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Church of the NFL

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by Raymond Nat Turner

Illegal forward Pass: $16 trillion plus and spiraling to Wall
Street wideouts from the offal office's drop back pocket-passing


Church of the NFL

by Raymond Nat Turner

"We'd have socialism, were it not for the
Invention of the "white race" following
Bacon's Rebellion, 1676-77; the credit
Card; the l950s; and The Church of The


I love those 3-4 defenses that pursue and attack
The bull-rush, spin move, pick-six, strip sack,
De-cleating blocks, and those big "woo-licks-"
Timely defensed passes and the blocked kicks
Knowing pick stats of millionaire cornerbacks
But, not being blindsided by capitalist attacks
Cause capitalism's like football, a "game of inches"
Called class war: Goldman sacks, Merrill lynches


Offside: Encroachment on Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga Cayuga,
Creek, Shawnee, Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole, Ohlone ... Land
False start: "Manifest Destiny" moves masking genocidal land
grabs-this land is whose land?


Illegal shift: Of African healers, scholars, artisans, farmers
from the Motherland of Humankind to strange, stolen North
American hunting grounds ...

Holding: Millions of Mandinka, Ibo, Ashanti, Fulani, Yoruba,
Wolof, Bakongo, Dogan, Fon, Bobo, Senufo ... as tools, property
for enriching julep-sipping founding fathers, 1% "white" men of
means ...

I love droppin' out, turnin' off and really tunin' in
To that choreographed violence over pigskin
Not sly, soft selling of $elections to erections-
Or, wars marketed as "weapons inspections"
To passive consumers enslaved by corporations-
Neglecting our communities and organizations
Deaf to the clarion call of Douglass for agitation
Succumbing to stealth,
psy-op-like, pacification ...


Intentional grounding: 9/11 False Flag Op for eternal wars "on
terror" and war profiteering "on terror ... "

Too many men on the field: In Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,
Yemen, Libya, Syria, Iran, Mali. .. killing, maiming, raping,
pillaging, poisoning, polluting our planet...


Illegal Motion: Largest strip-sack of wealth since the great
white fathers marched manifest destiny downfield with slavery,
creating a red zone 'cross the continent, running up the score ...

Illegal use of the hands: Banksters and brokers bootlegging
everything from credit default swaps and sub-prime loans to
bailouts and no-bid, multi-billion arms deals with dictators,
despots and tyrants ...

Like zebras, I love spotting yard lines the ball's on-
Not drawn offside by hard counts of the Pentagon
Knowin' my team's IR, practice squad, to who's startin'
Yet, not getting' played by Boeing, or *Lockheed-Martin


Illegal forward Pass: $16 trillion plus and spiraling to Wall
Street wideouts from the offal office's drop back pocket-passing
quarterback ...

Ineligible receiver downfield: Shadowy form like treasury
secretary or fed chair, with stickum-stained hands, acting as


Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Sergeants Pepperspray gassing
"their own people," anguished shrieks, thuds of baton blows
reigning on skulls, plastic cuffs placed so tightly on wrists,
circulation of any daring to Occupy Wall Street is cut off ...

Delay Of Game: 2-4 year $election charades, Republicrat-
Democon "lesser evil" fear-mongering, chop-blocking
independent politics of the working class' ...


Be-set play clock ... Moving the Super Bowl from February-
African-American History Month, the shortest month of the
year-back to January where it was pre-false-flag op 2001; Re-
set the play clock to 40 seconds for defense of our planet, our
Mother Earth ...

(Ticking clock)

Back when TV went digital, it left me behind
But, dislodged my ass and freed up my mind
From way too many years of Sundays misspent
Offensive coordinators of capitalist hell-
Predatory priests, Church Of The NFL!

(This piece is a metaphor dedicated to ALL those whose work in "the trenches" goes largely
unheralded-- like"Hogs" Hickerson, Wooten, Schafrath, Clarke, et al, who
blocked for #32; Roosevelt Brown, et al, who blocked for Giant running
backs ... Gregg, Thurston, Kramer, Ringo, et al, who blocked for #'s 5 &
3l;Jackie Slater, et al, who blocked for #29; Bob Brown, Jim Otto, Gene
Upshaw, Art Shell, et al, blockers for Raider running backs; " The Electric
Company" who blocked for another #32; The original "Hogs," Joe Jacoby,
Russ Grimm and others "who blocked for #44; Larry Allen, Mark
Stepnoski, Nate Newton, Erik Williams, et al, blockers for The "Triplets" ... )

*Raymond Nat Turner © 2012 All Rights Reserved

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