Obama Reeks of Sulfur at the UN

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

There was nothing conciliatory about President Obama’s speech to the UN. His message was blatantly subversive of the UN Charter, reserving the right to launch pre-emptive wars for “humanitarian” purposes and to circumvent the world body through proxies and “coalitions of the willing” in quest of regime change. No less than George Bush’s message in 2006, it was a declaration of war against peace.

Obama Reeks of Sulfur at the UN

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Obama’s speech was one long threat against world order and the rule of law.”

President Obama went to the United Nations this week and declared war against the UN’s most fundamental founding principles, all the while claiming the U.S. is the world’s one indispensable, unique and exceptional nation.

The speech was a reminder of the reason rich people in America financed and sponsored Obama’s rise to the presidency in the first place, as the new, non-white face of U.S. imperial power. Obama’s foreign policy mission was to subvert United Nations prohibitions against the use of force except in self-defense, and to substitute a so-called “humanitarian” rationale justifying aggression by Washington and its allies. This constitutes a fundamental break with the UN Charter, signifying that the U.S. realizes it can no longer dominate the world by economic and other “soft power” and must, therefore, sweep away the accumulated structures of international law that inhibit America’s ability to smash its adversaries with raw military force.

Obama’s speech was one long threat against world order and the rule of law. He baldly stated that the U.S. is prepared to “use all elements of [its] power, including military force, to secure [its] core interests in the region” – a statement that is, on its face, a violation of the UN’s prohibition against the threat of the use of force against other nations. International law forbids the powerful from rattling their sabers over perceived challenges to their "interests" in other people’s countries. Obama, like the honey badger, doesn’t give a damn about international law.

He says that, “wherever possible” he will try to “respect the sovereignty of nations,” but will “take direct action” – meaning, military force – “when it is necessary to defend the United States against terrorist attacks.” That’s another way of saying the U.S. reserves the right to send drones anywhere in the world to kill whoever it wants, whenever it wants, for its own reasons that are nobody else’s business – which is the behavior of an outlaw, rogue state.

The U.S. reserves the right to send drones anywhere in the world.”

Among the “interests” that the U.S. sees as just cause for going to war, is the promotion of what Obama calls “democracy, human rights, and open markets” in the Middle East and North Africa. “These objectives,” says Obama, “are best achieved when we partner with the international community and with countries and people of the region.” Translation: The U.S. will continue to form “coalitions of the willing” to use military force for regime change or to preserve the status quo, circumventing the United Nations – a gross violation of international law.

Obama claims that “America is exceptional” precisely because it will go to war for so-called “humanitarian” reasons in order to prevent violence to civilians before it has occurred – that is, wars based on Washington's readings of its own crystal balls, such as NATO’s war against Libya. This is actually the doctrine of pre-emptive war, which is a blatant violation of the UN Charter whether the rationale is “humanitarian” or some other excuse.

In a final obscenity, Obama concludes with a shameless reference to Dr. Martin Luther King’s “dream.” Forty-six years ago, Dr. King declared that the U.S. was the "greatest purveyor of violence in the world." That is what is so exceptional about America: its relentless quest for military domination of the planet and utter disregard for the norms of law and civilization. Barack Obama is the planetary Warmonger-in-Chief. His breath smells of sulfur, just as George Bush’s did when he addressed the UN, seven years ago.

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weak, inept, or all the above?

It is inconcievable that a political neophyte — only 6 years ago stumbling his way around Springfield, Ill. —  could have alone concocted grand military schemes in such short measure. And we’re talking about a person looking weak and flaccid in the presence of Putin and Assad.

I cannot believe that in 6 years, Obama had sufficient time to solidify an effective military doctrine. He is definitely not a chess player.

Presuming that, I have no logical reason to believe this President is anything else other than an empty shell, manipulated by a team of consultants and “handlers”.

And tele-prompters.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama the person, no longer exists; what you see is a programmed hologram.

Yes, He Does

know exactly what he's doing, I agree. He is not cajoled, manipulated, blackmailed, or "made" to do anything. He is what he is--an immoral and amoral human being, and he is doing what he does because it's what he wants to do. It makes him feel powerful and it makes him rich, and honey obadger don't care. He really doesn't give a shit.



Bush's dictum was "you are

Bush's dictum was "you are either with us or against us."   Obama's dictum,  expressed more verbosely, is "you either buy into our narrative, or you become part of our narrative."  He puts it another way too:  "you either partner with us, or you get partnered with us".

One has to paraphrase Obama drastically to get anywhere near a dictum, of course.  Obama's most remarkable quality as a speaker may be his ability to give one the impression that he has said remarkable and even great things,  though one cannot seem to quite remember any of them...  


Its almost impossible to beleive that a black man can be capable of this level of treachery. He seems to be surpassing himself every day. Is the man on cocaine? He acts like he's on coke. His demeanor suggests the meglomania and invincibility of a coke fiend, and I bet he gets the good stuff too.

Obama represents the advent

Obama represents the advent of neo-colonialism in Amerika. His Presidency is meant to deceive the New African, Chicano and Indigenous populations of the U.$. into supporting the government as it imposes neo-liberalism on the country. Internationally, Obama gives a black face to the Amerikan Empire. Too bad Chavez wasn't there at the UN to expose this klown.

We Know the 'Obama Candidate' Was Well Vetted by the Status-Quo

But who truly & properly vetted him for Blacks & Progessives- BAR, Cynthia McKinney & Paul Street... not whithstanding? Even folks as astute as Amiri Baraka, who you would think should have been more wary, went all in for the 'Obama Candidate's' 'Hope & Change' of the 'First Black POTUS' PR hype.  

See More at the article 'Who am I?'

Martial Law


I had the misfortune this morning to listen to an academic named Gloria Brown Marshall whose most notable talent is her abily to talk forever without pausing to take a breath.  

Ms. Marshall defended every aspect of the Obama presidency from The Affordable Health Care Act to his foreign policy.  As usual with the Nation /DNC crowd, she attributed all failures and bad outcomes to the evil Republicans who place obstacles in front of Mr.Obama and thus prevent him from leading us into Canaan.

Who is this Law Professor at John Jay College?  With whom does she consort?  How did she achieve her prominence?  Who is her Penny Pritzker?