Dennis Kucinich Answers President's HealthCare Speech

Count on Cleveland's Dennis Kucinich to cut through the rhetorical foggery and fakery around health care -- or rather health insurance reform.  It's a bailout for private insurance companies.



Transcript of the

Transcript of the "Speech"
I am reading the transcript and eventhough there are no surprises, I am feeking ill.  It's is basically an endorcement of what the President,  Max Baucus and Sen. Snowe have been putting together as Health Insurance Reform.  It's is a total sell out to the right-wing and to the health Industrial Complex.  If this becomes law, it will kill any chance of having Medicare for all for at least two decades.   It's sad that the most sincere Obama supporters are the ones who will be hurt most.  I haven't seen anything about "health equity" so if he didnd't mention it, I assume that it is gone.  It will take a lot of courage but the Progressive, Black and Hispanic caucuses need to kill this in the HR.

And how about the selective "capitalism"

If Wal-Mart can beat the hell out of manufacturers, producers, distributors, using their purchasing power, then why would the government give away its (our- the citizenry's) purchasing power?
I'm enragaged at the fact that even something as SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT as negotiating drug prices with the drug companies was "bargained away" from the get go?  If Insurance Companies can "spread the risk" on the backs of consumers, why can't the Government "spread the costs" on the backs of insurers or Big Pharma?  Only in Bizarro World where up is down and black is white is there "capitalism" for the cut-throat capitalists and "cake" for the masses. 
The Sell Out of purchasing leverage/power viz the Big Pharma was the first and most telling capitulation, a harbinger of things to come, not to mention making absolutely NO DAMN SENSE on any common level.
Off subject, I see the Government's (our) return on the GM investment was a pittance.  So much for the Harvard Braniacs.
The question now evolves from the (pathetic) default position Obama, BacAss, and the Dems have put us in:  Is NO PLAN better than a SHITTY PLAN?   Is a "half a loaf better than nothing?"  I say no, not if it's ANOTHER wealth transfer (See Michael Hudson below).  NPR pundits are saying, "we don't think the "Left" will sabotege Obama."  I say F***k the Sell Out. Maybe it's better to piecemeal portions of a GOOD PLAN vs. buying wholesale a SHITTY PLAN?
Even Juan (I am a sellout) Williams said Obama hasn't taken on the Insurance Sharks, exposing their immoral profit margins.  When Juan Wms. lodges a criticism that supports the "Left" you know you're in "Right Field."  Why doesn't Obama cite WITH CHARTS the astronomical profits of Big Pharma and Insurance to refute the lies and foolishness about putting them out of business?  About destroying it's capitalistic character?  His failure to use well known facts shows his duplicity and complicity.
Sadly, the only thing that will generate real change in Amerikka is rank failure, meltdown, catastrophe, collapse.  And no where will this be more evident and costly and manifested than in overrun emergency wards.  That will probably mean it's too late for solutions, but WTF, we're headed there anyway, might as well put the pedal to the metal and get it over with.
The sooner we collapse, the sooner the parasite will leave the dead host, maybe there will be enough meat on the skeleton to stay alive and try something different.
p.s.  This is all a f*****king game to get relected by the "moderate," and "independents."  Aside from the Oligarchy who else has benefited from the "Stimulus."  Who can install solar panels, buy new cars, new appliances and the rest of the material shit purchases "Stimulated" by Obama besides Upper Middle Class, Bland-ass Centrists who'd rather burn in hell or cut off their arm than see tax increases upset their hoidy toidy lifestyles. 
Pathetic!  While we're f****king each other in the good ol USA, other nations are finding solutions for the commonwealth, small wonder our standard of living is dropping along with our standard of medical care.
And the standard of intellectual discourse and problem solving?  We won't even go there..

As I go back to WSW to read Grey's article, I comment on W

Walmart in re health care for their employees, or, rather,
the lack of it.  Some workers can get health care (but
they limit the number of hours of workers and one needs
more hours than most workers get, to qualify for
health care coverage).  Workers at Walmart, have been
encouraged in past years to go to the state for health care
which they have been told by Walmart would be better
for them. Source might be DemocracyNow a couple of
years ago.

This "Plan" needs to be destroyed it's worse than shitty

Read and share this commentary from the world socialist website.  The writers there have a great facility for cutting through the rhetorical bullshit of Obama.  This plan is horrible and it's mandated insurance purchase provisions for bare-bones shitty insurance will harm the health and pocketbooks of ordinary Americans.
Obama seeks to reassure insurance companies, Republicans in speech to Congress on health care
By Barry Grey
10 September 2009
You owe to yourselfs, family, friends, co-workers to READ THE ENTIRE Piece. It's an eye-opener to say the least.  If the average person know what was in this shit Obama's disapproval rating would go off the charts.  KILL THIS PLAN IN ITS TRACKS NOW!!
I also note that these ruthless bastards have said nothing about amending the US Bankruptcy Code to mitigate the financial impact of medical bills.  Let me indulge a personal story. I have decent insurance but these f***kers wanted to charge me extra for a colonostomy (I was having stomach issues, was acid reflux in end).  Turns out my co pay depended upon how the procedure was characterized.  WTF?  I didn't have the dr. venturing into my orifices for the hell of it, (and even to this day I have generally excellent health, no major surgery or injuries).   So for decades I've paid premiums but outside of routine visit never had misfortune of serious injury, surgery or illness.   Long story short the bastards sent me to collections before I could sort out the bullshit "coding." 
These MFrs are going to ration everything but their profit margins through "coding" and "pre-existing conditions," just you wait and see.  We'll be worse off with this corporate giveaway, penal process, perpetrating as "reform."
Excerpt from WSW:
"Under the version of Obama’s plan drafted this week by Senator Max Baucus, the chairman on the Senate Finance Committee, individuals who failed to buy insurance would be subject to fines of up to $3,800 a year. Nearly 12 million people who have no insurance could be subject to such fines.
As for those presently insured through company plans, the plan put forward by Baucus, which is considered to provide the basic outline of any plan eventually approved by Congress, contains incentives for employers to either slash their employee health benefits or drop their plans altogether.
The Baucus proposal does not require employers to provide coverage for their employees. Instead, it imposes a minimal penalty on large companies that refuse to provide coverage, a cost that would be substantially less than their current employee health care outlays. And it includes an excise tax of 35 percent on insurance companies for more expensive plans, including those currently provided under some union contracts. This tax would ultimately be passed on to employees in the form of higher premiums, deductibles and co-pays or reduced benefits."
As the Wall Street Journal noted in July, “In addition to raising revenue, many health care experts say such a tax could help curb long-term health costs, by creating a disincentive for plans that encourage unnecessary tests and procedures.”
"Discourage unnecessary tests and procedures."  Like whether or not one has f****king colon cancer.  That's entirely unnecessary depending upon how we code it, the reason for the visit.  Immoral bastards!
F*****k this.  As much as I despise their racism, paranoia and idioicy, "power to the birthers and deathers on Obama health care "reform."  Kill it now.

coincidence:I was just browsing on WSW, before coming here

So, I'll soon go back and read the whole article.  Was
musing on the name, Barry Grey (old enough to have
heard Barry Gray on NYC radio - was not a fan, but
my aunt was).
addenda: I read the article.  (I heard the speech on
WBAI.  Note: see 
for fight to
undo the coup, good website.)   I was screaming at
my radio during the speech,
and the article by Grey reminded me of one:
the part that no fed $ for abortion.  Another was a point
not mentioned in the article.  Obama said individuals
could better bargain with health care companies for
prices.  Oh, yea?  I suggested my spouse do so with
his work related health coverage, which gets worse and
worse.  (He still works, no retirement altho senior
citizen -glad he still can work, knock on wood.)
       I paid close attention to your story on medical care
coverage.  I went thru bankruptcy a decade or so ago,
due to not being able to work (chronic disabling illness,
and when not able to work, pre-married, had to live on
my plastic, as they say).  I had health insurance thru
an art group and over many  years fight, got SSD,
which I'd paid into by plain luck, as an artist.  I was
working office jobs to support my art career.  I have an
inexpensive illness because there's no effective treat-
ment CFS/ME and they only had to pay for wheelchair.
      Earlier, I had had a fight for coverage with my
health care plan over treatment for allergic asthma,
that they said was "experimental".   But, I won at the
state level based on their having started to pay for
the treatment.  That was over 20 years ago.  Now
things are worse.
     As a person who is quite disabled (nearly 100%
homebound), I am watching as "assisted suicide" is
talked about more and more, as an option. And ration-
ing health care - it already is, just not officially.
  see   for the point of view of
 disabled people on "assisted suicide" and related stuff.
     I had not realized the meaning of the cost cutting
committees in hospitals....I support NOT passing this
vague plan.  I also keep thinking about how Conference
Committees do games and damage to Bills and this
would be open to all kinds of crap last minute "adds"
and in secret, as has been done before.
      Thanks for the link, and comment. 

You get transparency from WSW

Which is more than you'll get from the White House or MSM.  Some of the "birther/deather" complaints about rationzing are dead on.  Of course, what "commodity" in the US of A isn't rationzed.  Air?  Actually it is: that's what "cap and trade" is all about.  Too back I can't "sell back" or get reimbursed for years of (thank God) outstanding health and fitness and little to no visits to the doctors.  And only 2 visits in 50 years of life on this planet to the ER room.  Where's my damn subsidy?

Air? Ask all folks with asthma, especially the kids in the ER

about the polllution.  And it gets blamed on "roaches" in
apartments and being poor and having stress
 (baloney)...I could go yards (of lines) on that topic.
    And 'cap and trade' makes me yell,too.  So much is
"blame the victim" in the US of A.  Even making people
do like the MA plan, get "fined" for not being able to
buy (bad, anyway) health insurance.  People in other
countries have zero idea of what our health care is
really like.  Stay well and good luck.

wsws link

Thanks for link...That short article summarizes the Health Insurance Scam that is being foisted onto the American people.
""Discourage unnecessary tests and procedures."  Like whether or not one has f****king colon cancer.  That's entirely unnecessary depending upon how we code it, the reason for the visit.  Immoral bastards!"
Exactly..that is the pernicious reality behind the Obama spiel about unnecessary "costs".  Giving the Insurance industry more power ro regulate cost is a disaster. 


From 1948 until 1992, the democratic party's platform called for a national health insurance program for everybody. Last night, Booker T. Obama tried to rewrite history:

To my progressive friends, I would remind you that for decades, the driving idea behind reform has been to end insurance company abuses and make coverage affordable for those without it. The public option is only a means to that end - and we should remain open to other ideas that accomplish our ultimate goal.

I am pretty sure that he is not talking about Medicare For All. He just showed why more people are about to leave the democratic party.

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Dennis Kucinich is doing a good job, i like the interview he given over the president speech. thanks Change Address

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I'm enragaged at the fact

I'm enragaged at the fact that even something as SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT as negotiating drug prices with the drug companies was "bargained away" from the get go?
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I am pretty sure that he is

I am pretty sure that he is not talking about Medicare For All. He just showed why more people are about to leave the democratic party.
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Perhaps it will survive

It's a tough discussion either black agenda should survive or not.


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or rather health insurance

or rather health insurance reform. It's a bailout for private insurance companies.

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Dennis Kucinich to cut

Dennis Kucinich to cut through the rhetorical foggery and fakery around health care -- or rather health insurance reform. It's a bailout for private insurance companies. laser eye surgery