Remember All the Children, Mr. President

by Bill Quigley

Including those whose lives were destroyed by United States policies, actions and inaction.

Remember All the Children, Mr. President

by Bill Quigley

Remember the 20 children who died in Newtown Connecticut.

Remember the 35 children who died in Gaza this month from Israeli bombardments.

Remember the 168 children who have been killed by US drone attacks in Pakistan since 2006.

Remember the 231 children killed in Afghanistan in the first 6 months of this year.

Remember the 400 other children in the US under the age of 15 who die from gunshot wounds each year.

Remember the 921 children killed by US air strikes against insurgents in Iraq.

Remember the 1,770 US children who die each year from child abuse and maltreatment.

Remember the 16,000 children who die each day around the world from hunger.

These tragedies must end.

Bill Quigley s a human rights lawyer and law professor at Loyola University New Orleans and Associate Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights. You can reach Bill at [email protected].


To view the photo = to cry.

I have 15 pieces recently posted on Flickr public photostream with art against drones and other things the fine Bill Quigley mentions.  (I comment on on theNDYBlog.)

Great piece: Matthew Stevenson, Dec.17, 2012 "Droning On About Gun Violence:The Great American Shootout Industry" looking at Obama and drones, and more. NYTimeseXaminer          Note:for the link, I have to type.  I typed the whole word - industry/ . It's not showing. If the link doesn't work, just google search.                                                  

President Obama's fake "tears" were offensive.

President Obama's not a crier, like Clinton, or GHW Bush, so for him to "tear up" over 20 white wealthy children, while fomenting war and ordering drone strikes that kill thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of mostly brown children, to me, was quite offemsive.  I don't for one second think those tears were genuine, so that makes it even more offensive.

I think he was sending a clear message that if you're not white, and you're not wealthy, you don't count. For a president with brown skin, and a wife with brown skin, and children with brown skin, his hypocritical actions and words defy the ability to comprehend, and I guess that's the point.

Crocodile tears

It is amazing that Obama thought he could pull off the fake concern and tears was if the America people are so stupid. PRAVDA did say after the election that he was re-elected by "illiterates." After all, he did such a miserable job for four years, blaming Bush. I suppose he could just get away with anything. Actually he does.