Freedom Rider: If George Zimmerman Goes Free

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

“As a group, how will we react to the denial of justice for Trayvon Martin and the hundreds of others whose names we don’t even know” that have been murdered by police and freelance racists? The last thing we need will be “mealy mouthed platitudes urging us to ‘talk about race’ and silly questions about why black and white people see things differently.”

Freedom Rider: If George Zimmerman Goes Free

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The corporate media have given very little attention to these extrajudicial killings. We call them ‘extrajudicial’ because they happen without trial or any due process, against all international law and human rights conventions. Those few mainstream media outlets that mention the epidemic of killings are unwilling to acknowledge that the killings are systemic – meaning they are embedded in institutional racism and national oppression.”Malcolm X Grass Roots Movement

Lynch law has never been repealed.”

Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman on February 26, 2012. The 17-year-old was visiting his father in Sanford, Florida and left his home to buy junk food at a local store. This simple act made him the target of George Zimmerman, a 21st century vigilante of the old slavery era patroller school.

The Zimmermans of this country have a very long history. The much debated Second Amendment to the Constitution gave the 18th century vigilante the right to control the enslaved and Native American populations. The “well regulated militia” was nothing more than a means of making sure that the white population had every other group under control with the threat and use of violence. Slavery was a perfect means of doing that. When it ended, Jim Crow and lynch law ruled. As we previously pointed out in Black Agenda Report, lynch law has never been repealed. Trayvon Martin is just the most famous victim of recent times.

George Zimmerman is now on trial for Martin’s murder and expert legal observers agree that a guilty verdict on the charge of murder is far from assured. The case ought to be open and shut. Martin was minding his own business and breaking no laws as he returned to his father’s house. The unarmed Martin was attacked by Zimmerman and a physical altercation followed. Trayvon Martin had a right to defend himself from being assaulted and there was no reason for Zimmerman to have ever approached him. Zimmerman ought to be found guilty and pay the heaviest penalty possible under Florida law. Instead he stands a good chance of going free because the deceased and any other black person who speaks for him has been put on trial in the court and in the court of public opinion.

Trayvon Martin had a right to defend himself from being assaulted and there was no reason for Zimmerman to have ever approached him.”

The defense claims that the man without a gun threatened the life of the man who did have a gun. Rachel Jeantel, the friend who spoke to Martin before he was attacked was herself attacked in and out of the court room. It couldn’t be otherwise because her words should be enough to put Zimmerman behind bars for a long time.

If not for the courageous persistence of Trayvon’s parents Sabryna Fulton and Tracy Martin, Zimmerman would never have been charged. The local police didn’t arrest Zimmerman who they said acted properly under Florida’s “stand your ground” laws, an updated version of the 18th century militia. Stand your ground laws have been repeated in many venues across the country. At first glance they seem just silly, a solution in search of a problem. They are in fact quite serious, giving white people the right to shoot anyone for almost any reason. There are long standing and universally observed self-defense statutes which made stand your ground unnecessary. But if one group of people is to successfully maintain its power over others, no means of control can be over looked.

From the beginning, the victim was made out to be the criminal. Martin’s body was tested for drugs. Zimmerman was not. Martin’s grades in school, his facebook postings and his temporary suspension from school were and are still made an issue. Zimmerman’s history, education and deportment were never issues to law enforcement, or to the media for the simple reason that they don’t think he did anything wrong when he killed Trayvon Martin.

The deceased and any other black person who speaks for him has been put on trial.”

In 2012 the Macolm X Grass Roots Movement published a report which detailed the extra judicial killings of black people by the police, security guards and self-appointed law enforcers like Zimmerman. In the first half of that year they reported that 120 black people were murdered in this manner, one death every 36 hours. That report was report was recently updated to show that modern day lynch law takes place every 28 hours.

If Zimmerman goes free how will black people respond? There will surely be public expressions of anger and anguish, but there is a larger question. As a group, how will we react to the denial of justice for Trayvon Martin and the hundreds of others whose names we don’t even know? It wouldn’t be enough to tell people not to be violent, or to march in silent protest.

There must be very public, very outspoken acknowledgement that our system demands that black people be victimized by those in authority on a regular basis. A volunteer security guard qualifies as an authority if he kills a black person. The songs, parades and kumbayahs should be kept to a minimum. Anyone who speaks about the case should be unafraid to tell the ugly truth about the many ways in which black people are targeted in this country.

The well paid pundits and black misleaders should be called out if they aren’t willing to speak openly about why Trayvon Martin was killed. If the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is correct, some 300 black people have died in the same manner since the day Trayvon was killed. Their names need to be known and there should be a frank discussion about why they died. Mealy mouthed platitudes urging us to “talk about race” and silly questions about why black and white people see things differently are an affront to intelligence and to justice.

Trayvon Martin is dead because lynch law still lives. If George Zimmerman is acquitted that simple fact ought to be spoken loudly and often. If it isn’t then the injustice is magnified for Trayvon Martin and the hundreds of other unknown victims.

Margaret Kimberley's Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well as at Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)


Z-man's Mom is from Peru But His Dad's a White ex-Magistrate

from VA. Some say his dad is also Jewish since Zimmerman is a typical German Jewish name. Thus the FOX Noise type crowd have effectively claimed Z-Man as their 'honorary white man'.

An interesting fact is that the lead homicide investigator actually [correctly] recommended that Z-Man be arrested & charged w 1st degree voluntary man-slaughter. But he was over-ruled by the now discredited DA & ex police-chief- after they both made an unusual trip to the crime-scene on that Rainy & Chilly SUNDAY Night. IMO They likely dropped the charges after 'consulting' w Z-Man's white ex-magistrate dad.  Otherwise- Why would both the DA & ex police-chief go out of their way to come to the crime-scene of a supposed 'routine' self-defense shooting???   


March 27, 2012

The Smear is On

The Second Killing of Trayvon Martin


The cowardly police in Sanford, Florida, who sanctioned the murder of an unarmed black teenager by a racist vigilante named George Zimmerman, have now assassinated Trayvon Martin a second time, by leaking  scurrilous and irrelevant “news” about him.  This age-old dirty-trick of cops—compounded by a blitzkrieg of propaganda from Zimmerman’s lawyer, The Orlando Sentinel, and one apparently unhinged black “friend”–has been, so far, fairly successful in muddying the narrative on the public airwaves.  So let’s take a moment to sift through the cops’ slurs and innuendoes and see where, if anyplace, they take us.

About the salient facts there is no dispute.  Zimmerman, a cop wanna-be who was also probably a small-time informant, a pathetic, chubby, Chaz-Bono-lookalike who’d twice been arrested for hitting a woman;   Zimmerman, son of a judge, safe from reprisals; George Zimmerman, who calls black kids “coons” and “assholes,” who was strictly warned not to pursue Trayvon Martin,  refused this direct order over the phone and instead grabbed his 9-millimeter gun and waddled off to blow a hole in the chest of a kid who had committed no wrong.


AND Z-man's Mom's a Court Clerk & Maternal Uncle's a FL Cop

So we've got cop wanna-be Z-Man's dad as an ex-judge, his mom's a court-clerk & his uncle's a FL cop- & also the discredited DA & ex police-chief making the very unusual move of coming-out to the crime-scene of a supposed 'routine self-defense' shooting on a Chilly Rainy SUNDAY Night- to over-rule the lead homicide investigator's correct assessment of 1st degree voluntary manslaughter- HUMM. SO What's the odds that the discredited DA & ex police-chief first 'consulted' w Z-man's ex-judge dad & even his cop uncle, before dropping those charges & releasing him??!

IMO, except for lying-ass . creepy-ass Z-Man LIES about how & why he killed Trayvon, if the prosecution fails to explore this, it's likely the 2nd largest cover-up in this whole sordid case!

enough with this nonsense

One thing I get tired of is when people such as yourself act like you know what black people as a whole need to do, as if you have the answers to all of black america's problems. You don't, and if you think you can create some magical widget that can fix all black people's problem accross the board, then you are just as ignorant as you sound.



Substance instead of ad hominem

Your   critique  is    very   generalized  and   does  not  address   the  gist  of   her   comments

@beverly    quotes: "If Zimmerman were black, this case would not register on 80% of black folks' radars."

"Seems the only thing to get folks' blood boiling is a white killing a black or someone committing a politically incorrect faux pas."

"Such killings need to be addressed but a whole host of other matters need as much attention/action but get little or none."

Could   you  be   more   specific with  issues   you  have  with  her   comments ?  The    80%   of  black   folks  beverly   refers   to   reminds   me   of   the  Steve   Biko   quote:

"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed."



Learn what ad hominem means

My comment wasn't a personal attack, it was a negative reaction to the same type of pointless argument that many arm chair, and want to be revolutionaries make, not the poster. Only the people that actually live in those communities can actually say what needs to be done there. Whether it is Treyvon's parents in Florida,  the folks fighting stop and frisk in New York, or the folks fighting privatizations of public schools in Chicago.  Just because I got to the point, which I like to do, don't make it seem like I am making a personal attack against the original poster.

Who speaks for these communities?

"Only the people that actually live in those communities can actually say what needs to be done there"

The spokespersons   for   these   communities  are  usually some   self appointed    black    leaders,  sometimes   with   the   assistance    of   Je$$e   or  Al.  

And  they  say  nothing  unless  its  a   black   white    issue.

Its   happened    numerous   times,  over   the   last    few   decades,  in  my   community



Now I know you are a troll

Seriously their is no way you can say something like that with a straight face and actually be someone who regularly reads Black agenda report. Please ignore joell.



The old black people

 don't care about BnB violence, chestnut.


First of all, get one thing straight.

Black people can get riled up and NOT get riled up about whatever we please. 

2. The issue raised in this piece is - how black people might react if Trayvon's murderer is acquitted of his crime. 

What the hell do your assumptions about black people's "apathy" toward "the high crimes and disses of this administration", have to do with that? 

Furthermore, who made anyone here spokesman to deliver word of black peoples' state of mind on anything? 

Show some damn respect to those of us who are still aggrieved over the loss of another black child to racist violence, which has taken and continues to take more black lives than so called BnB violence could ever match in a millenium of BNB of violence. 

How low is it, to use the murder of child to make a dull political point?  



If Z-Man Walks Expect White Talking Heads

Ranging from hard-core 'Good Ole Boy' whitey FOX Noise types to  Huf-Post 'liberal' types to make so-called 'relevant' comparisons to the OJ verdict. 

IMO the odds are likely 50 - 50 or more that Z-Man may walk, especially after the prosecution let Z-Man's lawyers stack the 6 woman jury w 5 white women over 35 yrs in age. 

So if Z-man does walk, anticipate that white talking-heads from so-called 'liberals' to 'moderates' to conservatives to blatantly racist- insist that Blacks have no right to get upset- cause didn't a mainly Black woman jury let OJ walk. Of course no matter what you think RE OJ's guilt or innocence [I recommend folks see &/or read independent investigator's Bill Dear's movie & books: 'OJ's Guilty But NOT of Murder'  & 'The Over-looked Suspect']- The fact is no-one knows for sure if OJ killed Nicole & her {boy}'friend'- Yet There's NO doubt that Z-Man gunned down an unarmed Trayvon who was committing NO crime. The only real question in this case is will the mainly white-woman jury buy lying-ass / creepy-ass Z-Man's BS claims to self-defense! And- Be that as it may- OJ's verdict Can NOT / Does NOT erase the cases of:  Oscar Grant, Mr Kenneth Chamberlain [age 68], Ramarley Grahm, Amadou Diallo, Rekia Boyd, Aiyana Joness [age 7], Emmett Till [age 15], etc, etc, etc...


A Must Read @ 'How Forensics [& even Z-Man's own 'tales'] Proves Zimmerman’s Account Was Fabricated': NOTE- It's important to watch the photos of Z-man demonstrating how he pulled his gun w Trayvon allegedly on top of him & also other photos of some 'experts' trying [& failing] to exactly duplicate Z-man's bogus claims.  Note how Z-man both shows & says he wears his gun behind his right hip- which means Trayvon almost certainly could NOT have seen it- unless it was already out!!! Nor is it likely that Z-Man could have pulled it w Trayvon sitting on his chest & pounding his head- especially since Z-man was also wearing a medium length jacket!!!  Z-Man also claimed that Trayon was choking & trying to smother him w his both hands over his mouth -BUT- Its kinda hard to scream for help while being choked & smothered!!! 


News Flash: Apparently Its official. They Let the 'Creepy-Ass Cracka' Get Away w HOMICIDE!!!

White Supremacy

So it's official, white people can now kill black people with impunity. 

Well it was ever thus.

I think we're going to have to learn how to fight and then fight

white supremacy

to the bitter end. 


Bout to be a Showdown!

..between Holder, the Obama Administration and Black folks.

What pressures will Black folks bring to bare, will they demand a federal prosecution  based on Civil Rights Violations (or other federal laws)?  What will be the reaction to the Obama Administration and U.S. Atty General Holder to these pressures?  Will they bend to the Black Masses or Fox Noise?

Let's see how soon Obama ramps up a federal investigation and prosecution.  Or will he ignore Black protestations as he always does and leave it to :  "the jury has spoken, we are a nation of laws , blah blah blah?"

And will Blacks suck it up and take it??  Let's see if the Black President can act "black" for once during his sorry term.  And indeed let's see if Black folk can press a Black issue for once during their sorry embrace of Obama.

What yall gone say and do if he doesn't pursue a a federal prosecution?  Will it be more of: "Well he can't be the President for Black folks, but he sure can cry a river of tears for them precious little White children in Sandy Hook."  He got a whole federal gun control initiative started over them precious lil White boys and girls (and indeed they are precious, but you hopefully get my sarcasm).

Stay tuned.  Bout to be a showdown, an absolute, unadulterated LITMUS TEST.

Not just for Holder and Obama  but for all of us persons of color, Blacks in particular.


plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose all over again…

Bob Dylan wrote this song in 1963—the same year of the event the song describes.

"William Zanzinger killed poor Hattie Carroll
With a cane that he twirled around his diamond ringed finger
At a Baltimore hotel society gath'rin'
And the cops were called in and his weapon took from him
As they rode him in custody down to the station
And booked William Zanzinger for first-degree murder
But you who philosophize disgrace and criticize all fears
Take the rag away from your face
Now ain't the time for your tears.

William Zanzinger who had twenty-four years
Owns a tobacco farm of six hundred acres
With rich wealthy parents who provide and protect him
And high office relations in the politics of Maryland
Reacted to his deed with a shrug of his shoulders
And swear words and sneering and his tongue it was a' snarling
And in a matter of minutes on bail was out walking
But you who philosophize disgrace and criticize all fears
Take the rag away from your face
Now ain't the time for your tears.

Hattie Carroll was a maid in the kitchen
She was fifty-one years old and gave birth to ten children
Who carried the dishes and took out the garbage
And never sat once at the head of the table
And didn't even talk to the people at the table
Who just cleaned up all the food from the table
And emptied the ashtrays on the whole lower level
Got killed by a blow, lay slain by a cane
That sailed through the air and came down through the room
Doomed and determined to destroy all the gentle
And she never done nothin' to William Zanzinger
And you who philosophize disgrace and criticize all fears
Take the rag away from your face
Now ain't the time for your tears.

In the courtroom of honor, the judge pounded his gavel
To show that all's equal and that the courts are on the level
And that the strings in the books ain't pulled and persuaded
And that even the nobles get properly handled
Once that the cops have chased after and caught 'em
And that ladder of law has no top and no bottom
Stared at the person who killed for no reason
Who just happened to be feelin' that way without warnin'
And he spoke through his cloak, most deep and distinguished
And handed out strongly, for penalty and repentance
William Zanzinger with a six-month sentence
Ah, but you who philosophize disgrace and criticize all fears
Bury the rag deep in your face
For now's the time for your tears."


Btw, are we talking Onesies and Twosies or a Movement?

To Beverly's point-- which some of yall frankly misinterpret--, assuming there is a federal prosecution of Zimmerman, will it be an exercise in "one-offs" as is often the case with Black folks...before we go back to business as usual???  Or better put, before White gunslingers and law enforcement officials get back to business as usual.

I heard the NAACP is talking about we need to look at Stand Your Ground Laws, I say f**k all that, its a waste of time to try to move racist State legislators.  How about it's time we look into the entire INjustice system, that includes mass incareration in addition to shoot a N**gga first and ask questions later, that immunizes jack-booted law enforcement and  prosecutorial officals to file jacked up charges on some bullshit?

I mean, prosectuing de la Beckwith and the cops who beat Rodney King didn't save Trayvon and hundreds of other innocent Blacks, profiled and murdered for nothing before this tragedy.

Assuming that Obama and Holder ain't so chicken shit they will go after Zimmerman, THEN WHAT???  Black folks always get worked up over INCIDENTS but don't get worked up at all anymore over INSTITUTIONS (again Beverly's point).

Is this another "one-off" and then back to Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop, and the latest bullshit reality TV with Black faces?

No one should be surprised at an acquittal, I mean the cops were not going to arrest him in the first damn place, and who do you think fear Black men more than anyone, that's be White Women.   Those Southern Belles on the jury looked at Zimmerman and saw they "Bubba" and "Skeeter" and said, Yep, the only good N**ga is a dead one."  Florida ain't Miami Beach writ large by the way, it's the deep, deep South writ large.  

NAACP Needs be Careful w Urging DoJ to Tamper w Double-Jeopardy

Even for This Case! WE need to think tactical & strategic- NOT as emotional reactionaries.

IMO AG Holder & the DoJ would not / Could NOT agree to Ben Jealous' & the NAACP's request in this case- even if he/they were so inclined [which I seriously doubt]. Unfortunately the circumstances in this case are significantly different than in the Rodney King case. First there was that video of the LAPD mercilessly & savagely beating & tasering King- which is lacking here. Then there were a couple of cops on the scene who actually testified that in their opinion Rodney King's beating was excessive [they may have even said so to the LAPD cops while they were doing the beating]. And Last but not least- Those LAPD cops that beat Mr King so savagely- Did so as official law-officers, which Z-Man's 'creepy-ass' ain't ['officially' he's just a cop wanna-be / self-appointed neighborhood-watch captain]. Thus because those were official LAPD cops, the DoJ had both jurisdiction & a legit way around the double-jeopardy clause of the Constitution, which IMO Likely does NOT apply for Z-Man's 'creepy-ass' [they can't even get Z-Man's lying-ass / creepy-ass for perjury cause he refused to testify]. 
IMO Now the only legal recourse is for Trayvon's parents to bring a wrongful death suit against Z-Man's lying-ass / creepy-ass, which the NAACP can help facilitate [IMO Ben Jealous needs to think real hard before urging the DoJ to tamper w the Double-Jeopardy clause- even for Z-man's creepy-ass. What if whites had demanded that RE OJ's acquittal? It's a 'can of worms' that can blow-up in OUR Face!].
It Is Possible that the DoJ / AG can investigate how & why the dis-credited DA & ex police-chief mis-handled this case by letting Z-Man's 'Lying & Creepy-ass' walk for 45 days- but again I doubt that Holder will.

What Ben Jealous & the NAACP can do is demand that the DoJ / AG Holder push for a freeze &/or repeal or at-least a judicial review & re-writing of all SYG laws in the US, especially since the case of Z-Man compared to that of Ms Marissa Alexander & Mr Trevor Dooley- shows that SYG laws are effectively racially biased.

Double Jeopardy is not a concern

The principles of Soverign Immunity negate risks of Double Jeopardy.

You murdered someone in Detroit (or so you thought) and then jumped on the Ambassador Bridge and disposed of the body in Windsor, Canada, your ass is up for prosecution in both jurisdictions.  See, we don't know or shall I say the coroner cannnot pinpoint WHEN THE VICTIM DIED, might of been at 9 Mile in the D, might of been when you arrived in Windsor to dump the would-be corpse.  But hey, we'll let your destined for prison ass and your court appointed lawyers figure it out.  Burden of Proof??? Who the f**k do you think that ultimately rests on??? Damn what the horn book says.

ALL I KNOW IS I GOT 2 BITES AT THE APPLE.  (See how comfy being a prosecutor is??? LOL)

De la Beckwith walked, the cops who beat the shit out of Rodney King walked as a result of STATE jury verdicts... but both they asses got popped by the FEDS in FEDERAL COURT.

Them MoFos got a 99% conviction rate btw.  Which ought to be ANOTHER REASON to march on Federal Courthouses (what I ASSUME is Beverly's point about LARGER ISSUES).... but I digress.  

You're right, Double Jeopardy has to be weighed TACTICALLY, but it is not a deterrant.  Wrongful Death?  As a claim under STATE vs. FEDERAL LAW, more likely than not you talking the same cracker/ redneck jury pool.... another reason to go FED, different jury pool, different rules of evidence and rules of criminal procedure that ties 2 hands behind the backs of defense lawyers.

The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure gives a federal prosecutor a huge, f**king head start... ask all the N*ggas incarcerated on "hearsay evidence" drug charges (versus actually being caught with dope or other "direct" evidence other than N**gas snitching on them to reduce their sentences) if you don't believe me.

I don't know karate, but I no ca ra zy.  Btw, for some of you MoFos who can't quite comprehend what "Enlightened Cynic" means.... CAN YOU HEAR ME KNOW?

I "know" a whole lot of shit, but WTF does in mean in the scheme of things???  Yall MoFos make me cynical, it ain't like I'm embracing the cynical shit  voluntarily and by election. 

Disappointment, resignation, and THE PROOF IN THE PUDDING, makes any analytical free thinker CYNICAL as a Mofo.  I'll change my handle/moniker when the majority of you MoFos change... and give a N*gga some hope... until then.....yall have to f**ing put up with me, albeit on a limited basis, cause I'm feed up and tired of the majority of yall dumbasses. (Not regular BAR posters, moreso the interlopers/trolls/Obama Bots/suckasses to be clear)

Another thing

A criminal conviction whether in federal or state court, creates a predicate (more than a prima facie case) for a wrongful death action.

A smart civil lawyer will always bootstrap a criminal conviction if he or she can.  Get  a criminal conviction first, then file the wrongful death claim, then the lawyers for the insurance company are kissing your ass to settle.

That way you ain't rolling the dice on what side of the bed a jury of crackers is waking up on, feel me?   


"Assuming that Obama and Holder ain't so chicken shit they will go after Zimmerman, THEN WHAT??? Black folks always get worked up over INCIDENTS but don't get worked up at all anymore over INSTITUTIONS (again Beverly's point)."


Where in her post did she make this particular point? I can't see it. 

But YOU may have a point, however I would suggest that oftentimes it's the "incidents" that 

1) bring people who are usually isolated from each other, together. 

2)  act as a rally point where those who have the energy and passion to do something are galvanized to use the momentum generated by the "incident" to organize and build. 

Why don't you go help them? 

In all the footage I've seen of the protests (probably not as much as you as I'm in the UK) I noticed that Cosby America ie the buffer class bootlicking negro was absent. 

None of the black men and women interviewed had the ostentatious weaves or the recieved pronunciation (I think you call it good diction) usual in the Cosbyite black american. LOL! 

All the black people I saw fighting the power where blue collar, working class, innercity black. 

So where were the Bankses and Cosbyites?

Probably watching it on tv and bitching about black people not caring about BnB violence. 



Yes "Really" Beloved

You make valid points too.... but I got news for you Dear Friend... It's them Cosbyite Negroes that ultimately lead them Blue Collar Negroes.  Because like it or not (and I personnaly vote for "not") it's the Middle Class/Upper Class Negroes whom the Lower Class Negroes believe have the moxie or insight or better yet "connections" to make shit happen.  

This is how we end up with the Poverty Pimp Class-be they White Liberals or wannabe Black Militants or wannabe Black Republicans for that matter.  Ain't none of these N**ggas stepping out on faith to follow you, Beverly, nor I, they looking for "name recognition" the same kinda shit that got Martha Reeves a Council Seat in Detroit.

WTF did/does she know about running a (broke) municipality?  She didn't know a federal Block Grant from blocking and tackling in the NFL.   Now mind you, it's only a matter of time before the lead N**gga sells out the minions, ask Reverends Jesse and Al if you don't believe me.  While the working classes may lack PhDs or Masters they think they understand "connections/networking" if nothing else.. i.e. who has the "juice, " access/power.  They know it ain't they broke asses (although they have more power/impact than they could imagine on their own versus linking up with a Cosbyite PhD or Masters Degreed closet sellout).

It is what it is.  I don't like the shit anymore than I like Open Season on (What would Paula Deen say). 

All I got to say is this... stay tuned.. let's see how Rev. Al's National Network shit rolls out, and whether or not it's sustainable.  Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner are yucking it up now.. but come this Fall.  NFL and new season of Basketball Wives and T.I and Tiny, hell I don't know.. maybe that catch Ray Lewis creeping with a White Woman who carrys a NRA card???

How long do you suppose it will take for Obama to announce a Federal probe and prosecution???  And if he does, I bet anyone a Million Dollars he'll let Holder announce because he don't want to be associated with upsetting White Folks, you know his precious and inviolate Middle Class he fawns over 24/7. 

Hell... yall tell me, inquiring minds want to know.

p.s.  For the record, I ain't doing shit.  I should not have to lift a goddamn finger for Holder and Obama to do the right thing, f**k all that rabble rousing dumbshit that leads to nowhere but some ol feel good shit.  And right after the "march" another Black person gets capped by a cracker who profiles them.  

These (WH) MoFos could announce a federal probe and possible prosecution by the end of the f**king week, I ain't spending my vacation $ (I just got laid off btw) on some SYMBOLIC BULLSHIT that we Black folks love to death.  Aint' no cracker's petitioned Obama and Holder post-Sandy Hook, they didn't f**king march anywhere.  

p.s.s.  You noticed they ain't talking bout MARCHING ON THE WHITE HOUSE, are they, its federal courthouses???   The clock on federal prosecution is ticking, will it be this weekend, after Al's March,  or by Labor Day??? I chalk it up to things that make you go "Mmmmm......"

"Black folks always get worked up over INCIDENTS"

Incidents  involving  RACE.  Bev's  point  is  clear:  "If Zimmerman were black, this case would not register on 80% of black folks' radars"

Many   non  programmed blacks  are   saying  the  same  thing in  private. I have  said  it  to numerous friends  and , so  far, not  one  has    disagreed.  However, for some  on  BA,  its a   taboo subject on  a public forum.

BTW,  I  had a close  relative who was murdered and  the  killer  received a very light sentence; and it  did not  register  on the  "black   community."

Yes. Let's not confuse OBJECTIVITY with "trolling"

I understand both you and Bev because I've made the same point repeatedly myself.

I believe in intellectual honesty, and as a "taboo" subject you accurately describe, we Negroes

ain't being honest at all. 

A huge reason is that the truth interferes with the PIMP GAME.  

I remember years ago when Rush Limbaugh was positioned to acquire a minority interest in an NFL franchise.  AFTER, mind you, the WHITE LIBERAL ESTABLISHMENT, appointed or shall I say ANNOINTED him to be a spokesperson in the sports and society dialogue the MoFo just could not help being Rush.  So Rush said some non PC shit and got canned from ESPN.   Black folks cheered and crowed success to they po little hearts content.  Internally they said that we got this cracker, this one time....whereas I replied,  REALLY???.  How did the MoFo end up in BOTH spots in the first place?

Kinda like.. how did GWB do what the f**k he wanted with Democrats controlling both chambers????

A whole lot of Black compratiots cheered Rush being shut out of that ownership interest...

but hey, we see how well we showed up ol Rush Limbaugh?? Seems he suffered the same fate as Imus and those "Nappy Headed Hoes!???"

That drug using, atrophied White Enunch (Limpnuts) has grown larger and larger post his NFL debut/debacle.  To put things in perspective... "What did David Duke know and when did he know it???"

Hell.. ask Fox Noise and Hannity, Limpnuts and Bill O for the answer.  If David wanted to resuscitate his career longings, NOW WOULD BE A PERFECT TIME.  Because David's rhetoric from "Back in the Day" makes Fox Noise seem like a constrast between White Liberalism and modernity.   We all thought David was non-PC and then came Fox Nosie.

I ain't got no time for symbolic bullshit victories.  

If the "Black President" had used his executive clout/perogative with FCC to stymie the Necks and Crackers loud and insidious VOICE.... who knows????  But Holder and the Black Prez say, "Let the market place speak, just like they say, "The jury has spoken relative to Trayvon."

One of these days, yall (what would Paula Deen say) will get it.  My concerns and lamentations is that it will be TOO LATE.  Yall 50 Cent MoFos too consumed with getting rich and dying trying.  And defending other super or uber rich Negroes like Tyler Perry and his boring, sexist, creativity.  Tyler has perfected the Negro Minstrel to a multi-million dollar "art" form..... but I digress.

p.s. GWB stacked the NPR board with Necks and Retrogrades, GWB was unabashed.  What has the Black Prez done?  Well... hell... simply outBush Bush.  That's what I call:  "Change You Can Believe In." LOL  

Or.... stupid MoFos, depending on how PC you are, and I ain't PC at all as yall know.  I suspect that one day soon some of yall will keep insisting that the $7.45/hr security guard, working by his or her lonesome in a 40 story office tower will protect me from terrorists.

HA!!! (What would Paula Deen say) puhleez.  LOL


Part detective, scientist,

Part detective, scientist, engineer, and law enforcer, the fire investigator represents the collusion of multiple careers rolled into one. It is the fire investigator who must explore, determine, and document the origin and cause of the fire, establish what human actions were responsible for it, then bring authoritative testimony to the courtroom to win a conviction in cases of arson.

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