Rep. John Conyers at the Coporate Black Caucus Affair Last Week


If you managed to attend the annual DC gathering of the Congressional Black Caucus last week you know it was more the "Corporate Black Caucus" that was on display. Goodie bags from Coca-cola, a health care summit sponsored by Pfizer, and the logos from Wal-Mart, Lockheed and Boeing were everywhere to tell you who paid the bills and called the shots at this annual celebration of supposed black political empowerment. In the midst of this den of corporate iniquity, Russell Moniker from Single Payer Action cornered Rep. Conyers to inquire on the status of single payer.



Congressional Black Caucus "RIP"

Conyers has done some good work during his tenure and no one expects miracles of politicians, in politics compromise is the name of the game not principles.

But, is it just me or did Conyers appear to be less than honest and convincing, less than sold on saying unequivacally, "No,to Obamacare." I didn't see any passion in his eyes, what I detected was "Fear of a Black Hat." If you remember, the movies "complexity" or schtick was that:

"Throughout the movie, it is difficult to tell if the members of N.W.H. truly believe what they are saying, or are just portraying an image."

I read a blogger the other day who commented that Kucinich and Conyers were just props to show the sheeple that the Democrats "fought hard and truly cared... blah, blah, blah." I must admit it got me to thinking. Looking back over the years no one threatened and postured regarding Bush criminality as much as Conyers, yet his bark bore no bite. What fruit has his labors borne? While he (or Kucinich) have undoubtedly received little to no support from their spineless colleagues, again, it does get you to thinking.

I was told (after publicly criticizing Obama as Bush 3) that a lot of the anger at me was directed at the fact that (supposedly) white folks supported Bush, so now (apparently regardless of the costs) we must support Obama. Never have I heard such intellectually and politically immature bullshit. If only the cheerleaders reviewed the CBC's record of "achievements" they'd find little basis for racial solidarity, viz a viz an elected official that is. Unfortunately our so-called leadership has been left with groveling for corporate crumbs and a high-profile "Talented Tenth" corporate appointment.

Afterall, what better example of a "Fear of the Black Hat" is there than the Cong. Blah Caucus. May they RIP.

I think Conyers breaks hearts more

than any other politician. At first he takes on issues with amazing courage, with an impressive appreciation for what's important and how to take a stand. But then his ultimate and by now wholly predictable capitulation is that much more devastating. I think it's impossible to avoid the conclusion that Conyers' righteousness is an act, a stunt, intended to throw a bone to progressives. I'll never forget the magnificent way Conyers stood on the side of the oppressed after the 2004 Ohio election debacle, for example. The hearings he held in Ohio became a pillar for the Election Justice movement. But what happened once he was in charge of his committee and had subpoena power?

The guy plays us over and over again. That doesn't mean we can't use him to move forward, but we have to have open eyes about the political theater that those in power try to divert us with.