plantation?

I have already decided to support Cynthia McKinney if she's the Green Party nominee (Ralph Nader reluctantly). African Americans are the base of the Democratic Party, and their votes are taken for granted. Our issues are not addressed, law enforcement can kill us with impunity, banks and mortgage lenders can swindle us out of our property. Done with Obama is correct; we blacks should declare our own general strike. Pull our money out of the banks, try to support identifiably black owned businesses/institutions (except prosperity preaching megachurches), and curtail our shopping habits. We could put a lot of businesses into bankruptcy if we stopped buying any of the unnecessary crap being marketed to us.

Get ready for McCain

In spite of the fact that 80% of the people feel the country's on the wrong track; In spite of the fact that Bush is the most disliked president in history; in spite of the fact that a generic Democrat outpolls a generic Republican by 15 points presidential matchup; the country is set to elect McCain as the next president. He actually worse than Bush!

Bush was mostly interested in rewarding rich friends; he was mostly just dragged along into the Iraq war as window dressing. McCain is a dyed-in-the-wool neocon. He is a political ideolog where bush is just a spoiled rich brat.

How can this possibly be happening?

The Democrats have succeeded in putting the two candidates with the most baggage on top while rejecting the strongest among them, Dennis Kucinich. This is all media manipulation with the ultimate goal of electing McCain.

Kucinich with his uncompromising working class program would clean any Republicans clock, just as he always presented unassailable arguements in the debates (when he was allowed to speak of things other than UFOs.)
Remember how they said he was "unelectable"?

He took a house seat away from a Republican incumbent and consistantly gets reelected with two thirds of the vote!

So again we are about to witness the failure of a Democratic campaign devoid of any working class content which could guarantee a solid victory over the Republicans.

But then, the role of the Democratic "Party" in our country's political life is precisely to prevent that, isn't it.

I think for the first time, I will vote Green, whether for Cynthia, who I really love, or for Nader, who deserves everyones respect for a lifetime of struggle on behalf of the people.

Isreal's Candidate

Isreal is the problem, the are financening Obama's campaign in Oklahoma (George Kaiser, BOK). They failed with Colon Powell, I guess Condo Rice is next. Project 21 Faith Based negro/black people (neocoloneolist)are providing negative believable answers about African American people to conservative racist and creating negative opinions about African American people.

Curtis Mullins
Tulsa, OK

Great Article

This article really exposes the contradictions and hypocrisies of Obama's politics. That said, I would like to know what you think of Dr. Reed's contention (in the same essay from which your excerpted) that Clinton is "the lesser evil"? That's very puzzling to me.


And exactly what strategy would you use to get elected? Two whites guys have failed to beat George Bush in the last two elections and Jesse never got out of the gate, though we felt good listening to him speak. Obama's strategy is a legitimate one for him, at this time. Hillary may do it differently. Surely McCain will do so.

Good article, but.....

Tell me something I don't know for a change! I have not endorsed anybody yet. But we spending all this time talking about Obama.

Bush had no reason winning in 2000 or 2004. MCcain has no business winning in 2008, but if the left wing does not get it together the GOP is gonna get this one too.

Hillary is the lesser evil because...

If she were elected, she would have some sort of mandate to reform healthcare, among other things. Obama's not promising much, so we shouldn't expect much.

The only thing that makes Clinton a lesser evil is that her basically nasty disposition will be easier to rally opposition to if she takes office and continues as she always has.

I Don't Understand

In Pittsburgh last night the police shot a 19 year old young man in the head. Reason: He shot a police dog. Our AA Police chief sent condolences to the officer for the loss of his dog. This is so sick!

Did anyone witness what happened in Philidelphia today? Where is Barak? What does he say? Oh, we're a nation of laws. So I guess we should obey the law and let our children be killed. But in spite of all that's happening people still say he can't say anything, just wait until he is POUS. WHAT!!

How people can think Obama is any good for us is beyond comphrehension. Under Barak we can endure any number of injustices but then how can you turn around and call it racist when it comes from a black face. I just don't understand this is beyond unbelievable.

The problem: this voice isn't allowed into...

the mainstream.

Mr. Dixon's analysis is right on the money.

Obama's politics are horrible, yet in the framework of corporate media, and thus in the minds of the mostly uninformed mass electorate, he is the liberal standing for change.

One reason this is even conceivable is that views from the left are consistently blocked from circles of discussion all throughout this country, whether it be Cspan, PBS, the corporate networks and cable talk fests, the op ed pages of the Post, WSJ and NYT, right on down to the local media; and most especially in the schools where kids learn their habits of media consumption.


Brothers and Sisters,

I just want to notify you about the truth of Christianity which is behind the white man's colonialism and depredations against Asians, Africans, and Native Americans over the past 500 years. The truth is that Christianity was devised by the Romans to subjugate the Jews. Christianity is actually Roman Emperor Worship (Titus Flavius); that is, it is the explicit worship of the white man. Search Joseph Atwill, Caesar's Messiah.

Anyone interested should watch the following video:

Caesar's Messiah Video Interview

Lastly, let me just say that I do not wish to cause any pain to our African Brothers and Sisters. But we must shed the colonized portions of our minds if we are to regain our civilizations which have been destroyed by the white man and his religion/colonialism/(neo)colonialism.

Return to the authentic native traditions.

What is sad about Obama bashers

is not the fact they don't believe Obama will change a thing, but the fact they believe Jesse Jackson or McKinney would change this country if elected president

So delusional...

What is so bizzare about Ambro

Is he wont admit he supports Obama yet whenever the bourgouis canidate is compared to people who are frankly more decent he replaces Obama's name with theirs. Twice now have we seen this. However Ambro I agree these elections are an absurdity, particularly because people like Mckinney have very little chance at exposure. What do you recommend is the best vechile for social change? Or is that not really an issue of concern to you?

There is Nothing Like BAR, Anywhere!!!

BAR Predicted long ago that Obama would run his campaign to the "RIGHT" and therefore run away from Blacks and progressives and this is now clear to all open-minded African-Americans and progressives.

BAR Also wrote months ago that there could be an Obama/Clinton ticket in November but Obama supporters rejected the idea that their savior would commit such a traitorous act and allow "Billary" a chance to get back in the White House but the media has been discussing that more and more after the Indiana and North Carolina contests. Obama is a "politician" and his quest for power is more important than his perceived connection to Blacks and progressives. It is becoming more of a possibility that we could end up with the evil twins: Obama and Clinton getting elected.

No one in their right mind should ever again outrightly reject the writing at BAR as unfair, impossible or cannot become truth! Keep it up the great work, Mr. Dixon, Mr. Ford, Miss Kimberly and others.

Negro Please....

Obama, no matter how F'd up his policies are is still a better choice than Billary or John Mccain...

I say let him get into office and then we put the fire to his a$$ and make him address our issues then. We're going about this backwards and adding fuel to the republicans fire.

We can't wait

The people ave bought the hype on Obama. Given the curren dire probelms in our communities one would think we would be demand something like foreclosure protection. Credit access. More policing and better school or some school choice.
To wait to see what a person can do is analagous to let your child cook a cake with non-cake ingredients and expecting it to work out. A little to late in the process to under the end result.

Just say NO to Obama

Excellent essay from Glen Ford.

And in the comments I'm glad to see some realization of the fraud that is Obama -- that his mere race isn't ground to think he's going to "change" anything.

What has Obama "changed" in American politics? Nothing! He has only shown that a superficially Black man can make it this far. But what has been the cost? What sort of Black man has got this far?

It's not Cynthia McKinney. She speaks her mind, she openly criticized Bush/Cheney.

And Obama? He supports the Bush/Cheney agenda. He votes time and again to further that agenda, to help it financially (budget approvals) and with legislative endorsements of torture, spying, and other destruction of civil rights.

People, this is not evidence of someone making a small sacrifice "to get into power, to change things from within." Obama is already IN POWER and he has done NOTHING to change things. He has helped insulate Bush/Cheney from change! He has helped protect the status quo.

Those are not the actions of an agent of change, people.

In comments above, "Galen" says things that indicate he believes this is a GOP conspiracy -- proved by Kucinich not advancing. Galen, Kucinich doesn't advance because he's short, and he's a fraud. Nobody likes short people and nobody likes frauds and nobody ever likes short frauds. Kucinich is a clown! A circus clown! He gave up on his "impeachment" bill because...? Why? Because John Conyers told him to drop it. John Conyers doesn't control Kucinich or impeachment! John Conyers is a nobody. Yet Kucinich let Conyers tell him what to do.

Another Black man protecting the status quo, and in the process, dragging a fake-progressive White man with him.

People, the "Big 3" candidates are all the same thing -- they represent the same interests. Look at their funding, their advisors, their votes in the Congress. You will see their agendas are the same. Just the window dressing is different.

Same cars, different paint jobs, different rims... but the same cars.

Talking about Obama being "electable" is nonsense also. People are free to vote for whomever they prefer, regardless of what Rush Limbaugh or Al Franken may say, regardless of what Oprah Winfrey or Al Roker may say. Bill Cosby and Thomas Sowell -- they can go pound sand.

People, you have the ability to support Cynthia McKinney if you want to see a Black person work for change.

Your post is right on target. We need to stop allowing ourselves to be used, divided and then discarded when our allegiance is no longer needed to prop up the images of people who care nothing about us our our struggles.

Please continue to outreach to our community we are in need of writers/bloggers who are interested in keeping us informed about the true state of this country.

Give it a rest........................

Hey BAR: Although it makes for good thought-provoking fodder, it REALLY is time to 'LEAVE BARACK ALONE' can really come to a head for him if HILLARY supporters do not vote for him in November?...They are very serious about 'sitting it out'.....Then I suppose you will end up with President McCain?....that bad-tempered white man will have the USA spinning, because he is a bully and will have the power needed to trump all. Barack will be politically dead and no Black President for another century? What a travesty? Could we let Barack get four years?...I doubt he will be re-electable? Won't be able to please any constituency OR solve one of America's many problems. Let the prophecy be fulfilled. YOU have nothing to lose as he doesn't represent your interests anyway?


Isn't more than ninety percent of the black vote enough for Obama supporters?
Can't the other less than 10 percent of us nurse our skepticism in peace?
What, are you scared the truth might rub off?

Blacks hating on Blacks Continues

First of all, you are wrong in your assertion that Obama uses DLC strategy.

The DLC is a fundraising arm of the DNC and is used by THE CLINTONS to advance their party-splitting GOP lite agenda, as evidenced by Terry MacAuliffe and others who have remained closely attached to the Clintons and their agenda.

The Clintons have been at odds with the DNC since the DLC's inception. Maybe you're getting Obama confused with Harold Ford, Jr. Obviously black folk have the 'all black folk look alike prejudice' as much as whites.

Obama fully adopted Chairman Howard Dean's 50-state strategy that helped to get the slim Dem majority in Congress in 2006. Not only did Obama adopt the DNC's 50-state strategy, he incorporated it into his 20 years of community activism such that he was able to mobilize netroots and grassroots folks, mostly whites, by the way.

Please turn your
attention to this article by The Black Commentator - - that was posted on June 26, 2003, while Obama was still an Illinois state senator.

"Barack Obama will not be carrying the Democratic Leadership Council’s baggage in his race to become the second Black person to represent Illinois in the U.S. Senate. The state senator and professor of constitutional law has told The Black Commentator that he is acting to have his name stricken from the “New Democrats Directory,” a list of several hundred DLC-affiliated elected officials.

“I am not currently, nor have I ever been, a member of the DLC,” said Obama, in a statement that substantially reflects a telephone conversation with Associate Editor Bruce Dixon, this weekend. “It does appear that, without my knowledge, the DLC…listed me in their ‘New Democrat’ directory,” Obama continued. “Because I agree that such a directory implies membership, I will be calling the DLC to have my name removed, and appreciate your having brought this fact to my attention.”

Third, this battering of Obama by black men indicates envy and jealousy at his success. If we spent half the time building up that we spend tearing each other down, we'd be much farther along as a race. Your venomous posts against obama achieves absolutely nothing, nor does it assist blacks or any other American in solving the myriad deep-seated problems now visiting the crumbling American Empire.

For the record, I have been an Independent with moderate leanings since 1995. I did not initially support Obama and had no plans to vote for him until the candidate I supported suspended his campaign and I heard Michelle Obama speak at UCLA.

While "the other 10% of blacks" who don't support Obama have that right, you also have an obligation to get the facts straight. Y'all are juts as pitiful as the corporate media in trashing Obama simply because you do not agree with his politics. That is just wrong - and pitiful.

As a matter of fact, DailyKos

just posted the same link in a diary that I did in which Senator Obama denounced the DLC BEFORE he became IL state senator.

While you're busy tearing Obama down, MSNBC is running a graphic of Obama and McCain with what looks like a Muslim flag next to Obama's image.

Hilary Clinton's running around saying that only white uneducated blue collar voters have the capacity to vote properly (for her, of course), oil has hit $123/bbl, Congressional repugs are planning a show of strength with Shrub though only 28% of Americans think he's doing a great job, the dollar continues to fall and is worth about a penny, Iraq is getting worse, Afghanistan needs more soldiers to rout out the Taliban - again, our soldiers are serving 6 to 7 tours of duty in an unholy, unnecessary war, McBush refuses to sign a decent GI Bill to help those who return from serving their country in a needless war, yet you're spending time posting an obviously unresearched hit piece on the first black man with a chance to be president.

Your priorities are definitely in order.

And black folk need to stop thinking that if a black man gets elected, he should have special set asides for them, else he's no good. Particularly since, as author Norman Kelly so aptly pointed out in his book, the Head Negro In Charge, of the 10K or more black elected officials, maybe only a handful have done anything to advance black businesses, black education, black politics or the black American agenda period.

You ought to hold white presidential candidates and black elected officials to the same crazy high-minded standards with which you're holding Obama.

Why aren't you tackling the real issues and the real enemies rather than trying to paint Obama as something he certainly is not? That would be a rhetorical question.


Black progressives need to stop thinking that if Jesse Jackson or McKinney get elected, they will change the contry ...

I don't support Obama, he won't change nothing...

Progressive ideology is not possible in this country

Respectfully Sunny S -- do the homework

If Obama "denounced" the DLC before he became a state senator it only goes to show his uuuhhh... political flexibility --- because after he became a state senator he joined the "New Democrats" which is what the DLC were calling themselves by 2002 and 2003.

Follow the links at the beginning of the article you have commented on and you will read about how Glen Ford and I confronted Obama on his DLC membership and their making him one of their "100 to Watch". Read Obama's own reply in his own words. He was indeed a member, and had to ask them to remove his name from their rolls.

Some weeks later, after we verified that Obama's name had indeed disappeared from the DLC's directory of "New Democrats", my colleague Glen Ford wrote that snippet you quoted in Black Commentator, our internet home at that time, about him "not carrying any DLC baggage" into the primary beyond that point. We were at that time, publicly taking the brother at his word.

For my part, I was so willing to give the man the benefit of the doubt that I took a week off work to drive home to Chicago (from Atlanta) and work in Barack Obama's 2004 primary campaign election day and the weekend before.

Making a priority choice to appeal to right-leaning Dems and outright Repubs is the quintessinal DLC strategy, the advice that body gives to every Democrat, all the time. YOu are qutie correct to note that Clinton's personal and institutional ties to DLC are deeper and stretch much further back than Obama's. It is all the more disheartening that he has chosen to adopt their views on this and other matters, as his own.

It's all good. Please know that we at BAR do appreciate your taking the time to try to correct us, and to share it with other readers. But I think we got both the facts and their sequence right the first time.

Ambro if you are serious

I agree and have never disagreed that the answer is not ridiculous bourgouis elections. The answer is obviously organizational efforts and reconstruction of labor movements and minority activist groups to be more militant and less compliant. I of course agree with this. Revolution certainly is not possible right now in this country. However this does not mean that organization is impossible or spreading progressive or socialist values are impossible. There are plenty of things that need to change and they all have a similar source which of course is the gross and unequal ownership of land, labor and resource held in the hands of a tiny coeterie. I believe the genius of humanity should be better organized to serve communities not coeteries. Mckinney comes far closer to than this than does Obama this is why I support her. But you are right the system is rigged. We need however to organize against inequality and brutality rather than slamming Mckinney, Jackson or other progressive or would be progressives.


While Senator Obama's national introduction by Kerry, his seeking out Lieberman as mentor, his appointment of Goolsbee to his staff, his positions as pointed out bu BAR, etc. could lead some to believe he's at least cozy with the DLC, the fact that you could so easily and credibly link him to the "Deaniac" fringe is what troubles me most.
Who is this guy?
Was his denunciation of Rev. Wright a "wink and a nudge" to black people by Wright, i.e. "he's just doing what politicians do, but he really agrees with me," or to whites by Obama, i.e. "I'm not just a politician, he's crazy, I've just been humoring him to keep the black vote but now he's got to go"?
The reason his "blank screen" philosophy where everybody's supposed to make of him what they will is so troubling is that its impossible to know what he stands for, what he believes, what he is likely to do.
I think its imperative that we have a forum where these questions can be explored.

Sunny shine

"Y'all are juts as pitiful as the corporate media in trashing Obama simply because you do not agree with his politics. That is just wrong - and pitiful. "

If not by their politics, on what basis than should political canidates be judged?

black power

I'm tired of having the colored people so maligned in the news. You are making him look like an Uncle Tom. He's not he more closely resembles Howdy Doody with those ears. Instead of $400 haircuts can't he get someone to pin his ears back so he can appear intelligent.
You know what the white folks will do in the election they will be showing him as DUMBO

Thank you BAR

I am grateful to the BAR for it's honesty and for being forthright with us about what is happening in this political race. I appreciate the courage of the writers to say what most blacks are even afraid to think, as well as the depth of their questions. Frankly, I have been saddened at seeing how we are so willing to deny ourselves, our history and anybody who would dare make Sen. Obama appear to be one of "the darker brothers". It says so much about us and our truest desire for power that we are willing to elect a black man by any means necessary. Hillary and even McCain will be more accountable to us because we will make them so. But because we have required nothing from Obama and have been offered even less, we will be too afraid to challenge him in the white house for fear of looking like the jealous cousin left off the reunion list.

I'm proud to say that I haven't drunk the kool aid, didn't buy into the fairy tale and will not be voting for Sen. Obama come November.

Please People! Learn The lessons of Black history

1. Any black man in America who ever really meant to do good for the AA community, who stood up on that soapbox and spoke truthe ended up with a bullet in his head, or a felonly conviction and prison sentence.

2. The "Black" Church is a tool of oppression far more effective than any military because it create mental gridlock for people who are getting beat down while being told to do the opposite of what people getting beat down are supposed to, fight back and protect self and family. Turn the other cheek has always sounded like something out of a prison homosexual rape to me. This kind of thinking is the very root of our continued suffering.

3. With all the examples of successful kibbutz styled oommunity organization, with the example of how other immigrants come into our communities and drain the wealth from our communities,
With the further example of these same people keeping to themselves and managing their own communities, African Americans still allow themselves to be duped into thinking there will ever be or ever should be a reason to expect fair play from a people who maintain the theft of this continent from Native "Americans". After all of this we expect a presidency to unravel the biggest money scam in the history of the world and re-distribute the stolen natural and artificial wealth in our favor.

Are you still telling the Santa lie to your kids? Would it surprise you that they are, as a result, setup to buy all the other lies we encounter in this society?

What do those educated sistahs who are 70% without husbands have to say about life after their degrees? That student loan, credit card and car loan debt has made an economic slave of her and a difficult marriage to make. This is the lie of education!

The lesson African Americans must learn from history is that no shepherd is a good shepherd as long as our dollars end up in his pockets, as long as he lives a luxurious-by comparison-life at our expense.

Doesn't matter whether it's a political shepherd, a religious shepherd or economic shepherd.
How many people lose their money every single time Wall Street comes up with some bogus crock about why they 'lost' in a "bear" market and people let the bears walk away with the money? Still believe in good shepherds?

STOP BEING SHEEP! GET OUT OF THE HERD! No matter what it is it doesn't mean you anything but a run down the chute and a sledgehammer in the head. Jeez! No Obama! No Clinton! No Mc anybody gives a rat's anus aboutcha! Why should they! What have you done for them that they should care about you? Why would you expect anybody to care about you but you and the people you do good for? And why oh why do you need somebody to lead you anywhere? The moment you start that, you start losing self determination! Politicians Have to lie! Have To evade! Have to! That is their nature!

Our job is to turn all politicians into real public servants who rue the day they wake up and their job was left undone! Who's worst nightmare is an email box choked with our demands for honesty and integrity in elected officials.

Our job is to start with our own municipal governments and weed out the smile in your face opportunists, replacing them with our neighbors who really get the job done.

Our job is to make property 'owners' in our communities do their jobs and clean up their blighted properties or leave those properties where they stand with their death dealing mold, and vermin, rather than cry about living in the ghetto.

Our job is to put pressure on the judicial system, real pressure to end the cycles of death by felony, death by cop, death by incarceration playing out among our young men.

Our job is to make sure before those young men ever get near the criminal justice system, they have an ethic implanted in their brains that prevents them ever becoming a target for cops and judges.

Our job is to stop the vampires sucking the lifeblood of our economic life with convenience store rapine, insurance fraud, used car fraud, housing fraud, drug and alcohol addiction.

These things don't require a president to fix! They require us to fix. Right at home.

There is nothing like BAR on the web! Right! I want BAR to do something besides stand off on the sidelines of history taking potshots at people who don't even matter anyway. I want BAR to point to solutions for community problems, solutions for the ever widening alienation between black men and women. I want to see BAR actually talk about how the Kibbutz system works and why it would work exceptionally well for a displaced people. I want to see BAR identify and talk about the original spirituality of Africans, long before the war against black began.

S, said it all

S said : "Hillary and even McCain will be more accountable to us because we will make them so."

You know that's exactly the reason why I can't stand these Obama bashers... This is the biggest bullshit I ever heard so far on BAR...

Now McCain will be more accountable to us ? Tell me how ? Black folks don't even vote for republicans in the first place...
By making these nonsense statements, you are just showing how out of touch Obama bashers are, but if you really believe that McCain will be accountable to you because you will make them so, go vote for him...

What a joke... Typical houseslave mentality...


"But because we have required nothing from Obama and have been offered even less, we will be too afraid to challenge him in the white house for fear of looking like the jealous cousin left off the reunion list." -S..

S.. was right. Boojie blacks don't want a mandate for change. They just want a two night stay in the Lincoln Bedroom.

You Have To Be Willing To Play The Game

I am neither for or against Obama, however his 20 years membership at Trinity UCC was disclosed, I began to gain a little more respect for him. Face it: a man would not stay a member of a church that teaches Black Liberation Theology for so long if he did not agree with the teachings. And when he made his "race speech", did he NOT urge whites to NOT dismiss racism as simply a figment of the Negro imagination? And did he not, at first, refuse to denounce his pastor?

In fact, before he ran for president, Reverend Wright urged him to distance himself from the church. So maybe his so-called denouncement of Pastor Wright was a mutual agreement?

The point is, Obama is playing it smart. He is doing what he needs to do in order gain prominence.

He’s a politician, therefore I don’t expect a lot from him. But I’d be lying if I said I don’t see the confidence in the faces of the young black folks I work with when discussing Obama.

He is a corporate backed candidate. He is part of the establishment. HOWEVER - HE’S A FRESHMAN SENATOR WHO’S FAIRLY NEW IN THE GAME. And sometimes militancy doesn’t work. Instead, befriending the oppressor in order to balance the power is the way to go.

If Obama chose to take the Kucinich, Paul, Gravel, and to a lesser extent, Edwards route - he would not be where he’s at right now. America would have written him off as an angry black man - and he would have suffered similar fate as Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson.

Again, I don’t support Obama. But I think he’s playing a game. The man is not stupid.


There is one critical advantage to Obama's presidency that is being overlooked. Even if we concede the point that he will not advance black causes and patronize white children will see a black face in the most prominent position in the world.

Unfortunately, the ills that have infected Gen X black america cannot be repaired. The entire generation of inner-city young adults is beyond reform. They were failed by their school systems, local and national governments, and most importantly - their parents. Even with a token diploma, there is no room for them in the global economy which pits them against suburban educated Americans and Asian (Chinese/Indian) tech boom products.

Militancy is not an option and even suicidal...quite frankly it wouldn't even make it out of the barrios as it would be crushed by the near (better organized/united) Hispanic neighbors

The cure starts now....with the youngest generation...and a President that will serve as a visual role artificial as his canadidcy may be

Artificial Canadicy

I would rather that my grandchildren see an "honest person" in the White House. I don't care if they are Black, White, Jewish, Hispanic.....what ever. Mr Obama has not demonstrated to me that he is an honest person. I agree with an earlier statement. WE as AA never ask Mr Obama for anything, many of us simply ran out and voted for him in mass "because" he is Black. He however really never repersented himself as "Black". He was more focused on his bi-racial heritage and that is OK, however , he is not the only bi-racial person in America. I am sure that many, many of us AA have bi-racial family members. So what's the big deal with him being bi-racial?
I have just changed from Democrate to Independent because I can't stand to see what is happening to the Democratic Party

spades - Well Said...

That's my point, spades!

More African Americans represented in prominent roles will allow our youths to gain more confidence so that they can make better decisions in life.

I work with a bunch of young black girls who have no self esteem because they don't look like the women being praised on television. And low self esteem begets lack of ambition.

Let's not expect a lot from Mr. Obama BECAUSE he will have to represent the whole damn America - and also kiss up to a lot of folks in order to make it!

But look at the change he can make SYMBOLICALLY. And as crazy as it sounds, SYMBOLIC CHANGE is better than NO CHANGE AT ALL.

A few weeks ago, I did not harbor this opinion. But I convinced myself to look at things on the brighter side.

We need to learn how to play the game, instead of going on the defensive all the time. We need to play the game. We need a strategic method. We need to befriend our oppressors in order to learn some of their secrets. And only then a balance of power will take place.

Racism and opression is more subtle than it was decades ago, therefore we must create a very suble movement that will allow us to continue without our leaders getting their heads blown off!!!

The tide is turning. A change is coming. Let's accept it for what it is worth.

Offering Prayer & Hope for the Doubtful...& Afraid.......

Yes there are Great *FACTS* to your discourse, but 'facts' are segments, not complete pictures...
Battles are not the *Whole WAR*
Yes the AmeriKan EuroPeeOnz have made a grave mess of thangz, Yes they are guilty of Mass Murder, Yes they have engaged in Greedy Usurping Imperialism...

Yet & Still the system is what it is by virtue of all of Human History, it is not an Isolated Singularity,

It is an Evolutionary byproduct of the "Species"... AmeriKKKA is a product of planetary collaboration, African Kings Of Betrayal & Treason did Centuries of *Business* for a Deathly Season, Even as Native Indians participated in thier own Genocide trading with Untrustworty EuroPeeOns for weapons to fight other Native Indians... & the Cherokees Enslaved Afrikhans...
As Desperate Hungry Buffalo Soldiers Helped Hunt dem Red Men Down...
Meanwhile in South Carolina & Virginia, Louisiana etc. "Free Negroes" competed with Slave Holding Whites.. Enslaving dey 'Own Black Folkz' for tha Dollar...

In hidden enclaves Abolitionist Black & White fought the Constitution & Civil War ensued...
& Flawed Racist O' Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America, a Far "RIGHT" REPUBLICAN*
"Evolved" to generate A Proclamation of Emancipation for the American NEGRO*
& Millions Died & WE be Free , Except we Aint...

OH' If ALL the TRUTH were Told!!!

There is None that is innocent
AmeriKKKA cannot be reformed dismantled or changed without embracing the social-political REALITY of structure in place*
It must be infiltrated & re-assimilated into a NEW WORLD ORDER, that reflects a Healing of the Hominines...

It will take a lot more than Echoing Rousseau, Marx, Engels, Lenin, & other "Dead White Socialist"... What what would you have US do. Pick up guns and attack the government & corporations???
Or say no to the 'Political Process entirely & Sit on our asses, & boycott ebbythang we think is "Capitalistic" ...
Russia Failed, & Cuba aint really KrackN Partna!

Belovedz, It is not about Capitalism or Socialism*
The Problem is not Right or Left leaning Agendas... such thinking is stuck on remedial Elements within a vast Sociological Structure..
& the Solution demands mature advanced persistent Thought to stabilize the current 'Chaos" until a Healthy Body Politic Manifest*

There is NO BLACK or WHITE etc. OUR Planet is an Ever Metamorphosing Living Entity, a Marvelous Ecology & Awesome Biosphere...(We are Spiritual Beings *Quarks-Photons-Electrons* experiencing a "Transitory" Physical Existence)& Space is Actually Curved & Expanding & Accelerating & so "Absolutes" are temporary flights of fantasy as you end where you began...

You limit yourself by the acceptance of said Knowledge/Absolutism* ("Political Dogma")

He/She who Prescribes the Diameter of YOUR KNOWLEDGE...
Dictates the parameters of YOUR THOUGHT*
Get Out of the BOX!!
The Problem is Greed, Dissention. Enmity & EGO. It's the GAMES We Play...

I call this Game huur we'er playn:

"The BLIND Men & the ELEPHANT"
A group of Blind folks (US)come upon an Elephant & each touch a part of the Creature & they break off in to mad fervent argument about what it is... One swears its a Wall, another that its a Rope, Another that its a Pillar, another a tree Branch, & still another that its obviously a hardened Spear! & screams what "Fools YOU all are!" he declares his is tha TRUTH..........

What if we Changed the GAME???
& Played Collaboration???

What if we respectfully dialoged & compared information???

The Experiment , The Adventure, The Paradox that is America is the Child of countless cultures & peoples effort to reach its potential; At once Beautiful & Horrifying...

The largest adolescent on Planet Earth & suffering Growing pains & an Identity Crisis...

Now from my perspective, Obamas Presidency is a Healing Balm*
Obama Flawed & all is the WIll of GOD!(& I aint actually

I know thats hard for *U* Atheist & Agnostics, & you Haters are having a Hissy Fit...

I will Keep all you in my Prayers...
It must be a terrible thing to have no faith, to see only war & distrust, to doubt, the overall decency of the Human Species...
Would that WE ALL had the Vision & Courage Dr. King and could Claim OUR Responsibility to SAVE this SICK CHILD* Beating up on this Baby, without making minute changes through cooperative Education IS CHILD ABUSE...
Children of a Once Proud & Arrogant Enemy are holding up their arms and Crying for Intervention & Mercy...
Will OUR Bitterness render US Blind to the Good that outweighs the Mistakes made... Are WE ALL Unworthy of prominence in the Biosphere??

As for me I BELIEVE in Nobility of Life* There is a Great & Loving Ultimate Force at the Core of the Universes...

Feel tha Flow*

Buckle Up & Njoy tha Ride;)

negos please...

the object of the game is to get elected...

I guess he is suppose to be in the ghetto - drinking a forty.

Black folks please - get with the game - that why we/you are in the position you are in - stupid !!


how far did Jesse get... not far!!

The problem you smart have - is Obama did not take the traditional route he come from no where and get the nomination.

He did not give your black preacher money to get out the vote - he used the internet to get raise his money.

He did not go to hustler Jesse or Sharpton. the biggest problem you nuts have is he is married to a "black" women.

Cease & Desist this Elitist poop....

Who & where is THE PERFECT Candidate of 2009...

WE recognize OUR Brothers Faults
& WE know his VICTORY is OUR VICTORY and that VICTORY Far Outweighs problems to be conquered too.

The Teeming Masses & Oppressed Classes Have Cast OUR VOTE!

& You tear down the PEOPLES CHOICE
& Label US Idiots & Bots?

& Dare to call yourselves the "Black Agenda Report"??

You do not Represent the Voice of the Millions & Millions of BLACK PEOPLE...

You are the "Scribes & Pharisees" of a *Would Be*

& In YOUR Arrogance
*U* Aid *White SicKPreamacy*

& Mr. Bruce Dixon how come so many of your Posters Keep callin *U* "FORD"??

Did they even read UR article??

Who are these Bogus Antagonist UR attracting???

Anyway *U* *BAR* Flies, WILL NEVER Cower tha PEEPZ!


Remember the French Revolution??

"Off with Their Heads!!:(

The People have Spoken*


Elitist poop?

There are a number of implied assumptions behind this "not perfect enough for you" line of assault - and make no mistake, it is an assault, designed to silence people and terminate consideration and discussion. "Are you happy NOW??? Will you stop bothering us with your gloom and doom NOW???? Can we stop listening to you NOW????"

To say that the “latest-greatest” Obama (for example) is being rejected because he is not quite perfect is to imply that he is kinda sorta there, or “in the right direction” or presumed to be an ally. What is being pointed out here is not that Obama and The Dems fail some perfection test – an imaginary test that suggests that he/they are mostly OK but has a few flaws that only perfectionists would notice, and a test that the people being accused of using it are not using - but rather that these people are not at all, in any way, remotely, or vaguely aligned any of the working people and that the notion that they are aligned with us is all a carefully created and totally false illusion. What are presumed to be "flaws" – which a few of us are supposedly unwilling to overlook in our stubbornness and obtuseness – are actually accurate glimpses through the camouflage at the whole picture, not minor peripheral and insignificant flaws.

They aren't minor flaws in an otherwise perfect gem – they are indicators as to the true nature of this chunk of manure painted up to look like a gem so as to fool people. Looking through the holes in the fancy paint job at the interior of the object, and saying it is not a flawed diamond, it is a chunk of manure with a coat of paint hastily slopped on to make it look like a diamond is merely pointing out the hypocrisy and unreality of the liberal fetish.

On another level this assault is wrong-headed and destructive, and that is in the implied assumption that politics is a matter of personal taste - “well that is what YOU want but not very many people agree with you.” FUCK THAT. Politics is about the greatest good for the greatest number, not about “what I want.” The narcissistic belly button lint gazing is completely antithetical to working class solidarity, and is nothing more than an amusing little hobby for the pampered and spoiled and selfish latte' liberal.

Beyond the question of whether or not this particular person is perfect, I also reject the assumption that we are all looking for a person to begin with, and that looking for a person is the essence of politics.

Barack Obama is the enemy. Looking for a person is the problem, not the solution. Insulting, frustrating, and silencing the most perceptive among us is what is destroying the possibility of a strong Left emerging, and is the tawdry and amoral House Negro work that keeps the ruling class in place. THAT is the fucking problem, and that is a LONG way from the snide and demeaning accusations that critics of Obama and others are being a prissy little perfectionists, carping and fault finding for the sake of irritating people or being a party spoiler.

This “you are being a perfectionist” propaganda is infinitely more destructive to the Left than anything that ever comes from the right wingers, and is one of the most important bulwarks of ruling class power.

This is not nit-picking. It is not "being negative." It is not being a "purist."

This is the whole battle.

We have tried being polite, reasoning with people, documenting the truth, respecting and considering people's complaints that we are being too harsh, too radical, that we are making attacks, that we are alienating allies, that we are hurting "the cause."

None of that has worked.

The years slip by. Conditions grow worse and worse, The danger grows and grows. The ruling class gets stronger and stringer. Polite nicey-nice "can't we all get along children and play nice?" is bringing no positive returns and there is nothing to lose by speaking the truth as harshly as needs be to get the message across.

Maybe the bottom line is whether or not we all seek the same depth of changes in our society. There is no doubt in my mind that whether under the control of Democrats or the Republicans, the number one beneficiary of political decisions, be they foreign policy or domestic, will be large industries/the extremely wealthy - that is, the general protection of the status quo, and the continuation of a capital-before-people mentality, the right of the US to impose its will on
ill on sovereign nations for the benefit of its corporations.

Mawelulu spreads psuedo-sociological, ahistorical nonsense!

You are not adressing reality at this point. And as far as Russia failing that was because it was torn down by compradors and reactionaries like Gorbachev and Yeltsin all of the former eastern bloc is racing quickly to the third world as state industries are being bought out by American, Western European and Japanese firms, ie the rulers of the world. That's reality. As to Cuba the revolution has been remarkably successful and no country in the carribean or central america resembles Cuba in terms of health care and literacy rates and this of course is in the face of a terrorist campaign and vicous sanctions. That is reality. Enough of your babbling nonsense about "an Ever Metamorphosing Living Entity" or making ridiculous comparisons to Obama's campaign and the Jacobins of the French Revolution or slandering "dead white socialists" your babblings and the support you infuse into the Obama canidacy show you have absolutely no grasp of Fanon either.

PEace to all.

Cousin Matt please, leave the man alone, hes on a high.

Hes puffin on the Obama tree,

and he wont hold it forever and when the time comes he WILL HAVE TO PASS IT TO THE RIGHT, whether he likes it or not...

Unless one believes masses of disappointed Obama believers will take it to the streets, causing mad riots troughout the country, destabilizing the state, creating chaos and havoc on such a large scale that the game will forever be changed when the people finally get that Obama is just another white, bought and paid for by wallstreet, representative of the oligarchy -only this time in black face?

Ford, Dixon, Martens and the rest of the crew have laid out the truth but the believers just argue around the facts.

Mozella, you and lot of others have been hitting bullseyes non-stop but they just wanna believe.

It dont matter if they repeat the same lame arguments over and over.
They wanna believe!

This is a country that voted for Bush twice. He may have stolen the elections but he still got millions of people voting for him.

The noize will not stop.

Billary fans, Obamabots and McInsane's followers either.

They all believe this non-sense.

Democracy and a better tomorrow for the citizens of the US, the inhabitants of this planet, human and non-human alike does not run through the White House.

But some people just dont wanna know...

And we're the crazy ones for believing that.

PEace out

It's OK Matt...

*U* Can Believe what *U* want...
*U* have the Right to ramble as *U* like...

Obviously *U* find some comfort in that poop *U* shyt...

So *U* be as isolated & polarized as *U* please...

Be the Best Computer Screen Revolutionary *U* Can
& Be the Absolute Greatest Comrade Socialist Advocate in da whole World!!

In the Meantime REALITY is Marching On...

CUBA's health care & literacy rate is Highly Effective because it is given as a Right ( in spite of American Sanctions)not a privilege & America needs to adopt that aspect of their Governing Policy too... (as many Governments do...)

However CUBA is yet a Dictatorship & many live in squalor & fear...

& Blame whomever *U* want Still RUSSIA failed*

However, CHINA maintains success by a blending of Capitalistic-Socialism under a Liquid Communistic Chinese Parliamentary...

& By the Way Fanon, Nkrumah, Rodney, did not worship at the feet of Dead White Socialist Philosophizers.. These Africanz took what was good of their analysis & applied it to the WAR...

I am so sorry long long time UR trapped in a warped socialist wormhole whirling & spiraling, descending into Lawd knows where...

Perhaps *U* will emerge into a parallel World where SOCIALISM is GOD!

& *U* can finally Be a Happy Matt;)

However, here on Earth LIFE is Evolving, Changing, it Truly is "an Ever Metamorphosing Living Entity"

Nonetheless, "Matthew Don Quixote" Godspeed in your Quest!!

I doubt Mawelulu has ever even read Fanon

There is no better author than Fanon, black, white or whatever, on the subject he entitled the "pitfalls of national consciousness." Which was basically an attack on black men who served white privelege for a slice of the pie. Any serious reader of Fanon would not for a second be fooled by Obama or Obamania.

What are you babbling now about N'krumah? N'krumah was a marxist and internationalist who wrote about the suffering of peoples all over the world under the boot of neoimperialism! He was certainly not the strictly nationalist type you are making him out to be. And he certainly in no way shape or form resembles anything close to your bourgouis canidate Barack Obama.

Its not even about OBAMA

OBAMA is just the Head of a SPEAR...

Question is; Whose

Its not even about Capitalism or Socialism...
Because the Socio-Political Paradigm for is still being Written; Right Now*

Its not about just Here & Now or where the money is coming from & which corporation or which lobbist & what hidden greedy exploitive agenda is in force or whose System is behind whatever sceans...

Its about recognising all o dat & appling indomitable influence for change...

Barack Husein OBAMA is part of an IDEA whose time has Come... He is part of an Equation...

The Issue is the Practical and Peaceful Integration of competing theorems to Stabilize the Human Condition in Quest and Eventual Global Utopia...

Its about the FUTURE...

& the FUTURE must not be sacrificed to premature ill processed DOGMA*