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Progressive Sheepdogs, Democrat Sheep: Broken Promises & the Minimum Wage

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    by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    If President Obama and his party didn't even try to deliver on their 2008 campaign promise of a minimum wage hike when they had the White House and both houses of Congress on lockdown in 2010 and 2011, what does their sudden rediscovery of the minimum wage mean now, when they know they can move nothing through Congress?  Are they and their sheepdogs, the so-called “progressive Democrats” just yanking our chain again?

    Progressive Sheepdogs, Democrat Sheep: Broken Promises & the Minimum Wage

    by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    As a presidential candidate back in 2007 and 2008, Barack Obama promised to ram a hike in the minimum wage through Congress by 2011. Like the president's promises to renegotiate NAFTA and enact labor law reforms to make union organizing possible again, it wasn't one of those high profile pledges he repeated at every opportunity in front of every audience. He didn't have to, that's not the way it works.

    If you're a right-leaning Democrat nowadays, here's how it works: you make those kinds of promises before small audiences of labor and poor folks. From that point, it's the job of your sheepdogs, the Democrat “progressives” campaigning for you to keep the herd of your base voters in line by putting those words in your mouth a lot more often, and with a lot more emphasis than you actually place upon them. Promises are promises, after all, and promises made by the wealthy and powerful to the poor and powerless are worth exactly nothing.

    Inevitably, once in office the corporate Democrat (is there any other kind?) breaks his or her promise to his poor and apart from their votes which they've already given away, powerless constituents. At this point, his other sheepdogs, the “pragmatic” Democrats wisely bark at the herd about how naïve and foolish they are, that they don't really understand how politics works, that this one president or mayor or whatever can't save them or change the world, or do much anything really.

    With President Obama's popularity at an all time low, the president has rediscovered that something like 80% of the US favor not just a significantly higher minimum wage, but a minimum wage indexed to some kind of cost of living formula. Even a big majority of Republican voters are in favor of this. So the president has muttered his traditional few words about the minimum wage, and from MSNBC to Huffington Post to labor and the nonprofits, the chorus of presidential sheepdogs are baying – the president cares, the Democrats care, they want to raise the minimum wage, but the evil Republicans will want to thwart them....

    The problem with this of course, is that whenever Democrats are in charge of Congress, they never try to raise the minimum wage. It's a promise they make to get elected, and something you never hear about again until they're safely in the minority again and need something to blame the evil Republicans for blocking. Let's be clear, evil Republicans did not block efforts by President Obama or Congressional Democrats to raise the minimum wage in 2010 and 2011, when they controlled the White House and both houses of Congress. During that time, there were no bills introduced to raise the minimum wage. There were no presidential speeches or off the cuff presidential remarks mentioning raising the minimum wage. There was no pressure from the White House or Democrat leadership in the House or Senate to raise the minimum wage, despite the importance placed upon the president's promise by his sheepdogs, the “progressive” wing of the Democratic party.

    Leading Democrats have always known that overwhelming majorities of Democrat voters want an increase in the minimum wage. But it's a campaign issue, and Democrats only campaign differently than Republicans, not govern differently.

    It's worth noting that the first lady, Michelle Obama has devoted lots of time to shilling for Wal-Mart, the largest and most ruthless low-wage employer in the country. Even Fortune magazine claims Wal-Mart could substantially raise wages and benefits across the board without its shareholders taking much of a hit. But Democrat sheepdogs at MSNBC and labor won't touch the First Lady. They bark only at the evil Republicans who won't pass a “jobs bill” or a minimum wage hike or stop questioning the president's birth certificate.

    Under the people-proof and democracy-proof matrix we call politics in these United States of America, the fact that Democrats overwhelmingly support jacking the minimum wage doesn't mean that elected Democrats will really even try, like the O'Jays said, to Give the People What They Want. It's just a signal for the progressive sheepdogs to start barking again, a chain with which to herd us back into line, to circle the wagons again around the White House. 

    It's just more progressive white noise from our black president.

    Bruce A. Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report, and a member of the state committee of the Georgia Green Party. Contact him via this site's contact page, or at bruce.dixon(at)

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    The Obama Administration is doing exactly as predicted in 2008


    WARS fully funded and EXPANDING- see AFRICOM. Bill sent to our children……Mission Accomplished!

    Trillion Dollars given to friends and campaign contributors on Wall Street. No Strings Attached…Mission Accomplished!

    Military Spending INCREASED….Mission Accomplished!

    Trillion+Dollars given to the Health Insurance Industry. Token, easily avoidable, symbolic only strings attached….Mission Accomplished!

    Kill the possibility for a REAL “Public Option” or REAL Universal Health Care for at least another generation, and begin the “Entitlement Reform” defunding of Medicare (-$500 Billion)….Mission Accomplished!

    Block ANY re-regulation of BIG BANKS and Credit Cards….Mission Accomplished!

    Protect the Bush War Criminals and Torturers from JUSTICE….Mission Accomplished.

    Expanded Drone Assasinations- Mission Accomplished

    Marginalize Pro-LABOR advocates and co-opt the Anti-WAR Movement…Mission Accomplished

    Reinforce the worst Police State provisions of the Patriot Act….Mission Accomplished!

    Expand government surveillance- Mission Accomplished!

    Protect the very richest. Tell the Working Class that they CAN will be forced to compete with 3rd World Slave Labor…..Mission Accomplished!

    EFCA (Employee Free Choice Act) killed in the crib….Mission Accomplished!

    More Anti-LABOR “Free Trade”….Mission Accomplished!

    Jobless Recovery….Mission Accomplished!

    Do people who have supported the Dems and Obama not have obligations here?

    Aren’t they too complicit?

    Obama’s isn’t the LESSER of Two Evils – He’s the more EFFECTIVE of the two evils.

    Keystone will sail through the bipartisan representatives of the ruling class just like…

    Just like Free Trade Job Off-shoring.

    Just like De-regulation (see: Clinton & Death of Glass-Steagal)

    Just like the public praise of Banksters (see: Obama & Savvy Businessmen)

    I hope the Obamabots & Apologencia are proud of their guy Obama.

    Yes, wherefore that vaunted GOP opposition to Obama on everything? You know – they won’t let Obama do anything at all.

    Except Free Trade.

    Except more Drone Warfare.

    Except NDAA / Expansion of Government Power.

    Except Bernanke.

    Except Geithner.

    Except Holder.

    Except Monsanto @ FDA.

    Except link Social Security to the Deficit via the Payroll Tax “Holiday”

    Except push for cuts to Social Security / Medicare (did I say cut? I mean make more “efficient”)

    Except push the Fiscal Cliff meme.

    Except push the 1%’s Austerity Plan.

    Except coordinate the crackdown on Occupy via Obama’s Homeland Security.

    Except attack Whistleblowers, a-la Bradley Manning & WikiLeaks.

    Except shield BP for its Gulf Disaster

    Except push through the Trans Pacific Partnership

    Except push the meme that Corporate Taxes are Too High

    Except citing Obama’s “Deficit Commission” which was set up by Obama and stacked with pro-corporate / anti-99% zealots including RepubliCrat Alan Simpson as co-chair

    Except continue giving blanket support to Israel, no matter what Israel does

    Except continue beating the drum for war with Iran

    Dammit, get me some social issues stat! We need a distraction to see just how vastly different the RepubliCrats & DemBoTs are!

    Touche mcoyote

    Superb reminder of the myriad ugly, draconian policies & actions  willfully and smugly perpetrated by the tradition-upholding obummer regime, much to the oblivious delight of the masses of phlegmatic oprah-springer-disney-b.e.t.-watching negroes/afri'mericans, who care only about how good bari & michy and other greazy self-serving negro celebrities (in politics, religion, media/entertainment, or sports) look.




    Sheeple won't face reality!

    You are spot on, Bruce, about the pseudo-promise to raise the minimum wage. His TPP- {NAFTA on steroids}- wants to LOWER, or do away with minimum wages.  It is designed to level the field, same wages world wide. Thanks, for clarity!  And I heard you on Make it Plain, great debate!

    Beverly has it right

    I think this election(2014) will see a big increase in folks voting for the Green Party candidates. Even if they don't win, it should send a message that the Dems can't keep "playing" us for fools.

    If only enough Green Party voters voted, then...

    we as a country may be okay after all. Jill Stein's platform as Prez candidate was fraught with dare I say it...GREAT ideas for building a country of, by, and for, we the people...oh wait aren't those goals why we have a party system anyway?You know with Ds and Rs who are very different in their outlooks, and approaches to serving us, so that in combination with the two, the best ideas of both work to serve the people, sorta like the cream rising to the top...the people win out as we get these smart guys(not a gender term here)to think for us, cuz', hell I have to get to work, and haven't the time for all that deep thinking...oh my gawd, I'm a purist, just like Obama accused me of being, but then he was referring to just his Progressive Base, what would he say to this blatant idealism? Heading now to Green Party site for candidate list, but before I go, when Ralph Nader, seen as a very major irritation mostly, though he was a minor candidate ran a few years ago, Eric Alterman for one, championed the assault on Nader, as many accused him of wasting Ds votes, and try as I did really so hard, I was unable to get it through their heads, Nader's voters would not have voted at all, especially not for a Democrat, without Nader running.