California NAACP Sells Out to Big Ag on Genetically Modified Foods

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR ,managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

When black leadership gets its legitimacy from the oppressed, but its funding from the oppressor, this is what we get. We call it the Black Misleadership Class. And why was Davey D the only black media figure we heard even asking the question? Is this the Obama phenomenon trickling down --- we don't dare question our black “representatives” because.... because.... well.... why?

California NAACP Sells Out to Big Ag on Genetically Modified Foods

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR ,managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

We at Black Agenda Report have been pointing out a long time now that what used to be black and Latino civil rights and civic advocacy organizations have turned a corner and become mouthpieces for their corporate funders.

We called out the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation in 2006, and the National Conference of Black State Legislators in 2007, along with Bobby Rush and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus for siding with AT&T, Verizon and their telecom industry benefactors over their communities who need cheap and ubiquitous broadband. By 2008 we added the Urban League and NAACP to the list, along with Al Sharpton and his National Action Network for joining the corporate crusade to first cripple, then privatize public education. In 2009 and 2010 we've pointed to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference's receipt of millions in donations funneled through execs at Georgia Power as its reason for not opposing the placement of leaky nuclear reactors in poor, mostly black Georgia town where most families already have a case or two of cancer.

The list of betrayals of these kinds of outfits of their supposed constituents to their funders is routine and nearly endless. But in California the state NAACP reached a new low in putting the profits of its donors over its supposed responsibilities to the people.

With very little money to spend, local activists succeeded in placing a measure on the California ballot this Tuesday which would have required all genetically modified foods, with a few key exceptions, to be labeled as such. Most of the industrialized world already has laws and regulations like this, which is why much of the stuff on US supermarket shelves cannot be sold in Europe or Japan or even many places in South America. The people in these places call much of what we see in stores every day “frankenfood”. They may be on to something.

Genetically modifications of foodstuffs have never been about increasing yield or enhancing nutrition. They are purely about expanding profits. Genetically modified seeds can be patented and farmers charged yearly royalties for seed they used to save and plant for free each year. They require lots of profitable herbicides and pesticides – in fact some of the genetic modifications make the plants produce their own herbicides and pesticides, which of course we eventually consume.

It's not a subject discussed much in media and not a place where Big Agriculture wants to go. So what do the swells at places like Monsanto do? The same as the nuclear industry, the telecom industry and the people who want to privatize education. They dropped a big check on the California NAACP, and sure enough that august body took a stand against California's Proposition 37.

Never mind that black children are more likely than anyone else to suffer from juvenile onset diabetes, and that studies in other countries have shown clear links between GMO foods and diabetes in children. The so-called leadership model of the modern civil rights organization in this post civil rights era is to front itself as the representative of and obtain its moral legitimacy from the oppressed, but take its funding and its orders from the oppressors. That's why we call them the black misleadership class.

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Bruce A. Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report. He lives and works in Marietta GA, and is a state committee member of the Georgia Green Party. Contact him via this site's contact page or at bruce.dixon(at)


Sad. Don't forget GMO & allergy/asthma in kids

Genetically modified foods are not required to be labelled in the U.S., so if something from, for example, a fish gene or a peanut gene is added to some kind of food (that never had any remote connection to fish or peanuts) and a child, or adult, is allergic to the examples (fish or peanut), doesn't have a label warning and eats the food, bang - allergic reaction.  Allergic reactions to foods can be fatal, have been fatal.  And not even know what it was that triggered the reaction because the food was not labelled, not for genetically modified nor ingredients.

Cali's Prop 37 Defeated 53% to 47%... So Goes the Country...

[The people are destroyed for a lack of true knowledge, because they have rejected truth [aka correct info]- thus they have condemned their own children.

If you can't get a GMO labeling law passed by voters in so-called  "Liberally 'Hip' ", 'Trendy', informed, health-conscious, natural foods loving, sun worshiping- California- IMO the US very well may be done for RE: the cause of anti-GMO, anti-BIG-Agra-BIZ / Big Corp 'Processed' [= de-natured / adulterated] FOOD [& RE: the environment- cause its all linked together]! I don't give a damn how much $$$ Monsanto, Bayer Crop-Science, ADM, Nestle', KFC, etc- spent to confuse people- or gave to the NAACP to sell out to try to confuse Blacks. If they can be that easily 'confused' about something as basic as the fudamental right to know what's in what you're eating & what type of food you're buying- God Help Us! [Blacks should be kicking the NAACP's ASS to curb over this issue- but then they've held fast to Obama-laid haven't they.]! All that hype about people cherishing 'Freedom of Choice', 'Right to have Control over Their Own Bodies', Freedom of Information, The People's Right to Know [what affects them], etc... apparently is just Slogans for certain political Agenda(s)!  

Unraveling the DNA Myth

I couldn't agree with Nixakliel and Beverly more.

Almost eleven years ago, Barry Commoner published this long, difficult article in Harper’s.  If you have the time and stamina to get through it, it explains pretty thoroughly why GEOs are a terrible idea.

I can provide a simplified analogy:  When you edit a sentence, paragraph, or essay in your word processing program, adding a word or a phrase affects the whole structure of the unit.  Lines of words are altered, an additional page may be needed, punctuation may need to be revised. 

With the insertion of a gene into the DNA of an organism, the changes reverberate and produce consequences that cannot be predicted.  These changes may produce disastrous effects that are seen immediately, or subtler deadly ones that appear after several generations.

Genetic engineering is as grave a threat to human survival as are nuclear annihilation and global climate change.  We need more than labeling:  We need to destroy Monsanto before it destroys us.  By any means possible.