Lying About the Harlem Protest Against Obama

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

It’s not enough that President Obama has Wall Street in his back pocket – or, is it the reverse? – but he also has loyal operatives among what passes for the Left. Daily Kos, In These Times and Democracy Now! misrepresented, and miscounted, last week’s Occupy Harlem-led protest at the Apollo Theater. In These Times writer Allison Kilkenny took a step backward in time, treating white Occupy Wall Street demonstrators like “outside agitators” for protesting Obama in Harlem. “Kilkenny doesn’t think Black progressives have the right to ask white and Latino progressives to attend Black-led demonstrations in Black neighborhoods.”

Lying About the Harlem Protest Against Obama

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The turnout was larger than even the organizers had hoped, and heavily Black and Latino.”

Last Thursday’s demonstration, in New York's Harlem, against President Obama’s foreign and domestic policies was a great success, with about 400 protesters massed across the street from an Obama fundraiser at the Apollo Theater. But, you would not know that from reading the Daily Kos or In These Times, or from watching Democracy Now! That’s because these outfits represent the left flank of Obama’s apologists and protectors, whose self-assigned job is to perpetuate the fantasy that the First Black President is not a servant of Wall Street and the Pentagon. These publications and programs are also in thrall to another fantasy: that they have some kind of entree or influence with the Obama administration, when in fact, this White House is an annex of finance capital.

Nellie Bailey, the veteran Harlem organizer and member of Occupy Harlem, has already set the record straight: that this was a Black-led demonstration called for by Occupy Harlem, which enlisted the support of the larger Occupy Movement, Stop Stop-and-Frisk, MoveOn, the Black Is Back Coalition, and other progressive organizations. The turnout was larger than even the organizers had hoped, and heavily Black and Latino. But Democracy Now!, whose politics has undergone a palpable turn to the right during Obama’s time in office, told its audience that only about 100 people protested, when in reality, the MoveOn section of the demonstration alone approached that number. In this sense, Democracy Now! is worse than the police at reporting demonstrations it doesn’t support.

Democracy Now told its audience that only about 100 people protested.”

Daily Kos, which often behaves like an arm of the administration, published the rantings of someone calling himself Brooklyn Bad Boy, who admits he isn’t a “fan of street protests” but goes ballistic over the effrontery of protesting Obama. He claims the demonstrators ignore the pro-banker policies of Republican candidates. But then, the Brooklyn Bad Boy doesn’t show up at too many demonstrations, by his own admission, so how would he know? No matter, his pro-Obama stance qualifies for space on Daily Kos.

Allison Kilkenny’s In These Times article was the most insidious example of a hit-piece. She offered no crowd estimate, but made reference to a “handful” of Occupy Wall Street activists, thus belittling the turnout. Much worse, Killenny highlighted the uninvited presence of a few Lyndon LaRouche supporters in order to tar the whole demonstration – as if Occupy Harlem can dictate who shows up on the street. Then Kilkenny – a white woman – argues that white people from Occupy Wall Street should have stayed away from Harlem, on the grounds that their presence did not take “into account the city’s tense race relations” and the fierce gentrification of the neighborhood – gentrification fueled by Wall Street bankers.

As Occupy Harlem’s Nellie Bailey writes, Kilkenny is talking like old school southern white racists, accusing whites in Occupy Wall Street of being “outside agitators.” Kilkenny doesn’t think Black progressives have the right to ask white and Latino progressives to attend Black-led demonstrations in Black neighborhoods. She wants a segregated Occupy Wall Street movement, in which Blacks that oppose Obama’s corporate policies would get no meaningful solidarity from whites in the movement. Or, maybe she’ll just say anything to avoid confronting the corporate president.

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adios Amy

Ever since the disgraceful, deceitful reporting on the NATO/US war on Libya, Democracy Now is on my s**t list.

And now the false numbers reported at the anti Obama protest???  They need to start showing where their "donations" come from.

After Libya I too Hardly Watch 'Hypocrisy Now!' [Aka DN!]

I already had a few issues w DN! [aka Hypocrisy Now] but after their totally main-stream position on FUK-US NATOs assault on Libya & after regularly featuring obvious NTC mouth-pieces & CIA asset & R2P as a phony excuse for the FUK-US NATO assault- Cheerleader: Juan Cole- That was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. 

The last time I watched an except on DN! Amy G! featured an interview w Glen Greenwald in Dec 2011 w Greenwald talking about the NeoCON plan to attack 7 Islamic coutries [Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Somalia, Sudan & Lebanon] as told by ex-NATO Gen Wesley Clark. But then I came across another Amy G / DN! interview in April 2007 proving that she already had this Info straight from Wesley Clark himself. Thus she knew full well Libya was on the NeoCONs' / Neo-Liberals' {s}HIT-List for the past decade, but she was complicit in hyping suspect anti-Khadaffi rhetoric to justify FUK-US NATO's assuat on Libya AnyWay- HUMMM!!!

Not Just Soros

Democracy Now is well tapped into Zionist foundation money.  Amy expressed her concerns of the impact of the Madoff scandle on donations as many of his victims were Zionists who bankrolls foundations.  There are reports that Goodman rakes in $1,000,000/yr in salary and owns Democracy Now.  This is rather dubious for someone who touts herself as an "exception to the rulers".

What Goodman really is is the Left flank of Zionism.  When people come to that realization perhaps then there will be fewer rhotorical questions asked about her and more ACTION taken against Democracy Now.

Pacifica and the DNC

Not just Democracy Now, but most WBAI producers support Obama.  The most flagrant Obama apologists are Hugh Hamilton; the blathering Playthell Benjamin; the hosts of the awful morning program, Wakeup Call;  the pea-brained Shelton Walden; the appalling Ian Masters; and Robert Knight, who hosts a tedious afternoon program called The Five O’Clock Shadow.  Although Knight is usually an Obamaphile,  I was pleasantly surprised to hear Glen Ford as his guest last week.  First serious criticism of Obama  I’ve heard on the station since the elimination of Taking Aim.  Usually Knight just plays tapes–often of Obama’s speeches.

The DNC seems to be in control of the ongoing wars at Pacifica, as the network plunges into irrelevance.  God doesn’t exist-- except in the brains of the feebleminded; but if she did, I would thank her for Dissident Voice, Once Upon A Time, Chris Floyd, and of course, BAR

Sharpest critique of the White [Zionist] Left

This piece by Glen Ford is to date the most sharpest and distinctive critique of the Zionst Left.  To label then as "white" really misses the fact that these are Zionist Jewish publication and programs who real mission is to CONTROL the opposition.  They are the "Left" flank of Zionism and Zionist domination of the United States. 

Democracy Now (Amy Goodman and professed Zionist Noam Chomsky) uses the truth about the United States and U.S. history in a sophisticated manner to fool their followers and build "trust" amongst the Left.  However we saw the real face of the pseudo-Left regarding Libya and most recently their reporting of Occupy Harlem.

They FEAR and independent Black led movement whose affinities are with the oppressed and are naturally anti-SUPREMACISTS.  Zionism is a supremacist ideology that must be confronted and must be led by all peoples whereby people of color especially must have a prominent voice.

I applaud Glen Ford for starting to take a deeper look at the psuedo-Left.  They might be white of skin but they are totally Zionist (supremacists) at heart.