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    by BAR Poet-in-Residence Raymond Nat Turner

    I’d rather see hit men from the Five Families

    Lecturing gang-bangers on gun violence,

    Than see the U.S. prancing ‘round the world

    Like a peacock, pontificating ‘bout democracy!



    by BAR Poet-in-Residence Raymond Nat Turner

    For my own part I would as soon be descended from that 

    Heroic little monkey, who braved his dreaded enemy” - Charles Robert Darwin 1809-1882


    I’d rather see a pack of pedophile priests

    Supervising Boys Club during a blackout…

    I’d rather see klansmen teaching Post Traumatic

    Slave Syndrome at Historically Black Colleges …

    I’d rather see R. Kelly chaperoning a dozen 

    Brownies traveling cross-country selling cookies…

    I’d rather see Karl Rove teaching working-

    Class ethics at Malcolm X Middle School…


    I’d rather see Rush Limbaugh as Principal of 

    The New Montessori School down the street…

    I’d rather see BP baking gluten-free bread for 

    Celiac sufferers and Monsanto making baby food…

    I’d rather see Arthur Anderson Accounting and

    Al Sharpton administering Social Security…

    I’d rather see hit men from the Five Families 

    Lecturing gang-bangers on gun violence, 

    Than see the U.S. prancing ‘round the world

    Like a peacock, pontificating ‘bout democracy!


    How dare murderers of Mohawk, Huron,

    Shawnee, Shinnecock, Seminole, Apache,

    Comanche, Navaho, Shoshoni, Chicasaw, 

    Choctaw; murderers, enslavers of Mandenka, 

    Asante, Fante, Fulani, Woloof, Fon, Susu, 

    Senufo, Housa, Kuranko, Tukulo, Mende—

    Thieves of a third of Mexico, preach democracy?


    How dare those with political prisoners dying

    In their dungeons, those whose sun never sets

    Without Black and Brown dying at the hands of

    Their centurions circle the globe crying freedom?


    How dare jackbooted crushers of Occupy, 

    Feeders of mummy movements, roam the

    Four corners demanding space, and openings 


    Shelf life of white supremacy’s measured in 

    Millenniums, racism has no expiration date under

    Capitalism—but didn’t the masses millions teach

    You and your milk-face ghosts that 16th century

    Notions are null and void? Didn’t the dark ones

    You call monkeys teach you and your alabaster 

    Mummies 10 times that they’re politically dead?

    Dead as The Fuhrer, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Bull

    Connor, dead as the Great Communicator and his

    Bastard freedom fighter children in their hot place!


    Guess10 elections are meaningless to the dead?

    To ghost-face killers, mummies disguised as democratic 

    Protestors, blowing up electric grids, assassinating 

    Elected officials, setting fire to forests, burning down

    Schools, supermarkets and medical clinics—wrestling 

    Clock hands counterclockwise, back to Standard Oil time,

    Charred buildings and smoldering ashes their calling cards


    Guess pale-face assassins and cutthroats won’t cease

    Kristallnacht, Caracas-style, and slither back into cold 

    Mummy cases, commit Hara-kiri drink Kool-Aid, hang

    Their selves, self-immolate, or even let the working-class 

    Unceremoniously cremate their carcasses properly; they

    Will not make their last curtain calls, last roundups in 

    Capital’s class struggle, voluntarily, they will not pay the 

    Debt, which cancels all others without tsunamis of lead, 

    Torrents of blood, stacks of bodies, they won’t do the right thing,

    Voluntarily stepping off the stage of history, moving over—

    So you can get back to Monkey Business

    Siphoning oil monies to people’s power: communes, collectives

    Cooperatives and councils for land reform, literacy, health care, culture…


    Raymond Nat Turner can be contacted at


    Raymond Nat Turner © 2014 All Rights Reserved


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