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Diane Ravitch: Charters, Privatization, and How Obama's Race To The Top is Really a Race To The Bottom

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    A Media Matters Interview by Dr. Robert McChesney

    Diane Ravitch, a former Clinton and Bush advisor, ex-charter school, voucher and No Child Left Behind supporter explains the evidence that changed her mind, and how the bipartisan education agenda of charters, privatization, standardized testing and turning teachers into temps ill serves children, parents and communities.

    More Diane Ravitch

    Diane maintains a web site at

    Media Matters is a long-running weekly one hour interview program hosted by Dr. Robert McChesney on WILL Radio in Illinois. Find its program archives here.

    ,Dr. Robert McChesney is one of the nation's foremost media scholars, and a founding board member of Free Press

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    Please provide transcript if possible

    I never listen to interviews, it is so much easier to read the transcripts.

    the show's page does not provide transcripts...

    and for the record, you should know that transcripts are a good three hours work for one hour of transcripted material.  Pretty labor intensive.