The Obama/GOP Consensus

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

As far as President Obama is concerned, the state of the Union is now in harmony, with the merging of Republican politics and his own. The new consensus is an austere one for most Americans, as Obama joins the GOP “to prevent the domestic arms of government from coming to the people’s aid, by freezing finances” for five years. But have no fear: corporate tax rates will plummet, allowing the long-awaited trickle down to begin.


The Obama/GOP Consensus

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

In announcing a five-year freeze on domestic spending, Obama enters a new phase of aggressive – rather than furtive – collaboration with the GOP.”

On the eve of President Obama’s State of the Union address, Cynthia Gordy, writer for the Blogging the Beltway column in, asked the question: “Will Obama talk about black unemployment?” Of course, Gordy already knew the answer – “Hell no!” – but proceeded to discuss the horrific state of Black jobless America with someone who actually cared, Christian Weller, from the Center for American Progress. Ms. Gordy ended the piece on a plaintive note. “Here’s hoping Obama will at least have a more elaborate plan to truly lift up all communities,” she wrote. What a strange and deeply sad relationship exists between many Black Americans and the brown-skinned corporate politician in the White House. After two years, there is no longer any expectation of reciprocity, only a muted hope and prayer that Obama would behave decently.

He didn’t. In announcing a five-year freeze on domestic spending, Obama enters a new phase of aggressive – rather than furtive – collaboration with the GOP. To ensure that catastrophe cannot be avoided for the tens of millions battered and set adrift by the two (lesser and greater) recessions of the 21st century, Obama will join with Republicans to prevent the domestic arms of government from coming to the people’s aid, by freezing finances. With whole communities in a state of economic dislocation, Obama burns the rescue boats and poisons the water, all the while promising that the necessary budgetary savings will not be achieved “on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens” – as if Wall Street’s bankers will shield the helpless with their well-bonused bodies.

Additional profits will accrue to companies that have already hoarded over two trillion dollars.”

The First Black President had nothing new or promising of substance to offer anyone who is not rich, just repackaged items from his dismally disappointing past. No dollar signs to give meaning to the president’s mystical and misleading rhetoric on jobs, which will somehow be made to appear through a uniquely American process of “innovation” and “self-invention” inaccessible to lesser peoples. This aspect of exceptionalism will out-“green” China and overtake South Korean Internet speeds, without costing the Treasury an extra dime. “Thousands” of jobs will result, to take the place of the hundreds of thousands that will be lost in the public sector, alone, as government implodes at all levels.

Remember Sputnik! says Obama. Of course, the shocking 1957 Russian leap into space prompted the United States to embark on the greatest educational spending spree in history. There will be none of that under the Obama/GOP austerity regime. Instead, Obama’s “Race to the Top” program will force ever larger slices of the public education infrastructure into the privately-managed but publicly financed alternative national charter school system – a multi-billion dollar “market” for hedge funds and other speculators.

By bringing down the corporate tax rate – a substantive promise from Obama that only the wealthy can truly appreciate – additional profits will accrue to companies that have already hoarded over two trillion dollars, but who were doubtless awaiting Obama’s coded signal, “Sputnik,” before investing in productive, job-producing enterprises. These investments might also be delayed until Obama has, as promised on Tuesday night, reorganized the federal government to the Republicans’ satisfaction, and purged offensive regulations from the public sphere.

Funny, how Obama seems so much more in his element in the wake of the November defeat than when Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress. Half of Obama’s Blue Dog friends have been replaced by Republicans, but the president seems even happier among the new guys, as if he’s finally within reach of the grand, “bi-partisan consensus” that is the ideal state of being in a post-everything America.

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American Idol writ large

After conversing with members of my own family last night pre-SOTU speech, the hopeless mindset of Black Americans has dawned on me, again.  While we don't engage in shouting matches as I'm sure some of you do with your clan, it is abundantly clear to me that "The King can do no wrong."  The emotional capital and symbolism Blacks have wedded to Obama will be a cause for social, political and psychological study for decades. As I said this week elsewhere at BAR, "Obama could bring back slavery and Blacks would still give him a pass."  Much of this ignorance stems from the gullibility of the masses that what they read, see, and hear on T.V. as "news" is truly news.  And their critical thinking skills are stunted by centuries of racial pathologies.

A friend once commented that he wished entitlement programs disappeared as an impetus for Black self-help. Each day and year we move closer to this prospect.  As Obama veers further to the Right, Blacks will be his biggest apologists.  Sadly, my friend will come to understand that Blacks are not equipped for this fateful and immient prospect.

The WSW once again hits the nail on the head, as they write: "Obama displayed utter callousness and indifference toward the social distress of tens of millions of Americans. There was virtually no reference to unemployment or the staggering growth of economic inequality, and no proposals for creating jobs for the 17 million workers who are jobless or forced to subsist on part-time and temporary work.

The words “poverty,” “foreclosures,” “hunger” and “homelessness” were not uttered, despite sharp increases in all four during the first two years of Obama’s tenure."

Blacks act dumbstruck, like a deer in headlights.  They can see austerity coming, but are paralyzed as to how to react to it.  As Arthur Silber  predicted in 2008, Obama would neuter Liberalism and Progressivism like no one could imagine. Unless some "famous" big name Negro speaks up Blacks are going to suffer deprivations silently.  I read a quote the other day that sums it up:

"The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain." Colin Wilson, British author of the Outsider.

SeventiesSoulChild and Afroseer (correctly) said that Blacks do not need validation from White Liberals.  They are correct, in fact Blacks have been at the helm and vanguard of social justice, BAR has written that the world looks to African Americans for leadership on social justice.  I agree.  However, given the present sad psychological state of the Black Masses while we may not need validation, we damn sure need help.  And I'll take it from where ever I can get it.  Maybe Blacks will listen when, in the absence of same "famous" Negro speaking truth to power (not likely to happen) White people start pointing out the injustices of Obama's policies.  As far as Blacks "getting it?" sadly, I ain't holding my breath.  Even when Obama greenlight's cuts in social security, medicare and medicaid they won't hold him responsible. When they look at Obama all they can see is that it's the American Idol long shot all day, every day, winning the judges approval and advancing to the next round. Adorable little bastard just singing his hear out.

If only Obama was as emotionally invested in Black folks as they are emotionally invested in him.  As Mr. T would say, "I pity the fool."

Chris Floyd has a brilliant insightful essay titled


Goonstruck: The Mysterious Mind of Modern Progressives

This paragraph is of note:

"Yet despite Obama's admirably frank presentation of himself as willing, eager tool of the bloodstained, brutal power structure that progressives decried so strenuously during the Bush years, these same progressives clambered onto Obama's bandwagon, declaring his election to be a moral imperative that all must support, or else be damned as an enemy of truth and light. They drank in his vague and vacuous rhetoric -- which in its soaring words about unity, peace, justice, equality, the future, etc., did not differ by a single iota from the disgorgings of meaningless gas we have always heard from the high and mighty. And when he reached the top of the power structure, and set about replicating, defending, entrenching and expanding the crimes of his predecessors, "progressives" fell silent, or carped a bit around the margins of this issue or that, or stuck out their tongues at Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, or, in a great many cases, simply pivoted on a dime and began praising and justifying Obama's savvy "continuity" with policies they had considered intolerable abominations just months before."

To Get Some Sense of How Bipolar Blacks are...

think about this for a minute.  Some of your long term BAR supporters remember how we battled with the Obamabots prior to his coronation.  Back in those "giddy times" it was nothing to get 40 or 60 some odd comments on a BAR essay, with over 70 to 80% of those being comments from "Bots" complaining about and attempting to belittle "us haters," we out of touch "militants" and "Black Nationalists."  Now, the Bots like "Progressives for Obama" and their ilk have disappeared like roaches when the lights come on.  They are no where to be seen.  They know they'll have their heads handed to them if they come here and attempt to debate Obama's "successes."  They are fact challenged, then and now.

Now while they remain Bots, albeit troubled and mentally challenged Bots, since their glorious, "heaven-sent" one has turned about to be such a huge disappointment, they are as SILENT AS LAMBS.  Because they wouldn't dare attempt to marshall facts on his behalf and the homiles and bromides they relied on and that shaped their rhetoric in the past, now makes them look like mental pygmies and downright childish and naive.  These Bots now suffer in silence, and continue to support the anointed one, chewing on the cuds like cows in a rain storm.   Reflect on that to get some sense of how fucked up and bipoplar Blacks are.  Niggas ain't got shit to say about Obama no more, nothing but apologies and excuses, no more grandiose tones, but that shit ain't playing here at BAR.  Shit would be funny were it not so sad.

same mindset

The mindset at play when discussing religion with BOTS is used also when discussing Obama.God is never responsible for anything bad,the devil is.Obama is never responsible for anything bad,Bush is.God has not done anything meaningful yet because he is waiting for the right time.Obama has not done anything yet because he is waiting for the right time.....It is said that the absurdities of the bible are used to prepare the mind for the tricks of politicians.If true,Black people are beyond help when it comes to politics..

Obama has never spoken to Black people in a friendly manner.Every time he addresses a black audience,it's to remind black people that they should clean up their act and hold themselves responsible for their problems.Obama is the only president I know of in my lifetime whose justice department has held on to most if not all of his predecessors attorneys.A justice department that under Bush filed only 5 discrimination suits on behalf of Black people.Obama has frozen and is proposing to freeze for 5 years the pay of federal workers,the majority of whom are Black.More jail cells are being built in America in spite of FBI statistics showing that the crime rate is going down.Black communities throughout this country are under assault from the police who act as agents for the jail builders.Unions are being destroyed because we are told that they cost governments too much money.Which segment of the population do Unions protect the most?,The middle class and black folks...Over and over again,Obama has told Black people that he is not their friend and he does not intend to become their friend.Nevertheless,just like that unexplainable attachment they have to the white jesus,they have chained themselves to this stranger amongst them and have thrown away the keys .All the efforts made in recent years to help build up Black self esteem has been for naught because we still can't stand up as proud individuals.We still need to validate our sense of worth through another human being.Many Blacks will say that Obama makes them feel good about themselves.What they really mean is that they feel he is making them look good in the eyes of white folks.Well,I got news for these Blacks suffering from this inferiority complex....If a white man or woman hates your guts simply because you are black,a thousand Obama is not going to change a damn thing in that white person's mind..Furthermore,why should you care if  such a person love or hate you?Aren't you getting enough love at home?...

This need we have as a people to constantly validate our existence through people we don't even know is a major problem contributing to us accepting any Black traitor, neatly dressed or well spoken as a friend....The Black woman is mostly responsible for this problem and the Black man does not have the courage to tell her to shut her damn mouth.

...the worst are filled with passionate intensity.


“In his State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Obama outlined a reactionary political agenda that amounted to a full-scale embrace of the policies of the incoming Republican majority in the House of Representatives.


The speech was a demonstration of the bipartisan consensus of the American ruling elite. Both Democrats and Republicans serve the interests of the financial aristocracy, from whom they are taking their marching orders to cut domestic social spending and enact further tax breaks for the wealthy.”



The best analysis of Obama’s appalling speech that I’ve seen so far appears in THE WORLD SOCIALIST WEB SITE (

“Obama outlines right-wing, pro-corporate agenda in State of the Union speech” by Patrick Martin. 


The first two paragraphs appear above.  The rest of the article is worth a read.  


The article EC refers to, “Goonstruck”, is excellent.


"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world."


Or, in other words, as has been observed here before, "We're all fucked."

we have to fight the slave psychology

 I am reeling from the Enlightened Cynic's comment that "the emotional capital and symbolism Blacks have wedded to Obama will be a cause for social, political and psychological study for decades." It is a tragedy that is very related to our history of enslavement and how overseers help enforce Western capitalism more aggressively than the landlords who profit most from it.  Obama's SOTU speech suggests he will be a reliable overseer in the service of the West, and as Randolph wrote in The Messenger, because of the generational prevalence of slave psychology, (of which "emotional capital" is part of, I believe), we still struggle to engage comprehensive criticism of Obama. Being a Christian and seeking understanding in the books of Daniel and Revelation helps me understand this ensuing tragedy, especially when I think about the lives of Christian abolitionists like Richard Allen who lived their whole lives fighting for abolition and, tragically, never saw it happen in their lifetime. But that didn't stop him from agitating continually.  As progressives we have to continually agitate in the face of leaders who, like Obama, retreat farther from the cause of social justice towards the garnering profits of the powers-that-be, just like Allen did when president after president bypassed the issue of slavery. Obama invoked Eisenhower and still bypassed if not endorsed the issue of the military industrial complex by continuing the longest U.S. military occupation in Afghanistan. We have to continue to agitate against this, whether we see its end in our lifetime or not. If abolitionists could endure what they did in their time, we can endure this. Surely.  -RF.

To Rhone & EC A Bible Verse for You to Consider;

Rhone as you responded to CN's rant about his frustration w Black so-called intellectuals' willful blindness regarding Obama, the Dems. the real nature of US's power structure, etc; -&- described yourself is a person of Faith- this Bible scripture came immediately to mind- from Hosea 4: 6 - 'My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge - because they have rejected {truth}knowledge' [IE: chosen to be willfully ignorant - IE: Stuck on Stupid]!!!  

Symbolic Victories for a battered warrior class.


Dear BAR,

            I truly hope what I am about to post contributes to the conversation in a positive way and that anyone I offend will take what I say in the spirit of the cause and not personal. What’s with all the hate for Black people around here? While I agree with most of what has been said about President Obama, his politics, and policies I would have to disagree with the assessment of the Black body politic as it relates to President Obama. Those “Bots” as you refer to them were more like fans than political activists or even political actors. His campaign was designed for that effect. Why blame the semi-literate for being dazzled by his act? It is counter-productive.

Who we need to be concerning ourselves with are the veteran and now elderly Black political activist who President Obama is insulting and assaulting with his moves to the “center.” They aren’t fooled by this charmer but are under almost constant attack from the right, center, and now the left. They don’t deserve it. Obama’s presidency is the result of a failure of the left to maintain a truly left perspective alive in popular culture and imagination. How can the most trade unionized industry, Hollywood, constantly push out anti-left propaganda? How can the so-called liberal/leftist/Progressive academia constant fail to have an answer to the right’s critique of it that reaches popular consciousness?

What has resulted is a generation of political actors who are more concerned with “crossing over” and reaching a “broader audience” perhaps running for state wide or nation office. Understanding that the fight for “equal justice” under the law is a fight that has largely been lost they are all too willing to seek personal gain as a substitute for community improvement. For him or her, the community has improved because he or she no longer lives where the problem resides. Moreover, “crossing over” is both the reward and the proof that this person is special or has value. This is the danger of Barack Obama’s politics and policies. The idea that “social justice” is just another special interest has been offered by the so-called left for sometime now with no reliable refutation from any quarter. Then there is a theory I sometimes use to think about these issue that seems to bring some clarity on occasion. It says that there are ideas that are implanted early in our learning experience I call “prime movers.” These are ideas that were innocently accepted in early childhood and are nearly impossible to supplant even as rational and learned adults. There are those of us who have been able to through a combination of experiences and/or counseling learned to suppress these ideas but they are still there. For example, how do we know our first president, George Washington, was an honest man? Because everyone knows he could not tell a lie, after all he admitted to cutting down the cheery tree. It is only you crazy American hating commie/fascist/liberals who would even question such a thing.  Then there is the constant reinforcing of this image of America that those of who know better must deny every minute of every in order to be sane. Most don’t want that responsibility. Obama and family being in the “White House” represents an opportunity for the old warriors of the fight to claim some semblance of a victory over the forces of repression. For them the victories have been few and far between. In these terms even symbolic victories have value as they allow you to want to fight another day.  

Its like the big feast before the day of battle knowing many of the soldiers wouldn't return. Or the Purple heart pinned to a collar after the battle. It won't bring back the friends you lost. Its veneration assures that there will be more young men like you to risk life and limb for it and that there will be old men happy to give them the chance. Nevertheless many have gone to there gave seeing that pin or metal as their prized possession. So it will be with President Obama.

Don't confuse frustration with hate


First of all, I agree with about 97% of what you say; despite the fact that for way too long Blacks have been enarmored with "symbolic" victories.  In fact "symbolic victories" has been our downfall, and trust me, the crackers know it, they know they can throw Blacks crumbs through "symbolic victories."  I remember friends and peers crowing with glee when Limpnuts was denied a right to purchase an NFL minority owner position or when Imus was "silenced."  I tried to explain (and we're talking about EDUCATED people here) that it didn't mean shit, that Imus would "leave the stage" to a bigger and better stage and that the symbolic denial of Limbaugh amounted to pissing in the wind.


But Lonnell the folks we were "battling" about Obama's true colors were not my Mom and Dad nor yours, they were (ostensibly and presumptively) college educated Blacks, some with masters and PhDs who "violently" ignored or refuted the cogent, lucid, dispassionate arguments from the writers, editors and contributors at BAR.  Me?  I admit to ruffling more than a few feathers and accept my "style" is not warm and fuzzy, but Mr. Ford, Mr. Dixon, Ms. Kimberly?  They were logical, lucid, factual and wrote with alacrity.

So yes, I can understand the "barber shop" and "beauty shop" crowd jumping on the bandwagon, those who rely on the MSM for "news,"  but colleged educated people, administrators, engineers, accountants, (good God) educators of all people?  They get no free pass nor sympathy from me, they deserve derision though I understand that is not a modus operandi for change and dialogue.  If indeed these "educated Bots" used their critical thinking skills, the situation may not be as bad as it is, the agitation for rights and better conditions may have taken root.  But how were the less educated or uninformed to know better when they were following the lead of "educated" cheerleaders???

Case in point, indeed, for me anyway, the DEFINING MOMENT, was when these "educated Negroes" jumped on the put Rev. Wright in his place bandwagon for saying shit that they themselves had said for decades, the truth we all know about the American system.  How do you cosign the erasure of 400+ years of history for one individual who's most memorable actions towards Blacks up until that point was to chastise their "lazy, trifling, asses?" The second thing that struck me as the epitome of foolishness is how quickly "educated" people forget what the office of President was all about.  Since when, in the historical  Black pantheon of experiences, has the friggen President of the United States of American been ANYTHING BUT the progenitor and guardian of White Supremacy the friggen world over?

Now these same educated Negroes who first crowed about the "transformative" qualities of Obama, the "heaven-sent" qualities of Obama, are the first to say "Well the nigga can't do shit because the crackers got him constrained."  Damn!  Didn't they know this going into the game???

Frankly we as a Black people AINT GOING NOWHERE until the "myth" of "leadership" is shattered.  I know, because aside from blogging here at BAR, I've given up on trying to tell Blacks anything whether working class or PhD calibre, my frustration has morphed into despair.

I don't hate anyone, I'm fucking angry because I love my people and their ignorance is driving me insane.  It's one thing to be uninformed it's another to be fucking blind- by conscious choice no less.

The War Is Not Over Yet!

Enlightened Cynic:

Believe me, I know just how much the people we love can make us very frustrated! I know you are really venting out this frustration at this time in our history. But thank God we at least have BAR as a venting device and a place where our comments will not immeditely be shot down and ridiculed en mass by the "Bots" and confused American House Negroes!

Anyway, I love your comments and if it was not for the few BAR advocates like yourself, I too would have thrown my hands up in despair a long time ago. However, I know you'll stay on the battlefield because you love our unfortunate Black people too much! Please do not underestimate the number of people who are inspired by your love and concern for our people. Our Black Enemies and the House Negroes truly wish that you would give up all hope. Please keep your comments coming!!!!

In closing, I've been on the battlefield for many years and I've deduced that true Black Warriors need to come up with an effective strategy to save as many young Black youth as we can from the brainwashing forces in our midst. As you well know, trying to even talk to the average Black adult (male or female) about the truth of our situation here in America is like trying to sqeeze oil out of a turnip! Yes---we really have our work cut out for us! But email me anytime with some of your ideas/suggestions to reach our youth ([email protected]). Shalom!

The Crisis of Identity Politics 


But Obama’s studied indifference to the severe social crisis that is impoverishing millions of African-Americans and destroying US cities is a ringing indictment of identity politics and affirmative action programs, which hold that advancement of a layer of “leaders”—as CEOs, military officers, academics, and politicians—would somehow advance the interests of all. Indeed, Obama is himself the embodiment of the bankruptcy of this perspective.

Two years ago, Obama’s inauguration was greeted rapturously in the media as a celebration of “the nation’s first black president.” During his election campaign for the presidency and even after his victory, Obama’s skin color and his history as a “community organizer” in south Chicago were relentlessly promoted by various middle class organizations as somehow imparting to him a left or progressive character that, based on his entire career and his avowed political positions, did not exist.

African-Americans, in particular, were endlessly told this was their victory—even that Obama’s ascension to the White House marked the completion of Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation ending slavery and Martin Luther King Jr.’s struggle against Jim Crow oppression in the South.

It is time to draw up a balance sheet. The four years since the housing market bust of 2007—two of them under the Obama administration—have been the most disastrous for African-American workers since the Great Depression.

The crisis engulfing the entire working class—mass layoffs, wage and benefit cutting, the foreclosure epidemic, homelessness, hunger, the gutting of public education, drastic increases in college tuition, the slashing of all forms of social spending—have hit African-American workers with particular force.

The official US poverty count last year hit a record of 43.6 million people, or one in seven. Among African-Americans, 25.8 percent of the population, more than one in four, lived in poverty in 2009, while one in three African-American children lived in poverty. The official unemployment rate for African-Americans went from 8.7 percent in 2007 to nearly 16 percent today; 40 percent of African-American youth are unemployed. Home ownership among African-Americans, who were disproportionately victimized by the banks in various forms of sub-prime lending, has fallen sharply. 

Black/White Relations need Repair(ations)


Enlighten Cynic,


I always enjoy reading your posts and I thought you might be interested in fleshing out why there is very little solidarity between the Black and White left. You seem like the kind of person who would take the matter seriously. My suspicion is that the veterans of the struggle are leery of the White Left because of their abandonment of the struggle just when their help was most needed in the 1970’s. I also suspect that the white left believes that we (Black people) are the problem.

The old guard Black leadership that we rarely actually get to see, (symbolized by Mrs. Sherrod of the Ag. Dept. scandal last year) are the people who have been in the trenches with the Medgar Evers and Ella Bakers. These are the Democrats that are at the heart of the party and the potential base we’ll need for a serious challenge to the current system. This isn’t identity politics. Simply because these people were there and have often offered to and have actually worked with all spectrum of people interested in advancing the cause. The problem is and has been that the White Left has always been unreliable partner in the struggle.

Moreover, many of the Neo-Con (men) who now plague our politics are former White Leftists and are often more zealous than the most conservative blue blood. No, the story here is the white left’s dropping out in the mid seventies then dropping back in as self-help gurus, green peace activists, computer geeks and an assortment of libertarian republican light wannabe yuppies. They got mega rich and we got locked up under there watch. They developed an explanatory theory of how all these grand sounding “left” ideals could be used to rule the world and were somewhat successful. The question is what is our explanatory theory and is it materially different from what the Demo-Publicans are offering?

         It is for these reasons that there won’t be any meeting of the minds on most issues. Black people support with our dollars and our effort whatever the Left says is important while the White Left treats Black People like ACORN after the pimp tapes came out.  

The White Left needs to understand that until the “Negro Problem” is addressed and resolved the capitalist system will continue to swallow continents whole using the excess capital created from Chattel slavery and the pillaging of the Americas.

Affirmative Action was never meant to address the socioeconomic issue facing Black People in America in the first place. Its intent was to cleave off a certain portion of the Black community and offer them comfort in exchange for conformity, while at the same time antagonizing working class, blue collar, and lower management level whites. It was in this way they attacked the former “New Deal Democratic Coalition” in the North and Mid-West. Yet another example of how the White left taking out on Black People what they could not take out on the capitalists who exploit them.

Finally, we have the case of Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) or welfare. This is a program that was not meant nor created to benefit Black People. It was for white women and children who had lost a father in coal mines and such. For many years Black people were excluded from these programs. The White Left’s grand strategy was to get Black people access to these programs then when these programs were demonized and targeted for destruction it wore the Black face of Ronald Reagan “welfare queen.” Notably it is the abdication of the White Left in California that allowed the rise of Ronald Reagan and the out right persecution of the Black Left that followed. Rather than fight for true redistribution of wealth in America we have opted for half measures and wonder why we get half –ass solution that don’t work at all

@Lonnell: Sources of the Black/White Left Divide

I will attempt to make some general observations.

First, I would refer you to Christianslayer's comments to the essay by Dr. Ball, "Black Radical Politics Will Save Us All," wherein he chided White Liberals for their "abandonment."  For the sake of brevity and redundancy I won't repeat his words here;  he has some great insights into the dilemna and charges White Liberals with "manning up."  He cites the ease and facility with which they jumped on the Reagan Bandwagon abandoning their self interest to a point and specifically abandoning the interests of Blacks and Minorities.

I doubt if you'll ever see the majority of Blacks or even a third of Blacks jump on the bandwagon of a political philosophy historically anathema to their interests, whereas Whites will.

Second, I believe that White (and Black) Conservatives have a point (up to a point) about Paternalism being a "Liberal Trait." -- the "Father Knows Best" attitude. Although I'd venture a guess that Michael Steele has his own take.  Harold Cruse and other Black Nationalists grew wary of White Liberals, Communists and Socialists for this very reason (among others).  Paternalistic mindsets make it difficult to fairly partner.  This explains why some Black "militants" are not as welcoming to someone like Tim Wise as others are.  For them the White person is always an interloper.

Third, I think a huge part of the problem with Black or White Liberals is "mythology."  I have come to the sad conclusion that mythology is more powerful than reality perhaps in part because of it's malleability.  If has been written extensively, especially by the cast here at BAR, how Blacks PROJECTED their beliefs onto Obama... well Blacks and Whites for that matter. There is a wonderful essay at Asia Times Online by Professor Chernus, it's titled "Trapped by Myth."  I encourage all to read it carefully. Prof. Chernus posits that one of the complications of creating a "Left Movement" is that "Leftists" are trapped by some of the same myths as Rightists.  Or stated otherwise they are trapped by their inability to be "myth-making" (to concot a counter narrative) particularly since they rely on logic and reason more so than conservatives.

While Prof. Chernus was rasing and dissecting the question of the power of myth in the context of : "Why are we still in Afghanistan."  I believe that his analysis goes much deeper or shall I say may be applied more broadly.  I believe that most Americans believe in American Exceptionalism, for example.  I believe that it is a stronger belief than their belief in God, and I believe it is the "tie that binds."  I believe the majority of White Liberals and increasingly Black Liberals still hold this myth dear to their hearts.  It's only the "radicals, anarchists, militants, and Black Nationalists or "commies" who don't buy into the myth.

Here's a sampling of Prof. Chernus's analysis: 

"If progressives believe they are myth-less, though, they're blind to the one mythic plot they share with the rest of America: good against evil. Progressives act out that myth on the political battlefield every day, passionately fighting to defeat right-wing evildoers. The problem is (and forgive me for repeating an old anti-left cliche of the 1960s, but it's true here): the progressives' political myth tells only what they're against, not what they're for.

In fact, deep down, most progressives do have a dim sense of their deepest principles : the Enlightenment ideals of peace, freedom, and equality based on the Romantic ideal of what Lakoff calls empathy, extended to all humanity and the biosphere as well.

But progressives don't wrap their policy prescriptions in mythic language that says clearly, simply, and patriotically what they're for. As a result, they can't compete with the myth of national insecurity. They've got nothing to offer in its place, which is at least one reason why, despite growing opposition to the Afghan war, they can't build a strong enough constituency to help - or force - Obama to end it.

All they can do is demand that he sacrifice his domestic agenda, and - no small matter for any politician - his second-term chances, on the altar of principle. As a result, they end up in a political never-never-land, which might feel good but isn't going to save a single Afghan life.

No individual, much less a committee, can sit down and create a new myth. Myths grow organically from the life of a community. Progressives would find their myth emerging spontaneously if they just spent a lot more time thinking and talking about their most basic worldview and values, the underlying premises that lead them to hold their political positions with such passion. """

So Lonnell, there you have it, a cursory opinion on the question of:

"Why can't Black and White Liberals coalesce more efficaciously." 

Let me add in closing that Identify Politics has been a huge deterrant as well.  One of the central reasons the PROPER White Liberal Critique of Obama never took root (in addition to suffocation by Right Wing Media) is the backlash they incurred from Black folks ridden with Identify Politics.  (and those elements of distrust I alluded to--paternalism) I had many conversations where I concluded (and which resulted in my dialogue ending once and for all) that Black folks were of the hardcore opinion that ANY CRITIQUE OF OBAMA was a RACIST CRITIQUE. This is a myth that has it's own power.

Now, under those circumstances what is a caring and committed White Liberal or Prog suppose to do?  Remember how I gave the example of the White guy who donated $$ and time, organized meetings in his home, posted signs in his neighborhood for Obama, and all the "Brother" did was buy a shirt or put on a bumper sticker???  If you are White, how in the hell would you feel when that Brother in the next cubicle now accuses you of being racist for pointing out Obama's betrayals?  While the Brother was getting "krunk" on the weekends, the White Guy was busting his ass to get Obama elected.  "I pity the fool" in both instances.  LOL