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My Wise Country Cousin on Cory

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    by Raymond Nat Turner

    Monee is de muthaz milk ob
    Polytikz, den CoryBooker be
    Mommaz boy, wit de golden
    Tit neva too far from hiz mouf.”


    My Wise Country Cousin on Cory
    by Raymond Nat Turner

    Now, sumpin' botha me 'bout
    Dat ol' Booker boy
    De way he loook in
    Miss Hillreez mouf an'
    Finush Massa William senez
    De way he hike up
    Hiz brichez—too ambisshuz...
    'Bout dat ol' mule...
    You know what dey say
    'Bout de mule: he kickback!

    Booker 'mind me ob an
    Ol' boy we usta call
    "Willie de Pig," "Willie Pig,"
    Or, jus' "Pig" for short...
    Dat ol' boy would steal
    De stank outta chittlinz—
    If it sell...
    Why, he stolt—an' solt—
    De firefightuhz jackitz
    When dey laid 'em down
    To res frum fightin' fiyuh
    Up in dem hills...
    Dat ol' boy even stolt
    Hiz Granmammyz Sterlin'
    Silvaware when she was
    Down on her def bed—
    Dey say dat ol' boy haf
    No screwpulz...nun...

    Don' know iffin' dat
    Booker boy be as
    Reptile-low as "Willie Pig?"
    But, dey say he be
    One dem knee-o-librul Negroz—
    Seem lak dey all-wayz on dey

    Kneez to de corporayshuns
    When it come to sellin'
    Our skoolz, pos offuz, prizuns—
    Anythang dat ain't nailed down,
    Eben sell de water runnin'
    In de people's pipes!

    Problum wit dem knee-o-librul
    Negroz is dey be beholdin' to
    Big Bizniz, an' iffin
    Monee is de muthaz milk ob
    Polytikz, den CoryBooker be
    Mommaz boy, wit de golden
    Tit neva too far from hiz mouf—
    You caint surv two massaz...
    Sides, dey got dat boyz
    Eyz on de prize, dey growin'
    Him fo de heist pos in de lan,
    Dey growin' him fo de Offal Offuz,

    Sinnut jus a steppinstone...

    Naw, I don' haf gud feelinz'
    'Bout dat Booker boy an his
    Ilk, wit dey hifolootin' fizcull
    Clifz, seequeztaz, gran barguns
    Tomfoolree fo carryin' on lak
    Kleptoemayniaxe, privitisayshun
    Masheens,choppin' away at

    Sowshallseecurity and Medik'd—
    Robbin' hoods...


    Raymond Nat Turner can be contacted at
    Raymond Nat Turner (c) 2013 All Rights Reserved

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