Obama Humiliates the Black Caucus – and They Pretend Not to Notice


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

When the going gets rough, beat up on the Blacks. That’s been a rule of American politics for many generations – so why should Barack Obama be any different? “Obama took his church voice to the Congressional Black Caucus annual awards dinner to very pointedly demand that Blacks stop bugging their president about the economic catastrophe that has befallen them, and his own role in it.” Duly chastised, the Black lawmakers accepted their assignment.

Obama Humiliates the Black Caucus – and They Pretend Not to Notice

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Obama has very publicly commanded them to shut up and perform what he believes is their only legitimate function: to get him re-elected.”

This magazine spent much of the 2008 presidential campaign warning that reflexive, unquestioning, uncomplaining support for Barack Obama would render African Americans politically irrelevant for the next four years. “About 90 percent of Black America has allied itself with a candidate that never promised them a damn thing,” we wrote, back on April Fools Day, 2008. One year before, in Selma, Alabama, Obama had first deployed his pseudo-Baptist preacher delivery to announce that Blacks had already come “90 percent of the way” towards equality, strongly inferring that his election would take us the other ten percent of the way, while simultaneously sending “a signal to whites that the days of Black racial agitation were nearly over.”

Earlier in the year, in Reno, Nevada, candidate Obama

“…expressed deep empathy with those Reaganites who had been so repulsed by the ‘excesses of the 1960s and 1970s.’ On Katrina, Obama declared that government ‘incompetence’ after the storm ‘had been colorblind.’ If that were true, then every act of man in the aftermath of the hurricane was racism-free. That was Obama’s position.”

By June of 2008, it was clear to Obama and his handlers that there was no insult that African Americans would not gladly endure – even cheer – for the chance to see one of their own in the Oval Office. For the first time in history, Blacks had made not a single demand in a presidential election; their bamboozlement was complete. A no-risk, public humiliation of Black folks was in order, for the benefit of white voters who might still be wondering if Obama was really the kind of Negro who could be trusted with the keys to the White House. What better day to denigrate Black men, than Father’s Day?

It was clear to Obama and his handlers that there was no insult that African Americans would not gladly endure – even cheer – for the chance to see one of their own in the Oval Office.”

With a feigned familiarity dripping with contempt, Obama scorned and mocked cardboard characters named “Pookie” and “Ray-Ray” for “acting like boys instead of men,” sitting on the couch watching television while feeding cold chicken to their children who were then let out to roam the streets. "You and I know how true this is in the African-American community," said the candidate.

The larger, intended audience – white people, via corporate media – read the reassuring news: "Obama Tells Black Fathers to Act Like Men" (AFP), "Obama Calls on Black Men to Be Better Fathers" (U.S. News & World Report), "Black Fathers Missing From Too Many Lives" (The Age), "Obama Calls for More Responsibility From Black Fathers" (NYT).

Obama shrewdly chose “the politically conservative (in Black terms) Apostolic Church of God as the venue for his blanket Black male denunciation,” as a reminder to “whites that he was no longer a member of Trinity United Church of Christ, formerly pastored by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, also located on Chicago's South Side,” we wrote.

Like others, we at BAR were outraged:

Can one imagine Obama or any other presidential aspirant repeatedly hectoring any other ethnic group on moral issues? Singling out Jews for excessive materialism? The Irish for excessive drinking? Of course not; that would be unfair and politically suicidal. But there are large regions of the white body politic in which it is not only acceptable, but damn near required, that politicians demonstrate their impatience with the alleged moral shortcomings of Black people. Barack Obama trolls for votes in those foul waters, at the cost of Black people's dignity.”

Can one imagine Obama or any other presidential aspirant repeatedly hectoring any other ethnic group.”

Three years later, in the same week that he bowed down to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before the assembled nations of the world, in New York City, Obama took his church voice to the Congressional Black Caucus annual awards dinner to very pointedly demand that Blacks stop bugging their president about the economic catastrophe that has befallen them, and his own role in it. “Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes,” Obama hectored. “Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’. We are going to press on. We have work to do.”

Black Caucus chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver had earlier told reporters, “If Bill Clinton had been in the White House and had failed to address this [Black unemployment] problem, we probably would be marching on the White House." But Obama came to lay down the law: any marching that you might do will be for my re-election.

The well-oiled crowd cheered.

Los Angeles congresswoman Maxine Waters seemed to be the only Black lawmaker capable of an adult response:

I’m not sure who the president was addressing. I found that language a bit curious. The president spoke to the Hispanic Caucus… he certainly didn’t tell them to stop complaining and he never would say that to the gay and lesbian community who really pushed him on don’t ask don’t tell or even in a speech to APEC, he would never say to the Jewish community stop complaining about Israel.”

But she won’t hold it against Obama.

So I don’t know who he was talking to because we’re certainly not complaining. We are working. We support him and we are protecting that base because we want people to be enthusiastic about him when that election rolls around.”

Texas congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee said she “didn’t take offense” at Obama’s language or tone. “I believe I know his heart,” she told PBS host Tavis Smiley who, along with Princeton Prof. Cornel West, has stepped out of the ranks to oppose the president on his record. “The president came in the armor of a brother or a sister,” said Jackson-Lee. “The captain was trying to say, I’m in charge, I want you with me.” The Caucus will continue “crying and complaining, yes we will,” about the pain of their constituents. “We will continue to press the envelope.”

Press what? The Black Caucus, as a body, meekly murmured and mumbled as the administration transferred the equivalent of the U.S. gross domestic product to the banks while Black America disintegrated. Now, with Obama’s numbers falling, he has very publicly commanded them to shut up and perform what he believes is their only legitimate function: to get him re-elected. In the looming contest, he will again resort to Black-baiting whenever it is useful to shore up white support. In that – as with his foreign and domestic policies – Obama is no different than white corporate politicians. His one great distinction, is to have a core constituency that cares more for his security and dignity, than their own.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at [email protected].


What a difference...

Obama's Rosh Hashanah Message


Obama's Message to Black People


The House Negro -in- Chief punked Black people at that CBC gathering. While he's taking our freedoms, property, pay & benefits, all we have left is our dignity. The Shoe Shiner -in- Chief MUST NOT be allowed to get away with this. We MUST throw our full support behind Tavis Smiley, and implore CORNEL WEST to double down on his call for a primary challenger to this president, and RUN HIMSELF!






Say what we will about Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, but these two people are the most visible Black public figures who are throwing monkey wrenches in the House Negro -in- chiefs designs. We can expect an army of black bloggers, journalist, public figures, and protesters being deployed to discredit and destroy Tavis Smiley and Cornel West (and we can also expect BAR to get hacked again if the web traffic here picks up in the coming months). They'll be needing our support.

primary challenge?

What is  a  primary  challenge  suppose  to  accomplish? There  is  a  very  high  probability of failure.  Suppose a  challenger   gets a  significant  number of   votes;  what  has  been   accomplished? Obama and  his   bosses (aipac,  corporate  america, etc.,)  could  care  less.

Wouldn't the time , energy,  money  be  better  spent on a   real challenge  to  the  status  quo outside of  the Dem/Rep  Parties or  one  of  their subsidiaries  like  the   Green  Party.

Vote against the duopoly

That shoe-shiner-in-chief shit is funny but you're correct Joell. A primary challenge is just advancing another Democrat. The better idea is to vote against the two party system and work locally in your communities.

BTW: I agree with Cornell and Tavis up to a point but don't trust them in any way, shape, or form.

Brother cynic,

I had decided to remove myself completely from politics and concentrate solely on getting the hell out of this country as fast as possible...Nevertheless,like an alcoholic in remission,I am back to say that I agree with you that Mr West should run for president under the democratic banner;But only if he will seriously debate Obama and not to keep referring to him as a brother.If he does that,it will be much worse than if he had just kept his mouth shut...Running under the dreaded democratic banner is the only guarantee he'll have to get some main media coverage.

When someone has the wrong concept, they come to the wrong concl


President Obama looked uneasy as well as desperate. His declaration that "Black people need to stop crying and stop complaining" was dispicable. He truly is an accommodationist. Nonetheless, Obama has helped me understand that voting is a waste of time and energy, thus I will never vote again. I know now that any true “change” for African people across the globe can only be accomplished through a political education that advocates Pan-Africanism. That is where my energy and efforts will and have been directed.

 Dr. Kambon said it best “When someone has the wrong concept, they come to the wrong conclusion” Barack Obama and many others who believe in the racist white hegemonistic system have solved the equation but it’s for the wrong problem or better yet a decoy problem.  

remember dubois? marcus garvey? Kwame Nkrumah? dr. Clarke?

History tells us that the spirit of Pan-Africanism needs a strong African lobby right here in the USA..

Seeds of the AU was planted in the United States. Right about now, the only people making any kind of noise for Black people (and small farmers, small business, and the poor to working-class in general) are Cynthia Mckinney, the Nation of Islam, Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, and maybe to a lesser extent -- congresswoman Maxine Waters.

He looks like he is losing it....

Obama appears to be losing control of his faculties.His bravado will be his own undoing..He even went into the bedrooms of the people he was speaking to by ordering them to remove their bedroom slippers.....LOL I wonder how John Lewis and Conyers felt about that..What was that slap against the podium about at the end of that ranting?It's as if he was ordering them to do what he said or there will will be consequences to pay....By the way,if you are curious about the son,do some research on the father and grandfather then,put the dots together.......;Something most Blacks just can't or won't do.


How does one lose what one has never had? Why Black people continue to show up at any Obama event knowing that he cannot be in a room where more than two Black people are present without launching into one of his patented "tough love" diatribes is beyond me. Especially since these "lectures" are always very heavy on the toughness and very light on the "love."

I agree with those who have said that if you feel the need to run, or to run someone else for political office, please do so outside of the two interchangeable parties. Don't pull a Jessie Jackson and dutifully march your followers right back into the party which attacked and disrespected you (and them) during the campaign in exchange for absolutely nothing.

Bill Cosby?

I bet you Obama's racist handlers liked the reaction Bill Cosby got from the white/zionist controlled media and decided to incorporate this into his teleprompter.

I believe Bill Cosby's statements came from a position of love, and the white/zionist owned press blew the issue up...


"This tendency among African Americans to accept the most direly negative situations if it can be demonstrated that White Americans are suffering to the same degree, is unhealthy and counterproductive. To be the same is not necessarily to be equal. The fact that many African
Americans strive mightily to prove themselves to be 'the same as,'therefore 'equal to' the Whites who enslaved and colonized them; who physically and psychologically abuse, economically and socially exploit them, is indicative of just how maladjustd the African psyche has become under the brutality of European oppression."

Amos N. Wilson
Black-on-Black Violence: The Psychodynamics of Black Self-Annihilation in Service of White Domination

In the phrase of Mutabaruka,

In the phrase of Mutabaruka, "it's a shame to be living in a white man's country too long".  Listen to the pathetic dropping of "g"s at the end of his verbs, the phony drawl, and the ridiculous slapping of the side of the podium at the end of his exhortation.  Finally, he throws his arm into the air victory style, but suggests nothing more than the self-adulation of the burnt out rock and roll musicians Christopher Guest and his company satirize in "Spinal Tap".  It is a sad day when a man of such enormous gifts can do nothing more than become a sad parody of his higher self in quest of a last, sad dash for another four years at power that he has neither the fortitude or integrity to wield on behalf of the people who love him. 

New Wayne Madsen:

A depressed president hooked on Google "vanity searches"


CORNEL WEST: "What Is Going On In His Mind!"


CORNEL WEST on Obama's new phony populism: "It could be a two step."


New Report From Alleged White House Insider:

The president is being cornered and he doesn’t appear to have much fight left in him.  Don’t take that as me being confident though.  That makes him more dangerous than ever.  He still has his hardliners around him.  They will not give this up.  Jarrett will break him apart if needed.  Too much money on the line. They owe people. Pulling the plug is not an option for them.  And while we have been working up the primary challenge against the president in the fall, I am hearing those bastards have been attempting to install a 3rd candidate scenario to split the vote.  Not just idle talk, but actual negotiations having taken place.  If they pull that off, well, I don’t know.  We had not prepared for that scenario.  It’s a long shot for them, but it put a scare in me.  In all of us.  Let our guard down there.

More importantly at the moment though is Fast and Furious.  The Solyndra thing was an unexpected surprise.  Had nothing to do w/that but happy to see it out there.  If it continues to get attention from the public that’s great.  The more the merrier when it comes to scandals against this administration.  I continue to see Fast and Furious as the much bigger deal for this White House though.  That has everyone running interference at a level only seen when something very big and very dangerous to a president is hovering over an administration.  You keep asking about Issa.  At this point I don’t know.  Information has been effectively shut down from his office.  That either means a deal has been struck and some stooge will take the fall, or they are preparing to go all in on this thing.  A Watergate type moment. 


The Fallacy of US Black Political & Econ Power_a Comparison;

Jewish % of US Population: 2% - Black % of US Population: 12%

Number of Current Jewish US Senators: 13 - Number of Current Black US Senators: 0

Number of Former Jewish US Senators elected since 1900: 22 - Number of Former Black US Senators elected since 1900: 3 [Note: I don't count Roland Burris because he was effectively picked as a place-holder for Barak Obama's IL Senate seat - but was only allowed to do so after he promised to step-down & step-aside when that term ended] - Thus the total number of Jewish US senators elected since 1900: 35 -vs- total number of Black US senators elected since 1900: 3

Number of current Jewish US Congressional Reps: 27 [= 3Xs the number of reps as compared to their 2% of US population] - Number of current Black US Congressional Reps: 42 [= .75 {IE: 3/4} of the number reps as compared to our 12% of US population]

Total number of Jewish US Cabinet Officials & Ambassadors [past & present]: 38 - 40 - Total number of Black US Cabinet Officials & Ambassadors [past & present]: 19 - 21

Total number of Jewish US State Governors [past & present]: 24 - Total number of Black US State Governors [past & present]: 4

40% of US billionaires are Jewish [= 165 out of a US total of 413]. 18% of Jewish households have a net worth of $1 million or more. - Number of Black US billionaires: 2 [Oprah & marginally so BET founder Bob Johnson]. 1.2% of Black US Households have a net worth of $1 million or more, while 25% of Black US households are in poverty.

The influence of the AIPAC-Likud-Israel Lobby over US Mideast policy is Strong- IE: Israel [population: 6 -7 million] gets more US foreign aid [$2.5 - 3+billion/yr] than all of Africa combined [population: 1-Billion] - w nearly 65% of Africa's aid going to just Egypt [$1.6 billion] due to the deal cut between Egypt, Israel & the US for the Egyptian - Israeli Peace Treaty.

And the influence of the Congressional Black Caucus- Was the CBC able to influence ex-CBC member [& supposed Son of an African-Kenyan] O-Bomb-em not to bomb the African countries of Libya & Somalia? How about the CBC's influence on Obama to significantly change [after all he said he was all about 'Hope & Change'] the US' on-going atrocious Haitian policies? How about the CBC's influence on Obama concerning Jobs for Blacks in the US - who over-whelmingly voted for Obama & still over-whelmingly support him?

What I think Obomba's CBC speech means.

I think Obama was trying to send two messages, one to the African-American community at large and the other to white liberals/white independents/white Reagan Democrats. To the latter I think he was taking a page from the slickest C.I.A. asset ever to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office, Bill Clinton, with his "Sister Souljah moment" back in the early 1990s in other words trying to appear tough on African-Americans to appeal to the racist element clearly present in white American society.

To the former audience I think he was basically saying "Sit down, shut up, get organizing for my reelection or don't do anything at all, don't complain because I'm making it obvious I won't listen and am totally indifferent to your concerns and when this campaign bus gets rolling again expect to be where you have been during my first term, sitting at the back of it where I can't hear you."


American politicians have been staging "Sista Souljah" moments to demonstate to Whites (and to others) that this a White persons' nation, and that they know how to deal with uppity Blacks, which means, any Black person who believes that Black people are entitled to full and unconditional citizenship, or any Black person who openly defies or who openly disagrees with whatever the current White consensus happens to be, for about 300 years. Other groups demonize, ostracise, undermine and attack those who engage in such behavior. Blacks generally don't. Instead, we and most of our so-called leaders cower down and make excuses for those who use us in this manner as long as they pretend to be liberals, progressives, Democrats, or so-called moderates (from any party). When are we as a group going to grow up, politically speaking. When are we going to stop bringing hopes and dreams and prayer books and blind faith to political knife fights?

The State of the Black mind....

That frozen psychological state that is mentioned in the Willie Lynch letter is strongly at display in the year 2012;Exactly as he predicted that it would be 300 years later from the day he made his speech.Speak to any Black male or female about the past and present mind blowing trickeries of religion; That Black person will act as if he or she understands what you are saying and instantly revert back to the white god,his son,his brother the devil and his holy ghost.These are all signs of delusion and mental illness yet,perfectly accepted as normal in our society.In order to do a proper diagnosis of the state of the mind,the questions are usually asked if 1) you hear voices and 2) whether you have any imaginary friends.......If you answer yes to both questions,you will most likely be admitted into an institution....Yet,people are allowed to walk around while purposely being made insane by the State and Religion.As a matter of fact,that type of irrational thinking is encouraged and now being enforced in our public school systems.Willie Lynch did predict that the Black woman would be the white man's best weapon against the Black race.Pay close attention and  see how the Black woman is the one pushing that deadly dope into the minds of the race more forcefully than anyone else.The Black man,starving for love and affection that he rarely receives as a child,is more than willing to give up his whole being for the sake of some sexual contact with this woman.In that frozen,scared psychological state,the mind will accept almost anything that the percieved master orders it to do.Obama is taking full advantage of the situation and will continue to do so until a greater phenamenon than religion is introduced into the mix......How can a proud Black man allows his woman to make him kneel down like a dog and pray to a white imaginary figure?Sometimes,I really do not know who is more at fault and therefore more insane..............

President Barack Obama is But One of Multiple Sellouts!


Source: Ceyseau(dot)net and inept leaders

I'm against President Barack Obama, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, 33rd Congressional District Congresswoman Karen Bass, 2nd District LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas, and/or other black people in policy making positions, be it past or the present, because he or she do not use his or her influence to uphold the U.S. Constitution or any respective State Constitution to protect the lawful rights of U.S. born descendants of slavery.

“There are cases where an individual has been wrongfully treated by his government and about the only way, unless the individual resorts to court, and even in some cases the courts are not able to give proper relief, the only area or avenue open to the individual is through his representative. When you find a bona fide error has been made, I suggest that you make a maximum effort to remedy it. This I feel is a vital and important function of those of us in the House of Representatives”.

Authors: Donald G. Tacheron and Morris Udall, from the book entitled, “The Job of the Congressman”, pages 65 and 66.

(The above excerpt “The Job of the Congressman” holds true for any elected office holder, and/or U.S. Citizen.)

The value of an elected official, without respect to political party affiliation, criminal or civil defense lawyer is gauged by the competency of any of these influential individuals to use the Constitution, the rule of law, tort practice to represent a client, especially a client egregiously violated by the atrocities of government.

This would be especially the case for any influential individual of the same ethnic identity of the individuals served, because it is not in the best interest of any other ethnic group to be the first to step up to the plate in behalf of the specific ethnic group (Black in this instance) egregiously violated by government who seeks redress in compensation, restitution from the government for the harm done, etc.