Mali, Wahabis and Saudis; Following the Money Trail

By Thomas C. Mountain

The US and Western-backed overthrow of Libya's Ghadaffi irrevocably altered Africa's continental landscape. Chad and Mali, already paralyzed by excessive debt and climate change, are in the crosshairs of well-armed rebel “movements” operating across the Libyan border, backed by the West and financed by Saudi Arabia.

Mali, Wahabis and Saudis; Following the Money Trail

By Thomas C. Mountain

Previously published at Counterpunch

The Tuareg peoples of the Sahel, along with their more northern, agricultural cousins the Berbers, predate the Arab invasion of Northern Africa by millennia...”

A well armed and supplied Wahabi movement in the African country of Mali, funded by the Saudis, has taken over most of northern Mali and has begun to, amongst other Wahabi practices, destroy tombs of Islamic African kings, the world famous Mansas of Mali that are world heritage sites.

This latest in a series of extremist Wahabi movements exploded on the scene following the western attack on Libya and the destruction of the Gaddafi government in 2011.

Mali, as in most of the central and western Sahel region in Africa, is in the midst of a years long drought that has left hundreds of thousands starving and millions more, especially children, damaged by malnutrition. With the pastoral, nomadic economy collapsing where did the sudden major influx of funds come from that allowed the rapid expansion of the Wahabi movement in the Sahel to take place?

While human trafficking and to a much lesser extent, drug smuggling, has been a source of income for the criminal elements of the Tuareg peoples of the region, since the western military destroyed the Gaddafi government in Libya in 2011, the major destination of the human traffickers, the numbers of migrants trafficked by the criminal gangs to Libya has fallen to a fraction of its past levels and most of the cash flow for these criminals has dried up.

The Tuareg peoples of the Sahel, along with their more northern, agricultural cousins the Berbers, predate the Arab invasion of Northern Africa by millennia and have long been victims of marginalization by both the western, mainly French, colonialists and later the neocolonialist regimes installed by their former western masters.

In the case in Chad, the French uranium mines have polluted the ground water and left the land literally life threatening. As a result for decades now the Tuareg have been in an ongoing state of armed resistance to the crimes committed against their people and have a legitimate claim to much of the Sahel region, in the case of Mali, the land of “Azawad” as they have proclaimed it.

But the traditional Tuareg fighters, suffering from famine and a collapsing economy have been outgunned and driven from the cities of northern Mali by the Wahabis, with their shining new pickup trucks, plentiful fuel and seemingly inexhaustible flow of weaponry and supplies.

So where is the funding for the Mali Wahabis coming from? Every Wahabi movement that has been competently investigated has been tied to the Saudis, in most cases to the almost 30,000 strong Saudi royal family and the Mali Wahabis are no exception.

In Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Iraq, Egypt and North Africa and even Syria, Saudi money, billion$ of dollar$ worth, has funded the most reactionary, extreme and violently dangerous centers of terrorism and backwardness.

Until the very real, and growing threat of Wahabism is contained, all sorts of crimes almost unthinkable in many parts of the world just decades ago will continue to spill the blood of innocents...”

Murdering girls for going to school? Massacring religious pilgrims for the crime of being Shiite “heretics”? Destroying world heritage historical sites whether Buddhist statues in Afghanistan or tombs of the world famous Mansas of Mali, Islamic tombs, but still not “pure” enough for these Wahabis?

And all paid for by one of the most corrupt and reactionary regimes on the planet, who just happen to be a major ally of the western regimes, the Saudi Arabian royal family.

Once again when one digs into the real source of the crimes being committed in Africa one uncovers a foreign source, whether western or a major western ally, the Wahabi regime installed by the British on the Arabian peninsula almost a century ago, the Kingdom of the House of Saud, Saudi Arabia.

Until the very real, and growing threat of Wahabism is contained, all sorts of crimes almost unthinkable in many parts of the world just decades ago will continue to spill the blood of innocents, create chaos and anarchy and leave in its wake backwardness and suffering in the populations inflicted by this most reactionary of ideologies, an ideology that was put in power and supplied with arms and industry by the western powers that so hypocritically claim to oppose all such ignorance and oppression.

Mali, Wahabis and Saudis, follow the money trail and find out who is really to blame for the crimes committed in the name of the long suffering Tuaregs of the Sahel. And no amount of western funded West African troops who may invade and occupy Mali will do anything other than cause more suffering to Mali’s people.

Thomas C. Mountain is the most widely distributed independent journalist in Africa, living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. He can be reached at thomascmountain_at_yahoo_dot_com.

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What's the Real Origin of Caucasian N.African 'Arabs'???


Its now universally known that Africans were the first people to develop on Earth. Even [white] scientists are now saying [admitting] that advent of white-skinned blue-eyed blonde-haired folk is a relatively new phenomenon in World history, from the post ice-age Nordic regions of Europe- occuring as recently as 4000 BCE. That means that they could NOT have been any-where near Africa [IE: Egypt], Palestine-Israel [The Canaanite-Phonecians & the Hebrews], the Mesopotamia [Sumeria & Persia], the Indus valley, etc- creating agriculture, culture, technology & civillizations in these regions at the same time that they were first making their appearance in the remote Nordic regions of Europe. In fact we may need a new model of how civilization began along Mediterranean Coast of Southern Europe [IE: ancient Greece & Rome- see: 'Stolen Legacy', The World & Africa'  & 'Black Athena- The Afro-Asiatic Roots of Classical {aka Greek}Civilization'].

So where did caucasian Arabs come from if the ancient peoples of both N.Africa, the Arabian Pennisula, the Levant & Mesopotaimia were Black? [& they were]. The conquest of the Greeks of Afro-Asiatic lands under Alexander was the first historically verifiable deep excursion of a 'basically' non-African / non Afro-Asiatic people into the ancient Black & Brown World. Then w the defeat of the legendary African General Hannibal by the Romans under Scipio [who was titled 'Africanus' = Conqueror of Africa- for his conquest]- the Roman Empire was extended along the entire Mediterranean coast of Africa. Just prior to the advent of Prophet Muhammed, infamous European tribes IE: the Vandals also raided [vandalized] parts of N.Africa.

With the rise of Islam, including the African Islamic Moors' conquest of Iberia [whom the Castilian Christians finally expelled circa 1492] the Euro-Christians counter-reaction was the Crusades circa 1100ACE - 1300ACE. Involved in this struggle for the Holy-Land were a people who adopted Islam but were clearly identifiable as non-African / non Afro-Asiatic in heritage IE: the whitish Asiatic Ottoman Turks. The Rise of the Ottoman Turk empire began circa 1300 ACE [up-to 1922] immediately after the Crusades. They became the most influential Caliphate outside of the African Islamic Moors' control of Iberia. Their empire extended across the African Mediterranean coast from Morocco to Egypt, into Palestine-Israel & the Mesopotamia, & deep into the Arabian Pennsula- including Mecca & Medina; - Meaning the Ottoman Turks controlled the 3 Holiest Cities / sites in all of Islam- Mecca, Medina & Jerusalem- for over 600yrs. IMO this is how N.Africa went from Black-African to kinda-sorta whitish-Arab [interestingly its documented that  Black Islamic Princes often had whitish-Turkish women as 'concubines' in their Harems, just as whitish-Arab princes often had African women for 'concubines' in their Harems]. Never-the-Less there are still many millions of Black N.Africans & Blacks in Arabia, as there are Black indigenous elements scattered thru-out the so-called Mid-East- including Palestine-Israel.    


PS: In N.Africa [& else-where] the distinction between 'Arab' & North African is often [deliberately] blurred. Hence if folk live in the Saharan / Sahel region & are Muslims -&- especially if they speak some form of Arabic, they're often called 'Arabs' no matter how dark-skinned they are. IMO the original people of Arabia were a dark-skinned African / Afro-Asiatic type people, but today most people think of Arabs as those that look like the Saudi Royal family which, if my previous statement is true, means the Saudi Royals are NOT representative of the original people of Arabia [NOTE: One the the main Royal Saudi Princes is Faisal al Turki bin al Saud- Faisal al Turki literally means Faisal the Turk / of Turkey. This implies that the Saudi Royal family's origins likely actually lie in Turkey]. Thus sometimes 'Arab' is used to designate a Racial / ethinic type & sometimes its used to designate a cultural / religious / political affiliation - despite skin color- as it suits the narrator(s)' agenda(s). [This Ottoman Turk connection may explain the Turkey / Saudi-GCC / US-NATO alliance vs Libya & now Syria & also Iran.]

The racial purges in Libya last yr [& still on-going] showed that just because Libyan's are Muslims & likely speak the same or similar language as their NTC Militia persecutors, their dark-skin meant they were NOT seen [by the NTC, the GCC nor FUK-US NATO] as Arabs but as Black African Slaves. The Dafur situation also shows a case of a dispute [manipulated by the US, Israel, etc] between a so-called 'Arab' Sudanese Gov't [whose Pres is darker than Obama] & so-called 'Black' African Islamic Sudanese Dafurians. So in N.Africa especially the term 'Arab' [& its related geo_poly-trickal term 'Middle East{ern}' which has only been part of the geo-political lexicon for 100 - 150 yrs] can be very nebulous.