Joy Ann Reid, Melissa Harris-Perry as Prosecutor & Cop Go After Snowden, Wikileaks, & the First Amendment

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Gandhi once said that western civilization would be “a good idea.” So would black journalism. One white TV talking head said he was ready to arrest Glenn Greenwald. Not to be outdone, MSNBC's black talking heads too, are ready to personally scalp Wikileaks and put the cuffs on Edward Snowden. Public opinion, which favored Snowden early, has to be pushed in the administration's direction. A dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Joy Ann Reid, Melissa Harris-Perry as Prosecutor & Cop Go After Snowden, Wikileaks, & the First Amendment

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

The first amendment of the US Constitution guarantees “freedom of the press,” not so that government can tell us what to believe, but so that citizens can publicly receive and transmit to each other news and information about what the powerful are doing, and perhaps what they ought to do about it. Journalism is the only profession with its own constitutional amendment. But just as wealthy corporations and individuals have captured regulatory agencies, whole state legislatures, governors' mansions, the courts, the White House and Congress, they own the media too, and what passes for journalism.

What passes for “journalism” these days is reporters and talking TV heads who uncritically transmit the sayings of anonymous corporate, military and government officials as news, while competing with each other to discourage, defame and denounce real reporters and their sources. Thanks to the elite “diversity” of the Obama Era black America, once the stronghold of anti-authoritarian suspicion, is bombarded with attractive brown faces in elite places, faces who try to leverage the cultural and moral authority of African America to the soulless and bankrupt business of empire.

Two of the biggest names in the corporate stable nowadays are Joy-Ann Reid and Melissa Harris-Perry. Both are part of the Comcast-MSNBC plantation, and are earning their pay this month howling for the scalps of real journalists and their sources.

MSNBC talking head Joy-Ann Reid played the part of prosecutor, not reporter in a June 29 interview with Wikileaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson.

JR: “...Obviously the most important question.... is Edward Snowden still holed up in the Moscow airport?”

KH: “I can't reveal his exact location or his travel plans.”

JR: “The Russians have revealed his exact location. They said he was in the Moscow airport. Wikileaks is paying for his travel. Do you guys not know where he is?

KH: “We of course know where he is. We do have a hand in paying for his travel from Hong Kong to Moscow, that is correct."

JR: “If he were to travel on to the next country, he's half indicated he wants to go to South America, Wikileaks would pay for that too?”

KH: “That remains to be seen.”

JR: “But if you didn't pay for it, who would? Isn't Wikileaks providing him with legal counsel? Someone traveling with him?”

KH: “There is a legal aide on his behalf traveling with him. He has access to persons on our legal team and we did connect our legal team with his legal advisors.”

JR: “Who's paying for those legal advisors?”

KH: “Our legal advisers? Some we are paying ourselves and some are working pro bono.”

JR: “I wonder if there was money from -- there is an organization that raises money for Wikileaks – Freedom of the Press Foundation – . is that organization involved in paying for Mr. Snowden's travel?”

KH: “The money that we have access to comes from various sources. One is the Freedom of the Press Foundation. We have a fund in France as well that's collecting money on our behalf. despite the banking block on us. We have funds in Iceland from (the period) prior to the banking blockade against the organization.”

JR: “I ask that question because two journalists obviously Mr. Snowden gave some of the leaked information to are on the board of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. Were you aware of that when Wikileaks began paying for his travel?”

KH: “I was aware of their position on the board of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, yes.”

JR: “I want to get you to react to something Lonnie Snowden, Mr. Snowden's father, said. He essentially said 'I don't want him to put him in peril,' meaning his son, 'but i am concerned about those who surround him. I think Wikileaks if you look at its past history you know that the focus is not necessarily on the constitution of the United States, it's simply to release as much information as possible.' What's your reaction to that?”

KH: “I think Mr. Snowden senior has been rather ill-informed by mainstream media in this country and he has no accurate information about the organization. We are concerned about human rights. We are concerned about the freedom of speech and --”

JR: “But he mentioned the U.S. Constitution.”

KH: “Where the U.S. Constitution pertains to these issues we would support the U.S. Constitution.”

JR: “Let me ask you whether or not Edward Snowden was ill-informed about Wikileaks in 2009. When he was in a chat room overseas he essentiall accused the New York Times – we're gonna put up the graphic – that was his screen name. 'thetruehooha' he was calling himself, he was talking about a previous leak in a January 10, 2009 report that President Bush turned down a request from Israelis for bunker busting bombs that it wanted to use to attack iran's main nuclear site. he put up 'wtf, new york times, are they trying to start a war? Jesus Christ, they're like Wikileaks.' Then he talked about anonymous sources, he said those people should be shot in the chicarrones. Was he essentially ill-informed as well when he said essentially 'the New York Times' was like Wikileaks in a bad way for leaking information?”

KH: “It has not been confirmed this is actually from Mr. Snowden.”

JR: “Actually, it has been confirmed.”

KH: “If so, he's obviously changed his position in 2009 and every person should be allowed to change his opinion in a positive way as he has done.”

JR: “I want to open it up to the panel. one of the additional countries added to the potential country hopping that Mr. Snowden is doing is Venezuela which has said they'd gladly accept Mr. Snowden. So now we have a trifecta of countries that might not be the most savory, in addition to Ecuador.”

At this point, Melissa Harris Perry, Reid's fellow Comcast-MSNBC talking head jumps in. If Reid has played the prosecutor thus far grilling Wikileaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson, Harris-Perry played the bad historian and hostile cop in a free form diatribe against whistleblower Edward Snowden.

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MHP: “I am constantly shocked by this story over the course of the week in that we have clearly an international group of people who are providing resources to keep someone who's broken American law from having to stand for justice in this country...

The level of sort of privilege associated with such a discourse suggests that we should not be taking this seriously. I wonder if we're even taking it seriously enough, the idea that this individual, who as far as I can tell his opinion has changed, primarily to save his own skin. It seems clear to me that he's willing to take refuge in countries whose stand on public information, on human rights is in fact worse than the United States of America, for whom I have many important critiques. And yet the idea that the human rights violations in China, in Venezuela, in Ecuador, in Russia would somehow be less relevant to him is clearly simply because he's only saving his own skin.

In this country those who have decided to take a position of civil disobedience, because they love and care about their country and want to extend the constitution have always done so with a recognition that doing so also means standing for the consequences of breaking those laws and when they have done that, they have changed the country. But this going on the run thing? This is different. this is dangerous to our nation.”

JR: “And I want to clarify, the Venezuelan president Nicholas Medoro said his government would almost certainly grant Mr. Snowden asylum if he should apply. Do you want to respond to Melissa's point?”

KH: I think she has to think a little bit more about the Constitution. As I understand the Constitution and what is at stake here, I have a reflection back to the Nixon era when President Nixon sat in the infamous interview with David Frost when he said well when the president does it, it means that it is not illegal. That is the issue --”


At this point, the heads of both prosecutor Reid and tough cop Harris-Perry simultaneously imploded. They both lost it, unintelligibly shouting over each other for more than ten seconds. After they stopped shouting, Hrafsson tried to say the issue was the substance of Snowden's revelations, that the US government was illegally collecting, literally every email, text message, phone call, facebook post and electronic brain fart on the planet and storing it for future data-mining reference. Bad cop Harris-Perry would have none of it, angrily declaring that the issues were Snowden's illegitimacy, because he won't turn himself in, and his possible contact with foreign countries who might mean “to do us harm.”

Prosecutor Reid replied to the Nixon quote with unintentional irony, asserting that Snowden didn't reveal any illegal behavior, because of course the government had done nothing illegal, and as host, ended the segment.

The camera cut away quickly, maybe so we couldn't see the Wikileaks guy laughing.

A day or two later Harris-Perry channeled the cop again, with a Snowden segment on her own show. Harris-Perry insisted from her comfy TV chair, that any whistleblower or dissenter who failed to meekly submit to whatever punishment authorities deign to mete out is illegitimate at least, possibly self-serving as well, though just how the self is served in such cases was unclear. She brought up Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, the state senator who filibustered in Texas, and the folks who get arrested for “Moral Mondays” in North Carolina every week, and later in the show, Dan Ellsberg..

Harris-Perry might be a bright professor, but on TV she's a lousy cop and a worse historian.

Nelson Mandela was on the run for years, a fugitive inside and outside South Africa, before being caught. The ANC maintained camps and facilities in African countries neighboring South Africa quite openly during the last decade or two of the apartheid regime, while receiving substantial aid from many African countries and most notably from the Soviet Union. They got none from the United States, by the way. Martin Luther King was arrested many times but usually refused bail for a day or two while the press and religious leaders successfully clamored for his release. Dr. King never faced the prospect of felony time except once, briefly, for breaking a silly law against boycotting. King's longest stretch in jail was 11 days, during which he was allowed to write a short book, Letters From a Birmingham Jail, while receiving phone calls and interviews from people around the world.

Daniel Ellsberg was released on bond after no more than a day or two in custody, and the “Moral Monday” folks are typically booked for disorderly conduct or some such trivial offense.

None of that compares with the way the US treats political dissidents, and even suspected political dissidents today. Bradley Manning has been confined almost 3 years, the entire first year naked and in solitary confinement, no letters, no interviews, no phone calls, no writing materials, and a gag order slapped on his lawyers. What's a gag order mean? It means you can't talk about the case publicly or privately, sometimes that you can't tell an outsider the defendant says “happy birthday” to so-and-so. Veteran civil rights attorney Lynne Stewart is about to die in a federal prison for transmitting an innocuous public message from a defendant convicted of terrorism.

King was allowed to write a book in prison. Iman Jamil Al Amin, who as H. Rap Brown led SNCC and risked his life to start freedom schools, organize co-ops and register voters in rural Alabama was finally framed for the shooting of a deputy in Atlanta. To keep him from family and other Georgia prisoners, he was moved to federal custody and is now in an underground supermax cell half a continent away in Colorado, allowed one phone call and one letter to family per month. California prisoners found with just the name --- not his books, just the scrawled name --- of Black Panther leader George Jackson or other political items are classified as “gang members” and placed in automatic solitary confinement for the remainder of their sentences, which may also be lengthened due to that classification.

This ain't the sixties. Snowden won't get bond any more than Manning has. If captured he may face life imprisonment. The government has done all it can to limit public access to Bradley Manning's trial, has gagged his lawyers and prohibited contact with the outside, so it's reasonable to assume they'll do the same to Snowden. When Harris-Perry remarked, “hey, it's not like we're gonna waterboard him...” her mostly passive guests finally balked, reminding her as meekly as possible that the US DOES torture, and more.

Amazingly, Harris-Perry declared that

...At this point, if he's arrested, with all the public view on him (the likelihood of) something particularly bad happening to him is very low... we give a lot of this information to google and other sort of organizations that have no democratic elect --- I mean I get the fear of big government, I truly do, but I guess I don't quite understand why we're so pissed that our democratic government, for which we assume there's at least some sort of check, have information that we willingly give away to private corporations that we know have no check...”

After that she tried to lead the discussion away from Snowden, the NSA and government wrongdoing back to the safe and familiar liberal territory of blaming Bush, Republicans, and the Patriot Act, without mentioning that her president has twice extended the Patriot Act in the White House and voted for it in the Senate before that, but only after originally campaigning for the US Senate against it. I won't bore you with how that went, check out the video yourself below, or at

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So why is Joy-Ann Reid trying to indict Wikileaks? Why does Melissa Harris-Perry want to personally slap the cuffs on Ed Snowden? Because they're climbers in the diversity-riddled sphere of corporate media, which always has room for black spokespeople willing to tow the corporate and government lines. It's their job, they're well paid, and they know nobody's career has ever suffered for sucking up to a president. Having talking heads, especially black and female ones, to hammer home this line every time people of color turn on the TV looking for our reflected selves, is massively important. Public opinion, including black public opinion has to be moved, consent has to be engineered.

When the NSA news broke in early June, polls indicated that more Americans thought Snowden was a hero than a traitor. As Snowden himself has pointed out, the government isn't afraid of him or Wilileaks. It's afraid of the people. Corporate media exist to substitute themselves for genuine civic conversation. Branded and approved black TV and radio personalities, from Oprah to Jay-Z to Prosecutor Reid and Bad Cop Melissa are not on TV to represent the race. Prosecutor Reid and Bad Cop Melissa are here to tell black people what to think, what not to think and how not to think it, and being black (like the president) they give lazy liberals the excuse to embrace empire as well.

Only time will tell whether or how well they succeed.

Bruce A. Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report, and a member of the state committee of the Georgia Green Party. He lives and works near Marietta GA and can be reached via this site's contact page, or at bruce.dixon(at)


In light of the foregoing....

why waste time and energy??  No disrespect to anyone because I have spoken favorably about the need for advocacy and polemics of which BAR excels....

But what more do we repeatedly have to experience or intuit, day in and out, what do we  need to hear, week after week, what do we need to read or reflect upon to the point of some epiphany that frankly entails saying f**k it. "  Because we discern the difficulties of trying to change the tide, in trying to rally the masses, in terms of trying to rally Black Unconsciousness?  

I was in my local gym, I left the area I was exercising in after hearing to 30 something Black Males decry that "Snowden is 'against us.' "   I'm tired of saying every percieved slight, effront, or challenge about Obama is internalized by 97% of Blacks and defended on partisan grounds by probably 85% of White Progs.

It's bigger than the deception of Obama.  The US of A suffers from a deeper sickness than being mesmerized by Obama's Deception.  It is as Dosamuno has said without regret, the painful truth that Elites are Elites and Blacks are no better than Whites or Asians or Africans or Europeans when it comes to moral emptiness and values among Elites.

It's been this way since the beginning of time and always will be.  It's why I laugh when the so-called serious talk about colonizing space to insure the existence of the human species.

The human species is not as evolved as jellyfish, who will thrive in our absence.  I could care less if our species is propagated.  Maybe we need to give the Universe/Cosmos another billion year break?  Aliens have visited this planet and seen how f***ked up with are, the only people wanting to spread our evil seed throughout the universe, is the human jellyfish called us.

As I always like to remind people who call themselves religious:  "Name me one organized religion that predicts we will do right by ourselves in the end?"  There is a lot of shit organized religion does not nor can't get right, but nobody is 100% wrong either.  Food for thought.

Like everything else in our immoral, empty, capitalistic, profit-worshipping, materialistic, spiritually-devoid society:  TRUTH IS A COMMODITY, not a principal or ethos or value.

p.s.  Wonder if the National Cancer Society, or USAID, or the UN has access to the same computer savants, investments, resources as the spy agencies who want to know when and how often I log onto BAR, view porn, or watch the History Channel?????

Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies my ass... we live in a virtual and actual Police State where your thoughts (conservative, liberal or somewhere in between) are monitored for how they meld with the State Controlled Media and the State.

And your THOUGHTS ARE MINED for the capitalistic, consumption, debt enslavement scheme.  That's why all the Telcoms signed up under Bush II.  Think of it as Most Favored Telcom Status.

If someone knows a good problem solving website I can become a community member of please advise.  Otherwise, no dimimunition or disrespect to advocacy and education, it's just that I personally, won't do it no more, the majority of people cannot and will not change, a few of us can carve out some commonalities, that's it.. because...In the Words of John McCain, "We are all Facists Now."

Face it, all we are left with is carving out our niches.  As I said many times, tell what institution in America is not an abject failure--church, state, family, community, media, progressive entities, NAACP, Black Caucus ect--with the caveat that you are prohibitetd from citing the National Security State???



I feel you brother

You are so right!  Most people are ignorant.  However, the ignorance and disingenuity of black people in these times of Obama can really break the heart.  We are going to reap what we have sown.  I pray when the retribution takes effect, some of us who have tried so hard to tell the truth will be spared.


I feel embarrassed for you. You sound like one of those comfortably set up brothers concerned that you are going to be judged by the independent thinking other brothers and sisters that don't recognize the hand that feeds them. My gut churns at how craven you sound and fearful of being punished by the overseers


" I pray when the retribution takes effect, some of us who have tried so hard to tell the truth will be spared"


You don't deserve to keep what you have; what you've probably earned working from your knees.

I bet you come from a very long line of apologists; working with the overseer to point out the "ones" always causing trouble for the rest with their talk of "freedom"


No wonder you are a liberal

To quote Robert Nesta Marley: 'He who feels it knows it" and "Only a foolish dog will bark at a flying bird".  Go chew up on it, bozo!

"Ah Ha!!"

Touche, my friend.

To be candid with you all.  If the Repubican Party rid itself of the racists, xenophobes, and reactionaries... in some respects they would be more attractive than Liberals.  

As many Conservatives (with good and bad intent) have enuciated over the years, Liberals are worse BECAUSE THEY ARE PATERNALISTIC.

Yall know how I feel about P.C. bullshit.  So give me that bona fide red neck who'll give me some seed capital to start a business just to dispell and or prove if his prejudicial assumptions are right versus the Liberal who won't give me shit, but make sure they are overseers ( you know.. program or grant FIDUCIARIES) of the Poverty Pimp Programs that conservatives say enslave us.  To be clear give my taxes to Sec. 8, WIC and similar programs, tell the ag giants, the sorry ass telcoms, Boeing, Booz Allen,  and General Dynamics to kiss my ass.

Food for thought.  Don't piss on my head and tell me it's raining you piss poor phony Libs.

That Tea Party MoFo can ""Paula Deen me all day," (like I do them quite frankly), as long as I get that start up capital.... feel me????"

Feelings don't mean shit, ask Barack , Michelle and Valerie Jarret if you don't believe me???

"Oh beautiful for spacious skies... for... "

We got False Flagged

The big tragedy for all who voted and re-voted for "our Black President" is they got false- flagged; yeah, I said it: duped! His foreign policy is George Bush on steroids, but we can't criticise our black president, nawww we can't be seen doin' dat! The real powers that be just can't stop laughing all the way to the bank. Probably had a betting line in Vegas that paid out trillions, proving that it could be done just as easily with a Demo black prez, don't worry they'll vote for him! Should have done this years ago!

Ai, viejo--I couldn't agree with you more.

Getting old sure sucks.  The other day I had the temerity to jog, rather than walk, a portion of the 2.33 miles I did on the treadmill (2.3 burns about 300 calories) and that night I paid for my hubris with shooting pains in the feet and cramps in the lower leg muscles.  Same thing happens with biking:  I can go for 30 or even 40 miles, but pay for it the following night and day.

Everything is depressing as civilization crumbles on all fronts and all levels, and as human life teeters on the proverbial brink.  I can deal with my own mortality, but would have liked to leave something for future generations just as past generations had left something for me. 

Recently I read a fascinating and challenging book, If the Universe Is Teeming with Aliens ... WHERE IS EVERYBODY?: Fifty Solutions to the Fermi Paradox and the Problem of Extraterrestrial Life by Stephen Webb.  After examining the arguments of why intelligent life and advanced civilizations may exist despite our not yet having detected it, and counter-arguments as to why it may not, Webb concludes that Earth may be the only place in the entire universe with an advanced technological civilization and gives good reasons for his conclusion.  If he's right, and if the prognosticators of impending doom are right-- as I believe they are, the only forces of light, the only part of the universe that has risen out of the muck to examine itself and its place in the universe. is about to disappear.

Wallace Stevens wrote a poem called "Domination of Black" in which he contemplatesnthe triumph of darkness over light:

“At night, by the fire,
The colors of the bushes
And of the fallen leaves,
Repeating themselves,
Turned in the room,
Like the leaves themselves
Turning in the wind.
Yes: but the color of the heavy hemlocks
Came striding.
And I remembered the cry of the peacocks.

The colors of their tails
Were like the leaves themselves
Turning in the wind,
In the twilight wind.
They swept over the room,
Just as they flew from the boughs of the hemlocks
Down to the ground.
I heard them cry -- the peacocks.
Was it a cry against the twilight
Or against the leaves themselves
Turning in the wind,
Turning as the flames
Turned in the fire,
Turning as the tails of the peacocks
Turned in the loud fire,
Loud as the hemlocks
Full of the cry of the peacocks?
Or was it a cry against the hemlocks?

Out of the window,
I saw how the planets gathered
Like the leaves themselves
Turning in the wind.
I saw how the night came,
Came striding like the color of the heavy hemlocks
I felt afraid.
And I remembered the cry of the peacocks.”


I too feel afraid.                                                                             And sad.


To Bruce and Enlightened Cynic

To Bruce.....RIGHT ON ! ! ! ! 


Thanks for exposing Perry and Reid for the Suck-up Shills that they are !  Perry's Theater of the Absurd climaxed with this little beauty:


" It seems clear to me that his willing to take refuge in countries whose stand on public information, on human rights is in fact worse than the United States of America,"


Human Rights worse than the United States ? ? ? ?



Does Perry know about the Human Rights abuses of the Central American Dictators the US installed and propped up in the 1980s ? Does Harris Perry know about the the Million plus people killed by the CIA in Indonesia in the early 1960s in the name of stopping Communism ? Does she know that the US is the only country to drop an Atomic Bomb not once but twice in anger at the end of WWII ? Does she kinow about the extermination of the Native Population of the America's, Does she know about the Millions killed in Vietnam in an unproked war of aggression against that country ? Does she know about Operation Cyclone ? Does she know about Operation Ajax ? Does she know about Operation Northwoods ? Or how about Operation Mongoose ? And not just the part about trying to assassinate Castro which was a very small part of the plan. 


Well Perry DOES know about that stuff ! And cleverly glosses over it in the hopes that her audience is ignorant enough not to pick up on it.


This is where we can learn a thing or two from a white guy. His name was Voltaire He was a philospher known for have possessing an acute mind. He was also known for his pithy quotes. Among them is"


"As long as people continue to believe absurdities governments will continue to commit attrocities"


I suggest we keep that in mind when viewing Reid and Harris-Perry's material !


To Enlightened Cynic


You are really living up to the second part of your name. Cynicism is a manifestation of resignation and defeat. And while viewing the overall political climate that exists today it is certainly understandable that one would be filled with frustration and resignation. The anecdote that you give is without a doubt representative of the dominant paradigm. But the cracks in the system are definitely showing.  They start off subtle and progress at an agonizingly slow pace at first. But once a crack is made it is never papered over. Who forsaw the Occupy Movement coming 2 years ago ? (Aside form the Police State who were monitoring our emails and text messages) Was it crushed by the State ? Yes it sure was ! Is it a distant memory now ? It certainly is ! Do you think we will never see anything like it again ? Or will a new more power version emerge ? A version that has learned from it's mistakes ?


Recharge your batteries...........AND DON'T GIVE UP !


(The Revolution will be here before you know it !)

I seek power by my ability to define reality...

I find liberation through knowledge of self, I love with clear understanding...just a few themes I live by.

People familiar with my rants know that I've been preaching the "every institution in America is a failure" speech for a long time, since 2008 when I started blogging here.  And those familiar with me know that I don't take particular delight in being right, there's no joy or chest thumping in preaching about despair or predicting disaster.  The fact of the matter is that intuition has seldom failed me yet, I wish it would, but it hasn't.

Back in 2008 when BAR was sounding the warning bells and clarion call about the fraudster named Obama, they famously wrote a time or two:  ."Hope is for Dopes."  Granted they probably didn't mean it in the larger context in which I'm applying it, but you get the point.

We're doomed.  Once upon a time I  thought that my "default plan" was to leave the country and live and die elsewhere, now, given the reach of the National Security State and the US unmitigated bullying, I not so sure about even that.

I don't think that "Arab Spring" spirits rests within the bosom of the US of A.   We too damn busy texting, sexting, and tweeting about our celebrity royalty.  Nobody is going to overthrow a system that has brainwashed them into thinking they are just a YouTube away from being the next big thing, the next "it."  In fact, know how many times I made the argument that once shit hit rock bottom for Blacks then and only then they will awaken from their slumber?

You see how well that's going???  Every month it seems the (rigged) unemployment numbers are improving for everyone but Black folks that is.  But instead of protesting about jobs, or student loan debt, or continued home foreclosures we at the gym defending Obama's Police State with unbridled passion.  F**k these  _____(what would Paula Deen say?).  LOL.  

In the words of Stevie Wonder:

 I wish those days could come back once more 
Why did those days ever have to go 
I wish those days could come back once more 
Why did those days ever have to go

EC:  But it is what it is yo.  Cynicism is a function of critical thinking and analysis, a form of enlightment even.  I appreciate your words of encouragement, I just can't see it happening.

The US Body Politic has been sufficiently lobotomized.

Earth to Ms M.Harris-Perry & JA.Reid of LameStream Blog-o-sphere

& 'Liberal' MSNBC Cyber-space Now Hear This- FYI:

It was USG's CIA that tipped off the Racist S.African Apartheid Regime so they could capture Mandela in the first place [because folks like Ronnie Raygun, Darth-Vader Cheney & Iron Maiden Thatcher said Mandela was a Terrorist]. And It was the USG that had Mandela's contemporaries & fellow freedom-fighters in the US IE: MLK [exactly 1 yr after he called the USG 'The World's Greatest Purveyor of Violence'- & called for a 'Radical Revolution of Values' to conquer the US' 'Triplets of Evil' 'Racism, Militarism, & Economic Exploitation' due to excessive materialism- Just as true today as it was in 1967, if not more so], Malcolm X, Fred Hampton [for basically everything they ever said & did] KILLED!!! And It was the USG's CIA that had Mandela's fellow African leaders IE: Patrice Lumumba & Kwame' NKrumah KILLED &/or Over-thrown. And the USG's FBI's notorious COINTELPRO set up freedom-fighters like Geronimo Pratt for a murder they knew he did NOT Do! [Still they locked him up for 25 yrs - & even tried to put him on death-row!]!

Currently in the age of the 1st Black POTUS, Obama -&- 1st AG for the USG's Dept of {in}Justice, Holder- Snowden's fellow Whistle-blower Bradley Manning [RE: the 'Collateral Murder' video] was Gitmotized in isolation & forced to sleep naked on a cold floor for over a yr [= TORTURE]; Droned a 16yr old US born boy to BITS just because 'He should have had a more responsible father...' [Hell that's even worse than what Z-Man did to Trayvon]; effectively given 70+ yr old Attny Lynn Stewart [w stage 4 breast-cancer] a Death Sentence simply for doing her job as an attny; & 40YRS AFTER that racist lynch-mob verdict- the USG's Dept of {in}Justice lists 65 yr old grandmother Assata Shakur as a most wanted international TERRORIST & puts a $2 million bounty on her head!! [apparently because at-times she speaks-out against US imperialism & racism from Cuba- So will she get the Al-Walaki treatment from Drones flown out of Gitmo??!]! 

But apparently Ms Perry & Reid are such Obama-bots either they haven't bothered to look up any of this info, or have deliberately chosen to ignore it [= lame-stream Black MSNBC 'liberal' Obama-bot type presstitutes].

So Hell- If I were Snowden I'd run for my life too! 


PS: To Bruce- I think you meant the 1st [& maybe the 4th] Amendment(s)- NOT the 2nd.


I lost respect for higher education fairly recently. I am 21 and only take a few classes at college, but more time at the library. Degrees are worthless(esp for blacks in this country) but the knowledge I gain is priceless.

Faux Black Liberal Web Page

This is most assuredly not a liberal page. This may give the appearance of being a liberal page, because it states that it is, but it isn't.


You can lie to the people some of the time, but the cravenness of some of the responders tells the truth.


The words used in this article speaks to the deeper truth of this page. I don't even know if the site is Black run or posing.


"Two of the biggest names in the corporate stable nowadays are Joy-Ann Reid and Melissa Harris-Perry. Both are part of the Comcast-MSNBC plantation, and are earning their pay this month howling for the scalps of real journalists and their sources.


Either you are a troll or you are so full of yourself. No, it is not a liberal page because liberals are hypocrites. Tony Blair is an acclaimed liberal; so are Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Diane Feinstein. Apart from their pontificating innocuos challenges to the assault on the working class, they hardly flinch at the sight of the planning boards detailing their gory conquests of the non-white peoples of this world. As long as they can forge a specious front of willing elites across racial and gender lines, they spew platitudes such as democracy, equality, justice and human rights while their true intentions are to amass and preserve mammon at whatever human costs. We don't want to be liberals.

We're not "liberals" here, we are leftists.

There's a big difference my friend.  "Liberals" are frequently pro-imperialist --- there were liberals for the Vietnam war, for instance, and for the invasion of Iraq.  Leftists are never for these things.  "Liberals" gave us NAFTA, leftists opposed it, and on and on.

We've never been liberals, and if you feel deceived on that score, you managed to fool yourself.

Are we "black run"?  Do you need to see my family pictures or something?  Look me up on Facebook or something.  You've got my name.  ****** pul-leaze.  

You're journalists first. And damned good ones.

Comments from the BAR staff--you, Glenn, and Margaret, may reflect an anti-imperial, class conscious "bias" --which I share.  But you cover the news objectively and comprehensively.  That's why I support you. 

The BAR is full of Hubris

I think the BAR is a little full of themselves. They indict every black public figure as a "misleader" if they do not think or do as they think or do and that's not right. I think they do a good service by presenting alternative views but theirs is not the only acceptable view.  MHP is an infotainer not a journalist. She presents a variety of viewpoints but b/c of that she only scratches the surface of the subject. But, she at least talks about it & gets the viewer stimulated. If they want more, they need to do their research to find out more. TV is to entertain not educate.  Snowden & Manning are punks who are getting what they deserve. If they had problem with the govt was doing they should've quit & then as private citizens protested the govt's actions. Now that they have gotten caught, they want to complain about their treatment. These guys are not heroes; their vandals and petty criminals like taggers & pickpockets who tried to graduate to something & because of their incompetence got caught. MLK is a hero. Rosa Parks is a hero. Det. Serpico's a hero not these losers.


Standing Reality on its Head !

I got news for you Pugs it didn't take any guts for Harris-Perry to do what she did. Snowden is never getting his life back.

As a matter of fact Melissa Harris Perry could have maintained her dignity and continued to labor on in obscurity in academia but decided to go for the gold in the world of Entertainment Slime disguised as news. After her stints at the White Power Ivy League Institutions of Tufts and Princeton Perry (then Lacewell) went out on a publishing binge writing for every Liberal Rag that would give her the ink. Then took the next step by peddling her wares on numerous Pacifica Radio Shows. Are you really that clueless as to not know why Amy Goodman makes frequent appearances on Perry's Show ? Perry appeared as a regular "Guest Expert" on Goodman's "Democrat Party Now" starting in the mid 90s. Goodmans appearances on Perry's Show is in part payback and part reaffirming Perry's Liberal/Progressive/PC credentials with her audience. From there is was but a short step for Perry to the Big Time and the Big Bucks of MSNBC !

Snowden on the otherhand gave up his life to reveal the NSA's PRISM Program. And Snowden had a pretty good one that. Pulling down 122 Grand a year with a house in Hawaii. Had he chose to keep his mouth shut he'd be kickin back on the beach right now. Yet he summoned the courage to turn his back on that for exposing the NSA's Zeal in their quest to probe the inner reaches of everyone's lives.So by your logic Snowden is less than honorable because he didn't take time off before making those revelations ? That reveals you have never dealt with the Mafia or any other gangster organization. Snowden will never get his life back after what he has already revealed. With more to come !

As to BAR "indicting every black public figure as a "misleader" if they do not think or do as they think", what's wrong with that ? From what I have read on BAR's website the Staff and Contributors have a solid grip on the meaning of the word "justice". They acknowledge and commend the hard work of Black Activists like Carl Dix and Cynthia McKinney. How did that quote go by the keynote speaker of the March on Washington in 63 ? You know the part about judging people by the "content of their character rather than the color of their skin" ? That statement works both ways you know. It appears to me the Infotainment you watch has warped your brain and turned it into mush. Even Amiri Baraka had his breaking point, where's yours ?

Who's the real punks in this situation???

John Pilger sums it up well:

The forcing down of Bolivian President Evo Morales's plane – denied airspace by France, Spain and Portugal, followed by his 14-hour confinement while Austrian officials demanded to "inspect" his aircraft for the "fugitive" Edward Snowden – was an act of air piracy and state terrorism. It was a metaphor for the gangsterism that now rules the world and the cowardice and hypocrisy of bystanders who dare not speak its name.

Who are you people that now support in the name of your phony beloved principles someone who brought out of the dark, secret chambers the truth about your country great Democracy acting like ancient barbarians and engaging  in systematic torture akin to the most despied empires that ever walked this earth, from Atilla the Hun to modern day war criminals of note, while having the mendacity to decry "human rights abuses "abroad coupled with militarisn disguised as humanitarian intervention? 

Never mind that you beloved President got your vote on promises to end it.

Or how about being upset at someone telling you the Constitution is a dead letter, that you have no privacy, that furthermore, the capitalists can do better than read your diary they can read you mind, things you would not even put into your diary?  The most intimate things in your life are UP FOR GRABS, for Google, FB, the Telcoms, anyway that trades YOUR and mine and our digital data and footprints for commerical reasons and unfair competitive advantages in exchange for building a Police State???  May be a fair trade for them, but damn sure ain't for us.

Now mind you all of this done under the auspices of a Nobel PEACE Prize Winner AND  a so-called Constitutional Scholar.  The ironies are indeed PRICELESS.

And do you not understand that this fairy tale called capitalism is but brute gangsterism?  This spy network is not only about a police state it's about gaining an unfair trade advantages, its' about giving the government data in exchange for the privilege to sell you more bullshit you can't afford?  Or to target market you because they know wtf you think, not because they copped your diary, but upped that ante!!! 

It's about the same govermenet sell outs getting UNFAIR COMPETITION!! incomplete abrogation of their shrill lies about competition and the market place and the level playing field that (we Blacks for example) can't compete in), by using cyber warfare.


You know, that virus that made Brussell traders just a nano second slower???  HA! Working those 70 hour weeks and pulling that all nighter DIDN'T MEAN SHIT, on the meretrious note, did it???  LOL

And how much money has been spent on spy technology to the detriment of those resources being spent on transit, education, infrastructure, training, and oh, dare I say MORTAGE RELIEF.

Some of you all are so f***ken stupid, so facile in your analysis--your depth of thought is childlike--that you look at act like the punks you think the entire world is from your rickety bully pulpit.  And dare I say you frustrate the hell out of me.

The US Criminal Enterprise is on full display, arrest Snowden if you will, prosecute Bradley to the fullest extent of the law...but you can't put the water back into the faucet, it leaked knuckle heads, get that?

So this ain't about them its about getting more PUNKS to call dissidents punks and cheer on their beloved Cops and Robbers State.

p.s.  I got knews for all of you MHP clones and sycophants.  Fewer and fewer people (both domestically and abroad) believe in the fairy tale State that refers to itself as the Leader of the Free World.  How can they when, as Pilger cites, Gangsterism is on full display???


With the billions and trillions of dollars SPENT BEFORE AND ACCELERATED 10 FOLD post-911, combined with the most brilliant computer minds on the planet......

you'd think they would have developed the capability to neuter and/or render the communications channels of  A.Q. and similarly-situated "terrorist groups" (or US assets depending on the occasion of course) inert???

(See Amy Goodman interview of former US seals who reported JSOC was killing CIA assets, you know sorta like Gary Webb saying CIA was running Dope and NYT Columnist Risen castigating him for same).  Wonder who won that battle for "truth?"

Let's put aside the gun running operations in Libya that got out of hand, the lack of coordination amongst elements of the Security State (or cross-purposes) for now....and focus on the length of time, the $$ spent (on and off-book (Black Book) or disguised budgets) and the point of what have US Taxpayers got for their tax dollars/purchases when you look at it transparently.... 


Is it unreasonable for me (us) to think these MoFos can easily develope the capability to leave A.Q. and their minions's communication channels limited and disrupted to the point they would be relegated to usaging pony (or camel) express, doves and falcons, cars, trains and marathon runners, or snail mail for communications?  Now add snitches and plants to that (Think Occupy Wall St.) and TA DA! huge disruption in acts of terrorism.  

See, here's the brilliant part.  Just like they know I don't mind girl on girl porn they FUCKING OUGHT TO KNOW Ahmed wants to blow some shit up?  Or am I asking or suspecting to much?  Or perhaps they ought to get off my proclivities and focus on Ahmed or Bobby or Jerry for that matter??

I mean, if Amazon knows what I think surely we know what the next wannabe jihadist think?   Afterall, is there any one of us who can''t balance the fact that THERE ARE 300 MILLION OF US vs. a much, much, smaller pool of terrorists??

Especially when the SALAFIS--the predominant "Islamic/Arab/Middle East Terrorist strain-- DOES'NT EVEN EMBRACE MODERNITY OR TECHNOLOGY!!

Not to mention, consider that the US OWNS most of the digital infrastructure--cable, wifi, towerns, underground and underseas physical plant/ ect. that digital communication travels on (and ain't about to relinquish it btw).  Now lets take the ownership superiority and add to that the fact that the US has outsourced Israeli companies as well as domestic ones to maintain the IT spy system.  

What yall think? Is it another moment of ENLIGHTMENT or am I just cynical ?  

BTW, you cannot expect the average person to do research, do you have ANY IDEA how wide the digital divide/gulf is for persons of color, Blacks in particular???  If one understand shiggity they ought to understand that, even Jethro Bodine would have figured that one out.  LOL  Take the "D" for example, 40% illiteracy and what do you suppose that translates into in terms of computer ownership, usage and familiarity.  Some folks won't like my non-PC statement but also know I give a rat's ass about PC, but when they Google BAR it ain't this one, and it is not in upper case lettering.  Be offended it you will OR understand how Black folks use diversions to mitigate the pain.  We should be the last MoFos at the casino for example, yall know that's one of my pet peeves.

p.s.s.  By the way, they ain't watching BAR at the gym, hell, they can't catch Amy G., and NPR has not only shifted Rightward, they never did Rap, R&B and comedy and celebrity gossip B.S. yall understand???   My problem and my source of depression is that I actually don't think I'm that smart, I stay awake at night thinking the ave. MoFo is either stupid or more accurately CHOOSES TO BE.

Like I said, they all "getting rich or gonna die trying."

And like James Brown said:  "I don't know karate, but I no Ka Ra Zy."  LOL



If they can use their mobile phone... swap photos on Instagram, they can use those same cellphones to look up the news and do research.  They're called Smart phones, right?  It's all about priorities.  If people cared about such things, then they'd take the time to look them up.

PS. Cynic, what is it that you're exactly enlightened about?


Ass kisser for the Empire

Got more enlightment in my little finger than your dumbass will ever have.

Facist dickweed.  Go troll elsewhere, nobody's buying your pathetic bullshit.

Your dumbass don't even understand the digital divide among myriad other examples of being brain dead.

Yes or No you lil ass-kissing fraidy cat:  you want the government reading your most intimate emails, letters, unlocking your passwords?  Granted they'd probably fall asleep from boredom, but answer the question or STFU.

Your weakass analysis (if you wanna call it that) is a non-starter.  Anwer the question Bee yatch.

You remind me of the ignoramuses at the gym holding on to every word of CNN or MSNBC about the Boston Marathon Bombing, cowering like lil bitches UNAWARES THAT NOBODY IS CHECKING THE SUITCASES, BACKPACKS AND GYM BAGS FLOODING THE GYM 24/7!!  Mofos barely empty the garbage, keep the paper towel dispenser full or mop the damn floor.....

I work in a 40 story building with ONE SECURITY GUARD making MINIMUM WAGE on the ground level, just like the folks at LA Fitness.  NSA can't protect me asshole maybe in your paranoid delusional world YOU feel protected???   

What are YOU enlightened about???  Obviously not a damn thing.  LOL

Go back to your comfy corner with your government issued pacifer, your facile, cowardly, third grade bullshit is refuted with the simplest of analysis. 

You Chicken Little MoFos are PATHETIC.  NSA can't save your scary ass.

Same Min. Wage MoFos doing security in your office tower, they can't wait the get the f**k off of work and go home to apply for a real job.

What am I enlightened about?  Well for starters, you and your ilk's DUMB ASSES.

And your point is ?

Yeah O lectrures on constitutional law to do what ? Create legal rationalizations to keep GITMO Open ? To provide a rationalization for killing a 16 year old boy by droning who was only looking for his father. (Mahmouud Aw Lawki) O personally approved that one as he does all others every Tuesday.


How does your correction change the thrust of Pilger's critique ?

R u Bobby Seale?

Are you saying that Melissa can't make any money and that she sold out because she doesn't just want to be limited to being a college professor?  Does that apply to Cornel West?  I thought you, Progressives, loved Amy Goodman?  Now, she's not a real progressive?  I'm sure Mr. Pugs can speak for himself, but Snowden and Manning are than less honorable because they are putting people --- people they work with at risk.   I guess getting your colleagues killed doesn't matter.  They are also violating their oaths and contracts and the law.  But, I guess keeping your commitments don't matter, either.  The Iraq Veterans Against War waited til they got out and protested and some even ran for Congress.  They didn't publish their orders and plans on Wikileaks.

Snowden seems to be doing quite well living in a luxury hotel in the Moscow Airport.  Anna Chapman, a beautiful Russian spy and model,  tweeted that she wants to marry him and have his baby.  Man, life is pretty rough for this guy! But, let's just say you're right about him now being a pauper because he divulged US secrets.  Do you agree with Bruce Dixon that Snowden and Manning have it rougher than MLK and all the other black people who were arrested; beaten, raped, and killed in the jails of the South?  I think dealing with the good ol' boy network in South is pretty close to dealing with a mafia-type organization.

As far as what's wrong with "indicting every black public figure as a 'misleader,' because they don't think and do as they (the BAR) think and do," again, I speak can't speak for Mr. Pugs, but I can first say it's simply not true. Second, it's gives the false impression that they are the only people who are doing anything for Black America. We know that ain't true. Third, they act as if they aren't supported by white folks just like the so-called misleaders. The BAR and the bloggers who write for them are supported by white socialists, communists, leftists, and green party members who are just as indifferent, racist, and malevolent toward black people as white Democrats and Republicans are.

The BAR doesn't run anything. Much like most of the black groups it criticizes, it's not an independent, self-sufficient black-owned and operated organization. So, they need to chill on that smug, self-righteous "blacker than thou" attitude held by the BAR bloggers, particularly Bruce Dixon.  I'm glad Mark Thompson checked him about a month ago on his show "Make It Plain" by telling him, "Bruce, you don't do shit!"  Mark went off after Bruce got beside himself when he downplayed the NAACP's recent efforts to stop voter suppression and to get ex-felons in Virginia the right to vote.

You know what? Mark Thompson's right.  What have you done, Bruce?  When did you go to jail?  When were you beaten, stabbed, or shot? When was your family threatened?  For you to have such strong critiques of black leadership, what is your record?  Why is your criticism of Obama so vitrolic and so personal?  Did he slight you in some way when you worked for him during a voting registration campaign in Illinois?  Did he fire you?  You're doing pretty well for yourelf living in affluent Marietta, a suburb of Atlanta.  Does that make you a misleader because you belong to the black middle class? You seem to relish being on Sirius XM Left every other Wednesday if not every Wednesday.  I'm sure you'd relish being on MSNBC or some other cable tv network as much as MHP does.  So, stop frontin'.


Can You Prove that Manning's & Snowden's Put Anyone's Lives-

in Jeporady??? Or are you just parroting Obama-bot talking points. If you know of & can show specific names, places, incidents & circumstances that Manning's [&/or  Snowden's] revelations put anyone in harm's way -Be Specific - NOT Hypothetical!

RE: Amy G & DN! Many commentors here @ BAR, like myself, began to view Amy G. & DN! a lot differently after DN! became a sounding board for 'cruise-missile liberal' {chicken}hawk cheerleaders [IE: Juan Cole] for FUK-US NATO's [headed by O-Bomber, Killary / Hiltery, Sue Rice, the UK's Cameron & Napoleon Complex Sarkozy along w the GCC] phony 'R2P' assault on Libya - [PS: Amy G actually in a 2007 interview w ex NATO Gen Wesley Clark heard him say out of own mouth that the Bush Jr / Cheney / NeoCON cabal in the immediate wake of the 9-11 'New Pearl Harbor' event had these 7 Muslim countries on their {s}Hit-List: IRAQ, Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon, LIBYA, SYRIA & IRAN]     

IMO- Manning & Snowden do NOT rank w MLK, Malcolm, Mandela, Patrice Lumumba, Kwame' NKrumah, Kwame' Toure', the Black Panther Party, etc... -But- Let's not forget who had these great Black leaders taken-out, neutralized [= murdered, imprisoned, over-thrown] or tried to- The US Gov't via the CIA, FBI, COINTELPRO, etc. But legendary Vietnam Era Gov't whistle-blower Daniel Ellesberg says that Manning's & Snowden's revelations actually surpasses his own in importance. And also NSA whistle-blower Tom Drake praises them.


Snowden is a...

...whistleblower not an activist.  Whistleblowers are subject to reprisal including and up to criminal prosecution.  Both MHP and Bruce Dixon were wrong to make such comparisons.  I think the both were too zealous to make their points and thus made gross and ahistorical mischaracterizations of King and other activists. He is, however, a fugitive.  So, you could compare him to gangster, Whitey Bulger, or the late billionaire insider trader Marc Rich who fled to Israel and then Switzerland.

I'm glad you acknowledged that he doesn't rank with MLK and other African and African-American freedom fighters.  Daniel Ellsberg, the whistleblower who leaked the Pentagon Papers during the Nixon years, is an accurate comparison as well.  However, Ellsberg was man enough to stand trial for his actions.  So, is Manning.  Why isn't Snowden?

Bout time you showed up!

I was wondering when Cass Sunsteins fascist, disinformation, propaganda agents would show up (BAR should be proud that they are on yalls radar now, a true cointelpro badge of honor) to spew unfounded bile. Guess you had to develop the right persona for the site huh? Just shouting "traitor!" like the bots over at dailykos do won't work here, had to find another angle, gotta admit its clever. How much is HBgary paying you guys per post again?

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I read BAR when I want to get a strong inteligent unbiased opinon of current affairs. The writers are some of the most informed found on the web. And not only do they have very good information that is not common knowledge they also use excellent analysis to further understand that information. I am sorry to say the majority of the public will not and cannot stomach the views expressed on BAR which doesn't make it less true. I applaud Mr. Ford and Dixson and others associated with them. Some of the commenters are also very sharp as Enlightened Cynic who comments on this same story. I beleive the only way to improve the political climate and outcome is to defeat the two party system with a third or even fourth party but that is going to be a hard fought battle. I t can be done but it would have to start small and would take decades to effect the national political level even at the house and senate level. the two parties have gerrymandered the rules in a way to entrench themselves with exclusion of any other parties. But that is where concerned decent people can exert their energy to make a change. there is no future in the Democrat party. Even with a so called black president you see what the benefits are for black people who voted overwhelmingly for him.( I did once) I knew that MHP was rank and a fraud when she first came on MSNBC and srtarted ragging on Jesse Jackson and other longtime civil rights icons. Though I know these people are not saints I don't htink she has the standing to call them out with the bully pulpit at MSNBC. What has she done except tear down all that has merit and take the money.     


No Respect for the King

Bruce Dixon apparently cares more about the well-being of and relates better to two pampered white boys than he does for the suffering and sacrifices of past and current black activists.  Why else would he make light MLK's stints in jail? Why else would he diminish the suffering of black activists in the 1960s?  I don't even know how a clear thinking black man would even think such thoughts let alone print such garbage like ", Dr. King never faced the prospect of felony time except once, briefly, for breaking a silly law against boycotting. King's longest stretch in jail was 11 days, during which he was allowed to write a short book, Letters From a Birmingham Jail, while receiving phone calls and interviews from people around the world."  Mr. Dixon acts as if MLK was just cooling his heels waiting for the next press conference to lead.  A very bright line has been crossed here in order to defend people who've never been oppressed a day in their lives.  Regardless of how you feel about government spying, there's never a good reason to downplay, diminish, and disrespect the sacrifices of our ancestors.  Doing so diminishes yourself and your people.


I see this article and some of the comments have drawn the ire of the last few true Obots.   All least the professional Obots, JAR and MHP, are getting paid for their service to Obama unlike our visitors who are carrying the propoganda water for free. 

In any event, did you ever think the day would come when Black so-called progessives would invoke the legacy of MLK, Jr. to attack a whisteblower, who has uncovered government secrets, and demand that he willingly submit himself to spend the next 30 years or so in isolation in a SuperMax prision in order to be considered a "valid" whistleblower in their eyes?   On a supposed progressive network?  "Lean Forward", indeed.

oh dont be so sure they arent being paid

The government has thousands of paid trolls all over the net ready to swoop in with establishment approved talking points anytime the establishment is getting heat. Just google Cass Sunstein, or read up on the disinfo campaign HBgary tried to do to Glenn Greenwald.

What Snowden is...

...a whistleblower not an activist.  So, it was inaccurate on MHP's part and Bruce Dixon's part to compare him and Manning to King and other Civil Rights Activists.  He is a fugitive, now.  I think people take umbrage when people compare him to King and when you look at King and others they faced their tormentors.  They didn't run.  But, since he's not an activist, but a fugitive felon on the run, a better comparison would be Whitey Bulger.

Melissa Harris Perry a Tool of The State

Perry is at it again !

Saturday Afternoon Perry she issued her latest

"Come OUT with your hands up !" edict to Snowden


Now she thinks she can castigate him by "scolding" him like a child.


Hey Melissa have you received your Junior G-Man Badge from J Edgar Hoover yet ?



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