Freedom Rider: Killing Children


Freedom Rider: Killing Children

If America fails to finally find compassion for the legions of “other people’s” children it has killed, then it will never comprehend why its own, internal massacres occur with such frequency. “Indiscriminate violence made America what it is today.”


Freedom Rider: Killing Children

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

"It was a horrible scene and I would not let my Company fire. It looked too hard for me to see little children begging for their lives, have their brains beat out like dogs." – Capt. Silas Soule, witness to 1864 Sand Creek massacre.

Did we just kill a kid?” – Brandon Bryant, drone operator.

America has a long history of killing little children.”

Americans love to think of themselves as innocents. As a result, when they are victimized they are not just in a state of mourning, but one of total disbelief when finding themselves on the receiving end of barbarity. In the moment of bereavement and shock the well documented acts of barbarity that have been and still are committed by their country are conveniently forgotten.

The reactions to the killing of 28 people, 20 of them children, at a school in Newtown, Connecticut are understandable. It is difficult to imagine not being saddened and angered by the news of the senseless slaughter, particularly the killings of children only six and seven years of age.

Yet it is wrong to behave as if little children have never before been targeted for death in this country. While president Obama may shed a tear at a press conference and take on the role of mourner in chief, he has ordered drone attacks which have killed young children. Between 2004 and 2012, 176 children in Pakistan were killed by American drone strikes. According to the president’s staff, he personally oversees the assassination “kill list,” which means he ordered the killing of 16 year old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki after having done the same to his father, Anwar al-Awlaki.

It is wrong to behave as if little children have never before been targeted for death in this country.”

Of course, America has a long history of killing little children. Hundreds of thousands of children were taken from Africa to be enslaved in America, little children were lynching victims and children are now killed by drones, sanctions, and the other aggressions that this country meets out to the rest of the world. Israel, America’s client state, kills children in Lebanon or Gaza or wherever it feels the desire to carry out its evil intent. Entire families have been wiped out in Gaza, but the president who so solemnly mourns the loss of life in Connecticut, defends the carnage when his ally is the perpetrator.

America has a long history of state supported killing and the killings didn’t exclude children. Indian children were victimized from the moment the first Europeans arrived in their land. The British, Spanish and French all brought disease, enslavement and outright slaughter to the first American nations. On November 29, 1864, Colorado militia troops killed over 200 Arapaho and Cheyenne at Sand Creek. The victims were almost all women, children and old men. Eyewitness accounts told of children being shot, a fetus removed from its mother and scalped, and mutilations of many victims such as the Cheyenne chief White Antelope. “Besides scalping him the soldiers cut off his nose, ears, and testicles – the last for a tobacco pouch ...”

If Adam Lanza had been wearing a police officer or soldier’s uniform, he could have killed anyone he wanted without fear of punishment.”

It is not only possible, but imperative that we remember all of the child victims in this country’s history. When the president goes to Aurora, Colorado or Tucson, Arizona or Newtown, Connecticut or wherever a crazed person kills en masse we cannot just allow ourselves to be drawn along with the tide of emotions. We must stop, think, and remember that indiscriminate violence made America what it is today.

Now we are told that the Newtown, Connecticut killer was unique, evil, crazed. He may have been all of those things but he was not the outlier we are told. If Adam Lanza had been wearing a police officer or soldier’s uniform, he could have killed anyone he wanted without fear of punishment. He also could have expected to have nothing but praise heaped upon him.

Lanza was no worse than the drone operators and soldiers who act on government orders. The only difference is that they have permission from the state and approval of the populace to kill at will. There will be no end to senseless violence unless Americans affirm that they want it to stop and that there should no longer be any sacrosanct killers.

The memorial to the victims in Newtown ought to be soul searching and a determination to change actions which have been considered not only acceptable but beneficial throughout most of this country’s history. If Americans really think that killing is wrong, they must change a lot more than gun control laws.

Margaret Kimberley's Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well as at Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)


IMO Newtown_Case of a Crazy Mom Trains Crazy Son to Kill BUT

The Batman shooter case has got too many 'issues' for me to except at face value.

First: The shooter(s?) was / were dressed from head to toe in black full body armour & gas mask in a dark theater filled w smoke bombs & pandemonium. So NO-One in that theater could possibly positively ID who the shooter(s?) was / were.

Then this guy w multiple weapons, full body armour & plenty ammo supposedly just 'peacefully' gave-up to police as he was getting into his car?!? Mass killers normally don't do that! They either shoot it out w the cops, try to make a break for it, &/or blow their brains-out.

Then he allegedly voluntarily tells the cops his home is booby-trapped- UHHH??!! Then why the Hell would he bobby trap his apt in the first place, if he was NOT planning to blow-up a bunch of cops investigating this evil deed??? In fact His apt was so intricately booby-trapped that it took an ATF bomb-squad a day & a half to disarm all of the devices. It takes special training & expertise to do that, other-wise you're likely to blow your own fool self up- Sky-Hi.

Then the cops allegedly conveniently discover incriminating evidence in the Colorado's U's mail-room that had been just conveniently sitting around there for a couple of weeks [apparently just waiting to be 'discovered' on cue] which some-how NEVER got delivered to his psychologist's office on the University's of Colorado's campus. So his psychologist calls the cops there about another 'alleged' package mailed to her office, which turned out to be a false alarm, but then the cops for some unknown reason search the mail-room & Abaca-Dabra / Presto, they just happen to stumble across the 'incriminating evidence' package that should have been delivered to Holmes' psychologist's office 2 weeks earlier. 

Then the day after the slaughter, Holmes appears in court looking drugged-out, not altogether 'there'- & could barely keep his eyes open & head up without falling asleep in his lawyers' lap. And last but not least Holmes was a PhD student of Biological / Genetic Psychology. IMO he may have ended-up a guinea-pig in some type of Psych-ops / black-ops related to this field.

Taking a Deeper Look at Newtown Massacre Case There Seems To Be-

Some Anomalies That Need to be Clarified: 


Initial reports named the shooter as Ryan Lanza. This was later changed to his younger brother Adam. It was then said Adam had Ryan’s ID on him, yet Ryan claims not to have seen Adam since 2010. So how did Adam get Ryan’s ID?

Mystery shotgun: Initial reports said the murder weapons were the 2 hand guns [Glock & 9mm Sig Sauer] & that the XM-15 / Bushmaster 223 assault rifle was left in Adam’s mom’s car. But then the chief medical examiner said the Bushmaster was the main / sole murder weapon used in the school shootings, & reports later said Adam used it to shoot thru the school's secured front door. Then reports changed such that the gun on the car seat was a shot-gun, which makes a total of 7 GUNS instead of the 6 that Nancy Lanza reportedly owned. NO Further details / description of the shot-gun have been given, though more precise descriptions of all the other 6 guns belonging to Nancy Lanza have been given [the 3 other rifles were a vintage Henry {Winchester style} Cock-action, a 30.6 Enfeild bolt-action & a 22 Marlin- which Adam allegedly used to kill his mom.]

 - Adam was said to be wearing a bullet proof vest & a mask. This implies he was dressed for a shoot-out w the cops, yet committed suicide as the cops arrived. He would not have needed a bullet-proof vest to attack those unarmed teachers & students. The mask implies that those who survived the attack can NOT positively ID the shooter. This is similar to CO’s 'Batman' mass-shooting where the alleged shooter also wore a mask & body-armor.

- Conn's chief medical examiner, Wayne Carver, said that all victims were shot multiple times [2 - 11 Xs] at fairly close range. The alleged slaughter weapon is a hi-powered semi-automatic military style assault rifle & the targets were kids aged 6 -7 plus 7 women. One shot from such a hi-powered rifle could blow a good size hole right thru a grown-man at 100 meters. Multiple hits at 1 - 3 meters would likely tear a 6 -7 yr old child’s body to shreds. A somewhat detached Carver made no direct / specific mention RE the bodies' condition, but said the parents did NOT Directly see their children's bodies to make postive IDs, but instead were shown facial photos. Amazingly Conn Chief ME Carver also said he did NOT know how many of the child victims were girls vs boys- HUMM That’s Odd…  

- No security video of the shooter has yet been released [or even reported to exist]. If NO such evidence exists this would imply there was NO [working] security camera(s) in the school. Yet a new security system w a security door that could be buzzed open from the office is reported to have been recently installed. This implies a video system [& likely an intercom also] would have to also have been installed so that the office personnel could see & question who was at the door before buzzing them in. So Why apparently NO Video???

- Adam Lanza is reported to have destroyed the hard-disk of his PC. It seems strange that a guy out to commit mass-mayhem would take time to destroy his PC’s hard-disk. This is also what Cho, VT’s mass-killer, did when he deleted all info in his email account & disposed of his PC’s hard-disk such that it has never been found. Later a video turned up at a NBC news-station, allegedly mailed by Cho, showing Cho ranting like a lunatic almost incoherently, w the 2 alleged murder weapons in each hand [this certainly in effect ‘helped’ the public to ‘visualize’ him as thee raving lunatic killer]. BUT- It apparently was of little value as far as explaining exactly why he committed mass-slaughter on VT’s campus & why he targeted those particular victims &/or locations that he did. [NOTE: From My experience as a PC Tech, most PC users don’t know that unless you empty the PC’s Recycle bin, a ‘deleted' file can be quickly undeleted. Yet even if you DO Empty the Recycle Bin, a PC Tech pro can still recover those deleted files. The only way to truly insure that info is not recoverable is to use special file shredding software which can ‘zero-out’ the hard-disk, or physically destroy the disk beyond recoverability & usability. The fact the both Adam & Cho did this IMO shows they knew this & thus were not ‘average’ PC users.] - These actions by Cho & Lanza, immediately prior to their attacks, implies they may have been in contact w unknown party / parties & did NOT want the ID(s) of those parties known, Nor what was the exact nature of their conversations w those parties. This action of destroying the hard-disk & emails prior to going on a mass-murder killing-spree is reminiscent of the famous scene from ‘Mission Impossible ['We’ll disavow any knowledge of your actions…’ & ‘This tape will self-destruct in 5 secs…’]

- Why did Cho target his first victim in the dorm? Was she a victim of opportunity / happen-stance, or was she a deliberate target? Cho had access to the dorm but not till 7:30am, yet he came at 6:45 & succeeded in gaining entry. Emily Hilscher was dropped off by her boy-friend at 7am. Was Cho deliberately waiting for her, or was her killing a case of unfortunately showing up at the wrong place, at the wrong time? And if she was not a specific target why didn’t Cho go after others in that dorm since he had full access? He obviously waited nearly 2 hrs before going after his main target, the classes in the Engineering Bldg. IMO Emily & the Engrg Bldg were likely Cho’s main target selections otherwise he should have randomly shot many people at the dorm &/or just walking thru the campus grounds. 


Random shootings w many unsatisfactory loose-ends: VT Campus 2007, ‘Batman’ CO Theater 2012, TX shooter Aug 2012 [the perp in that shooting had an uncanny resemblance to alleged CO ‘Batman’ shooter James Holmes]. Should the Newtown massacre also be included???


PS: The Examiner Reports LIBOR Link between Lanza's & Holme's : } One bizarre connection to the tragedies that took place at the Sandy Hook, Newtown, Conn., school is that the father of [alleged] killer Adam Lanza has a connection to the theater shootings that took place in Aurora, Colorado earlier this year by [alleged] shooter James Holmes. - Adam Lanza and James Holmes fathers were reportedly expected to testify in the Libor bank scandal trial... Peter Lanza, the [alleged] Newtown Conn. killer's father is the Vice President and Tax Director at GE Financial, while Robert Holmes, father to Aurora, Colorado theater [alleged] shooter, James Holmes, is the head [fraud] scientist of FICO. The two men were scheduled to testify before the US Sentate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal... { HUMM!!!

Newtown Killer Mom a 'Survivalist' Preping for End of Her World

Which Ironically came by Her Own Son's Hand: See:

So this woman from a lily white affluent back-ground [her ex- is a Earnst & Young exec], small tight-knit community in Conn w a low crime-rate- was a so-called 'survivalist'. But then there are 400 gun-dealers & 40 shooting ranges near the Newtown area, including the offices of the 2nd biggest US gun-lobby besides the NRA- which ironically is just across the road from the school! Thus apparently not all white ‘survivalists’ live in the wide open sparsely populated spaces of West & South-West USA [IE: AZ, UT, MT, WY, ID]. And her brother reportedly is a NH cop.

So she stocked-up on food & water & provisions prepping for  disaster [I've got no problems w that] BUT- Also at-least 6 GUNS- including at-least 3 semi-automatics- including an M-16 military type assault rifle [the main slaughter weapon used], as she prepped for {?race?}WAR! And she taught her 2 young sons, including one that obviously was mentally unstable [Lame-stream news says she took him to the gun range because even at age 17 - 20 he was not mentally mature enough to be left at home alone- HUMM!!!], how to shoot w deadly accuracy & efficiency!

Apparently she also home-schooled her 2 ‘smart’ young white kids, about the Emminent {?racial?}Cataclysmic Doom of their World{order}. End results- Her mentally unstable son [who probably was on psycho-tropic drugs for yrs] took 3 of her own guns & 'ironically' used one to kill her [his own mom], & then went to the nearest symbol of [their doomedsociety, the nearby school-house, & blew away 20 little school-kids & 6 women teachers- before he blew his own brains out!

[FYI: It's now being reported that Ms Lanza came to realization that she could no longer care for her mentally disturbed son & was in the process of having him committed. This is what likely caused him to 'snap' & provoked him to kill her. Apparently he targeted those school kids in a fit of 'childish jealous' rage, accussing his mom of loving them more than she did him. Ms Lanza volunteeered {she could afford to after getting a $1/4 million$ per YR alimony package from her rich ex-hubby} at the school last yr & she knew its principal & psychologist {both gunned down by her son Adam}. Last yr She particularly worked w the main 1st grd class that Adam slaughtered, when the were in kindergarten.... - Of course this just doubles-down on the question why in HELL would Ms Lanza teach her mentally disturbed son Adam to be the modern version of 'Rifle-man' & give him access to at-least 6 deadly weapons & train him to be a marks-man?!?]

This almost [but not quite] makes the Belcher murder-suicide tragedy seem sane / tame by comparison- Which of-course no-one in the lame-stream is even talking about any-more- especially in memory of the murdered Black mom- Kassandra Perkins.


My prediction of what's going to be the outcome of this Tragedy [Hint-Expect the Same Ole SOS 3Xs warmed-over, BIZ-a-Usual]. Call me cynical – but I’m just calling it the way I see it.

The country will get drunk on / for / with X-Mass & New-Years {bad}Cheers. Then comes the MLK holiday & afterwards Obama's re-inauguration. By that time it’ll be the end of Jan / the beginning of Feb. By then, except for those personally affected by this tragedy, most folks current passion & out-rage about it will have more-or-less dissipated.

So even if Obama, Cali Sen Feinstein, NYC Mayor Bloomberg are actually serious about addressing the issue, [IMO a mighty BIG IF], the pro-gun lobby poly-tricksters [both Repug & DIM] will filibuster any law that could actually be effective. Depending on how much lingering public out-rage there may be in early 2013, they might let some ‘symbolic’ law pass w enough loop-holes in it big to drive another mass-shooting funeral procession thru - And then w much fanfare they'll declare that they've actually dealt w the problem….

IMO: This unfortunate tragedy is a case of ‘What goes around comes around’ - You'll reap what you sow - 'If you live by the gun your children may die by those guns'... When in the post 9-11 ['New Pearl-Harbor' Event] World- you fear-monger on & on & on about the so-called ‘War on Terror’. And in the name of fighting {Islamic}terrorism, you stage multiple [phony] Terror entrapment plots. And LIE about Saddam’s [phantom] WMDs ties to Al-Qaeda on 9-11, to justify invading Iraq which killed how many ['I think the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it' - Ex-Clinton Sec of State Madame Albright]??? And just how-many 100s – 1000s – 10,000s of women & children in Af-Pak, Somalia, Yemen, Libya ['I Came, I Saw, He Died- Ha, ha, ha,'- Obama's Sec of State- Billary Clinton], etc- have been killed by smart-bomb & Drones- remote-controlled by some nerdy-techie guy 8000 miles away in the safety of a remote bunker.

And remember that Wiki-leaks video ['Collateral Murder']- showed those ‘America’s Finests in red-White-&-blue’ flying above in a Black-Hawk helicopter gun-ship & laughing as they blew-away that Iraqi father in front of his 2 kids [& shot & wounded them too] – while saying ‘That F-ckING Hajji bastard should of known better than to bring his kids into a battle’.

So Have ‘America’s own Chickens come home to roost’- by the hand of its own {white]Sons??? PS: A lot of war-vets are/will be getting-out over the next few years- mentally messed-up, angry, locked & loaded, & fully trained to kill!!!


It would be interesting to find out how many of these mass shootings are carried out by people who were preparing for "the end of the world," or  by people with access to stockpiles of weapons which had been accumulated by others who were fixated on facing some apocalyptic future.

FL Cops Gun-Down Yet Another Unarmed Black Teen Last Week

  1. FL cops gun-down yet another 17 yr old unarmed Black youth, Devin Jolicouer III, in front of his mother last week. FLORIDA- Where Zimmerman kicked off the yr by gunning-down unarmed 17 yr old Trayvon... - FL where another white guy gunned-down unarmed 17 yr old Jordan Davis last month....- FL where 69 yr old Mr Trevor Dooley gets attacked from behind by a 41 yr old white guy that was 80lbs heavier, who then tried to take Mr Dooley’s gun & was shot & killed in the process. Yet Mr Dooley’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ in self defense is rejected & he gets up to 30yrs for 2nd Murder.... - FL where Ms Marrissa Alexander is given 20yrs mandatory for NOT Shooting an attacker IN HER OWN HOME [no stand your ground for her either].

    You can read the story RE Devin’s killing @ -&-
    BUT It boils down to: Devin Jolicouer, whose mom’s from Haiti [remember that] was talking to a friend in front of his own home. The FL cops claim a neighbor called 9-11 to say they looked suspicious [this begs the question why Devin's neighbor didn't recognize him]. The real back-ground story is that someone Devin knew was accussed by these cops of burgularizing a fellow cop’s home & killing the cop’s ex-K-9 [as in ex-police DOG]. The cops ‘claim’ that as the other teen tried to run, Devin pulled a TOY GUN on them & that’s why the gunned-him down [His mom says he had no gun]. Apparently NO drugs Nor any other incriminating evidence has turned up besides this TOY GUN, & Devin’s friend who the cop’s ‘claimed’ tried to run, was NOT arrested.
    IMO It’s hard to believe that a street wise 17yr old kid [who these FL cops even 'claim' was allegedly once a homicide suspect] would be STUPID enough to pull a TOY GUN on a cop, let alone several cops, especially if he was not engaging in criminal activity! [remember his was at home w his mom present]! IMO that TOY GUN is likely a plant/drop gun.

    I’m going to paste some not so subtly racist comments made by whites in referrence to this story. No matter what the circumstances when the cops or even cop wanna-bes [IE: Z-man] gun-down unarmed Blacks, no matter how shady the circumstances- the unarmed Black guy is always a THUG who deserved to get gunned-down!

    Posted by molonlabe: Yeah, mom knows because she was there selling drugs with him.

    Posted by TurdFerguson: molonlabe, I totally support that theory.

    If you’re stupid enough to pull a fake gun on a cop then you reap what you sow

    Posted by reneontheisland: They’re always such good boys. Yet they commit crimes and terrorize neighborhoods. Then when they get gunned down they’re memorialized as good boys who were done wrong. THEY ARE NOT GOOD BOYS. GOOD BOYS don’t sell drugs and pull guns on cops or shoot classrooms full of helpless children. [My Comment: The story does NOT say Devin sold drugs. The other teen w him was NOT even arrested- but this person equates him w this mass killer Adam Lanza who shot 26 people {20 school-kids} to death w a M-16 type assault rifle. Devin shot NO-one & the cops ‘claimed’ he pulled a TOY GUN!].

    Posted by nocondocommandospleaz: One more career criminal off our streets and out of our jails. Thank you officers

    Posted by imbho: i guess since momma said he wasn’t armed, that semi automatic just fell from the sky [It was a TOY GUN DUHH!!!]?

    just think these guys are the cream of the crop that come from that other wonderful nation of success stories [he's talking about Haiti], I wonder if their parents arrived on the midnight express.

    Posted by wtf60: i wonder how you would feel if these little scumbags were selling drugs to your children or breaking into your house i bet you would call the cops if you dissaprove of the way law enforcement handles things in this country then get the hell out and take all the rest of the bleeding hearts with you. [My comment: These racist-ranters apparently can't read- the cops did NOT say Devin was selling drugs at the time they gunned him down]

    Posted by BrittanyNicole1: @LadyAdy, the mother was just as at fault AS HER SON! this kid’s a BAD apple… “he’s a good kid, he’s not like that” i call BS on that stupid statement, because GOOD kids don’t carry guns, GOOD kids don’t point a gun at an officer, GOOD kids dot sell drugs, GOOD kids don’t Break into homes and shoot a defenseless dog… so excuse me if i don’t feel one bit sad for this kid [My Comment: Again this ranter apparently can't read. The cops did NOT 'directly' accuse Devin of shooting their fellow cop's K-9 DOG {apparently this female thinks the DOG's life was worth more than Devin's} nor accused him of selling or even having drugs at the time that they shot him down like a DOG in the Street in Front of His Mother!]


    I heard similar rantings against Mrs Glenda Moore- when she tragically lost her 2 small boys in Harricane Sandy- after a white guy slammed the door in her face as she begged him for help! Yet they expect us to be devastated when one of their own sons snaps & kills a bunch of their kids!
    This is the reality of so-called ‘Post Racial USA’ in the age of Obama!

undeclared open season on all black people!

You can see this in the American police state, to local police brutality, stop & frisk, the right-to-slavery laws, to white peoples stand your ground law (aka white people's inalienable right to shoot black and brown people) etc...

As for the apocalypse "prepper" crowd (a good portion of the white working class)... They know full well they don't stand a chance against the American police state! So I don't buy the notion that their guns are for the government (and the plutocrats that run it).

They're trying to work from the inside (Tea Party?) promoting reich wing policies that will kill people with austerity and collapse the American federal government. At the same time, they're arming themselves to the teeth, not to face the state (because these p___y's know the outcome of that). They're arming themselves to massacre defenseless, unarmed, black and brown people when/if they succeed in collapsing the federal government (like in Katrina?). This is what they call "restoring the republic" (back to slavery/Jim-Crow).

"Zombie Apocalypse" [AKA Gun down black & brown people]:

In this video, one "survivalist" tells white people at the Mexican/US border to mow down brown people:

Did FL Cops Kill this Black Youth RE: Police Dog's Death?!?

Andre Shanks, who was with Jolicoeur when deputies searched them says: "Claude [Devin] tried to run, they grabbed him, they tackled him and then they pulled him down to the ground and then I heard like 5 shots. And then he was dead," said Shanks, "I didn't see any gun. They yelled out he had a gun after they shot him. That's when I heard it, after those 4 or 5 shots. Then they yelled out he's got a gun."

Shanks is not facing any charges according to PBSO.

PBSO also claimed Devin Jolicoeur was somehow tied to the shooting death of former K-9 [IE: ex-police DOG], Drake. A spokesperson said Jolicoeur knew the alleged shooter [of the DOG = guilt by association]... 

"What would that have to do with anything if he knew them? He has no connection to that crime. They have no evidence that he was there. There's nothing. They're just making stuff up," said Rodgerick Smith, a friend of Jolicoeur.

During the struggle with the deputies, the passenger [Devin 'allegedly'] pulled out a semi-automatic REPLICA [= fake] of a TEC-9, Bradshaw said.

Investigators said a struggle broke out between deputies and Jolicoeur, where Jolicoeur was then shot after he allegedly pulled out a TEC-22 firearm. [So which was it? A so-called 'Replica' of a Tec-9 or a real Tec-22??? IMO Sounds like those cops in FL are having a hard time keeping their LIES Straight!!!]


So All that BS about a possible drug deal is just a bunch of a static. No drugs were found & Devin's friend Andre was not even arrested. These FL cops 'claimed' Devin was allegedly once a homicide suspect, yet they then 'claim' the reason they rolled on him was because of a suspected drug-deal- when there was no drug deal!

So The only thing we're left w is- These cops 'believed' [= had a 'hunch'] that Devin was in on killing their fellow cop's ex-Police DOG- which seems like the real-reason they gunned him down like a mad-dog in the streets in front his mother!

Of course if these FL cops did execute Devin over their Damned police DOG- they've got every reason to plant a FAKE [replica of a] Tec-9 on Devin which then 'morphs' into a real Tec-22- especially after Trayvon & Jordan Davis  [& also Rebia Boyd, Ramarley Grahm, Mr Kenneth Chamberlain, etc, etc, etc]