Freedom Rider: The Lessons of Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Two arch racists were are on national display this week, reminding folks that a post-racial America is a myth. Cliven Bundy did a further service by showing federal reluctance to confront White Terror, while Donald Sterling’s case outed the Los Angeles NAACP as a hangout for worthless Black misleaders.


Freedom Rider: The Lessons of Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Black people or even white people on the left would not get away with publicly brandishing fire arms, forming a de facto militia and threatening the lives of federal employees.”

There is nothing like the musings of racist white people to garner media attention and public outrage. Unfortunately there is usually more heat than light generated in these situations and the opportunity to gain insights on the condition of black America is lost.

Such is the case with mooching rancher Cliven Bundy and racist basketball team owner Donald Sterling. Hopefully they woke black Americans from any delusion of a post-racial society and in Sterling’s case simultaneously revealed the traitors and mis-leaders in our midst.

Bundy is a Nevada rancher who like 16,000 others across the country grazes his cattle on federal property, which comprises 85% of that state’s land area. Bundy is within his rights to graze his cattle there but he is required to pay a fee for doing so. He has gotten away with paying absolutely nothing for 20 years and after losing many court cases now owes the Bureau of Land Management more than $1 million.

When the BLM finally had enough and confiscated his cattle, Bundy issued a call to arms to other terrorist minded white people. They came from all over the country, pointing guns at federal agents and creating a media firestorm. In the ironically named town of Bunkerville, Bundy held court among his fellow domestic terrorists and became the darling of Fox news and the Republican Party.

It is obvious that black people or even white people on the left would not get away with publicly brandishing fire arms, forming a de facto militia and threatening the lives of federal employees. The government backed down to prevent violence but Bundy’s fifteen minutes of fame went on a little too long for his own good. He ended what had been a galvanizing event for the right wing when he uttered his opinions about “niggers.” Some media claim he used the word “nigra” and others say “negro” but the audio is clear. Bundy expressed the opinion that black people were better off in slavery than we are today because we had work to do when we picked cotton. He rambled on against abortion and mused about why black people are in jail, but he summed up his theories by saying that freedom just didn’t help black people very much. The best part of this debacle was watching Republicans flee from the public relations disaster but the whole episode should be treated as a serious lesson.

There are millions of Americans who would take up arms to kill mostly because they would enjoy it.”

Bundy is no outlier in any of the opinions he holds. There are millions of Americans who would take up arms to kill mostly because they would enjoy it. They might defend their actions with an appeal to patriotism or a sage brush rebellion or doomsday prepping or whatever rationale would be most convenient, but the bottom line is that they would like to get away with killing as many people as possible. That is why we have stand your ground laws and why Georgia recently passed legislation making it legal to carry guns anywhere and everywhere in that state.

Bundy is also not alone in seeing chattel slavery as being worthy of nostalgia. It is not a coincidence that gun and slavery lovers so often find common cause. The two go together and the Second Amendment is directly tied to the granting of police force status to every white person in the country in the days of slavery. Bundy’s popularity is deep and dangerous and he is no less popular now in some circles than he was before he made his remarks. Most racists know how to filter their thoughts in polite society. But Bundy is an ignorant man with no clue about niceties and said what was on his and others’ minds. It doesn’t matter that Rand Paul and Fox News back tracked from the Bundy love fest. If millions of white Americans were granted their ultimate fantasy, black people would be back in chains on the auction block.

Neither Bundy’s actions nor his politics gave him any connection to the black community but Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling is a rich man in a sport where a majority of players and fans are African American. The angst surrounding his racism is far more instructive and also more dispiriting too.

If millions of white Americans were granted their ultimate fantasy, black people would be back in chains on the auction block.

The public drama began with a private one. Sterling’s wife wasn’t pleased about the amount of time and money he spent on a woman known as V. Stiviano. Mrs. Sterling was so fed up that she sued Stivano for $2 million, who decided to tape conversations to protect herself. The rest is history.

It is interesting what the media chose to emphasize and to cover up in their conversation. Sterling’s rant was racist and bizarre, telling Stiviano that she could have sex with Magic Johnson but that she shouldn’t be photographed with him or bring him or any other black people to Clippers’ games. Those words were the main focus of media attention.

Sterling, whose real name is Tokowitz, defended himself by pointing out how badly black people are treated in Israel. This exchange with Stiviano was ignored by many news organizations.

"It's the world! You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs [emphasis mine]." 
"So do you have to treat them like that, too?" 

"The white Jews, there's white Jews and black Jews. Do you understand?" 

"And are the black Jews less than the white Jews?" 

"A hundred percent, fifty, a hundred percent."

Sterling’s racism was well known in Los Angeles prior to the taped conversations being revealed but obedience to a rich man protected him from full exposure. In 2008 he was sued by former NBA star and Clippers general manager Elgin Baylor, who claimed a “plantation mentality” permeated the work environment in that organization. Also in 2009 the Sterlings were forced to pay $2.7 million due to discriminatory housing practices against black and Latino tenants in apartment buildings they owned in Los Angeles. It was the largest such judgment paid in a housing case at that time. None of this mattered to the Los Angeles branch of the NAACP, which honored Sterling with a humanitarian of the year award in 2009 and was prepared to give him a lifetime achievement award before the scandal was revealed.

The Sterlings were forced to pay $2.7 million due to discriminatory housing practices against black and Latino tenants in apartment buildings they owned in Los Angeles.”

Not only was Sterling to be honored, but also executives from Walmart and Fedex. Walmart is known for its low wages, union busting, discriminatory hiring and promotion policies, theft of public services and push to privatize education. Fedex is also a well known union breaking corporation. The branch had to be dragged kicking and screaming to cancel the honor for Sterling and also to return funds he had donated over the years. The organization also declined to reveal the amount of those donations but they are estimated to be in the range of $45,000. (*link 45k) The NAACP sold itself cheaply.

It isn’t enough to say that the Los Angeles NAACP represents the worst of the black mis-leadership class. Apparently its sole mission is to raise money because it clearly has no integrity and does nothing to help anyone outside of its own shallow circle. It does no good to anyone who is in need and if it were disbanded it wouldn’t be missed.

The mis-leaders are not the only bad guys in this tale. Former NBA star and current team owner Michael Jordan had nothing to say about Sterling for a full two days after the story broke. He finally announced that he was “disgusted” and “outraged” but apparently only after his handlers gave him permission to speak up.

Both Bundy and Sterling must be given a strange sort of credit because they exposed the degree of confusion that permeates this country. While Bundy said that black people were better off as slaves he also praised Asians and Latinos as being hard workers. He suddenly became not so racist in the eyes of many people, who began to downplay the awfulness of his sentiments in the model minority game. Sterling’s friend Stiviano was initially the object of derision, the “gold digger” whose motives were suspect.

The only question about racism is how well people cover it up. There is an endless supply, and wishful thinking makes it tempting to forget until the next clueless person raises his or her head. In the meantime remember that criticism of Israel shouldn’t be swept under the rug and that some respected individuals and organizations should not be respected at all. There are many villains to go around in this story, and Bundy and Sterling are just two out of many.

Margaret Kimberley's Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well as at Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)


So Many WTF Racist Rants from some Old Rich White Guys

So Donald [Trump] Tokowitz-Sterling- NBA owner & ['discriminating' / choosey] slumlord [billionaire]- in yet another [of many] affairs [Tokowitz / Sterling's married] w a BI-RACIAL Black-Latina young enough to be his grand-daughter, has a racist rant because she takes a pix w LA Laker legend Magic Johnson & sends it as an insta-gram [FYI: Tokowitz / Sterling owns the LA Clippers which shares the same stadium w the LA Lakers]. So did Tokowitz / Sterling get into a racist tizzy fit cause he thought his mistress was 'kickin it' w & getting sprinkled w a little 'Magic Dust'?? - IE: Was he paranoid-worried that his mistress may have been cheating on him the same way he's been cheating on his real wife for yrs w multiple mistresses & 'call-girls'??? So if this is what Tokowitz / Sterling really thinks about the NBA Legend 'Magic', we know how little he & his ilk think of  'Homeboy' & 'Emilio' from the Hood & the Barrio!

Tokowitz / Sterling doesn't want his young Bi-Racial Black-Latina mistress bringing any of her Black friends to games to watch his BLACK ball players play [earning him MILLION$$$ in the process]- WTF???!!! This from a guy who reportedly once brought one of his 'fillies' [a different mistress]  to the Clippers locker-room shower & told her to 'Check-out at all those wonderful black bodies...' - Just like 'ole massa' checking out the buck-naked black 'merchandise' on the slave-auction block!!!

Then this racist Napoleon complex ego-maniac thinks he's more important to the game than his players- OH Really??! I've read several articles on Tokowitz / Sterling's life [IE: an excerpt on him from Dave Zirin's expose' on sports team owners called 'Bad Sports'] & no-where do they say he was ever an athlete / Basket-ball player - not even back in college. Does this Dude really think fans come to see his old wrinkled, old-fart, ugly-ass mug, or see Chris Paul, Blake Griffin et-al do their thing & 'hoop it up'??!  Dude you've got it exactly ass-backwards! Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, et-al don't need you to feed & cloth them- You've used Brothers like them to make your racist-ass filthy rich- DUHH!!!


PS: Thanks to Sis Margaret Kimberley & S.Hutchinson for reporting something that even the so-called 'liberal-left' 'alternative' media has failed to report- RE: Tokowitz / Sterlings statement confirming how Blacks [including Ethiopian JEWS] are being mistreated by the Likudnik Regime in Israel.

PS-2: IMO The Real Lesson from guys like Tokowitz / Sterling's & 'Ole Massa on the Range' Clive [the Jive] Bundy's  racist rants that've been posted live [apparently they ain't got the memo that we're in the NSA / Big Brother's Watching Everything age], is to destroy the Myth of Post-Racial USA!!! IMO There's too many rich [& even not so rich] white folks that not only want to roll-back Affirmative-Action, Welfare, Social Security, Voting Rights, etc- but like Clive [the Jive] Bundy says want to see us all back in chattel-slavery!!!

PS-3: the NAACP's role in this sorry--ass saga is so damn pathetic that I'll just refer to Davey D's piece: 'The NAACP is Just As {ass}Backwards as Donald Sterling [ ] -&- also Ms Arundhati Roys DN! interview talking about how BIG Biz $$$ was used neutralized many lame-stream Civil-rights orgs IE: the NAACP [@  -  Note: the relevant part is after the 2nd station-break]

He used the words "negro and colored"

Clearly heard on the video.

I understand folks being upset by the remarks made by the cowboy. He comes across as an ignoramus but not as a diehard racist.

I think I know what I am talking about having grown up in south Georgia in the late 50's and early 60's, knowing real racists first hand and believe it or not, being approached by the Klan here in socal in the late 70's to join, along with the Masons- I said no to both.

When I grew up blacks used both of the words above in the title to describe themselves, it seems that only the last few years that the "n" word came into more common usage, especially due to the rap influence on the young of all races.

As far as the violence around Bunkerville goes, take a look at all the Youtube videos showing the federal agents using dogs and Tasers to attempt to intimidate the rancher's supporters, look at all the automatic weapons that the agents were carrying and all the helicopters and armored vehicles present.

These guys were ready to commit another Ruby Ridge or Waco and the people just weren't about to tolerate that, all for an unpaid fee bill.

Or at least on the surface that's what it looked like, then the BLM webpage showed up clearly pointing out the possible real reason why the feds wanted the land; to use the acreage as mitigation for a giant solar field backed by Senator Harry Reid, you know the one who called Bundy a "domestic terrorist."

So I, for one, while deploring Bundy's phrasing of his thoughts, do not believe that he is a racist, but do believe that in 3 minutes running his mouth, he managed to singlehandedly destroy a lot of the goodwill for his cause and run off a lot of his "sunshine" friends, making it much easier for the feds to justify their crackdown when it comes, and come it will, with Eric Holder around to approve it just as he did for Waco.

Somehow victims of racism, as blacks apparently thinks

Well allow me to rephrase it for you.  African people have been victims of racism, white supremacy every since we were confronted by whites, and it still goes on today, and will go on as long as white supremacy rules.  White supremacy cannot function without racism toward blacks, as well as other groups.  Anyone who cannot see it, is living in a world of denial.  White supremacy, definition is racism.  You do not have to spend your time with fantasies about blacks, because we do not try to hold you down, like what blacks are up against, every day of our lives by whites.  We don't have to leave our homes, it is everywhere, on TV, the news, I see many things every day, tactics, practices, demeaning black people, keeping the perception, blacks are a bunch of inferior dummies, it happens all the time, whites do not see it, because when they show these things, they go with the flow, one it makes them feel good about themselves.  Keep in mind, whites suffer from self esteem problems, even after having priviledges galore, they somehow, need more and more, and will not stand back to allow other folks like blacks to get it together, after all, we came out of bondage with nothing, as we are still held back, even our so called black president, has been held back, if he wanted to help blacks to get it together, he is afraid whites will come down on him.  You need to understand, when crimes have been committed against you, you are a victim, we have had crimes committed against us, for 550 years in this country, and still going on, every day, today, by the system of white supremacy. 

If You're not obsessed w Race then Why...

Have you made it your point to come to this Black Progressive web-site BAR, & constantly hurl thinly disguised racist insults re Black people??? So Obviously you ARE obsessed w race!!!

So What of your 'Instead of Clemency Blacks Should Stop-

Breaking the Law' - Quip??? This [jive-ass] Clive Bundy guy illegally mooches off of the Gov't for decades & then draw-downs on [= threatens to kill] law enforcement when he's told to pay-up [which apparently as a well-to-do rancher he's quite capable of doing]- Yet ya'll claim him as some kind of hero. So what about Chris Dorner last yr, do ya'll also see him as a 'hero'???!! 

We know what happens to Blacks that draw-down on the cops- even in self-defense IE: The Black Panthers, MOVE, the SLA, etc. Hell the cops gun-down unarmed &/or non-criminal Blacks at the rate of 1 per day, but ya'll aint claiming Oscar Grant, Ramarley Grahm, Sean Bell, Trayvon, etc as heroes!!! 

Please stop repeating corporate lies about Bundy

The Peanut Gallery's lame Excuses for Bundy & Tokowitz-Sterling

It really don't matter if Clive [the Jive] Bundy said nigger, nigra [basically the same as saying nigger] or Negro... - If he said } Black people were better off in slavery than  today because they had work to do like picking cotton so ending slavery was not good for Black people...{ then he's a racist- PERIOD!!! Dude it's a full 150 YRS after the Emancipation Proclamation, yet you're still nostalgic about the 'Good Ole Boy' days of being 'Ole Slave Massa' to 'niggers-nigras-Negroes'- WTF!!! I mean this jive-ass Bundy guy's a cattle [rustler] rancher [FYI: 1/41/3 of all cowboys of the old west were Black], NOT a cotton plantation owner!!! So his nostalgia about Blacks being better off as cotton-pickin slaves don't even make NO damn sense unless he's a RACIST- DUHH!!!

Tokowitz-Sterling's pathetic racist-rant being caught on tape is just the culmination of / hard undeniable proof of his racism. Sport writer Dave Zirin, among others [FYI Zirin's also white & Jewish] documents Tokowitz-Sterling many racist acts in his expose' on pro sports-team owners called 'Bad Sports'. Even more egregious than Tokowitz racist-rant against Magic Johnson [who has some power vis-a-vis Tokowitz] is his document racist acts against Blacks & Latinos [who have little power vis-a-vis Tokowitz] as a slumlord billionaire! Then the NAACP tries to put 'lip-stick on this racist-pig' for just '30 pieces of [$terling's] silver'!!!

It does matter that he said "negro"

And not the "n" word.

Words matter. At least they once did.

Folks are entitled to their opinion and will believe what they want, but I, for one, will not stand for him to be slandered as some sort of arch-racist when what he really is just an wore out old cowboy,not very eloquent, who did a great job of almost finishing off his own cause with his severe case of "boot-in-mouth" disease.

I implied in my original comment yesterday that as a man raised in the Deep South, I think that I know a racist when I see one. Let me give an example. Back home in south Georgia, this white man owned a gas station with the "white" and "colored" bathrooms. I was a young boy when this clear example of racism occurred there. I did not see this but heard of it from a reliable source.

The "colored" restroom was occupied and a middle aged matronly woman could not wait so she used the "white" restroom. Evidently someone saw this and told the owner of the station, a very mean and big white man.

When the black lady came out, he confronted her and kicked her hard to the ground and told her never to go back into the "white" restroom. He also used the "n" word to her many times as she lay stunned on the ground. None of the many witnesses, white or black, lifted a hand to help her or raised their voice in protest.

This is the type of racism that was long practiced in Georgia and other southern states into the early 60's- a virulent racism that was sometimes manifested in the form of lynchings.

Another example, this time personal. And again, I was just a young boy. My grandmother lived way out in the sticks and her landlord lived just down the road. His deaf niece was in the bathtub and someone looked in the window, and according to her it was a black face. My stepfather(a soldier on leave) and other white men got in their trucks with their guns looking for the man who peeked in. They found the one that they thought was the culprit and surrounded him. He was not roughed up but some wanted to. It is my understanding that they deferred to my stepfather and someone ended up calling the sheriff, who came out and took the young man away.

A few years earlier and there is no doubt that the man's life would have been in grave danger and I doubt very much that the sheriff would have been called either. It was the way it was in the Deep South. 

My point was and is, this is racism, for real, and in your face, and there are still some older black folks still alive in the south that know what I am talking about. You will definitely know it when you see it.

I am almost finished with my 6th decade and doubt that we will see the end of racism in any of its' forms end in our lifetimes. Yes we should call out those who seem to practice racism, all I am saying is that perhaps we might cut some old dude a little slack when he lets his ignorance shine for all to see.

Again, Bundy's mouth has almost done his cause in, the feds will just finish it off, my guess within 2-3 weeks once the secret Grand Jury releases its' indictments.

Regarding Sterling, as an educated and wealthy man of privilige, he really has no excuse for what he said. But as others have pointed it, those words did not occur in a vacuum. He has a long and verified history, especially known to the organizations that were quite happy then to take his money, perhaps they were able to wash the racist stench off of it; of course, those same groups are the ones now bellowing the loudest about what a racist he is- now.

I sure don't have any use for him, hypocrite that he is, and not much either for the groups who sucked up to him before to get a big fat check from him and now are doing their best to rewrite that history by calling the loudest for his censure.

Turns out after all that there is plenty of hypocricy to go around.

Statements About Israel's Racism True Reason Banishment

LEAVE it to Maragret Kimberly to get the true issue straight.  I have been searching all over the mainstream media to highlight Donald Stirling's comments about the racism White Israelis' are unjustly practicing againts Black Israelis'. 

As we all know, the Jewish lobby is very potent and powerful in this nation.  It sits at the seat of power in America, in particular, and is the reason we often go to war.  During the Bush/Cheney administration; men of Jewish descent overwhelmingly represented this republican cabinet. 

The Jewish lobby in America is so vastly powerful; that no one dare utter a word against them or any Jew or even Israel.  Jimmy Carter was almost tarred and feathered for his 2007 book:  Palestine:  Peace Not Apartheid.  It is a well-known fact that Israel has been mistreating Palestinians and their leadership; walling them off into ghettos and killing men, women, and children.  Their treatment of Palestinians has often been likened to the very treatment Jews in Germany suffered during the reign of Hitler in the 1940s.

I strongly believe that Sterling suffered his current comeupance due to the words he uttered about Israel's racist treatment of Ethiopean Jews.  No one is ever to speak negatively about them, or else a swift backlash and shunning will occur, as in the case of Jimmy Carter. 

No, this circling of the wagons is not about Black Americans and racist words uttered against them.  This is about the powerful Jewish lobby in America, and their ability to shut-up and shutdown any contrary public discourse about them and their powerful hold in American politics, or their ungodly treatment of Black Jews and the Palestinians. 





Negroes get hurt

when they get news that confirms whites have no use for blacks.

They hate that whitey hates blacks more than they hate that whitey has power over blacks. 

The patheticness goes on . . . 

A healthy reaction to these filthy dogs would be do everything possible to destroy them and make them an example for other useless white trash to fear. 


Racist love to hold people in bondage

Comment on here said Bundy is not a racist.  I have a question, if he said blacks would be better off in slavery, why that is not racism?  Not only racist, but committing human rights violation, which is a crime as well.  Bundy is a racist, Sterling is a racist.  They will tie for the end of the year racist remark.  I am willing to bet though, there will be more coming out, some wish to come out, but they don't want to show their face.  They would like to come out in their hood.  These old notorious satantic, confederate type, hate they lost the civil war, demonic creatures, are running wild.  Poor black people, are living among a group of satanic racist.  The ancestors had it right, to have separate land, away from them, to get on with our business, and live in peace.  They did not want us to have nothing, and we didn't get nothing, but yet they got all the land they thought they wanted for free, turn around and tell African people, we alwways want hand outs, who has gotten more hand outs, in this country, than any other group?  White people.  Affrimitive action, all kinds of free stuff, to get started.  

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