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The Black Mis-Leaders' Love-Fest with Power on the Mall

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    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    The commemoration of the March on Washington has been ruined. President Obama, the global assassin, protector of Wall Street, and reigning Great Mass Incarcerator, will star in the production on the National Mall. “Dr. Martin Luther King serves as a mere prop in the ceremony.” In their embrace of Power, the organizers have desecrated the Black American legacy of struggle.


    The Black Mis-Leaders' Love-Fest with Power on the Mall

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    Proximity to Power has always been their Dream.”

    For those who seek an independent Black politics that is faithful to the historical Black consensus for peace and social justice, the inclusion of President Barack Obama in the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington is a desecration. The ancestral sanctum is to be utterly defiled by the presence of the very personification of imperial savagery and a ballooning domestic police state.

    Of course, the organizers of this monumental self-debasement – this obscene groveling at the feet of Power – see Obama’s participation as the ultimate testimony to Black progress. Proximity to Power has always been their Dream. Dr. Martin Luther King serves as a mere prop in the ceremony, which seeks to draw a straight line from the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation, through the 1963 mass march, to the First Black President’s embrace of the 2013 commemoration – a kind of holy trinity.

    For the Black Misleadership Class, the great social movement in which Dr. King played such a pivotal role was brought forth, not to confront Power, but to integrate it. President Obama is the perfect blending – the literal embodiment of Black Power, in the warped worldview of the 2013 organizers. Dr. King has no place in this abomination, except to mark the tolling of the bell on his dream to overcome the three evils inherent in imperial capitalism: racism, militarism and materialism.

    It is a funereal occasion.

    For those that spent much of the next 50 years jockeying for greater opportunities to join structures of power, there is no shame in hosting the nominal head of Empire at a great public ceremony.”

    Not that the actors were so different in 1963. But, back then, the grasping Black classes had not yet been launched on the trajectory that would give them a stake in the imperial order. Their status was still aspirational. Years of tumult would unfold – and Dr. King’s assassination – before the system would deign to offer serious silver to the Judases in his entourage and the larger movement. For those that spent much of the next 50 years jockeying for greater opportunities to join structures of power – the “burning house” that Dr. King feared he was leading his people into – there is no shame in hosting the nominal head of Empire at a great public ceremony. Rather, such an event is the pinnacle of success – especially for folks that imagine they have a special, complexional relationship with His Highness.

    It has been so long since the dissolution of the Black Freedom Movement, the pretenders to Black leadership have forgotten how to speak the language of struggle. Non-violent “direct action,” Dr. King’s preferred tactic to “create such a crisis and foster such a tension that a community which has constantly refused to negotiate is forced to confront the issue,” has degenerated to mean simply marching down a street on a sunny day.

    The 1963 march was not an example of direct action – quite the opposite. The purpose was to gather as many people as possible for an orderly and “dignified” demonstration of the movement’s mass following and broad support – and then get them out of town by sundown, as promised to the powers-that-be. The last thing the organizers wanted was that a quarter million marchers create a “crisis” in the heart of Washington – a scenario that Dr. King hoped to organize in the summer of 1968, but was interrupted by an assassin.

    The pretenders to Black leadership have forgotten how to speak the language of struggle.”

    The 1963 march was so accommodating to the Kennedy’s demand for orderliness, Malcolm X dubbed it the “Farce on Washington.”

    “It ceased to be a black march; it ceased to be militant; it ceased to be angry; it ceased to be impatient,” said Malcolm. “In fact, it ceased to be a march. It became a picnic, an outing with a festive, circus-like atmosphere....”

    It was also the biggest show of massed humanity in the history of the Nation’s Capitol – which certainly made the intended impression. But, accommodation with Power is not what created the movement that brought the throngs to Washington for the one-day “outing,” nor did strolling in the park carry that movement forward in the ensuing years of confrontation with power.

    The 1963 March on Washington was sanitized by the organizers, themselves, whose goal was to impress the nation – including other Black people – with the size and the breadth of the forces the leaders could call on at that point in time. It did not seek confrontation on that day, although its immensity served as implicit warning that masses of people were deeply committed to social transformation, and might not always be so orderly.

    Accommodation with Power is not what created the movement that brought the throngs to Washington.”

    In that sense, the event on the Mall was quite unrepresentative of the movement. It was, as Malcolm described from the sidelines, “a festive, circus-like atmosphere” – but it also occurred smack in the middle of years of mortal combat with the “system.” When the march is taken out of the context of what happened before and after, all that remains is the “picnic” and the self-censored, deliberately non-confrontational speeches – most notably Dr. King’s vague “dreaming.” Which perfectly suits the needs of today’s Black Misleadership Class, who have no intention of confronting Power – ever! On the contrary, they cling to the garments of Power, in the person of the First Black President, and wrap themselves in the flag of Empire.

    Dr. King rejected U.S. empire, and broke with President Lyndon Johnson over the "inter-related" issues of foreign war and and domestic poverty. There is not a shadow of a doubt that King would denounce Obama in the strongest terms, were he alive, today. Yet, those who pose as his political and moral descendants hug the presidential scorpion to their bosoms.

    Malcolm’s critique of the 1963 March does not seem so dated if one substitutes the words “Obama” or “Democrats” for “white liberals”:

    “The white liberals [Democrats/Obama] control the Negro and the Negro vote by controlling the Negro civil rights leaders. As long as they [Democrats/Obama] control the Negro civil rights leaders, they can also control and contain the Negro's struggle, and they can control the Negro's so-called revolt.”

    This August 28th will be a day of control and containment – amid a love-fest with Power.

    BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at


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    King's Speech

    King's Dream Speech wasn't as moderate as it is usually presented by the media. In his speech, King called for continued militancy and for struggle against racial and social injustice without compromise.

    The Congressional Black Caucus

    I submitted evidence of economic crimes against the African American race in the form of market manipulation of commodities we traded "on line", to Congressman "Lacy Clay", and The Congressional Black Caucus.  They submitted it to the DOJ, who told them to call the FBI. This form of earning income would enable any qualified African American to earn an income at home on his or her personal computer, and that's why it was of the utmost importance to the Bush Administration to destroy me and my family as African American "on line" commodity traders.

    This evidence spanned a period of 5 years and even involved "Senator Barack Obama" and The Congressional Black Caucus.  When the Bush Administration could no longer manipulate the markets we traded, they enlisted the aid of "Senator, Barack Obama" who seduced many members of The Black Caucus to vote for a bill that enabled the Bush Administration to manipulate a market they could no longer manipulate alone.

    After that incident, which involved the S&P 500, we traded the long bond, that's the 30 year Treasury Bond.  George Bush, Ben Bernanke, and Dick Cheney; manipulated that market by buying trillions of dollars of bonds and running the market up so fast that we last over 10,000. dollars almost immediately.  This was done between November and December of 08, after Barack Obama had been elected president and before he took office.  That devalued the dollar so much that it destroyed the economy during his first term in office; while it appeared that the price of gas and food went up right after he took office, the reality was, "the value of the dollar went down".

    It took Barack Obama over 4 years to discover this had been done, and that's when he fired Ben Bernanke.  If you recall, Obama spent his first four years on Air Force One, flying around the world giving speeches.  That action in regard to Bernanke confirmed that him and Eric Holder were made totally aware of all the detailed evidence in regard to the Bush Administration's economic crimes directed against the African American race.  While he said we can't look back, this month, he managed to look back and grant immunity to George W. Bush for Iraq War Crimes, while Chelsea Manning is serving time for revealing those very same war crimes.

    Let me tell you, I am one angry Black man; me and my family are impoverished as a result of economic crimes committed against us, with the intent of denying the knowledge of "on line" commodity trading to the African American race.  And even after we submitted detailed evidence of those crimes to The Congressional Black Caucus, who submitted it the DOJ, we have not even gotten a response.  That's what Barack Obama, and Eric Holder have done for us, and in essence, the entire African American race.

    African Americans have no idea how closely aligned Barack Obama is with Dick Cheney, a rabid racist.  why does Barack Obama have to keep repeating "I am not Dick Cheney".  Why did he just recently grant immunity to Dick Cheney for any crimes he may have committed?  This is analogous to one of the Klan taking his sheet off, "So what, whatcha gonna do about it"?





    Love Fest At The Mall


    On this anniversary of the March I re-read Dr. King's speech. In 1963 I watched the March at a neighbors house.  I was fourteen at the time.

    The media and many others seize on the dream parts of the speech. They ignore the parts that call for continued disciplined acton on our part,they ignore the call for justice.  They ignore the fact that the March was there to collect on the promissory note of life, liberty and the persuit of happines for all of America's citizens of color.  It was not a dreamy speech at all.  Read the text of King's speech for yourself.  In this age of misleadership it is essential to read the text.

    Lastly, Obam is not fit to tie or polish the shoes of Dr. King.

    Jobs and Justice.

    Other Contrasts

    There was an actual movement in 1963, and for all Malcolm's jealous carping, it was a real display of power that day back then.

    Also, as horrible and hostile as he was, Kennedy actually did a few things for black people via the reforms LBJ enacted after inheriting the ideas.  Obama has done literally zero.

    And the screamingly obvious issue is what Dr. King would say today.  That's a no-brainer.  He would call for a revolution against war and capitalism/class polarity and neo-racism.

    What a depressing state of affairs we're in...


    He did more than a little, he did a lot.  When he told government contractors they had to have a certain quota of blacks if they wanted to continue getting government contracts, that lowered black unemployment all over this country, and that's just one thing he did.

    What has Barack Obama done?

    Oddly enough what moved us forward then, is taking us backwards now.  While a "Black identity" moved us forward then, it's taking us backwards now, because of the president, who in reality is a "White Republican", and blacks want to identify with the first African American president.

    When Obama expanded the Afghanistan War, "He had to finish the war Bush started", and that's just one of the Black talking points.  While race is important, it's so confusing under these circumstances, that I believe it's best to focus on issues and class, in order to make certain that we are aligned with our "White brothers"

    Presently, I'm on bad terms with all the African Americans I know personally because of "Barack Obama".  I'm not going to change, consequently that's not going to change, especially since they have a love affair with someone who cares as much about them as he does  "road kill", but they can't see that.

    While a "Black identity"

    While a "Black identity" moved us forward then, it's taking us backwards now, because of the president, who in reality is a "White Republican", and blacks want to identify with the first African American president. best backlink gig fiverr alternatives

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