Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama & Neo-Liberalism are the Daleys' Gifts to Chicago and the Nation. Thanks.

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Chicago's Daley regime was a half century orgy of arrogance, racism and plunder. Thanks to President Obama, it not only continues with the succession of Rahm Emanuel to the fifth floor office of Chicago's mayor, but with nationwide implementation of diastrous policies toward housing, schools, infrastructure and public workers, all pioneered in Chicago.

Rahm Emanul, Barack Obama & Neo-Liberalism are the Daleys' Gifts to Chicago and the Nation. Thanks.

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

For 43 of the last 56 years, some guy named Richard Daley has occupied the fifth floor office in Chicago's City Hall.”

Last month, at the installation of the new White House chief of staff Bill Daley, President Obama declared the man had “public service in his DNA.” What Obama actually meant was that Daley, a lobbyist and JP Morgan Chase exec who helped write NAFTA, hailed from the predatory family of wolves that have ruled Chicago for two generations and who helped launch his own career.

For 43 of the last 56 years, some guy named Richard Daley has occupied the fifth floor office in Chicago's City Hall. And now Barack Obama has enabled the wolvish Daley clan to elect its own successor, Rahm Emanuel.

In the last two decades, Chicago's property tax levies have been Jim Crowed so that revenue collected in wealthy areas is not shared with poorer ones. When combined with the pervasive residential segregation that is the U.S. norm, the so-called “tax increment financing,” or TIF system pioneered in Chicago, provides an ostensibly color-blind and race-neutral way to achieve this goal, that has been imitated nationwide.

The city's public assets have been looted, leased and privatized, and its once extensive public transit system shrunken and starved for funds. Aggressive condemnation and demolition of private housing pursued almost exclusively in black areas from the 1960s onward, followed by the eradication of public housing beginning in the 1990s has driven hundreds of thousands of black residents from the city, while keeping rents and housing prices painfully high for those who remain. In 1983 Chicago was more than 42% African American. Now the percentage is under 30%.

Corporate school reform: Made in Chicago

Chicago was the testing ground for neoliberal experiments that handed dozens of schools over to the Gates and Broad Foundations for reckless experiments that crippled the education of thousands of children, and literally cost a few of them their lives. Public schools in some areas were apparently closed to facilitate gentrifying real estate speculators, and hundreds of experienced, qualified black teachers, rooted in the communites they served, were fired. Chicago public schools “CEO” Paul Vallas went on to help wreck public education in Philadelphia, and post-Katrina New Orleans, where he fired all the city's teachers and closed all the public schools to make it more difficult for poorer, blacker residents to return, and to make the place safe for profitable private charter schools and their contractors.

Paul Vallas, who had never taught a half hour in any classroom, was succeeded as Chicago Public Schools CEO by an equally unqualified Arne Duncan, a former pro basketballer who played the occasional game with then state senator Barack Obama. With the support of wealthy foundations, city Hall and the city's business elite, Duncan ignored mounting public outcry from parents and teachers to ramp up the demolition and privatization of public education. When his basketball buddy became president, Arne Duncan took the policies that wrecked public education in Chicago national as Secretary of Education.

War on Public Workers? Made in Chicago

Chicago, where Democrats have been in power forever, has seen its brand of corporate neoliberalism toward workers in the public sector become bipartisan national policy. Outgoing mayor Richard Daley last year suggested that cities and counties should simply default on their pension obligations, to see what happens, and “renegotiate,” while President Obama has also declared war on the wages and benefits of public workers.

In Wisconsin, only 50 miles from downtown Chicago, the Republican governor proposes bans on financing unions via dues checkoffs, and automatic decertification elections in every local public employee union, every year. Could such a thing be possible if Democrats like the mayor of Chicago and the president hadn't already come more than half way in the same direction?

Rearranging the political landscape

In 1983, Chicagoans elected not just the city's first black mayor, but a genuine leftist reformer, with a powerful grassroots movement behind him in Harold Washington. Sadly, Washington died in his fifth year in office. The e powers that be have aggressively redesigned the city's political landscape to make the emergence of a similar movement more difficult.

Harold Washington narrowly won a three way Democratic primary election against an Irish incumbent mayor, Jane Byrne, and Richard Daley, with less than 35% of the vote. Since then the city's elite business and opinion leaders have scrapped partisan primaries for nonpartisan elections, in which the will of poor and disaffected residents can be more easily overridden by the power of big money. Candidates in Chicago used to need valid voter signatures on nominating petitions circulated by enighborhood residents. Laws were changed to let big money candidates import mercenary petition circulators from anywhere, again amplifying the power of big money over local grassroots organizing. And a quarter of the city's African American population was driven from the city in two decades by the demolition of public housing and the fact that practically nobody built any affordable rental units.

Impotence, Irrelevance of Chicago Black Leadership

What passed for the city's cohort of black leaders had learned nothing and forgotten plenty since the 1980s. Blinded by narrow nationalism and oblivious of local history or current conditions, they convened a farcical process to select a “consensus black candidate” for mayor. Among much else, they all forgot that Harold Washington (and Carol Moseley Braun in 1992 also) was elected with an overwhelming majority of Chicago's Latino vote. Lacking the vision, the skill and the will to forge ties in that direction, their efforts were doomed from the start.

In fact, the Daley regime spent two decades feeding and unleashing its own brown Machine, the HDO, or Hispanic Democratic Organization. Mayoral candidate Gerry Chico, who finished second to Rahm Emanuel with a quarter of the vote, is a product of HDO.

The genuine progressive candidate in the mayoral race was former state senator Miguel del Valle, who finished with just under 10% of votes cast in a lackluster 40% turnout. Del Valle was overwhelmed by the power of big money, which monopolized access to media, and the fragmentation of black and Latino Chicago, the destruction of most grassroots organized infrastructure, and the sheer weight of what Chicagoans call “the Machine.”

Chicago's Daley regime was a half century circus of greed, arrogance, racist inequality and corruption. Thanks in part to President Obama, whom Daley launched toward the White House, the Machine has been allowed to succeed itself in the person of Rahm Emanuel. Chicago's new boss will look and act a lot like its old bosses. Chicago's near term future, too, looks a lot like its past, but with fewer resources left to steal and privatize.

But that's OK. The Daley Machine has cloned itself, donned blackface, and gone national. May the gods help us all.

BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon is a native Chicagoan who now lives in exile near Atlanta GA. He is on the state committee of the Georgia Green Party, and can be reached at bruce.dixon(at)blackagendareport.com.



On the Daley Dynasty - Obama & Chicago's New Mayor Rahmbo

Rahm Emanuel had to get a large portion of Chicago's Blacks [& perhaps Brown] votes in order to crack the 50% mark [I was hoping he'd fall a bit shy so at-least there would be a run-off]. Yet because 'their' Pres Obama [who they don't really know] said vote for Rahm [who they know even less about]- they voted against both Black & Brown candidates who they knew were unquestionably eligible - in favor of Rahm- who should have been ineligible... But when the IL Supreme Court over-turned the Cook County Court ruling that Rahm failed to meet Chicago's residency requirement- I knew that- The Fix Was In [From the movie 'JFK' - Jim Garrison's meeting w Mr X when Mr X says- 'When you see violations of basic rules & protocols - its a clear indication that a high level plot is at work...']. This alone- plus the fact that Rahm [along w Slick-Willie] had a major part in the so-called Blue-Dog strategy of running people w GOP lite politics as so-called moderate / centrist Dems- should have been enough to give Chicago Blacks pause in voting for Rahm [let alone Wayne Madsen's piece on how Rahm was behind attacks on key CBC members w the intention of filling their spots w his allies mainly from his ethnic group- but how many Blacks have heard of Wayne Madsen]. But because Blacks [especially in Chicago] have been dazzled by Obama-mania [IE hooked on Obama-laid]- as some {poor}Black woman said 'Since Obama said vote for Rahm - that's enough for me...'  

But Then many Chicago Blacks helped keep the Rich Daley Sr/Jr dynasty in power for some 42+ yrs, even though Daley Jr helped put at least 13 Black & Brown people on Death-Row, who were later shown to be Not Guilty; -&- Also helped protect the notorious ex-CPD Cop Lt Jon Burge [a guy who has probably perpetrated even more evil against Blacks than even Mark Fuhrman] from legal prosecution for over 20+ yrs.  And whose daddy [Rich Daley Sr - also the daddy of Obama's new Chief of Staff] was implicated in the notorious 1919 Chicago Red Summer Race Riots - where Bridgeport's Irish gangs [Daley Sr was one of their leaders] invented Drive-By Shootings by driving thru Bronze-ville & gunning down Blacks. But the corrupt Chicago Daley-Dem Patronage Poly-trickal Machine, regularly paid off key Black Poly-tricians [& some key Black Revs too] to keep Blacks voting for the Daleys- So now expect more of the same from Rahm- especially w Obama in his corner. There's has been only 3 times that Chicago Blacks have even bucked [but no permanent break from] the Chicago Dem Machine in mass. Twice was due to Chicago Machine Dems blatantly & highly offensive provocations against Blacks IE: In 1970 after the notorious Dec 1969 execution / assassination of Fred Hampton [while he was sound asleep in his bed] & Mark Clark in a COINTELPRO joint FBI / CPD / Cook County Sheriff task force raid [Boss Daley Sr was Mayor & head of the mainly Irish gang called the CPD]- resulting in Blacks voting GOP against Dem Cook-County Sheriff Hanrahan [this helped launch Big Jim Thompson's career - lot of good that did us]; -&- In  1979-80 when Bilandic [Daley Sr's successor] openly insulted Blacks by deliberately failing to clean streets in Black areas during the severe 1979 Blizzard [Chicago Blacks got pissed off & crossed over & voted Independent for Jane Byrne]. The 3rd time was the election of Harold Washington. But the Obama factor has effectively negated that possibility this time around.     

Black Sell Outs

The fact of the matter is that, as you carefully outline, none of this would be possible without the complicity of so-called "Black Leaders," the boogie, wannabes who would sell out their grandmother for crumbs from the White Man's table. 

Whether we like it or not and though it is entirely unnecessary, Blacks, Browns and Whites for that matter respond to "leadership." Blacks have a twisted sense of power in that power to the average Black is proportionate to how close the Black person is to White Power, by that I mean White political power.  As a consequence, the Jesse Jacksons of this world have considerable power and sway, but alas they have abused this trust for decades.  The Obama-laid phenomena is another example of concrete proof in this regard.  It does't matter that most of us posters at BAR don't need nor give a damn about leadership, the fact of the matter is that the average or shall I say above average number of Blacks (or Browns and Whites for that matter) respond and are keen to be led by those with "juice" or presumed power. 

Jesus himself could come out of the heavens to lead Black folks ot of their own Egypt, but unless he was driving a Lexus, wearing a Rolex and had powerful White friends in high places, the (above) average Negro would ignore him, just like they will ignore one of us.  It's impossible to "speak truth to power," when for the average Black power is the only means to an end.  And by "power" that translates into connections with White folks in high places; the White folks who unabashedly look out for their GROUP INTERESTS by coopting the Blacks who look out for their own PERSONAL INTERESTS.

At the present rate and trending, only abject poverty and hunger will open the eyes of the average Black person, or perhaps a return to public lynching.  It is inexcusable that given the Black financial wealth and given the dearth of Black intellectual wealth that Blacks have so little so say in their futures.

So What If Yeshua was Black & From a Working Class Family...

So what if the real Yeshua [aka: Jesus] was Black & from a working class / working poor family & was declared a political 'Enemy of the State' [IE: Roman / US Empire]- how much juice would he have & how many followers would he get?

We know a real Yeshua from 1rst century Palestine / Judea could not have been a blond-haired / blue-eyed European. The story says that his father was a carpenter [IE: a working class MAN] & he was born in a barn because his parents were denied a hotel room [sound familiar]. Further he was executed by the hand picked representative of the Roman Emperor [the Roman Gov of Judea] as a political threat to the Roman Imperial interests in Palestine / Judea after being handed over by some hi-Judean officials / sell-outs to the Roman State. 

The Biblical Yeshua [aka Jesus] was often quoted as saying that though he was in that World he was not of that World -&- that one couldn't be devoted to his cause & a friend to that World, etc... It used to all sound so confusing & rather spooky & mythical [IE: unreal- deliberately so] at the time. And then the church folks would say the whole world was responsible for Yeshua's execution [crucifixion], even though we know historically that people like the Chinese, Mexicans, Eskimos, etc were not even there. But then I saw 2 classic movies that helped clarify things- 'Sparticus' & 'Ben Hur'. After seeing 'Sparticus'  [based on an actual historical gladiator / slave revolt against Rome] I realized that crucifixion was commonly used by the Romans to execute people declared 'Enemies of the Roman State' at least a century before Yeshua's birth. In Ben Hur [who was depicted as a contemporary of Yeshua] the key scene was the meeting w the Roman Gov of Judea [Pontius Pilate - yeah that Pontius Pilate] after the Chariot Race scene - & Pilate says to Ben Hur 'A man must know the world he lives in & his place in it... And for now at this time & place 'The World IS ROME'...  That's when it hit me that the World that Yeshua was talking about was the Roman Empire... 

So now lets update the story - lets put MLK in the role of Yeshua, the US Empire in the role of the Roman Empire, & The Black mis-leaders & sell-outs in the role of the Sanhedrin... Sound in appropriate or far fetched - remember Gay Edgar Hoover's notorious COINTELPRO memo to 'Stop the Rise of a 'Black Messiah' Who could Unify & Energize Black People [& other people] in a Freedom Movement'... He specifically named Martin [& Malcolm & others]. Maybe ole Gay Edgar understood something we need to understand - after all he was in the Intel Info Biz.

Maybe that takes things out of the sky & brings them back down here on this Earth [where Yeshua's prayer was that the Kingdom he was talking about would be established - Here on this Earth]. 

Now we can see why the ROMAN Catholic Church [HQ- Vatican City ROME, official language LATIN, established by the ROMAN Emperor Constantine & his mamma, the Mother of all Euro-Christian Churches & Sects... - So when you see all those white Madonna & Child statues & paintings in the Catholic {or any} Church - that ain't the Biblical Yeshua & his mother Mariam - Its Constantine & His momma Helena] had to make Yeshua's story so confusing, unreal, mythical, & out of this worldly. It was all a trick to keep the people confused about what the REAL DEAL WAS. 

You just reminded me of ANOTHER layer of stupidity

If you or (I) can figure this out, then what's wrong with Black folks?  Crying and acting a damn fool when racist Mel Gibson produces the "Passion of Christ?" This is why I understand where Christianslayer is coming from though I don't agree with him entirely.  If Obama is suppose to be so damn transformative, then wouldn't a Black Jesus be even more so?  I stopped going to church because it is not relevant to the world in which I live in TODAY, after all the Bible does say "tomorrow is not promised" doesn't it???

You've illustrated why I repeatedly say the Black Church (like ALL other institutions in America) has become an abject failure.  Not only has the Black Church sold out to the White, racist fundamentalist incarnation of Jesus and the meaning of the Gospels, they are also afraid to challenge Whites or Jews on who Jesus was, what he looked like, and what he stood for.  Like babies and cowards they refuse to challenge the prevailing imagery and depictions of Christ.  No one lives in the equatorial regions of this world for thousands of years and look white, melanin is a prerequisite.  But the average, cowardly "Christian" won't even say this, they'd rather adopt a perverted and twisted version of Christianity than offend the heathens who call themselves Christians and carry the mantle of Christianity.

As I've said before, I wonder how many Whites would be Christians if they knew Jesus didn't look like Mel Gibson or Charleton Heston.

Jesus didn't preach the prosperity ministry bullshit and he disdained all material comforts, and he certainly didn't worship false idols, all of which the Black Church engages in.  Why can't so-called Black Christians pick up a copy of Hislop so they can understand the PAGAN origins of the Catholic Church and hence the Roman Catholic Empire, the precursor of our modern day "Christianity?  By the way, most slaves from W. African were Muslim.



I knew some folks don't like it when we deviate from political discussions into discussions of religion but the FACT OF THE MATTER is that unless and until Black folk are enlightened with respect to their embrace of paganism and historical folly and the utter brainwashing process of Christianity, you can stick a fork in it.  You will NEVER liberate the minds and souls of Black folks as long as they are wedded to pagan distortions of religion and Christianity.

The fact that Black folks cling to pagan Christianity and a White Jesus speaks to a mental disease and sickness only equalled by their embrace of Obama.  Hell, even the Polish recognize a Black Madonna.


milton friedman..

A story about chicago politics is not complete if ti leaves out Milton friedman and the chicago boys as they like to be called.The chicago University school of economics was responsible for the near total destruction of the economy of countries such as Chile,Argentina,Brazil and many others.Those countries serve as testing labs for what was being planned for America and the rest of the world.Milton was the leader of that gang and the inventor of what Naomi Klein calls disaster capitalism.These people either create disasters or wait for them to happen in order to implement policies that they know would never get accepted by people under normal circumstances.When is the revolution going to start?

the role of left gatekeeping foundations

Excecellent, comprehensive account of Obama's very consistent history of siding with corporations and against workers and the disadvantaged. The only facts I would add relate to some of the left gatekeeping foundations he worked for in Chicago and the discovery that they received substantial CIA funding (circumventing federal law forbidding the CIA from engaging in intelligence and counterinsurgency activity on US soil). I blog about this at http://stuartbramhall.aegauthorblogs.com/2010/07/26/who-did-obama-work-f...

Tarpley is just making background stuff up to fit his theories..

When Tarpley characterizes Chicago's Local School Councils of parents and teachers as being created to pit parents against teachers unions, he is engaging in lazy speculation from 50,000 feet up and hundreds of miles away.  He doesn't know the lineup of local forces in Chicago, and he is just plain making stuff up to fit his conclusions.

I was a community organizer, a real one, not the Obama kind, recruting and training parents in Cabrini Green to serve on school councils in the late 1980s.  I can tell you the councils were an outgrowth not of CIA action to destablize teachers unions, as Tarpley suggests in your link, but of grassroots organizations who insisted that Harold Washington back this lasting from-the-bottom-up reform and get it passed through the state legislature as a price for supporting his re-election in 1987.  The councils in fact contain rank and file teacher reps in each school.  Teachers who belong to the Chicago Teachers Union.  The school councils remain have nothing whatsoever to do with union busting.  They remain to this day a major and lasting democratic victory, a piece of power that grassroots forces wrested from the elite.

Arne Duncan's "turnaround" policies of completely dissolving whole schools were developed by Chicago's business elite as the only way around the provisions of the law that created the local schol councils, which would otherwise be a major block to corporate school reform.

Mr. Tarpley is just making stuff up here to fit his conclusions, not having bothered to investigate the lineup of forces.  Makes you wonder how solid some of Tarpley's other stuff is.

is it possible?

Mr Dixon,

Is it possible that both you and Mr Tarpley could be right and both telling the truth ?.Two different groups can be waging the same war at the same time for two different reasons......It has happened before,you know.


It's interesting to hear that many Black people in Chicago chose to vote for a man (Rahm Emanuel) whose actions and statements while in office show that he holds them and their interests in contempt, because he was recommended to them by another man (President Barack Obama) who has done the same exactly the same things while holding office. It is going to be quite interesting to compare and contrast how Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and President Obama act out their tribal loyalties in Post Racial America. While I cannot predict exactly what Rahm will do in while he holds office, I can predict what he will NOT do. He will NOT appear in front of a Black audience and brag about how much he upset some members of the Jewish community by paying too much attention to "Black" interests. He will NOT repeat over and over and over again that he is not the "Jewish" or "White" mayor of Chicago. He will NOT make a grand show of avoiding being seen around or with Jewish people or with other White people. He will NOT stay away from Jewish organizations nor will he steer clear of venues which are obviously run by pro-Israel groups. When he appears at these venues, he will NOT go to the podium to offer trite, condescending criticisms of Jews, the state of Israel, or of White ethnics. He will NOT repudiate any Jewish or Israeli leader, institution. or organization, no matter how reprehensible or odious their statements or behavior may be. In fact he will NOT stage a single "Sistah Souljah moment" against anyone from any White ethnic group. He will NOT do any of these things NOR, as a White man in America, will he be expected to do so by anyone, Black, White, or Other. Welcome to Post-Racial America circa 2010. I for one, am so damn glad that we finally got equality...NOT!

Thanks for reminding Black folks

of how fucking stupid and cowardly they are.  "Oh he can't be the Black president, he has to be the President of all People."  Sure that's understandable, the President of all people, but he doesn't have to reject and shit on his own people or refuse to identify with them while their dumbasses identify with him.  I'm so sick of stupid ass Blacks, my father-in-law gives Obama a pass by saying the Jews gave him bad advice and then abandoned him. ( He's speaking primarily of Rahmn  and Axelrod in this context.)  Don't bother trying to tell him Obama not only selected his ass in the first instance and the rest of the Chicago Jewish cabal he surrounded himself with, but ENDORSED him as Mayor after he "allegedly" abandoned him.

Yeah, it's a testament to how brainwashed and braindead Black folk have become, due in no small part to their "Christianity," that every group on planet earth can be proud of and attest to their heritgage but a Black politician.  This is exhibit "A" as to why they are not worth a damn, PERIOD, POINT BLANK.

A Black politician will defends Israel's apartheid before they defend their own people, worthless pieces of shit are they.

Stupid black Christians or whatever you call yourselves.

White people both Christians and jews are using the bible as their book of choice to learn how to mistreat Black and brown people all over the world.The Muslims are using theirs to oppress each other and Africans.Wouldn't it make sense for Black Americans and others in the so called free world to stop helping their oppressors by rejecting the bible?Instead,like a stupid child who goes and fetch the whip that's going to be used to inflict punishment on his or her body,Black people are embracing the bible as if it's their best friend.I have even had idiots on this site (if the shoe fits,please feel free to wear it)ask me if they reject the bible,what else would they have to fall back on.These people must have never heard of Barnes and Nobles or of a place called the Public library...I guess the question they are really asking is if they give up on the lie that there is life after death,what do I have to give them in exchange...My reply is simple,,,,,;Your dignity and self respect while you are here on earth.Do you think that the pope who backed Hitler while he was massacring the Jews of Europe truly believe in a good god?Do you think your Black preachers who are living in luxury while people in his congregation are losing their homes really believe in Jesus Christ?Do you think Catholic priests who join the organization so they can get access to young kids truly believe in a sex obsessed god?Hell no....They are laughing their asses off all the way to the bank at your expense and hating you more and more because of your willfull stupidity.

There is only one book on earth that most westerners frequent in their search for spiritual guidance.Yet,that book is the most violent,disgusting,divisive,hateful,selfish and criminal manual ever written.As long as we continue to support our oppressors by participating in their satanic rituals with the bible as our guide,we don't stand a chance in hell of ever freeing ourselves from tyranny.Furthermore,if you are a believer of any color,you have no business complaing about anything because everything that happens to you does so because your god wills it to be so and,anyone who steps in to help out is only interfering with god's will.. 

Scoundrels and Imbeciles


“Religion has existed since the first scoundrel met the first imbecile.”  (Voltaire)


It amazes me that religion still exists in the 21rst Century.

It’s enough to make one question humanity’s capacity to outgrow

it’s childhood fantasies.


Tom Flynn has written,


     It was a very different world in ancient times.  Gods filled the ancient skies and demons lurked in a shadowy underworld, their awesome activities controlling human affairs.  It was an age of superstition, which Webster defines as a belief resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, or a false conception of causation.

     It was an age in which miracles were viewed as common occurrences rather than breaches of the natural law, because in those days there was no natural law to breach.  Science had not yet come into its own and placed boundaries on human imaginings.  And it was in this milieu that the coming of a man-god, Christ, was announced, and in time, accepted.

     Of course, Christ had followed a long succession of man-gods in the ancient world, many of whom were said to have performed prodigies, and who shared with Christ the tradition of a virgin birth, a divine nature, a resurrection, and an ascension.  And so it appears that the miracles surrounding Christ, including his divine nature, were very likely modeled on the miracles of more ancient cultures and are therefore mythical.


My favorite definition of Christianity is:  The belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. 


And in the spirit of ecumenicism, Judaism is a bunch of elitist, fascistic garbage.  How far is the concept of “chosen people” 

from the concept of Übermenschen?


And Islam with its pederast prophet–Aisha was nine years old, its repression of women, the exuberant intolerance of its followers, has resulted in the stifling and retardation of about two billion people.


Amen, Christianslayer.  I’m in favor of slaying all religions. 













Amen to you Dosamuno, I am

Amen to you Dosamuno,

I am afraid that the idea of a god's chosen people is what is behind most of the problems we face today.The problems we face can only come out of the minds and hearts of those who hate humanity and hold it's children in contempt.We can't witness the disgusting behaviors of the Israelis and not hink that they have lost their freaking minds and souls.When you combine the hate they must be holding for non Jews after what happenend under Hitler with their strong belief in the old testament,you'll begin to understand why they have stolen and still continue to steal the wealth of the world while driving people mad and miserable.They have non jews like the Obamas and the Clintons acting as front people but,they are pulling all the strings.The United States president has to travel to israel to get their approval before he can assume office and never the other way around. American politicians no longer swear to protect the constitution of the United States but that of Israel,no matter what that country does to hurt the United States.I am beginning to think that all these revolutions taking place in Africa are happening to remove those dictators so the Jews can keep the money they had stolen from their people.I have no idea if it used to be true before that Jews are the greediest people in the world but,I am positive that the ones living today are.What in hell am i saying?These are the people who stole the culture of Africans and made slaves out of them......Yes,they are the worst and will always be the worst as long as they live their lives according to the teachings of the old testament.The violence and hatred contained in those books can corrupt anyone but,I believe that those who feel the closest to that evil god found in the old testament become the most dangerous amongst us.Many Black Christians are convinced that Jews are really god's chosen people and thus superior to them.Religion is like a brutal and savage rape of the mind. 

FACT Check...

Fact Check: Pederasty is Greek for 'Boy-Lover'.. A Pederast is an adult male who engages in {homo}Sexual / Romantic relations w under-aged boys - by definition... I think you meant to use pedophile. By the way- Pederasty was an institutionalized practice amongst the elites of ancient Greek & Roman society. This tradition might have been passed down thru the ROMAN Catholic Church- which may help explain why too many Catholic priests keep getting caught w their pants down w alter-boys. 

Fact Check: Mohamed was betrothed to Aisha when she was age 9 [w the approval of her parents] but the marriage wasn't actually consummated till she was about age 15.... But then today / right now - in nearly all of modern / supposedly enlightened Europe- the Legal age of consent is 16yrs or less [in Spain its 13 - in much of the rest of Europe its 14 - 15]. But bringing it right own home- one of the US' so-called founding fathers Thomas Jefferson first impregnated the slave girl Sally Hemings [his dead wife's half sister] when she was about age 15- & then denied his own children. And this in no way could be considered consensual - Neither Sally Hemings nor her slave mother had a choice in the matter. And we are talking about modern Euro-American societies not Bedouin Nomadic society 1400yrs ago.   

But since we're critiquing folks- lets critique Voltaire: Who had a 15 yr adulterous relationship w another man's wife [she later got pregnant by another adulterous lover & died in child-birth]. He then apparently took his own niece as a lover [some would call that incest or at least borderline incest]. And apparently he was a notorious anti-Jewish bigot. So Who's the scoundrel now?

Your facts are fucked


1.  A pederast is someone who practices anal intercourse.  And who knows for sure what happened with the Prophet and his camels after dark?  Or if the virgin Mother sat on a toilet seat with a sperm on it?


2.  Islamic apologists twist themselves into veritable pretzels trying to explain away the Prophet’s attraction to a nine year old child.  But The Koran sanctions intercourse with children who have not even begun to menstruate.


And what the hell does the slave owning Jefferson have to do with the child abusing prophet?


3.  “And apparently he was a notorious anti-Jewish bigot. So Who's the scoundrel now?”


This is another silly non-sequitur.


My point is that three major religions are fictions concocted by pre-enlightenment, ignorant fools who believed the earth was the center of the universe, the four elements were fire, water, air, and earth, that everything was created and governed by the great bogeyman in the sky, and He needed an army of robed mountebanks called priests, popes, rabbis, imams, and ayatollahs to interpret his laws and impose them on the rest of us.  


As George Carlin observed, religion is bullshit.

From Wikipedia- Pederasty [Not to be confused w Pedophilia]

From Wikipedia- Pederasty [Not to be confused w Pedophilia]

[Pederasty is a (usually erotic) relationship between an older man and an adolescent boy... The word pederasty derives from Greek (paiderastia) or "love of boys", a compound derived from παῖς (pais) "boy-child," and ἐραστής (erastēs) "lover". In the history of Europe, its most structured cultural manifestation was Athenian pederasty, and became most prominent in the 6th century BCE.

Anthropologists propose three subdivisions of homosexuality as age-structured, egalitarian and gender-structured. Pederasty is the archetypal example of male age-structured homosexuality. The main characteristic of homosexual pederasty is the age difference (either of generation or age-group) between the partners. Pederasty appears typically as a passing stage in which the adolescent is the beloved of an older male, who may act as a mentor. He remains as such until he reaches a certain developmental threshold, after which he in turn takes on an adolescent beloved of his own.

Relationships in ancient Greece involved boys from 12 to about 17 or 18 (Cantarella, 1992), in Renaissance Italy, the boys were typically between 14 and 19...

In antiquity, pederasty was seen as an educational institution- as well as a form of sexual expression... According to Plato, in ancient Greece, pederasty was a relationship and bondwhether sexual or chastebetween an adult man and an adolescent boy... Most Greek men engaged in sexual relations with both women and boys... In Rome, relations with boys took a more informal and less civic path, with older men either taking advantage of dominant social status to extract sexual favors from their social inferiors, or carrying on illicit relationships with freeborn boys.]


Obviously the actual act of sexual penetration involving Pederasty would have to be either anal &/or oral penetration. 


Oh by the way: Someone who has sex w animals is practicing BEASTIALITY / ZOOPHILIA / ZOO-Sexuality [not pederasty nor pedophilia] all of which along  w pederasty is strictly forbidden in both Islamic & Biblical Law. - From Wikipedia: The most explicit records of sex involving humans and animals activity are associated with reports of the murderous sadism, torture and rape of the ROMAN GAMES and CIRCUS, in which some authors estimate that several hundreds of thousands died. Beasts were specially trained to copulate with women: if the girls or women were unwilling then the animal would attempt rape. A surprising range of creatures were used for such purposes, and taught how to copulate vaginally or anally. Re-enactments of scenes from the sexual lives of the [Greco-Roman] gods, such as Pasiphaë and the Bull, were highly popular, which often resulted in extreme suffering, injury or death. On occasion, the more ferocious beasts were permitted to kill and (if desired) devour their victims afterwards.


AND- By the way I liked George Carlin. I thought he was one of the funniest white guys I ever heard.

You are a sick man..


You are a sick man who needs help ......

Thanks for the information

Thanks for the information about De Valle. I hadn't heard of him and had thought that William Walls had been the Progressive candidate, since he had been an aid to Harold Washington.

Larouche's theories about the Weather Underground don't make any sense. The charges against the members of the underground were dropped because of the revelations of misconduct by the prosecution and the FBI in the COINTELPRO, program and some members joined other groups like the sybionese liberation army and went to jail for other offenses.


It is all so very sad. The worst part is that people refuse to believe the corruption that is taking place. They honestly feel that these practices are a thing of days gone by. I hope you will write more on this.


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How much of a cynic are you?If they lied to you about the nature of the man,why should you believe in any of the story?I do not understand people like you who are bent on rewriting the white man's bullshit.The whole shit is a fairy tale full of bloodshed and violence.Even jesus is a freaking violent murdering SOB.The inventors of this dead carpenter have us by the balls.This guy Jesus is supposed to be holding in his hands the secret to our happiness.He will bring us this secret one day but before he does,we have to be constantly fighting violent and deadly wars and the world has to come to near destruction.Do you understand what this means?It explains why the world has never been at peace since religion took hold.We would have outgrown war by now if not for this Jesus who can't seem to find his way back to earth...They must not have a freaking GPS up there in heaven.........This so called prince of peace is an invention of the worst psychotic bastards on this planet.Those child molestors are holding the whole world hostage to wars so that one day we can find peace......If  we ever wake up to the tragedy that religion truly is,the people shall march to each and every church and burn them down .So cynic,even if your boy Jesus existed,he is a murdering asshole.

You missed my point

My point was that if Black folks who consider themselves Christian, (and I'm not one of them.  I don't believe in Bible literalism whatsoever), would actually DO SOME STUDYING (like Nixa) they would not be so beholden to bullshit or the White man's bastardization of what is called Christianity.

We've been down this road before so I'm not going to debate you about belief systems. I thought I wrote on this blog that Blacks being beholden to the current belief system called Christianity was a crucial part of their mental and psychological enslavement, and therefore I totally agree with you that unless that yoke is removed we're screwed; we'll remain slaves and zombies.

People who believe in the concept of spirituality by defintion don't necessarily believe in "books" they understand that it's something organic and innate, that it's an intellectual exercise not something rooted in magic and fantasy. 

Speaking of fantasy, some people may have took your comments about Jews as antisemetic, my only suggestion is to distinguish Jews from Zionists.  Zionism is  devilish belief, but Jews are not inherently devilish.  If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times:  The most compelling arguments I've read against Zionism and Israel come from so-called "Jews."  Here's one of the most provocative interview from a "Jew" you will ever read.  I would suggest everybody read and share it, Gilad Atzmon talks about how Jews have used the mythology of the "chosen people" to wreak havoc on the world.  He sounds a lot like you Christianslayer to that end.  Now going back to my earlier comments in connection with Nixa's dissertation, "If only Black ministers had the balls and intellectual tenacity of Gilad Atzmon."

To Call a Spade a Spade

An Interview with Gilad Atzmon

by Silvia Cattori / February 26th, 2011 


GA: I am afraid that most activists and academics cannot tell the entire truth on this sensitive matter. Maybe no one can survive telling the truth. Indeed, we are daily terrorised by different measures from the thought police. I am convinced that most of the scholars who insist upon calling Israel a “settler state” are fully aware of the problems entangled with the “colonial paradigm”. They must be aware of the uniqueness of the Zionist project. It is indeed true that Zionism manifests some symptoms that are synonymous with colonialism — however, that is not enough: Zionism is inherently a racially oriented “homecoming” project driven by spiritual enthusiasms that are actually phantasmic. ( That line has to have you drooling Christianslayer?) It intrinsically lacks many of the “necessary” elements that we understand as comprising colonialism, and cannot be defined in solely materialist terms.

It seems to me that here we come across a crucial problem of understanding and analysis within our movement, and within Western intellectual discourse in general. Our academics are suppressed, and scholarship is silenced, for within the tyranny of political correctness, our academics are forced to primarily consider the boundaries of the discourse — they first examine carefully what they are allowed to say – and then they fill in the empty spaces, formulating theories or narratives.

This pattern is unfortunately common. Yet, such an approach and method is foreign to my understanding of truth-seeking and true scholarship. (This is the general point Nixa and myself are making Christianslayer)

It is crucial to mention at this point that I do not claim to know the truth. I just say what I believe to be the truth. If I am wrong, I welcome people to point it out to me. "


p.s. Lighten up just a tad, before you have folks believing the Nazarene came down from heaven and molested you as a child. LOL


On The Father of Modern Political Zionism...

Theodor Hertzl [the father of modern political Zionism - IE the spiritual father of the modern State of Israel] was not a practicing Jew - some even say he was an ATHEIST... All though I still haven't gotten an answer on how someone can be both Jewish & an atheist at the same time.  


Jews have always been able to claim Judaism as both a culture and religion.When it benefits them,they deny one in favor of the other.This presents us with a perfect example of the absurdity of attaching labels to ourselves and our children.Many hollywood actors and actresses have changed their Jewish names so their carrers could flourish.Leaders of religions and their realist followers use religion strictly to enforce political agendas and advance personal carrers.Being a top member of a religious organization is no different from being a member of an organized crime syndicate....

i did not miss your point..

You should stop sidestepping around mine....It's a simple question.Are you ready to renounce the fake Jesus as your savior?Becuase if you are not,all your long speeches are worth nothing.

Yes you did!

Jesus is not my savior, I made that clear.  I am my savior.  (I seek power by my ability to define reality).  Even the Bible says, "Greater is he that is within ME than he who is in the world." Sprituality is SELF-ACTUALIZING.  Christianity is man-made.  That's my point.

In the first instance one is not even considered a Christian unless they adopt the litany of Christian beliefs:  Jesus is my savior, Christ is the ONLY means of actualizing the Divine, the Bible is literal truth, and so forth and so on.  You can't respect other relgions or give them equal footing and be a Christian, even if you consider yourself one, and I don't even consider myself one.  Hence Christians, like other belief systems, believe in the "my god is bigger and better than your god" bullshit.

My point to you last week or so about belief systems is that man will interpet or read into them what he will.  It matters not that the Bible says "the meek shall inherit the earth," or that we should turn "swords into plowshares." or that we should "love they neighbor as thy self."  An intellectual or thinking person can accept certain universal truths expresed in the Bible without being or considering themselves a Christian, this is what Nixa is doing.  Same for any other belief system, take out of it what is good and useful, discard the rest. 

Do a little historical research Christianslayer, for centuries people worshiped dicks and pussies, or sex before the advent of Christianity. (I'm being crude on purpose to make a point)  I'm sure that didn't stop them from being power-driven, evil mofos, who killed, maimed and stole "for the gods," or who confused their own wicked ambitions with the "will of the gods."  We could still be worshipping the lingua and the phallic today versus Jesus or Mohammed or Krishna, that wouldn't stop humans from being their fucked up selves.  That's my point too.

  Brainwashing is brainwashing, don't matter if it's Christianity or belief in the divine power of Beanie Babies, or the practice of Tantric Sex, or hard core atheism for that matter. It is only by study and intellectual discernment and truth-seeking that we gain "enlightment."  This is indeed Gilad Atzmon's point as well and why he states that being Jewish or whatever has nothing to do with right or wrong, being an individual is about attempting to seek and define universal truths, as best we can. Because at the end of the day, nobody knows half the shit they think they do.  Humility is key to spirituality as well.

Your points would be better served if you did like Nixa or Fanon and try to show people how Christianity has been hijacked.  Because despite your and my wishes, Negroes ain't giving up Christianity anytime soon, therefore it's necessary to use dialectic, historical analysis and critical thinking to move them in the right direction, the direction of self-empowerment and not that pie in the sky bullshit or prosperity ministry crapola, or the insane notion that White Europeans from the Russian steppes or Eastern Europe are the Bible's "Chosen People," especially when native inhabitants of the African continent and the Middle East are dark-skinned.

I think this comment by Fanon is what we should get back to on this blog, because is it incredibily insightful and on the money:

Quote:  "We tend to equate seeking 'white validation' with challenging 'white supremacy'. "

That's the most powerful and insightful statement on this blog. And that is a central crux of Black folks mesed up psychological state and inability to seek self-empowerment.  That statement is crucial to "seeking power by our ability to define reality."  He encapsulated in those words what I and other's spent paragraphs trying to say.  I would like to hear more of us speak on this topic. We've probably exhausted the religion thing for now.  I don't mind discussing it because it requires discussion, because bastardized Christianity has enslaved Black folk, but Fanon's quote is what I'd like to redirect the discussion towards.




More On Pagan Penis & Vagina Worship...

Where did the tradition of 'Kissing under the Mistletoe' come from? In cultures across pagan Europe, mistletoe was seen as an aphrodisiac (representing fertility & vitality), due to the resemblance between its berries' juice & Semen. Thus women in pagan Europe would smear it over their naked bodies & then- well you can figure out the rest. So they cleaned it up a bit & turned the tradition into just kissing under the mistletoe.

On mythical Easter egg-laying bunny rabbits- Easter is from is from the goddess Ēostre of Anglo-Saxon paganism. She was the equivalent of the Greek Aphrodite & the Roman Venus pagan goddesses of Lust & fertility. The rabbit & the egg where her fertility symbols & her feast was generally held in the early spring. Of course none of this has anything to do w the crucifixion of the Biblical Yeshua [aka Jesus] by the Romans at Jerusalem. When the Roman Emperor Constantine & his crew formulated Roman Catholic doctrine- they must have decided that naming the feast after Venus or Aphrodite would be too obvious- so they named it Easter.

Yeah It Seems He Missed My Fact Check & Wikipedia Points Too...

Yeah EC: It seems he missed my points on Fact Check & Wikipedia's definition of Pederasty & Wikipedia's recording just how evil & perverse the elites of Greco-Roman society were [but there's nothing new under the Sun - Todays Western societies are rooted in ancient Greco-Roman society... How they institutionalized pederasty & even beastial rape & torture of women & girls [possible more than a million] for sport & entertainment in the Coliseum Games - but now women want their fiancee's, husbands & lovers to be all ROMANTIC... Everyone [including many women] who goes to Rome wants to see either the Vatican &/or the Coliseum - a monument of PERVERSE HORROR [just that short extract from Wikipedia shows it was much worse than even depicted in the movie 'Gladiator'] which needs to be SUCKED INTO A BLACK-HOLE.

Souls, spirits, and things that go bump in the night.

"People who believe in the concept of spirituality by defintion don't necessarily believe in "books" they understand that it's something organic and innate, that it's an intellectual exercise not something rooted in magic and fantasy."

I respectfully disagree.

“...the common character of the universe is not harmony but hostility, chaos and murder.”

(Werner Herzog)


There is no evidence of any loving God or Divine Being.

The soul or the spirit is inextricable from the brain.  If you’ve ever watched someone you love be afflicted by a stroke or Alzheimer Disease, you have seen the evidence.


Francis Harry Compton Click, one of the discoverers of DNA,

has written:


You, your joys and your sorrows, your memories and your ambitions, your sense of personal identity and free will, are in fact no more than the behavior of a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules.


And from the Catholic bible’s Book of Wisdom,


    By mere chance have we come into existence, and after this life it shall be as if we had never been born: For our breath is but smoke, and our mind but a spark  generated by the beating of our heart.

    This spark extinguished, our body returns to ashes, and our spirit dissipates like the diaphanous air.


If there’s a soul, please show me the evidence for its existence independent of the brain.   I don’t believe such evidence exists.

"Spirituality" is just another gullible belief in something that doesn't exist.

the evidence for soul

I believe there is a soul because one of our great phylosophers,James Brown said so.He told me that if I didn't have a soul.I wouldn't be alive : > ).......If Religion is based on lies,spirituality can only be described as the truth.Not the fabricated truth that some of our friends love to make up as they go along but,a truth based on logic and honesty.Sometimes when I find that truth all on my own,I get the chills and feel so spiritual feeling this need to share it with the whole world if I could..Something Bro cynic and Sis Nix need to learn a lot about.

Couldn't agree more

I guess I would have cited John Coltrane instead of James Brown, but it amounts to the same thing.  Would add that the spirituality you speak of is finite and dies when our brains die.  And the soul is dynamic:  it grows and expands; but in the end, it returns to the burning fountain.

The issue of Jesus

There is nothing about his words or works that support the exploitation of Christianity for other purposes.  There is Christianity  and there is the spirituality of Christianity.  I can pepper hear with words of Christ that are diametrically opposed to the evil system that is supported by the what I refer to as political christianity.  Actually, Christ always referred to the political leaders of this world as agents of the devil.  He never in anyway endorsed the political system of the world.  His emphasis was always on spirituality.  How would one explain his condemnation of those who put 'mammoth' or 'wealth' before his brand of spirituality.  Why would he say what shall he profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?  Blessed are the peacemakers so they will be called sons of God.  Christ admonished his disciples to test fruits of those who claim were of him.  The problem is the 'Church'  -- and the Church as described in the Book of Revelation called the Church of Laodicea, which typifies the 'Church' of these times is corrupt even though rich materially; and Christ rejects it.  I don't like to get preachy over phenomenon that is solely the product of human depravity.  If you would like to know the inferiority complexes that have become the makeup of many blacks, I suggest you read Fanon's Black Skins White Masks.  The 'political church' was an enabler in this process of inferiorization; but it distorted the spirituality of christianity to achieve that.  The European symbols of the Church have nothing to do with the essence of Christianity.  The marriage of the Church and politics has produced a parody.  The Union was forged to enhance the interests of the ruling elite which was dependent on materialism (mammoth).  Myself, I find it very difficult to go to church because I find the messages as more political and devious.  We have preachers endorsing wars of conquests that are based on sheer racism, xenophobia and seeking mammoth.  The current Church is a fraud but it has nothing to do with Christ as his own words forewarned his followers.  The overstating of the special positon of Jews, particularly in the evangelical circles, is not supported by scriptures.  The word 'Jew' itself is a later addition to the scriptures.  There is so much controversy about this matter that I don't think this is the forum to open it here once again. I think a lot of black people still suffer from the psychological malaise of inferiorization that is still yet to be cured by the many liberational transitions we have undergone.  We have failed to challenge the issue of white supremacy in its proper manner.  We tend to equate seeking 'white validation' with challenging 'white supremacy'.

What's Bullshit is Absolutism

The complexities of the world require nuance, because "knowledge" is ever evolving.  I rant about Christianity and it's slavish effects on Blacks and others as much as anyone, however, some analysis and pause and reflection is required FOR ANY LEVEL OF INTELLECTUAL HONESTY.

The Soviet Union was an atheist country for decades and we observed that they did not exactly produce a kindler and gentler nation, they didn't exactly use the "scientific method" to solve their problems?  Why not?  After all, were'nt they free from the stain and burdens of "religion?"  Or does intellectual inquiry lead us to the conclusion that their are substitutes for religion as poisonous and deleterious, say nationalism or tribalism, think Zionism?? 

As a matter of fact what the atheist leadership in the USSR produced was rampant alcholism, poverty, neglect, social disintegration, nihilism, kleptocracy, and ogligarchies.  Clearly "Christianity" was not at fault because it and ANY OTHER RELIGIOUS BELIEF WAS SUPPRESSED!

Religion may in fact be AND OFTEN IS an opiate of the masses, but so is NATIONALISM, TRIBALISM, OR BELIEFS LIKE AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM, the true "religion" in the USA.

Intellectual honesty demands that we not lay all of what ails in this world at the feet of religion no more than we put religion on a pedestal as the solution to all of our problems.  And let's not confuse the Corporate Man-made phenenom of organized church/religion with spirituality.  Good grief, Christianity has only existed for a little over 2000 years while man has been fucking shit up FOR MILLENIA.

Some of you also ignore the positive effects of LIBERATION THEOLOGY as practiced in Latin America and also Black Liberation Theology as practiced in the States.  One of the reasons the White Power structure attacked Rev. Wright was because of their belief that he was an advocate of Black Liberation Theology. If he was some ass-kissing "pie-in-the-sky" minister who failed to attack institutional racism they would have left him alone.  Think T.D. Jakes in this regard and his hollow response to Katrina as he paraded on Bush's helicopter:  "God could not be pleased."  NO SHIT T.D.!!!  Maybe if you were not consumed with your "prosperity" bullshit, selling books and tapes and shit, you might have actually used your "pedestal" to make some shit happen.

The other STRATEGIC problem with absoute athetism, hard core atheism is that its adherents FAIL TO PROVIDE A COUNTER NARRATIVE to hard core White, Fundamentalist Christians, and accordingly you are at a strategic loss.  My criticism of the "Black Church" stems in large part from their failure to do exactly this, from the cowardice in running away from Liberation Theology or Black Liberation Theology. 

Like I said, like it or not, Blacks ain't dropping Christianity anytime soon, therefore the mature, intelligent STRATEGIC response is to provide a COUNTER NARRATIVE to the bullshit that has poisoned their minds and spirits. And speaking of COUNTER NARRATIVE, it's not exactly like the hard-core atheists have provided one, if so, enlighten me, maybe I'm missing something.  Some humility is in the offing, ya think?!

Like I've said for the damn umpteenth time, spare me the "ideological purity" bullshit, that shit is about as pure as my libido which typically operates on a "it all depends" basis.




what's bullshit is inconsistency.....


A lie is a lie no matter what label is attached to it.But,when lies are told for the purpose of exploiting people while holding them in a never ending state of wars and fear,they should be rejected at all cost.Religion is a collection of such lies which are given legitinacy because they are attributed to a god and his assistants.This god is nothing less than a dictator surrounded by henchmen.....

It is hard to accept your claim that the Soviet Union was a country free of religion when it is said that Stalin massacred more Jews than Hitler.It matters not whether the criminals or the victims were religious;What matters is that religion played a part in the crime.Furthermore,I fail to understand how you can make such a claim when being religious is such a hard thing to pin point.You are a perfect example of someone who could be mistaken for an Atheist and yet,you are still religious.With so many Jews living in the Soviet Union and Judaism sharing so much of it's ideology with Christianity,it stands to reason that lots of Russians do share some of the same values as Western Christians.You also can not claim for certain that everyone who plays a role in the Russian government is an Atheist.That is simply impossible and it would be arrogant on your part to do so my friend.I have read passages of the bible and the Torah...I am still undecided as to which one is the most violent,vile and disgusting.Given the knowledge that Jews think that they are god's chosen people,I am leaning towards believing that Jews are more violent than Christians due to their thinking that their shit don't stink in the eyes of god.It explains why Russians are a little bit more violent and barbaric than Americans.

You insist that religion is somewhat necessary because there is nothing being offered in it's place.I told you this before and I will repeat it once more.Do a google search for great thinkers and philosophers.Take your pick and you'll find ideas and teachings that will put your bible to shame.To name one would be doing disservice to the others.The garbage offered in the bible can't come close to the works of even the weakest amongst these people.

It is a bit sad for me to admit that my two greatest heros,Martin and Malcom did dwell within the confines of religious institutions.Malcom also came from prison.Does that make the jail system something to be proud of?It also does not speak well of religion when Malcom was murdered by people from his own organization and Martin was deserted and betrayed by members of his own.Even the head honcho himself,Jesus was betrayed by one of his own.Goes to show that membership in those organizations do not guarantee a damn thing.By the way,from listening to their speeches,both King and Malcom did not spend much time preaching the bullshit of the bible.They spent more energy on practical and secular matters.I fail to see why you insist on this need for what you call Black revolution theology.You really think it is necessary for us to be mixing superstitious lies and fables with reality;That it is necessary for us to believe that there exists a creature with long ears and a tail who is responsible for the shit that real men are doing to us.While we are distracted by the heavenly devil,the earthly ones are devouring our flesh.....Brother cynic,I have always had the most respect for you and your ideas but the more we engage in these exchanges,the less I understand you.....Your defense of religion leaves the impression that you want to have it both ways.You remind me of a man who has broken up with a lover only to go back every once in a while for a little taste of that sweet thang.Then,every time she does something to remind you of why you had broken up with her,you bitch and complain knowing full well that as soon as your anger subsides,you 'll be going back for more.....If religion is your thing,stick to it but please stop offering these lite excuses for why we should have any respect for it.A little bit of poison is as dangerous as the whole bottle; Same as smoking one cigarette can be as bad as smoking a whole pack..By the way,your constant assertion about humans not being able to live in peace is a lie.....I have been living on this earth for 56 years and have yet to find myself in the middle of a war.The majority of people in the world are peaceful and quiet.It is the ones driven by greed and strongly held religious beliefs that trick the rest of us into fighting their wars so they can enrich themselves.It is always a small group who arrange for how the larger group will die.All your negative generalization of humanity is driven by your desire to defend the religion that you claim you do not follow.

I swear to never reply to any of your defenses of religion.Your fear of god or of your woman is interfering with your common sense....

Hope to see you on the battlefield and we we find ourselves on the same side of the fight....

Christianslayer, I love you and your contributions.. but..

Your insistence that religion or Christianity is at the root of all evil is bullshit, that's the crux of my disagreements with you.  What I DEFEND is the right of people to believe in a higher power whether you, I or anyone else disagrees with that, and if that is Christianity for some folks, there ain't a damn thing you or I can do about it, except perhaps to show them that the modern day INTERPETATION OF IT IS WRONG.  You won't win any points or CONVERTS telling religious folks or Christians that Religion is bullshit, that's all I'm trying to convey to you.  Have some respect is all I'm saying.  For me?!  I could give fuck about trying to convince someone of what I believe.  I'm simply saying you do a disservice when you say ALL RELIGIOUS PEOPLE OR CHRISTIANS ARE FUCKED UP, the same disservice as saying ALL JEWS ARE ZIONISTS.

I'm not defending religion, I'm trying to show you INTELLECTUALLY that man was an evil, downfallen bastard, long before organized religion, whether he worshipped nature or dicks, or vulvas, or animals.  "Fear of god or my woman?"  Come on Bruh, you can come up with some better shit than that, again you show YOUR LACK OF COMMON SENSE, because most Black Christians are sexist like a mother fucker, ask any sistah! The average die-hard Black Christian man doesn't fear his woman, more likely he oppresses her.  But because you are obsessed with categorical attacks on religion you gloss over this hard core fact.  Again, ask Black woman, stop asking yourself. You my friend are the one all over the map trying to blame religion for all that's fucked up in the world.  People and civilizations have been destroyed for pussy as much as for "gods."  Get a grip.

For the last time, I believe FOR ME, not you, not Nixa, not anyone else, but FOR ME in some concept of spirituality, that ain't got shit to do with Jesus or life after death or the "Chosen People," or anything associated with organized, corporate religion.  I believe in pussy and carnal knowledge too, in case you ain't getting the message. I say "amen" to a nut. LOL

Cynic, You are being so


You are being so imtellectually dishonest when you claim that the MODERN DAY VERSION of christianity is the problem.Correct me if I am wrong but was not the old version the one that brought about the inquisition,slavery,the Salem witch trials and all those other good stuff?Why not enlighten us Brother cynic and tell us about the good old days of Christianity?It is so amazing how dishonest even honest people sound when they are defending  religion.Your claim that there was once a friendly loving form of Christianity reminds me of people who are always claiming that America used to be a freedom loving and democratically governed country.If one does not hold firm to his knowledge,the mind rapists of this world will distort history and turn our minds to mush......Again,I ask you if you know of a better version of Chritianity which existed before the one under Emperor Constantine,I seriously would like to hear of it.As far as i am concerned,I do not give a damn if all Black people remain christians and wind up in concentration camps.It's not a far fetched idea when you think that even god's so called chosen people were housed in such places at one time.I am not trying to save anyone who does not want to save him or herself......You think I would still be alive if I was to have this type of conversation in my everyday life with Black people......I may be crazy but I am not insane..

I don't claim shit, except...

motherfuckers will do evil with or without religion.

As far as apes making peace?  Bullshit.  Apparently you never watch Animal Planet or the Discovery Chanel, or Nature, when the chimpanzees attack intruders and cannibalize their asses..  So save me the cute little money comparisons.  You don't remember the chimp who killed the woman by eating her friggen face off a year or so ago?  Goddamn!  (Christians don't use that word ).

Let Travis get ahold of your ass. 








Following That Kind of Ape Logic....

If we follow that kind logic of being more like apes cause they know how to make peace - Then all Black / African people need to give up on civilization & become like the old TARZAN the APE-MAN in the JUNGLE movie racist stereo-type BS. After all Darwin said we [Africans] are descendants of extinct apes & many white folks have always equated us w apes & beasts [they actually did locked one or more Africans in ape cages to prove Darwin's point]...

I guess the nigger in you is

I guess the nigger in you is getting the best of of you tonight....

" I or anyone else disagrees with that, and if that is Christianity for some folks, there ain't a damn thing you or I can do about it, except perhaps to show them that the modern day INTERPETATION OF IT IS WRONG"

These are your words that I cut and pasted.Now,I know my conversation with you is over because you have proven yourself to be a fucking liar and a fake.Another low life nigger trying to pass himself off as an intellectual.I wouldn't be surprised if you are a pimp preacher.I won't waste my time ever with you anymore....Jerk

Were you molested by a priest or something?

You have prove yourself to be an insufferable DICK, you are the atheist version of the Taliban, small wonder you call yourself Christianslayer.  If you had your narrow-minded way, you'd probably execute all people who call themselves religious or Christian, which makes you no different than the people you bitch about.   This is my point about absolutism being bullshit.  And that doesn't strike you as some irrational, scary shit?

Why don't you look in the mirror and understand that your irrational hatred borders on sickness and mental illness.  You rant and rave and never respond to facts and historical analysis: using some fucking primates to argue for "peace on earth."

Get over yourself, you ain't slaying no damn Christians the only thing you are slaying is your feeble intellect, and bitter little heart, and exposing yoursel to be an ass and a fucking totolitarian.  Maybe you are a Black Stalin, maybe that little non-believing monster is your idol, maybe you'd like to murder as many people as him and yet call yourself enlighted or moral???

Go back to your little, dark room and pull the priest's dick out of your ass and brain.  I'm tired of seeing your little head explode because people don't think like you.  "Bwaaa, waaa, waaaa, boo, hoo, hoo."   When you learn to carry two or more inconsistent principles or thoughts at the same time, that the world ain't some neat litttle black and white paradigm get back at me, until then slay all the Christians you want in your twisted mind.

By the way, its Black Magic and voodoo that has Haiti all fucked up, not Christianity, but that FACT will escape you too.

Hoc est corpus=Hocus Pocus

"A lie is a lie no matter what label is attached to it.But,when lies are told for the purpose of exploiting people while holding them in a never ending state of wars and fear,they should be rejected at all cost.Religion is a collection of such lies which are given legitinacy because they are attributed to a god and his assistants."

Yes, precisely.  I also plan to fight along side of EC and Nx, not against them, but EC's association of the failure of The USSR and atheism is bogus.


Bertrand Russel said in a 1959 interview,

"There can't be a practical reason for believing what's untrue...It seems to me a fundamental dishonesty, and a fundamental treachery to intellectual integrity to hold a belief because you think it's useful and not because you think its true."

That's the heart of the issue.  Virgins don't have babies, cadavers don't get up after three days and start walking around, wafers don't change to the savior's flesh, wine doesn't change into his blood, donkeys don't fly, there's no invisible creature in the sky watching over us.  These are all fairy tales.  As Clarence Darrow once said, " I don't believe in God because I don't believe in Mother Goose."

Now We Can Agree on Something...

Now Hear This You Right: Virgins don't have babies, cadavers don't get up after three days and start walking around, wafers don't change to the savior's flesh, wine doesn't change into his blood, donkeys don't fly, & there is no great white god flying in the sky looking down on us [well if you don't count spy satellites] , nor any pie in the sky after we die... 

Thats all Roman Catholic / Euro-Christian mythological doctrine [& Biblical distortions] & has which NOTHING to do w the God-Intellect I'm talking about. 

if apes can do it....why can't we? posted for Mr Cynic


APR 5, 2008

Peace Among Primates– by Robert Sapolsky

By: Greater Good Magazine

One of the most orig­i­nal minds we have ever encoun­tered is that of Robert Sapol­sky, the Stanford-based pri­mate (plus neu­ro­sci­en­tist, pri­ma­tol­o­gist, author of A Primate’s Mem­oir, and more). We highly rec­om­mend most of his books. Above all, for any­one inter­ested in brain health, this is a must read (and very fun): Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers: An Updated Guide To Stress, Stress Related Dis­eases, and Cop­ing

We are hon­ored to bring you a guest Arti­cle Series by Robert Sapol­sky, thanks to our col­lab­o­ra­tion withGreater Good Mag­a­zine, a UC-Berkeley-based quar­terly mag­a­zine that high­lights ground break­ing sci­en­tific research into the roots of com­pas­sion and altruism.

Enjoy this first install­ment, out of three. Very timely given the so-called “war on ter­ror”. Come back on Sat­ur­day April 12th for the sec­ond one, or sub­scribe to our RSS or newslet­ter to keep in the loop. 

- Alvaro


Peace Among Pri­mates

Any­one who says peace is not part of human nature knows too lit­tle about pri­mates, includ­ing ourselves.

–By Robert M. Sapolsky

It used to be thought that humans were the only sav­agely vio­lent pri­mate. “We are the only species that kills its own,” nar­ra­tors intoned por­ten­tously in nature films sev­eral decades ago. That view fell by the way­side in the 1960s as it became clear that some other pri­mates kill their fel­lows aplenty. Males kill; females kill. Some use their tool­mak­ing skills to fash­ion big­ger and bet­ter cud­gels. Other pri­mates even engage in what can only be called warfare—organized, proac­tive group vio­lence directed at other populations.

Yet as field stud­ies of pri­mates expanded, what became most strik­ing was the vari­a­tion in social prac­tices across species. Yes, some pri­mate species have lives filled with vio­lence, fre­quent and var­ied. But life among oth­ers is filled with com­mu­ni­tar­i­an­ism, egal­i­tar­i­an­ism, and coop­er­a­tive child rear­ing.Pat­terns emerged. In less aggres­sive species, such as gib­bons or mar­mosets, groups tend to live in lush rain forests where food is plen­ti­ful and life is easy. Females and males tend to be the same size, and the males lack sec­ondary sex­ual mark­ers such as long, sharp canines or gar­ish col­or­ing. Cou­ples mate for life, and males help sub­stan­tially with child care. In vio­lent species, such as baboons and rhe­sus mon­keys, the oppo­site con­di­tions prevail.

The most dis­qui­et­ing fact about the vio­lent species was the appar­ent inevitabil­ity of their behav­ior. Cer­tain species seemed sim­ply to be the way they were, fixed prod­ucts of the inter­play of evo­lu­tion and ecol­ogy, and that was that. And although human males might not be inflex­i­bly polyg­a­mous or out­fit­ted with bright red butts and six-inch canines designed for tooth-to-tooth com­bat, it was clear that our species had at least as much in com­mon with the vio­lent pri­mates as with the gen­tle ones. “In their nature” thus became “in our nature.” This was the humans-as-killer-apes the­ory pop­u­lar­ized by the writer Robert Ardrey, accord­ing to which humans have as much chance of becom­ing intrin­si­cally peace­ful as they have of grow­ing pre­hen­sile tails.

That view always had lit­tle more sci­en­tific rigor than a Planet of the Apes movie, but it took a great deal of field research to fig­ure out just what should sup­plant it. After decades’ more work, the pic­ture has become quite inter­est­ing. Some pri­mate species, it turns out, are indeed sim­ply vio­lent or peace­ful, with their behav­ior dri­ven by their social struc­tures and eco­log­i­cal set­tings. More impor­tantly, how­ever, some pri­mate species can make peace despite vio­lent traits that seem built into their natures. The chal­lenge now is to fig­ure out under what con­di­tions that can hap­pen, and whether humans can man­age the trick ourselves.

Old pri­mates and new tricks

To an over­whelm­ing extent, the age-old “nature ver­sus nur­ture” debate is silly. The action of genes is com­pletely inter­twined with the envi­ron­ment in which they func­tion; in a sense, it is point­less to even dis­cuss what gene X does, and we should con­sider instead only what gene X does in envi­ron­ment Y. Nonethe­less, if one had to pre­dict the behav­ior of some organ­ism on the basis of only one fact, one might still want to know whether the most use­ful fact would be about genet­ics or about the environment.

Two clas­sic stud­ies have shown that pri­mates are some­what inde­pen­dent from their “natures.” In the early 1970s, a highly respected pri­ma­tol­o­gist named Hans Kum­mer was work­ing in a region of Ethiopia con­tain­ing two species of baboons with markedly dif­fer­ent social sys­tems. Savanna baboons live in large troops, with plenty of adult females and males. Hamadryas baboons, in con­trast, have a more com­plex and quite dif­fer­ent mul­ti­level soci­ety. When con­fronted with a threat­en­ing male, the females of the two species react dif­fer­ently: A hamadryas baboon pla­cates the male by approach­ing him, whereas a savanna baboon can only run away if she wants to avoid injury.

Kum­mer con­ducted a sim­ple exper­i­ment, trap­ping an adult female savanna baboon and releas­ing her into a hamadryas troop and trap­ping an adult female hamadryas and releas­ing her into a savanna troop. The females who were dropped in among a dif­fer­ent species ini­tially car­ried out their species-typical behav­ior, a major faux pas in the new neigh­bor­hood. But grad­u­ally, they absorbed the new rules. How long did this learn­ing take? About an hour. In other words, mil­len­nia of genetic dif­fer­ences sep­a­rat­ing the two species, a life­time of expe­ri­ence with a cru­cial social rule for each female—and a minis­cule amount of time to reverse course completely.

The sec­ond exper­i­ment was set up by Frans de Waal of Emory Uni­ver­sity and his stu­dent Denise Johanow­icz in the early 1990s, work­ing with two macaque mon­key species. By any human stan­dards, male rhe­sus macaques are unap­peal­ing ani­mals. Their hier­ar­chies are rigid, those at the top seize a dis­pro­por­tion­ate share of the spoils, they enforce this inequity with fero­cious aggres­sion, and they rarely rec­on­cile after fights. In con­trast, male stump tail macaques, which share almost all of their genes with their rhe­sus macaque cousins, dis­play much less aggres­sion, looser hier­ar­chies, more egal­i­tar­i­an­ism, and more behav­iors that pro­mote group cohesion.

Work­ing with cap­tive pri­mates, de Waal and Johanow­icz cre­ated a mixed-sex social group of juve­nile macaques, com­bin­ing rhe­sus and stump tails together. Remark­ably, instead of the rhe­sus macaques bul­ly­ing the stump tails, over the course of a few months the rhe­sus males adopted the stump tails’ social style, even­tu­ally even match­ing the stump tails’ high rates of rec­on­cil­ia­tory behav­ior. It so hap­pens, more­over, that stump tails and rhe­sus macaques use dif­fer­ent ges­tures when rec­on­cil­ing. The rhe­sus macaques in the study did not start using the stump tails’ rec­on­cil­ia­tory ges­tures, but rather increased the inci­dence of their own species-typical ges­tures. In other words, they were not merely imi­tat­ing the stump tails’ behav­ior; they were incor­po­rat­ing the con­cept of fre­quent rec­on­cil­i­a­tion into their own social prac­tices. Finally, when the newly warm-and-fuzzy rhe­sus macaques were returned to a larger, all-rhesus group, their new behav­ioral style persisted.

This is noth­ing short of extra­or­di­nary. But it brings up one fur­ther ques­tion: When those rhe­sus macaques were trans­ferred back into the all-rhesus world, did they spread their insights and behav­iors to the oth­ers? Alas, they did not—at least not within the rel­a­tively short time they were stud­ied. For that, we need to move on to a final case.

(To be con­tin­ued, in a sec­ond installment, on Sat­ur­day April 12th).

– Robert M. Sapol­sky, Ph.D., is the John A. and Cyn­thia Fry Gunn Pro­fes­sor of Bio­log­i­cal Sci­ences and a pro­fes­sor of neu­rol­ogy and neu­ro­log­i­cal sci­ences at Stan­ford Uni­ver­sity. He wrote the clas­sic Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers: An Updated Guide to Stress, Stress Related Dis­eases and Cop­ing. His most recent book is Mon­key­luv: And Other Essays on Our Lives as Ani­mals. A longer ver­sion of this essay appeared in For­eign Affairs. We bring you this post thanks to our col­lab­o­ra­tion with Greater Good Mag­a­zine, a UC-Berkeley-based quar­terly mag­a­zine that high­lights ground break­ing sci­en­tific research into the roots of com­pas­sion and altruism.

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Interesting Perspective

Very informative post. I don't live in IL but frequently travel to Chicago. The last time I was there a few months ago I noticed a huge amount of people living on the street. Document Imaging Software

Our dear Jewish friends




WEB POSTED 09-24-2002

Blacks and Jews: The end of an alliance

by Harold Green
—Guest Columnist—

This is a bit old but still relevant.









(FinalCall.com) -- The recent defeat of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of the 4th District of Georgia by Judge Denise Majette has caused vast soul searching among Black Americans. We may quibble over the causes of McKinney’s defeat. Yes, there was a low Black voter turnout. Yes, White Republicans crossed over and voted against McKinney in the Democratic primary. Yes, certain prominent Black Americans withdrew their support for McKinney at a critical stage before the election.

While all of the above were contributing factors to McKinney’s defeat, the most significant cause was an outside force that mobilized strong support for her opposition. When asked to identify this force, Georgia state legislator and father of McKinney, Billy McKinney, stated to the media: "J-E-W-S."

Indeed, it was the Jewish lobby that not only orchestrated, headed, mobilized and funded Congresswoman McKinney’s defeat, these same organized Jews—particularly the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)—also defeated Alabama’s five-term Black incumbent, Representative Earl Hilliard, earlier this year.

In McKinney’s case, the Jewish lobby raised $1.1 million for Denise Majette—$500,000 more than McKinney had in her war chest. By stirring up anti-McKinney sentiment in the local and national media and on the Internet—depicting her as racist, pro-Arab and militant—the Jewish lobby frightened many White Republicans into voting in a Democratic primary that they would ordinarily have ignored. Further, by exercising their age-old pressure tactics against Black leaders—threatening economic and political reprisals—the Jewish lobby forced them to withdraw their decades-old support for McKinney. How else do we explain why NAACP chairman Julian Bond, Democrat John Lewis of Georgia’s neighboring 5th District, former Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson and Andrew Young, the former Atlanta Mayor and U.S. Ambassador to the UN, all maintained a conspicuous distance from McKinney during the critical period preceding the election?

Following the election, several prominent Jews applauded McKinney’s defeat. They claimed that she was too radical, too critical of Israel and too supportive of Arab causes.

While I share the outrage of many Black Americans over this, the latest successful move by prominent Jews to silence outspoken Black leaders and to set the Black agenda, I also sense that there is greater indignation now than ever before over this ongoing affront. So much so that for many Blacks, THIS IS INDEED THE LAST STRAW!!! Consequently, it is high time—no, long past time—that Black Americans everywhere re-evaluate the so-called Black/Jewish alliance.

Some of our leaders, writers and thinkers have already rushed forward to pursue the normal Black course of action during times of crises between Blacks and Jews. For example, the Rev. Jesse Jackson is talking about healing the current rift so as not to endanger this important liberal, democratic alliance. Furthermore, Professor Ron Walters has written a widely syndicated column that, in effect, minimizes the overarching impact of the Jewish lobby in McKinney’s and Hilliard’s defeats. Walters focuses on collateral issues that, without the influence of the Jewish lobby, would have been as inconsequential in this election as they have been in the past.

This tendency of prominent Blacks to placate Jews by ignoring their excesses or deflecting criticism from them is precisely why so many Jewish leaders and organizations have consistently criticized, defamed, degraded and defeated certain Black leaders with impunity—AND WILL DO SO AGAIN.

Jewish leaders have clearly decided that, no matter how widespread the outrage among Black people, if Black leaders—fearing Jewish reprisals—continue to cower before them, to rationalize their racism and to apologize for their flagrant disrespect for Blacks, Jews will suffer no consequences for their actions.

History teaches us that Jews are not the allies that so many Blacks think they have been. It is now widely known that Jews were as much involved in the African slave trade as Arabs and Christians. Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, Jews as a whole in the North and South were no more outspoken against racism, segregation and discrimination than White Christians. Even during the Civil Rights Movement (which benefited Jews far more than Black Americans), Dr. King’s "Letter From A Birmingham Jail" was directed as much toward Jewish rabbis as toward White ministers, because Jews were generally no more sympathetic to the Black cause than were White Christians in Alabama.

Over the past 30 years, Jewish racism against Black people has grown exponentially. Whenever a Black leader has spoken out against Israel, criticized Jews or otherwise failed to comply with certain Jewish demands or opinions, organized Jewry has mounted a relentless campaign to destroy him.

For decades, Israel was South Africa’s staunchest ally, while American Jews tacitly endorsed this alliance. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that Black people everywhere have consistently sympathized with Jewish calls for recompense for their suffering during the Holocaust, many Jewish leaders and organizations have fervently opposed affirmative action for Blacks and, incredibly, now prominent Jews, like David Horowitz, of the Center For The Study of Popular Culture, and journalist Richard Poe, are at the forefront of the attack against the Black American Movement in support of reparations.

Now, at the turn of the century, powerful Jews have also targeted Black Congressmen, in spite of the fact that nearly all of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus have consistently followed their White colleagues in voting in favor of U.S. military and economic support for Israel.

Although the Jewish lobby has succeeded in defeating McKinney and Hilliard, some Jewish leaders are not jubilant over these developments and are eager to meet with prominent Blacks to mend fences. These Jews realize that, at this juncture in their history—more than at any other time—Jews need Blacks more than Blacks need them. After all, some Jews understand that Black people are the traditional American scapegoats who have shielded Jews from bigotry. In light of this, Black Americans must now ask, what have we received from Jews in return? The answer is clear: Control of Black organizations, stereotypes in Hollywood, attacks against outspoken Black scholars, like Dr. Leonard Jeffries and Dr. Tony Martin, etc. Through it all, however, Black people have remained loyal and sympathetic to Jews.

But the rest of the world is another story.

In their quarterly journal "Response," the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center reports rising anti-Semitism in Eastern and Western Europe, the entire Middle East, Asia and Latin America. Furthermore, in the United States, growing numbers of White Christians are, on the Internet and elsewhere, questioning America’s blind loyalty to Israel that has insolated the U.S. and increased the threat of terrorism. And, like Black Americans, many Whites are deeply disturbed over the Jewish influence in Congress that has also resulted in the silencing and defeat of certain prominent White Congressmen.

In light of the crisis before us, Black leaders must close ranks and act on one accord. The defeat of McKinney and Hilliard is not the work of a disaffected ally, but of cold-blooded racists who are willing to block Black progress—no matter what the cost to Black Americans in a loss of power and influence—if it conflicts with the overall Jewish agenda.

It is high time, at this historical juncture, for Black Americans—the long-suffering, ever-obliging buffer between Whites and Jews—to step aside and let Jews fend for themselves so that White people will, at long last, stop focusing on Black people and get a good look at American Jews, whose McCarthyistic tactics and stranglehold on Congress threaten to make this country the United States of Israel.

(Harold Green is research director for CEMOTAP-WEST, a Los Angeles-based media watchdog 

calling all BAR soldiers

Time to put our differences aside and do an all out affront on this website I discovered today.Looks like Bros Smiley and West have gotten together to gather information for Obama.I have begun to let them know how I feel and was hoping that even some of the people I am presently battling with would join me.(especially you Mr E C).The site is www.smileyandwest.ning.com

I am your brother in arms

I got your back on this one.  And apologies for attacks, we agree on most things, let's agree to respectfully disagree on topics of religion and spirituality, which was my point all along. 


You got it ..

You got it Brother.....Can't let years of respect just go to waste in one day....

Have a nice one...I signed up as Bro Oreo on that site.

Hope this ain't the Negro Version of Huffpo

I just checked out the site tonight and I'm kinda scratching my head wondering if this is going to be the Black Version of the Huffington Post? 

Will Smiley and West sell their interests to Time Warner or some other mega media operation in a couple of years?  I dunno, stay tuned.  It looks like it could be a Democratic Party apologist site, what do you think? 

Btw, while Bro Oreo is fantastically funny, you should have kept Christianslayer to get the masses over there all worked up.  LOL

Cash Money trumps Social Responsibility

Quote: ""In all of this digital space, the African-American voice is really falling off the radar screen," says Johnson, who sold the Washington D.C.-based Black Entertainment Television to Viacom in 2000. "

To borrow from Arianna "the Supreme Irony" is a Black owned television station selling their controlling interests to Whites, even though the Black Station had already made them fabulously rich, and then COMPLAINING ABOUT THE ABSENCE OF A BLACK VOICE.  Yeah right.  Classic plantation mentality, the escaped slave returns to the plantation to become overseer.

BET could have been one of the most powerful engines and catalysts for change in the history of the Black Experience if not the history of the American Experience, but no. being multi-millionaries wasn't enough for the Johnsons they wanted to be Billionaires, as if that "first" means a damn thing to Black folk.  And "the Supreme Irony" is that while turning over the reigns of BET to White folks we are suppose to delight in the Johnson's newfound billionaire status, much like we are suppose to delight in Obama's presidency.  They underlying supposition is that Negroes just love their trophies and symbolism, don't they?  This is Exhibit A of the profoundness of Fanon's statement:

"We tend to equate seeking 'white validation' with challenging 'white supremacy'. "

In addition, we tend to equate the success of Black cut-throat Capitalists who lack social conscious with Black progress.  BET had the potential to literally change the world, to provide unlimited artistic and creative outlet and work for Black/Ethnic artists, producers, actors, writers, animators, documentary film makers and on and on.....but no these fabulously rich Negroes lacked the social conscious of Whites and Jews who understand the importance and power of BUILDING INSTITUTIONS and now we Blacks are suppose to bask in the glory of their success?  I feel no success with the Johnson's, I feel absolute betrayal.


Brillant post man , Thanks alot for share with us. African mango