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The New Black Politics: All We Want Is A Black Royal Family, Not Jobs, Peace, or Justice

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    by BAR Managing Editor Bruce A. Dixon

    With record black unemployment, unjust wars and torture continuing, it's time to ask, Can we let a black pharoah go? The historical African American legacy as the most progressive-minded constituency in the U.S. seems to have hit a royalist snag in the Age of Obama.  "Four years after declaring himself “Joshua” to Dr. King's Moses, our first black president resembles Pharoah more than anybody else."

    The New Black Politics: All We Want Is A Black Royal Family, Not Jobs, Peace, or Justice

    by BAR Managing Editor Bruce A. Dixon

    1. "Black America, our leaders tell us, should just shut up and be proud that we have a black president and a pretty black family in that big White House."

    The once expansive horizons of black America's political universe have shrunk and withered. Our class of black political misleaders abandoned long ago the internationalism and Pan-Africanism of Robeson and DuBois. Black America's self-proclaimed best and brightest have traded the “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” refrain of the King era away. For themselves, they reap perceived access to power, or possible contracts or appointments, or just the thrill of basking in reflected glory. For the black masses they offer hollow excuses and the uncritical worship of a black royal family.

    It's no exaggeration. Black political discussions in this age of Obama have assumed an almost feudal tone. Scarcely any black political discussion can be heard over mainstream airwaves or print that is not ended, begun and punctuated with avowals of love for the handsome brown president and his beautiful family. Once the vigilant advocates of fairness, decent wages and peace, our political talking heads fill hours of air time and reams of print obsessing over perceived and real slights to the dignity of the first family, while ignoring the president's vicious assaults on public workers, his unwillingness to halt the wave of foreclosures, his continued prosecution of unjust wars, and his vacuous prescriptions of “competition” and tax cuts for the rich as answers to record black joblessness.

    For generations, black America has been where the Left lived, the reliable left anchor of the American polity. Whether the issue was fair wages or decent housing, retirement security, or opposition to unjust war, black America could be counted on to stand and to lead in its own interest, and everyone else's. That left anchor was cut loose in the early spring of 2007, with Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, and the 2008 presidential campaign in full swing. As BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford put it,

    ...We had a unilateral shutdown of all black political activity not concerned directly with turning out votes for Barack Obama. That caused great confusion among the white left, which frankly takes its cues from black folks... “What do the black folks do? I think we ought to do that too...” Black folks weren't doing anything except saying rah, rah for Obama, and that led to a shutdown of the white left....”

    In early 2007, Detroit's Rep. John Conyers became the first black chair of the House Judiciary Committee, the man with the legal power to begin impeachment proceedings against George Bush and Dick Cheney.. In the previous two sessions, Conyers had introduced impeachment bills, and spoke at scores of public meetings in favor of impeachment. But with the power at last in his hand, he balked and retreated. Conyers was not alone.

    "Black political discussions in this age of Obama have assumed an almost feudal tone."

    Across the country that season black political leaders muffled themselves and their constituents. Stifling the demands of African American communities, our leaders explained, was the smart move. Black silence on the issues while registering and turning out a record vote, we were told, would strengthen the hand of a black presidential candidate, and of Democrats in Congress to accomplish all the goals of jobs, peace and justice that we would not be allowed to talk much about till some time after the election. We can pretty much see how that turned out.

    Two full years into the Obama presidency, black incomes are falling at record levels. The black president has declared the salaries and pensions of public workers, the largest stable sector of the black working class, to be a public menace. The unprecedented wave of home foreclosures, which the White House does nothing to stop, are disproportionately concentrated in black and brown America. While libraries and home health care are are cut, nukes are fully funded, “clean coal” is unleashed, and the White House funds multiple imperial wars, tortures and imprisons without the bother of trials or even charges, invades the private email and phone communications of millions, and threatening activists, journalists and whistleblowers with indefinite detention.

    In the light of day, four years after declaring himself “Joshua” to Dr. King's Moses, our first black president resembles Pharoah more than anybody else, and like the Egyptians who delighted in his worship, black America, our leaders tell us, should just shut up and be proud that we have a black president and a pretty black family in that big White House.

    There's something deeply wrong with this. When black Americans used to identify with the world's oppressed and down-trodden, they were at least identifying with people like themselves. Now we are more likely to see ourselves in Michelle Obama, who takes six or eight vacations a year in some of the world's most expensive resorts, than in a poor greiving Palestinian or Congolese mother. Many of us, if we're lucky enough to have a week or two a year of paid vacation, are too broke to go anywhere. And millions of us haven't seen a paid vacation in a while.

    Too many of us are too busy vicariously worshipping that beautiful black family in that big White House and not focusing on the lineup of economic actors and political forces that shape the lives of our own families and communities and neighborhoods. But that's what royalty has always been for, a circus and diversion.

    For the time being, black America remains in a delusional state, with African Americans expressing more confidence in and satisfaction with the direction of the nation and its economy than whites, while the gap between white and black employment, wealth, and rates of incarceration are at near record levels. Black support for the president remains strong, though not at the record levels experienced in 2008. Till things change, this appearance of overwhelming black support is an impenetrable wall around President Obama, insulating him from any effective challenge from his left.

    From our historic stature as leaders of the American polity, we have now become a brake. Egyptians in Egypt may have begun to throw off their authoritarian and tyrannical rulers. But in black America, we are, metaphorically speaking, not out of Egypt yet. As long as pharoah is black, we seem unwilling to let him go.

    Bruce A. Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report, and based in Marietta GA. He can be reached at bruce.dixon(at)

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    "MY Black President" won't support his own people

    I see that Rahmn "Fucking Liberal Retards" Emanuel is Chi Town's new mayor.  I heard some delusional Black woman on NPR throw her support to Emanuel saying, "If President Obama supports him that's good enough for me." 

    It's hard to fight the temptation to write off your own people who are as delusional as Tea Pariters in many respects. I hope Rahmn fucks em good like I know he will.  If these stupid Black people think their plight will improve with Emanuel because Obama endorses him they are crazy.  They won't get "jack" without making demands. 

    A poll released last week showed Emanuel with 58 percent of the vote -- more than enough to get the majority needed to avoid an April 5 runoff between the top two candidates.

    Emanuel was also favored because he has such high-profile support. Obama -- who remains wildly popular in his adoptive hometown of Chicago -- gave Rahm a glowing endorsement. 

    We're Sold on Media Personalities- Yet Know Not What We Worship

    "My people are destroyed for a lack of Knowledge{Truth}... For We Know Not What We Worship"...

    The MSM media has got the people [Black, Brown & white] caught up in Personality Cult Imagery [hype] - instead of Real Info [Truth]. These techniques were pioneered by the father of propaganda [mass psy-ops campaigns] Edward Bernays who was Sigmund Freud's nephew & whom he conferred w on how to best incorporate Freud's techniques into propaganda for the greatest effect. So as Sonny said at the end of  'The God-Father Pt2' - "All those people are suckers... WHY - Because they go off to fight, kill & die for people that THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW..." The mass media [IE: propaganda machine] convinces people that they really know Obama, Oprah, Michael Jordan, etc... Yet in fact probably less than 1% of Chicago Blacks have had any meaningful [let alone personal] contact w any of these famous Black Chicago personalities - [Note: The {1/2 - 1}million that filled Grant Park after Obama won the Presidency &/or the Bulls won their double 3-peat Don't Count!]. In fact this is probably true even for Obama's wife &/or her family. But Black people [as w most people] have bought into the glitter & gleam of personality cults [hype] instead of seeking Truly Relevant Info. I had been hearing the name Barak Obama 10yrs before he burst onto the national scene - but it wasn't until he ran for Pres that I knew his white mama was related to 8 US Pres [that shows that- The Fix Was In], or that Obama has probably been a protegee' of Zig Brzezinsky since he was at Columbia U in 1981-3... I wonder how many Blacks know this info about Obama which can be gotten from main-stream sources? - Let alone their implications!!?? But Blacks are convinced Obama is their Pres - even though he has continually worked against Black Dem Candidates. Rahm Emanuel had to get a large portion of Black [& perhaps Brown] votes in order to crack the 50% mark [I was hoping he'd fall a bit shy so at-least there would be a run-off]. Yet because 'their' Pres Obama [who they don't really know] said vote for Rahm [who they know even less about]- they voted against both a Black & Brown candidate who they knew were unquestionably eligible - in favor of Rahm who was ineligible... But when the IL Supreme Court over-turned the Cook County Court ruling that Rahm failed to meet Chicago's residency requirement- I knew that- The Fix Was In [From the movie 'JFK' - Jim Garrison's meeting w Mr X when Mr X says- 'When you see violations of basic rules & protocols - its a clear indication that a high level plot is at work...']. This alone- plus the fact that Rahm [along w Slick-Willie] had a major part in the so-called Blue-Dog strategy of running people w GOP lite politics as so-called moderate / centrist Dems- should have been enough to give Chicago Blacks pause in voting for Rahm [let alone Wayne Madsen's piece on how Rahm was behind attacks on key CBC members w the intention of filling their spots w his allies mainly from his ethnic group- but how many Blacks have heard of Wayne Madsen]. But because They've been dazzled by Obama-mania [IE hooked on Obama-laid]- as the {poor}woman said 'Since Obama said vote for Rahm - that's enough for me...'  But Then many Chicago Blacks helped keep the Rich Daley Sr/Jr dynasty in power for some 42+ yrs, even though Daley Jr helped put at least 13 Black & Brown people on Death-Row, who were later shown to be Not Guilty; -&- Also helped protect the notorious ex-CPD Lt Jon Burge [a guy who has probably been even more evil toward Blacks than even Mark Fuhrman] from legal prosecution for over 20+ yrs; -&- Whose daddy [Rich Daley Sr - also the daddy of Obama's new Chief of Staff] was implicated in the notorious 1919 Chicago Red Summer Race Riots - where Bridgeport's Irish gangs [Daley Sr was one of their leaders] invented Drive-By Shootings by driving thru Bronze-ville & gunning down Blacks. But the corrupt Chicago Daley-Dem Patronage Poly-trickal Machine, regularly paid off key Black Poly-tricians [& some key Black Revs too] to keep Blacks voting for the Daleys- So now expect more of the same from Rahm- especially w Obama in his corner. There's has been only 3 times that Chicago Blacks have bucked the Chicago Dem Machine in mass- in 1970 after the notorious execution of Fred Hampton [while he was sound asleep] & Mark Clark by a COINTELPRO joint FBI / CPD / Cook County Sheriff task force [Boss Daley Sr was Mayor & head of the mainly Irish gang called the CPD]- resulting in Blacks voting GOP against Dem Cook-County Sheriff Hanrahan [this helped launch Big Jim Thompson's career - lot of good that did us]; in the 1979 when Bilandic openly insulted Blacks by deliberately failing to clean streets in Black areas during the 1979 Blizzard [Chicago Blacks got pissed off & crossed over & voted Independent for Jane Burne], & of course the election of Harold Washington. But the Obama factor has effectively negated that possibility this time around.     

     And IT Ain't Just Black Folks BUT White Folks Too- Who keep going for the Ole Okee Doke [or better yet - Rope a Dope]. Take what's happening in Wisconsin [& Ohio too] where the newly elected GOP Gov(s)' first order of BIZ is to take away WI [& OH] Gov't workers collective bargaining rights- under the guise of fiscal responsibility [as these same type guys w Obama's help- just extended Bush's TAX Cuts for Rich folks]. So the people of WI are in an uproar [rightfully so]  but I keep saying to myself - But didn't ya'll so-called liberal / independent white folks just vote this BUM in - In the same wave that kicked out long time 'progressive' ex WI / US Senator Russ Feingold - for some so-called Tea-Party guy like the guy ya'll voted for Gov??!! If they hadn't voted these guys in they probably wouldn't be facing these attacks on [mainly white] workers. And I know all about the Tea-Baggers / Koch Bros / Citizen United / FOX GOP propaganda machine- but that would all be more-or-less meaning-less if people were more interested in Truth instead of Hype. But when your locked in the BOX [trap] of the fake poly-trickal left vs right / Dem vs GOP / liberal vs conservative paradigm- unless you somehow break out of this Trap...   


    I enjoy reading your posts but you keep putting too much information out there all at once.Try to make these things shorter .....You look like someone who wants to gobble up all the food available because he does not know where the next meal is coming from....

    By the way,How is it that Jesse Jackson never came head to head with The Daly Clan in Chicago?That tells us that Jesse is also part of the con game.Do you have any info on Jesse?

    I am mourning..

    I am mourning for what is surely a sad day for Chicago.Chicago and Detroit are poised to become major victims of the war on Black folks.Daily exchanged places with Rahm and voters had nothing to say about it....My heart breaks for the innocent little children who are going to suffer so..Anyone who waste their time standing in line to vote is insane.Brother cynic,what is your plan for the immediate future?I think it's time to empty the bank account and start to party our asses off because hard times is a coming//

    How long will the War on Terror Lie Last and bankrupt us??

    We've got these punk-ass, "Black Leaders" who are afraid to seize upon the FACTS of what is happening in the Arab World with the unrests and protests to undercut the Big Lie of a War on Terror.  Thinking people always knew this was a lie and one of the biggest propaganda scams in the history of mankind.  When will our chicken-shit "leaders" point out the truth as a means of protecting the working class from viscious cuts?  As a means of defanging the wildly insane MI(Security)C.  What are they waiting on?

    Why can't they parrot what Andrew Bacevich has written?:,0,1400493.story 

    The ongoing upheaval in the Arab world (and in Iran) has rendered a definitive judgment on U.S. policy over the last decade. Relying on their own resources and employing means of their own devising, the people of the Middle East intent on transforming that region have effectively consigned the entire "war on terror" to the category of strategic irrelevance.

    When first conceived in the wake of 9/11, two convictions underpinned that war. According to the first, precluding further attacks on the United States meant that the Islamic world needed to change. According to the second, because Muslims were manifestly unable to change on their own, the United States needed to engineer the process, with American military might serving as catalyst. Freedom (or at least submission) would issue from the barrel of a GI's assault rifle.

    In Afghanistan, then Iraq and now, of course, AfPak, U.S. efforts to promote change have achieved — at best — mixed results. Meanwhile, the costs incurred have proved painfully high. In terms of treasure expended, lives lost and moral authority squandered, Americans have paid a lot and gotten precious little in return.

    Now while dumb ass whites and a handful of Blacks and Hispanics tune into Faux Noise to listen to a bunch of lying bastards bleep on and on about the Muslim Caliphate, at least Blacks folks who doubted this bullshit in the first instance can speak up.  Where are the members of the Congressional Black Caucus when you need them?  Why aren't they out front and center using force of fact and logic to prove that the War on Terror is horseshit?  Or that drastic cuts to the military budget need to be implemented, that the ridiculous expendictures on "US intelligence" is cash being flushed down the toilet?  That the Muslim world poses no "threat."  I won't even get into why aren't they front and center demanding that Obama and his "Smart Power" buffons supporting democratic reform around the world. Why hasn't the Peace Prize Winner lead the charge?  Declare a Chinese dissident a prisoner of war, but ignore the crimes of Ghaddafi and Mubarack or the royalty in Bahrain?(Peasehead, US hypocrisy is ANOTHER reason we are becoming irrelevant).

    More than a few of use knew that the WOT was a fucking lie, one of the biggest propaganda ploys in the history of mankind, well now the proof is overflowing from all corners of the world.  What are we going to do about it?  Armed with revolutions and revolutionary knowledge how long will we allow the BIG LIE of the WOT to cosign us to financial and political serfdom?  It is any wonder that were are an appaling hypocritical failed state when we've been murdering and killing millions of innocents based on this "holy of holy" lies?  "They hates us because of our freedoms!"

    Bullshit! They hates us because we've oppressed them.  And people have the nerve to call ourselves a "Christian Nation?"  If this is how Christianity behaves, then I'll be a devil-worshipper.... because the differences are nil.

    (btw, Bill Maher needs to get his racist, Islamophobic ass off tee vee too, I'm sick of his pro-Zionist, fake liberalism)


    S-I-C with It

    Thanks Mr. Dixon for shedding some light on the obsession with the first Black POTUS that some of us have.  We are just S-I-C with it.  What I mean is that we are fixated on Style Image and Charisma of the first Black POTUS.  We are sprung on the Ivy League style (as if this man is the first Black man to go to and graduate from an Ivy League school).  We are stuck like chuck on the Image of a Black man in the white house.  News Flash it is still the WHITE House and one Black man does not change 200 plus years of Amerikkken history.  We are just so hyped on the Charisma of a Black POTUS (you now see pictures of JFK MLK Obama and Jesus) in picture frames hanging on walls in many Black folks homes.


    I understand the significance but I got to ask the question why are we still stuck on “The First Black this or First Black that”.  After the first Black governor –Douglas Wilder, first Black senator since reconstruction –Edward Brooke, and a slew of Black mayors and other politicians you think that we might get the message that what we see as a First means that the game has been rigged to keep us out and our so called First really means that they finally decided to let us play in their game (like we really need to in the First place).


    As Mr. Dixon clearly stated our over exuberance with Obama deflects our attention away from what really matters, what are the policies and politics coming out of the White House now that a Black man is occupying it???  All you have to do to find that out is look at the reality around us.  A financially insolvent nation, mass unemployment, mass incarceration and mass media madness (I know this is not the change anyone was or is looking for).  Add to that a nation that seems to be at war with every other nation on the planet and this is somehow the change we need???


    Black Folks seem to be lost in the celebrity worship twilight zone.  As suggested we seem to want to make Obama and his family royalty.   Yea the man is the POTUS but royalty (come on that is stretching it really far ya think).  We want to coronate him as royalty even as he gets a budget passed that BITCH Slaps(Yea I said it) poor folks (that’s most Black Folks).  Read the “Budget Shows Obama is a Lap Dog for GOP” article on this site and take a hint and get some clues if you choose to.


    When you put people on pedestals they will always disappoint you, when you do it to the point of being delusional about it is tantamount to losing your grip on reality.  Are we really this depraved about ourselves that we elevate this man to the level of royalty just to satisfy some warped sense of image depravation?  From what I have seen lately it would seem that what Mr. Dixon is saying is TRUE!!!  Dr. Martin Luther King was not Moses (I thought you knew) and Obama sure as Hell an’t Joshua or Jesus.


    We have this thing of associating contemporary people with biblical characters.  There is nothing wrong with that on the face of it but we take it to the No they didn’t zone and actually believe it.  We need to come to ourselves and come back to the REAL world and check ourselves before we wreck ourselves more than what we already have.






    S Murph

    Welcome to the facist states of America

    Who was it here who provided the great insight that shit that use to happen in 25 years or so now happens in 5? (or words to that effect)

    Looks like the Gestapo is poised in Wisconsin to deny the people the "right to petition the Government for redress of greivances."  Looks like divide and conquer is at work too.  Hands off the State trooper union, hands on the University cops.  Ah that wonderful Calvinist spirit in America where every motherfucker is for himself is alive and kicking!!!  How's that for your distorted "Christianity?" 

    Exclusive: Troopers would ‘absolutely’ use force on Wisc. protesters if ordered, police union president tells Raw 


    If push comes to shove

    Nevertheless, he said, they would all still don riot gear and "do their job," even if Walker's order were to suppress the protests.

    "I have worked with the University of Wisconsin police officers that are there, along with the capitol police officers, and certainly I've worked with the state patrol officers because I'm a state patrol inspector. I'm not able to even fathom that any of those police officers would not carry out whatever orders were given to do their job.

    "I guess that's the one ironic thing about this," he continued. "Last night my wife asked me to make a sign for her to take down there to protest. On that day, I thought to myself I could be making a protest sign for my wife to take down there ... Then I could be down there confronting my wife with the protest sign that I made. God, you see ... That's ... That's my job.

    He said that the conversation of resisting an order to attack the protesters "hasn't even come up" between he and fellow officers.

    However, Fuller insisted, "I can't even imagine that the governor or anybody else would think that's a viable option. The protesters are not being violent. It's their right to come and protest; it's public property. The politicians are being allowed to come and go... I don't know why there would be the need for clearing anything.

    "It would not look like the United States, if we did that. No one said anything to me about anything like that."

    He also admitted it was "possible," given America's history, that some agent provocateurs could infiltrate the protesters to stir up trouble.

    But, Fuller cautioned, "any action like that would not be something I recognize as the United States of America. That would be something that dictatorships in foreign countries do." 

    Photo evidence or deep cuts to entitlements and slave wages??

    Even if you produced photos of Obama having sex with a mule, the "true believers" would swear it was photo shopped.  We need more than photos, the visual evidence required would likely necessitate a documentary.

    In lieu of hard photographic evidence what we need, in fact what we might get is deep, deep cuts to entitlement programs, to Section 8, WIC, to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid because Americans (regardless of color or political orientation) only understand one thing and that is their POCKETBOOK.

    When niggas get their food stamps cut in half, when their asses are freezing because of no home heating subsidies, then maybe, just maybe they'll revolt like the good middle class White folks in Wisconsin.  In fact the Obama disillusionment is well into play, hence the Tea Party scum bag victories around the country.  Millions have already given up on Obama and the Dimocraps and stayed home in Nov. of 2010.  A lot of white liberals threw in the towel, tired of niggas calling them racist for pointing out Obama's betrayals.

    There's going to be an interesting "push/pull" dynamic here:  Do people vote Democrat because of the rat bastard Rethugs/Tea Party Scum?  Or do they sit on the sidelines and allow the Tea Party and the Rethugs more electoral wins?  Do they recognize that their plight is due to Dimocrap Party and Obama sellout?  Will they vote for or against their self-interests?  Or will they confuse the power of many with the power of individualism? Or do we go "all Tunisia" on their asses, get a little Wisconsin fever? 

    Stay tuned folks.  Shit's gonna get real interesting( and increasingly worse).  Maybe when Black folks are living off of $2 a day, a la the Egyptians, the lights will come on?  Of course by that time Obama and Slick Willie will be cavorting around the world in private jets giving speeches to their corporate masters at $75K a pop on how to spread wealth and democracy, or how to motivate your workforce.  It's a fucked up world yall.

    Maybe folks need some hunger pains to get a little motivation?  Ain't nothing like your stomach growling to create a fucked up state of mind.  Kids crying and shit. Told yall back months ago that the Stimulus Bubble would burst, "can you hear me now?"

    Btw, totally agree with your point about "Christian Brainwashing." But let's see if they choose oil over the "Chosen Ones" in Israel??  I wonder what will happen when these folks come to the conclusion that "God" might not provide?  I just hope when they gnash their teeth and splatter their brains they don't do it in my presence, gon be hard enough to buy soap and go the the laundromat as it is.  LOL.

    "MY PRESIDENT" protects Wall St. parasites 


    Mideast Meets Midwest: Joining the Surge Against Corrupt Elites  


    ".... But his elite entanglements are dwarfed -- like a molehill to Everest -- by those of the progressive Democrat now in the White House. No president in history -- not George Bush II, not George Bush I, not Richard Nixon -- has been more servile to Big Money than Barack Obama. (Although Bill Clinton -- who greenlighted the regulatory gutting that led to the current economic meltdown -- might run him a close second.)

    As Matt Taibbi details in yet another remarkable article on the monumental corruption of the American system, Obama has not only made extraordinary efforts to shield Wall Street's criminal class from the slightest accountability for their vastly destructive atrocities, he has put that same criminal class in charge of his economic policy -- and of his literally laughable regulatory "reforms" as well. As Taibbi notes:

    Over drinks at a bar on a dreary, snowy night in Washington this past month, a former Senate investigator laughed as he polished off his beer. "Everything's fucked up, and nobody goes to jail," he said. "That's your whole story right there. Hell, you don't even have to write the rest of it. Just write that."

    ...Nobody goes to jail. This is the mantra of the financial-crisis era, one that saw virtually every major bank and financial company on Wall Street embroiled in obscene criminal scandals that impoverished millions and collectively destroyed hundreds of billions, in fact, trillions of dollars of the world's wealth — and nobody went to jail. Nobody, that is, except Bernie Madoff, a flamboyant and pathological celebrity con artist, whose victims happened to be other rich and famous people. The rest of them, all of them, got off.

    ...Instead, federal regulators and prosecutors have let the banks and finance companies that tried to burn the world economy to the ground get off with carefully orchestrated settlements — whitewash jobs that involve the firms paying pathetically small fines without even being required to admit wrongdoing. To add insult to injury, the people who actually committed the crimes almost never pay the fines themselves; banks caught defrauding their shareholders often use shareholder money to foot the tab of justice.

    ... As for President Obama, what is there to be said? Goldman Sachs was his number-one private campaign contributor. He put a Citigroup executive in charge of his economic transition team, and he just named an executive of JP Morgan Chase, the proud owner of $7.7 million in Chase stock, his new chief of staff. "The betrayal that this represents by Obama to everybody is just — we're not ready to believe it," says [Wall Street whistleblower Oliver] Budde, a classmate of the president from their Columbia days. "He's really fucking us over like that? Really? That's really a JP Morgan guy, really?"

    Which is not to say that the Obama era has meant an end to law enforcement. On the contrary: In the past few years, the administration has allocated massive amounts of federal resources to catching wrongdoers — of a certain type. Last year, the government deported 393,000 people, at a cost of $5 billion. ... In Ohio last month, a single mother was caught lying about where she lived to put her kids into a better school district; the judge in the case tried to sentence her to 10 days in jail for fraud, declaring that letting her go free would "demean the seriousness" of the offenses.

    So there you have it. Illegal immigrants: 393,000. Lying moms: one. Bankers: zero. 

    Feeling sick..

    The knee jerk reaction from progressives I know is still to call the Justice department or the white house to politely voice their opposition to the Administration's policies over the phone.I look at the young people's faces in Egypt and Lybia who are not afraid to die versus these old farts in America who are afraid of their own shadows and I feel like puking

    Divide and Conquer: US Style "Roof" "Roof"

    Wis. unrest exposed GOP strategy to split lower classes, liberal author says 

    The labor unrest in Wisconsin exposed the Republican Party's plan to essentially divide-and-conquer the lower classes in America, a liberal author recently wrote.

    "The Republican strategy is to split the vast middle and working class - pitting unionized workers against non-unionized, public-sector workers against non-public, older workers within sight of Medicare and Social Security against younger workers who don't believe these programs will be there for them, and the poor against the working middle class," Robert Reich wrote on his blog Thursday.

    He continued, "Wisconsin's Republican governor Scott Walker and his GOP legislature are seeking to end almost all union rights for teachers."

    Reich, the author of "Supercapitalism," who served as President Bill Clinton's secretary of labor, explained that blaming of public workers for budgetary matters at state levels is part of the GOP's overall goal: to hide the economic excesses of the wealthiest Americans. 

    What Mr. Reich won't say, because he is a Dimmocrap Party apparatchtik, (and despite the worthy insights in his blog), is that the Dimmocraps are following the SAME STRATEGY.

    This harkens back to the fact that Obama refuses to use the terms working class or poor.  He always uses the term "middle class" and he incessantly caters to the "managerial class," though he won't use that term in and of itself.  Reich is right on the money except for the plot is also a Dimmocrap plot as well, they are just using a kindler/gentler version of if.  So Obama "appears" to support the unions in RHETORIC, while SUBSTANTIVELY supporting the wealthy.

    Once again we are witnessing my repeated cry that "Every prick in American wants to be a Middle Manager," and the elites know this so they are going to play the classes against themselves.  Of course this comes as no surprise to most of us because it was always manifest in Tea Party rhetoric and sloganeering, it was always inbedded in Right Wing linguistics.  "I got mind, what about you?"  "Don't use my tax dollars to take care of you lazy bastards who refuse to work as hard as me, or are not as smart as me."  Don't count this out as an effective policy too.  In fact, unless we can gain some momentum from what's happening in Wisc.  I would bank on it working.  Given the consistent patterns of (primarily white) folks voting against their self-interest one would be crazy not to put their money on it now.  But in case one thinks I'm picking on Whites, don't count on the Black Elites to lift a finger.  Many of them share the same atttitudes as their White counterparts.

    If there's one thing the Elites thugs of this country have going for them, it's propaganda and the in-depth study of the American psyche.  Good ol American "Individualism" will be the undoing of the concept of "Commonwealth."   "One nation, indivisible" my ass!!  As I've said many times in moments of reticence and cynicism, "pretty soon it's gonna be every man and woman for themselves and God for us all."

    Welcome to the Auge of Austerity and "Dog eat Dog."


    Riddle me this Batman?

    Why is it that whenever some millionaire or multi-millionaire or billionaire, or, more likely, one of their bought and paid for politicians steps in front of a mike with a set of charts and graphs in hand, and insists that this proves that union members and public sector workers are overpaid and unreasonable and that they aren't entitled to the "generous" pension and healthcare plans that other workers don't have, their counterparts in the so-called private sector don't respond by:

    1. Booing the shameless hypocrites off the stage and barraging them with rotten vegetables (or shoes), or, by

    2. Organizing and fighting within the private sector (and in the legislative houses of this country) for better wage and benefit packages for themselves?

    Again, and again, most members of the working and middle classes in this country show the world that they are frightened, silly little clowns who cannot think in terms of their own self-interest, clowns whom the members of overclass can always outwit, outlast, and mock and manipulate as they see fit. Thank goodness for the (belated) union workers' uprising in Wisconsin! If the typical defeated, sniveling American worker (union or non-union) circa 2010, had been allowed to set the pace, in 15 years wages for most working people will be halved and no one except the CEO's and VP's will have pensions and healthcare plans.

    Obama's gestapos at work....

    The ones in this video may be working in Houston but the same scene is repeating itself all over the country.This type of behavior is what the Black community always becomes the victim of  from Veteran soldiers who join police forces after they leave the military.The police chief looks Black,Obama looks Black,Eric Holder looks Black......White boys are still both out of control and in control.
    > <;t=1&gt;


    I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but,you have been had.The Democrats have sold you out a long time ago and only your lack of pride is standing in the way of you accepting that truth.The reason why they willingly lose midterm elections when a Democrat is president is because they do not want beggars such as yourself to start expecting anything..Democrats are not your friends.You are an idiot with nothing to offer who is always begging.They disrespect you and spit in your face yet you keep coming back for more insults..Obama looks at you with disdain and disgust because you bring shame to him.He looks at you and see everything he hates in his father for having left him when he was a child. He was raised to hate you and will never do anything for you as long as he is alive.......How many times must a person spit in your face before you get the message that you are neither wanted nor loved ?

     May God write us down as asses if ever again we are found putting our trust in either theRepublican or the Democratic Parties." -- W.E.B. DuBois (1922) ...

    If Dubois was able to see through the bullshit 89 years ago,why can't you ?'''''''''


    Thanks for sharing the quote. I think it really makes sense.

    bed rails bed rails

    christianslayer:Broadspeed's comment may be excuse for spam

     delivery (as in links)?

    note spam links in other reply "new"

    Games some play.

    Former Wall St. Journal editor and Reagan Official Speaks

    Obama's 2012 Budget

    A Tool for Class War


    Obama’s new budget is a continuation of Wall Street’s class war against the poor and middle class.  Wall Street wasn’t through with us when the banksters sold their fraudulent derivatives into our pension funds, wrecked Americans’ job prospects and retirement plans, secured a $700 billion bailout at taxpayers’ expense while foreclosing on the homes of millions of Americans, and loaded up the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet with several trillion dollars of junk financial paper in exchange for newly created money to shore up the banks’ balance sheets.  The effect of the Federal Reserve’s “quantitative easing” on inflation, interest rates, and the dollar’s foreign exchange value are yet to hit.  When they do, Americans will get a lesson in poverty. 

    Imagine that, Mr. Roberts has no problems using the words, "poor," and "class warfare," despite his roots.  Maybe there's "Hope and Change" for Obama yet??  NOT!

    Obama's Continuing of Bushites Policies = Continuity of Gov't

    Bush had so-called No Child Left Behind - Obama has so-call Race to the Top... The Bush / Cheney / NeoCons said Iraq was his/their main front on the phony War on Terror - Obama says AfPak is his main front on the phony War on Terror... Obama extends Bush's Tax cuts for the rich even though he criticized them as 'Candidate' Obama & promised not to extend them... Obama helped save the Bush / Paulson Wall St Bankster Bailout...  The Bushites tried to go after Social Security now Obama's so-called Deficit Com is going after Social Security... The Bush / Cheney energy policy featured more oil [Drill Baby Drill], nuclear, & coal - 'Candidate' Obama talked about a Green Econ but, after throwing Van Jones to the FOXes, the corner stone of his energy policy is off-shore drilling [led to the BP / Gulf disaster- IE: Spill Baby Spill], so-called 'Clean' Coal [an oxy-moron], & nuclear [under the fake guise of being evironmentally friendly]... Obama kept the Bushites DoD Sec Gates, Centcom chief Gen Petraeus, Fed Chairman Bernanke, etc...  Obama has continued the Bush / Cheney / NeoCons fake War on Terror Paradigm by continuing the {un}Patriot act, Gitmo, Black Sites, rendition, FBI / FEDs entrapment of unwitting young marginally Muslim [& mainly Black] men, etc... Bush helped over-throw Haitian Pres Aristide & suppressed Aristide's very popular political party [en-forced by UN so-called 'peace-keeper' troops] & tried to over-throw Chavez - Obama & Hillary helped over-throw Zelaya & used the last yr's Haitian quake to mount a so-called humanitarian INVASION, won't let Aristide come back home [even though they let the notorious Baby Doc come back] & still won't let Lavalas participate in US' staged phony Haitian elections....  I think this = 'Continuity of Gov't... The only thing that may distinguish Obama & Bush  [besides the labels of so-called Liberal Dem & Conservative GOPer] is that Obama appears to be more socially liberal IE: he's pro-choice {IE: pro-abortion rights} & more inclined to be pro- so-called 'gay' marriage [I think he's repealed DADT]- Issues which, in my opinion, are red-herrings & Trojan-Horses. 

    raising taxes on the middle class and the poor,Obama style

    When you have the federal government freezing the pay of federal workers,it is the same as raising taxes on them because their salary is coming from the federal government....I wonder if most of them realize that

    Black Royal Family

    The commentary is refreshingly accurate. It is difficult but not impossible to obtain news about the true "president" and "congress" we "all voted for". I would encourage my brothers and sisters to TURN OFF mainstream media and focus on non-corporate media outlets to get the news that would allow you all to understand WHY THIS COMMENTARY IS SO TRUE! None of us had a decent choice in 2008. McCain was the worst choice we ever had and O'Bama was the usual "best of 2 evils". We are ALL being thrown under the bus just like Jeremiah Wright. If we don't start caring about one another...all of the citizenry...and stop the immoral philosophies of hate and despise that this country was founded on, we will all be left with despair wrapped in a golden ribbon of HATE in the form of Racism, Sexism, Homo-Phobia, and White Supremacy. 

    Yes I support my Black President however

    I proudly voted for my Black President. However I have not put all of my trust in him because he is just a man.

    Since I have been actively engaged in politics since the early 90's I know how politics work. I have not expected my President to come in and change everything in 2 years and moreso 4 years. I am willing to support him through this term and I will vote for him in the next election.

    My problem is he can't do it alone. I have challenged my local and state leaders over the years because they can affect real change locally.

    I am more concerned about my local black leaders who are Safe Negroes school board is high on my list. We have black board members who say they are about the children when they are just collecting a check. You see the children are our future but they have no respresentation.

    I could go on but I have been repeating myself since the 90's about what is working and what is not working as it relates to our black leaders. I know many times they are in the minority on the local boards but heck they ought not be afraid to speak up.

    I am Curmilus Dancy II @

    Where are you Mr Dancy...

    Where are you Brother?

    You put your idea out for the audience to read.We have responded and are awaiting your reply.Either you are still sticking to your words  or you have had a change of heart and mind.I , myself am very curious as to where you stand at the moment.One of the things bothering me is that the office of the presidency of the United states has always been and always will be the headquaters for one of the largest criminal organizations on planet earth.I would rather latch on to the best shoe shiner on earth over a president of any country.Why are you as a black man putting so much faith in a government with a history of intense hostiility against Black people?

    Your reply is much appreciated

    YOUR President---REALLY?

    I can understand Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, JPM Chase Bank, etc. claiming Obama as their president bc Obama is their boy! He compensating them with trillions of dollars no matter how much they screw up our nation and then proudly presents them as the agents-of-change to fix the financial nightmares that they themselvs created! With Black folks loving everything Obama does, how can these crooks ever lose? These crooks love him bc he is "their" president!

    And since President Obama knows that you and 90% of Blacks will automatically vote for him in 2012, he has no motivation or reason to go to bat for us the way he has for the wall street/big bank crooks. Are you really comfortable with voting for a president who surrounds himself with ppl like Larry Summers? Please google "Larry Summers Comments on Africa, Blacks, Black History, Women", etc, and then ask yourself: "Why Am I Choosing To Vote For Obama Again?"

    beverly:I add: U.S. issues 1st veto on UN Security Council -

    This is from google news (up about 15 min. as I typed last night; correction to "resolution"): U.S. issues first veto on UN Security Council of a Palestinian-backed resolution that says Israel's illegal settlements are blocking peace talks. 


    There is nothing more dangerous than a well spoken and angry Black woman......I can feel the passion .Many of us have been writting in here for years....Let's do something to help save ourselves if there is still a chance.The ones who were not smart enough to see the disaster coming can always claim ignorance as an excuse...What will be ours?; Fear

    Thanks For Your Comments!

    @ Beverly. I'm just thankful that some of us can see through Obama's smoke! I always enjoy your insightful comments! The way you laid it down---a person has to be 100% blind or deaf to not wake up to the game being played on Blacks and the poor. Again, THANK YOU!

    How outrageous is it that you

    How outrageous is it that you refuse to apply to Obama the demands and principles you so righteously apply to local pols.  Oh, so  your school board member should speak out, but Obama should not be expected to?

    That's a self-evidently self-defeating political philosophy.


    I am a proud Black man who did not vote for President Obama the last time, and I will not vote for him should he run for re-election. I saw him for what he was early on, and I felt that several white politicians with genuine progressive agendas and records to match would have been better choices for Blacks, the working class, the poor, and even for the middle classes of all races. I agree with you that local control of government and of school boards offers the best chance for positive change. I just hope that the people who created Mr. Obama do not manage to fill the local slates of candidates across the country with like-minded Obama clones. If they do, I fear for the future of Black people not only in America, but all around the world. The inability of so many Black people to see President Obama for the shallow, self-serving Reaganite that he is appalls me. If we continue to give people who are hostile and indifferent to our interests a pass, just because they are Black and eloquent, we might as well abandon our participation in what passes for a political process in this country, and sit quietly on the sidelines while our White "betters" run things "for" us just like they always have.


    Very well said.At times I feel as if most voters do treat the political process as if it's a sporting event....I am also so sick and tired of hearing people refer to the democrats as being the lesser of  two evils.Go tell Pvt Bradley Manning who is being tortured at the moment and all the other victims of the war on terror that Democrats are the lesser of  two evils.Let us also tell the suffering people in Gaza,Congo,Iraq,Afghanistan,Haiti,Sudan,Nigeria etc.....that they should suffer in a happy fashion because a Democrat is in the white house and hear what they have to say....Lesser of  two evil is nothing but a feel good card for a chump to lazy and scared  to think outside the box..To think of it,why is it that people like Cynthia Mckinney seem to crawl into a hole to pop out every four years in time to run for president ? 

    This is the time for a new political party to emerge.This should be the easiest place in the world to make it happen yet,it seems like it's the hardest...

    Questions for you Brother Dancy

    If there were two politicians running for public office, say Congress, one Black, one White, and the White one had a stronger record on helping the working class and poor, a stronger record on the enhancement of the social safety net or environment, and on building jobs and improving the lot of common folk, who would you vote for?

    Second, why do you refer to him as "my Black President?"  Funny ..., yall weren't saying that when Obama and yall were working overtime to throw Rev. Wright under the bus, funny how yall didn't want him to be too Black then.  At that time you were saying:  "He can't be just the Black President, he has to be the President for everybody?"  I 'm confused, help me out!

    Third, when the media and some of yall Obama supporters were whopping and hollering about "Post-Racial America," why didn't yall maintain that stance when the Tea Party came out of the woodworks, at that juncture (or presently), were/are we still in "Post-Racial America?"

    Last (for now anyway) why did/do Blacks assume that all Whites who criticize Obama are racist?  The Whites who outworked and out-donated the average nigga by a power of 10X to elect him but now criticize what they deem to be his betrayals, how did they all of a sudden become racists? Is ANY White person who criticizes Obama racist?  During the media's creation and coronation of the Tea Party (aka Bush's Base), there were White liberal critics of Obama but the Obama Administration and the media muzzled them or pretended they didn't exist.  Why did so many Blacks lump liberal criticisms of Obama with right wing criticisms of Obama? Are yall confused, or am I confused?  Help me out here, the cognitive dissonance is killing me.

    How do you expect change to come about without pressure?

    The Prob w Obama-Dems & Blacks- We've been True Believers...

    The problem w the relationship w Obama [& the Dems in general] & Blacks [in particular] is that we've been True Believers- especially w the rise of the Obama phenom - instead of - if not Political atheists - at least Political Agnostics & Pragmatists. Rev Sharpton touched on this a bit during the Dems primary in 2004- how the Dems always court us come election time & then kick us to the curb when they get in office - often looking to court some other lovers [IE: Independents / Reagan Democrats, etc]. The Dems have used Obama as a powerful symbol [of tokenism] to beguile Black people- even as he & they stab us in back. He may even surpass Ole Slick Willie in this regard - but at least Ole Slick Willie had a seemingly good Econ to help ease & mask some of the effects of his trickery.  

    By the way EC thats a good question- Why refer to some guy as 'My Pres' [just because he's got Brown skin] when he won't even refer to Black people as 'his people', & spends most his time avoiding &/or tip-toeing around the race & poverty issues [Mr so-called Post-Racial]??!!

    Hell- Obama hasn't even been the 'Black' Dem Pres for Black Dems candidates: Take the NYC mayor's race- The Black Dem candidate [Brown] almost pulled an upset on 'independent' [IE: unofficially GOP lite] Blomberg even though he was out-spent at least 10 to 1. If Obama & the DNC had supported Bro Brown he may have gotten the NYC's mayor seat. But not only did Obama nor the DNC not support Bro Brown - the word is he secretly backed Blomberg. This happened again in FL this past Nov when Obama, Slick Willie & the DNC tried to get the Black Dem Meek, running for FL's senate to sit out the race, to improve ex-GOP running as an 'independent' Charlie Crist's chances. Now in Chicago after his Chi-town Jew Crew [Rahm Emmanuel & Alexrod] bailed out after the Nov Dem massacre [candidate Carol Mosley Braun called Rahm out on this] - w Rahm deciding to run for Chicago's mayor after Rich Daley Jr decided to retire [ironically Bill Daley has taken Rahm's job in Obama's Admin]. But - He was supposed to be ineligible because he didn't meet Chicago's residency requirement, & a Cook County court ruling reinforced this. BUT - When the IL Supreme Court over-turned the Cook County Court's ruling - I knew that the fix was in. Now Carol Mosley Braun apparently played a role in the rise of Obama when in 2004 - when instead of running to regain her US senate seat from IL- for which she had a pretty good chance, she decided to run in the 2004 Pres Dem primary in a forget-able / lack-luster campaign in which she had no chance. With Rich Daley Jr stepping aside this left quite a vacuum [IE: opportunity] for her & congress-man Danny Davis [whose got a pretty good rep in Chicago]- but the DNC & CBC asked Davis to step aside because he was needed in Washington [For What? Like Obama & the DNC heeds advise from or even really listens to the CBC]. So now its a 3 candidate race Mosley Braun, Rahm & a Hispanic named Chico. Guess who Obama & Slick Willie [the 1st official 'Black' Pres & the 1st un-official so-called 'Black' Pres] endorses [he doesn't even have enough courtesy to with-hold his endorsement & see what happens - plus Obama is from Chicago so he's got even more juice w Chicago's Blacks than else-where]?! Obama's & Slick Willie's endorsement of Rahm was crucial because Black & Browns are a major constituency in Chicago - so now many [if not most] Blacks are supporting Rahm over Mosley Braun [I guess Obama has forgiven & forgotten Billary's race-baiting in the 2008 race]. So it looks like 'fait accompli' for Rahm. 

    PS: Word is that an investment group secretly headed by Lucky Larry Silverstein [yes that Larry Silverstein] now has a controlling interest in Chicago's Sears Tower. If this is true- I wonder just how this is all going to play out. 

    Stop it, you making me look stupid LOL

    "MY BLACK PRESIDENT," the one who refuses to let the words:

    "Black," "Brown," "Poor," "Working Class," "Homeless," "Class Warfare," and so on roll off his lips.  The one who'd rather die than associate himself with "Blackness," or the Black Struggle or anything remotely evoking the IMAGERY of Black people  The one who trashed 400 + years of Black Historical struggle with his phony "Race Speech." The one consistently talks down to Black crowds/congregations like a plantation overseer, the one who refuses to be seen in the company of "powerful" or "influential" Blacks or have them be a part of his "kitchen cabinet" or informal decision-making process. (It's not like there isn't Black millionaires out there that he could "consult" on the economy/jobs) 

    Whereas  Bush gave the White Fundamentalist Pastors a direct phone line/access to the White House, Obama tells the Negro Pastors to "talk to tha hand." They are happy to stand next to him for a photo op.  How many times has the Cong. Black Caucus been invited to the White House for "strategy sessions," or does Obama invite them in to wash the dishes after supping with the Rethuglicans??  How many town hall meetings have been scheduled in homeless shelters, community aid networks, or Detroit by example?  When ACORN was frauduently trashed and cowardly defunded, where was the "community organizer?"  I bet you Bush wouldn't have stood by if that was an attack on "his base."

    Stop it, your litany of FACTS is making me look stupid for my unrequitted love of "MY BLACK PRESIDENT."  (Next thing you know, this nigga will be saying, "Halle Berry is MY WOMAN.")  lol

    p.s.  Just like no one EVER answered the question I and other's raised since 2008:  "Why was George W. Bush able to do wtf he wanted despite wild unpopularity in the polls and the Dummocrats regaining control of the Congress in 2006?  I don't expect our friend to answer the questions I've raised.  As Chasm wrote a few weeks ago, "Some folks would rather die than think."  Some folks don't mind having someone piss on their heads and then convince them it's raining. 


    p.s.s.  Did I (we) forget Van Jones or the sister from the AG Dept., Shirley Sherrod???  Obama should be the CEO of Trailways/Greyhound given as many folks he's thrown under the bus.


    I'm not sure of the reasons why Conyers didn't do more to try and get Bush impeached, but he's still a great guy. He has argued against prosecuting Wikileaks and has defended CAIR from charges of espoinage from right wing Republicans. Blacks are aleady turning against Obama according to this.

    Conyers has nothing to lose,

    Conyers has nothing to lose, as someone who has a long career behind him, and has about as unassailable a political position as any progressive can have, and he came into the Democratic Congress with a tremendous track record of standing up, and he threw all of that on the fire, so as not to rock Pelosi's boat.  It was a massive betrayal.  

    I will always remember the Conyers who was such a hero in the aftermath of the 2004 election.  Whatever happened to that brave and noble Conyers we will never know, I suppose.  We might be able to speculate about pressures that were applied to him, but that may be all we can do.

    So what can we learn from what Conyers did?  One thing we can learn is not to make excuses for our (mis)leaders.   Another thing we can perhaps learn is to choose them more carefully.  And perhaps, above all, we can learn to rely more on movement than leaders.


    Not a DAMN thing to lose.  If I was occupying Conyers seat, they'd have to censure me out of Congress a la Adam Clayton Powell, they would have to put a muzzle on my ass.  Who is going to unseat Conyers, he's been in office since 1964?  According to wikipedia:  Conyers has been reelected 22 times, never facing serious opposition. He is the second-longest serving current member of the House, as well as the second-longest serving member of either house of Congress in Michigan's history. Only Dingell outranks him on both lists. He is the last surviving member of the Democrats' large freshman class of 1965 

    Problem is a lot of these "leaders" are fronting, talking loud and saying nothing, and the "power" simply goes to their heads.  It's an intoxicating and corrupting influence, which explains why Conyers wife is sitting in prison now.  But hey, it's hard to control a honey when she's half your age. (I learned that by reading Cosmo and Essence Christianslayer)  It's okay to rob the jr. high, but not the cradle.  LOL 

    Conyers has the potential to be a White Man's nightmare, a la Eddie Murphy "A Nigga with a Badge."  But perhaps his energy was diverted by trying to keep up with a woman almost half his age.  I ain't made at ya though, John, acutally jealous.  LOL  Apparently you were reading Essence and Redbook before even me?!

    I see politicians like

    I see politicians like Conyers as actors performing in front of a camera.Their constitutients should be like critics constantly judging and holding their feet to the fire.We should never think of politicians as our friends because they are not.The only thing that can keep a politician from going bad is knowing that the people will one day discover that he or she is a crook...Black politicians do not have that fear because they know that no matter what they do,Black folks will continue to kiss their asses out of blind loyalty.Why do we still insist on trying to rid ourselves of feelings of racial inferiority through the political or theatrical success of others?

    Thanks for the al Jazeera link

    What a damn shame!  This is what we are all talking about, it takes al Jazeera to do a real story on the real plight of Black Americans.

    Isn't Johnson Publishing based in Chicago? You mean Ebony and Jet couldn't do a similar story?  I guess Kevin Chappell was to preoccuppied with convincing us how smart Obama was in killing Blacks and Browns in North African and Afghanistan and Pakistan. Are the Negroes running these publications too afraid of being uninvited at the soirees with the other elites of Chicago, too concerned with losing "ACCESS", of no more White House invites or sit downs with Valerie Jarrett?


    This is Exhibit A of the plight of Black Americans and their hoity toity elites.  Not to mention it speaks volume of the utter corruption and bankruptcy of the MSM.

    Come on Mr Cynic..

    You still look at Ebony and jet as respectable magazines>;The never were and never will be.I went to visit my brother a couple of years ago and found out he was still ordering Jet magazine.....It's no surprise that him and I are no longer on speaking terms....Boycott those magazines and drive them out of business.They do more harm than good in miseducating  our people.

    "Respectable?" Hell No. Pablum.

    My spouse subscribes to this stuff:  Ebony/Jet and Essence.  So for the sake of peace and harmony boycotting is problematic.  Way easier to boycott "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."  I picked it up and thumbed through it "while I was on the throne," and because fine-ass Halle Berry was on the cover.  I was hoping they had a bikini shot of her.   Ebony/Jet hasn't been "serious" since the 60s and 70s, hell they don't even present Lerone Bennett anymore.

    My serious reading is pretty much limited to the internet. Plus, bear this in mind, a la C.N.:  It's helpful to know what people are indeed reading and relying on, call it "gathering intelligence."  As for Essence, better mag than Ebony/Jet from the get go, and definitely good for gathering "intelligence" on what the ladies think.

    I thumb through Redbook and Cosmopolitan in waiting rooms for the same reason.  It's why women love me so much, it helps refine "my sensitive side" and makes me a true Renaissance Man.  LOL

    Blacks and White citizens

    Blacks and White citizens will have to bear responsibility equally for not defending the constitution from the Obama regime.White people undoubtedley will try to lay the blame at the feet of Black people by saying that since he was one of us,we should have done more.....Last time I looked,he was as much white as he is Black.Furthermore,I have to disagree with Mr Dixon when he says that White liberals have been taking political cues from Black folks.I have not seen that done on a large scale since the death of Martin Luther king Jr.Mr Dixon needs to fastforward his thinking a bit and catch up with the present.After Dr King's murder,white folks,both republicans and democrats conspired to silence the Black revolution....We sacrificed Martin,Malcom and many others to help save the soul of this damned country.Let's see some white leaders die this time around........We have not seen any real white heroes step up to the plate lately.....I ain't taking about no bitch tea partier either...

    The Obama white house is

    The Obama white house is shipping Black Haitian Americans to Haiti as punishment for having broken the law here in the United States (I do not know exactly which laws).They are being doubly punished because they have to finish serving their sentences here first before their deportation.This policy is not being implemented by the Republicans who Black voters like to blame for every evil deed done by Obama.American citizens are being advised not to travel to haiti for fear that they may catch and die from Cholera.....Yet,Obama says that the people being sent there face no real danger.Many of these people arrived here at a very early age and no longer speaks creole.The country is still demolished by that man made earthquake and the majority of people in the capital are living under makeshift tents..Bush was accused of not liking Black folks...Obama hate them.It is bad enough that he is not doing anything to help Black people but,when he goes out of his way to inflict unecessary pain on them,that is scary and unforgivable....Obama's managers are using him to dish out some of the meanest and cruelst punishemts on the Black race and he is more than willing to enable them...The war is no longer between Whites and Blacks,it is between good and evil.

    things have gotten worse...

    Things have gotten worse for Africans of all type since this impostor moved into La casa blanca.Obama has not set foot in Haiti once since the man made earthquake.The son of an African giving hell to Africans......This shit would be insulting to most of us if it was depicted in a movie.Yet,it is happening in real life and it's less insulting to most people.......I wish I had stayed in school and studied psychiatry.The mind is wonderful thing to study.


    Ah yes, yet another Western style show trial with a predictable outcome, and another hollow victory for smug, self-righteous Americans to celebrate. Speaking of hollow "victories", the Colombian drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar has been dead for many years, yet the death toll in the on-going drug war in Mexico is in excess of 30,000 lives. I solemnly predict that the nations of the West and their allies with their high tech navies and airforces and their kangaroo courts will defeat piracy in the Indian Ocean and in the Red Sea on the very same day that they win the global war on drugs, and hold Wallstreet gangsters and venal multinational corporations accountable for their actions.


    President Obama is only Black when he needs Black votes or Black support/acquiesce. Like all American Presidents, he sees Black people as a resource to exploited or as a problem to managed. America is still about White versus Black, and it always will be as long as America still defines itself as a piece of Europe which broke off and floated across the Atlantic. President Obama is merely a modern overseer. If you disagree, ask the mostly White members of the Chamber of Commerce whom President Obama really serves.

    Sadly, seems so, Mr. Dixon. Artist credit for the beauty with

    your blog entry, please.  An aside: the Egyptians in Tahrir Square were not counting on help from Pres. Obama.  It does appear from interviews on Dem.Now with Egyptians and others, that the U.S. gov't calls a lot of behind the scenes moves in Egypt, in re military. 

    Finally, I am sad when I hear the line before a Black radio host criticizes an Obama policy, "But I love President Obama.". I understand the feeling, as a Jew, who learned to be critical of the Israel gov't policies and U.S gov't policies in re Israel and Palestinians.

    . When someone doing a sub host spot on a radio call in show asked me, preObama presidency,  knowing I'm a Jew, how do I talk with others "in my group"?, I said, "how do you?" and pointed out my art critical of the Israel gov't policy and U.S. gov't policy that I send out. I was accused of being a hater of Israel by a relative and I got the other person to understand. When Obama came into office, I wrote that guy on the radio and said, "You will now see what it's like as a member of a minority group when critical of someone in the group.".  Many keep quiet.  I had the "luxury" of being a NYC Jew, and didn't want to know about Israel gov't policy, until I got educated in the 1990s (mainly via Phyllis Bennis' work and Noam Chomsky's).  There's not a direct parallel but I can only speak from my experience. 

    pardon my delay in answering this....

    but I am unable to determine who the artist is.  The way the web is, there is lots of stuff out here uncredited, and I just borrowed it.


    I will be amazed if President Obama, or any American politician is actually able to get on the right side of history in the Arab/Muslim world. How does one support numerous horrific dictators in nation after nation throughout a vast region for generations as the United States and other Western nations have done, and then turn about and issue press releases in which you claim to be on the side of the people? I doubt that any of these spin doctors are fooling many of the Eygptian people, or their counterparts in other lands. It would be laughable to watch as the West tries to fan the flames of revolt in Iran, Syria, and Libya, while trying to contain or steer them back to the status quo in equally oppressive, but user friendly regimes elsewhere, but for the fact that we are talking about people and their lives and not geo-political chess pieces. I wish only the best outcomes for all of the struggling, desparate people in that part of the world. In the same way that I have lived long enough to see China and India rise and begin the process of reclaiming their greatness, I hope to see the same thing happen in the Islamic world, in Africa, in South America...We are living in interesting times...

    Pleasehead, How do you


    How do you measure greatness?Must not be a student of Dr Martin Luther King........


    Once upon a time there existed a world in which civilizations rose and flourished and fell and rose again in widely separated places on this planet. One such place was the Nile Valley, another was in the Tigris-Euphrates region, another was in the Yangtze River Region, yet another was in what we now call Mexico, and there were others in other parts of Africa, Asia, and the Americas, too numerous too mention here. All of them contributed to the vast store of human knowledge, and in spite of their "greatness", all of them had their good points as well as their evils and shortcomings. Through most of human history these civilizations lived with little or no knowledge of each other although trade always occurrd along boundaries and across continents. For example, Romans loved Chinese silk yet, never knew China. For most of human history there has been no dominance of the entire world by one culture, language, or belief system, and the world was better for it. No one civilization has all of the answers, for humankind, and there is not and probably never will be, one universal belief system that binds all of humanity together. The dominance of the West over the world for the last 3 or 4 centuries has been a disaster for most of the peoples it has encountered. How many Blacks alone have been destroyed by the spread of the (Christian) West? We will probably never know. It would have been the same for some people somewhere had either China, India, or some African empire become a world hegemon instead of the West. The day of the White Western veto over humanity is waning. In the future, White Westerners will deal with others in Asia as equals, whether they like it or not. The Asians and others did not need a Martin Luther King type of leader, or a pacifist doctrine in order to shake off White domination, and they will not need one in order to survive in the emerging multi-polar world. They have what really matters; universities, factories, shipping companies, banks, and their own languages and belief systems, as well as money and weapons. They do not have to beg Westerners for anything, including respect, and they don't have to worry about angering them because the Westerners "need" them as much as they "need" the Westerners. It's called a relationship of equals. It is not based on universal love. Only powerless people like American Blacks believe that they can impose a pacifist doctrine on people who are far more powerful than they are, or that they will be freed, saved, or protected only when all of humanity embraces universal love. While laudable, neither a Martin Luther King, nor his pacifist philosophy is essential for the survival of a large powerful, modern nation state with an intact indigenous culture. Dr Kings definition of morality has yet to be embraced by White Westerners in the land of his birth (and death). Why would one expect others in other parts of the world to embrace it? Greatness isn't about all of the nations of the world accepting one definition of morality, it's about them functioning and competing in universe of conflicting moralities without repeating the atrocities of the past.