Obama: Putin-Baiter and Preventive Detainer

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

President Obama has thrown international law into history’s dustbin, torn up the U.S. Bill of Rights, and is mapping millions for possible future detention. “One court order + one suspect number + three hops = everybody remotely involved in anti-war activity.”


Obama: Putin-Baiter and Preventive Detainer

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

They have undoubtedly already mapped every potentially left-leaning or ethnically suspect (Black) U.S. human network.”

Barack Obama is one smooth operator, relentlessly expanding on the fascist domestic and international infrastructure bequeathed him by George W. Bush, the cartoon cowboy imperialist. As we described him in 2012, Obama is truly the “more effective evil” – a president who routinely commits the most brazen aggressions under the lawless doctrine of “humanitarian” intervention, and who has utterly trashed due process and the rule of law on the domestic front. If you want to see fascism built right, get a Black Harvard man to do it – and watch the internal resistance crumble.

Although Russian President Vladimir Putin has drawn a line against further NATO incursions and coups at his southern border – a move that most of Earth’s inhabitants undoubtedly applaud, given that polls have long confirmed that the U.S. is seen as the number one threat to peace in the world – U.S. public opinion reverts effortlessly to Cold War mode. Obama will have no problem gaining near-unanimous congressional support for the widest range of escalations against Moscow – from sanctions to natural gas wars to preparations for the shooting kind – while the ridiculous U.S. pseudo-Left, personified by Jon Stewart, of the Daily Show, snarks an historically-reversed narrative of post-1991 history in which Russia is constantly moving westward towards the English Channel.

If you want to see fascism built right, get a Black Harvard man to do it.”

The president lowered himself to Stewart’s level (or was it the other way around?), baiting the Russians as less than manly. “Russia is a regional power that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors, not out of strength but out of weakness,” said the fracking PR-man-in-chief. Obama issued his juvenile insults against the world’s other paramount nuclear power at, of all places, a summit on nuclear security in The Hague, Netherlands. Tens of millions of eyes must have rolled among the U.S.’s southern neighbors when Obama said, “we generally don't need to invade them in order to have a strong cooperative relationship with them."

Tell that to Haiti (1994, 2004), Cuba (1961), Grenada (1983), Panama (1989), Dominican Republic (1965) – neighborly nations directly invaded by U.S. troops; and to the people of Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Colombia, who lost tens or hundreds of thousands at the hands of U.S. surrogates; and to the citizens of Chile and the rest of South America, virtually every country of which was taken over by militaries backed by the United States. And, we are only talking about the post-World War Two era! As we write, Obama pursues George Bush’s policy of regime change in Venezuela, while the people still suffer under the heirs to the military coup he backed in Honduras, in 2009.

U.S. non-recognition of international law has effectively achieved bipartisan acceptance.”

The list gets much, much longer if one includes the rest of the world as “neighbors” of the U.S. Certainly, the Americans behave as if everyone else’s internal affairs are subject to Washington’s approval – a negation of international law and the real meaning of Obama’s humanitarian military intervention doctrine, or R2P, Responsibility to Protect. Under the First Black President, U.S. non-recognition of international law has effectively achieved bipartisan acceptance. Indeed, much of what pretended to be an anti-war movement under Obama’s Republican predecessor is now in thrall of “humanitarian” warfare.

If it were really true that the fate of the world rests with anti-war constituencies and other resisters inside the Belly of the Beast, as many peace activists used to claim, then the world would likely be doomed. The American polity is not effectively defending its own liberties. President Obama has pulled off what George W. Bush did not even attempt: he has established, through the Congress and the courts, preventive detention without trial as the law of the land, effectively nullifying due process. Having stripped citizens of their legal protections, he now bargains with Congress on the uses of the NSA spy machinery that is already capable of monitoring literally every American – plus unknown proportions of the rest of the world.

Obama says he wants to limit telephone monitoring to two “hops” removed from the phone number targeted as suspicious, in order to “minimize” the State’s intrusion on the people’s privacy. In fact, one court order allowing two “hops” would quite easily bring ten thousand telephone numbers under NSA surveillance, as U.S. District Judge Richard Leon figured out before rendering a decision against the NSA. The judge postulated that each of the 100 phone numbers called by the suspect – or “seed” – phone (the first “hop”) had called or gotten calls from at least 100 other numbers over five years (the second “hop”), totaling 10,000. A third “hop” would ensnare a total of one million phones.

A third hop would round up multiples of millions.”

Judge Leon’s assumptions are very conservative. If the national security state targets any effective political activist, they would reap far more than 100 numbers on both the first and second “hops” – probably enough to effectively map the bulk of the political activity among, say, peace groups. A third hop would round up multiples of millions, including the barely committed and folks with no interest in politics of any kind. One court order + one suspect number + three hops = everybody remotely involved in anti-war activity.

It turns out that the NSA has for years been allowed to search up to three hops away from the suspect phone. They have undoubtedly already mapped every potentially left-leaning or ethnically suspect (Black) U.S. human network, having assembled millions of names and numbers.

If George Bush or any Republican were president, leftists of all stripes would realize the clock is ticking – that they must radically alter the direction of the U.S. state, or be interned by it. However, the smooth fascist, Barak Obama, is in charge, and there is little sense of urgency on the Left.

Which is another reason that we say Obama is the more effective evil.

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The "International Community"

Most laughable is this new idea of the "international community" meaning only those who support Washington's position. Its like how htey used to use "serious"  can you see Bill Kristol's face saying "all serious economists beleive", or the like?

Obama doing what Obama does best

Standing Reality on its Head.

Imagine that invoking "Might makes Right" in order to condemn Putin. That cliche was proudly created and crowed by the US during the height of the Cold War in the 1950s.

This guy would mahe Goebbels blush in embarassment

The following article was on

The following article was on rt.com (under Russian Politics) today:

Russian Senator Seeks to Strip President Obama of Nobel Peace Prize Over Double Standards

A Russian senator has asked the Nobel Committee to annul the award given to the US President last year claiming Barack Obama’s double standard policy has helped develop the political crisis in Ukraine.

The double standard policy is incompatible with the title of Nobel Peace Prize laureate. I think the Nobel committee must take an objective look at the situation and consider the possibility of taking the title from Barack Obama,” Senator Lyudmila Bokova (Saratov Region) was quoted as saying by the Izvestia daily.

The latest statements and activities of Mr. Obama are clearly aimed against the non-violent solution of the Ukrainian crisis. Besides, the US President is pursuing the objective of world domination and the interests of the Ukrainian people is the last thing to be taken into consideration by him,” the Russian politician said.

Bokova added she had thoroughly studied Barack Obama’s Nobel speech and everything in it was right, but the US President’s own actions now contradict his position.

The United States has stopped being a guarantor of international security and is only forcefully imposing its own interests and values upon other nations, the senator added.

The double standards policy has become America’s main modus operandi on the international arena. The whole world has repeatedly witnessed that applying double standards is not only inadmissible but also dangerous as it leads to uncontrolled outbursts of violence and Human Rights violations,” Bokova said.

On Friday last week Russia’s Upper House passed a motion condemning the sanctions the United States and the European Union imposed on Russia over the Ukrainian crisis and the accession of the Crimean Republic into the Russian Federation. Earlier last week State Duma deputies suggested Western nations imposed personal sanctions on all of them, expressing solidarity with blacklisted colleagues.

In November last year two Russian NGOs, Officers of Russia and Soldiers’ Mothers, asked the Nobel Committee to evaluate the information according to which Barack Obama had noted he was ‘very good at killing people’ while discussing drone warfare with his close aides. Russian activists claimed that these words were hardly compatible with the title of a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. They also added that the Peace Prize bestowed on Obama was a sort of 'advance' given in return for promises and press statements made during the previous election campaign, but in reality the deeds of the US leader contradict his earlier rhetoric and this means that the ‘advance’ can be rescinded.

President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prise in 2009, shortly after taking office in 2008.