Obama State of the Union: Guns For the Pentagon, Butter For Wall Street, A Spending Freeze For You

state of the unionBack during the Vietnam war, Democratic presidents Kennedy and Johnson promised we could have guns and butter too. They lied. The cost of the Vietnam war and the world's biggest military machine quickly gutted the War on Poverty. At least our First Black President isn't telling us that old, old lie. Not all the time anyway. At his first State of the Union tonight, President Obama is expected to declare an across the board freeze on federal spending. But not on military spending, or on the Federal Reserve pipeline to Wall Street.  Hail to the chief.



Obama State of the Union: Guns For the Pentagon, Butter For Wall Street, A Spending Freeze For You

by BAR Managing Editor Bruce A. Dixon

After signing off on the biggest military budget in human history, and giving 23 trillion dollars of free money to Wall Street, much of it directly through the Federal Reserve without Congressional oversight, the president is expected to announce a “spending freeze” in his State of the Union address tonight. In keeping with his policy of waiting for “all boats to rise” the First Black President will not announce any special measures to address joblessness in African American communities, which in many urban areas has reached 50% of working age males, and has historically been double the white jobless rate, and is rising faster than unemployment among whites.

White House spokespeople assure us that the freeze will not apply to the military budget, or the uniquely American combination of policing, surveillance and corporate welfare programs they call “homeland security.” Also exempt are veterans affairs and the State Department, impossible to separate from the military and our lawless mercenary armies, and social security, and Medicare, except for the $400 million cut that program will feel if either version of the president's health insurance reform package ever clears Congress. The corporate press describes all federal programs that don't fit into the slots just described as “discretionary,” and the Obama White House, corporate to the core uses the same terminology. The budget freeze, they say, will affect all the federal government's “discretionary” programs.

With the adoption of NAFTA under the previous Democratic president, the US government became a full partner in corporate America's drive to relocate its factories outside the U.S., first in low-wage Mexico, and now in lower-wage China. That caused a radical shrinkage of local tax revenues across the country at the same time that wages fell and joblessness rose. Corporate Democrats (and Republicans) had a solution for that too --- selling off public assets like highways, parking meters, water systems, public hospitals, even jails, government fleet management and payrolls, even birth and death records to the same investor class that caused the shrinkage by offshoring as much of the US industrial sector as they could.

Black America can expect to reap enormous benefits in self-esteem at the sight of a well-suited black man at the podium delivering this august address.”

The current financial crisis has put state and local governments across the nation into unprecedented fiscal crises. Hundreds of thousands of state and local government employees are working days for free, taking forced pay cuts and days off, or sent home to join the growing ranks of the jobless. Had the president's “economic stimulus” been about stimulating the real economy and stopping the job and income losses of ordinary Americans, it would have shored up the budgets of states and local governments. It didn't. A federal freeze on “discretionary spending” that includes already inadequate funding of state and local governments is guaranteed to increase unemployment, to lower wages of those still working, and to shut down such “discretionary” expenses as road repairs, schools, libraries, health care, including state contributions to Medicaid and countless other things the investor class and their White House imagines we can do without. And although the president says black America must wait for “all boats” to rise before disproportionate black unemployment to go down, a spending freeze on aid to local governments will affect blacks disproportionately too, as they make up an outsize share of public sector employees.

Still, all the news for black America in this year's state of the union isn't bad. Despite tonight's grim economic tidings, Black America can expect to reap enormous benefits in self-esteem at the sight of a well-suited black man at the podium delivering this august address. As a recent Pew Center report points out, black America will bask in the glow of the pretty black family in the White House, and take comfort in misguided perceptions that racial gaps in health, wealth, mortality and everything else are at last shrinking. They're not.

Fortunately for this illusion, there will be no State of the Black Union this year. Tavis Smiley, mindful of the damage to his career the last time he voiced even mild criticism of Obama, called it off. Despite its failings and corporate sponsorship, a 2010 SOBU would certainly have allowed sharp left criticism of Obama's pro-war, pro-Wall Street policies to be broadcast to a nationwide audience in the tens of millions. Though elected by African Americans, and tens of millions of voters dissatisfied and disgusted with the preceding administration, Obama's loyalties are firmly with Wall Street and the Pentagon. The First Black President's office, as Glen Ford pointed out at last week's 2010 Black is Back conference, was purchased for him by more than $600 million in campaign contributions, mostly from the same corporations and wealthy individuals that gave to Bush four and eight years ago.

The Obama “spending freeze” is also part of the investor class's long term war to extract for itself every last bit of wealth the US economy produces. Besides promoting the crazy notion that vital public services are “discretionary” while war expenditures are sacrosanct, it validates the lie that these are what's making the government “broke,” if any entity that can print or lend money into existence can ever be 'broke.” Having corporate Democrats led by President Obama echo this capitalist propaganda softens us up for the next step --- entitlement reform, the polite term for the privatization of social security.

After the election, Barack Obama was quoted as saying he'd rather be a great one term president than a mediocre two-termer. He might get part of his wish...”

Quietly, the Obama administration has endorsed a bipartisan commission to come up with “entitlement reform” proposals that will bypass the Congress, coming straight through the more-equal-than-the-others executive branch of government. The new presidential commission is also tasked to come up with other ways to effect permanent “savings,” exempting the military budget.

In his first week of office, President Obama pledged an eleven figure down payment on a high speed rail transit system, an enterprise that could conceivably employ tens or hundreds of thousands, and replace millions of gas guzzling trips by air and auto every month. If that down payment happens at all, it won't be as big as advertised, and may not be followed up by much of anything. The same is true of its “green jobs” and other widely hyped proposals.

Massachusetts is often called the most liberal state in the union. It's the place where the president's version of health insurance reform, requiring everybody to purchase skimpy and expensive private health insurance under penalty of law has already been enacted. The state even has a black governor. Two weeks ago in Massachusetts, a right wing corporate nutcase beat a right wing corporate Democrat, an Obama Democrat, for the seat previously warmed by Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy was also a corporate Democrat, a fan of “entitlement reform” and big Pentagon budgets. After the election, Barack Obama was quoted as saying he'd rather be a great one term president than a mediocre two-termer. He might get part of his wish, and it could be preceded by a substantial reduction of or outfight oss of Democratic majorities in Congress in 2010.

If that happens, Black America will be sputtering with outrage. We'll blame it on Fox News and Bill O'Reilly, on those dastardly Republicans, those ignorant tea-party racists. We'll blame it on all those Negroes, Democrats and "progressives" who didn't cheer loud enough when we had a black man in the White House. So hail to the chief.  And clap louder.

Bruce Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report, and based in Atlanta. He can be reached at bruce.dixon(at)blackagendareport.com.



The stupidity and cowardice of Blacks may be beyond repair

I certainly hope not, but oft times fear that it is so.
While at the barbershop last night the discussion turned to a young Black City Councilman (the only one) who was designated Mayor Pro Tem this past month, coming on the heels of a newly elected Mayor.  The barbershop proudly displayed the article on the wall.   The few folks there were collectively complaining about the inability of the aforementioned Councilperson to address the needs and concerns of the Black community.  Interestingly, they rationalized his weakness and self-censorship with the same logic that rationalize Obama's weakness and self-censorship concerning the Black plight, and it boils down this, with some liberties taken at paraphrasing:  "Master won't let him (me) do it.  If I act to Black or get to vocal, Master will reign me in."  Since it was getting late in the evening I didn't bother to inquire:  "WTF good is a Black politician if he/she can't represent their constituents, let alone be Black?"  I mean, aren't we better off with a white boy or girl with a conscious?  I bet you Kucinich, imperfect as the rest, would be more vocal in speaking truth to power and standing up for "the little guy" than Obummer?
Why do Black folks give a shit about what White folks think?  White folks certainly don't give a shit about what we think.  As I commented for the past week, the racial harmony and feel goodism is about to rupture and White's are getting less and less "PC" these days, all once has to do is read the comment section to "liberal" blogs to see what I mean.  (It was all those f***ing "liberals" in Mass that voted for Brown, you dig?)
I tried to explain that "homeboy's (the local one) silence and timidity has nothing to do with Massa's approval.  It has to do with being cowardly and chickenshit.   I mean all we are talking about here is equitable delivery of city services, or equity in contract procurement, or fairness in what ever the case may be??  An intelligent person can frame a issue USING FACTS AND LOGIC and that should not offend anyone.  If it does, their problem not yours.  Blacks always feel that they have to compromise their principles whether operating from a postion of strength or weakness because they are too cowardly or stupid to throw caution to the wind on something where facts, principle, and passion can prevail.    It's one thing to get "turned out," or "beaten down," it's another to be a bitch from the get go.  And the fact of the matter is most Black "leaders" are bitches from the get go.
In the end, I suppose the news article of homey (who's working on his PhD in education coincidentally) like the cheap photos of Obama will make us all proud as our asses get poorer or increasingly politically negligible.  I pity the fool.
Does Obummer see the handwriting on the wall, talking about a 1 term presidency so early in the game?  I'd say so.  Obummer understands what the Black sheeple don't want to, he is and will be forever tainted with the Bankster bailout which has crippled his political options and demoralized the liberal base.  One of the few bright lights I see from Obummer is that, to his credit, his rank betrayals and reversals may have destroyed the Dummocrats for good.   Hip Hip Hooray!!  Though we are at a depression tipping point, he offers us nothing by left over Reaganism, "trimming the deficit" by browbeating the weakess amongst us.  With friends like him and the Dummocrats who needs enemies?
Blame Obummer and the Dummocrats for breathing new life into the nostrils of the right wing corpse, bringing these zombies back to life.  Now that he's stirred up the boogey man, he has the "audacity" to act all afraid.  Look here lil girl, tell the GOP to kiss your ass, Bitch ass n*gg*.

More wisdom and insight from Zinn


"It's a very delicate question," he mused. "Why? Well, it's not easy to talk about." Everyone wants to support Obama, he continued, or at least everyone in his circle. Everyone wants to love Obama. But let's face it: "His presidency doesn't measure up. I have to say that. But why? How? How come?"
Militarism, he answered. Obama has kept the troops in Iraq. He's sent more troops to Afghanistan. "He's continued a military foreign policy."
Not to be a know-it-all, Zinn said ("though I do know it all," he joked), but those who expected great change from this president were fooling themselves. Look at history, he urged, invoking his mantra; Democrats are as aggressive as Republicans.
"They're all in this for war," he said. "That's what we call bipartisanship." Those surprised or disappointed are those who "exaggerated expectations, romanticized him, idealized him. Obama is a Democratic Party politician. I know that sounds demeaning. It is."
"There's an enormous weight left over by the Bush administration," Zinn said. "Unfortunately, he has done nothing to begin to lift that weight." Change can happen only by grassroots protest strong enough to move entrenched interests.
"I'll say it: turmoil," he concluded.

completely off topic but important!

I have looked everywhere for a "contact us" link to no avail and thus choose to post my grievance here even though I realize this is not the place.
How is advertising for companies on this blog such as Mc-Donalds (top banner link) congruent with the social activism and political awareness this site is trying to foster.
I find it completely incongruent (and hypocritical) to support a company like this which itself plays a particular negative role in especially poor and disenfranchised communities. And spare me the "we can't survive otherwise" rhetoric.  
Would very much have a reply on my above comment.

We need to put back the "about us" and "contact" pages...

and may get around to it this weekend.  As for McDonalds showing up among the ads, well, what I can tell you?  You already seem to have rejected any argument that says BAR just needs the money.  I don't know whether you're one of those who has actually donated us a one-time or recurring monthly donation.  But most of the people who read this read it for free.
If you've donated to help us keep BAR out here, we heartily thank you.  If you haven't we hope you will consider making a modest donation, preferably a recurring monthly one.  If we had more of those we would not need ads.  Our friends over at Black Commentator are extremely selective about what ads they run, and have gone subscription-only now.  We don't want to do that, and running ads is part of what we do to make sure that never happens.
The ads get us a small check every month, never more than a couple hundred bucks.  We don't even get full value for the ads run, because we do it through an agency instead of hustling the ads ourselves.  But we really have to do something. 
Our hosting costs have quadrupled since Thanksgiving, as we have gone to a sophisticated scale-up-on-demand architeture.  Before this, at peak times of the week our site was slow, unresponsive and often just not available.  Between the site maintanence, the writing and editing and researching and the rest, BAR takes up double digit hours of my every week, and Glen Fords, and considerable time on the part of a couple others as well.
There frankly is no sustainable model for what we are doing.  Capitalism ownership of the media allows little or no room for journalism.  There are half as many jourmalists working today as there were a quarter century ago, not because the people need less news, but because corporate media ownership has no need for news.  If the folks at Campaign Foundations hadn't donated us a lot of the hours they normally get $67 to $200 an hour, we might not be here.
So yeah, the McDonalds ad gives us pause.  I don't buy anything at McDonalds except the black coffee at interstate exits when I'm in danger of nodding off at the wheel.  But there it is.  We'd like to do without the corporate ads, but.... well, you told us not to say it.
Hit the donate button, and we will be one step closer to either eliminating ads altogether, or booking our own.  And you can believe that if we book our own, we won't be calling up McDonalds.

good anser, Mr. Dixon. I'd wondered, also.

I have to say that some McDonalds in Manhattan have wheelchair accessible toilet rooms/stall for disabled people and elderly and don't care if one buys anything.  I give them points for that, since it's hard to find a wheelchair accessible bathroom/toilet in Manhattan.  My favorite McDonalds was on W.56 St., on 8th Ave corner and they played classical music.  Even had a grand piano, which used to be played by a customer, old woman (caller to "Housing Notebook",on WBAI.  Yes, there's been a coup.  See www.takebackwbai.org).
She broke her hip, moved in with niece and nephew, in her 90s. They recently closed the store, which was not empty in my infrequent trips out, and into the place.  My spouse did get the no fat frozen yogurt, and I'd not buy anything.

Before she died recently, my mother had some interesting---

---opinons to offer on these questions.  She was a smoker until age 65 and died of a combination of interlocking cardio, pulmonary and spinal problems, but about a year ago she said "things have gotten so bad with this American Empire, that companies like Altria and McDonald´s are almost the good guys in all this."  So, it causes me no pain if you take corporate ads to do the good work you do.
My mom believed that as a corporate citizen (jajaja), McDonald´s, THE TOP OF THE HIERARCHY, THE FRANCHISOR, was far from the worst in terms of labor exploitation and fairness in awarding of franchises. 
She believed that Altria had done more to bring arts awareness to the American public than all the PBS and NPR type organizations combined. She left us predicting that in the end, with the trend of European, NAFTA nations and Latin America smoking cigarettes less and less, the Western divisions of Altria would abandon a loser division and make it´s loss leader THE ARTS and even public policy forums.
She was a civil libertarian (my father a commmunist turned cynic) so make what you want about her opinions.  I thought she had a chance of being right but was somewhat skeptical.
I do know for sure, however, that the corporate world and even finance world will throw off a dedicated humanist (not neo-liberal public relations scammer). John Meriwether, twice the most hated man in the Western world because Warren Buffett and THE FED SAID SO, is a very shy man whose pretty serious social activism is all anonymous. 
Barry K. Schwartz  has been a more dedicated force in fighting and solving HIV/AIDS (via Weiss Hospital) in the USA and Haiti than just about anyone and has put more money and facetime behind it than anyone of his elite social class.  He is also been fighting homophobia since Stonewall (he´s straight) with money and passion far more effectively than Human Rights Campaign to be sure.
I carry no water for American elites. Not hardly.  They have made my life from birth non stop stress. But I like to be a critical thinker.  I have assumed that the Western elite class can be modelled in terms of a Gaussian bell curve and that there IS A LEFT TAIL!



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Cowardice, I think not

With all due respect EC, I'm hearing this theme of Democratic cowardice over and over now. The Dems aren't cowards, they're just doing what they do. While the Repubs say "this is what i want, I'm going to take it" The Dems say "can't we all just get along?". This is what motivates the white liberal. The false notion that Americans are "reasonable" people. That racism, imperialism and capitalism are just errors in judgement. That given the proper information Americans will do the right thing.
Obama has used this theme since his breakthrough 2004 speech. This is what excited the liberals, the "I have a dream" redux. The MLK redux. Why denigrate Obama for acting in the same manner that he was elected for? His whole campaign, brand, and persona were built around the idea of uniting America. Bipartisanship was/is a key platform. A BLACK CANDIDATE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL ANY OTHER WAY. Let Obama get tough and see how fast a liberal will put a bullet in his ass.
Don't hate the player, hate the game. The game is rigged (and corrupt). Those who expect to win under these conditions are the ones to be worried about.


I hear what you saying and agree with about 98% of it.  When I talk about the Democrats being cowards two things immediately come to mind:  (1) as you and Arthur Silber at powerofnarrative and countless others including myself say, "The Democrats do what they do because they want to."  So that's the 95.99 or 97% of where I cosign your point, marginal differences here. (2)  As I used the example of the local chap, Mr. Chickenshit who represents the "Black "Ward on the City Council, some people castrate themselves, and it's those people whom I call cowards.
I could see if you bobbing and weaving getting your ass clocked or your head handed to you and throwing in the submission towel, but sticking out your chin to take a sucker punch is being a coward.  And thirdly,... this just came to me,... Dems are cowards because of the "rhetoric" that raises promises and expectations and provides jack shit in substance. Their sellout on the legislative end looks like weakness on the front end.  Anyone who takes a position of strength and voluntarily flips it into a position of weakness is a coward.
You and I both know Obummer's "hope/change" mantra was a Madison Ave. wet dream.  Most astute observers understood this blank slate was ideal for "projecting your shit on someone else," so Obummer became all things for all people,-- centrists, Libs, and Negroes alike.  However, by RAISING FALSE EXPECTATIONS, Obummer and the Dems come off as COWARDS when they don't do as they promise.  Doesn't matter if they never intended to do shit or not.   Dems and Obummer (and "homeboy") are also cowards because they have no fight... bitches and pussies galore.   People respect strength, that's a function of leadership, they want no compromise on seminal issues, so why talk all that shit just to get punked?  ( The Dems don't even talk shit before tucking their tails) Dems need to stop the WWF shit and fight some real fights.  But no I don't expect them too.
In fact, you can be a putrid Blue Dog (like Obummer is) and get elected.  So why fake the funk?  A effective politician is like a good lawyer, "they represent their client zealously."  The Dems never represent their clients zealously.  As a side note, I firmly believe that, outside of White Privilege being a major factor, White men tend to sway from liberalism and/or are lukewarm on Dems, even if they truly believe some of it's principles, because the Dems are effete pussies.  That was admittedly put crudely, but the mind operates on visceral levels too.  Don't believe me, ask the White guy in the next cubicle.
Last but not least, I write what I write and say what I say because the majority of people don't get it.  So when I come at them with Dems are cowards wtf have they fought for, why didn't they stand up to GWB, they get it.  Or so I hope.  Again, no one,-- because its impossible--can talk down why the Dems sucked GWB's dick.  Convincing them that the Dems ain't shit??? Baby steps falsedelic, baby steps, ...unfortunately.
p.s.  No offense to women-folk by usage of the "p" word.  In fact, if Obummer was only half the man his mamma was... yall feel me?


EC: I should be more relieved than angry than I am about this, but I´m overjoyed that my step kids are safe and sound with me and their mother in La Ciudad de Panamá having come in from Bogotá where they were at best a tossup to make 30 years old because of Obama having started the 3rd, 4th or 5th shooting war depending on your definition.
Instead, nothing he could ever say can EVER say or do can match the damage he has sold so far.  I think both of you make good points.  This is the problem when you have a demoralized population.  They grasp on to that which feels good, not what´s best. 
I have the luxury of living in Latin America and though not Mestizo fluent in the Andino dialect.  Still, our presumed sovereignty has been broken by USA PLAN COLOMBIA which was brutal when Bill Clinton and Andres Pastrana put it in. It was brutal when George W. Bush added to the allocation.  IT IS A FULL ON WAR BETWEEN "COLOMBIA" AND VENEZUELA, WITH NOW 10 US MILITARY BASES.
I do "hate" Obama for this and every other act of exploitation, violence, and imperialism he has SOLD to just the ethnic cohorts you have raised and I´ll add another: Appalaichian and Great Lakes Slavic-Americans and Scotch/Irish Americians.  I hate vapid vain stupid White Liberals.  I hate preachy Black hyper-religious monsters.  I hate young camp followers of all stripe.  I hate American indifference and vanity because it´s costing lives down here.
Finally, someone has stood up to Obama and said "knock me down or shut up!·" That person was Hugo Chavez who devalued BY HALF the Venezuelan Bolivar which had been pegged at 1 USD/2.40 VEB.  He told you your currency is toilet paper and dared Mr Hope And Change to fight him and the rest of the world.
We´ll see.



Speaking of "cowards"...

... and "preachy Black folks"...."How many have come to Chavez's defense?"  "How many have tried to influence US policy towards Venezuela?"  "How many have said, "kiss my behind, I'm getting some of that cheap gas or heating oil for my constitutents?"  Has the slime in the State Dept. declared Venzuela to be a state supporter of "terrorism?"  Same thing w/r/t Cuban doctors, why can't we get their assistance in the "ghetto?" 
How stupid and deranged can we get?  Making vacation jaunts to "the Holy Land," filling the racist Zionists pockets with $$, yet buying the bullshit about Cuba or Venezuela (or Iran) being "terrorists" and thus denying constituents real services/benefits, commercial relationships.
As I said, it's one thing to go along with the program, it's another to be an astute creative " lawyer" to circumvent it.  Who would have imagined that the "Commerce Clause" would provide a basis for attacking segregation?  What happened to "gaming" the system?  All of these questions reminded me of the book by Blasingame, "The Slave Community," which in essence documented how the slaves creatively "rebelled" against the system. 
While searching for a url for this book I came across this research paper, excellently written.  To the question oft asked "what can Black America do now," interestingly, the answers have historical antecedents, precedents.  It's the destruction of "Negritude" and "Black Historical Consciousness" that has impaired our ability to grasp solutions.  This is one of the greatest dangers behind the scheme of "Post-Racial."  Post -Racial is a scheme to further erase African America historical memory and cut us off from the creative process.  One of the lessons of history?  Hint:  Integration wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  The evidence is becoming increasingly irrefutable that Black Americans were stronger, more cohesive and dynamic in many ways, (notwithstanding their brutal legal and extra-legal repression) during the post-Reconstruction and Pre-Civil Rights Era than they are today, due, in no small part, ON THEIR NEED TO DEPEND UPON ONE ANOTHER.  I don't suppose the Black folks discussed in these pages went around seeking "permission from Massa," to do what they needed to do.  I don't suppose they lamented their ineptitude due to "institutional constraints."  No, they gamed the system to the best of their abilities.
Read the paper and get some insights, for some it might even help some grow a pair, for others it's an appropriate model for critiquing the current sad state of "the Black Church," for all it dispells this notion of hopelessness and helplessness:
As for Chavez, I hope like hell he can hold on and withstand the Obummer onslaught.  The CIA is probably spending billions to "flip" Venzuela's own "cowards."  You once talked about the necessity to the world of strong African America, justice-oriented leadership, I believe Chavez and Venezula offers the Western Hemisphere if not the world the same bulwark.


Even in Frei Jr´s first term, during Judge Guzmán´s forensic investigation of the remains of the DISAPPEARED, and throughout Michelle Bachelet´s presidency, Chile remained the most socially stratified and conservative of the non US client states.  Part of the deal to get rid of Pinochet was not to investigate his old subalterns who remained in their senate seats.  As a result,  Bachelet and her "Socialist Party" had to accept a lot of US presence and through 8 legislative sessions was not able to get an abortion bill passed.
Her crowning sovereign achievement was in nationalizing the copper mining sector into CODELCO and working in tandem with NORILSK JSC of Russia.
Eduardo Frei, Jr, ran a typical half assed center-left campaign, learning nothing from the huge student and worker excitement about the 3rd place finisher in the first round, Enriquez-Ominami, whose true socialist platform resonated.  Considering that during the Latin Wave elections, Piñera gave Bachelet all she could handle, Frei really had no chance.  I believe that Bachelet´s friendliness toward official Washington and Harvard limited some of the USA aid to Piñera, the USA wasn´t letting Piñera lose. NOT WITH CODELCO AT STAKE.
With Fernández de Kirchner´s party in trouble, it now falls to Mujica and Lugo to be the left wing anchors on the Pacific side.  You know what´s happening on the Caribbean side.


Money knows no morality



I agree. Obama hasn’t told us any lies regarding the ratio of their bullets and our butter count. But, he doesn’t have to any more. The corporate coup has succeeded, after fifty years, in obtaining absolute control of the US Government. And in my opinion, unlike the Johnson era, current Hyenas of capital in the capital and elsewhere feel no ethical or moral obligation to bestow even the slightest morsel of political, human dignity by way legislative expediency to its constituents, black and or white.
Had those influential forces from both the civil rights movements and the largely white liberal left had put its might behind for example initiatives such as the Freedom Budget, ( which in fact made Johnson take notice) to eradicate poverty proposed by Bayard Rustin and economist Leon Keyserling instead of investing in the ineffectual anti Vietnam war movement, perhaps we’d be watching another game being played. But alas, with the white liberals  being more concerned about war against brown people on the other side of the planet and the Black anti war crusaders who felt it safe now with legislative enactments against racial discrimination to denounce the war, along with the Black nationalist who considered Rustin an Uncle Tom sellout and a faggot to boot; well, it never gained the muscle behind it to pressure the Johnson administration to address the poverty problem, so they were able to conveniently ignore it and Johnsomn had no other choice but to decline another run for office. Unlike these creeps, Obama included, who are running the show today; I believe that Johnson at least had a conscience and that conscience however elitist and imperialists minded compelled him to enact the Modern civil rights bills.
So, in my opinion what is being taken for stupidity and cowardess in Black folks is rwall a blank stare in the face of what we’ve been conditioned for a hundred and thirty years and that is that we’ve come to rely on the conscience of the court ( what Z.N. Hurston conveys in her story of that title) if you will. We bet on those in power to make the right political decisions concerning our fate because we like wise bet on their humanity being in tact to recognize the inequities and the needs to over come them. Big money has none and couldn’t give rats ass about conscience, moral imperatives or the losses accrued from their apathetic gluttony. And this past weeks Supreme court ruling on Corporate political, funding free for all sends the message home unequivocally as to who’s running the show.
Lastly, I think it’s merely a game of semantics at this point to even discuss Democrat and Republican in any serious, political sense; that’s a joke really and quite irelevant. Obama is simply in for the swing shift as it were; he’s buttering the pan for when the time comes for the republicans to cook their schemes, nothing is left sticking to the pan. Just look at his team, his policies, his procedures, his humiliating political deeds. They all taste like fried elefant.

Well stated...

I too single out LBJ to refute notions of "what can the President do (or not do)?"  To what extent is a man hamstrung by "the powers that be?"  LBJ hailed from a slave holding state, steeped in racist lore, but literally put his life on the line to rise above the circumstances and enact Civil Rights Legislation and measures to stem poverty. ( Can you imagine the "N lover insults he endured until his dying days?)  Or don't you suppose he thought he might catch a bullet too?
I won't even get into GWB.  It's been going on what?  Damn near 2 years now since the campaign of 2008 and the question that I raised then and now has yet to be answered?  "When did GWB NOT DO WTF HE WANTEDAnd did he ever have 60 votes to do it?"  Now part of the reason that he never needed 60 votes was he didn't give a damn, the other is that the Dems feigned and faked opposition but voted for his shit anyway.  But now all of a sudden 60 votes is some magical number.  If Obummer wasn't so chickenshit, so warped on the sick naive notion of bipartisanship, (an excuse if there ever was one) he would have already signed a progressive health care through reconcillation, striking the iron while it was red hot.  But noooo.... "we don't want to overreach."  Overreach my ass, you simply didn't want a progressive bill that undermined big $$.   A shark can smell blood in the water, nano particles, did Obummer ever watch Animal Planet?
I rest my case.
Speeches?  Who gives a f**k about words w/o deeds?  It's like telling your girl you love her while showering and texting your sidebar from the bathroom.   Or the cat who keeps reminding you how big a Christian he is, but he's trying to get more p*ss* than you.

Check out this extraordinary essay by Chris Floyd

American History 101: We Are Devo

Written by Chris Floyd   

Friday, 29 January 2010 15:33

A brilliant insight on just how far we've regressed under the  current political system of the US "Empire."  Equally insightful on how what now perpretrates as "centrism" would be considered facist in Nixon's era.  Excerpt:
"...Yes, the presidential history of Richard M. Nixon paints a striking, even shocking contrast to the prevailing political weather today. It shows, with stark power, how very far the center of political gravity has shifted in the past 36 years. For Nixon was a rock-ribbed conservative by the standards of his day; yet compared to the timorous, time-serving "progressive" now in the White House, Nixon looks like Eugene Debs."
Thanks to Floyd, I can now throw Tricky Dick into the equation along with LBJ and GWB when I heard the sad lamentations and whining of Obummer and Dem Party supporters who bemoan their utter weakness and ineptitude to do anything--legislatively or policy wise-- worth mentioning.


So what will our stuck-up intelligent middleclass do now?  Surely a quantum they fathom not, their being sucker-bait to the rich a mystery such middle-speed brains find impossible to comprehend.   
Over 60 years the most pampered class of animals the world has ever know, most all having experienced nothing other then a fast track to excessive wealth, got their degree and so exceptional that they be.


Congressional oversight is a constitutional requirement. I don't know why we even have the federal reserve. Congress is suppose to be the ones printing money and determining its worth, not the President or the Federal Reserve. casino en ligne

Highest law in the land

Yes it woulde be nice if we had a Constitution, for then the organized will of the people would be the highest law in the land.
But alas, all we have is a fake morality esablished by a Manifesto, just a smoke screen to protect excessive wealth.

When tanking a shower

When tanking a shower Slippers are very usefull, then going out in the sun your eyes will scream if you don't have Sunglasses and you may lose your pants if you don't wear a Designer Belt.

Achievement dictatorship

Achievement dictatorship
First, let us break society into the three classes that share the most in common, by neighborhood, employment and social interactivity:
20% country club class
30% college level middleclass
50% without 12 years of education, the laboring class   
Second, let us break society into the three voting classes:
20% Republicans
30% Democrats and liberals
50% non voters
Third, let us break society into the three unemployed classes:
20% with none unemployed
30% with very few unemployed
50% with 4 in 10 unemployed
Forth, let us break society into the three  classes of debt:
20% with on debt
30% with more wealth then debt
50% with most all the debt
Fifth, let us see who is in the imprisoned class:
20% never see prison or jail
30% among all of law enforcement who police all the prisons and jails
50% among those who fill all the prisons and jails
Sixth, let us see who is the most divorced class:
20% virtually never divorced
30% with 1 in 50 divorced
50% with 95 in 100 divorced
Seventh, let us see who is the most killed in war class:
20% virtually never die in war
30% make up five percent of war dead
50% make up ninety five percent of war dead
Eighth, let us have mass rebellion class, stop being stuck-up and help the lower class:
20% virtually none would rebel
30% lucky if 5% rebel
50% all ready, willing and able to rebel

What difference does it make

As evidenced by the following examples, our self-absorbed voting majority is more interested in the entertainment value in an issue then getting at the root cause.
The 9/11 disaster, which conspiracy theory is the best: (1) Attack was masterminded by the rich nobility of Europe to make sure we never stop protecting their oil rights in the Middle East. (2) The terrorists were funded by our multinational corporations who manufacture war material, as they made trillions off the terrorizing effect of it. (3) Sudden collapse of those giant buildings so tall could only have happen by explosives placed in strategic location.
But what difference does it make, is not the root cause of the militants internal vengeance our external wars of plunder and aggression?
What conspiracy theory best identifies who killed John F. Kennedy: (1) Mafia did it to stop Bob Kennedy from prosecuting their godfathers. (2) CIA did it as John was in the process of dismantling their department and crippling their power.  (3) The corporate rich who own our war materials industry did it as John was defying their will that he escalate the Vietnam War.
But what difference does it make, is not our defense economy what makes us the richest, most powerful, brutal and corrupt nation the world has ever known?
Which party will capture the hearts and minds of middleclass in next election: (1) Republicans  who work for the rich ruling class. (2) Democrats who work for the college educated middleclass. (3) Tea Party, a group of entertainment seeking extroverts, who are funded by the rich and who are most angry that they may be taxed for things they get no benefit from, such as healthcare for the poor.
But what difference does it make, is not the root cause of all corruption in politics the fact that our 50% laboring class never go to the polls?  For those who hard labor are kept minimum wage impoverished, police state enslaved and healthcare deprived. For the voting majority, those with great jobs, terrific homes and quality healthcare, they do so love to enrich themselves upon our misery.