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Black Caucus Members Shame Themselves, as South America Warns U.S. Not to Sanction Venezuela

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    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

    In an act of continent-wide solidarity, the nations of South America are warning the U.S. not to impose sanctions on Venezuela, a mostly Black and brown country seeking its own path to progress. Shamefully, Florida’s three Black congresspersons show solidarity only to their imperial masters; they are co-sponsors of the sanctions bill.

    Black Caucus Members Shame Themselves, as South America Warns U.S. Not to Sanction Venezuela

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

    Even Colombia, Washington’s client state in the region, joined in rejecting U.S. sanctions.”

    The U.S. House of Representatives began debating, on Wednesday, a bill to impose sanctions on Venezuela for supposed human rights violations. A similar bill has already cleared important hurdles in the Senate, and it is questionable whether the Obama administration could prevent passage in both Houses of Congress, even if wanted to. It’s all part of U.S. blustering and bullying in Latin America, a continent that refuses to be treated as Uncle Sam’s back yard. Foreign ministers from all 12 members of the Union of South American Nations last week spoke with one voice, declaring that U.S. sanctions would represent "an obstacle” for the Venezuelan people to “overcome their difficulties with independence, and in democratic peace.” Even Colombia, Washington’s client state in the region, joined in rejecting U.S. sanctions.

    Unlike the Organization of American States, or OAS, the Union of South American Nations has no role for the United States or Canada, although Mexico and Panama have observer status. The late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez was a prime mover in creating the Union, to allow South Americans to forge their own economic and political ties without interference from the imperial behemoth to the North. Were it not for South American solidarity in the face of constant U.S. threats against Venezuela, the U.S. would be moving even more aggressively to turn the socialist government into a failed state, ripe of plucking.

    These overtly racist elements have staged violent demonstrations since February.”

    Ever since the defeat of a U.S.-backed coup in 2002, Washington has financed and trained a right-wing Venezuelan opposition centered in the mostly white upper classes of the country. Unable to win victory at the polls, these overtly racist elements have staged violent demonstrations since February, openly vowing to make the country ungovernable. President Nicolás Maduro’s government has been cautious in containing the outbreaks – more cautious than some of his comrades would like. Maduro has called on President Obama to stop destabilizing his country, to join a commission to discuss “peace and sovereignty” – and to call off those American factions that, Maduro says, are out to assassinate him. In his appeal to the U.S. president, Maduro noted that he, like Obama, has “African grandparents.” Hugo Chavez was also proud of his African ancestry.

    However, the Black delegation to the U.S. Congress from Florida is nothing for any Black person to be proud off. All three Black Caucus members from the state – Corrine Brown, Frederica Wilson, and Alcee Hastings – signed on as co-sponsors of the Venezuela sanctions bill. Once again, the Black Misleadership Class shames 40 million African Americans with their slavish devotion to the imperial powers-that-be. Venezuela is overwhelmingly a black and brown country struggling to overcome centuries of racist internal rule and national subjugation to the will of the White Colossus in the North. The brown Obama is no better, nor are the sycophants of the Congressional Black Caucus, whose notions of solidarity begin and end with a checkbook.

    If Venezuela’s sovereignty and dignity are to be preserved, it will be through their own efforts and the determination of South Americans to run their own affairs, to act in the spirit of Chavez, and the still-living example of Fidel.

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     Maduro needs to take a

     Maduro needs to take a firmer stand against US destablization efforts.  Is he even consulting with Fidel on this?  There is no benefit in calling for a peace commission.  This is war against the will of the Venezuelan masses.  If anything, Maduro and the South American Union need to join forces with Putin and China to build a strong front to buffer US destablization.

    As for the CBC, example #1002 why these feckless wonders need to be thrown out of office - and take that cyborg in the White House with them.

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