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Black and Brown Schools Already Over-Policed

When we look at whose schools are policed and which students have to go through metal detectors, get pad-downs, get drug-searched on a routine basis, it’s our students of color and our communities of color across this country,” said Matthew Cregor, of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. The Newtown, Connecticut, massacre has led to renewed calls for an increased police presence in schools. However, what inner city students need are more social workers, psychologists and counselors, and teaching resources, said Cregor.

Savage School Inequalities Intensify

Our schools are more segregated and less equal than they were in 1968, when Dr. King was taken from us,” said Jonathan Kozol, the educator, activist and author. “This kind of inequality is a theological abomination, a crime against the least of us,” said Kozol, author of the 1991 classic Savage Inequalities: Children in America’s Schools. He was interviewed on public radio’s Smiley & West show.

Obama “Co-Conspirator” in Austerity Schemes

Austerity is, essentially, shifting of the burden of the economic depression from those who created it onto the working class and the poor,” said activist Eric Draitser, who has been organizing anti-austerity forums. “This is a concerted attack by financiers and the ruling class against the legacy of the New Deal.” President Obama is “a co-conspirator and collaborator with these austerity schemes.” Draitser is publisher of the web site

MLK vs. Obama

Barack Obama and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. have nothing in common, politically, according to Omali Yeshitela, chairman of the Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations. “The only connection they would have in the real world be that Dr. King would be leading the demonstrations against the Obama regime, if he were alive,” said Yeshitela. Obama has “extended the war machine beyond anything in recent memory.”

Lynn Stewart’s Cancer Spreads

Human rights lawyer Lynn Stewart, serving ten years in a Fort Worth, Texas, prison for her zealous defense of an accused terrorist client, has suffered a relapse of cancer. “It has spread to her other lung and to parts of her back,” said Stewart’s husband, Ralph Poynter, speaking on the radio program Taking Aim. Prison regulations prevent Stewart from obtaining the care she needs. “We feel that it is a death sentence,” said Poynter.

Happy Birthday to Ramsey Clark and Dr. King, from Mumia

If MLK were alive, he would be 84 years old, a year younger than former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, whose birthday was recently celebrated at New York City’s historic Riverside Church, along with the 20th anniversary of the International Action Center. Dr. King “would be with the people, with the IAC, with Ramsey Clark, at Riverside,” said political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal in a message recorded for the event.


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Lynne Stewart's message to R.Clark on her site

Lynne Stewart's message to Ramsey Clark for his birthday is on her website.  Note: Lynne is spelled with an "e".

Also: see for an interview with Ralph Poynter.  There is ongoing reporting about Lynne Stewart on the site.

Re Kozol:

I have a long standing gripe with Jonatham Kozol.  He stated in a more recent book than his groundbreaker noted above, in a radio interview that kids with asthma in the South Bronx have asthma because of their feelings from  knowing the society rejects them, after noting that the air was so very polluted and that's why even he had to use an inhaler when visiting a class.  I object to the stupid myth of asthma from psychological so-called "cause".  Asthma is triggered by allergens (depending on one's allergies) or other environmental factors, such as air pollution, smoke from fires, construction dust, or construction chemicals, etc.  I know of at least one instance where a parent thought the child was exaggerating not being able to breathe, "complaining for attention" at a family party and was ignored.  The ten year old boy's uncle cried as told me the kid was found dead a little later, in his room with his head on the windowsill with the window open a crack as he tried to find air.  He should have been taken to the Emergency Room of the nearest hospital when he complained that he couldn't breathe.  He had a history of asthma.  Let me spell it out.  If the person with asthma is not taken seriously, if it's treated as "anxiety" "feelings" it's what I call a case of a person with asthma being told it's a "head trip" = "get over your feelings" "get rid of your anxiety" etc.  It is cruel to do a "head trip" on someone who is ill and in a life threatening situation as well.  

   My favorite hospital emergency room sign is one my husband saw in a Brooklyn Emergency Room,

    "Asthma causes anxiety,  anxiety does not cause asthma."

Kozol was good when he was new&Re Lynne Stewart

Kozol was good when he did his first book - it was to alert people about kids who are poor.  Sad re the asthma view he evolved or opened up about much later.    Re kids and asthma (and me): Paving roadways, roofs -that blacktop smell is an asthma nightmare, you can smell it a distance and people push those low slung strollers, very young kids over gutters to cross the street,  freshly paved, as soon as it's cooled and street OK to cross again.  Kids are more vulnerable, brains and lungs are still developing, growing, - their body weight to percent of pollution is more vulnerable than adults.

    Re Lynne Stewart: last night, Ralph Poynter and their daughter, Dr. Zenobia Brown MD, who recently saw Lynne in Carswell Fed. Medical Center, Ft Worth, TX where Lynne is locked up did a great interview including excerpt of Lynne Stewart's 2009 interview with "Where We Live" host Sally O'Brien on the morning of the day she turned herself in to go to prison, is archived free for 90 days on WBAI's website,, "Where We Live", Thurs., Jan. 24, 8PM (to 9PM EST).  Dr. Brown made the points of why it's important to write to Lynne: it makes her feel good, but since all her mail is read by prison workers before it goes to her, a lot of mail lets them know people are supporting her.  Both Poynter and daughter, Dr. Brown were so strong and good to listen to.  Sally and co-host Dequi were good.  Sally is  one of the best interviewers I've ever heard.  And it was wonderful to hear that interview, in part, with Lynne Stewart again.  I had heard it the first time it was played, on the night after the morning interview done just before she left for "surrender" (only of her body).  I don't think they can break Lynne Stewart's spirit.  For her address, I hope many will write her and fill the place with mail: go to her website   Poynter made the point (wow, people so often "are" their names) of the big picture, and how Lynne often asks him to tell the stories of the other women in the federal (so-called) medical care facility.  Horror stories.