Crack Cocaine Flick

by Raymond Nat Turner

Drone Man’s

Set to do drive-bys,

With the world divided

Between “NO” and “HELL NO!”


Crack Cocaine Flick

by Raymond Nat Turner


Swear to me this is

Just a terrible film,

A video I can

Eject or push the

“On” button “Off” on.


Assure me that its

Clumsy plot and one

Dimensional, shallow

Characters will vanish,

If I exercise my finger!


In this flick, Drone Man’s

Set to do drive-bys,

With the world divided

Between “NO” and “HELL NO!”


Still, he, his handlers,

Hype-men, et al, Wall

Street gangs—gangbangers

In Brooks Bros. Suits—

And saggin’ seniors are

Grabbin’ their crotches

And twerkin’ Sunday

Talk shows, shouting “Yes,

We can; Si se puede!”


Rewinding, I find

Drone Man didn’t lie—

He just omitted

A word from “Regime

Change you can believe in…”


Raymond Nat Turner can be contacted at


Raymond Nat Turner © 2013 All Rights Reserved


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