My Wise Country Cousin On The War On Terror

Submitted by Raymond Nat Turner on Tue, 04/23/2013 - 14:43
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by Raymond Nat Turner

Obama can find his anti-terror tools at the 99 cents store.


My Wise Country Cousin On The War On Terror

by Raymond Nat Turner


Look lak ta me dey

Could fite de wo on

Terr on de cheep, wit

Out all dem ol’ Genulz:

Genul Dienamic, Genul

Lectric, Boin, Lockkey

Martun an’ nem; hell dey

Don’ need dem damn Hell-

Fy Mizzuls—ebrythang

Need doin’, dey can do

Frum de 99 cent sto,’

Cause all dey needs is

Mirrurz an razurz—

Mirrurz ta trak de

Terriz, razurz ta

Slit de terriz wris

Minute dey see ‘em!


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